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do you even know why you dislike nijisanji

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No, but I'm having fun shitting on nijiniggers

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Nijiniggers are in shambles. That's what you get for shilling the inferior brand. NijiEN flop? Yes.

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Do you need a reason to hate nazi Germany during wartime?

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I don't dislike nijisanji, it's fun to make fun of nijiniggers, tho

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Why would I hate the good guys?

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Who cares? a lot of niji's are cool to watch and the small fanbases are comfy because you can directly talk to them most of the time.

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>hating the good guys

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Yes, you need a reason.

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Hololive have big number
Nijisanji have small number
Sample ass.

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Why? It's war. They're fighting us so we fight back.

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The numbers OP, what do they mean!?!?!

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>nijinigs this, nijinigs that
>always using HololiveJP images to shitpost against Nijisanji, especially NijisanjiEN
>go to check HololiveJP generals
>dying at 100 posts
>search Fubuki on archives
>barely anyone talking about her streams
>because she's Japanese
I see. It's all so clear to me now.

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Can we ban all numberfags on this board?

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>never fails.

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Just ask then what the numbers mean over and over.

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Don't care, i will still watch Selen even if she have 300 viewers

>> No.8806329

You know they keep doing it cause you guys respond

>> No.8806342

t. Clipfag

>> No.8806346

They mean that more people find Hololive entertaining, thus making them the superior entertainment company. Any questions?

>> No.8806406

HoloEN x NijiEN collab when?
I want to see it

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Don't disappoint Friend with dogshit threads.

>> No.8806557

Do you really think FBK would like your tribalshit?
Kill yourself, numbernigger

>> No.8806565

And threads shitting on holos hit bump limit as well, remember when we got daily threads shitting on Kiara and Mori? Both sides are getting baited.

>> No.8806572

They are hololive rejects for a reason.

>> No.8806670

I still wonder what happened to that guy. I like to think he started watching NijiEN and liked them too much to keep shitposting.

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Their gura killer is dying so fast she can barely get 500 viewers now.

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i knew niji was based but not this based

>> No.8807120

>NijiEN below 1k
Just checked to confirm and got a big smile from it.

>> No.8807177

Don't compare Nazi to Nijiniggers

>> No.8807239

You mean Baelz? Yea so much for the gura killer

>> No.8807328

>That's what you get for shilling the inferior brand.
Do you really believe? Nijisanji is more popular than hololive in Japan.

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and yet she had more viewers than all the nijinigger chubbas combined streaming today lmao

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Nature is healing. Nijiniggers deserve no peace. Receive thine divine punishment ya heathen rubber lickers.

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Continue to stroke your dick over numbers coming from women you can't even understand.

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*Receive thy divine punishment thou heathen rubber lickers
you're mixing up you're politeness levels and your different possessive forms
if you're gonna do it do it right

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based holosisters, I also cum to the thought of being a piss drop in a piss ocean

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You don't need to hate Nijisanji to hate Nijiniggers.

The only thing I ever get from NijiEN threads is that Nijiniggers are at least as insufferable as the Global threads they hate on.

Doesn't stop me from loving Niji's livers, though. Especially Rosemi and myamya!

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