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Chug more water dads
>Next stream tomorrow - members gartic phone

>Who is Beatani?



>Streamlabs, because superchats are for low IQ dads who like giving Youtube 30% of the cut:

> Data archive:

>Last Thread

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24 hours remain

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Just learned about this vtuber. I don't like how she panders to 4chan. This is a very bad site and it makes me question her morality.

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That's why she is moving to reddit

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She doesn't come here anymore, she's a Discord Reddit bear. You know that Bea.

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Does Bea deserve a penalty kiss for the lack of regard for her health?

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Haachama's Japanese is pretty good for an Australian.

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Yes. She has to kiss SG

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Well done Dad I love this

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Great work, I recognize a lot of those from gifs you've posted.

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i love this fucking bear

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Damn that's a sad song.

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Being a hobodad's a hard life

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Fuck you for making me consider making this Risunapple's PES model.

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Do it!

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Happy songs are too hard to write. Always sound cheesy

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Are ya winning dad?
You don't wanna cum for Chihiro and NTR Bea right? That would make Bea suuuper jealous, you wouldn't want her to puff her cheeks and pout and maybe cry a bit then go to sleep at night after fingering herself to the thought of you fucking Chihiro instead of her now would you?

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I'll hold off at least until she bathes, I wouldn't want her to get another UTI.

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>You don't wanna cum for Chihiro and NTR Bea right?
Absolutely not! I will stay faithful to Bea because I love her!

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Me after I groom Bea into meeting me.

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>richdads only
gray pain...

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Put in whatever billing details you want. Only good for one month of Family Membership. Ganbatte.

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It only costs a McDonalds menu anon...

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Fantastic job dad.

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ngl I'm horny and I'm tired of pretending I'm not.

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Will the live viewer count plummet after dads realize the shame of their actions?

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I'm gonna nut to Chihiro today. I've been saving for 2 weeks for this moment.

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>gray pain
excuse me, I don't think I heard that correctly. did you mean to say GREY PRIDE

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>live viewer count

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Bea on the left?

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For nutkumolity, not Fartic Bone

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You know it!

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Oh right, my brain is haachamachama right now.

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Whoever tried this, my bad I forgot to change the funding source. Stand by.

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Try again now.

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me too

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I love fucking this bear! I'm going to do it tomorrow!

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I am winning. And that's correct. Begone, Chihiro

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Dads, keep your expectations in check, maybe you will have to save your cum for a few more days

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That's fine. It's no real problem now.

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Bea's got dads looking like tanuki.

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I'm willing to wait another week if that means that the bear will be at hey 100% by then

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I mean, if she wants to stream below 100%, I don't want to stop her. But she shouldn't force herself for our sake.

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She can give her stream key to one of the dads and have him lead the charge. She can jerk off too in that case.

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I'll do it.

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Help a retardchama out. How do I play this?

>> No.8790408

Go and click embed

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That was beautiful.

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I teared up a bit.
What a foolish dad. I hope he found peace in the end.

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I started edging for a bit before I came to my senses and stopped.

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Shine on Hobo dad.

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Pretty bimodal. Stromg dads at 2+ and weak dads at days. No votes for 1week.

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I think that once dads broke it was a lot harder to pick themselves back up again.

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I voted for >3 but I never participated in the first place. I just jerked it yesterday and I think before that was Monday or Sunday, I guess.

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I don't even know why I'm doing nutkumolity, to be honest. I admire Bea for more reasons than one, but definitely, sex appeal isn't one of them.

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It sounded like an interesting idea. When they write the history book on vtubing this will be in it, and I will be able to say I was there.

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Well, you just gave me a reason to keep steady until the end. Thank you.

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Me too. I don't want to have sex with beatani for any reason other than procreation.

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Does the world really need more Beatanis?

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I'm only doing it because why not, I've never done it as a challenge before, so it didn't seem like a bad idea.

>> No.8793269

A Beatani daughter or granddaughter for every dad. That way dads won't have to fight over her.

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I don't really see her in a lewd way either.
I'm doing it because she asked and it's really not that inconvenient for me. And more people participating should make it more interesting.

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I hope Bea's taking her MEDS. Antibiotics interfere with birth control so if I get her pregnant I apologize for the reduction in streams.

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i'm worried for bea. i wish i was beside her so i could lick her cunny and make her infection go away. and if she's too lazy to go to the bathroom at night i could be her toilet too

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She doesn't seem to know the kiss it and make it better school of medicine, I hope you can get through to her.

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unwashed bear vagina

>> No.8795933

sweet smell of infection and urine

>> No.8795959

putting the pus in pussy

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come we wait u

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Imagine inserting a catheter and guzzling Beatani's piss directly from her bladder. Getting up is mendokusai so you do it while she watches salmon's stream! Her unwashed cunny smells fishy too!

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I am happy that she is feeling better.

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Nippon, why?

>> No.8796933

I'm glad I can finally ejaculate tomorrow.

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next time please use the bathroom onegai

>> No.8797065

For the love of God Bea! Stop drinking so much alcohol! It fucks your urination system!

>> No.8797089

It's not the alcohol

>> No.8797094

So is Bea doing the thing where you hold in your piss for so long that when you finally release it, it feels so good you have an orgasm?

>> No.8797168

nice try matuli

>> No.8797246

what? Special water?

>> No.8797264

No, it's because she swaddles herself in the cocoon and then realizes she has to pee, but escaping from the cocoon is too mendokusai so she goes to sleep anyway.

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i made a toilet for bea in minecraft

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You're a good dad looking out for his daughter.

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so the person who got banned from the server did so because he 'borrowed' bea's gear, but her armor is honestly subpar to say the least. if he just asked for some armor pieces with good enchants we could've provided some. what a retard.

>> No.8797807

I'm still amazed that he hasn't been named yet.

>> No.8798236

Bea I know you still read these threads even if you won't admit it just take your goddamn piss breaks if you need to during stream, enabling piss fetishists is still better than developing UTIs over and over again.
>b-b-but mendokusai
I will literally find my way onto the Windows XP Hill and forcefully carry you into the nearest bathroom (or river or bush or whatever the fuck they use there) if I have to

>> No.8798336

I was hopeful when she supposedly took a bathroom break on the six month stream, but now I think she just muted her mic. Bea, please piss on stream and bring your mic with you. Dads are concerned.

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pee inspection day when?

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I love Beatani, anyone else the same?

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is this on the record?

>> No.8798738

I'm afraid so

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there were some good ones this time around

>> No.8799117

speaking of, is there a bea jack-o yet?

>> No.8799140

Oh look it's the Discord clique again.

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at least they tried to include the thread. i appreciate it, really

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you could have joined in instead of being a cocksucking faggot

>> No.8799245

I don't care about it but it's not like it's taking up valuable real estate. Glad you guys had fun

>> No.8799309

I hope tomorrow's will be just as fun. It certainly will have more people playing

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doing gartic reps for the bear

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Good work bud

>> No.8799448

why did I think writing a children's storybook type of thing would be easy

>> No.8799519

It's pretty tough. I tried to before the idea shifted to the magazine and it was pretty daunting.

>> No.8800088

You should work on being less hostile to people you don't know well.

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>> No.8801466

Considering who it is I don't think I care about his sympathy

>> No.8801606

Nobody's taken this up yet, it's your chance to play Gartic Phone

>> No.8802114

Greys have too much honor to take this.

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As a green I admire their restraint.

>> No.8802328

It's wise to treat people better than you think they deserve.

>> No.8803468

I am comfortable in the freeloader role. Plus I'm a little shy for social games tabun maybe

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>> No.8804869

3 まず東(右)に200歩。次に南(下)に256歩あるきます (合計456歩) 4 次に西(左)に63歩いきます (合計519歩) 5 そこで探検セットを使用。何にもしないで地上に出る。 6 新月島に出ると左に森らしきところがありそこの道を進むとダークライ(Lv40)がいる

>> No.8805482

This is just pasta. Paste it into google.

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For the zoomers who don't know how to view swfs

If you want to use the assets for whatever, here's the .fla file

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anyone made any progress in the pages of the magazine?

>> No.8811401

Nah I'm not motivated

>> No.8811595

waiting for nutkumolity so I can fully focus on it

>> No.8815154

Glad to hear that the bear is feeling fine

>> No.8815445

yes my main submission is more than half done.

>> No.8815457

Nutkumolity is today. I can't wait.

>> No.8815500

You wouldn't fail Nutkumolity, right dads?

>> No.8815542

I'm not sure I could even do it during the stream itself. Abstinence made me lose my horniness.

>> No.8815592

I think I can make it. I think I can. I think I can.

>> No.8815682

Bae needs to start wearing diapers or something man how's she such a dummy

>> No.8815735

>A continuation of one of my favorite series is released
She even looks a little like Bea to me

>> No.8815962 [DELETED] 

dads I'm scared I feel something is wrong is going to happen

>> No.8816007

it’s ok
i hope if she doesn’t feel well she postpones the stream

>> No.8816136

At this point, I'm okay if she feels the need to postpone her Ring fit stream. I want to belieb her.

>> No.8816160

RFA doesn't do anything for me, I'd prefer is she were to try doing a full ASMR stream

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File: 1.63 MB, 2413x2500, 1626854317078.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At what point did you get over your crush on Beatani and became an earnest supporter instead?

>> No.8816662

I will never stop loving Beatani!!!!!!

>> No.8816719

Right at the end of the first Burger x 3rd x Euro war, when /yah/ realized that it was time to end the drama arc for once and everybody decided to change the focus to help Bea instead.

>> No.8816808

gonna miss the gartic stream, feels bad man

>> No.8817072

I'm not gonna miss it, but I'm gonna be riding a train while playing.

>> No.8817400

I never actually had a crush on Bea. But, I do love her platonically as a friend .

>> No.8817510

I never saw her romantically or sexually. I still want her to stay single obviously, it's unrelated, as I want as much of her time and attention to be dedicated to her vtubing project and community.

>> No.8817554

>as I want as much of her time and attention to be dedicated to her vtubing project and community.
She's doing it as a hobby, not professionally. Having this kind of expectation is pointless.

>> No.8817691

I don't see how any of that matters really, it's a hobby for me to watch, participate and support, so I will have the expectations I want.

>> No.8817865

There are limits to this logic, it's not a hobby like
gardening that you can do and enjoy alone with no expectations. Vtubing needs a minimal audience to have a point and be enjoyable, thus it's expected for the streamer to go the extra mile to preserve it and secure their own future enjoyment.

>> No.8818613

I get that she wants to post on lowlevelaware (I don't actually) but why with the vtuber account? Bizarre.

>> No.8818655

Why not? I think it's a good thing that the account does more than just shill her streams when people check her profile.

>> No.8818733

Maybe something less Japanese and autistic would be a better choice considering the audience she's presumably going for.

>> No.8818781

Same. And it's normal to earnestly support friends.

>> No.8818913

I went from a devoted fan to barely interested. I'll still catch her if she's on but it's nothing like it was before.

>> No.8819020

I guess around late jun early july, I felt she got really much less invested in her project and as a result I also got less invested in her content, of course I still casually watch some of the streams evert now and then.

>> No.8819041

I think she's just taking a chance to learn / use reddit and not using these posts as a way to get new users to the channel.

>> No.8819078

I think great balls simbolyze great fortune in Japan. That's why you'll see lots of big-balled tanukis at the entrance of many Japanese homes.
Actually, according to Buddism, all parts of body simbolyze something. Buddha is represented with such big ears because their size is equivalent to a man's benevolence.

>> No.8819178

Right, but why not use a throwaway or some other account? She doesn't use her Twitter for "personal" interests anymore so it would follow that she would treat her Reddit the same way, no? It's whatever but strange bear is strange.

>> No.8819241

i learned to breathe through my ears while eating her cunny all day

>> No.8819260

The minimum number to keep it interesting can be pretty small when you're just doing it as a hobby.
It's more about quality people watching than the quantity of them. And those kind of people, the ones who really enjoy you and the stream, will stick around unless you just stop streaming for months.
Only she knows what her number is, so she knows when she needs to put in the extra effort or not.
> thus it's expected for the streamer to go the extra mile to preserve it and secure their own future enjoyment.
Expected by who? I certainly don't expect it from hobby streamers.

>> No.8819278

Same period for me too, around the transition from "streaming is my meds" thanksful happy bea + everyday interaction, to a cold attitude and feeling like her even taking some of her time for the fans was a chore and doing us a big favor. I still rewatch may and june VODs sometimes, good time.

>> No.8819383

She wants a new more casual and less crazy audience, thus the lower interaction and recent Reddit and collab evangelism.

>> No.8819396

>Only she knows what her number is, so she knows when she needs to put in the extra effort or not.
She certainly doesn't know and have shown countless times she often let things worsen too far before bothering to care about it, see her current illness, her stories about letting her room be a dangerous mess, overall she does have an attitude of looking away from issues as long as she can against her own good.

>> No.8819449

>It's more about quality people watching than the quantity of them. And those kind of people, the ones who really enjoy you and the stream,
You can't be serious, "quality people" aren't the super-yes men who will never say anything and only praise every single move you think they should be.

>> No.8819477

You're probably replying to the ultimate virtue signaler shitty drawing spammer yesman, don't waste your time on lost causes.

>> No.8819527

>quality people
Oh I'm sure you think you're one of those by acting like just because it's a hobby mean there's no value in pointing out mistakes or things that could be improved. I swear whiteknights are worse than schizos.

>> No.8819599

The best content creators and streamer hobbyists are the ones who are able to take both positive and negative feedbacks, the ones who chose to surround themselves with yesmen and qualify anything negative as anti usually quickly drop in quality as a result.

>> No.8819688

I've even seen it pushed to a point where some vtubers did a whole stream or karaoke with shitty audio settings because no one dared to point out that maybe it wasn't right.

>> No.8819715

I think she would listen to feedback, but the signal to schizo ratio is too low here and most dads won't use their name to give her feedback because it would lower their esteem in the bear's eye. Wikidad did and it got a response even if nothing actually changed.

>> No.8819720

Bea hasn't really changed that much, the only thing she has done is reducing her interactions with the community, and it could be due to many reasons

>> No.8819745

That's a big change in itself, but she did change other things, she sounded much more thankful early on.

>> No.8819803

"interaction with the community" is basically a vtuber mean activity, be it with streams which are that, or other mediums. Only a few one-way content aren't really interactions, like posting a song for example. Well most creators will still make that interactive by replying to comments on it but yeah. Streaming in itself is literally all about interacting with your community.

>> No.8819804

>Wikidad did and it got a response even if nothing actually changed.
That's bullshit. After RM's departure, dads engaging with her in her community posts and Wikidad calling her out she has been a lot more nicer with us
I don't know if she understood what the problem was, but she has been making a big an effort since then to improve the mood

>> No.8819862

Her degree was in economics. Supply and demand. If she's getting a lot of praise and attention, she needs to raise the "price" of hers or it appears like her appreciation is of low value.

>> No.8819877

It's indeed what separate a streamer from a regular Television-type content where it's just creator -> audience. Streaming is about making it creator <-> audience, it's literally what it is about.

>> No.8820078

Especially small indies, big corpos do have interaction but it's limited, however the strongest point of indies is the interaction they provide, that's why most are very invested in it.

>> No.8820102

>she sounded much more thankful early on.
Honestly, what do you want from her? It feels like some of you guys only want to support her to feel good about yourselves

>> No.8820201

Most streamers emanate that naturally, because they indeed realize they're given that rare opportunity of having an audience (90% of streamers don't). It's just more enjoyable as a viewer when you feel the streamer is happy about being here too.
I just hope it's a phase and she'll enjoy it again soon, else I'm thinking she'll just quit within a few months.

>> No.8820213

What do I want from her? Lots of animal style baby making sex.

>> No.8820246

If her boyfriend stabs her to death because he couldn't take it anymore, how much would you donate to his legal defense fund? At least 200 bucks from me to start with.

>> No.8820273

Everything because I don't want to go to prison

>> No.8820306

>It's just more enjoyable as a viewer when you feel the streamer is happy about being here too.
This is what I don't understand, since the cooking stream she has been in a great fucking mood, you can feel how much fun she is having
If even now you don't think she is enjoying her time with us, then I'd suggest you to find someone else

>> No.8820337

every single one of you needs to, and will be publicly executed

>> No.8820345

considering some of the things I've seen here I really do get the feeling a lot of people here either genuinely only like her because they think she's as pathetic as they are or they shitpost so hard that they make it seem like most people here are like that
I also get the feeling she's babby's first indie for a lot of people in these threads too, considering how people try to micromanage how she should run the community or who she should collab with or what kind of content she should produce.

>> No.8820376

Since I watch many small indies I've always been surprised at how little Bea reads the chat or interact with it, with that slow speed usually streamers will read most if not all of it, I wonder if it's because she still has trouble reading english. She usually made up for that with twitter but yeah, I wonder.

>> No.8820431

I've been critical multiple times and always have been watch indies as far as I can remember, actually that's why I wrote those messages
The only "first indie" bullshit things I've seen where the tyical Holo-only shit like twitch = evil and other indies networking/intearction = leeching

>> No.8820495

It's true, but yeah I suppose it's harder to multitask being ESL

>> No.8820523
File: 272 KB, 547x573, 1629992692425.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I pray for it every day but release never comes.

>> No.8820598

Don't worry, I found Beatani as I had nothing left to look forward to and it's the only thing left I really care about, when she's gone, I'm gone too, no need for execution.

>> No.8820812

I doubt he'd ever stab he considering he drew art for her twitter yesterday

>> No.8820822
File: 1.37 MB, 1538x797, TheSpirit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can not kill me in a way that matters, but I welcome you to try.

>> No.8820836

I'm going to be imagining her roommate in a filthy pile of beer cans when I'm jerking off today.

>> No.8820970

Look how quickly someone can derail the thread into yesmen and she hates us posting

>> No.8821017

I really hope bea remembers the arrangement we have going for the start of the stream

>> No.8821073

that it is going to be members only?

>> No.8821086

do you think bea keeps reading all this garbage?

>> No.8821122

ah woops
should have added for the start of the nutkumolity stream

>> No.8821133

She probably just skims it

>> No.8821140

Ok, let's talk about how much we look forward to being JO buddies tonight. I've got my crystal, do you have yours? I hope Bea wears one tonight, it would be very funny.
Reddit for the Reddit bear:
Vtuber asset:

>> No.8821168

Idk, why did she post a picture about doing nothing but reading her phone when she's not working or streaming, if she's not interjecting with us as often anymore?

>> No.8821215

im pretty sure she rad the chihiro fan fiction and replied to it yesterday
long shitposts are good for vocabulary

>> No.8821231

Of course not, her only time as Beatani nowadays is during her streams, after she shut every off, sometimes randomly drop a bunch of messages on discord (no risks there, only praise) and log off.

>> No.8821262

The opposite actually, she ignores those specifically because too long, she hates anything too big usually.

>> No.8821301

I want to fuck a hole in my mattress, the problem is it's an air mattress.

>> No.8821307

She just posted a single word message "long" after ignoring those like everyone.

>> No.8821329

>she hates anything too big usually
Tell me about it, I ask for sex and she goes all pale and sweaty

>> No.8821341

Yeah, I also thought it was bear paws

>> No.8821363

What does she do on her cell phone the whole day?

>> No.8821386

I read all of it and I'm going to beat off to it later. Keep the horny fanfics coming and I will be too.

>> No.8821423

Reddit, LINE with her boyfriend, DMs and Discord with other vtubers plotting her betrayal of us, Shaymin porn, cat pictures.

>> No.8821496

sorry that was me

>> No.8821559

she was ip banned and that's why we don't have bear paws anymore

>> No.8821631

I want to believe but really this is just another toy she got tired of.

>> No.8821698

her English reading comprehension is extremely strong. If you pay attention to her tics, you can notice her sometimes reading chat (silently to herself) and reacting to it. I'd wager she reads a lot more of chat than you think, she just chooses not to read it out loud unless she wants to elaborate on it. If you want to read what other people are saying in chat, you have two eyes to do it yourself.

>> No.8821760

Should I even bother with garlic phone if I can't draw?

>> No.8821799

Yes you should participate. The message getting corrupted by poor art is part of the fun.

>> No.8821821

can you use no screen pc tablet to draw with gartic phone?

>> No.8821827

I've no idea what the game even is, looks like or is about honestly, never heard about it before.

>> No.8821858
File: 262 KB, 976x940, 1628268314511.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you have two eyes
Speak for yourself

>> No.8821860

I assume Bea will do a short explanation at the start yeah

>> No.8821911

It's like the game telephone, but instead of whispering the phrase you take turns alternating between drawing and writing it. The first person thinks of a sentence, the second person draws it, the third person tries and guess the sentence from that drawing, the forth person then draws the guess, etc.

To avoid people waiting around doing nothing there are multiple prompts going on at once so you are always either guessing what a drawing is or drawing something each round.

>> No.8822201

Literally who?

>> No.8822282

rrat: this ritual post is actually bear paws

>> No.8822407

Bear daughter, don't forget to drink lots of water and take frequent bathroom breaks during your RFA stream. All that exercise can dehydrate you pretty quickly. Also it would be best if you were naked at least from the waist down, you need to air out that area and letting sweat accumulate there isn't a good idea in your present condition. Live2D is also tough to configure so I will accept a regular webcam stream just this once while you're recovering.

>> No.8822408
File: 549 KB, 1000x560, 1618426441017.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8822485

That face was so cute bros...

>> No.8822595

I am the only one who watches bea's early streams from time to time don't get me wrong I don't think she has dropped in quality but these few months feel like years

>> No.8822662

Based and Haa... pilled

>> No.8822702

Ogey, I'll try if there's room

>> No.8822838

>these few months feel like years
I think even Bea would agree with that

>> No.8823132
File: 284 KB, 366x432, bea28.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Everyone wants to jerk off to bea and I just want to rub those cute bear ears. I do not understand the minds of some dads.

>> No.8823141

True gamers don't need bathroom breaks

>> No.8823232

bea is so excited about nutkumolity, it's scary, what she's planning?

>> No.8823310

I would happily cum in her hair and rub it in

>> No.8823410

It will be her biggest collab yet, they will all laugh at us

>> No.8823453

Blackmailing dads with their streamlabs donor info/mailing addresses from the letters. Shaming dads in front of reddit. NTR with pizza dad while calling him daddy the whole time. Her depravity knows no bounds.

>> No.8823467
File: 53 KB, 583x339, 2021-08-28-062112_583x339_scrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8823521

I'm going to masturbate after this member stream then

>> No.8823535

It's probably for the best that she doesn't do anything weird. That would be suuuper awkward.

>> No.8823546


>> No.8823611

What have I been punching my walls and snapping at coworkers for two weeks for?

>> No.8823615

>the twist is that there is no twist
that would actually surprise me

>> No.8823647

She's gathering all the smuggest chuubas as we speak...

>> No.8823762

Reverse psychology

>> No.8823886

I'm actually disappointed

>> No.8824003

i'm going to rape her urethra if she keeps doing this

>> No.8824102


>> No.8824145

>While playing RFA
She promised lewd asmr and countdown, and that's a little hard to do while trying to play RFA

>> No.8824160

Usually I hang around in the threads during membear streams, but this time it's just too much. I'm going to find something else to do and pretend Beatani doesn't even exist. I hate you all and I hate Beatani.

>> No.8824207

Do you want a membership? The card from last thread is still available.

>> No.8824298

>She promised lewd asmr and countdown
there was no promise

>> No.8824306

I'm not that poor. I'm not joining because I have principles.

>> No.8824328

>Sure, I'll do it

>> No.8824343
File: 479 KB, 1080x1080, 1629092931327.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can respect that

>> No.8824407
File: 311 KB, 512x700, Hk85npZ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't believe her

>> No.8824443

Which is different than
>I pinky promise with a cherry on top that I'll do it.

>> No.8824478

Bea looks kind of Asian in this picture.

>> No.8824494

she promises a lot of things

>> No.8824548

It would be classic Bea to frustrate dads for 2+ weeks and the punchline is that there is no punchline.

>> No.8824748

Dads, don't forget to prepare your tribute targets. I look forward to seeing your creations in the thread and on the hashtag!

>> No.8824767

Don't post it

>> No.8824792

Post them

>> No.8824800

There is no hashtag and she'll think it's gross. Remember the used sanitary napkin.

>> No.8824834

I'm not going to post it.
I'm not even sure if I'll admit I did it

>> No.8824876

do it!!!!!

>> No.8824887

>If Bea has fun with the stream
I'll admit it
>If Bea feels awkward
Sorry, I couldn't make it to the stream

>> No.8824910


>> No.8824961

>Remember the used sanitary napkin
I will, while I'm masturbating

>> No.8824992
File: 36 KB, 320x320, shy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

please understand

>> No.8824993

>Empty chat the whole stream

>> No.8825095

I'm grey (previously green) but I just don't want to give her money at the moment, I'm sure someone will get a use of this card anyway.

>> No.8825272


>> No.8825300

Is H***án a new active member from this month or a namechange? I don't have him in my data.

>> No.8825334

nta but if she says "I will do X" I'm still gonna hold onto it and not be happy if she just decide not to suddendly. I think it's fair.

>> No.8825370

Official Beatani chastity cage merch when?

>> No.8825440

I think he's 'nesto, just a guess. While we're checking the dadabase, did anontan disappear or was that just an alt?

>> No.8825517

She took months to get a bank card and frog still has no letter. You have to manage your expectations.

>> No.8825522

He hasn't drawn anything in months at least

>> No.8825609

>I don't have him in my data.
your data must be garbage then

>> No.8825641

its because he spends too much time focused on his data and not enough time just enjoying bea

>> No.8825712

is this guy

>> No.8825726


>> No.8825751

Wasn't the Gartic Phone stream supposed to happen right now or so?

>> No.8825766

She usually forgets and then turns it on at the start.

>> No.8825772

I just didn't update it in a while that's all

>> No.8825783

dont remind her!!

>> No.8825784

It was a membear a few minutes ago, not anymore

>> No.8825785


>> No.8825857

It's your lucky day tabun

>> No.8825863

I think that transition at the beginning is new.

>> No.8825878

Apparently I'm blind, thanks

>> No.8825912

Am I going deaf or is YouTube stupidly quiet now? I used to be able to listen at like 20 volume but now I have to crank it up to 60. Noticed this with other streams.

>> No.8825970

I was about to ask the same thing, feel like it's been like that for a few days now

>> No.8825989

grey in chat? how

>> No.8826013

she's retarded and didn't make it members only

>> No.8826021

Greys were too pathetic with their incessant whining about not getting things for free

>> No.8826046
File: 113 KB, 1236x165, 1617308139896.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no you are both wrong

>> No.8826053
File: 91 KB, 355x405, Daughter enters the pain dimension.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>Some people are more likely than others to develop bladder infections or recurrent urinary tract infections. Women are one such group. A key reason is physical anatomy. Women have a shorter urethra, which cuts down on the distance bacteria must travel to reach the bladder.

>Women at greatest risk of UTIs include those who:

>Are sexually active. Sexual intercourse can result in bacteria being pushed into the urethra.
>Use certain types of birth control. Women who use diaphragms are at increased risk of a UTI. Diaphragms that contain spermicidal agents further increase your risk.
>Are pregnant. Hormonal changes during pregnancy may increase the risk of a bladder infection.
>Have experienced menopause. Altered hormone levels in postmenopausal women are often associated with UTIs.

Alright, which one of you isn't washing your cock before fucking the bear?

>> No.8826068

sniffing Beatani's coke-pee air bottles...

>> No.8826070 [DELETED] 
File: 80 KB, 1080x1326, 1628725373372.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for the free stream greenkek. Don't forget to keep donating to her mom's retirement fund.

>> No.8826126

Free stuff > dignity

>> No.8826148

No point in washing your cock if her cunny is filthy.

>> No.8826153

Is this extreme depression?

>> No.8826207

its adhd

>> No.8826509
File: 223 KB, 945x529, 1626934338298.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bear Art #1

>> No.8826591
File: 369 KB, 956x651, 1604053797979.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bear Art #2

>> No.8826716
File: 368 KB, 954x686, 1617815418550.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bear Art # 3

>> No.8826770
File: 457 KB, 963x792, 1622982492189.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

truly 71 IQ Bear

>> No.8826823
File: 444 KB, 955x686, 1617176007375.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bear Art # 4

>> No.8826840

It's UTI

>> No.8826913
File: 328 KB, 950x678, 1609654483755.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bear Art # 5

>> No.8827013
File: 369 KB, 950x686, 1620586676611.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bear Art # 6

>> No.8827065
File: 765 KB, 1299x824, 1612551613033.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

IQ is declining

>> No.8827074

members stream hidden off of my feed fuck this shit can’t open it fuck fuck fuck

>> No.8827090


>> No.8827094


>> No.8827140
File: 308 KB, 956x709, 1599429741521.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bear Art # 7

>> No.8827271

You can usually find it in the community tab.

>> No.8827277

even the first album alone confirms that i shouldn't play this game. i am enjoying watching you guys though.

>> No.8827439
File: 641 KB, 772x1028, 1604158917871.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8827453

Same. But I think I'll try to swallow my menhera and hop in one of these

>> No.8827464

I hope someone's saving these gifs

>> No.8827488

i mean, its an archived stream. I'm just posting bea's art as we go along.

>> No.8827491

Tell Bea to do it, otherwise they're lost forever

>> No.8827493

I am, but only to save my own drawings

>> No.8827499

Alright this game is indeed pretty fun

>> No.8827551

damnit please dont remind me of that doujin right now...
still a fair few hours left...

>> No.8827725

>this image is for autists
I mean she's not wrong but

>> No.8827730

This stream is comedy gold.

>> No.8827801

I fucking told you coomers to not expect anything other than a voice changer kek

>> No.8827863

I keep going back and forth debating it. i do want to.

>> No.8827881

Much better than expected yes

>> No.8827961


>> No.8827982
File: 87 KB, 266x261, Beatani do you really beleb it.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>2 IQ for being Cactus.

Why she do me dirty like this?! Love you too, bear.

>> No.8828008

Let's join the next one

>> No.8828173

keep it simple onegai

>> No.8828200

ok I'll try to join so someone else should post bears drawings if you don't see me post the next one

>> No.8828275
File: 796 KB, 770x525, album_2021-08-28_17-06-46.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8828307
File: 787 KB, 770x525, album_2021-08-28_17-03-13.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8828355
File: 823 KB, 770x525, album_2021-08-28_17-00-59.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8828386

Wait you can save them by yourself? Shit, we lost some

>> No.8828409
File: 744 KB, 770x525, album_2021-08-28_16-59-18.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8828452

There was a button at the bottom, retard-chama...

>> No.8828469
File: 785 KB, 770x525, album_2021-08-28_16-57-30.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, but I forgot to save some of them gomen

>> No.8828526

I didnt look at my gartic screen at all, only at Bea's one

>> No.8828530

I forgot to save a couple, but hopefully each one was saved by at least someone. I'm not going to upload mine until tomorrow if needed though.

>> No.8828552
File: 806 KB, 770x525, album_2021-08-28_16-55-31.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the last one

>> No.8828574

Is bea using a mouse?

>> No.8828590

Just like when she does the scrible io yes, quality of drawing doesn't matter anyway

>> No.8828592

trackball bear pls undastand

>> No.8828880

I wish vods were available to greys after the stream ends

>> No.8829149

Shut the fuck up

>> No.8829206


>> No.8829251
File: 75 KB, 572x321, Screenshot from 2021-08-28 10-41-16.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8829352

She shouldn't be doing them to begin with. Let's hope she moves to Twitch so we can get rid of them.

>> No.8829540

Go be poor somewhere else.

>> No.8829698

I should've entered in again...

>> No.8829777


>> No.8829941

I should never enter again. But at least I know why now

>> No.8829975


>> No.8829979

she never can't get rid of us

>> No.8830002
File: 390 KB, 958x438, yah.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She knows exactly what she is doing.

>> No.8830017

it's cute that she worries about containment reps when that ship sailed a long time ago

>> No.8830094

>bea thinking of today's jerk off material
She's going to jerk off after the stream to the thought of us all cumming at the same time!
>(abusing pichu

>> No.8830113

it would be funny if discord gets tied to twitch membership, which is easy to do.

>> No.8830149

it's just as easy as YouTube membership you know

>> No.8830192

yes, but we have paywalls via mengen stream here. i am talking about how we filter the greys in a theoretical twitch only environment

>> No.8830449

Wait why did she draw someone behind herself in the nutkumolity picture?

>> No.8830510

It's her boyfriend

>> No.8830521

I'm never going to let her forget it either

>> No.8830757


>> No.8830770
File: 148 KB, 770x745, mpv-shot0126.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8830798

rate the stream

>> No.8830808

I will cum in less than 10 seconds so I'll start at the countdown

>> No.8830827

Pretty stressful since I'm bad at both halves of the game.
It would be fun if I did my art reps though I think

>> No.8830835

can' t stop laughing/10

>> No.8830838

What a waste. You should edge the whole stream so your orgasm is better.

>> No.8830845

I hope there's a countdown. If there isn't I won't do it.

>> No.8830849
File: 55 KB, 258x273, stare.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pretty good stream, glad I woke up for it.

>> No.8830854

I am sideless/10

>> No.8830863

Audible laughs/10

>> No.8830870

It's just far too gross to me, never was into those literal circle jerks in school, I don't get the appeal

>> No.8830876

1 eye / 4 eyes

>> No.8830880

comfy game with family / 10

>> No.8830884

sides actually hurt / 10

>> No.8830885

For the describing half I just wrote what I saw and for the drawing half I channeled Bea's trackball drawings.

>> No.8830906

Shut the fuck up, Hanabi

>> No.8830914

I hope she's been taking notes on how to do a proper RFA stream. https://streamable.com/u11iwy

>> No.8830926

I've seen some threads on /trash/ which are basically "let's fap at the same time and share about it" and I always thought it was for gay people, but apparently not? It goes over my head

>> No.8830934
File: 9 KB, 236x352, !1503642132164.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>amazing at speed sketching
>uses trackball instead
what the fuck is this bear thinking

>> No.8830936

jerking someone else's penis is MUCH more gay than this

>> No.8830975

That's too risky.

>> No.8831055
File: 2.26 MB, 2340x3552, 27.08 1_green.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just a couple more hours stay strong

>> No.8831071

That was your first mistake dadchama. Don't think, feel.

>> No.8831086

Why would it be gay at all if you're fapping to women?

>> No.8831115

Well if you turn off the chat I suppose it's fine, just don't want to see people writing about it while it happens

>> No.8831149

It will be hard to write about it while doing it

>> No.8831172

I mean with floor reps or 1 hand writing it works out

>> No.8831199

I want to cum god damn it

>> No.8831225

use voice recognition

>> No.8831232
File: 295 KB, 377x660, 1622281716163.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you have a macro set up for this?

>> No.8831274

Post your favorite doujin

>> No.8831335

Actually fun, this is the kind of interaction I was missing for a while

>> No.8831393


>> No.8831400

>Bea is now a joi channel
what kind of timeline is this

>> No.8831412

>announcing your report

>> No.8831422

I don't think particularly quickly, so for the describing half I kept just barely filling in the boxes in time. Only for the drawing to come up and instantly feel rushed again.
I dunno. It's something that might be good to get over, so I'll practice.

>> No.8831436

The based one.

>> No.8831455

I didn't actually report it

>> No.8831467

Yeah I guess the second round was kind of fast. People who doodle a lot are good at this tabun maybe

>> No.8831498

Anyone else going to use an onahole?

>> No.8831563

Egao ga Ichiban

>> No.8831597

That's what I think. Practice doing a lot of quick doodles, since I could see her doing it again next month.

>> No.8831611

Yes, Beatani

>> No.8831646

the reason so many dads stopped posting here is because greys keep flooding in and think this is "the 4chan girl" and treat her as such instead of treating her as beatani

>> No.8831675

Like on D?

>> No.8831721

it would be good to practice*

>> No.8831733

>https://exhentai.org/g/1563768/2608a44074/ part 1
>https://exhentai.org/g/1768333/466176003d/ part 2

>> No.8831858

they are also in discord

>> No.8832095

What do you mean? Can you give an example of the kind of treatment that would cause dads to stop posting?

>> No.8832211

I sure think most of dads stopped coming to here because of too much shitty drama

>> No.8832241

Ip count is steady. Who stopped coming?

>> No.8832280

>the reason so many dads stopped posting here
Did they really? Threads seem to be going at about the same speed

>because greys keep flooding in
Where? When?

Are we watching the same beatani?

>> No.8832290

It's impossible to tell but more dads still come here than you realize, I think.

>> No.8832335

A few stopped coming because they went to discord

>> No.8832401

I stopped coming often because I work terrible hours and haven't caught a stream live in months

>> No.8832424

it used to be way way higher even without shitposts.
i think it was about 60 poster average and threads would get to double the amount of replies

>> No.8832425
File: 48 KB, 884x1035, 1623641624654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

even if they deny it, they still come, it is easy to notice, just pay attention

>> No.8832538

I couldn't watch/10...

>> No.8832640

The era of 1k+ threads is over, but that's not because of the drama. We lost the nukumolity that built those threads, and it will never be the same. But dads are still here and threads are still strong.

>> No.8832673

Nope, that's just you. You're schizo.

>> No.8832731

he's not wrong

>> No.8832775


>> No.8832933

I have only ever used my hand...

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