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everyone calls her a gamer so i decided to give her megaman stream a shot, 2 hours into the stream and she starts using save states, nice, just how fucking low is your bar anons? jesus christ

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oofer situation indeed

did she cheat during the rts games too??

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Not commenting on her gaming abilities but savescumming is necessary for streamers to avoid repetitive content and move the story along.

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What's wrong with using save states?

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Nope, she didn't input cheats for SC. Though it is Capcom© designed save state, so it is fair use now.

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megaman isn't good enough to not use savestates

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"Gamer" in the vtuber world means "good at Apex".

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She's a gamer in that she plays a much larger variety of games than most vtubers. She's also a women, what the fuck did you expect incel retard?

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>reeeee, chuba doesnt play game on hardest difficulty, reeeeee
Grow the fuck up you fcking manchild, HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

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You can either seethe or do the haha thing. Both doesn't work. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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Every time I see supposed gamers play any of the old nes megaman games I can't help thinking they're either faking the difficulty or they should just stop calling themselves gamers because they aren't that hard to beat.

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Korone is still the king of gamerchuubers.

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anon... theres a whole song about how a guy couldnt beat airman, the early megaman games are known to be hard and bullshit at times

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Megaman is absolute shit, who cares.

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She's still not adverse to cheats and savestates though, using the former on Contra and the latter on Mario 2.

Still, I appreciate her going back to doing Dragon's Lair without cheats after that whole marathon. Plus she likes using the original hardware so savestates are rarely a temptation anyway.

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Doing Heatman's stage without Item 2 was one of the first real filters in console gaming.

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>good at playing videogames

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I didn't have the whole series, could only get 1 2 and 3 rentals, beat all of them during summer break 13 yrs old, took 3~5 hours per game between lunch and dinner. I don't remember them being that hard, mostly just memorizing patterns and timing. Super Meatboy was way harder. I think it's age, getting older than mid 20's just makes certain types of games harder to play.

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Rumao, the only true answer.

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you need to be high on weed or tripping on acid to truly appreciate Selen

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But can he say it in the Botan thread without being torn apart by fanatical russians whose only thoughts are of combat and impregnation?

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Try it yourself. If you didn’t grow up with clunky NES platforming, you’ll see how stiff it is compared to the X and Zx series.

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To be fair, Yellow Devil is fucking badly designed bullshit.
Also Megaman 1 is garbage but still gets a pass for being the first one and 2-3 for being the absolute best.

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>Both doesn't work.
To the outside observer, it looks like haha thing worked perfectly and made you seethe like there's no tomorrow.

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>using savestates on a megaman game

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based anti-cheat anon. This is why I stopped watching Korone and Sango's "retro" streams as well. Sadly Lulu is gone and we can't have honest run in vtubers anymore

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This whore is so fucking annoying, can't wait for her graduation

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Kill yourself

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seriously though, why cut corners when you are playing a game like megaman? just keep trying, it's all about getting better with this games, savestates kill all the fun

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You're gonna die alone, anon

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>they should just stop calling themselves gamers
Sounds like a pretty good deal

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OG Mega Man had no such thing. When you ran out of lives on the NES, you started from the beginning of the game. But watching her play for 15 hours isn't fun for anyone.

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>Streamer uses in game tools to beat game
>Time to post a thread showing how much of a autist I actually am

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>caring about some chink creatively bankrupt game that's only hard because they needed to cover the shortness of this 'game'
Imagine unironically thinking that retro jap games are good

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i don't know what people sell this bitch as a gamer, she sucks at every game she plays except apex

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There aren't many chuubas that are actually good at games, but Selen makes the right decision using save states. She's more gamer than OP for sure

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"Gamer" as in actually plays different games.
Doesn't mean she has to be good at all of them.

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She was suffering and struggling the entire time. It was hilarious to watch her suffer so much.

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She didn't even use saves at all for most her her StarCraft playthrough. She only started saving during the last half of the Protoss campaign.

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Based Selen not wasting her and our time.

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I'm over suffering. Watching women be bad at video games has become my suffering. I'd rather they gotgud or cheated like whores instead of replaying the same level 50 times.

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seeing her break on hour 5 of the 7 hour protoss campaign was pretty funny.

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Retro games didn't have robust progression saving in order to pad the length. Selen just wants to finish games as fast as possible, and she only has a few hours less superchat reading.

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God, I can't understate how shit zoomers are at games. They literally only know how to play FPS, fortnite, and mobile garbage. I honestly feel bad for you guys having to grow up in world where every aspect of games is monetized and focus-grouped to hell.

Except you're full of shit. A game over in mega man means you start the level over, not the whole game, which is how you get better btw.

I still have flashbacks due to this piece of shit. It was one of the most rewarding feelings I've ever had when i finally beat this fucker. If you haven't seen it, Korone's play through of Mega Man and specifically her fight against Yellow Devil is really exciting. Her perseverance was really endearing.

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Megaman unironically blows ass.

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Your boomer games suck, get over it.

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You only think so because you're shit, little boy.

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whatever you say gramps

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Imagine thinking this.

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To be fair she doesn't claim to be good at every game, but she's a GAMER in my book because she wants to play old games and actually knows what they are instead of just playing FOTM shillware.

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You know why Mario games were so popular? Because they had really good game design in contrast to most NES games. I grew up playing Mario 1 and 3, Castlevania (1-3), Contra, Excitebike, Zelda (1-2), OG Metroid and Megaman (1-3). Without my nostalgia glasses i can tell you that the Mario games were great because they had way less bullshit built into them, games like Megaman 1 and Catlevania 3 are hard because they're very flawed mechanically but people like to create a cult around them because they want to feel special. I cleared all of those games and the victory is bittersweet because i wasn't having fun at some points where bs happened.

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Even outside Selen. I've just noticed that gaming skill in one genre doesn't always translate over to other genres.

Something about FPS and platformers don't cross-over for people, in my experience. (I'm on the other side of this split)

Selen is definitely not a gamer as far as old Nintendo & Nintendo-like platformers are concerned, for sure.

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Dangerously based.

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thank the lord selen will never ever play a single lick of fuckin genshin

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bless her

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Why would a fps gamer suddenly be good at 2d sidescrollers?

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If she has good taste in games, she's good in my books.

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>Only being good at 1 genre of games
she'll never be a true pwner like that.

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If you beat a level or portion of a stage once, why force yourself to go through it again when you die to something unexpected that you haven't learned to deal with yet? Why punish yourself unless you're aiming to speedrun the game?

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The first game isn't great anon. It's 2 that put the series on the map

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Megaman 2 had a code system where you could enter in bubbles or dots into a square chart and it would restore your progress up to the last boss you killed. I remember entering bubbles like A2, B5, C1 or some shit. I dont remember if Megaman 1 had that.

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Grew up in the N64 era. Games were so fucking garbage back then. Platformers are all mindnumbingly boring. Zoomers have it much better unironically.

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modern games are just
>story story story
its fucking annoying. i downloaded RE8 or whatever, and the first like 2 hours are just walking around jacking off about some shitty family.
I just want games I can jump in and play without this bullshit. the story is supposed to be a framework to hang gameplay on, not the entire fucking game.

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There are a lot of cleverly designed classics that did a lot with what they had but yeah platformers were so fucking empty for the most part

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>Flawed mechanically
How are they flawed mechanically?

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She didn't want to and was literally begged by chat. But you already knew that didn't you

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Megaman peaked at the Megaman Zero series

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Older games didn't have in mind that a new player beats it in their first sitting. That the player would play an hour or two and then set it down after being sent to the title screen a couple times. This is more bearable because they are 30~90 minutes long compared to games these days which are significantly longer thus an aim for constantly retaining your progress makes sense.

On the other hand it is a stream and some people don't want to see someone struggle at one part for three+ hours.

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>bait posters
>watching streams

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Gaming skills are not universal retard. This is like expecting a basketball player to be great at football.

She's Top 500 in one game. The rest of her gaming skills outside of FPS are average to above average.

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yeah that forced woke shit is totally great amirite?

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Both examples i gave have slow movements with no running variation (fixed with the slide in Megaman 3), platforming is built around "trickyness" (Megaman with the pop up platforms that are buggy as fuck and Castlevania with terrible jumping) and lastly taking damage makes you jump backwards even though you have iframes which kills you when near a cliff (Megaman X still has this but gives you more movement options so if you get hit then you can recover if you're good enough). They were both games planned as an action game first and not a platformer, you can actually notice this by the elements like a health bar, the many combat upgrades you get and the big focus they do on boss fights. They eventually noticed these things and made Megaman better for platforming and Castlevania more action focused

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The peak was in the early 2000s/last year or two of the nineties not now. Maybe when VR becomes more than a meme we'll get another high.

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There is still plenty of the same platforming in Castlevania games in Super, Bloodlines, and Rondo of Blood and they all have the same walk speed and committed jump arcs. It is just a different ruleset to play by rather than flawed. I cannot tell exactly what you're inferring, but I suppose you enjoy certain mechanics more so than others which doesn't mean others are inherently flawed.

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She put all her points into apex, probably league as well.

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Do you want to watch actual gamers play difficult retro? Watch indies. Nina and her friend finish Contra in a race tomorrow. Pic related.

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ASMR thot, no thank you.

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Its not her main content, it even says so on the pic anon

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You had the whip swing to help you with platforming
Eric has the spear leap
>Rondo of Blood
You can change to Maria and have double jump and slide

They all have things that make platforming easier but are still much more combat focused having most of the new features be combat oriented (sub weapons crash, magic, 8 way attack, etc). They basically took inspiration of Castlevania 3 where you got different characters with different move options but made it less of a buggy mess.
When talking about game design there is obviously flaws in every game, don't take it like i hate the games since i cleared all of them (i like games so much i work in the industry actually) it's just that most games test the waters with the first iterations and then they build over it so it's normal that earlier games have some notable flaws that get worked on in later games

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