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when is the holostarsEN audition? i want a chance to get closer to the girls!!!! I want to chat Ina everyday! I want to groom Gura, i want to compliment Ame, i want to insult Kiara everyday, i want to send dick pics to mori everyday!!!!
i want to collab with them and flirt with them on stream with my sexy avatar!!

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for you to be a stalker like arcadum

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> Implying you wouldnt get segregated like the other homostars
> Implying you'd be let close to any of the girls other than Fubuki who, after a few of you misguided advances, would put you in your place and ignore you for the rest of your non-career.
> Implying you're even funny enough

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> when is the holostars EN audition?
You poor soul, holostars is doomed, their branding is garbage. If Cover ever releases an EN male vtuber generation, it won't be called Holostars

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You can already do the last 3 on twitter

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I just want to suck Roberu's dick.

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>closer to the girls! i want to collab with them
pick one anon, this is not niji

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You do understand that holoEN is based on nepotism? So holostarsEN will be only guys that have connections, mostly, girl's current boyfriends. And they will cuck the audience daily, every stream. NA audience likes that shit.

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OP is a fag sure but how much of the newfag are you that you don't know HoloJP is also full of Nepotism hires?

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>NA audience likes that shit
this is true. why are westerners so obsessed with cuckshit?

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I see what you did there and I approve. Fuck all the wannabe groomerstars faggots, easily worth not having them exist at all just to keep them from existing.

The thing is in Japan host clubs are a thing, where males actually are trained to be entertainers for women as chatty fake friends and not for sex. That is kind of the idea for a male tuber in Japan, to be a fujo bait homo and/or host club type personality. That is pretty fucking far from even being comprehended by a these sorry faggots on twitch right now doing 2view indie vtuber gigs and somehow all having the same aspiration, they all have a secret genius plan to get into HolostarsEN "when" it happens with a detailed 5-year plan laid out for how to carefully groom their oshi.

The qualifications to get into HolostarsEN should be the following options:
A.) You are certifiably gay. Not bisexual or bicurious - lifelong gay. You are a pro fudge packer and only have had boyfriends.
B.) You agree to be castrated
C.) Your contract stipulates you will be fired for ever talking to a Hololive talent off stream / in private

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Just call yourself by another letter in the Greek alphabet and agree to write lore for EN 3; that is the only way

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this should be enforced for the current holostar too

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To be able to collab with the girls you'll have to wait for them to ask you due to the unwritten rule, and for this to happen you're going to have to be charismatic

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I wonder what's the best name for a male EN gen in holopro then? hololads maybe?

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inb4 it's 3 people: cdawg, the anime dude, and that grant guy

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as much as i would love to work alongside my wife i prefer to just watch streams and shitpost with you guys

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unironically, homostars. that way, the unicorns won't feel threatened.

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If they're smart they'll ask who your favorite chuuba is and immediately trash any application that mentions a holo, so as to prevent another Kiara/Pekora situation.

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Holostars is mostly heterosexual, why would EN have to be gay?

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Hmm, I suppose those qualifications are reasonable. C should add that their tongue cut is out and include on stream, though.

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Would connor give up part of his audience and doom the other holostarsEN chuubas just to get closer to the hololive girls he hasn't groomed yet? All signs point to yes.

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Just look at op and laugh

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Non cucks are very hard to control so cuck shit is pushed.

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they should make a male hologamers. i love the catdog show but i just need someone to actually be good at apex im suffering seeing matsuri towa and ollie get shit on every stream...

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>You are certifiably gay.
How would this be tested? Perhaps subjects are shown a naked male and must get an erection within X seconds to pass? Maybe with different levels of gay certification.
>erection within 5 seconds = certified hard gay
>erection within 10 seconds = certified gold gay
>erection within 15 seconds = certified silver gay
>erection within 20 seconds = certified bronze gay
I believe this kind of test would be prone to false positives on subjects with medical/humiliation fetishes though.

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>the unicorns won't feel threatened.
>why would EN have to be gay?
cmon guy, the reason holostars don't get the brand buff is because they don't interact much with the girls. if you eliminate the tension of the hetero boy/girl dynamic, there will be more unity without losing the unifags audience.

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I found this out cause one youtube comment brought it out. Auditions are already over anon, they are probably on their way for a debut.

The comment also stated that the holostar jp wish to have 50% of their boys on 3D first, before holostar en. Arm one holostar 3d debut to go.

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The only good pick for HolostarsEN is Sseth.

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on plus side, Robe could probably set you up with some 774 sloppy seconds

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If I was in charge of the homos, I would make a k-pop tier group to try to appeal the fujos/ktwatters, there I said it, go ahead managerchama, use this if you want

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I mean, if you have homosexual stuff on your social media dating from before Cover was even founded, you're probably actually gay in reality.

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Checked and gaypilled

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> one holostar 3d debut to go.
They've done a lot recently. Could be quicker than anticipated. If this ends up happening before NijiEN malewave, that would be something.

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I'm pretty sure that's old as fuck. If they'd actually decided on anyone they wouldn't have them sit on their hands this long. They'd probably just hold another audition to get the larger pool or talents that their recent increased fame would give them, insuring the first gen would at least be pretty good.

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Either there was no one competent enough to get from the auditions, or male vtubers wouldn't risk their time on a company that isn't better than an indie debut. Holostar barely gets 1k views before. I assume it would be beneficial for male talent to audition on nijisanji than holostar.

Not to mention, the time table was similar to holoEN audition and debut. Coco did put up a news of 2 vtuberz who was going to debut but we got en instead and that was a year long.

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I don't think they will ever make a Holostars EN. Even if they wanted to, the western pool of male talents is... lacking to say the least. If you eliminate the creeps and basement dwellers, what's left is a couple hafu boys that maybe can do a thing or two. They're sitting on a couple of male submissions from the very first audition for EN and probably didn't like what they saw. At best Cover might be waiting to see if NijiEN males get any traction, but honestly, if they turn out to be successful, I don't think an eventual Holostars would stand a chance. The few good talents would all flock to Niji since males there have a much better work environment.

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This is unironically the only reason people want a holostars EN and nobody wants to admit it

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So basically never if any fucker from here were to be hired for whatever god knows reason

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I admit I'd only try to get in so I could get close to my chuuba, but my chuuba is a Homostar.
Imagine being able to do a singing collab with my homo oshi. My singing is bad but so is his, that wouldn't be an issue, we'd just have fun together and touch each other's cocks.

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Nta, but pic related was the audition call from may 2020 for the first Holo EN wave and as we all know, nothing came out of it.


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The holostaren I wanted was for one (1) based fag to have a good enough falsetto to make it through the VSinger application

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I doubt that'll be the case, even if Niji dominates male EN scene, people would still rather to go for starsEN if cover ever opens it up, the western population is still heavily holo biased

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Its literally just Sana. Even then nepotism is fine if its only used to get past the 1st round of HR.

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drop everyone but Sseth and I would unironically watch

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>women declare social jihad on men for being creeps
>only the worst creeps bother applying for vtuber agencies
Congratulations, you might as well have just raped yourselves. No ambitious guy worth his salt wants to be an ecelb nowadays. The risk profile is just too high in female/simp dominated spaces. Enjoy your "male feminist" homostars.

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