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Why is she so seductive and beautiful... and so merciful? What have I done to be blessed by the grace of Hope? She's the most perfect chuuba to ever exist. I can see no wrongdoing in her actions and her loving way. My love for her could never be clouded by these other harlots. They do nothing more than masquerade as the Whore of Babylon. They will never entice me with their sweet nothings and their blasphemous utterings.

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99 get it.

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i love this hag like you wouldn't believe

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I like IRyS in collabs and from an "architect" perspective but have never once watched her while her model was on screen alone

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I come to IRyS streams for her JP karaoke.

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I love her minecraft streams

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>doesn’t like her cute fangs
wtf toshiaki

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>Is the most natural streamer out of all of gen 2
>Have to kneecap her with a shit model otherwise she'd dominate all of them
naruhodo ne

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Sher's cute, with a good voice and personality

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If you love her you will let her give you a back massage in DBD

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Yeah cute voice, but I'm unironically filtered by her goddamn nightmare of a model and rig, and will never ever watch her solo until it is changed.

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Balanced, just like the light and darkness.

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I want to give her a back massage desu

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>but her mouth, her teeth is just too much
that's her best part tho

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iRystochad escaped from /HiRyS/ general, but not from iRys herself

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So many plebs in this thread. Everything about IRyS is perfect. Consider yourselves filtered plebs.

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Well you're certainly acclimating nicely, enjoy it!

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Perfectly balanced, as all things should be... I hope they remember you.

-IRyS father

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I love IRyS so goddamn much, didn't think I could parasocial myself this hard after watching chuubas for over a year, but I've proven myself wrong. Obtaining IRyS-esqueue GF has become my new life goal and until then, IRyS will help me stay hopeful and maintain healthy habits. Bless the Nephilim.

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Based goslingchad.

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Guys, I'm happy for you and your oshi, and I'm sure she's great, but... She has the worst model in hololive. She looks like an early ps2 game model, you could put her in Max Payne 1 and no one would bat an eye, it's so bad that I can't watch her.

Sorry, I just had to say it, I see her getting love 24/7 and I felt like I was going crazy if I just kept this to myself.

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The more I look at IRyS' model the more I like it better than the 'standard' models.

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Her model is literally the only bad thing about her. Also everyone knows it is bad including Irys. She has been somewhat open in how she can't wait for a new outfit most likely so the issues with her model can be fixed.

If you get passed her model Irys is pretty darn great.

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>Also everyone knows it is bad including Irys
I find it hard to watch her because I can hear the sadness in her voice
Cover really fucked up

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>I see her getting love 24/7 and I felt like I was going crazy if I just kept this to myself.
Yeah sure..

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Nice self-reply, kek.
>She has been somewhat open in how she can't wait for a new outfit
I've watched every minute of her streams and don't remember that. Link timestamps.

>the sadness in her voice

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>Nice self-reply

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The great thing about IRyS is that you won't have to worry about boyfriend rrats

No one fucks her harder than Cover with that model.

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I miss IRyS...

That definitely happened to me. I actually think she has the best model and can't understand what it is about it that filters people.

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Kinda feels like a step on the L2D evolution ladder to me, people getting filtered are somehow hard stuck on moeblobs or something, dunno what their problem is

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The eyes are the worst part, they look very unnatural
Teeth are bad too
Her overall design is bad, especially the hair/horns, but could be salvaged by a different artist giving her a makeover

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It's too similar to real faces that it seems jarring because all other girls have moemodels. Most male vtubers have more realistic faces though.

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>It's too similar to real faces
no it isnt

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I wasn't sure at first but it's really grown on me a lot, now I couldn't imagine her without it.

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Shrug, the eyes look like anime eyes to me. I agree about the hair, not sure what Redjuice was thinking there but she'll get a new hairstyle eventually.

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The eyes look fine statically but they animate poorly

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>People still bitching about her character mode
I don't see why though, its just a different art style, if you watch chubas from outside Hololive you will come across them all the time and get used to it, hell, even within Holostars some have different art styles for their models like Roberu and Pizzadad, and they are my two favorites.

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To summarise the thread: get filtered, fags

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that's rig problem

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There is no point arguing, it's basically a standardised low effort bait on this board now.

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she looks like a goblin. perfect for an american's avatar

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I found her voice to be the most attractive of the holoEN branch
I don't know why

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I think it also has to do with how she speaks, she's concise with her words and doesn't have any annoying quirks

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her design isn't bad, the artist's artstyle just transfers poorly to l2d

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Bullshit, Irys's mouth and fangs are the best

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low test japs can't handle a bite

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I want to marry IRyS and have sex with her, then have a child with her, as we continue to live our lives together as a happy family.
Human and animal v-tubers are overrated, I wish to see more monster v-tubers in the future, if IRyS even counts as one

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Does she live in virtual Japan? It's just weird that the stream times are apparently designed for burger late night audiences, but she's always just woken up.

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They never just woke up whenever they say that, pretty much every vtuber does about an hour of prep and warmups before they ever hit the start stream button. Probably more if their manager wants to lecture them about demographics or target audiences or whatever.

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Then she'd still be waking up at 6pm PST. I mean I do understand a really messed up sleep schedule, but it'd be wild if she went to sleep at noon.

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One hour prior counts as j*u.

She's in Japan.

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la creatura...

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