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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pq-8eYMjEVM Edition
Previous thread: >>9162062

Currently : Passpartout.

>Guerilla collab: Minecraft with Baelz and Kronii (on Baelz's channel)
>Last Collab : Human : Fall Flat with Sana
>Last Stream : Journey pt. 2
>(W)hoo? (Debut Stream)

Useful Links
>Youtube Channel:
LIVE: #watchMEI
FANART:#drawMEI #ムメ絵
>Fanart Hunting

>Song Preview (from the debut stream)
>Greatest Form of Hopium

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She's /HERE/

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>last drawing

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I love Mumei she is perfect

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I did my mspaint reps.

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Oh goodness golly gee-wilikers!

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How is/was the stream? Was it Construction Simulator levels of relaxing/mind-numbing? Birb was good at art right?

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>Mumei says in a breathy huff as you finish simultaneously

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at last...friend is here

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She forgor to draw Fauna...

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It's still going on.
It's definitely relaxing, some of her art has been a bit weird but not in a bad way.

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We're not done yet, she's a lot more comfortable streaming now

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Absolutely relaxing, much like the Drawing stream she had at the start of the week. And yes, she good at art.

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don't worry there will be a Part 2

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Friend looking kinda weird

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>it's Kronii

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I thought for a second she was doing a Yaranaika face for friend.

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She's doing alright. Very chatty compared to last streams.
The quality of her art is good. The content can inspire nightmares.

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Oh no, friend is hot.

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So who is holding the next council meeting? It's Fauna right? I can't wait for Mumei to try to lead a council meeting.

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Friend has lips?

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>you'll be in my heart

stop..I dont wanna gosling...

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If I could post images I would post a Gosling

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karaoke stream /when/

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I need a Mumei karaoke stream so fucking bad

>> No.9203710

It's fauna this week

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>That was so..... I liked that heheheh!

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I need this owl to sing me to sleep.

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stop singing... i cannot handle the gosling......

>> No.9203776

I'm gonna GOSLING and there's nothing you can do to stop me!

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I did the retarded shit for Mumi

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Bros... her singing... I can't...

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>when she sings

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good drawing

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pretty cute anon. headpats for you

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Cute. Moot stole your drawing by the way.

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>> No.9203870

having tools saving streams right now in case the strike (eventually) happen

>> No.9203877

Nice gura

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remember that friend's face reflect's mumei's feelings
she's confirmed horny

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>> No.9203917

Straight well done.
Hope you grace us with more Mumei art in the future, if you'd be inclined to.

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First thing I thought of too.

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I don't want to Gosling...

>> No.9203985

she must've made that face at some point
holy fuck please let a god tier artist realise this and draw a lip-biting mumei

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Some faggot that decided working for google was better than being the owner of /here/

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go back
but also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Poole

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Go read literally anything about 4chan, you absolute newfag.

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what do the runes mean

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polka dot

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Every stream is a new story to unfold

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transliteration of "friend" into nordic runes, probably. that's what it is on actual friend

>> No.9204157

pretty sure it's "friend"

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I'm on stream

>> No.9204191

>acting out a whole scene

>> No.9204192

Holy shit I forgot how well rigged Friend is.

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>> No.9204205

Thanks I'll draw when I feel like to though

>> No.9204208

The most terrifying thing about this drawing is a paperbag having eyeballs

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Friend looking kinda juicy though...

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Drawing with a mouse is suffering, but this is my attempt.
Idk what prompted me to draw this.

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Oh nonono owlbros we got too cocky!

>> No.9204280

Has low energy

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George's back

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>> No.9204331

Bros, her singing is so good...

>> No.9204332

George non-stop winning

>> No.9204335

oil baron George

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George.. I kneel..

>> No.9204365

She's going to fucking slay when they finally let her karaoke. oh god bros

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>> No.9204371


>> No.9204372

Don't go...

>> No.9204373

Based Mumei I am now hooman

>> No.9204377

damn it george

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>> No.9204386

Mumei has been going to nurseries daily since her debut to learn how to draw baby faces. You just got Lex Luthor’d.

>> No.9204387

I'm ready for it bro

>> No.9204395

God this bit is incredible. In in love

>> No.9204399

>He doesn't have a youtube account called George to send her 5k worth of akasupas on her first day

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Brehs, the vibrato in her singing. I need that karaoke, brehs.

>> No.9204401

Gura watch out

>> No.9204420


>> No.9204432

Membership? when?

>> No.9204434


>> No.9204440

Friend is so cute

>> No.9204456

Fairly sure hes meming

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>> No.9204465

This stream was pure kino.

>> No.9204468

Mumei is thinking of us bros....

>> No.9204469

who said unkind words to this owl. i'll kill them

>> No.9204478


>> No.9204479

the punk

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File: 62 KB, 686x828, E2AiimqWEAUldxy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9204482

"friend you have made me so much money"
ah yes, future vision

>> No.9204483


>> No.9204484


>> No.9204487


>> No.9204488

She's STILL salty about the criticism

>> No.9204489


>> No.9204503

Is that R. R. Martin?

>> No.9204505

I need karaoke/10

>> No.9204508


>> No.9204510


>> No.9204516

If you're name's George good for you/10

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where's The Winds of Winter, George?

>> No.9204525

did she mention about memberships?

>> No.9204532

Translate this whole bit to Japanese and they will fall in love

>> No.9204533

comfy and funny/10

>> No.9204534

Holy shit, was that the best stream with Monday's yet.

>> No.9204546


>> No.9204549

Might as well be.

>> No.9204550

I love this owl/10

>> No.9204551

perfection. How does she keep getting better?

>> No.9204552

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKhpE-oNoGY / 10

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Best stream so far, she's improved a lot since the debut

>> No.9204559

Comfy/10, I kneel to George and Mumei's singing ability

>> No.9204561

I need my goddamn karaoke /10

>> No.9204571

Cursed teletubies sun made me want to cry/10

>> No.9204572

Literally "once I draw emotes".

>> No.9204573

cursed yet very cute drawings not at all like i expected / 10

>> No.9204576

George love/10

>> No.9204581

golly/gee wilikers

>> No.9204584

based and Georgepilled/10
cute and comfy/10
Mumei is pretty good at drawing golly gee willikers/10

>> No.9204589

her best yet by far

>> No.9204590

At the end? Just mentioned she's prepping emotes for it but no membership yet.

>> No.9204591

Said that she's needs to work on the emotes first, but might do it on stream

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File: 200 KB, 263x375, mfw I see a printer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9204612

honestly, every stream makes her cuter
especially with all the "golly gee willikers!" stuff

>> No.9204616

She really is getting better at this. The whole Spongebob tangent was great.

>> No.9204617

blessed / 10

>> No.9204628

Very Comfy/10

I'm enjoying watching our Owl get more and more comfortable talking on stream.

>> No.9204641

Way better than her past streams and debut.


>> No.9204649

Gosling/10. I never Gosling so much in a stream as I did today.

>> No.9204658

I hope she does more streams in this timeslot so I can watch my cute owl wife first thing in the morning

>> No.9204677

george bails out another holo/10
I think George is always the one buying their art in the Passpartout streams.

>> No.9204678


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File: 145 KB, 620x494, 1629667091080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pretty comfy/10
glad I stayed up for it

>> No.9204692

Fuck no. Mumei please do more EU streams.

>> No.9204705

very comfy

>> No.9204716

It looks like she’s getting better at streaming. I’m glad people gave her a chance.

>> No.9204728


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Made me even more sad that I'm a hopeless bald incel who will never meet or have a relationship with anyone as precious as her/10

>> No.9204744

She's so cute bros, i hope no one corrupts her

>> No.9204785

I will sorry

>> No.9204795

>afford our bread and wine and... forge unit
Am I mishearing?

>> No.9204810

I missed it.
I heard there was singing.

>> No.9204842

Storage unit

>> No.9204878

storage unit (behind the character)

>> No.9204926

Same as her other streams when she will randomly sing what she's saying or go on a weird tangent on a song. It was pretty nice

>> No.9204930
File: 21 KB, 1024x427, 1611771978411.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Golly gee willickers
nonono NO, there is no way there is a girl out there that speaks like this

>> No.9204932

Thank you anons, that makes a lot more sense.

>> No.9204981
File: 109 KB, 625x900, 1630186724335.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bros.. I miss her already..

>> No.9205040

Yagoo somehow recruited rural midwestern christian girl for Gen2 because he has recruiting magic.

>> No.9205051
File: 19 KB, 217x320, JUST.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hang in there owlbro

>> No.9205093
File: 10 KB, 474x474, Gosling red eyes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

People are going to bully her to make her stop the tradwife farmer speak and I WILL NOT STAND FOR IT.

>> No.9205173
File: 16 KB, 468x431, 2C71F7F5-0725-4AB4-9037-B788E4C93129.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't worry, there's a collab tomorrow. There is always hope and failing that morphine tablets.

>> No.9205212

this SEA owlbro wishes she alternated streaming schedule time next week to one similar to the last week to satisfy EU owlbros

>> No.9205215

I will beat them to death.

>> No.9205217

This fucking owl is finally making me succumb to my inner Gosling. God I love her.

>> No.9205257

Hey, let's not get pissed before shots are fired now, aight. From what I've seen most people in chat love her.

>> No.9205374

True. Mumei would be worried about us starting a storm, and we don't want to look like a White Night chapter.

>> No.9205400

>draws friend in lip-biting throes of pleasure
>stages a cute skit to bring out friend
>demonstrates that friend and her share the same expression
This cunning owl did it on purpose, she made sure to remind everyone, so that she would get lip-biting art.

>> No.9205409

she might actually be talented enough to sing KOKIA songs

>> No.9205422
File: 80 KB, 615x616, Dramatic Crossroads 04092021010432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am too lazy to leave my bed at 1 am, have this ruhed meme

>> No.9205449

>SEA Owlbro
How did you know?
And no, it's because I have insomnia

>> No.9205463


>> No.9205486

>Baited lewd SEX mumeis without ever making a single sexual comment herself
Biggest brain Christian waifu

>> No.9205515

Reminds me of a daughter playing with her father and gives him a new hairstyle, and this is the father

>> No.9205523

I knew she was my favorite from the EN2 debuts but this stream cemented it

>> No.9205540
File: 828 KB, 2480x3508, 1630641620652.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Sipping on the lovely bowl of soup that your wife Mumei made for (you)
>Watching Spongebob on the couch with her as she giggles at all the same jokes as you.
>Mumei lulling you to sleep with Phil Collins Disney songs.

>> No.9205594

Do you think Mumei will increase her streaming amount ever? Not that I'm at all disappointed in what we get but I would always love to have more Owl in my life.

>> No.9205599
File: 495 KB, 268x150, 0489A500-E8FE-4132-8620-932AF1A949DE.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can’t fucking handle it any more bros. AAAAAAA WHY THE FUCK IS SHE SO GODDAMN CUTE?

>> No.9205668

i meant me as a SEA owlbro but i guess my ESL screwed me again

also owlbros? this weeks schedule is basically almost perfect for SEA

>> No.9205674

I know anon.
Other streamers are nice and I get excited for them, but there's only Mumei and a JP indie Mashiro Yuki I'll cut anything and everything short for.
And only one of them I can actually understand, so archive rep only works for one of them.
Yes I'm learning so I can understand the other one.

>> No.9205678
File: 109 KB, 666x999, DC_Comics_Bombshells_Vol_1_10_Textless.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shit, she actually is Lex Luthor

>> No.9205702


>> No.9205754

quality > quantity unless that tranny manager

>> No.9205794

I need an edit with en2 girls on strings

>> No.9205818

We NEED a karaoke stream but i know she wouldn’t do it until a long ass time. Hurts so much

>> No.9205822

7pm PST looks to be her very best timeslot
It's important for the other side of the Pacific to be awake for her streams

>> No.9205892

it should be ogey, watamage, and unknown.png

>> No.9205957

the last Journey stream she had to take her pet for a walk so there must have been on daytime...

>> No.9206005

Maybe in the future. Could be easing into a routine since other chuubas have mentioned it being hard to adjust, or maybe she's still working part time to cover the period between debut and when they start getting superchat/membership income.

>> No.9206008

7pm is wonderful for me. I get my Owl reps in right as I get home from work.

>> No.9206058
File: 56 KB, 193x205, 1602443379579.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mumei explaining why she found Kronii saying "Flower" earlier is because she actually thinks Kronii sounds like she's saying "Plow her"

>> No.9206115

>It's been a whole year but you finally crafted the ultimate Rrat
>No loose ends it ties it all together and cannot be denied. You will finally shatter the farce of the owl's manipulation
>You post it, a smug smile in your face
>It takes twenty posts for you to realize this isn't just memeing, anons legitimately don't know
>"EN's civilization girl? You mean Nazca?"
>You run to Cover's website, she isn't there. You look at YouTube, nothing, Warosu archives? Not a hint.
>She is gone without a trace. As if she never existed.
>You were too busy asking yourself if she was HER, you forgot to check if HER even was.

>> No.9206157

I do like that the flowers she drew were her, Kronii and Baelz's colors.

>> No.9206349

What's up with the flower spams in chat? Some reddit shit or chinks shit?

>> No.9206378


>> No.9206472

it was a baelz stream thing

>> No.9206528


>> No.9206530

It was a super simple joke that viewers took out of hand.

>> No.9206888

Yeah when i heard her say that it made me think she is from Minnesota or some shit lol

>> No.9206911


>> No.9206922


>> No.9207152
File: 43 KB, 145x151, 1609096034325.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I only realized that now, holy shit she's too fucking smart.

>> No.9207787

Does anyone have the timestamp where she says golly gee willickers? I just missed the stream and I need to hear this for myself

>> No.9207892


>> No.9207908

How good is she really?
The way she speedpainted those drawings made Fauna look like a complete amateur.
Good lord, she was completely sandbagging at the Gartic collab.

>> No.9207989
File: 3.84 MB, 1802x1933, Hololive mumei passpartout first stream.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's clearly more trained in classical artstyles than anime artstyles and is totally cute And not her

>> No.9208004

She's better when it comes to realistic art compared to cartoon or anime-styled art/

>> No.9208074

Now that the week is coming to a close, what do you guys hope for next week? We're most likely getting a Superchat Celebration stream, so that leaves three days open for whatever. I hope she tries out Rimworld or something.

>> No.9208144

so she's a western whore then

>> No.9208183

I'm still curious about what game she couldn't get permissions for so I'm hoping for that. Other than that, karaoke and at least one city builder game since she haven't played one despite saying she likes them on debut (if the debut is not a red herring of course).

>> No.9208200
File: 369 KB, 1280x720, Leonardo da vinci.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's a Renaissance woman

>> No.9208203

it makes sense, artists are taught the basics and real human anatomy. Teachers usually discourage anime styles since it teaches bad habits if your not experienced

>> No.9208481

It seems completely clear that debut promises were real, but history had too many yabs in it and no holo has played the style of games she wants to play, so Cover doesn't have a pre-existing catalogue of permissions of things in her genre

>> No.9208705
File: 270 KB, 574x436, 1629591390372.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>No history of fortifications stream starting from the motte and bailey all the way to star fortresses

>> No.9208738

Man, why is she way too cute

>> No.9208939

I just want her to play something like Civ or AoE. It might not be a buff game like Apex or Minecraft, but it would be comfy and cute watching her figure out how to play.

>> No.9208967

What do you think her SC Start stream will be like? I didn't watch Fauna's but I guess it was mostly her doing a fanart/meme review. Kronii just went full breakdown for like 20 minutes then did voice requests. And Baelz just spent the first 10 minutes of hers making sex noises.

How will owl react?

>> No.9209083

I'd assume cute noises are guaranteed.

>> No.9209255

Unarchived karaoke after the collab, then celebration stream
She will cry for the first time for maximum bait

>> No.9209337

If that happens I'll take the bait and actually give out my first supa

>> No.9209567

revealing her singing power level right before and crying during the SC stream might actually dethrone Kronii

>> No.9209623

So we now have two ENs drinking for superchat, and im sure Sana will to because shes an aussie
Will Mumei drink for her superchat or does her service dog not let her have alcohol

>> No.9209670

Mumei only drinks wine for the sacrament anon

>> No.9209671

People don't even let her have caffeine, no way she's getting her hands on alcohol

>> No.9209792

The only holo I can envision having a nice looking pussy.

>> No.9209794
File: 428 KB, 1188x1188, ArtFace.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Mumei, show me your art face

>> No.9209971

I mean, just make a large list of historical games and slip them in the request list and eventually the managers should slip up and approve one of them. Sure, it might be Lords of the Realm 2 or Pharaoh or Empire Earth but it would be something, right?

>> No.9210013
File: 4 KB, 339x40, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Owlbros.... We lost.

>> No.9210063


>> No.9210072

They were cute in the MC collab. I'll approve of my Wife's rrat GF

>> No.9210107

Cute indeed.

>> No.9210179

So, the Luthorposting is real, then?

>> No.9210269

Honestly I do think Owl is legitimately an autist but she's clearly a very creative soul and is probably less retarded than we give her credit for.

>> No.9210337

I genuinely believe that Owl is exactly our HOPIUM dreams but management crushed it and she's too autistic to think of a backup plan and thats why she's having dumb moments because all that dead air could have been filled with random facts about the history of art or something

>> No.9210650

Mu-Mum*sputters as he loses oxygen* Moomin-san! This painting*eats* lacks critical information about the lore!*sweats loudly* How did bag people pay for the roads with not taxes?*falls into diabetic coma*

>> No.9210705

The dead air has a purpose.
She's nothing like the usual streamer, shouldn't be judged as one, and I hope she never becomes like one.
When seen from another angle, what she's actually doing is truly magnificent.

>> No.9211015

I had to miss the stream for Gura and Rampage how was it?

>> No.9211044

100% agree.
Our girl out there is staging a full on bloody performance for entertainment.
Rather than just a playthrough of a game while talking to chat, this stream felt more like an episode of a Bob Ross/Mr. Rogers/children's tv show, except WE are the live audience.
It's fucking magical.

>> No.9211095

Mumei is genuine

>> No.9211262

It was pretty good. She's a lot faster and better than her bird sketch stream and the Gartic phone collab indicated. She's also more aware than she lets on, and if her choice of colours for that flower picture were unintentional it would be extremely surprising. It's pretty clear we're getting rused and there's more to Mumei than she's open about, but only time will tell what awaits.

>> No.9211276

Her best streaming performance yet in terms of her speaking ability. Her art is all over the place and really neat too.

>> No.9211445

"Hidden depths" is definitely a vibe I've gotten from her, like there's more below the surface. That kind of thing is like cocaine to me, so I hope we get to learn

>> No.9211929

"hidden depths" is a great hook for a vtuber to have, honestly

>> No.9212258

Its up

>> No.9212458

This can't be... I'm not financially stable yet...

>> No.9212475

How much you guys expecting her to get? Probably more than Fauna, but definitely less than Kronii.

>> No.9212490

>watching your oshi be showered in other mens superchats while you can do nothing

>> No.9212536

I'll donate for you this time, brother. If you can't walk a step forward, I'll walk it for you.

>> No.9212669

Welp, should I break my SC virginity on this autistic Owl?

>> No.9212721

Am one of those guys that donates to 0 chubbas but I hope this cute owl makes all the money in the world

>> No.9212790

I never SC
I'm going to member her though, when those drop

>> No.9213006
File: 3 KB, 306x20, 1613933634152.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

By the way, Mumei is watching Bael's SC stream.

>> No.9213038

>14 hours
Feels bad that I can't participate, but I know you owlbros will be there for this cute owltist.

>> No.9213146


>> No.9213180


>> No.9213191

When do memberships unlock?

>> No.9213266

could be next week, could be next month
its up to youtube
but probably next week

>> No.9213295

The rest of this fucking board is going to be unusable during the SC stream isn't it.

>> No.9213313
File: 311 KB, 2968x2297, 1629519832866.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9213342

Well, i cant send Aka, but PinkSupa

>> No.9213403

It will be unusable when she starts singing.

>> No.9213426
File: 203 KB, 916x524, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9213439

Yes please.

>> No.9213524
File: 120 KB, 450x400, 1626186557573.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The first time I gave money to a stream was for Ames charity stream and to a smaller youtuber I watched for weird content otherwise I havent really donated. think this will be my first time ill donate just for her.

>> No.9213812

I'm probably going to do something similar honestly. Although the owl has gotten the closest to me acrually considering superchatting that's for sure.

>> No.9214107

It was really bad with kronii, so yes

>> No.9215162
File: 193 KB, 1421x1000, 1620954844565.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Meimei a cute!

>> No.9215267


>> No.9215318

Gonna donate to my cute retarded little sister and membership when she finishes the emotes.

>> No.9215475


>> No.9215484

i will let the owlbros do their supa and myself register for monthly membership (please no tiers please)

>> No.9215850

Eu4 and history streams only in Tier 3
Apex for the freefags

>> No.9215933

how did her passpartout stream go?

>> No.9215962

Absolute genius of retardkino

>> No.9215963


>> No.9216016

Sunbaby kind of reminds me of UMAMI's work.

>> No.9216160

inspired by something she said during the passpartout stream.

>Mumei keeps a board in her house of important things to remember
>Most of it is just chores, stream times, etc.
>Ever since you started dating, there's a corner of the board devoted to it
>Invite Anon over! one of the scribbled notes reads, a header followed by other, smaller items.
>Cook something! (What?(What does Anon like?(He says he likes pasta!)))"The last bit is scribbled in the margins, curling downwards
>Play music? Something mature! Ooh, what about dancing? It'd be really fun!
>Scribbled hesitantly at the end of the page is two words, hidden in the corner like she was ashamed of writing them.
>First kiss?

>> No.9216282

Anon, do you think she would appreciate a homemade notebook with a binder as a gift?

>> No.9216351

>the jellyfish moment
This girl really is retarded

>> No.9216387

Yes, especially if you filled the front page with random doodles like she does and one in the middle with the caption "don't forget mumei cute!"

>> No.9217021

>You should learn realism and then do your own style
Oh yeah post some authors who did that then. I'm sure we'll see some beautiful images.

>Teachers usually discourage anime styles since it teaches bad habits if your not experienced
Wrong idiot. Nobody ever told me their teachers said that.
At most they'll act snobby and then never say anything. Its clear that they're just upset that upcoming artists don't like their bullshit, ugly artstyles.

>> No.9217087

What if I puked in the bag friend

>> No.9217193

Being able to see the inner workings of her mind via her writing down everything she needs to remember is incredibly invasive and hot, I'd prefer to be dating a while before I saw that.

>> No.9217194
File: 536 KB, 598x681, 1629434574873.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this entire post
You'll never git gud and given the fact that you come across as a total twat that fact pleases me to no end.

>> No.9217234

in my brain she always takes down the board when (You) come over, hiding it in a closet or somewhere
and then a year or so in she forgets t take it down, and (You) see an item on the list of things to remember that's just "Finally tell Anon I love him" and nearly collapse from the cuteness

>> No.9217351

>writing a small "i already do" right underneath and seeing how long it takes her to bring it up

>> No.9217563
File: 125 KB, 694x968, freedom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

incredibly lazy shitty edit i made inspired by watching the vod
hope you guys enjoy

>> No.9217636

Stop fighting for freedom and fucking finish Winds of Winter already.

>> No.9217731

Going to akasupa Mumei asking why her paintings suck.

>> No.9217767

Not uploading the preview of her song in her channel is a really bad move, she can't rake in the numbers that way.

>> No.9217769 [SPOILER] 
File: 238 KB, 860x1328, 1630643992935.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9217931

>you will never walk up to her in this position, then wordlessly pull your dick out to start peeing in friend also
why live

>> No.9218408

Welp. Good thing I start my job this Monday.

>> No.9219006

I might send her a rainbow

>> No.9219073
File: 769 KB, 2480x2088, 1630722497722.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9219237
File: 379 KB, 650x650, E9hdhNlVkAYVTV-.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have you triple crowned her yet?

>> No.9219750
File: 1.54 MB, 960x720, Hopium Realms.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hahaha... there's no way she'll do RTS custom matches to play with her membership and paywall it for tier 3 right?

>> No.9219830
File: 85 KB, 344x390, 1605800892928.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone give me the price bracket for the membership tiers.

>> No.9219888

less viewers = more chances to interact with her. I managed for petra to read me on my first try, was nice. I want Mumei to succeed but by all standards if she keeps up with the number of viewers she currently has she will be well accomodated from SC day 1.

>> No.9219930

>$5 for basic membership with all streams
>She won't do higher tier content after the Mori member situation
>She won't have higher tiers at all because she doesn't want to bankrupt some poor lonely hoomans who feel like they are required to T3 because she is a nice girl

>> No.9219936

We'll find out later today.

>> No.9219951

Aztec - 7$
Persian - 20$
Chinese - 50$
Roman - 100$
No difference, you just pay to be white and civilized

>> No.9219964

$5 for everything is what most holos uses. I remember Flare or Haachama (I think) having $7 instead.

>> No.9219970

>the Mori member situation
What happened? I was out of the loop for quite a while.

>> No.9220008

Man, you guys boomed me out with the realization from tiers, since I was so happy that originally amelia was the only one to do them. and now everyone but Kiara does it. Gura still on the "cheaper" side with only 2 tiers though
what is the mori situation?

>> No.9220053

Not much, there was initial jew accusations because no one else but Haachama had higher tier content, and their initially was no tier 1 content at all
She changed that so there is 1 stream per tier, but she felt she messed up, she says she just wanted to make people who were willing to give more to receive more or it felt wrong
She has tried to go down to what the other girls are doing with just tier 1 content, but management stopped her for the whole year for unknown reasons. Likely something to do with renewing her contract she has managed to make it so starting next month she will go down to just T1 content

>> No.9220061
File: 680 KB, 822x802, DE88DD4D-C8DD-4F79-BDAE-EFCA37B212B5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I honestly just want to akasupa to say youtube chat has the big gay and should be ignored at all costs. Then again i’m a gosling fag so I also need to akasupa and tell her I love her.

>> No.9220100

A lot of holos have tiers of membership, but Mori was the only one to actually regularly do anything exclusive to tier 2 and up. For the others it's mostly just an option if you want to pay them more for no reason.

>> No.9220120

Nah, all HoloEN so far except for Mori have had the same content in every tiers. Tiers are just for bragging rights.

>> No.9220133

Just a message for the poor hoomans, don't ever feel you need to supa
Member streams cut out so many random spamming fags and drops the viewer count to like 1/5th the usual or more, you actually have decent chances of getting regular messages read out there
My Oshi Moririn has read out my comments in member streams many times before the shadowban explosion

>> No.9220138

thanks anon, I do thing it servers a purpose, I think memba is 100% for the talent?

>> No.9220182

that gives me hope, I'm really out of the loop for everything holo since I only watched clips up untill gen 1 (dropped after week 1) Mumei has been my motivation to actually be here and watch every stream live. Thanks

>> No.9220220

I'm a certified oreimo and eromanga fan, people saying she is like a little sister makes her more desirable for me.

>> No.9220459

That cunning owl! Imagine paying 50 dolaridoos just to be a zhang.

>> No.9220497

if you live on argentina an akasupa only costs 10 usd. cool how youtube actually tailor prices according to the economy.

>> No.9220591

Membership also chance for each country. If it didn't i wouldn't be able to afford it.

>> No.9220629
File: 132 KB, 1434x550, 1615934427254.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's okay, they were unlucky enough to live in argentina, so those regional prices don't bother me, they deserve something like that for living in that hellhole.

>> No.9220777

One superchat I think she would like is how to say owl in your language (hint)

>> No.9220796

Will send a blue sc saying "sopa de coruja"

>> No.9220822

KEK, I mean the guy said it best. and yeah, wasn't implying it was bad

>> No.9220849

at least make it pink if you are in the cheapest pricing spectrum my dude. pay the price for your cursed memery.

>> No.9220875
File: 26 KB, 560x382, hopium.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>6am JST
at least make it 5am mumei...

>> No.9220970

Did you know caffeine has a half-life of 8 hours? 15 if you have liver problems? This was definitely a hint she dropped when management saddled her with owl hours

>> No.9220996

yeah, Mexico has everything "half off" and still it would take me a week of work to akasupa and I wouldn't be able to afford anything else. Not a regular worker though, not sure how long the actual working class would take.

>> No.9221112

The only problem with the regional superchat pricing is being able to use a VPN to get the third world discount.
This means holos just assume anything they get in pesos or reals or whatever is a burger being a cheapskate, and the actual dirt farmers who just dropped two months pay on an akasupa go unread.

>> No.9221147
File: 1.11 MB, 1448x2048, 1625424088224.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How does this hood even work?

>> No.9221149

$20 to be aryan? wow

>> No.9221167

My dad is narco baron, i exclusively use VPN to pay in swiss francs.
Am i based?

>> No.9221252

They should pay you to be chinese

>> No.9221267

they actually ignore them? kek, such a shame. but which holos do this? just EN or JP too?

>> No.9221296

based if true. actually living the dream of supporting your oshi

>> No.9221301


>> No.9221338

this is shit for me, orange supa still is worth something since is the equivalent of a yellow USD supa, getting fully ignored just because MXN is attached to it might actually kill me.

>> No.9221467

IIRC, Ina just "reads the off-screen". I think Kiara is the only one that dedicates entire streaming hours to go through SCs. Ame sometimes does too, but not as consistently. Fauna threw the gauntlet when she was overwhelmed by SC spam and outright stated she wouldn't read all of them in the SC debut stream.

>> No.9221631

Funny how SC would imply "getting read" yet the influx of them is high enough that is not even a guaranteed

>> No.9221720

I like sending superchats but I never care about hearing them read. I either leave them blank or don't stick around for superchat readings. I want to support my favorite chubas without drawing a lot of attention to myself.

>> No.9221756
File: 10 KB, 254x254, 1600871457169.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Mumei talking in the background while I do my work
This is the life

>> No.9221801

The dark side of thousands of dummies spamming chat with memes and baity SCs.

>> No.9221805


>> No.9221824

I will akasupa about my dog dying. Get ready Mumei.

>> No.9221889

>You've been working all day, there's just a little bit left until the end.
>All this time you've been listening Mumei stream in background
>You decided to take a break for just 1 minute.
>You close your eyes and hear from speakers: You did a good job today Anon. Well done. And now just last push.

>> No.9222291

Yeah, I think I'm going to buy Mumei's voicepack.

>> No.9222466

She's definitely big brain girl that isn't here to be big brain streamer. Her goal is to relax, have fun, and make sure we have fun with her.
Fuck anon, you're right.
We could be getting hours of her memories of the past coming and going, coming up with really creative explanations and some historical fiction under "I can't publish this with the citation 'dude trust me'!".

I 100% agree, the quiet makes her streams much more relaxing. She makes the silence comfortable instead of awkward.
But her having a hand tied behind her back makes it all the harder for her to do exactly what she wants.

>> No.9222468

ask @azure_0608_sub

>> No.9222495

She has a lot more to her than she shows, but more importantly it's because it's not important to her.
She's not *wink wink nudge nudge* over it. If we miss it, she'll still be happy we like her for being cute.

>> No.9222543

Mumei Memento morin't

>> No.9222589

reminder (You) that she is currentlf the second most subscribed of the holocouncil

>> No.9222625

Mumei probably made all those menaces of copyright violation as aggressive negotiation.
She COULD HAVE been drawing historical art and been humming Ave Maria. If only that was ALLOWED.

>> No.9222661

I haven't reached this level of hopium yet, but you do you anon.

>> No.9222725

Unlike Ame whose taste appeals to zoomers so she had to constantly filter, Mumei can honestly just play her simulator games and the filtering will happen on its own. I can see it happening next week once the SC celebration stream is over.

>> No.9222742

I know, but I feel because of how she streams she can either overtake the hornys and become more unreachable (as in harder to get read) or she might lose momentum and start falling behind. doubt it but both chances still exist

>> No.9222815

You do realize less people watching and interacting with her will be seen by Cover as a failure on Mumei's part, yes?

>> No.9222870

Anyone got an animated gif of Mumei turning around like this?

>> No.9222883

anon chill, she gets double the viewership as Sana (poor girl, she doesn't deserve that) and sometimes fauna, she is a success "even when she shouldn't" (fuck you printers)

>> No.9222896

Fellow owlbros, jump in anytime

>> No.9223002
File: 58 KB, 300x300, 1630251890382.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your oshi is mine.

>> No.9223032

>Tentacle porn
We truly can't stop winning!

>> No.9223105

Yagoo cares a lot more for fanbase loyalty than fluctuating numbers, Coco's interview convinced me of this.

>> No.9223164
File: 319 KB, 314x314, 1625454445410.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

God what a good stream today
>reveals she's a talented artist who also draws weird creative shit
>gets all sassy when the npcs talk trash her art
>apparently she has an extremely pretty singing voice
>features paper bag-chan and George
Even without her usual autism attacks this stream was fucking kino. You fags can't even imagine what level of hopium I'm on right now

>> No.9223215

Did she do karaoke yet

>> No.9223240

What happened in Coco's interview?

>> No.9223285

Coco interviewed Yagoo before she graduated. I suggest you watch it instead since it's insightful.

>> No.9223676

Next week mashallah. Sadly she can't really sing any of the disney songs she probably would like to sing

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