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Why are Miofa obsessed with wanting to fuck her in every possibly way imaginable and are they BY FAR the horniest fans? The vast majority of her fanart is also incredibly sexual.
I don't get it, why her of all holos? She never pandered to coomers unlike some of her colleagues. Why does she have this effect on her foreign and JP fans?!

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>BY FAR the horniest fans
she is bow rivaled by clocksuckers

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Because she is a hag, and hags are the most erotic females.

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because look at her. I want to smell her. I want to impregnate her. I want to rub her ears. sex

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Because she's extremely attractive without leaning in on it. The juxtaposition of an attractive woman being seiso make's our (You)'s hard.
She's prime wife material and I'm gonna marry her.

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OP here. I want to fuck your oshi now.

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She's probably the least lewd Holo, and even said herself in Coco's meme review that she just ignores any lewd pictures that she happens to see on Twitter.
That's enough to flip a switch and make them turn into animals wanting to defile her.

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SPBP, OP. People like milfs and cougars.

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Erotic beast armpits

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She's sexy on purpose and unconsciously as well, prime mature woman

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Are you not looking at those tits or what's wrong with you?

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There's beauty in ravaging something so pure and distant from lewdness.

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Now you understand

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Im not even her fan, but god she invokes the Takeshi in me.

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Her model is one of the most beautiful of all the holos, and she almost never leans on it. Even its relative simplicity brings out more beauty.

Add in the chill but caring personality and it's basically maximum wife baiting.

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Just look at her and then listen to her speak and you will know that whatever child you raise with her will be raised right, even if it's brain damaged.

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Botan is hotter than Mio

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>beautiful model
>has a sense of humor
>any lewdness is subtle and well disciplined
>doesn't desperately coomerbait like a desperate high test whalebeast
Miosha has achieved peak traditional femininity, and her fans respond accordingly. This is the power of a woman who doesn't apologize for or complain about being a woman. Men respect strength and confidence.

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There's way less posts stating that they want to bend Botan over right then and there and start doing her in public.

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she doesn't even do gfe yet people still imagine it on her...

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More like wife experience. I want to marry her and have exactly 7 children together.

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The gigastacy Miosha is everyone's wife, while Botan's ball buddies only want her for themselves.

There's a difference between the woman you share with your bros, and the woman waiting for you to come home with dinner on the table and only a flimsy apron keeping you from having dessert first.

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I would love to get raped by this duo of animal hybrid hags in heat. Botan straight up beating me up for my seed while Miosha tries to follow her lead, but can't do it and just comes off as clumsy.

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>lmao ur fucking boring as shit but u don't ruin collabs so us alright
I hate Okayu so goddamn much.

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That "hayaku" makes this shit even more lewd, holy fuck

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A million chumpedos can't compare to the horniness of a SINGLE haglover

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Warau warau

Ayame is GFE, Mio is pure wife experience, Oyakodon never

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It's the absolutely top tier design, OP. I don't even watch her that much and still find her among the hottest chuubas.

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Botan lets the homies get some

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Ayame is "girl you go on a date with once, seems to be into you, then ghosts you entirely" experience

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The what?

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It's a normie meme by now anon-kun...

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I've only browsed this board for 2 months.

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His existence became sex.

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Shes a kind a sweet woman, 110% waifu material, while also being funny and cute like younger girls, and isn't lewd on purpose. This combination paired with glimpses of lewness, like not wearing panties to bed and the vacuum story that got eveb FBK blushing, makes her extremely desireable and drives men crazy. Her 3D model is sex too

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Ever fell in love with someone so hard that you desire them emotionally and you think of sex as an emotional thing?

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getting a nursing handjob from Mio....

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Mio is all woman, she knows it, you know it, and she knows you know it. That is why she doesn't have to flaunt it, instead giving it to you in title little glimpses that drive your need to fuck her crazy. Add to this you just instinctively know that if you ever knocked her up, your child would have a loving mother that would raise them right. This makes her the perfect wife and object of every man's desire.

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Until I read "Oshi no Ko" I was full of these types of fantasies. Now I fantasize about being Mios' child.

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You guys sure are horny, huh?

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>kronies think their oshi is sexier than this
fucking newfags

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They're just EOPs who haven't been awakened to the pure Mio sex yet. Once they do they'll never turn back to their wannabe.

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idk but shes the only vtuber in holo jp who can be everyones mom. subaru and ayame are especially obsessed with her. lewd shit aside, eops dont know it but shes super good at being a moderator/mc/host so she often plays it in many events.

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It also sucks because a lot of her humor, much like Flare, is lost on you if you don't know Japanese.
One can still enjoy her singing and ukulele streams at least.

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The first step to being the lucky bastard who get's to fill her womb with a litter of wolf puppies is doing your Jap reps for her sake.

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do you think Mio was the one that taught Ayame about jap nationalism?

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her and flares humors are indeed pretty subtle even though their tsukkomi isnt really soft. mio often becomes aggressive with subaru or in smok collab. smok collabs are probably the funniest and the most comfy regular mid-sized collab in holo jp but eops wont understand it. smok basically doesnt rely on any lewd humors.

anyway mios and flares japanese expressions are pretty normal and both talk clearly, calmly, and a bit slowly, so in a way they are the best jp vtubers for serious japanese learners.

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>mio often becomes aggressive with subaru or in smok collab
She can become aggressive outside of them too, it's pretty rare but that's why it's such a treat.
Like here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJmJM7TANro and in her recent Mario stream.

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The aftermatch

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We're still far from a cancan dancing holo...

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It's "aftermath", ESLchama.

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More likely to be a native tbqh.

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Being horny for Mio is more important than my eigo reps

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Understandable. Sorry, ESLchama,

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Jesus anon, stop looking at her like this. I can't believe you're attracted to hags!

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The reasons why we want to bang Mio are as self-evident as the inalienable rights endowed by our creator.

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do not sex mio

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Fubuki would totally sex Mio

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Based. You described it perfectly my friend.

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How old is Mio? Older than Doggo? As old as Marine?

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about the same as korone

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marine isnt even that old, shes only a cake compared to the immense hag levels of ko'osan and botan

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Mio is wife experience

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Marine isn't even top 10 oldest holo. Mio is top 3.

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Because Mio offers the traditional wife experience.

She is confident, but does show weakness here and there, is extremely feminine and not afraid to show it, always look out for others, gives off the feeling of wanting a daughter and knowing how to take care of children.

Out of all Chuubas i have seen, she is the only one that ascends me past my inner Takeshi into "i want to marry this woman and love her for the rest of my life"

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Examples of Mio wife experience?

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give Kronii a chance, we havent seen her completely comfortable yet.
There's nothing bad about getting more wife-experience chuubas

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You cannot stop me, friend

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I understand now miofags

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Kronii and Mio are different types of beauty

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pretty much this, the fact that both are sex is undeniable though

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>YWN wake up to this

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She was built for continual impregnation, destined to birth hundreds of cute wolf pups.

It speaks out to anons like the Marker in Dead Space, driving them mad with Miolust.

If Mio ever materializes in our plane, they would converge on her and form a Mioball of endless Miosex.

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>mio-sha howling when you breed her hag womb

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Hard to describe an entire experience down to one moment, but if i had to pinpoint it, it would be during the prep for Beyond the Stage fest, when almost every holo described how much of a mother she is, especially ones between Ayame and her

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because all men are ultimately looking for a replacement for their mother and Mio is the greatest embodiment of that

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Marine plays up the oldness and so do younger members
she isn't even close to as old as the roomates of Mio, Botan, or Doog

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I don'tlike kids but I would have do many with Mio. There's something about that motherly presence that hag energy that no other chuba has rn and to be honest I'm scared that's going to go away when she announced she wanted to go with freedom Mio and try to be the funny one or something

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>Why are Miofa obsessed with wanting to fuck her in every possibly way imaginable
Why aren't you?

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If you don't want to fuck Mio until she's filled with a whole litter of kids you're gay. Simple as.

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Not fair to compare 3D with 2D, just wait till the EN members have their 3D models like Kiara with her super short skirt

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>on /vt/

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>like Kiara with her super short skirt
This is the point where the thread was ruined. Fucking hell, KFP...

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Listen, Anon, here's something you just don't understand:
Ordinarily, I'm a diehard lolicon.
But Mio's voice is really powerful, and extremely dangerous. That voice alone is enough to excite and arouse any man. She may not even intend to do it. Her voice is just blessed by God himself, granting her the ability to make any man go into a mokkori frenzy.

[While I like Mio, this is also one of the reasons I can't watch her. I'd lose all concentration and I'd prefer to keep some semblance of self-control. Also, there's a particular loli chuuba I've devoted myself heart and soul to, and I want to remain loyal to her.]

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Anon, it's not just Mio. You're going to find, going forward, that you gradually find more and more Chuubas attractive, and quite a few of them are in the HAG threads. This isn't something to be alarmed by. It means you're becoming a man.

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Mio's voice is the only hag chuuba with a voice that's ever really got me excited in that way.

But at the end of the day, I'll stay loyal to my loli oshi. I'm glad you guys are enjoying Mio, though.

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Mio's the only hag chuuba with a voice that's ever really got me excited in that way.

But at the end of the day, I'll stay loyal to my loli oshi. I'm glad you guys are enjoying Mio, though.

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marine isn't old, she's just a christmas cake, like most, if not, 99% of chuubas, le ebin old hag joke has no foundation in reality

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This. Sora is older than Senchou.

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Who's your oshi anon?

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>hairy asshole

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So many hag enthusiasts but the Hag Threads keep dying

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Bless you and your lineage

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i'd wager that the Miofa are the some of the oldest fans on average
something i didnt understand until i started to get older was getting horny over breeding. when you're young, you just wanna fuck cuz youre horny and it feels good
when you get to a certain age your breeding instincts kick in and its like "MUST BREED MUST FIND MATURE WOMAN WITH FERTILE WOMB AND IMPREGNATE"

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Yeah I think I know what you mean. I think I'm hornier now than when I was a teen.

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>Live in the same country as this pure essence of SEX
>Not impregnating her 24/7
Japanese men are fags.

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Kronii is smart!