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As much as I’d wanna, I don’t want to kill her, so I would have to say no.

>> No.9200055

more like iron lung

>> No.9200123

No, I don't have a fetish for going after chicks with boyfriends already. Also have no fetish no medical equipment. Also find her voice annoying so that is 3 strikes.

>> No.9200129

If I just had to base my decision on her personality I would. But I suspect I wouldn't be able to get hard.

>> No.9200138

No. The only girl I'd ever want to bang would be my loli oshi. [And even then, only after I marry her.]

>> No.9200289

If you're talking about the character then maybe after a few beers if the mood is right. If you're talking about the voice behind the character then probably not, I don't have that kind of fetish.

>> No.9200361

She'd b a lot of fun to make cum.

>> No.9200439

If she was like her model yes, if we're talking behind the model I would let her suck me off and that's it because I don't wanna be a murderer and even that's pushing it.

>> No.9200511

mouse would probably have the kinkiest most dick melting sex possible, because it will either kill her or hospitalize her for life if you do fuck her.
if she gave you the chance you better not turn her down

>> No.9200673

I'm not into moms

>> No.9200708

damn right i would

>> No.9200775

Why the fuck are her eyes so huge here compared to her usual 2D model?

>> No.9200825

Avatar or real person, either way, kind of this: >>9200001

I ain't no necro and the idea of a woman dying in the middle of sex or shortly afterwards because of sex is kind of a mood killer.

>> No.9201218

Definitely would. A hole is a hole and as long as said hole is warm and moist, hey, don't mind if I do

>> No.9201446

Yes, I would fuck her to death

>> No.9201587 [DELETED] 

She wouldn't survive a night of sex let alone pregnancy. I wonder how she feels of being a genetic failure that won't ever become a mother.

>> No.9201620

The model? She's among the least fuckable designs of VS but yeah
The roommate? Nah, i don't wanna kill her

>> No.9202100

Full on? No, too dangerous. Maybe some bedside service though

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>> No.9202473

It would kill her, you fools

>> No.9202482

Yeah, sure. Her stated kinks all line up.

>> No.9202491

Why is her name "iron mouse" if she looks nothing like a mouse? Would fuck if she was cute mouse girl.

>> No.9202535

Hey, I recognized that and said 'no'.

>> No.9202580

>trashy Puerto Rican
>lusts after the most mediocre annoying faggots
no thanks I think I could do better

>> No.9202614

I literally said i wouldn't fuck her irl because i don't want to kill her

>> No.9202849

pretty sure everyone is aware, dumbass.

>> No.9202894

no, I'm gay.

>> No.9202943 [DELETED] 

Everybody said that you retard. holy shit kill yourself

>> No.9202950

based on the proportions of this picture my dick would just about poke the bottom of her heart.

>> No.9202991

Then I would mourn her and cherish our time together. Life is too short, anon, so let's make the most out of it.

>> No.9202998

so you're saying this isn't a meme? why would she die what is her condition?

>> No.9203023

Not that model, no.

>> No.9203189 [DELETED] 

HIV from all the e-celebs she fucks.

>> No.9203285

I hate the way the modeler makes the models look there's just that same face syndrome I can't get over

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Her immune system is nonexistent, it's not from a DST but it functions like AIDS

>> No.9203619

No. Go ask your boyfriend, I'm sure he'll be available after Ollie is done with him

>> No.9203880

I don't want to kill her, connor can be the murderer in my place

>> No.9204605

I literally fucking said "no", because my heart belongs to someone else. [Namely, my loli oshi.]

Learn some reading comprehension, you dumb nigger.

>> No.9204662

oof, so close anon

>> No.9204739

No. Not into midgets, used goods, and I dislike her.

>> No.9204823

No because I don't want to catch what she has or be the reason she died.

>> No.9204903

That's Connor's job.

>> No.9205082

anon, I don't think we're talking about the IRL stuff

>> No.9205943

Someone post her face so I can make a judgment.

>> No.9206210

Slow night huh, janny

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>> No.9206806

Connor saw what she looks like and he's still talking to her.

>> No.9206965

You know he is into her looking the way she looks...

>> No.9207066

She has the personality of a girl with a few STDs

>> No.9207396

It's a win-win then.

>> No.9207874

that only makes my penis harder.

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>> No.9208453

I think the anons here would fuck any woman that would let them

>> No.9210018

No, why the fuck would anyone want to stick their dick in a genetic abomination?

>> No.9210172

Vshojo is cringe, hololive is better

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>> No.9212847

I would put her out of her misery with a disappointing subpar dicking

>> No.9213158

Why the fuck would I take Connor leftovers?

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pump and dump

this bitch would be dead in a year anyway

>> No.9215346

only if i could choke her at the same time, with consent of course.

>> No.9217541

I Will let bobon fuck her

>> No.9217565


>> No.9223467

Did he collab with her?

>> No.9223742

If it wasn’t for her condition, I would’ve bet she’s a real freak in bed

>> No.9224012

Yes, but only to get to the post-coital snuggling.

>> No.9226996

What is the mental barrier that makes westerners unable to copy the anime aesthetic?

>> No.9228525

Now i'll have to kill her with anal without lube because you mass replied like a faggot.

>> No.9228584

She probably gets so sick of hearing about how people would potentially kill her if they tried to ram her.

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>> No.9234195

im going to finger her geiger counter

>> No.9234256

I'd fuck most things.

>> No.9234333

Why would they have to do that?

>> No.9234707

Didn't he calm down a bit after taking a look?

>> No.9235176

Fuck the immunocompromised puss puss just to see Connor cry.

>> No.9235349

Yes, why do pretty girls must be suck whores?

(I know she doesn’t actually look like that but get the point)

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>> No.9235614

She'd die but yes

>> No.9236341

Idk, imagine how atrophied she is. And tired. Her skin must be nasty too. And the clinical matress and the oxygen tank... and the room must stink like dead person or chlorine...

>> No.9236638

Damn. whoever made that is cruel. I it's kind of respectable.

>> No.9236660

I'm just happy that I picked the two that so far haven't had a real yab

>> No.9239791

they have to install a condom in the plastic bubble tent she lives in but yeah, sure

>> No.9245077

this is midly funny, buy I hope she never see it

>> No.9245118


>> No.9245236

I think anyone would. RL debuff is bad enough without also realizing you've been making moves on a rest home patient. Was a good reality check for the idiot

>> No.9245299

>Connor with Kaho
fucking nuclear

>> No.9246468

Not wanting to?
Anime as an original form grew out of JP's doing cel work for Western animations, so if it's gonna get reflected back to a western market it should be a western take on the form, not a copy.

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Steal her look

>> No.9248574

With an witheld from the public immune repair ultratech.
Directly into her restrained clitoris is she'd like.

>> No.9249291

Dafuq did you English

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I romanced Tali in Mass Effect, it's basically the same thing right?

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