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Elira is a boomer who uses tik tok and masturbates to kusoge ero visual novels, i love her

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Correction, she masturbates to 2D idolboy lewd fanfiction more. She reads AO3 every day.

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She's wasted on Niji and Kiara made it into Hololive

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best niji en liver, her screams give me life

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Care to provide some proofs?

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Return to monke
Cute monke

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this. but I wouldn't be seething this much if holo and niji en collabs ever happen

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I thought she was like 25ish, why do peopld say she's a boomer?

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>She's wasted on Niji
yeah im sure she'd be real entertaining as an idol with a manager breathing down her neck constantly ordering her only to play numberfag buff games

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Vtuber fans are all children that think >20 is hag territory

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Women in their 20s are the worst, young enough to still think they're hot shit and old enough that they already figured out how to leverage the pussy pass
At least teens are still naive that they won't be playing mind games with you and hags know their expiry date is due so they tone down the bitchiness

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She's super underrated on here, she's a natural entertainer with how well she can banter with chat and make anything interesting. Her endurance streams of dumb stuff are some of the most fun streams anyone's done in a while. She streams a lot so there's tons of vods to watch if you want to give her a try. Extremely cute, dorky, and lovable, 100% wife material.

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She's also the best singer in NijiEN by far, her karaoke streams are really fun as well. She's just overall a really genuine person who legitimately loves her fans so much that she got depressed when she couldn't stream due to her past internet issues. You will definitely fall in love with her sweet, cute personality

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Dont really like her voice but those are good selling points

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she's a fuwa minato gosling and collabs with males so stay in your lane unicornchamas

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I love this cutie. I willingly murder my sleep schedule for her streams.

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All of LazuLight is really good. Elira has a great voice and it's always fun to see her interacting with Pomu and Finana.
For me, it's Pomu>Elira>Finana, but they're all great in their own ways.

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she's only underrated outside of /nijiEN/ and I take that as a good thing.

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I would say she's pretty underrated in there, too, between the massive saviorfag/gosling fanbases of Pomu and Rosemi and the /v/ anons that have taken to Selen, she gets pushed under the radar a lot

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I look forward to her carrying on her Undertale playthrough. Dark Souls 3 again this week too.

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Gosling? No. Thst's a male coomer thing. She's more of a Meschers fujo since she did that heavy breathing when talking about "loving their interactions"

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Her giggles are so cute

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Also comes with the bonus of being the designated titty NijiEN member among a branch of flatties.

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And amazing tits they are.

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Does anyone have that clip of Elira telling the chat to oink?

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T.nijinigger that has never watched a hololive stream

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S. Elira would be a heartbreaking, unstoppable force. But she’s too self-conscious to ever want to lean into those expectations.

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>uses tik tok
For what reason?
Anyway, I haven’t watched that much of NijiEN but I like her, she has perfect energy

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elicar goes nyooom

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blue dragon cope thread

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Elira sent me a kiss!

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I cant wait to see what she is going to be writing in her monthly letters.

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Hundreds of pages of Pomulira erotica

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Don't separate her from Pomu please

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How is she wasted?

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What? Where?!

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Member community post

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elira blacked me

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>says everyone is 'wasted' in Nijisanji
>complains about every Hololive member being a mistake
At what point will you understand they are all where they belong?

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Fuck YouTube never notifies me. I’m falling for her hard.

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Shes so old she met god in lore

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book of interest part from omori just because i like elira's voice when she reads it

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Elira >>>>>>>>> Selen

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I love this zoomer boomer.

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She’s just like me

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are you really cute too?

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Yes !

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what is yours?

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Elira's sweaty eliras

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to laugh at band kids probably

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Elira's a cute dork who is still able to be extremely seductive

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animal I have become

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I want to send her masturbation material if you know what I mean

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she is so effortlessly cute and hot at the same time. she drives me wild.

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Elira masturbates to catboys

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She’s just like me!

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Damn, I wish I was a catboy now

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Elira posted a new video!

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Boomer joke

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Elira... do another surprise karaoke stream please.. I don't wanna go 2 days without you

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Who? I thought she was purple and played apex.

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Elira is cute and funny and lovable and I want to marry her and cuddle in bed all day.

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Why is this spinoff bait thread nicer to Elira than the general?

>> No.9072539

The general has one extremely, EXTREMELY dedicated Elira anti, he's been at it for 2 weeks and revealed he was just one guy when he accidentally mixed up the rrats he was trying to spread one day. He's in there almost all day it seems and I don't know why he's so obsessed but the regular shitposters and tourists latch onto his shit and parrot it like with everything else

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Anyone who calls Elira a boomer should be banned for being underage.

>> No.9072860

noot noot

>> No.9073857

I don't think anyone is serious? Maybe I'd they didn't watch her at all. She does play into the joke a bit herself saying how boomer her vocaloid tastes are or whatever.

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Elira.. I love you!

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You're underestimating the number of fifteen year-olds on this board who think someone knowing something from 2010 makes them ancient.

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I love this girl.

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I hope Elira will have another surprise karaoke stream...

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she is so fucking cute.
she deserves to be spoiled and complimented

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She will someday.

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I agree with you both, having watched a few streams of hers.

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How long do you think it will take her to beat undyne? She was making progress on it at least with her attempts at the end of last stream.

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A few hours depending on how retarded she feels like being that day

>> No.9093412

But she's from Nijisanji EN, not JP

>> No.9093547

Sometimes she seems to be too into chat to concentrate on the game. Like with Jump King when she stops talking and can then recover all her lost progress in one go.

>> No.9093565

Her sudden bursts of laughter (esp in the background during collabs) are so cute

>> No.9095613

They really are infectious, she's so cute

>> No.9097876

3 hours

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elira love!

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gosling is just male yumejo

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Boomers use tik tok? since when?

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I miss Elira

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Me too, Famelira

>> No.9109408

Elira is awake

>> No.9111674

I wonder if she’ll be able to fix her sleep schedule or if it was just her body crashing hard

>> No.9115547

I wish she'd wear her retainer? more often, her slight lisp just makes her even more of a loveable dork

I love this sheeeesh dragon so much

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ah, that's purple elira you're thinking of, i guess she can be considered cute too

>> No.9119197

Any games you would particularly like to see Elira play or think she would really enjoy?

>> No.9119965

Anything with Seffyna again

>> No.9121532

I was thinking more about solo game playthroughs she would get into but collabs are good too.

>> No.9122354

gets an aggressive response and panics

>> No.9124075

See, guys. Elira's ID reps are paying off. Now she's talking to their biggest chuuba. And by biggest, I mean biggest titties. And by biggest titties, I mean second biggest titties.

>> No.9124261

can I get some good VODs kind sir?

>> No.9124613

shorter stuff
longer endurance streams that are basically zatsudan in disguise

She started Undertale G route and Dark Souls 3 if either of those particularly interest you as ongoing series.

>> No.9124688

The thing with Elira is she often streams for incredibly long durations
Some good entry level ones are:
If you like karaoke,
Any collab with her is gold. If you've found you like her, try some of her endurance streams:

>> No.9124795

you are the best, anon/s

>> No.9124831

You can really hop into any video (except where it's the 2nd or 3rd part of a playthrough) and generally find something entertaining, if you want specific recommendations, it depends on what kind of content you want because she has all kinds of streams: Cursed streams where she loses her mind, chill streams you can have in the background, or just her being her energetic self in gaming streams.
My personal recommendations are her Hades, Jump King, Bloons, Button Pressing, and Cookie Clicker streams. Or any of her archived karaoke.

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I kind of find it hard to recommend vods for Elira because my absolute favorite streams for her tend to be ridiculously long which probably puts off most new people.

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>> No.9125114

90% of her streams are on the longer side compared to the vast majority of vtubers, but yeah, a lot of her best content is her longest streams, like her endurance ones.

>> No.9125316

Clearly you never dated anyone in high school

>> No.9126494

God im so lonely

>> No.9126651

Why does she have an emo hairstyle? It's kind of hot though

>> No.9126701

>wasted on Niji
None of the girls in NijiEN would fit in Hololive because Hololive is far too strict. There wouldn't have been the glorious Petra+Elira fujo stream where they talked about which fujo manga they shlick to if they were in Hololive EN.

>> No.9127747

Last time she showed her second eye, her stream died. Her hairstyle is to preserve a healthy streaming connection.

>> No.9128659

Managers would also likely keep from doing the types of impromptu discord collabs that made stuff like the Stanley Parable baby stream amazing

>> No.9129110

According to the unofficial jp wiki elira got the highest score in the company for the being considerate part of kuuki yomi 2 .

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Imagine getting bullied by your younger sister.

>> No.9131499

what is the VOD for this?

>> No.9131533

I can't believe the blue dragon is a nazi

>> No.9131929

Imagine getting bullied by a nigger*

>> No.9132071

She also works for a dogshit company. What I wouldn't give to have her in Holo EN instead. You can have the owl.

>> No.9132584

It's on Petra's channel

>> No.9132733

holonigger really have no idea what your shitty company's stream look like ei?

>> No.9134070

Less than 24hrs until a stream.

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oh, elira is younger than me...

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her design is peak comfy.
there are few vtubers more huggable than elira
with that hint of skin under the sweater, perfection

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>> No.9136042

>Failed Vshojo applicant.
Pity, because she never had a chance being outside of Melody's inner circle.

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She's such a sweet, cute girl! I can't wait for her next stream! She's just such a natural entertainer.

>> No.9136674

20 hours!
counting them down? c-couldnt be me

>> No.9141436

I wonder what they are working on together behind the scenes.

>> No.9141660

Stinky sweaty dragon sex

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>> No.9143541

Elira is releasing her first Cover soon, Finana is mixing it.

>> No.9143589

Anything over 22 is boomer by internet standards

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my imouto can't possibly be this cute

>> No.9159081

>wake up
>s*kkuno and s*arra mentioned on my feed

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