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Which EN will be the first to have a huge meltdown on stream and graduate on the spot? With the amount of hololive members growing in the west, it's practically guaranteed at this point

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Any of the NijiEN

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Mumei probably. Ame went out of her way recently to talk about how doxxers and antis are gross, obviously referencing what Owl's feeling behind the scenes. And it hasn't even been 2 weeks yet. She'll probably have a Coco-esque breakdown midstream followed by graduating due to pressure, then become mythologized like the reddit dragon albeit to a way lesser extent.

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Good fanfic

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>albeit to a way lesser extent.
M8 there's redditfags still cooming to aloe

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Rewriting history today are we

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Finana or Rosemi probably

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No one. And if someone quits, it's someone from EN2. But I wish Kiara would have wrestling flashback on stream and quit. Imagine how much better Hololive would be after that.

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wowwwww hahahaha
it is not good becuase that is sad but, it ganna be funny when i can say in the thread about her after gradulation i can say "who?" hahahaha
yaaaa it sad that she is feeling sad but that just ganna be soooooo funny

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You may hate Kiara, but wishing away the sole extrovert out of Holomyth is a monkey paw wish if I've ever seen one.

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Her being extrovert does nothing to no one when she uses it to promote her sick narcissism to shout "ME ME ME". She is of no use. Sick puppy.

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Me and my friends of discord are going to fuck her

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which stream

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>With the amount of hololive members growing in the west, it's practically guaranteed at this point
typical discord doxnigger/dramastarter....
this is a weird way to type and screams of incel.... you sound like someone who brings up politics a lot
just imagine typing to someone and they talk like this hahahahaha
you are so weird, and the way you are obviously trying to validate your own "intelligence" by pretending like you didnt think much about it makes you look really stupid. (actually this is a typical narcissism trait)
my diagnosis: you need to TOUCH GRASS, and potentially have sex, if you are able to do so..... but dont feel bad if you cant do this, i know its hard for you..... and i will prescribe you your meds too

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your bait is too obvious

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you best be believing in bait topics...

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Hopefully mumei

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Mumei. Got doxxed hard and idk if she can mentally handle that

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NijiEN just had the absolute best vtuber stream and collab I have ever witnessed. So no.

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that's a rrat tourist kun, go back to kiss ass on for your reddit gold

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fuck off you are an outsider

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Hopefully Kiara. Just don't like her. Ew. Get out so I can comfortably watch EN.

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>trying to validate
>narcissism trait
100% gay furry degenerate refugee from Tumblr
go back

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You don’t watch streams

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I came from the future to tell you that this did happened. How tf did you know this anon? You fags better do something if you care about Mumei or it will not look good for her future

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Naw it'll be Amelia because the mentally ill fags will go after her now that she called them small dicked geeks on stream.

Finana seems like her parents will eventually just ban her from doing it and make her seek mental help. Rosemi is a survivor, she'll be here as long as vtubing exists.

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If you were a real woman you would know that 1. /vt/ has the most girls out of any board on 4chan 2. girls gossip and spread rrats more than anyone else

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This image is making my eyes water

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I fully expect Rosemi to audition for EN3 and ditch NijiEN. Once a traitor, always a traitor

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>girls gossip and spread rrats more than anyone else
yup same as shipniggers, those desperate for rrats on SubaLuna, Okakoro, Noeflare or the chiken and Mori are either ass blasted faggots or rotten thots

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>get a harsh dose of reality
>n-noooo.... go away from me... noooooooooo

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Oh Ame will have total meltdown some day. But she won't quit. She will carry on out of pure spite and it will be glorious. #ameway

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you will forever be despised and rejected

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On the other hand, is Ina the most stable of all ENs? Even if she fucked up her vtuber career she is still a professional artist who can make ends meet. I feel like this is definitely a factor.

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She is entirely dependent on CCP Gacha game money. If they ever blacklist her for something, she will go full menhara

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oh wow I really hit the nail on the head, look how far you're going from the topic hahaha
I trigger your fight or flight response? interesting how homosexuality is the topic your mind went to in that moment.
are you trying to tell me you're submitting to me?
listen, im trying to give you advice - making a hugbox thread literally begging for reassurance and validity of your own intelligence is really weird and gives me fucked up incel vibes. thats just the truth
think about it, if a girl saw you do this, what would they say? the thing about you incels is that you CAN actually get girls if you just stop doing this weird shit.
or as I said before maybe you dont want a girlfriend in the first place? because you know, youre gay.........

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>amelia will unironically some day call everyone on /vt/ a bunch of small dick energy geeks

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Immensely and infinitely based and redpilled.

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She is a calculating 130 IQ businesswoman, the top .1% of women. In an earlier time she'd have married into money and become the pragmatic mother of a dynasty, controlling the lives of her children and grandchildren to advance her own goals.

In the age of the internet instead she does this.

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Your posts are formatted in the worst way possible.

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unironically this

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Take your meds.

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with all the threads currently up, mumei lol

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I fucking laughed, but still kys

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so besides having you ass blasted, you are also a pseudo psycologist on 4chan?

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Does it? It's probably because a part of the audience are aspiring vtuber girls themselves and I think absolutely all of them check here.

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It'll be Gura.

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Me, gay? Lets have a meet up?

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rosemi would probably jump ship to hololive as soon as the opportunity presents itself

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>calls morally objectionable things "gross" instead of more appropriate words that don't conjure physical unattractiveness because the only way zoomer women can contextualize morality is the dichotomy of "I wouldn't have sex with that" / "I would have sex with that"

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>so I find the word gross ummmm actually kind of offensive?? like can we not be ableist here? vt is my safespace please guys??
what is wrong with you?? that china regime got you guys fucked up.....

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seethe more incel

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The redditors hated anonymous because he told them the truth about their favorite camwhore...

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>Which JP will be the first to have a huge meltdown on stream and graduate on the spot? With the amount of hololive members growing in the east, it's practically guaranteed at this point

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Based as fuck. Roasties mad on the call out.

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Not everything is about sex herr Freud, lay off the coke and cunny.

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I used to hate Kiara due to her shit chicken voice (i still hate it), but she's helping out hololive and her genmates the most out of the rest of EN members. The mario kart collab was a blast.

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based and nobody can't refute this. they aren't entertainers, they're discarded whores.

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She set up and managed a good portion of the collabs, Myth won't fall apart without her but they sure as hell won't interact nearly as much

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If you finished your post earlier it would have been ok... but here you're just an actual nigger

>> No.8938105

wtf dude, that image is literally just a meme, what is wrong with ya

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I definitely think the dedicated viewers that she gets from being the top drawing vtuber contributes to get stability. From what I've seen too, her personality is pretty stable. I can't see her cracking like I could see the others cracking

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>Rosemi is a survivor, she'll be here as long as vtubing exists.

Fitting, like the traitorous roach she is.

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>>Rosemi is a survivor, she'll be here as long as vtubing exists.
>Fitting, like the traitorous roach she is.

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>she called them small dicked geeks on stream.

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I hate that this made me laugh

>> No.8939765

sad but true

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It’s so beautiful I can’t help but shed a couple tears. Utter perfection.

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Fucking hell you are one obsessed motherfucker.

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It doesn't matter because there's all sorts of retards falling for such shit bait anyways. This board has become one of the easiest ones to troll due to the amount of low IQ faggots infesting the threads.

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Basically another Aloe, bf ruining her vtubing.

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Missed what everyone's on about with Rosemi can I get a hint to this traitorous roach everyone is talking about?

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The primary association of the word "gross" isn't physical attraction or lack thereof. Are you ESL, perhaps?

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/pol/ please eat shit

Anyway Sana will eventually call some anti a stupid cunt and other cunts will be offended.

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>Sana will eventually call some anti a stupid cunt
she will still remain the failure of HoloEN, because nobody will sub to her

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traitor pink rrat

>> No.8949656

holy based

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Ina has lots of friends who are normal. Meanwhile people like gura are depressed because her main friends are vtubers.

>> No.8949989

I would like to not be depressed, how do I get normal friends

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Maybe he thinks it'll be like Chris

>> No.8950409

I was with you in thinking this but en 2 came and went

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A collaborative, friendly work environment prevents meltdowns anon.

She ditched tsunderia because it wasn't working out, went indie for a while then applied for NijiEN that's all. People always give vtubers who leave one company and join another shit until people forget about it.
Unless they make up nonsense rrats like they do for Himemori Luna

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Faggotchama thinks "gross" is inherently correlated with beauty
Take your meds

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Find a hobby and stick with it.
Seek out people who have the same hobby.
As long as the hobby isn't something degen like simping for 2d anime women it should be fine.
For Ina it was FFXIV/FGO/Art. Art being the highest chance of encountering mentally ill people.

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This is assuming the initial doxx is even accurate

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I used to think Kiara. Nonwithstanding whether you like her /wish her gone or not in general, she was the prime candidate for a menhera meltdown because she combined the most points for it.
>outspoken personality, previous twitter activity shows she's the type to engage in public meltys
>got dealt a shit hand during her first months in japan, tech troubles, rat house, alone and missing friends
>lowest subbed EN, which wouldn't hurt if she didn't care, but she does because she still has residual numberfag idol trauma
>especially sensitive to affirmation, but also gathered (due to her own fault or not, you decide) a dedicated anti brigade to tear her down.
and so on.

But now, after about a year and she's still here without having blown up, I think she's "safe" (as in, a big menhera meltdown didn't become more likely over time, only less likely). The Hololive money is rolling in and affording her a comfortable lifestyle where she doesn't have to worry about the basics anymore. She's back home with friends, family and as much as they annoy me, her fucking cats probably do wonders for her mental stability. She's apparently finally starting to see docters/therapists for her health issues. Other potential pitfalls (for example, the scary imagined sjw bogeyman) have also been avoided professionally. And as much as the haters still shit up veetee, in terms of actual on-stream damage they're insignificant and easy to ignore, and she seems to have gotten better at it, or at least is just more selective in her egosearching. Also for all the trouble an outspoken personality might bring, it's probably better in the long run if she airs her minor grievances out from time to time to let off steam instead of just bottling it up because that's when the one big blowup is going to happen. So, if she hasn't melted by now, I think it's fair to say she probably got strong enough that she's not the weakest link anymore.

Now, as for what happens in the future, or who the next possible candidate is, I don't know, it's still too early with the new Gen to tell. If they can get over the initial bump of the "boyfriend drama" and show that they don't care, it'll settle itself down (just like it did with other girls before). Only if they continue to show weakness, and therefore show their haters that it works attacking them, they will fall.

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> Owl doxxed
the rrat is confirmed now????

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Yes, i am her boyfriend.

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