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Like seriously?

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Americans are the scum of the internet

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Don't pin it on Americans faggot. All hololive fans look like it.

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imagine the SMELL

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I can smell this picture

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Jesus, all the Kiara fans in germany looked nerdy but they didn't look fucking disgusting.
No wonder takodachis are so insufferable.

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>hobby that tends to attract mentally and socially maladjusted people

Not sure what you were expecting, anon.

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Yes it is! Speaking as a white hololive fan, that is exactly what we look like.

By the way, anyone got any tips for cleaning your navel? It's starting to expel a brown, smelly goo..

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Looks like literally any anime convention audience. Shocking.

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Some americans are sexy. Not everyone has gook fever

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that's americans for you

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Post the audience at the JP live concert. I'm sure it'll be much better.

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Europoors are on average still less obese than burgers. Thin nerds usually look less disgusting than fat nerds.

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Dallas chads, we need redemption!

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It attracted me too for that but I don’t look disgusting, I’m not handsome but not disgusting and fat like that

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Imagine being an entertainer and that is your audience. I sure hope they are at least rich.

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Hololive fans are racists.

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>Entire stadium of white fatasses, probably the same people who make BBC threads on 4chan

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I dont

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>Fat white nerds
Over half of them would get on their hands and knees to lick a black guy's shoe. They probably have multiple BLM tattoos on their asses next to the king of spades tattoo.

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lmao everyone looking around trying to distance themselves by attributing random traits to these ugly people. face it they look like (You) !!

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Me in the box btw

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That's the problem. It takes away from imagining what a VTuber would smell if they were there in person.

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Except they aren't balding as badly.

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what is this from i don't pay attention that much

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Wasn’t this a Canadian con?

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Guess you're not a hololive fan then retard.

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Thank god I live in remote corner of the world and will never be exposed.
I feel sorry for exposed Amerifats.

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ITT: People in this thread pretending that they don't look like that.

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I didnt expect actual women to show up. Or maybe their just men larping as women

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Oh no no no no Holobronies...

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Girl on the right looks kinda cute

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Should be the one in Boston.

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I don't look like anyone in this particular picture.

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Do you really believe an average nip or indo looks like that?

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You have mental issues

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Hasn't happened yet. I know, because I know people running that con.

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thats how you know the vaccine is working

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Meanwhile in Japan...

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this generation didn't have/could attend anime conventions to see other weebs in real life, because they had their internets and discords, so they didn't had the exposure how a real weeb looks like.

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I’m OP seeing her and the guy next to her is the reason why I made this thread

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Aren’t gonna comment on the transvestites?

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Half of the people in this picture are some odd breed of hapa, and certainly not "white"

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you could put this same picture of audience next to a smash tournament and it would be just as believeable

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>bunch of white people
>not white

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Well you burgers have been mixing races for quite some time. Are there any real whites left over there?

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The fuck is hapa and how the fuck are the people in the picture not white

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What were you expecting? They look pretty normal to me. Like the average hobby nerds.

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Looks like the your average 4chan user

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The more I look at it the worst it gets, I unironically feel repulsed by that hobby, I gotta find something else to watch, holy shit.

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>LGBT movement
>400 genders and sexuality
>Highes rates of obesity in the world

kill yourself amerimutt

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The phone's resolution and tint are just shitty, making everyone have a gross sallow looking color, but I only see a half dozen actual Asians. Also it's an anime convention and if you've ever been to one you know they're way overrepresented there.

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based, i was behind you

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i could easily beat these nerds up, not impressed

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The Asian ones look just as bad.

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That fujo girl ain't bad.

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Rin Rin will tear you to shreds

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i will subdue him with strikes and grapples

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Because she's not a hololive fan

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Where can i get a gf that dresses up like that fujo girl?

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What is that she's posing in front of some kind of anime character?

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That's literally every con anon

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Sorry to say but vtubers is a hobby for losers. Look at these photos... I see only faggots.

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This. People who care enough about something to show up to a convention about that thing typically aren’t normal people. Only the extremes show up to these.

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>Using Americans to hide the shame that most of this fanbase is fat neckbeard types
Still living in denial anon?

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>that hand nanora
My sides

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Eh, pretty much anything anime-related is for fucking losers if you’re in the west.

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The fact that this is news to some people….

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Did you not see the convention Kiara was at in Germany...?

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Post pics.

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Comparing girls dressing up to eat at a restaurant to fat weebs going to a convention is stupid.

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All these dissing anons not uploading their own photo. Too insecure you used someone else?

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that's fucking boston dumbass, what did you expect? also lots of women in that photo

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almost every single person looks fine in terms of natural looks, but a lot need to lay off the shit food.

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Every time I think I'm ugly, I look at pics like this and feel better after realizing that I'm pretty average

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A good quality and properly fitted N95 mask will deal with that.

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left and middle look fine. not my preferred looks/types though.

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No, that's what Americans look like.

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HoloEN bros...

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should one drink irony poisoning zero effort style for merch or should they go high effort?
i've tried long cardigans with jeans in my watame shirt and i like it. wearing suits and tuxs is funny and nice every now and then, but it requires a certain atmosphere to really work.

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> Dudes wearing ironic cosplays
> Left and middle guys look actually pretty fit

Not even close to looking like the whales in OP pic.

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kaneki from tokyo ghoul, not a vtuber :) hope it helps

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True story

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I don't live anywhere near there (thank fuck) so none of them look like me.

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Ah yes, I remember when I watched (I'd never go to) Blizzcon for the 1st time back in what? 2012? I was in shock and had 2nd hand embarrassment.

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Also forgot to add that THAT place is Boston. It's soi shit central and the like the #1 state full of single women (no, most of them don't look that great).

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Con goers have basically never -not- been mocked around 4chan. Literally the only excuse to go in the hallowed antiquity of this site was either a.) Go to Japan for Comiket or b.) because there was a 4chan panel with moot there messing around.

He stopped that in what, I think 08 or so? So yeah after that it became only thought of as an event for the naive. Dubfags, people buying shitty bootleg figs and merch, normalfags looking to fuck the cosplay skanks and so on.

The wiser among us are aware of social capital and would not be caught dead there.

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Fuck I have that shirt at the left

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For a damn Fujo she doesn't look disgusting. I'm impressed.

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More like people go then come here and pretend they're above it and make fun of other people.

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The bottom one is from the time square thing and the guy with Luna is from the US also.

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I can already imagine the cringe

>Gura can you say "a"
>Calli can you go "guh"
>Ina can you say a pun and go "wah"
>Ame can you rage
>Kiara can you threaten us with the usual room.

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They all look pretty normal to me.

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anonchama the bottom ones are americans

>> No.9193842

hey now, Germans are on par with Americans in terms of Internet retardation

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I remember some convo between Sora and Aki saying they don't know about touring overseas because they'd think no one would show up. Dudes in chat including me said we'd go see them. Now I have to take that back...

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they are americans and all americans are fat.

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Kiara loves to bait people into sending blank red SCs by pretending they make her mad. She even did one stream where she was "slapping" people that sent them.

>> No.9193938

Takodachi look like THAT?

>> No.9193951

Everyone on the internet is a shit bagging retard. When will you all understand this? It just has varying degrees of idiocy.

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Fat, that relaxed face expression, most men balding

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Sora and Aki? Yeah that might be awkward if not many showed up.

>> No.9193994

it's too late, the seed of your cringe has already been planted

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>Lack of exercise
>Balding due to lack of Vitamin D
That is NOT normal.

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I see one black guy near the front. It's Boston so it's no surprise how white the crowd is. Any con in the South will have more black people and the crowd will be even fatter.

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That would be 2 years ago and they would be correct.
Imagine if somehow the world did unfuck itself and cover decided to do a US tour. Maybe they'll do it all virtually like what EN is doing but can you imagine these fucked up hikiis traveling to burgerland for the first time in their lives?

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What did you expect...? Normalfags who are in peak physical condition and groom themselves on a regular basis...? Have you ever seen pictures of an animecon?

>> No.9194178

Why are you burgers so obsessed with black people.

>> No.9194179

Look at the image carefully.

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The real question of the day is "which one of these is sharkmeido"

>> No.9194227

I expected people that walk 30 minutes a day which is the bare minimum and that at least try to have some life in their fucking face

>> No.9194249

How can people be this fat? Like seriously? I've been eating and sleeping for the whole year since 2020 and am not even half as big as these people. Like seriously what did they eat? A concentrated fat?

>> No.9194331

>peak physical condition and groom themselves on a regular basis
But I don't even leave my house except for work sometimes and still do this. Guess I'm the only one...I don't fit in anywhere...

>> No.9194396

I guess you expected too much.

>> No.9194402

Some of the guys in the New York Ina meetup on the bottom look objectively not bad, or even hot. Mixed bag though, I mean what could you expect with any random grouping of people?

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Media and entertainment brainwashing the masses to fight each other while the rich get richer.

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Oh god I'm filled with so much shame and insecurity. This is why I never talk about my hobbies.
Having no shame means you inevitably turn into something grotesque.

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fellas is it gay to look relaxed instead of grinding your teeth and doing the intj stare constantly?

>> No.9194473

t. "I just live here man"

>> No.9194488

Like that guy with a full beard that dresses like anime girls in public and takes pictures with his family?

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Post your face.

>> No.9194528

thats me desu

>> No.9194584

Pretty much this is why /a/ shames its users out of even thinking about going to cons, because you only ever stand to lose being there and photographed. I guess the exception would be if you are doing a good cosplay and are there just for that but the vast majority of goers aren't.

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Probably eat fast food all the time combined with the not moving at all I didn’t move at all too (past) but still was slim because I ate healthy like legumes and fish

>> No.9194652

Carbs, salty foods, processed sugar. Sugary drinks. Yep.

>> No.9194793

yeah that sounds like america

>> No.9194808

You'll be happier once you stop being such a faggot.
>oh no some faggots are laughing at me on an anonymous image board
grow the fuck up, nobody gives a shit about you or anything you do. you might as well enjoy yourself.

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You're all insecure, at least they went out and enjoyed their hobby meanwhile you're here calling them fat fucks while you sit behind a computer screen.

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>holobronies are all mask faggots
Not surprised.

>> No.9194959

You know it is actually not easy to really evaluate much from these guys/girls from a blurry webcam with them all wearing masks. Some of them are fat but I don't see many legit neckbeards and hamplanets. Trust me I have seen far worse.

>> No.9194963

Don't tease the newfag. It's Kuzuha from Nijisanji.
Pekora in America would be cringe kino. Literally months worth of clipper material.
I'm Black.
Is Ame your oshi?

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>> No.9195033

yeah in a mirror lmao #gottem

>> No.9195056

He's cute.

>> No.9195058

Man i kinda feel bad for them. I mean their diet literally just a bunch of junk with no nutritional value. If you like eating that much fucking cook for yourself ffs. Have some vegies and variety on your damn food

>> No.9195068

>average miko enjoyer.jpg

The cream rises to the top.

>> No.9195088

Tell us how you’re not 5’6 and overweight, miguel.

>> No.9195093

Amerifat here.
Sugar and carbs are what get us this fat. Chips, bread, fried foods, fatty meat, cheese on everything, and lots of packaged foods that are super calorie rich. It's easy to consume over 3000K in a day in the US if you eat fast food regularly.

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I will not become a grotesque creature of desire.

>> No.9195157

Ever been to the Southern US? Ever been to Disney World in Florida? I distinctly remember riding the monorail thing and we were the only thin family in the entire car.

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Holy shit I'm enjoying my hobby of watching streamers by being alone surrounded by the comforts of home???
What the fuck am I thinking I should be sat next to a fat BO ogre on those metal chairs with the bare minimum padding required by law with a mask that makes me breathe my own bacon breakfast.

>> No.9195291

Damascus is that you?

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i see a lot of facemasks
i see less fat people than i expected.
i see the doofy costumes i expect to see at a con, a a few normals.
is this bait?

>> No.9195315

Are you ok peko poster? You're making too much sense right now.

>> No.9195327

>that relaxed face expression

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File: 34 KB, 247x425, Bored.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What? You've never been to an anime convention? Actually what the hell are you doing in /vt/?

>> No.9195347

If they were pretty they wouldn't be watching VTubers.

>> No.9195369

All the unhealthy stuff is also full of additives like MSG and high fructose corn syrup that increase appetite and suppress the natural feeling of satisfaction you get from eating and drinking so that you'll drink tons of soda and eat salty fries. If America banned MSG in processed foods/fast food and banned HFCS, you'd see weight reduction in the next year nationwide.

>> No.9195382

yeah shes the only reason i went

>> No.9195388

Convention goers are casual retards and posers.

>> No.9195409

90 percent of posts on this board are bait

>> No.9195456

Okay faggots, prove you're fit and have a chance with your oishi right now.

>> No.9195459

to be fair,
all that shit is UK/USSR/Swedish/Kanto influence on what used to a pretty rough, clever, and burly nation.

If you want the cowboys back, just ask.
a few of the good boys still exist.

>> No.9195475

>going to a convention to watch virtual youtubers on a screen
Someone explain this shit.

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I was thinking to myself, I wish I could enjoy my hobby with people that aren't faceless spergs over the internet. At least I look like a normal person. I need to stop being harrowingly lonely

>> No.9195487

go to art college or lurk at cons

>> No.9195489

where is the powerlifter haaton from /fit/

>> No.9195516

You can't really see it there but I talked to that gawr gura cosplayer, she was really cute and gave me her number.

>> No.9195521

I need to see Peko in the US now, can just see her doing a ranting zatsudan from her hotel room about how nobody could understand her English and she got lost or something downtown.

>> No.9195539

no i didn't

>> No.9195544

I’m healthy but MSG? Really? My family used it for cooking all the time

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Nigga says that while looking like this

>> No.9195564

gawr gura cosplayer here, it's true

>> No.9195580