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It couldn't be....

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>makes bread

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>She's already deleted the "with..."
Indecisive chammers, pls understand.

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HFZ OP, he is back. Too much of a coincidence

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Would be incredibly based.

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Haachama is a masterbaiter you should know this by now

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Would be prefect actually, I miss when holos would collab with whoever

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So this meme is AHHAHAHAHAAHAHAH and that list means BAWHAHWAHWHAWHA pepeloni HAHAHAHAHA dead

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Elira? Selen?
Kson is impossible tier

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I would laugh really fucking hard if it turned out to be a Coco soundboard.

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>Meme hasn't even appeared on screen yet

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Kanata doing Coco's voice. That would be the shit.

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that was fast, mane-san is watching

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It is. Do you think either of these two give a fuck? If you do you don't watch them.

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Meme review with Ina onegai

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Jesus, fuck. I think I'd have heart attacks every week if I was Haachama's manager. Poor dude.

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if Kanata's a leech, then Haachama's the vulture

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Hes got the re easiest job in the world. "She did it while I was sleeping. She said sorry though."

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And you're the fag and your moms the whore. Now name your band.

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The way she baits is just excellent

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She could just Collab with Mori again

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All Haachama has to do is threaten to kick up a little drama and go on a sudden hiatus and holobronies will lose their shit at Cover. Since Coco left she's kind of got them by the balls.

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Last time mori got into a meme review coco fucking died, so I would love is she didn´t kill Hachama

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Calli is the worst person to have pretend that something is funny. Get Kiara if you want an EN.

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I wish haachama had me by the balls

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Graduation by bread?

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I don't think Mori will ever do another meme review again after last time.

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Her manager is her Dad tho.

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Haachama having Kson on would be terminally based.
It won't happen, but the shitstorm here would give me incredible happiness.

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ame ame ame...

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honestly, she is very good at it
>suggestive art with the dragon in the sky
>title is even more suggestive
>deletes(or mane-san deleted it) "with..." part of the title
she lives and breathes drama

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Based if true.

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>Selen becomes permanent co-host like Andy Richter to Conan O'Brien

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baiting is the only way she can get anyone to watch this trash

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Pretty low across the board, bit strange for the JPs

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Please don´t sell bread to ame

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nice honkers

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How is being a hololive manager stressful? Just be like matsuri's manager and do nothing. Just absorb a paycheck.

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I can't believe my wife is just silently eating grapes on the overworld screen and is doing second best.

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based watame dominating

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That would be amazing, actually.

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Too late. That's why Haachama deleted the "with..." part of the title.

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It's Saturday night. JP fans are out partying and getting laid.

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youtube numbers always seemed inflated compared to twitch numbers, these numbers are more what I would realistically expect.

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I will sell bread to your oshis until hololive start the final yab sequence

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Consequences? I care not for consequences, friend. All I care for is chaos.

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Camwhores are not allowed.

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so leave

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same schedule

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not collabing, as Japan memes and Hololive memes are two different things.

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usually the other way around for smaller streamers.
A stream in progress can move from YT to Twitch and see viewership literally double.
See also YT chat polls getting twice the responses as active viewers.

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On the other hand, Lamy’s manager had to watch Lamy’s stream at 3:00AM during holidays because the drunk elf threatened her (or him) with potentially another janitor yab…

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That's based though. The original gen 5 manager was a piece of shit who presumably got banishment roomed, they absoloutely should be whipping them into line at this point.

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Also both are doing singing streams right now, and both sang rick roll at the same time.

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As much as this meaning some kind of collab, even an unofficial implied one, its just going to be down to the fact they're both using the old meme review timeslot

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I can actually hear her laughs from reading that.

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Coco isn't banned from collabing with holomem

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true, but if you think she ever will appear even on special occasion you are mistaken.

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Isn't Coco will do her own meme review at the same time? Japanese meme

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To be fair, Coco Kaine didn't graudate either.

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I don't think there ever been a shitpost review with someone outside Holo.
My bet is that Haachama will do something retarded, as always. For example shitpost review with a png image of Coco's avatar, voiced by Haachama.

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That's WAy beyond the line ever for her... Right..?

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Haachama has no lines.

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>haachama streaming and using a coco soundboard as the guest

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Is this her default state now? I click off whenever I see it.

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I dont like where this is going.

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>Coco call in but pretend to be a soundboard

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>One of them is a pre-recorded stream, the other is live
This is one way I could see it work out.

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In fact, I could absolutely see this happening.
>contract stipulations prevent Coco from streaming with hololive after leaving under a different name
>but leaves in that the girls can play clips including Coco on stream
>Coco records a full soundboard specifically for Haachama meme reviews before she leaves
>Haachama can use the soundboard as "playing old clips that include Coco's voice"

It would be pretty funny, but its probably all just rrats from me.

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I'm the only one who would feel sad if this happens?

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A bit.
It's likedangling her dead corpse in front of an audience.

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Nah because Matsuri met him and was surprised by how haachama acted in front of him, all polite and quiet and just the opposite of what she's like on stream

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Seems Haachama's waiting room has been outright deleted.

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Hololive management, everyone.

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Yeah this is a pretty terrible idea all around, the only people who would enjoy it are dramafags. I could see Haato being schizo enough to go through with it though

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>met with him
Festival wanted the chama gene, no matter the costs

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Doesn't management approval? Or she doesn't want to ruin the surprise with kson also put it in the same schedule?

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Her twitter implies it's more a sleep issue.

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She didn't get management approval? Or she doesn't want to ruin the surprise with kson also put it in the same schedule?

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I'd imagine she just saw kson's schedule and deleted hers. Management could just change the thumbnail if the Coco bait was the issue.
Kson also did a meme thing in the usual time last week, while Haachama had a different time slot for hers.

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Maybe management is reading threads popping up like these and decide to kill the rrat before it could mature.

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bunch of fools, it only creates other rrats or make the already established stronger.

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Wouldn't be the first time.

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This probably the likeliest thing to happen. Coco seems to be doing fine on her own.

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She wanted to compete who had the better shitpost/meme review with an indie

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How did it came out bad

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It’s going to be Gura. screencap this

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> same time slot
I guess it makes sense that Haachama cancelled hers as a form of respect. Kumichou doesn't have the Hololive label anymore, but she's still around and helping the girls.
Leddit memes are hit and miss, but the main appeal was the 'seiso' guests getting un-'seiso'-ed. Corruption and mind break tags are pretty popular since they share a common theme with cuckoldry.

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She lasted a while this time. I wish she had collabed with Ame before this next hiatus.

>> No.8834828

twitch has a way better interface for finding streamers based on what they're playing or how they labelled the stream, its pretty normal to join a small streamer with an audience to see what its about.
youtube is complete ass for streaming. they get more money from videos so they push videos.

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Its omega alpha and godchaama

>> No.8836482

Haachama is MADE of lines

>> No.8836538

and this, dear children, is why corpos will always be worse than indies

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A weapon to surpass Loli anime?

>> No.8836675

Not after she snorts them before the stream starts.

>> No.8836721

there's literally nothing there anon, you're seeing things

>> No.8836733

Yeah yeah, go back to grooming autists you discord degenerate

>> No.8836888

Ya boy ain't so good at establishing rapport, chat

>> No.8837215

>Inviting the person that saw both the return of the "MORI DOESN'T CARE ABOUT HOLOLIVE" arc in full force AND likely contributed to Coco's feeling disconnected and burned out, and her eventual graduation.
At this point I'm more convinced that nobody in the JPs wants to approach Mori for collabs after she sandbagged like 10 of them. The power of first impressions.

>> No.8837846

Ollie just collabed with Niji like a few hours ago. Granted, it's much less of a surprise when Ollie does it

>> No.8837974

This is why ollie is the best, she’s not a tribalfag

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Lamy can whip me into line any time...

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Is it me or is it now completely gone?

>> No.8838899

it is

>> No.8839043

please no western cringe

>> No.8839386

holy shit, it official bros, Coco have memoryhole status, high probability it's enforced by management.
Someone needs to start to archive Coco channel before it gets "accidentally" deleted

>> No.8839540

You been here all summer, champ?
Calm the fuck down, it's all in the archives

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I miss Conan...

>> No.8840038

Now that I might actually tune in for

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After Aloe Gen 5 has been absolutely punishing management for their fuck up

Worst of all Polka is friends with the damn CEO of the company and Ina is basically an honorary Gen 5. So middle management is now being bullied by Gen 5. I think Nene said somewhere she is on her 3rd manager and Lamy we know is one her 2nd at least.

Just to clear the air a bit Aloe was always sort of doomed her issues were deep and to an extent her choice to graduate is hard to argue against. Essentially she feared she would hold back her genmates and didn't think it was fair that they would have to deal with her menhara self. The issue is this.

>Aloe wanted to test her live 2d
>Management in their infinite wisdom allowed her to test it on her personal account for some reason under the condition she delete the video
>Aloe is kind of an idiot and forgot (she does this all the time as Delta saying she will delete videos and then forgetting)
>management never did due diligence and made sure she deleted the video
>The video where she talked about Nijisanji was always going to be found Aloe was well known on 5ch and NicoNico long before she became Aloe the harrassement was always going to happen
>that being said what caused the major shot storm was her suspension
>Aloe was suspended for 2 fucking weeks because she forgot to remove the video
>management then allowed her to do the apology video but told her DO NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT CHITOSE which was the entire reason people were mad in the first place
>the suspension plus the apology video sent schizos into hyper drive and a bad situation became even worse
>during this time she was totally cut off from Gen 5 and any support
>KusoDad did his thing and she graduated
>then for the cherry on top Aloe and Gen 5 asked management to allow her to atleast have a final collab but management essentially told her GTFO you don't work her anymore leaving Gen5 and Aloe with no closure over the whole shitty situation

So it is no stretch to say that Gen 5 does not like Cover Management. This is just one of a few instances where they fucked over Gen 5. People forget how bad Nene was before Kiara and Ina Essentially rescued her.

In a way it is good though. Gen 5 were extremely outspoken on demanding Coco recieve a proper goodbye and always seem to show up to support Holos who are going through shit. Also there is the chance this is all a part of Yagoo's 444444gogleplex dimensional chess plan to save Delta and DeluMama from Kusodad while creating his true idol group NePoLaBo.

>"Yagoo that girl jumped from a 7 story building you couldn't have possibly planned that!?"
>Yagoo just looks at the camera and winks.

>> No.8840602

Coco graduated on good terms. It's a little tacky but not too crazy, considering they were friends and still talk. Sockpuppeting Aloe's cardboard corpse would be over the line.

>> No.8840697

Me too anon, me too.

>> No.8842966

what was wrong with nene before she was rescued?

>> No.8843311

based management

>> No.8843328

yea but it'd be way funnier.

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She was a small time idol/voice actor for an idol game. The group didnt go places and broke up so im pretty sure she was out of a job. You can tell shes grateful for the spot at hololive, part of the reason i like watching her is you can really feel that shes happy just generally

>> No.8843528

oh right but what did management do to her?

>> No.8844060

>then for the cherry on top Aloe and Gen 5 asked management to allow her to atleast have a final collab but management essentially told her GTFO you don't work her anymore leaving Gen5 and Aloe with no closure over the whole shitty situation
First time I'm hearing this.
Can you point me to the stream this was brought up in?

>> No.8845169

Aloefags pull shit out of their ass constantly to make their menhera slut waifu seem like a victim and not like someone that should've been filtered out during the application process.

>> No.8845262

the op image is no longer accurate, why?
only schizochama knows

>> No.8846846

Those are two Nice creative diferences...
tasukete iam becoming a coomer for a Thot AAAAAAAAAAAA

>> No.8847175

Vultures were considered Gods in some cultures

>> No.8847247

Did you seriously expecting anything else from this?

>> No.8847263

I wish ayamy was better. She's cute but her streams are hard to watch

>> No.8847302

oh PLEASE be true.

>> No.8847311

I know she's doing this intentionally to annoy people, but it's working a little too well.

>> No.8849686

If I were Haachama and I was banned from using Coco's avatar on the streamer, I would do things differently.
I'd make a unarchived reddit review stream and put Kiryu Kazuma on Coco and Majima Goro on myself.

>> No.8849792

Probably Miko due to her Ender Dragon helmet

>> No.8849917

took away her crayons

>> No.8849974

Interestingly I've come around to a rrat that EN gets away with some things that JP doesn't because their management is separate and JP middle management can't exert any influence on them. Yeah, EN management is a shitshow in their own ways but they don't let JP management control their talents by proxy.

Watch out if we ever hear that the management of the different branches is being restructured.

>> No.8850042

>should've been filtered out during the application process.
Fucking kek

>> No.8850619

we're never going to I think, after the double backlash from the Aloe and Coco incidents they're never going to explicitly say anything about management actions again. We're just going to have to make inferences when holos randomly take no-notice 1-2 week gaps of not streaming, but I think something is happening to undercut EN management, Irys and all of gen 5 speak japanese on some level and you can't accidentally get 6 bilinguals without making it an active priority

>> No.8850715

gen 2*

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>Ina is basically an honorary Gen 5

>> No.8851197

Ina is definitely one of the boys. Ina and Lamy have better synergy than any EN pair.

>> No.8851199

Honestly, management fucking sucks and bullies their talents. This is known via Kiara, Gura, Pekora, Aloe, Coco, etc. Who have all spoken out about their managers being shit heads.
It's not even a rrat to say that Cover fucking sucks dick and fucks over their talents for money and they are literally milking a golden cow, but soon that cow will die from over exertion and everyone will be thrown to the streets.

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