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Why did you stop watching them?

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only Rushia is on at the moment. I'll start again when someone I like streams.

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I haven't. Fuck off nijifag.

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Because they turned to shit and Nijisanji EN is superior.

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I watch a lot of different girls, don't have the time to really catch that many holo streams.

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Saw Africat debut back in October 2020, then fell in the indie rabbithole, never went back since then, indies feel just so much better once you give them a chance, when I tried hololive again it felt distant, artificial and sanitized, I just could not get invested.

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Switched from watching gay faggot femoids 99% of the time to watching chad bro males 99% of the time
Just disowned the Holo girls though, still watch Miyabi and Roberu

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no collabs with the boys. enjoying the lively apartment sitcom vibe of nijis more. and my indie oshi.

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I watch some of the JP streams but the self-insert producer really turned me off from watching any EN streams.

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I got laid

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Because i found something else that better than holoshit lmao

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I found actual chemistry elsewhere.

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They arent good enough after discovering Lumi and Rosemi

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Gura, Ame, Kronii are the only ones worth watching.

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please stop dragging this complete non issue everywhere. go outside. no one is out to get you.

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It got pretty late and I needed to sleep but I will now catch up with some vods

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I took the Indiepill

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I have not and will not until my oshi graduates and I'll follow her to her roomates account

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When they couldn't play NKODICE. That moment I realized they didn't have creative freedom which is plentiful on the Nijisanji side. Also their girls are much genuine, they speak what's inside their mind and they feel like a real human bean, unlike Hololive girls I mean they can't even speak shit without reading from a script but what do you expect from a black company which prioritizes numbers and profits. Go out of your bubble holobros, the world out there is bigger and better. There are better vtubers out there who deserves more recognition and fame. Hologirls don't deserve it. They don't deserve it. Black company. Idol culture bad. Watch Nijisanji.

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IRyS' design and EN2 marketing

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Similar to this anon >>9100908 I took the indiepill and realized there's a ton of great streamers out there, many of them 2views. Most of the vtubers I watch now are still in corpos like Prism or Kawaii, but even then it's still fun.
It just hits different when you see an indie or small corpo girl celebrate 5k subs and being thankful for every single superchat, as opposed to holos celebrating 1m knowing that they were basically guaranteed to hit it anyways.

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They are boring.

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Nijisanji is the same black company with many problems, who's backed by China.

Get out of the whole company mass produced chuubas and watch indie livers instead.

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If I don't stop watching I will go full gosling over them Suisei, Pekora, Matsuri, Amelia, Watame, Nenechi and now I'm fighting off going gosling for Kroni

It never ends man

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For me it was mostly the drama all the time. Even purist Holobronies cry about Cover corp all the time. Coco had to graduate because indies have it better, Kiara does not feel supported and needs to pay for all her songs, numbers here numbers there.
Also fewer EOP increase the viewing experience.

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aside from mumei i also subscribed to kuyuri (https://hanagumo.jp) whose character was also designed by the same artist (definitely_not_the_only_reason)

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If you just stop coming here and don't watch clips you'll find all that drama just evaporates.

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ITT: Newfags who weren't here when hololive was a small-fry group and had no idea how much they went through to get here. You only see big numbers but not the hardwork they poured behind those numbers. Then there's this weird association of huge numbers=popular, popular=trash. So they watch chuubas with lower numbers and go holy shit she's more genuine, they feel real. No, that's you blinded by your saviorfagging. There's no harm rooting for the underdogs but hope to god you hipsters don't leave your indies or whatever non-holo chuuba you follow once they reach the recognition Hololive has right now. Ironic because what propelled Hololive to its status right now in the first place because they also once were the underdog against the giant that was 2434.

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A good chunk of people weren't around for Cocos graduation, fewer still for EN1 debuts, how many do you think were around for Soras christmas miracle?

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No idea what makes you seethe desu I just said I prefer watching males and got bored with females.

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If you're gonna get this defensive then I'm glad I stopped watching holos mainly. You can still enjoy your girls anon, you don't need to come to their rescue in every thread.

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Because nijiEN dropped.
The only holo I still watch is Risu, but since she's Risu she doesn't stream that often.

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I wasn't here when hololive was a small-fry group because there was no /vt/ back then, buddy.
My issue and I guess that's true for most people from back then is not Hololive growing "too big", it's how that power got into their heads. I had mixed feelings about Hololive already since EN debut, and when I saw NijiEN, who's supposedly from a big company too, being so much laid-back and genuine, pretty much like small-fry hololive, it kind of broke my heart. I understood that the issue had nothing to do with the company growing too big, but instead that they choose to follow a different path.

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I didn't, I just branched out.
Holo I mostly watch for Calli and Watame. Bae and Mumei seem promising. Otherwise it's mostly Phase and PRISM for me, plus Rosemi from Niji.

Don't really do Indies outside of CallieCalico for the white Trash kino.

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My oshi graduated.

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Why would you need to branch out though? Just find a different Holomem, there's more than enough.

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I'm EOP and the EN stream schedules for EU are shit

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Because at the end of the day I'm an EOP and nobody in HoloEN has the exact blend of traits that my oshi does

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indie and nijipilled, still watch my holo oshi though

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I got bored of the same shit every day. At first it was pretty fun to observe an anime character play her role as a streamer. But it gets stale. Same one trait for every member, same jokes every day, it's still cute, but I got my dose of cute that's enough to last a lifetime.
I moved on to watch vshojo, they're pretty fun, idk why /vt/ hates them so much, but I'm getting tired of them too. I'm probabaly gonna go back to watching anime in a couple weeks, since I haven't done that ever since I discovered vtubers, which was back in spring 2020.

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Youre overestemating the "hard work" they put in when all the recognition and numbers they have now is because of chink clippers

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They made Kiryū graduate.

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Too many

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Wanna do this again Anon?

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Unironically if you weren't a newfag, you'd also know the "hard work" being described here consists of shady tactics and leeching strategies, legitimately so.
The domestic audience is aware of this history, it's very much why they aren't able to be the titans they are overseas.

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hololive EN streaming times are all over the place for me, whereas every evening in EST I can consistently choose from multilpe NijiEN streams from 1800 to 2300

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Hololive (and Niji to an extent) are entry level, it's like being a fan of animes and watching only Bleach, Naruto, Pokemon, Attack on Titan and Sword Art online.
If you really are into the hobby you inevitably start branching out to more interesting and niche content.

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That's only true for the first gens, Gen4, 5, EN1&2, ID1&2 all had the work already done for them.

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Because I'm an EOP and what Hololive offers for EOPs sucks. I still watch Polka a lot though.

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Fuck off, I was already watching Eilene 5 years ago, Hololive had some good moments but because of their size they had to become far too sanitized and distant not too mention all the permission bullshit since the holocaust, nowadays there's little reason to only stick to Hololive unless you're just too lazy and want everything pre chewed for you

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because they aren't any more entertaining than 2 view indies. the big names with many subs have so many obnoxious fans it made me want to shoot myself. some of those 2 view indies have great fan communities.

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>If you are really into the hobby
If you ARE really into the hobby then you'd recognize quality and stick with that.

>> No.9103099

>most of vtubers make the same contents
Kaguya Luna was right

>> No.9103142

I'm not a CorpoCuck. I watch what I want.

>> No.9103166

Plenty of "quality" outside of Hololive, and many Holo aren't that special once you remove your removeed you rose-colored glasses

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I still watch Aki

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Do we really need 5 threads a day where Nijiniggers and 2views circlejerk over their small numbers? Shut the fuck up already, this is getting disgusting.

>> No.9103227

I never will, Nijinigger, no matter how much you shill your shit here.

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There are thousand of chuubas, why would I limit myself to some company? It's not 2018 anymore. Do you only watch Naruto and Sword Art Online?

>> No.9103326

Who the fuck can keep up with a thousand chuubas? It's much easier to just watch one company.

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Bored of only female vtuber, also getting annoying by idol culture

>> No.9103407

Not all Holos are idols

>> No.9103481

They are, some are just bad idols

>> No.9103516

>knowing that they were basically guaranteed to hit it anyways

>> No.9103563

Especially when holoJP stream with the boy and get hate by the JP community which is bullshit, from there i just watch niji for most part or some random compliation of vtuber

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Because Cover fucked up way too many times and if you actually try and look you will find a better vtuber out there that doesn't cause bullshit.

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Why not?

>> No.9110534

VSpo has won me over.

>> No.9110580

>complaining about hipsters on the venezuelan contrarianfag website
I'll lay out this simple principle for you
Popular = bad. Doesn't matter which medium. Even if they were the least popular yesterday, it doesn't matter. Th day it becomes the most popular it loses all soul.

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Pretty much stopped watching vtubers in general

>> No.9110656

>boing boing
>bottom left
>tier list memes
>reddit in general
>muh yagoos dream
>muh kaigainikis

I feel like between July and October, that's all those women ever talked about so i stopped paying attention. Still watched Coco's graduation and got really sad about it, though.

>> No.9110708

>they feel like a real human bean
then why dont watch actual human streamer, the one without avatar bullshit? Japan also has many of them if you are a weeb

>> No.9110764

nta I hate seeing human faces, humans look like shit, anime avatars are much nicer to the eye

>> No.9110859

Wow. It's as if the anime medium only consists of the CGDCT genre.

>> No.9110923

Turns out, numbers isn't a form of entertainment

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I mostly watch clips because a majority of these girls are not even remotely interesting enough to carry a stream for HOURS.

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Imagine entering a stream and she doesn't say your name right after.

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Same desu

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She denies being a duck and stop doing her asmr voice. I'm still a member but don't watch her live as much, usually watching 2 others instead.

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I just got bored. I've watched Subaru/Noel/Suisei for over a year when 3rd gen debuted and just got bored of regularly watching streams. I guess I still keep up with Suisei's twitter, but basically the only vtubers I continue to watch now are NijiEN collabs/events and Mito.

>> No.9111657

I haven't? You realize that watching one company doesnt make me want to stop watching the other, right?

>> No.9111690

Because Nijisanji EN is much better

>> No.9111869

I did my reps and got a job like Moririn told me to and now I have time for maybe a couple streams a week and I'll be damned if fucking Minecraft is any of them.

>> No.9111944

Hololive is a very specific kind of content and it's fine if you enjoy that but I'm tired of it and it's gotten pretty obvious they aren't interested in changing the formula too much.

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Because I realised certain indies are far better in every way and they actually put a lot of effort in. That's if you can sift through all the vtweeter garbage.

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I'm taking a somewhat break. I'm only watching clips for now, maximum 15 mins a day. I'm being a bit fomo, for not being able to catch the events and livestreams.

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I pretty much only watch Ame anymore, and even then my interest is starting to wane since she seems burnt out and her streams are so inconsistent. The /u/ shit is also just too much for me -- nowadays Hololive feels like an asylum for Tumblr refugees.

>> No.9113202

>Hololive feels like an asylum for Tumblr refugees.
This. EN2 and Vsinger designs specifically felt like they came straight up from Tumblrinas.

>> No.9113218

Still watch my opshi Mio, gamers and okfams/smok, plus gen 5 but I'm burned out on the rest. I'm actually enjoying Ina, EN2 and NijiEN mostly, plus some smaller company girls like Emuri and vshojo.

>> No.9113334

I should clarify that it's more the Hololive fanbase that makes me feel that way, but I see what you mean yeah. They seem like fan-made designs for some reason.

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Based VSPOchad.

>> No.9113395

I feel like it's the same group of people that're just moved around. the refugees from the tmblr purge had to end up somewhere, and facebook and reddit aren't going to tolerate them so not surprised they ended up here.

>> No.9113651

I got bored and took up shitposting about them instead.

>> No.9114010

They stopped playing games I find interesting. Blame sanitization or permissions, but boring is boring.

>> No.9114153

Coco announced her graduation

>> No.9114571

Because a Hololive without Kiryu Coco is something I don't want to be a part of.

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I fell for the Indie meme once.
Started watching Beatani and stopped watching Hololive for a while. Realised Beatani fans were a bunch of obsessed and pathetic groomer losers, and that Beatani was just as shallow and manipulative as any other holo, and then I returned back to Hololive so I could avoid the retarded drama associated with indies.

I won't fall for it again. Every Indie is getting dicked and having their ego stroked in a discord channel filled with groomers. If vtubers were Pokemons, joining Hololive would just be the final stage of their evolution.

>> No.9116350

Watching small companies like Tsunderia or PRISM feels a lot more rewarding.

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what the fuck

>> No.9116967

Their content and jokes have become very repetitive and boring so I watch them less now, and if we count stars Roberu has been collabing a lot lately and I don't like his collabs with people outside the company unless it's Kuku and Pikamee

>> No.9117020

I didn't, faggot.

>> No.9120063

I didn't stop to watch hololive but nowadays I watch them much less than months ago. Honestly, I just prefer the system of Nijisanji and how they do things, along with the more freedom they have.

>> No.9120293

I didn't, but I only watch karaoke streams nowadays because I can't be bothered to watch anyone scream at video games for hours.

>> No.9120418

NTA but I tried man. I can’t handle all the catering to groomers and discordfags that small chuubas do. Nijisanji is a good middle ground for me

>> No.9120731

They fucked over Coco and that made me upset, still like Pekora but fuck Yagoo I hope he gets testicular cancer.

>> No.9121055

With the debut of HoloEN and the abundance of EN VTubers, I would rather watch something I can actually understand.
With the sparse Gura schedule and constant postponing/cancelling of Ame's streams, it left me an open window to try out some other VTubers during NA primetime. Now I prefer those other VTubers and don't watch any HoloENs.

>> No.9121222

>big number = best entertainment
this is why people hate hololive fans.

>> No.9121259

I didn't stop watching fully, but now I just watch way more indie and niji content.

>> No.9121275

it's old and tired. oh, and watching people mine coal in Minecraft 1000000000 times gets boring.

>> No.9121306

Yagoo isn't in control of the company, the investors are.

>> No.9121434

Because of you.

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>pandering to EOPs
>hard work

>> No.9121609

Pekora is great, but it's a shame that shit EN talents are the "face" of hololive in the west. They will never be like Usada Pekora.

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I found this guy and Kuzuha, also aside from that, smaller channels = better chat experience.

>> No.9121742

pretty much this, also it makes me happy she lives on as kson, still the same as always (except now, with freedom of expression)

>> No.9121849

-Coco getting suspended because of Taiwan issue.
-Cover failing Mano Aloe.
-Cover getting antis modded in Coco's channel
-Coco graduating

After that, I stuck to the OG Kizuna Ai. She isn't what she used to be, but I know that she enjoys her work now and has less restrictions.

>> No.9121860

I moved on to groom indies who give me regular (you)s

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I discovered bear.

>> No.9122021

Unironcally I moved on to holostars, Roberto is really great gateway to soo many cute girls. Would never watch Anko or Grandma if not for him

>> No.9122023

overseas fanbase became annoying as shit (especially here where Coco and EN (sans Kiara and Mori) can do no wrong while Ayame and ID are hated for anything they do), content became more stale and formulaic
alternatives like 774, Nijisanji, and Vspo have more variety and more genuine-seeming personalities
I still watch a few Holos like Suisei, Flare, and the Holostars though

>> No.9123243

because holomems are inherently sanitized. I'd rather watch some indie talk about raping their teammates in valorant than some boring TeeTee or tamed down horny that you get with every holomem.

>> No.9125231

>smaller channels = better chat experience.
this, with large chuubas, watching livestreams feel pointless since you barely get to interact with the chuuba

>> No.9125867

never watched hololive, but I used to watch stars, eventually dropped them because roberu is kinda boring outside of collabs and Astel autism over backseaters was starting to piss me off.

>> No.9125940

I've got a job and a gf now.

>> No.9126270

Fuck corporate bullshit, they are not fun to watch anymore.

>> No.9126973

are there still three of her? That was a huge mistake in hindsight but I still enjoy oyabun and wish her the best.

Tried watching hololive for a while but the repetitive content and horrendous rigging made me branch out and now I found a few indies that I really enjoy watching

>> No.9127129

When I found out about the fart Vtuber from Nijisanji. How could hololive even compete?

>> No.9127388

im tired of the cute thing and high pitch shit with acting like dumb
now i'm just follow fumino tamaki and girl_dm shorts, and ai-chan of course

>> No.9127576

No ome said that. Stop projecting.

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They don't feel geniune and I found a better oshi than my holo one

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>> No.9128678 [DELETED] 

I wish anime did only consist of CGDCT.

>> No.9128784

The Haachama Incident

>> No.9128999

I only watch some of them. Regular male streamers over on twitch just offer more in terms of pure entertainment. Plus no game restrictions due to permissions so it's not just gonna be indie game+minecraft+apex for months and months on end. If anything, I go watch them when I take a break from normal streamers. Their voices and antics are cute but as pure entertainers they offer very little, and I mean no offense by that, just my opinion. Even indie vtubers offer more entertainment value. There's only so much "cute voice and nothing else" I can handle before it becomes extremely boring.
And I unironically find the holostars to be more entertaining as well. Aruran's 3D and the 3D karaoke hangout streams were all kino as fuck and far superior to most of what the girls do, even the JP ones using 3D. Girls are just generally more boring and I don't fall for their cute voices so I don't throw money at them, so I don't feel obligated to worship them every time they sneeze or whatever.

They're fine for taking a break and having background noise for me at this point.

>> No.9129180

>no one is out to get you
No one even got close to implying that, schizo.

>> No.9129223
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I was getting bored of vtubers, until this one came along.

>> No.9129317

February but I'm probably about to start getting back into them

>> No.9129980

I don't care wherever it's big or small anon. Hololive as a group can't provide NijiArk, Imaginary tournament, Pachinko Tournament, Niji ID FF XIV bahamut raid or Nijikoushien.
For solo stream i prefer someone like lulu, rin, char or indies who really love what they doing & i rarely see that in hololive (props for korone & aki for doing what they love)

>> No.9130015

No collab chemistry together
En2 was a flop

>> No.9130275

Girls content relies way too much on "I'm cute". People can clip them being snarky and throwing bants or setting up amazing jokes all they want, their regular streams are still cutesy. I still watch some but I will always prefer watching guys streams.

>> No.9130688

I didnt, kys op

>> No.9136314

Haachama Incident?

>> No.9136625

>hard work
Fuck off holobrony revisionist. Hololive got big on the back of chink clippers.

>> No.9138395

What do you mean "hard work"? They only got popular because of chinks clipping them and translating those clips in English.

>> No.9140071

They just got too boring for me honestly, I still watch a few of them from time to time, but I just don't find them as entertaining as I used to, and I was never really a fan of idolshit and GFE shit (and the yuribait became too much after a while too), so I eventually started to watch Holostars in hopes of finding more enjoyment and something different and I got it and I enjoyed them more than I did the girls and thanks to them I started to branch out and discover and watch other companies, like 774 and Nijisanji, and indies, like Ruri and Meika, which gave me far more enjoyment than when I was Hololive-only.
And, frankly, female vtubers haven't really been very entertaining for me, which isn't helped by the fact that they tend to fall too much on some tropes, so to speak, that I really don't want anything to do with, honestly, male vtubers have been far more entertaining and interesting to me, and less likely to fall onto those tropes than females, was hoping NijiEN would be different and bring some change and not fall into the things that made me leave female vtubers but, unfortunately, they really weren't and I was, and still am, dissapointed that they didn't debut males, even if I understood the whys, and I have been losing interest in them for a good while, even more so after it became clear they were going to fall into the tropes I hate, even more so now that they have opened memberships, which I just know will become center for those tropes, Obsydia renewed that interest slightly but no too much and I have been finding myself skipping them and going back to other vtuber/streamers, I will see how wave 3 goes and how Anycolor and the girls handle wave 4, but I have zero hopes rn, which, honestly, I should have done since the begginning.

>> No.9140157

>because of chinks clipping the

>> No.9142902
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Idolfag neet chinks vs China investor
Who wins

>> No.9149385

You can really spot the trendhoppers in this thread

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My oshi of two years graduated

>> No.9149715

Only Twap and friends.
Magic died when EN came.

>> No.9150960

I recognize you and I feel like you should just give up on female streamers or something. It seems like you're chasing after something you'll never find. Just stick to watching guys...

>> No.9157406
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It's pretty funny I've seen people shit on Suisei, of all people, just because she's in Hololive. Indies, nijiniggers and tribalfags need to shit on Hololive to make themselves feel better. Funny thing is the more people shit on Hololive the more fans love and protect their girls

>> No.9158509

That's how my hatred started, fucking subhumans shitting on 4 new girls having fun simultaneously praising theirs. Even the reason behind most Hololive JP dramas

It feels so fucking good when Hololive bounced back against all odds, growing that the giant that it is today.

>> No.9158594

I always felt like Suisei is one of those vtubers who shouldn't be shit on and I'm saying this as a mostly Nijifag. There is an anon who is hellbent on being her anti and dragged himself onto /vt/ and it's kind of funny how pathetic it is

>> No.9160835

but they got clipped because they are entertaining. if nijisanji or others were as funny they would have clips too

>> No.9160855

>shady tactis and leching strategies
forgot ur meds anon?

>> No.9161102

>but they got clipped because they are entertaining.
Wrong. They got clipped, because they were the only option for chinks.
If they had an option between Niji and Holo, they would definitely choose those the former, as Niji is much more entertaining.

>> No.9161133

I am not sure about shady tactics, but leaching and copying niji was their main business plan.

>> No.9161260

Because I realised they appeal to the lowest common denominator so they will never be truly suited for my tastes.

>> No.9161349

Coco is gone so now it's just the same old shit every single time. Even the Stars have a little more variety. I still go out of my way to watch Aki, Flare, Roboco, and Sora. The rest is "meh" to me unless it's a special event or it's my day off work. I don't even watch EN anymore, I've switched over to Nijisanji EN ironically.

>> No.9161373

>>9161349 (me)
Also add Pizza papa (Aruran) into the list people I go out of the way to watch. Lot of respect for the old guy.

>> No.9162074

They give me 0 (you)'s as opposed to 2views or even nijis, some of them even pretend I'm funny and laugh to retain my viewership.

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