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the best EN holo after Kronii

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I don't watch indies.

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Absolute shite

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Fix her nose please

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goblin face

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looks like shit
needs a new model

her voice doesn't fit the face, etc etc

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She's a fun hag, I like her, my type of girl

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bad face amazing chuba

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They did her dirty

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watched 5 minutes of one of her streams, was so wigged out by the model that i had to turn it off. i'm sure she's a nice girl and from everything i've read about her she seems like the kind of chuuba i might enjoy but it's just way too big a filter for me.

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thanks to /vt/ i learned that she almost slipped the gamer word

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Butter face

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IRyS is second best VSinger in Hololive and best streamer in HoloEN. Cutest dork you will ever find.

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oh yeah if shes so great give me her best VOD

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Her model is seriously scuffed, but she gives me serious daughter-vibes. Must protect.

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Based hafu, all i know.

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Still think her model is kind of weird but I'm getting used to it. I still really enjoy her streams.

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Cute model, fun and bubbly personality, hard-working and competitive, great singer.

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based boomer hag

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she's fineee but her model is a huge debuff

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Hard filter until EN2 came out and I realized she isn't as bad as I previously thought.

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She is a racist, and deserves to immediately graduate.

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Trinity-tier, I love her

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Fun girl, awful choice of art style for her avatar, though i cant separate her from it anymore so i guess bitching about it is pointless, this is our life now until death or graduation do us appart.

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She just wanted to fit in.

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She is better than (you)

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>That 2 second pause of deep contemplation
In an alternate timeline she said it and announced her graduation shortly after.

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I don't like looking at her so I don't watch her. When she gets English originals I'll listen to them.

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why would she want to say the n-word? makes me wonder if it's something she says casually in her day to day life, it's so bizarre, is she black?

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I can't take people with model issues seriously. You put her next to anyone else and her face and expressions just look so much more natural.

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Entertaining in collabs but I never watch her solo because she's pretty dull by herself.

>She is a racist
Then again she might be more based than I thought

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And if you put a real person next to an anime character...

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Simultaneously somehow the nicest and also strangest member of EN. Love her to bits though.

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She’s ok.

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It's also worth pointing out, that anyone whining about her artstyle is worthless incel who wants everyone be moeblob to pander their little sister fantasies. And if even one Kroniifag says IRyS' model is bad, I will laugh.

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Mori literally says it on a daily basis. https://files.catbox.moe/sggtge.mp4

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Try to have a nuanced conversation.

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Sometimes you just have to say the nigga word. It's funny that the crowd that loves redefining words gets bent out of shape when you say nigga in an endearing way.

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I really like her. I also think her art is fine too. The nose can be a bit off-putting, but I got used to it.

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my mom calls me a nigger daily
we are both white
such is life in america

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I'm excited to see senpairys mode activated when she can finally collab with en2. she's awesome

>> No.8930849 [DELETED] 

Not sure which crowd you mean but it's mainly whites that get offended

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She's my 2nd favorite holo so far.

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Her IRyS puns make me lose braincells every second.
I love this dork.
I'd watch her more if it wasn't for schedule.

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Obviously i meant white because niggers cant rea- i mean, racism bad.

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I don't even know how her voice sounds like

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Thanks for the clip anon, you made my night

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model has serious issues.
otherwise, she's solid gold.

>> No.8931225

Which stream is this from? I wanna see if they edited it out

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Unironically love her model but she should be a fairy instead of the angel/demon thing

>> No.8931289

Fix her model and nobody gets hurt

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how can you look at her and say she’s “ugly”?obviously these people are insane or underage. just because she’s in a slightly different art style doesn’t mean she’s “ugly”.

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She's better than the entire of EN2 put together

>> No.8931405

Don't like her design, never listened to her sing. She seems nice. Should've debuted around the time of HoloEN Gen 2.

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Their brain works in mysterious ways.

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She has a very cute voice. I fell back sleep listening to her and Ina.

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Sweet voice

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She's very cute

>> No.8931537

Spooky face ngl. She reminds me of those old horror comics.

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I miss tanned IRyS . . . .

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I don't mind tanned IRyS but she's more attractive with the brighter settings.

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She’s a combination of the best traits of EN1 and (somehow) EN2.

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i love her

very pretty voice, lovely personality, good manners, really likeable. Wonderful singer.

iffy model but got used to it overtime.

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Best EN easily

>> No.8931787

Her mouth and eye rigging are damn good.

>> No.8931812

She has a really blessed smile

>> No.8931845

She almost say nigger, so based in my book.

>> No.8931859

This woman isn't pale
She's DEAD

>> No.8931868

she's sweet but her model is so dogshit I can't even watch her streams. and i honestly don't think she's anywhere nearly as good a singer as people pretend she is, even as a fan of her roommate.

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just because she's in a slightly different art style doesn't mean she ISN'T "ugly"...

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Found the snowflake.

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She made my oshi swoon for her in the garlic phone collab. Good girl.

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awful model, adorable personality

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He raised $100,000 for BLM. You can stop defending him now.

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Goddamn this nigger is flaunting his "knowledge" to shit on something great. Go die in fire contrarian.

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>fun and entertaining
>kinda dorky with her puns and secret endings
>the opposite of awkward in collabs
>model is a good sperg filter
It's a good time to be an arystocrat

She looked great on Ina's stream

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There's not really that many people that gush over her singing, except in her split. I think she's easily among the best in hololive but that's not that high of a bar. She really nails some songs though.

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She's pretty adorable and really shines on collabs

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irys is the only EN i care about. i don't know why people have a problem with her avatar. she's so cute

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honestly the only thing I'm shitting on is that god-awful model. she's cute and really does seem to be fitting in well with gen1. all the best to her. but to you brother.. right back atcha.
yea, 100% agreed. she's on no levels bad. half the hololive girls are literally tonedeaf, so irys does stand out. she had some fantastic moments in those covers she did, and I'm sure she's going places. however I am still just a little underwhelmed after all the buildup. her songs are pretty good tho

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>2nd best vsinger
>There are only 2 vsingers

>> No.8932577

It biased me at first because it just feels out of place, style wise, from most of the other avatars. But I've realized she's great since then.

>> No.8932583

I think people just had the wrong expectations at the debut, myself included.

>> No.8932616

I thought she was pretty average & safe (like most other holos anyway tbf) until she really began opening up her setlist and sang some really interesting songs very well (the 90s stuff, macross delta tunes).

Personally thought her One Last Kiss cover was an especially stunning rendition.

>> No.8932625

Nah, i'm not easily offended. He made a mistake and has to be more careful.

>> No.8932690

You fucking goal post moving cunts without any sense of humour. You will find Hope when you stop being retards by your own admission.

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File: 861 KB, 1280x529, One Last Kiss - Utada Hikaru[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fdoytlg.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same desu.

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She's cute and seems like a lot of fun, but her model is terrible. I tolerate it for collabs but I can't watch her solo streams.
If she ever gets a new model I'll definitely be a regular for her normal streams though.

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IRyS's existence can be summed up as Backseat fodder. She exists to be backseated. I'm sorry bros but the urge to backseat is just too much for me. I need to backseat. Thanks Cover. Thanks Yagoo.

>> No.8932988

Her model is probably the worst in hololive and her debut didn't leave much of an impression, but now that she's more used to streaming and got to know her senpai better I think she's a great addition to EN.
In particular I was surprised by how great the chemistry between her and pretty much everyone was in collabs.
I still haven't watched much of her solo streams yet, but I'll make extra sure to tune in when she collabs with other chuubas I enjoy.

Also I really like her intro music. Ever since before her debut.

>> No.8933011

absolutely. I'm not afraid to say that I'm not huge on her voice, and that gave me a bit of a negative first impression. but when she performed songs like I beg you, it made it clear that she has great musical ability, which honestly is worth a lot more than just a good voice. so while I still have my qualms, I trust that she'll be just fine

>> No.8933174

yeah, her voice is pretty generic but her singing skill is polished. she has definitely put in the effort in that end.

>> No.8933190 [DELETED] 

Is it true that she's getting whiter everyday?

>> No.8933307

I love my gremlin faced wife.

>> No.8933369

her light settings on OBS got fucked somehow, there's a clear difference when she swaps to the superchat room which is where most of the pictures for the bait threads come from

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File: 932 KB, 797x1136, Kimi o Nosete - Carrying You (君をのせて) - Azumi Inoue[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fwog4sy.mp3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've come to really appreciate her clear voice. Like at 0:48 in this soundpost. But then again I'm a gachikoi.

>> No.8933488

Secret endings are top tier cute dork material and she sings some real bangers. My favorite of EN, both Gens included.

>> No.8933647

She's actually grown on me. She's pretty cool in my books.

>> No.8933731

she's a sweet cake who desperately needs a baby or two pumped into her before her eggs dry up

>> No.8933818

I'm already working on it, thank me later

>> No.8933848

What I like about her is how she's integrated into Hololive, it feels like she's been there for far longer than she has, the stuff with Ollie was amazing to.
Also all the little hints at her obvious HAGdom, like when she lit up at the little portable game thing in It Takes Two and called it a gameboy right away.

100% certified hag.

>> No.8933878

I'm 24 and grew up with gameboys....... is being in your 20's HAGdom to you zoomers

>> No.8933890

-Seems like a nice person in real life
-Her previous iteration (as Namirin) is very lovely

As Irys, she looks like #BrownShrek

>> No.8933904

Probably the worst model in Hololive so far, really needs the AZKi v3.0 treatment. Her stream personality is really pleasant though, so much that I kinda learned how to subconsciously filter her model out and just focus on the game screens+her voice during most of her streams.

>> No.8933915

She called it a GAMEBOY, not a gameboy color.
She's a hag.

>> No.8933955

I love Irys very much!

>> No.8934026

I'm waiting for that AZKi and IRyS collab

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A pleasant surprise, the only EN I follow. I don’t think her design is bad, but I wish the nose was different

>> No.8934135

Wait, I love this retard

>> No.8934174

my sides

>> No.8934199

sorry to burst your bubble but... she's already past her 20's

>> No.8934225

She's a gamer, once you reach 1000 hours in any vidya it just comes out sometimes

>> No.8934417

I didn't like her at first but I love her in collabs and really like how she plays off of Ina.

>> No.8934561

>when you say nigga in an endearing way.
Kek. But this is how I unironically feel about the word gook, gook is a cute word and I want a gooky gf

>> No.8934721

Retardchama she's in her mid twenties

>> No.8934737


>> No.8934773 [DELETED] 

wtf I love Irys now?

>> No.8934818

IRyS is the only EN I haven't missed a single stream since her debut. Sometimes late, sometimes I have to leave early, but always catch most of them live.
I don't even understand why, I just instinctively click on the thumbnail every time I see her.

>> No.8934849

La goblina model

>> No.8934941

Years on the internet. Makes me wonder why Nyanners hasn't dropped one.

>> No.8935067
File: 172 KB, 970x970, Spring Thief (春泥棒) - Yorushika [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2F28vl3t.ogg].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unironically best EN holo in my book.

>> No.8935738

Literally the only interesting EN member. (probably because she's surrounded with her Japanese senpais and not much influenced by western whores)

>> No.8935960

she had that alluring quality to her

>> No.8935982


>> No.8936085

subbing to irys right now

>> No.8936923

for the love of god please update her model

>> No.8936985

Not a fan of her model, otherwise I like her singing and she's a dork. Can't wait to see what she will do with AZKi and Sora once she gets her 3D.

>> No.8937033

She’s perfect.
After watching videos of her past life as a vtuber, I’m convinced she’d be mogging the hell out of EN if she kept her more generic anime girl design. I’d kill for her to do ASMR seriously. That voice is too fucking good.

>> No.8937094

Despite you being an absulute faggot i have to agree

I really dont get people that complain about her model, shes absolutely perfect

>> No.8937182

Yeah she also likes "millenial" related stuff like "pop-punk" music and such

>> No.8937284

Useless member
Not exactly unwatchable, but just a waste of time to watch

>> No.8937306

>She is a racist, and deserves to immediately graduate.
You... you know you're on 4chan, right anon?

>> No.8937372 [DELETED] 


Humans are allowed to dislike others on their physical appearance, it is only natural

Also most blacks youll ever meet on streets are absolute subhumans and shit eaters

Telling yourself you should not hate blacks equals to being around subhuman whitoids and telling yourself "i must like them" "they arent unpleasant" all the time, its as if you were on a religious cult trying to artificially put shitty narratives into your head

Same with thinking
>thou must not say le bad racist word cus its offensive and we're 12 mentally so we chimp out when we hear le word

>> No.8937398


>> No.8937402

Does anyone have the wanna come into my tumtum clip? I need it for reasons, please no soundpost

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IRyS is one of the best talents that Hololive has ever hired. Obviously she is an incredible singer but she is also an incredible streamer. If you are into a Holo being super engaged with their chat than, outside of Gura when Gura is actually in a good mood, she is the best at it in EN.

She is also amazing in collabs and doesn't have the issue of being "too shy" or "too nervous" with anybody she has jumped in there with. She is also a massive dork who will stream a game for almost 5 hours when she wanted to stop at 2 just because she lost track of time.

She is awesome

>> No.8937594

>but that's not that high of a bar
It apparently is

Women who can behave like actual humans are insanely rare, let alone people

IQ supremacist here i would unironically rate her to be around 135iq probably less than 0,01% the population or so

>> No.8937625

I like her. her timeslots suck for me but I sometimes watch an archive or two if kiara or luna are not live.

>> No.8937631

cute, good singer, good streamer.

>> No.8937636

Design sucks, rigging sucks, voice sucks

>> No.8937639

She honestly looks perfect to me

Her design is unironically made to filter low IQ subhumans

>> No.8937651


>> No.8937732

no idea what's she like
just filtered hard by the art style from the start
never watched the debut
watched a bit of a stream and then someone else started so i watched that instead
kirara being a bitch to her and acting super threatened was kind of funny and i felt sorry for irys
besides that dont' care

>> No.8937745


>> No.8937752

I think she could have chosen to have that generic cute anime art-style

But in all honesty her way of thinking really goes beyond being a superficial subhuman

She probably felt confident enough to go with something different in order to make her own experience more enjoyable

>> No.8937788


>> No.8937815 [DELETED] 
File: 10 KB, 223x189, 9C6DFBEE-798A-413D-AAE3-5618ACDE61CC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cope faggot

>> No.8937931

my dick twitched. subbed. membered.

>> No.8937935

Jesus imagine getting filtered by an edit how retarded are you

>> No.8938240

>IQ supremacist here i would unironically rate her to be around 135iq probably less than 0,01% the population or so
With an IQ that high she would have figured out this puzzle in an instant.
Sometimes I get the feeling that Ina has figured it out and waits a little for her co-op partner to also figure it out because she wants them to figure it out on their own too. Maybe not here but when she played portal with Gura I had those vibes.

>> No.8938304


>> No.8938354

If she's supposed to be a vsinger, why does she stream more than some of HoloEN proper?

>> No.8938382

>With an IQ that high she would have figured out this puzzle

Youre missinterpreting things up, it isnt that high... it just makes you be able to behave like a human, she would be considered smart or above smart but that doesnt mean she isnt retarded

I think a genuinely smart person goes around 140-160, these are nice numbers for actual intellect

>> No.8938391

Horrendous model. Who ever approved of this should be beaten with a blunt object

>> No.8938450

If you really want to see omega geniuses who "solve things" on an instant the best example of these are pro-gamers or highly rated ones

I guess also artists with extreme precision, technique and concentration are an example of this aswell

>> No.8938490

140-160 is good, maybe for a baby. It's just enough for fisher price puzzles man.

>> No.8938565

Also theres one thing that Ina mislead Irys into doing the wrong thing you fucking sperg, maybe irys could have solved it if Ina didnt came up with the idea of launching her small self first or whatever
unironically you cant call yourself fully competent if you dont have those numbers

>> No.8938741

To give you an example most famous twitch thots score 110-120IQ

The average person is 100

An average "proffesional" out of uni is around 120, and you know how incompetent and insanely brainless of those "professionals", theyre barely able to not shit their pants everyday

130 is respectable for a woman but men on this number are absolute spergs retards with different complexes

>> No.8938875

So is Gura, and she's insanely loved

>> No.8938978

Damn i love gura...

When did people started taking shitty goofy words as an excuse to chimp out? instead of laughing at these?...

Truly a clown world

>> No.8939052

her personality is as great as her original model was shit, it is still shit now but less so, her personality is still great so yeah.

>> No.8939076

holy shiet! BASED

>> No.8939086 [DELETED] 
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>To give you an example most famous twitch thots score 110-120IQ
>The average person is 100
>An average "proffesional" out of uni is around 120, and you know how incompetent and insanely brainless of those "professionals", theyre barely able to not shit their pants everyday
>130 is respectable for a woman but men on this number are absolute spergs retards with different complexes

>> No.8939166

>omg hes talking about iq
>must open my wojack folder

>> No.8939228

you just cant talk about iq that makes me cringe thats wojack here let me open my folder

>> No.8939678

I honestly just don't like her model but she's fine besides that.

I heard she's actually a hag though which would be nice.

>> No.8940326

is she not in her early/mid 20? saw a picture of her and shes pretty cute.

>> No.8942150

She's closer to 25 than 30.

>> No.8942349

I love Irys and I love this pic

>> No.8942436

go to sleep irys, those vidya will be there in the morning

>> No.8942478

>he doesn't know

>> No.8942533

Post it faggot

>> No.8942703

I've literally never seen or heard her because she streams at shit hours for me.
Her design looks odd for a Holo, but I'm sure she's nice.

>> No.8943021
File: 147 KB, 873x1200, E9pcG_3UUAAZymY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to have sweet passionate sex with IRyS!

>> No.8943106

its clearly "Gonna feed this m-" are you all fucking deaf or something

>> No.8943109

nice post, me

>> No.8943182

Me too man, me to. Is this how Ryan feels?

>> No.8943262

Suddenly, it's like I am in /HiRyS/

>> No.8943288

Seeing as how I will never have a chance with Ina, I want to marry her.

>> No.8943335

>She is a racist
Holy based

>> No.8943349

Irys is cute

>> No.8943367

It feeds into the theory she's mulatto irl

>> No.8943382

Not likely. Many other JP girls have said nigga with no repercussions and Irys apex stream still has the random person saying nigger in it.

>> No.8943397


>> No.8943495

I'm convinced eventually either niji or HL will actually have a black girl playing chuuba for them on the EN side and when it gets found out there'll be an actual meltdown between the right and left over her still using a white character model

>> No.8943501

Model looks dorky as hell, which fits her perfectly

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>> No.8943730

Nice but boring girl, talented at singing, shit design.

>> No.8943742

Terrible model, merely good-ish at singing despite the hype, but that aside, she's actually a really natural streamer and I love watching her

>> No.8943772

>i would unironically rate her to be around 135iq
You're an idiot. She's 100IQ but most women are below 100IQ so she seems smarter.

>> No.8943875

Is this an attempt at bait or are you all actually this retarded?

>> No.8943891
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IRyS doesn't like beards, guys. It's over.

>> No.8943909

I like her

>> No.8943935

Is it still mulatto if you're half black half asian?

>> No.8943949

You're fucking retarded

>> No.8943960

Kronii seems to love them though, so don't despair.

>> No.8943974

Nyanners has old covers where she says it, might be deleted but I'm sure they're reuploaded

>> No.8943977

If it's American black probably because most of them are mulatto to begin with due to slavers raping their slaves

>> No.8943999

OOaoh shiet nigga, we got senpai in the booth son

>> No.8944026

I need a black chuuba with a black model. And not just a brown/tan model. I need it for my dick.

>> No.8944296

you ain't getting shit white boi, kneel befo the kang

>> No.8944438

Love her but God what is wrong with her face

>> No.8944795

Fine I'll reply to a troll thread.

I really like how IRyS seems to genuinely appreciate that she gets to be a member of Hololive. She's that person that's happy to be a part of the group no matter what happens - but still brings something to the table and isn't merely an orbiter.

>> No.8945292

>Years on the internet
ive never dropped it in public, guess im not too far gone.

>> No.8945621


Imagine just how cringe her wigger speech must be to endure on a daily basis

>> No.8945708

This. I feel like she's too siloed and I honestly never go out of my way to watch her.

>> No.8945757

i was initially disgusted by that horrendous avatar but now she grew on me

>> No.8945776

She's really cute

>> No.8945940

I say nigger daily and I haven't encountered a black person for years. Its just a really nice word that rolls off the tongue

>> No.8946106
File: 50 KB, 1024x683, 1602067834541.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn that was really good

>> No.8946225

>Makes me wonder why Nyanners hasn't dropped one.

>> No.8946467

meh, can't really blame someone for saying it in a musical context

>> No.8947811

Good addition to EN, wish she had more music streams. Also, has dogwhistled constantly about pregnancy, impregnation, and breeding, which makes me want to pump her tummy with sperm as much as possible to give her as many children as possible.
She really almost let that slip? Another reason to want to breed with her.

>> No.8948724

I hear it now. That makes a lot more sense.

>> No.8950805

Boring and trash/scuffed model. Good singer tho.

>> No.8950966

>Great personality
>Good voice
>Ugly face

>> No.8951449
File: 272 KB, 974x1100, irys-sing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This sums up my feelings on her, was initially put off by her model a bit during debut but as she grew on me I came to like it. She's the dark horse of holoEN for sure with how she seemed to debut out of nowhere not attached to a gen and with a completely different model art style than the rest of hololive, but turned out being a solid streamer and fit in with the Myth girls pretty seamlesly.

>> No.8951797

you can say nigger here you fag

>> No.8952121

She hates niggers like any sane individual

>> No.8952151

Cursed model that doesn't belong in hololive

>> No.8952247

Dude, she dodged that fucking bullet omg

>> No.8952304

she was gonna say motherfucker you deaf faggot nog obsessed retards

>> No.8952396

Still, it doesn't fit her character

>> No.8952465
File: 2.57 MB, 206x240, fucking_niggers.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

same, except that ive removed the word "nigga" from my vocabulary now
i either say the real word, "nigger" or nothing at all

>> No.8956028

She's wonderful. And she's always been wonderful. Cover did really well hiring her.

>> No.8956186

I like her, good addition to Hololive

>> No.8956289

Good singer but not even close to Guras level because she sounds robotic as hell

>> No.8956718

Boring. Literally just EN azki

>> No.8956867

Ningen the word is
You stupid EOPs

>> No.8957039

at first i didn't like her partially due to design, but she's really grown on me over time. Twitter fags tried to cancel her for being transphobic and racist so i pretended i liked her and gradually that became the truth
She's actually really cute, would recommend

>> No.8957144

>transphobic and racist
When did this happen? I know the fags on twitter were upset since she was gaining subs so quickly while the 2views were struggling, but I never heard this.

>> No.8957302

She talked about traps and one tranny on twitter got upset. I don't think there was anything about being racist though.

>> No.8957470

She called Astolfo a trap on stream, and apparently uses a lot of "whitewashed" fanart for her thumbnails. There was also a slight thing where they accused her roommate of asianfishing, but its mostly the trap stuff

I'm not making this up although i wish i was, twitter search of "irys" brings up some antis in the "latest" section. Plus a "big" hololive-related gimmick account that's got interactions with Ollie and some of the EN girls making a whole ass thread about it and how shes transphobic

>> No.8957481

what is this even supposed to be? Goofy? Is goofy a bad word now? Does Disney know?

>> No.8957570

Do these people even know what fanbases and just generally people they intersect with? Anime watchers / manga readers / LN readers are gonna call traps traps.

>> No.8957937

Twitter is fucking mess, it's way too easy to find likeminded people on there so you'll have groups of people reinforcing each other no matter how demented it is.

>> No.8957993

budget roboco in every single way + cringe ass jap wannabe

>> No.8958123

I'm not really interested in her. The way Hololive works is that you find the person interesting and develop a fondness for them, and then their music is something you enjoy because you like the person. Kind of like how you'd read a poem your friend wrote. IRyS is trying to do it backwards, using her music and singing as the main attraction, and hoping we will like her personality on account of that. This doesn't really work though because her singing is kind of ordinary and unremarkable.

>> No.8958202

That's probably why she streams as much as anyone else. It worked for me.

>> No.8958218

Getting angry that fans of Japanese culture won't accept trans people is like a black guy getting angry that he wasn't accepted at a klan meeting.

>> No.8958274

Add the og ame clip and the kiara singing one and we have every holoen member saying nigger, sucks they're almost all liberal cunts, really makes you think tho

>> No.8958399

the best take on this whole thread

>> No.8958694

Speak for yourself. If this is how you watch hololive, that's your thing, don't assume that everyone else has the same experience.

>> No.8959556

cope reddit niggers she said "n-"and then quickly chaged it to "m-" thought for a second what word start with "m" and then said

>> No.8964510

I never thought about it, but Irys does sound like your typical mulatto teenager

>> No.8964596

Nice girl, decent streamer strapped to an abomination of a model. Sana is an even worse example of this as she is a good streamer tied to a horrific model (not even because it is brown at all, it just looks ridiculous overall.)

>> No.8965975

go back to tumblr and fanfiction.net you mentally ill retard

>> No.8966152

Irys just gets more and more based holy shit. I love her

>> No.8966171
File: 1.45 MB, 1500x2000, irys_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's a classy lady and great addition to Hololive. Really good at collabing with everyone else, especially considering the short time frame she's been around. She's also not completely terrible at vidya.

>> No.8966304

I'd probably watch more if she played more games that interest me. Ah well.

>> No.8966529

she is pretty good, good at games, good at singing, good taste, hag, based, and she works well with other girls her collabs are top tier

>> No.8967468

>IRyS is trying to do it backwards, using her music and singing as the main attraction, and hoping we will like her personality on account of that. This doesn't really work though because her singing is kind of ordinary and unremarkable.
Whose singing do you like, bro?

>> No.8968400

She is kinda fine but her face looks abhorrent even with good rigging.

>> No.8968617

One thing I do like about how Irys, they don't do enough with AZki (imo), is that they let her collab often with the other members. AZki is funny and is probably one of the best English speakers in HoloJP. However, most people hardly know anything about her because she scarcely gets to collab with anyone aside from Sora, and as such rarely gets clipped.

So I like that they're the opposite of that with Irys.

>> No.8968743
File: 923 KB, 1601x382, faces.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aren't they both free to collab as much as they want? AZKi just seems busy with other things, and IRyS likes to reach out and collab.

She has the prettiest eyes and makes the cutest faces sometimes.

>> No.8969037

I don't know, but it doesn't seem that way in AZki's case. Even during the festival collab she pretty much just hung out with Sora the whole time. It almost felt like they were told not to engage too much with the others. It's certainly not because she's afraid to talk to the others.

>> No.8969949

Gentle femdom

>> No.8970072

I envy Hopechads desu

>> No.8970188


>> No.8970229

She as clearly going to say motherfucker and thought better of it.
People here are just thirsty for the girls to validate their shitty views.

They wont

>> No.8970231
File: 164 KB, 1788x1011, e10021f8-27d4-4b6f-a8c9-4e0c68ebe3d4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based Irys.

>> No.8970745

Based vatussi chad. Look it up on yt
Negri = niggers

>> No.8970835

Yeah it was very endearing the way he said it there.
You could feel the love.

>> No.8970844

Any sane individual doesn't hate at all, regardless of who or what it is.

>> No.8971063


>> No.8972912

Fuck off with that bullshit, self righteous prick

>> No.8973896

Did Gura say it?

>> No.8974211

I love her

>> No.8974469

Nothing is wrong with her model. You fags are so conditioned to generic anime girl #2103910 that it's impossible for you guys to imagine anything different.

>> No.8975143


Her model is great, its just a bit of a shock to people who are so used to the animu girl look.

>> No.8976837
File: 444 KB, 611x428, 1555511113059.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you nig

>> No.8977569

ikr? filter model and chuuni lore is just a power limiter since they knew she could mog gen 1 just by herself

>> No.8977679

Uh, Ina?

>> No.8977698

Irys wasn’t going to say the N word. But it sounded like it.

>> No.8978240
File: 155 KB, 360x344, 1629790673354.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My favorite EN.

>> No.8978391

Rariemonn did a pretty good job with her rigging.

>> No.8978584

It’s fun watching her and Ina fall deeper and deeper in love with each other.

>> No.8978649

We are truly blessed to get to see her smile.

>> No.8979208

Speaking of her singing interesting songs, I really really really want to hear her sing "Smile Bomb" now. I think her voice would be perfect for it.

God damn it, this girl just keeps getting better.

>> No.8979395

>Smile Bomb
I could see that working. Ask her in a supachat.

>> No.8980828


>> No.8980879


>> No.8981292


>> No.8982925

Horrible model, but she still makes me hard

>> No.8983597

she plays well with ina so i have no complaints

>> No.8983833

Pretty justifiable.

>> No.8986023

god she's hideous

>> No.8986221

She knows to avoid Watson like the fucking plauge, so she must have some intelligence.

>> No.8986390 [DELETED] 

I love her before and eve love her more now because of this

>> No.8986562 [DELETED] 

that makes it even better

>> No.8986638 [DELETED] 

have seen her collab with reine too anon?

I had a raging boner the whole stream for some reason

>> No.8986670

literal who

>> No.8986686 [DELETED] 

they dont get pick anon…

>> No.8987017 [DELETED] 

God, I love her even more now

>> No.8987090 [DELETED] 

fuck i love her

>> No.8993113

Great fresh personality, relatable, great voice. Awesome chuuba. The face needs holy water and a plastic surgery.

>> No.8993764

Make your own opinion like a grow boy

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