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Stop right there Saracen!

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I don't understand the purpose of this thread. Is it just to share edits of Muslim (?) chuubas?

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CHECKPOINT: How many times is Allah mentioned in Al-Quran?

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Waalaikumsalam sister :)

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وعليكم السلام

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2699 times of normal allah + 5 of the very fancy handwriting version

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unironically would oshi chuuba wearing this or nun shawl
it's my fetish

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It's a place to discuss vtubers in a halal way

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Sister claire....

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Waalaikumsalam faggot

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*in English
but I do fap to her porn

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You’re free to go, Brother. Takbir

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Waallaikummussallam ukhti

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Wa Alaykum as-Salaam

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wa allaikumisallam ina you look lovely today

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for a moment it looked to me like an isis vtuber

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ahlan wa sahlan ukhti
all seafood are halal
get on our level h*nafites

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how much dowry would you offer to ina's parents for her hand in marriage?

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1x Watame

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redpill me on islam. i'm a lapsed catholic (but i still believe in god). is it actually based?

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Just like Christianity, there are different sects that vary in quality. Basic idea is that God is in control and supreme good can be found in discovering and submitting to God's will. The rules you follow are different, but both Christians and Muslims believe in the same God, the God of Abraham. They just have different interpretations of that God and what specifically He wants.

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Purest spiritual tradition, there's only the Principle and the prophet sharing the way to reach It

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sounds based, probably converting now bros

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always has been

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ughtea your eyes look amazing today mashallah but could you not tuck in your hair it is showing!

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meant to reply to

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Based tradwife Ina!

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look what we have here, a naughtea ughtea ;)

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What if the 72 virgins were the Holowaifus we met along the way?

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lowkey cute wtf. also, wa'alaikum salaam.

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here's some. islam forbids you to even get close to 5 poisons that destroying society nowadays,
>sexual immorality
>dealing with interest
idk if that considered as based to you

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>dealing with interest
No wonder they hate jews so much

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giga based

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awful religion smdh, not a single islamist country that isn't a third world shithole

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French is islamic state.

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20 goats and 7 akasupa if first wife

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900 years ago Christian countries were behind, and more muslims in the First World won't slow it down much now. The religions themselves are just a part of changing cultures.

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get this caveman shit out of here

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They wouldn't be if US would stop funding and giving their "freedom fighters" weapons/armaments and backing the Saudis.

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If only they actually abided by thier own rules and didn't sell heroin
The hardliners like the Taliban are pretty based though

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Waalaikumsalam Ya Ukhti

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How would a true muslim react to chubas? What parts of the quran would they use to defend their statements?

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France is a third-world shithole though.

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what kind of true Muslim we are talking about? I'm a scholar at Al-Azhar University, Quran and Hadith is my daily food, and yet I watch chubbas

if you mean that kind of Muslim in ISIS then those people are Wahabi, no fun allowed

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Holyfuck, she looks like an actual child

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>Has a problem with them selling heroin
>Likes the Taliban

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Waalaikumussalam warahmatullahi wabarakātuh, sister.

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Like all ppl everywhere in religion/politics/school/circles they pick the parts they like and ignore the parts they don't like depending on what they currently want. So as long as they want their chuuba it shouldn't matter, they'll make the necessary adjustments.

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it means she is holy and pure my brother, don't say something like that but say

Masha Allah Tabarakallah, Your creation is amazing

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halal dua gura best girl

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The creator was some polytheist pedo jap who spills his seed to lolis.
You people are retarded.

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Why are the holoIDs so haram?

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but Allah has guided his hand to make this blessing art, maybe he wants to learn about Islam, consider this as his enlightenment or Hidayah (guidance)

may Allah guide him into the one True Religion
anon, Islam is Rahmatan Leel alameen (Guidance to the world)

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What do you think those goatfuckers are doing in Afghanistan? ISIS and Taliban make tons of cash from the poppy fields.

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>destroying society
The only islamic countries with healthy societies are the casuals who bend the rules.

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Does Allah also guide him to the pagan temples and guide his hand to jerk off to anime idols?
Makes no sense at all smhtbqhfam.

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Nah, those are saithan deceitful tactics to make human ashtray (since the beginning of humankind by the way)

Allah also didn't exterminate all those japs infidels though because Allah is merciful and compassionate, maybe they will get their Guidance before they are dead (i hope)

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They won't.
If you guys want to spread the faith, try working on your image.

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based. should have been her new outfit

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nah, you just consumed too much western propaganda against Islam

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Is there modest female chuuba that wears proper head covering? Would want to support so she can set good example for the community

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There is no counter-propaganda.
A bus blows up in Pakistan, it gets 2 seconds on the news ticker, the image of muslims is reinforced, and the world moves on.

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that saddens me too, radicalism is very rampant in Pakistan, bad economic conditions tend to radicalize people. If only the world can adopt a better economic system than this jewish derived system

no need to counter propaganda though, western civilization is killing themself

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Muslims aren't second place any more. When the west collapses, you guys will be dancing to the tune of different color jews.

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based ustaz

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so far degenerate things that make western civilization in this current situation didn't work so well in Muslim daily life. I have my great respect to fellow Christian who tried their best to stay in their traditional value though.

also anon, you sound like you already surrendered to Jewish trickery, don't do that, keep your morale high.

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Kanadajin3 vtuber confirmed

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I find everything agreeable but the sexual one. I don't like wearing lots of clothes and I could never take up a lifestyle where I have to cover myself up all the time. Might as well put on handcuffs while I'm at it.

Whenever I see a Muslim running outside, in 90+ degree weather, wearing all those layers I just feel sorry for them.

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Only Gen Z could turn Islam into a meme on par with Poggers

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It'll be the chinese and everyone knows it. Looks like communism (with chinese characteristics) was the better system after all. China is probably going to rule the world if the US falls, they'll have absolutely no real competition

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dont bing "islamic golden age"

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looks like a friking toddler now, i'm out

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>le pisslamic golden cope
Europe was only behind a few hundred years simply due to political reasons rather than cultural. And muslim societies were not as advanced nor peaceful as you’re being told.

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All of these are fine. After all, the sexual immorality clause only applies to fellow muslim allies. Fake Muslim and non Muslim women can still be taken as sex slaves because filthy infidels are subhuman. Praise Allah!

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Redpilling you on Islam requires me convincing you that honor killings and some extended humanitarian crimes are okay. Nothing will ever justify the historical actions of the Islamic faith.

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No. The Christian God essentially plays good cop/bad cop, with the good cop being Jesus and the bad cop being the fear of God that demand obedience or death. Islam has no good cop, only bad cop. It's obey or die.

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>blaming the Taliban for crimes that have been allowed with minimal punishment under the Kabul boyfucker regime
>believing mutt propaganda

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are you seriously a quranist?

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>good cop/bad cop
so christianity is not a pure monotheistic faith as they claimed to be?

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>political reasons
*strangeled by the church

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>le epic intentional misunderstanding to make a point

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this thread helps me to understand why terrorists can radicalise young people, especially western guys, so easily
unironically kys all of you, do this on /int/ or something

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Basically this. On the surface, Islam sounds great. Once you're knee-deep however, then they get you with the honour killings and outer struggle.

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the allahu really would be akbar

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And the caliphates were strangled by a combination of Islamic fervour and fucking throatsingers.

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戻ればいい。これは taliban の募集スレです。