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Do you think she should have done it? Cause it just gives doxfags/antis more power to anti/doxpost the girls (especially the EN2 girls) if they know it actually hurts them

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She's obviously talking about Mumei crying after getting doxxed but of course /vt/ will cope and still pretend it's not her.

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Yes, it lets normalfags know that "le forbidden knowledge" faggots should go fuck themselves with rake.

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>if we harass someone and get told to stop that means we we're right
You're a special kind of stupid

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fuck le forbidden knowledge

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Fuck dramaniggers

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>schizos sperg out with rrats
>"you're a gross person for doing this"
this place really is something else.

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Reddit down for maintenance or something? Keep seething.

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At least for the most part no one likes them here, either
They're the retards that even the special Ed kids can't stand, that's fucking saying something

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>If you're the type of person that likes to make other people feel bad, I think that's gross

Good luck nig-

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if Mumei is not HER all her antiposting was on HER twitter so... Ame basically was an idiot and confirmed she's either here or it's HER

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Fucking based. Let it be known that there are these doxxfags and other failed abortions and then we somewhat reasonable people can together point our fingers at them and laugh.

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Why are you so ablist?

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doxxbros... we won

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she's right
but americans just can't stop being americans

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ITT: /vt/ is pretending they are not a bunch of doxxfags.

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Why are Americans like this?

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>What she said: You guys shouldn't make the new girls sad.
>What your head told you: My doxx is working & Ame supported it.

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based. doxxfags should neck themselves

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they literally shoot each other dead in schools while they're still fucking kids
what did you expect from them.

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Based Ame.
Fuck doxxfags.
Fuck dramafags.
Fuck rrats.

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doxxfags won. gf w/ bf lost.

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Amelia is the worst person to stand on a soapbox about saying shit to hurt people's feelings.

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She has the fake hope her saying this will stop her fans from doing things like this, she believes she can be positive to people,

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well, when you put it like that, I guess doxxing seems pretty tame

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It wasn't just on HER twitter, there were also Mumei tweets targeted like the poll she deleted and superchats with names like "Mumei (shachi) is sucking off her boyfriend" on both Ina and Ame's stream..

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>Denial itself is evidence of guilt

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For fauna it was more like clearly, a premedidated shot in the back from her old ""friend"" who was waiting to do this.

Said friend FallenShadow literally said she thinks /vt/ is "fun" so probably is extremely satisfied with derailing Fauna's impression here and quite potentially her SC revenue. Of course, fauna could just fight back and say she's in fact single now (even if that's not true) just to kill the rrat, in fact that is what HoloJPs have done several times (rushia, watame, noel etc) to get these kinds of people off their backs. Otherwise it never really goes away.

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lmao based

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I love hololive, but I love harassing them even more.

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coming from the person that has said nigger on stream before and almost typed it. ame is the type of person that for sure has hurt people in her life, or has gone out of the way to do so.

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Which might explain why she's trying to turn a new leaf.

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>"You guys are gross for making people feel bad."
Room temp IQ.

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she's being dishonest though by making herself appear as some infallible person. show some humility if you're actually trying to turn over a new leaf

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Shit, americans are fucked

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Pfft, you mean she doesn't want to lose her job. The moment she's done with Hololive, she'll be back to her Pewdiepie on the bridge ways, except she won't apologize.

Funny that without doxxers, nobody would know how much of a hypocrite she's being right now.

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>all her antiposting was on HER twitter
Blatant lies.
Also they're all here.

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Jesus christ you're fucking retarded

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Based. What kills me is the doxxniggers are going to get doxxed. And when it happens they will shriek and cry about muh personal privacy. While insisting what they are doing is totally moral and fine.

By the way it isn't although the Characters they portray are indeed public figures. The people portraying them are not public figures. In fact using doxxed info to harrass them or bother them on personal accounts something that has happened to other Holos the most notorious being Delta is extremely illegal and has resulted in C&Ds, restraining orders, and fines.

I guess one day a doxxnig will end up dead in minecraft and then we can laugh at them while they cry about not feeling safe. When they have spent retarded amounts of time snooping into other people's personal lives.

That or they dox the wrong person like Lamy or Reine.

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>Everyone hates us and thinks we're crazy
>This is a huge win!
This fucking board

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>his country doesn't enforce a spartan-style survival of the fittest youth programs in school, ensuring only the strong and cunning survive into adulthood

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>Actually it's us doxxers who are the good guys in this situation

Jesus christ remove yourself.

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I'm not a doxxer you moron.

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To me it's obvious she would care because for a day or two she could feel the collective hand of anti-dom closing its grasp on her neck before that rrat was vented, but it's been kind of clamped on all week for mumei.

I don't really have an opinion either way as to that, I mean for what the nips uncovered about sh*chi I don't have much sympathy if it is her - actually, my anger would be at Cover for hiring her, because that'd wreck my trust in their company, in their scouting, management but really their respect and intent for the viewers on top of the Fauna thing. It'd mean the whole le wholesome bit would be hollow as a ping pong ball, that they truly-truly see us as dumb rubes to monetize and think just putting a "don't talk about past lives" on their subreddit alone will hold back the tide of reality once people find out. Not to mention they hire these kinds of people after the whole Aloe blowup made it really clear that yes that shit matters yes people check and their playing dumb wasn't helping at all.

If they're wrong, though, if all that rage was for nothing it indeed would be like "weeelp schizos made a sweet girl miserable and need to at least triple their prescriptions from now on."

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some people here won't stop before Mumei becomes EN-Delta.

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It's called growing as a person.
Something that many anons here will never do.

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This is one of those things where all decent humans know she's in the right but you can't really do much to stop doxfags in public spaces. They'll more or less be encouraged by the fact that they're getting any validation in their worthless lives.

Best you can do is forcefully take down doxfags content without speaking to them directly. Starve them of content and run them out of town without directly engaging with them.

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Lol, niggers aren't people you moron. Niggers should be getting called nigger every day until they stop gangbanging, raping, looting, drug pushing and clamoring for reparations. Fuck victimhood, act like animals get treated like animals.

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Shes a woman

>le bad is not le good CUS IT MAKES PEOPLE FEEL BAAAAAAD *cries*
Very simplistic view of life, its miserable, but i cant blame her, shes not only a woman but an entertainer

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She also means the shitposters who constantly shit on trannies, SEAfags, and people who send cringey supas all the time to make themselves feel superior to them. Ame might be based but she doesn't support bullying

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look in the goddamn mirror nigger

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She grew as a person the moment she got accepted into Hololive and suddenly came to the revelation that slurs are bad and hurt people's feelings.

>> No.8915660

Come back and say that when superchats get enabled for them.

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No you, fucking nigger tranny.

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>If they disagree with me I will just mention other website to prove them wrong

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You sound like you just found 4chan and are trying to be as edgy as possible to fit in

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Yet you're as retarded as one of them

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>Pewdiepie on the bridge ways
Good fucking Lord, grow a dick and balls already.

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Based anon getting essay-length replies from doxxfags.

>Short post is simple and to the point
>Long-ass replies detailing mental gymnastics to not seem like a faggot

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>le in minecraft maymay
Go back to Twitter you retarded faggot

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I don’t even know why people hate Mumei so much, I just find her boring and unentertaining but I have no idea what the hate is from

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The girl suspected of being her has a boyfriend.

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That's part of what makes it even more retarded though. They still can't even prove it's her in the first place and still just run with it.

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Strawmanning someone as a doxxfag in order to protect Amelia from her neurotic slurring is only going to work here.

>> No.8916306

based Ame

>> No.8916348

Does she hate to be hurt Mumei? Then Ame's Anti, who had no interest in Mumei, will probably start harassing Mumei from now on.
Because that means it's effective.
She's an unthinking detective.

>> No.8916356

Actually it'd be much worse than that if they're right, she'd also be a confirmed cheater, and supporter of actually-bad people (or at least, people the Holo community certainly would think are bad). There's a reason this question is so fucking important and people are riding all the marbles on it. I pray they are wrong for many reasons, as I really do not want to know what happens next if they are right. It'd be one of the most scandalous hires ever in Holo.

>> No.8916359

No source. Just speculation.

>> No.8916422

>I don’t even know why people hate Mumei so much

People with normal to high intelligence find the 'retarded girl is cute haha look at her fail to understand anything' meme to be creepy at best and disgusting at worst. The weakest link is always going to get the most disdain.

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he was right

>> No.8916435

Which bad people does she support?

>> No.8916507

>virgin calling other people virgins

>> No.8916534

Hope that fucker spends the rest of his miserable life in debt.

>> No.8916552

What did Shachi do that is so bad?

>> No.8916576

Doxxfags are subhuman. Rrats are fun as long as they're not taken too seriously and people don't actually go out of their ways to fuck over the talents leaking info/spreading lies.

>> No.8916609

Yet every time >we talk about the shit he did like sending superchats to some holos promoting his videos you get a few actual SEAniggers defending him and mass reporting the thread.

>> No.8916662

No it wouldn't. Only some schizos on imageboards care about this, almost all the viewers actively avoid doxxshit and will never talk about, or even just look into, this. You're either ignorant or a falseflagging doxxfag.

>> No.8916745

He is right and he earn another report on his new channel

>> No.8916783

Based fallenshadow trying to deflect attention away from her by making this about Mumei

>> No.8916891

Why do seaniggers think banter in an online game is comparable to doxxing?

>> No.8916956

Still waiting >>8916552

>> No.8916965

your post is cringe

>> No.8917031

There seems to be a group of former “fans” that are mad she ghosted them, and/or she didn’t go to NijiEN like she hinted.

>> No.8917084

she was (allegedly) defending someone who was (allegedly) having some sort of sexual contact with a minor
atleast that's what I can gather from the rrats spewed about on this board

>> No.8917178

That’s very recent but it was just one person tweeting it.

>> No.8917201

based, whores don't belong in hololive.

>> No.8917254

The word "nigger" hurts all black people, but doxxing hurts only the individual who is the target of it.
Huh? Could it be that Ame is doing something worse?

>> No.8917259

It's honestly just rrats on top of rrats on top of rrats. If it's not even HER then I'm just gonna fucking laugh

>> No.8917289

based and redpilled

>> No.8917323

>He still thinks it's HER

>> No.8917365

Taking into account how shit goes on twitter it probably was something like a 19 yo with a 17 yo, so I'll stick to this unless you want to post some proof.

>> No.8917369

what a disgusting thread, you all should eat rat poison

>> No.8917427

>What others do makes my actions better

This isn't about whose the better person, it's about doxxers being fuckheads. The worst person on the planet could say it and it'd still be true.

>> No.8917435 [DELETED] 


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Lmao, hilarious how all it takes to wound a doxxfag is having a girl call them gross.

>> No.8917483

Do you really think they don't know what they're doing is fucked up? Why would they care about Ame's opinion on it? Especially considering it's JPs doing it who probably don't watch her stream and even if they do they most likely can't understand her very well anyway. Giving attention to these people is literally never a good idea, and it sends the wrong signals about how to behave in order to get the attention of your favorite streamer. Good viewers are taken for granted and are therefore never acknowledged or given attention, so if they feel neglected they'll instead start acting out since that's the only way to get a streamer's attention. This is all very basic psychology, so I'm not sure why you're pretending to be retarded and not understand it.

>> No.8917511

The guy you're replying to is either an insanse twitter furfag who is trying really hard to push this rrat, or someone who has taken it at face value. The worst crime Shachi could have possibly comitted is that she has a bf.

>> No.8917517

my god how in the FUCK did a retarded foetus like this gain access to the internet

>> No.8917524

The doxxfags aren't mad about it, they like it. It empowers them.

>> No.8917555

Keep telling yourself that, bro.

>> No.8917564

>A word used in jest is worse than having your history aired out
I sincerely pray China runs your country over.

>> No.8917604

Not at all surprising, that one chronic Kiara doxxer showed that all the doxxers in a much more broken place mentally than the people they prey on.

>> No.8917643

I suspect she's referring to all of the "retarded owl" comments rather than the doxxing desu. People were spamming about how retarded she was during the entire hole-digging stream literally all over the internet.

>> No.8917652

>Good viewers are taken for granted and are therefore never acknowledged or given attention
Not true if you have a streamer that actually engages with chat. Granted, Ame isn't one of those.

>> No.8917655


>> No.8917664

i didnt think i could love ame even more

>> No.8917693

Her own genmates call her a dummy. It's definitely the doxniggers.

>> No.8917718

>a disagreement is justification reason for invading and annexing a country

>> No.8917722

I'd feel pretty bad if not even my genmates backed me up desu.

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What's the point of pretending

>> No.8917781

I mean, the memory of a holobrony is extremely fickle. If she's an experienced streamer who is worth her salt, she just has to take a deep breath, dust herself off, get up and try harder next time. In a year she can look back and cringe / laugh at it with chat and see how far she's come.

>> No.8917785

I haven't been paying attention on a scale from botan to ollie how badly is the hate affecting mumei, herself?

>> No.8917808

I think the only way to fight a doxxfag is to dox them in turn, honestly. Start by publishing a full name, then move on to address and other information. Fight fire with fire.

>> No.8917840

/vt/ is overrun with jealous, seething women, yeah.

>> No.8917861

Hard to say since she's only done a (collab) stream since then

>> No.8917887

Any twitter activity?

>> No.8917941

Fuck off Hololive Historian

>> No.8918000

Very optimistic!

>> No.8918066

Very new!

>> No.8918082

Just retweets of art from what I've seen.

>> No.8918097

You're right, tranny*

>> No.8918114

Why is everyone assuming this is about mumei when the hate she gets is no worse than chicken and fauna had something even worse just happen to her?

>> No.8918119

When they anti a girl for being too dumb, it's not a dude, that's for sure.

>> No.8918176

Women and transgender people act the same.

>> No.8918211

We are a broken people to the point that we aren't a nation, merely an economic zone with people residing in it.. There's no feeling of kinship for your fellow citizen here. There's only a growing dementia exacerbated by our fucked political system.

>> No.8918219

Yeah I can get that, girls watching holos want the friend simulator experience, and watching someone barely talk or do anything for an hour can't be fun for them. Not even taking a side on if it's meritable or not, I actually think I can see where they're coming from as I'd sure not watch a dude streamer act like Mumei that even if girls thought it was adorable.

>> No.8918276

Neck yourself discord tranny

>> No.8918319

Aren't these company vtubers hired months in advance of debut for onboarding/training? You'd think they'd start going over OpSec if most of them are being doxxed immediately after debut.

>> No.8918330

The real blackpill is that every country is in this position. America just has it on display the most because we show off the most. You think the average aussie gives a shit about each other? You think a korean or japanese citizen give a shit about their countrymen? They don't. Humans can't comprehend the size of a nation or feel kinship with it. The most they can do is a small, small circle of friends and family.

>> No.8918437

Cover is a pretty small company so it's no surprise they haven't. Their talents have reached a level now though where they definitely have to educate both themselves and their talents on OpSec. It's gonna be hard though, jealous acquaintances will always be a risk for example

>> No.8918441

Have sex faggot

>> No.8918531

Ableism is a good thing, autistics, schizos, and other associated neurodivergents shouldn't be given access to the internet. 99% of drama online is the result of autists being given free reign.

>> No.8918599

E-thot defending another e-thot. Nothing to see here.

>> No.8918646

Doxfags seething and writing essays, fallenshadow was raped in the sweltering summer of 2012 in the back of an Arby's

>> No.8918671

Yeah, I think the strongest counters for the rrat is that if it was -her- then why the fuck would she leave up the most incriminating thing for like half a fucking year going into debut date? And then go through all these other measures that actually take a lot more effort than just deleting a tweet like changing your entire setup/downgrading all your gear for some reason etc? Because if it isn't fucking her to begin with sh*chi had no reason or concern to take it down in the first place. The only other alternative would be if it in fact IS her after all then she left that up literally just as a middle finger to anyone who'd look, so in effect kind of brought this all down on herself voluntarily.

Also consider fauna was only fucked over by old things deleted, and a page now completely un-findable except by some specifically mapped out, internet archive snapshot - she had removed it long before people could go see it live, unlike sh*chi. Now that looks more like Cover opsec going "this needs to be buried especially if you aim for GFE" and ONLY was found out so quickly by her pissed off ex-friend who came and stabbed her in the back on debut day. Very different circumstances - sh*chi is a rrat nest literally leftover from a previous festering they had over her with NijiEN (she privated her account when they were bugging her too back then), fauna is real but was basically an inside job by someone intent to fuck her over.

>> No.8918728

Not saying it should be official policy but considering how good people are at sniffing out yab backgrounds they basically should to test runs of prospective names (before they make a call on who to hire) through """people""" here to see if there is anything yab waiting in tow. If a chuuba prospect is ironclad schizo proof against here, she's a good pick.

>> No.8918740

>if it was -her- then why the fuck would she leave up the most incriminating thing for like half a fucking year going into debut date

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but Mumei is not fucking smart.

>> No.8918852

So she lex luthored everything but her twitter?
This is an insane level of cope

>> No.8918930

I can very easily believe that she could fuck up that hard, yes

>> No.8918989

Haha the fact that people STILL deny it is frankly hilarious. You think it was just a coincidence that SHE deleted all of the incriminating tweets as soon as people started talking about Mumei having a BF then? When the stars align, I guess...

>> No.8919013

if we did that then gura wouldnt have been picked up for her own yab
the company only needs to emphasize complete opsec, thats all

>> No.8919046

I may be retarded because I’m ESL and just woke up from a nap, but are you sure she’s talking about /vt/ antis and specifically doxxfags?
I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time one of the girls ends hurt for our comments but I think >we’re taking too much credit in this case

>> No.8919101

Yes, it was an insane coincidence that she deleted a tweet as soon as random creeps started replying to it... Jesus christ you're a moron.

>> No.8919166

What does Lex Luthor has to do with this? I don't understand the reference.

>> No.8919181

Yes she decided to atone for all her years of being a troll online coincidentally at the same time she got a corporate gig that gives her buckets of money to pretend to be a wholesome anime girl.

>> No.8919182

neurodivergents are the only reason humanity exists you dumb ape. Without autists, we would have nothing. Modern society is built upon their efforts. The greatest philosophers, kings, men of religion, artists, architects, inventors, all fucking crazy. It's normal people that we don't need, because their labor can be automated out of existence, but you can't make a schizo robot.

>> No.8919184

No, it's not >us because these assholes don't even belong here.

>> No.8919318

Delusional. Defectives like you would have been stoned to death or left to starve in that era.

>> No.8919437

Are you really equating being salty in a videogame to stalking and harassing people?

>> No.8919486

She deleted the tweets as soon as people started sending her harassment over them because they think she was Mumei. Those being deleted aren't the EPIC WIN you think it is, doxxnigger

>> No.8919523

It's a reference to the character implying her dumbness is a pure act and she is actually a diabolical mastermind and went through a bunch of complicated tricks and changes to throw people off her identity - instead of just admitting it looks more like they aren't the same people.

>> No.8919561
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t. disposable npc

>> No.8919562

Ame is a detective, ergo vis a vis ipso facto she is a doxxfag by trade herself.

>> No.8919707

Based Mumei. She's smarter than people think.

>> No.8919895


There's nothing wrong with our political system. There is not a single political system in the democratic world which can curb retardism. If people vote for retards, they get retarded policies.

>> No.8919954

There is absolutely nothing wrong with not being a collectivist. America is not fucked because we don't band together and sing kumbaya, we're fucked because we're under attacked by communists and fascists. Every country that started getting infiltrated by those dickbags started having severe problems.

>> No.8920019
File: 294 KB, 480x566, 1622272186428.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

except /vt/ literally is and always has been against doxxfag shit. your doxfag discord server lied to you bud, now fuck off back. you're not welcome here and never will be

>> No.8920248
File: 2.27 MB, 900x850, 1630012708688.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Knowing the horror stories of kiwifarms having to deal with girls from a site called prettyuglylittleliars and knowing how fallenshadow used to be one of those crazy schizo women who used to "oh my god can you believe x is a whore like wow" type of girls I can see her bringing all these femcel subhumans to go in with her on this crusade against en2 cause fauna got accepted to hololive and this bitch got rejected. https://twitter.com/fallenshadow_YT/status/1413490922118025220
For all we know all these faggots posting >eddie
and shit might just be the same fat cows from /cgl/ mocking kiara or some orc woman from fallen's circle.

>> No.8920364

Kiara deserves it though

>> No.8920412

t. fat cow seagull

>> No.8920649

A fucking EGG

>> No.8920759


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File: 1.59 MB, 3508x4961, 1630290832739.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mumei broke her legs and got a lobotomy to not be identified as HER, at this point I honestly applaud the great lengths she went through for opsec.

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I really hope we dont get another egg situation, theyre so annoying, right now on /vt/ though im pretty sure theres no actual anti's. and the ones saying >eddie and cuck posting, its just for bants I think.
well I did see some more bad posts, but they got called out quickly and werent as bad as the eggs ones.

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>Cause it just gives doxfags/antis more power to anti/doxpost the girls (especially the EN2 girls) if they know it actually hurts them
She learned it from the best. Who knows? Maybe one day Ame will cry in front of her viewers for money like Coco did.

>> No.8921124

Do know there are dedicated shilling Indie threads. One even outed herself as a /wvyt/ and /asp/ shitting on holofags

>> No.8921154

Yeah, I'm sure after ENMA mods a chink that bans all her Goslings she'll cry on stream.

>> No.8921239

She already did. The stream is unarchived, member-only & with SC off.
One thing she didn't share with Coco is being greedy about money. There's a reason she attracts so many goslings.

>> No.8921339

As a teamate, I can confirm this is false. I’ve never seen Ame cries on stream before. She’s not that weak.

>> No.8921411

This place is the viral 101 center and also. well, that corner in the cafeteria where girls love to gossip. Dunno if what's what sharkmeido intended but that is totally what parts of this board are. unless meido is in fact a girl herself and loves being the know-it-all behind it all.

>> No.8921441

Ok, ALMOST crying because her body literally self-destructs on stream & her members spam ear bleed emote despite her best efforts to sing, but the point still stands.

>> No.8921579

Now I've noticed autosage is on.

>> No.8921626

>He doesn't know

>> No.8921663

Why not just prune this crapfest?

>> No.8921682

The thread is about something a chuuba did on-stream so topical, but it was perhaps unwise of her to even delve into as this thread demonstrates so yeah that isn't a surprise.

>> No.8921696

Do you know Orcshizo?

>> No.8921851

why do you retards always conveniently leave out the fact that she only said it while quoting someone else that was standing in front of her?

>> No.8922271 [DELETED] 

This is all because someone has a boyfriend right?

>> No.8923085
File: 787 KB, 2400x3200, E9DIOhZXoAAhjEc (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is HER.

>> No.8923635

Source: my ass, the thread.

>> No.8924035

Seeing you still boiling makes me so happy

>> No.8924544

t. egg

>> No.8924796 [DELETED] 

She's obviously talking about Mumei crying after getting doxxed but of course /vt/ will cope and still pretend it's not her.

>> No.8925088

>i posted it again

>> No.8925262

Imaginary drama inflates hololive global's post count.

>> No.8925431 [DELETED] 

all this because the bird is getting some, you people really need help

>> No.8925972

People who knew her for years before Hololive have nothing but the highest praise about her character.

>> No.8925982

Name one genius that ain't crazy

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