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Bros The Chicken is going full Kanye and speaking her mind and breaking the 4th Wall telling girls what it's really like in HL and talking about MONEY

>The cracks are already showing

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Oh thank god Kiara will graduate first.

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Niggas in Paris

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she WILL NOT graduate BEFORE she made all your oshis graduate first

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She makes it out to be such a difficult thing. But honestly, do the cons of being a vtuber for Hololive outweigh the pros?

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how many times are nigger gonna keep posting this

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is this why she used her chicken voice in that one roommate stream? she's expecting herself to graduate at some point soon

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but at the same time mental issues can kill you even if you live in a mansion.

part of the problem is some of the best v-tubers are sensitive/bit mentally "not normal", causing them to be more entertaining and more empathetic.
kiara, i think, is too mentally off for the job.

it's an easy job compared to others, not easy, easy compared to others. but if you have anxiety or something i imagine it could be a living hell.

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isn't she just saying that once you're in it's NOT sunshine and rainbows? she obviously thinks people who want to get in believe that might be the case

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This is the type of shit I've been itching to see all this "Less Be Fwends" shit toss it out the window we're talking about a limited niche market being divided up bitch there isn't infinite viewers and money

>Gen 2 is going to start cutting into views and niggas pockets

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I mean from her convo with haachama about the demonization, it's pretty obvious that she's in it solely for the money.
If she ever went through what alot of the jp girls had to go through n the earlier days, she'd probably either stop posting or just quit.

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it's a job. i think few people are under any illusions that there won't be tense moments, disagreements, and times you don't want to be stuck to the schedules of the company.

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Imagine having multiple oshis and not swearing loyalty and half your paycheck to ONE

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>an easy job compared to others
have you ever spoken to thousands of people in public? it can be nerve-wracking even to people used to public speaking. unless you have such an experience yourself you have no right to say it's "easy." kiara especially having her own group of dedicated antis.

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>we're talking about a limited niche market being divided up
innovate or die

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she's in it for more than money but money overrides her character. she's not a complete sell out, in the sense that she only thinks of money, but it's a major motivator for her actions, ontop of the existing character.

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ye, I hate kiara as much as the next person, but she moved to japan and tried to become an idol as a teen. she's fucking committed to doing this, just so happens she also loves money.

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A Kiara thread died another one popped up right away (evn though it's the exact topic of another existingKiara thread).
Perfectly balanced.

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I can say a tons of bad shit about Kiara, but the woman worked her ass and went through the most humiliating kind of shit to try to make it.
The sad thing is that even now that she finally made it she's still the same desperate and insecure girl she was back when she was a nobody. It's honestly kinda pitiful, no matter how much she succeeds it will never be "enough" for her.

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She's eternal Phoenix bitch her loud chicken ass needs to live on

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look retard, i said if you have mental issues it can be a living hell. nonetheless you're under some spell if you think that job is bad. most people don't have the luxury of seeing people smile from their work and will have mid life crises thinking they've accomplished nothing.

it's much easier to care about your job and feel a sense of purpose from it when you're someone like a v-tuber.
hell it might be more work than even some tough jobs, though i see no proof of this. but i understand how it can be the case, i have a side job housing a mentally ill person with me. it appears easy most of the time, but when shit hits the fan most people would walk away or be unable to see that person the same again -- it requires mental strength and elasticity. because of that experience i am able to say such jobs can be easy in one sense but incredibly hard in another sense.

what matters most to me is i can wake up everyday and perform this side job. i find meaning from it and financial success. it may be harder than my main job, but the main hardship is simply controlling myself. that is what it is to be a v-tuber. control of the self.
so my job and hers are easy compared to others, but at the same time many people would be unable to perform either of our jobs. doesn't change that it's an objectively good deal if you can fight your demons and anyone in such mental lines of work should be thankful if the financial reward is lucrative.

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Physically vs Mentally demanding jobs.

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Money is important. Can't live without it.

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how about you try talking to a coal miner?
i swear you people are so spoiled and entitled sometimes

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post the link faggot

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The permission shit alone would steer me away from joining if the opportunity presented itself to me

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Well, she saw her idol dream go down, that has to leave scars in you. Now she may be in a better place, but past fears can crawl in you brain anytime.

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>20 minutes
>no link
Ok you dramafags better be useful for once in your sad lives and post the video.

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Compared to most jobs it's cushy. You get paid quite a lot to play video games and act behind an avatar that looks cute all of the time. Yes there are difficulties, but it is not a hard job in the slightest.

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Nevermind it took some random fag to post it >>8631450
What a bunch of useless schizos.

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Watch the stream after Dokomi, she couldn't stop crying from happiness because of the support she got. You are still living in November..

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coal miner is harder in one sense easier in another. mental jobs force you to abandon luxuries most people take for granted.

you'd be surprised how many people have walked away from my job despite the enormous financial reward for it. some people can't handle it.
nonetheless i acknowledge i'm lucky to be where i am and that the work is easier than other jobs in many senses. i am under no delusion that i'd have it easier else where, except maybe if said else where changed me.

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And then she goes back to the same fucking shit.
She's the one always living in the past, not us.

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emergency services?

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>it's pretty obvious that she's in it solely for the money.
>If she ever went through what alot of the jp girls had to go through n the earlier days, she'd probably either stop posting or just quit.
Please explain why she was streaming Ryza2 to the end even after the publisher decided halfway through that they don't allow monetisation?

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Eh, she doesn't really say anything new or shocking.

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EN2 is so boring we are back to posting 10 seconds of orange woman blown out of proportion already. Are we getting a couple of Kiara Twitter threads next?

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nice, then surely you must be capable of pulling the same numbers right? just go on a PC turn on a camera and start playing some games. you should have no problem getting people to watch you and like you enough to throw money at you right? are you all children on this board that have never held a job?

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Of course, Kiara is under too much pressure
Because she is a numberfag and she doesn't care about hololive

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donations and attention

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Do you know how good coombait Ryza is?

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She literally had to turn SC off for those streams and it was her lowest watched stream series

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>EN2 is so boring we are back to posting 10 seconds of orange woman blown out of proportion already.
Yep, the eggs are back in town.

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I don't think most of us would be able to deal with the amount of hate vtubers get anon.

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i have no idea if this is more about company responsibilities or just not being a menhera and having to up your mental game
as streamers do

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This is literally the seething at Kiara board.
Everything she says will be re-posted.

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For the kind of money they make I'm fine with being insulted constantly

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I must save anon!

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Kiara is gonna pull a Hulk Hogan in the 90s and show up on NijisanjiEN stream joining them


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Joke's on you, nobody can hate me more than I hate myself.

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It’s kind of fascinating that even the revolution that two of the new girls having boyfriends couldn’t kill the chicken.
Not only that, but these are ancient rrats. Are the /cgl/trannies finally back?

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i've thought about such things a lot. it's hard to say. my perceptions of others underestimate and overestimate them at the same time.
you can try to understand others but no matter how hard you try you'll be wrong about how different they are and wrong about how similar they are.

due to this i take the approach of caution. i think a lot of failures you see aren't due to the intrinsic personality of the youtuber or celebrity as much as their environment and other factors. you could probably do it but it might require your life to change drastically.

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then it's the fact YOU can deal with it anon, most people can't.At At least in your case, you won't ever be hated for what you are doing maybe for most people hate is what they can't handle

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Inferiority complexes are an endless and universal topic.

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People seem to have forgotten that her roommate is a lolcow. You don't become one of those by coincidence. You become one because you're menhera as fuck.

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holy shit did you just find out jobs take mental effect as well anon?

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That's why my oshi quit. Bitches just following Kizuna or niji formula without so much of innovation within the industry. Vsingers are the only one who went innovative with their shit despite having literall 2views

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We aren't incelebrate losers. Gripes with Kiara are some of the most relevant to a V-Tuber's actual personality and not just bitching about them not acting right or having sex.

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Bro you have to understand this is the jobs this is how they pay there bills nobody wants to loose fucking money

>> No.8632138

>We aren't incelebrate losers
Please learn what words mean, this is getting embarassing

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i've had my life threatened and he's given away my address to scammers and literal gangs. small time gangs, but nonetheless they tricked him and stole his social security number from him. i had to install a security system because my house is on private property and they'd be able to kill me before any cops could arrive or find them later.
that and he's told me, while one of parents was dying of cancer and the other practically immobile and immensely depressed, that he hopes they die of cancer. keep in mind this is someone i've bonded with and who lives in my house.

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if the last part about models is true how did gura end up with such a cunnilicious model, similar to her last one?

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Nigga what?
I'd be fucking creaming myself by knowing my very existence makes endless literally whos seethe 24/7.
And that's on top of knowing I'm literally living rent free on their heads I'm also a figured beloved by hundreds of thousands who make endless OC of me and pay me hundreds of dollars every day by shitposting online and playing videogames. And last but not least that by also doing this shit I've been doing practically my entire life for years for free, that now I'm getting paid for, I'm someway somehow influencing the lives of all those people who watch me and love me for whatever godforsaken reason positively, I, a worthless shitposting faggot, would be somehow making someone life better.
There's literally ZERO negatives. What, I have to follow the company orders? Newflash, faggot, you have to do that at ANY FUCKING JOB.

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Of course they fucking do. What are you kidding?
What are the cons: Dealing with a japanese company and strangers who become your friends
Pros: earn massive amounts of money, instant internet fame, every artist is posting pictures of you constantly, everyone talks about you and wants to be you, streaming to several thousand to tens of thousands constantly.
>But is it worth joining?
Are you an idiot?
>It is worth being rich?

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She knows her days are numbered with a new gen coning out so she's losing her mind lmao. Looking forward to the complete meltdown

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Oh wow, a spelling error. How relevant to criticism of Kiara.
My point is proven yet again.

>> No.8632241

I wish more bitches followed the early kizuna formula, shorter pre-recorded videos are much better than 5+ hour streams

>> No.8632253

kys clipnigger

>> No.8632275

The default model isn't up to them, but they can suggest changes afterwards

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Anon I hope you're trolling because that's the most retarded argument I have heard today

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Anon incel stands for "involuntary celibate", by saying "we aren't incelebate losers" you literally called yourself a virgin because you are too retarded to understand the words you are using.

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It's hard to know because she was being cryptic (probably because she shouldn't be talking about this shit in public) but it seemed like she was hinting at the problems EN Gen 2 were facing, probably the doxxing and boyfriend stuff. If "never have a boyfriend" is one of the stipulations, especially one they don't explicitly tell you, then yeah I could see that being pretty rough.

>> No.8632307

and how do you explain ame's model?

>> No.8632315

you sound like someone who is compensating for your sensitivity. if thousands of people can take a shot at you, and they know you well enough, some are bound to find some pretty neat and unique ways to get to you.
almost anyone can be hurt. it's just a matter of luck, attempts, and talent.

>> No.8632339

Explain how?

>> No.8632341

She had no fuckin viewers until she hit the lottery with Hololive you retard. Your argument is idiotic. You could sit down the most boring and uninteresting girl in the universe in hololive and the faggot fans would eat it up anyway. No talent needed

>> No.8632366

I can if im a girl and have the hololive brand on my back. Shitttt if not a fucking rocket scince to learn the craft, some research and extensive training will suffice. Hell i might screw up a lot at day 1 but a month in im confident i can put all my training and research into play to entertain the audience. I'll get better with experience and one or two restriction will not let me down and sperg on my audience like some 14yo edgy teenage girl. You make this job sounds harder than it actually is anon. They are adults ffs!

>> No.8632369

literally any anon here would be able to get at leasty anya's numbers with the hololive name alone

>> No.8632382

She doesn't want to go back to the streets of japan and suck dick for a living

>> No.8632412

She is so fucking obnoxious.

>> No.8632422

Bitch i'll take thousands of faceless haters on my face for the amount of money they get

>> No.8632431

Yeah, I'm not an incel. I'm not involuntarily celibate because I've had sex. Neither am I voluntarily celibate.
There's multiple meanings you can infer from "I'm not an incel". Nothing about that statement relays information about my sex life but the simple fact I'm not someone who is unable to have sex.

In your attempt to divert the topic... Well it's just silly and proves my point even further.

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She's not in Japan anymore, do you dumbasses even watch her streams?

>> No.8632466

A single stream series isn't gonna do much when the rest of her content beforehand is monetized as well as the existence of membership funds

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Don't waste your breath on these tourists.
We got a signifikant uptick in Kiarabashing by people who know jakeshit about her lately. My cynical mind tells me it's Gen2fans who want to redirect the scrutiny their faves face right now on someone else.

>> No.8632486

>go back
can you read?

>> No.8632490

Unless they find a way to hurt me physically then I personally won't give a shit. And think about it, why would anyone who spends time on 4chan care about words on a screen? You know exactly the kind of people that would bother to write do those kind of stuff so you could just laugh and ignore it

>> No.8632506

do you even do you reading comprehension reps?

>> No.8632518

They can keep coping and seething.

>> No.8632535

>sounds like she is about to cry while talking about haters
lol I hope she graduates soon

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>> No.8632575

Oh no not the internet shitposters!

>> No.8632593

t. 2 views

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And Cali doesn't want to go back to Apple Land & Gura doesn't want to go back to cleaning

>Everyone has something to lose if the money ain't right anymore

>> No.8632603

dude "incelibate" is like "immortal" to "mortal" you said the opposite thing to what you wanted to say, that invites ridicule. own your shit and laugh at yourself, dummy.

>> No.8632606

>But honestly, do the cons of being a vtuber for Hololive outweigh the pros?
Seeing that most of them are still in Hololive, with many of them having voiced out how happy they were during events (i.e: concert), I'd say yes

>> No.8632619

whoa, control your autistic rage, 2view.

>> No.8632625

oh noo..
popular streamer that is set for life provided they arent retarded is "sad"...
oh well

>> No.8632628

Your “criticism” amounts to the average threadreader’s knowledge. You say she’s a backstabber, and yet she has done nothing. You say she hates Hololive, but she has been nothing but grateful towards her opportunity. You say she’s a numberfag, and yet she has maintained consistently that she would rather stream what she likes than try and draw in big viewers. You say she’s only in it for the money, but she completed a 40 hour play through of Ryza 2 completely unmonetized.
If you don’t like her, fine. But for God’s sake, get some new material.

>> No.8632639

The mentality of a privilage whore plisu undastand

>> No.8632645

Lamy doesn't want to go back and inherit her father's company...

>> No.8632672

People are seriously seething about this?
She said nothing anyone with common sense didn't already know

>> No.8632679

It's amusing isnt it? Having looked into the discord its always a tranny or a seething 2view.

>> No.8632680

unfortunately she is retarded

>> No.8632687

ITT: Zoomer retards who have never heard the story of the sword of Damocles

>> No.8632704

back to sucking dick then i guess

>> No.8632708

but gen 2 is doing great.
>why would anyone who spends time on 4chan care about words on a screen?
you sound new. part of why the site is the way it is is an endless cycle of trolling inducing just that result, caring about words. do you think people post BBC because they love black cock? do you think people worship wojaks in their sleep? why do you think bait threads get so many replies?

people the most adamant that they are invincible usually aren't. they might be good at pretending they aren't, but they usually blow up when enough gets under their skin. holding in stress instead of acknowledging it and diverting it is a losing strategy.
the first major step towards overcoming sensitivity is acknowledging what does hurt you and becoming able to divert it by rolling with it, like a wave. this is often where a lot of humor comes from. but i said divert, not be invulnerable to -- the vast majority of people are never going to be invulnerable. they can become very very very good at diverting and rolling with it though.

>> No.8632732

So one of the new girls was in this for money and is surprised she has a lot of antis?

>> No.8632750

>Kiara is honest
>/vt/ spergs out

>> No.8632765

fuck off, retard

>> No.8632773

Of course they are and they're mostly fine additions to the rooster.
Some of them aren't doing very hot on here, though, as a lack of OpSec painted huge targets for shitposters on their head and their fans on here aren't taking it so well.

>> No.8632812

yeah man, that guy is acting tough on the internet. liking to get (You)s is the standard human reaction even as anonymous, let alone when you're pseudonymous, let alone IRL.

>> No.8632814

if the only people that dislike kiara according to KFP are eggs and schizos, how is she the least popular member of her gen?

>> No.8632824

Yes, we would prefer that she shut the fuck up

>> No.8632830

Not even a vtuber but I actually feel sad that those 2 views vtuber don't get in and this bitch chicken got in. Those 2 views vtuber suffered much more and the chicken think she has it hard? Really? How retarded is the stupid chicken? Who the fuck is she comparing herself to? Gura?

>> No.8632833

>i'm not a sexy woman
does this mean i'm a woman?

no, mortal is binary the same way life or death is.
i'm not a happy prisoner. because i'm not a prisoner.
i'm not happy. because i'm sad.
i'm not a prisoner. because i'm free.

by specifying you don't turn it into a binary, you turn it into a specific thing you aren't. contextually it is then inferred whether this means you're the opposite or not.
if you can't understand this you need help.

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Kiara it is time, sorry it has to be this way

>> No.8632874

She didn't even say anything bad. She just made a joke about how chunni management is and told whoever the reality of being in hololive.

>> No.8632899

"I am not incelibate" means "I am not someone who fucks" or "i am celibate" fucking retard get it please you called yourself an incel because you appreviated the "involuntary" but not "celibate".

>> No.8632906

She used to be semi regualrly talked about on /cgl/ as a lolcow. She has a history if sperging out.

>> No.8632918


>> No.8632919

>the chicken think she has it hard? Really?
Oh dope when did she say this? I assume since you are seething you have a timestamp of her complaining about how hard it is.

>> No.8632968

for mori and kiara being entitled assholes

>> No.8632979

Give me tits and I'll do it easy. Especially when you're in a Hololive where you get free viewers from just riding the brand name alone, you'd have to be a massive retarded to fuck that up. If you're equating streaming yourself from the comfort of hiding in your basement and playing video games at a poor level while talking into a void of viewers who can't interact with you beyond flooding chat with senseless comments to a real job with degree requirements and actual responsibilities where your ability to perform said responsibilities directly affects stakeholders then you've clearly never worked anything beyond burger flipping at best.

>> No.8632992

Bro it's the fact she would say it at all and think about the timing and context 5 new girls are now taking up limited market space everyone already looses thousands of views if Gura is streaming at the same time

>> No.8633001

you sound upset. maybe you don't need help and you understand how wrong you are.
i'm not a happy mortal doesn't say i'm not a mortal. i'm not involuntarily celibate has two obvious results, either i'm in voluntarily celibacy or i'm not celibate. you can infer this by the context or be a retard sub 100 iq who can't handle anything non binary.

>> No.8633015

WTF bros...
How could they do that to their kouhai?

>> No.8633030

>this is her main source of I come
>wahh she is in it for the money

... Yes it's a JOB

Have you guys never had one?

>> No.8633036

She made it out like being in Cover is the hardest thing a vtuber can be in. Like people who are likely already a vtuber and already suffer through more than her should not complain since she suffers more.

>> No.8633061

they've pretty much all been doxxed, not unreasonable for them to be worried about their safety or their family's.

>> No.8633072

lol gura was a cleaner?
gura was a janny
a house janny cleaning IRL toilets? lmao poor smelly fucking fish

>> No.8633103

>She made it out like being in Cover is the hardest thing a vtuber can be in.
What the fuck are you talking about, tranny? She gave some real advice to the new kouhais that its not always going to be easy. Thats it.

>> No.8633120

She dared offer support to her kouhai the same way Marine offered her shoulder to Kiara?! Both Marine, Kiara and god knows how many of them should graduate!!!

>> No.8633124

She said that being in Hololive is a great opportunity, but has it’s downsides which may not be obvious to new applicants. I realize English isn’t spoken everywhere in Jakarta, but please work on your comprehension.

>> No.8633131

These are the hard truths? Truly we are in the weak men era. Bring back Artia.

>> No.8633139

She probably got remuneration for it which puts her well above many other jannies.

>> No.8633181

>schizos take Kiara telling it like it is as 'cracks'
Need I remind you over Pekora, Astel and others having streams where they just cried because of management shit? Kiara is just shining a light on the fact that its not all sunshine and rainbows with Cover.

EN1 as a whole is incredibly based for being so outspoken on shit like this, and it only makes them stronger both as individual streamers and as a gen.

>> No.8633201

>weak men era
Can you even call these dramaniggers men? No man with normal testosterone levels would get this mad at something so mundane.

>> No.8633206

I don't know what you're on about but I'm sure it makes sense in YOUR head.

>> No.8633234
File: 52 KB, 407x490, 1590843156798.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>with every two fans come one hater
I closed the stream right fucking here, what the fuck is this bitch even talking about. HoloEN fans are full of yes man, I don't remember one fucking stream of HoloEN that even got pass 1000 dislikes, and the newbies clearly have no issues either with antis yet.
If this was Coco or Rushia, or even Matsuri talking, then wouldn't mind, but what the fuck is Kiara complaining about.

>> No.8633243

They wouldn't Kson is doing to good on her own it shows the talent is able to go back to controlling there own platforms they want to keep there talent

>> No.8633248

I am having the time of my life, which is kind of sad.
>We aren't incelebrate losers
We AREN'T INCELIBATE (fucking) losers.
You said you are not the kind of loser that has sex. then:
> I'm not involuntarily celibate because I've had sex
Repent motherfucker, for your crimes against words.

Captcha: 40SJW

>> No.8633255

Or you could "do it easy" by streaming as a man. Hololive is a small boil on the entire streaming ecosystem where the top streamers are overwhelmingly men earning far more than each holo without needing to be beholden to a company while tens of thousands of female 2views languish at the bottom and quit before you ever know they even exist. But you won't acknowledge that because it's easier to fantasize about your failure being something out of your control than daring to try and fail.

>> No.8633330

the difference between saying everything isn't sunshine and rainbows and saying you have it hard exists. there are a lot of negatives but most people would take the job if hololive offered it and keep going even through the hard shit.
problem is most people aren't good enough. not even just in the entertainment sense but also the handling the hardships part -- most people can probably survive the hardships, but you really want someone who does more than survive.

>> No.8633334

Not my problem.

>> No.8633341

oh no no bros, she's giving newcomers advice and also leak >le company secrets
Why is she like this? Does she hate FBK?

>> No.8633345


Chicken is talking because maybe, just maybe, she didn't like that Green Lamy and Owl girl got shat down from high by a bunch of coomers for having boyfriends.

>> No.8633347

Dumb bitch, that goes for so many jobs. Actors, sports, politicians, any kind of streamer or content creator really, even working as a fucking cashier you're gonna get hate from retarded customers. Except you get paid to basically have fun while entertaining while most others have actual work to do as well.

>> No.8633357

You must be new here

>> No.8633369

I'm confused honestly.. if it's so horrible, so unpleasant. Why hasn't she just said fuck it and quit? I get she needs money but like if something is as terrible as she is making this out to be why would you fucking stay?

>> No.8633385

Marketing is a skill. No matter how good you think you are, you will never get hired if you can't properly communicate what makes you the best fit for a job.

>> No.8633401

Then she shouldnt have made it her main source of income. Literally 99% of the chuubas are either have their own main job, side hustle, or NEET living off their parents still and she'll erase her worries ez. This just shows how entitled and childish her costant spergs are

>> No.8633410

Anon you're telling me that if I have a facebook account I should fear for my life considering it has literally all my information including my adress and work place? There's less information about most holos than the average person has on display all the time on social media

>> No.8633427

/vt/ doesn't represent shit of holoEN fans, and I doubt Kiara is lurking here either.

>> No.8633433

This thread is full of niggers that can’t even watch clips.

>> No.8633447

The difference is that nobody cares about you.

>> No.8633450

Jesus christ, you need to go outside

>> No.8633459

Yes, I did the morning anouncements in HS to about 1k people.
It really depends on your perspective. If you start out not anxious, then it's easy, you just look at a camera and talk. If you start thinking about the people watching, it can get worse. That's the main reason tech issues make them so anxious.
They have to be entertaining, so it's on a while different level than the morning announcements. That being said, I don't feel too bad for them. They knew what they were signing up for, and they get paid well.

>> No.8633468

>Repeatedly talks shit about the company that made her rich, same as Coco.
>”These girls are just telling the truth about that black company that doesn’t seem to mind being slandered every other day by its talents.”
Like fucking clockwork.
You braindead faggots will swallow any narrative fed to you by something with a wet hole between its legs. No matter how obvious it is that nothing bad ever happens to these girls and they will never face meaningful consequences for their mental problems.
The only thing that makes them unhappy is them. Whether it’s Coco wanting creative freedom she was never promised or Kiara wanting a viewership size that doesn’t exist. If they wanted to be their own bosses, they shouldn’t have signed away their literal names and bodies.

>> No.8633499

>I am having the time of my life
i have never seen that posted without anger
>You said you are not the kind of loser that has sex
where? i said we aren't involuntarily unable to have sex. that in no way contradicts me saying we are people who voluntarily have sex.
i don't involuntarily kill people.
i voluntarily kill people.

but i kinda like having this archived. it is funny.

>> No.8633502

>it's hard
>it's soo stressful
>it's NOT that great guys
>it's not just money, fun and streaming
>you need to deal with... HATERS
Come the fuck on chicken.

>> No.8633524

fucking based

>> No.8633536

>I doubt Kiara is lurking here either.

>> No.8633539

/vt/ is living rent free for while in her head now anon

>> No.8633540

She had her twitter accounts spammed with cat gore several months ago. Containment breachers show up in comments and mentions all the time. You don’t have to be HERE to catch flak from your schizos. Hell, most of her schizos aren’t here to begin with.

>> No.8633544

KFP is even more retarded than I thought

>> No.8633574

lmao that's so weaksauce it's sad.

>> No.8633584

Jesus Christ, at least watch the clip.

>> No.8633589

Wow, one or two schizos on twitter that you can easily block, the fucking horror.

>> No.8633591

yeah man it was Mel's fault she got raped

>> No.8633606

Anon you're just playing semantics here. The core of what Kiara said is that there are challenges that come with being a part of Cover, whether you choose to interpret that as 'not all sunshine and rainbows' or 'you have it hard' is entirely up to you.

That aside, you should bear in mind that its rather easy to say 'oh its not so bad!' when you're not actually in it and just a spectator. This holds true for anything in life.

>> No.8633609

This. If it's so fucking hard for her she has the option to quit and start over in a few months as the "IDOL GOD" or whatever she likes by getting a new model.

>> No.8633613

What the fuck are you talking about, tranny? Take your meds and calm down. She made a joke about her management being a bunch of chunnis. She is not unhappy with cover and she didn't even mention her viewership. Thats all in your head.

>> No.8633614

Are you disabled?

>> No.8633618

If I want to hear a woman bitch about how hard her life is I'll go watch some twitch thot. Or talk to any woman. I hate this kayfabe breaking shit and I hate the whining. You and your genmates literally opened the EN market and proved it to be not only viable, but worth pursuing. Those vshojo whores you love to collab with probably wouldn't have formed a company if not for you. You're pioneering and doing something that very few in Hololive ever get to do. If you're really so unhappy then graduate. There's tens of thousands of girls that would pick up the meal ticket you dropped.

>> No.8633619

Why do you guys think Kiara will be the first EN to graduate? She literally has nothing else in her life & is most likely using Hololive as an escape.

>> No.8633624

Based and orangepilled.

>> No.8633659

You're insane and sound like an idiot.

>> No.8633664

>We aren't incelebrate losers
>We are celibate non-losers

>> No.8633666

You guys actually watch the vid? She made it out like no one, absolutely no one but her knows how hard it is going to be becoming a vtuber. Like they wouldn't know what to do being in a big company. Like they would have some fantasy that money will only come out from nowhere when they enter Cover. Kiara make it sounds like her kouhais are absolute retards that don't understand the reality of being a vtuber. By proxy she is also insulting every other indies that want to get in Cover by implying they are retarded fucks for thinking Cover is a magical place that would make all their problems go away rather than it being a big branding boost.

>> No.8633669

Wishful thinking, but honestly it's probably going to be Mori or Gura.

>> No.8633692

I know, mom.

>> No.8633694

based yagoo

>> No.8633708

>says something clearly implying there's more love than hate
>"Wtf how could you say that Kiara? I'm closing the stream!"
You have some issues, anon.

>> No.8633718

Neither kfp nor disabled, just a grammar nazi having some fun in a dumpster fire.

>> No.8633728

it's not a double negative though
it's a specifying adjective.

are you esl? no, that's too generous, you're just some schizo.

>> No.8633740

I hope
Lazy bitch is becoming more a twitch thot everyday

>> No.8633778

Kiara is the most hated EN so in her mind the rule applies to all the members, but is literally just her and some jp holos that have problems with the chinese and unicorns, she tries to avoid the thought that people hate her specifically just to remain in a high spirit and not break

>> No.8633781

You actually believe you're correct? That's even funnier.

>> No.8633782

Thank you contributing something of worth to this shithole.

>> No.8633786

she was dead to me when she stole pekoras gunpowder
confirmed herself for a thieving nigger like all americans

>> No.8633799

That's not what she said. Holy fuck are you guys all autistic? She was dispelling the thought process that working for Hololive is all fun and games. That's it. Why are you fags so desperate for drama?

>> No.8633812 [DELETED] 

Fucking nigger shark, graduation is too much, she should be killed.

>> No.8633815

she lives in a trailer park please do not insult her culture

>> No.8633820

>2 to 1
>implying it's not 1000 to 1
This is what pissed me off desu, trying to make it sound like it's hard but the ratio is so fucking skewed, you have a thousand people that adore and back you for anything and will probably swallow any bullshit you say, to 1 person.

>> No.8633827

I’m pretty sure Yagoo would listen to Gura if she complained about the restrictions & didn’t back down. When your top idol surpasses Kizuna AI, you want to do as much as possible to keep her happy.

>> No.8633835

Nobody has any reason to use that information against you though and you're not on the radar of schizo's.

>> No.8633842

Please, you know nothing.
Give me the pluperfect subjunctive passive 2nd person plural of take.

You've sucessfully gotten under my skin with your retardation. Believing you're smart despite all the dumb shit you've written is so typical of you retards.

>> No.8633855

She sounded pretty unhappy to me.
Maybe your ears are the ones that don't work.

>> No.8633859

Because im a spectator i also know literall hundreads of chuuba who struggle their way up every single time always giving the most, challenging hundreds other that are doing the same while juggling their side hustles to pursue their dream. Kiara is a fucking gold spoon'ed her way up through luck and been doing a damn worst job at keeping it. She has no right to speak of challenge

>> No.8633874

there is no need to be upset

>> No.8633894

You really trying damn hard to do armchair psychology someone you never meet before. Stop trying to act like you know these people inside and out it fucking crazy.

>> No.8633899 [DELETED] 

she sounded like she mainlined /vt/ for the first month after her debut

>> No.8633904

You're retarded.

>> No.8633910

Anon, I think you're reading too much into it. She just said 2 to 1 because it's quick and still gets the point across. She was also distracted by Mario Kart in the meantime.

>> No.8633927

>Repeatedly talks shit about the company that made her rich, same as Coco.
Based as fuck. Fuck the corpos

>> No.8633943

Because it's a gross exaggeration, I know vtubers with a huge anti following, and Kiara or holoEN situation is nothing like that.

>> No.8633945 [DELETED] 

You must be joking

>> No.8633960

Whats up with her sucking dicks? Newfag here

>> No.8633965

Mori makes sense all her vtuber friends already follow her roommate account and she constantly doxxes herself, she’s obviously and using Hololive for her rap career.

>> No.8633968

So, since you’re all certified psychoanalysts here, why do I find my cousin so attractive?

>> No.8633971

>You really trying damn hard to do armchair psychology someone you never meet before
So does everyone else in this damn board.
Get your head out of your ass, Kiaranigger.

>> No.8633974

Anon, Kiara herself in that very clip talks about how indies face different circumstances. Stop acting like a child, acknowledge you're not omniscient and actually pay attention to the subject at hand.

>> No.8633976

This is usually how people are when they get their first job at 16-18. They think they've achieved some deep insight about life and start preaching it to everyone.

>> No.8633977

She sounded serious during a serious discussion, anon. Probably a bit of fristration in there too. That's all. You ever get frustrated and complain about a job or even a game you love? Same thing.

>> No.8633978

you're saying "aren't" and "in-" are adjectives, and this guy >>8633904
who is likely also you calls ME retarded. all I wanted was to help you grow as a person my dude but you're so pathetically clinging to your delusions. sad.

>> No.8633985

She's gonna get a hard reality check when people find out they only listened to her shit because she was Mori first and foremost.

>> No.8633997

You sure you’re not the one sucking dicks, faggot?

>> No.8634002

Gossip started by a convicted pedophile about eight years ago

>> No.8634007

This is why I fuck with "Off With Their Heads" so much. Say what you want about Mori, but she was dropping some real shit in that song.

Broken clock, twice day, et

>> No.8634010

>is also likely you
pure schizo

>> No.8634022

That's not how it works. If it were Gura would've been 3D months ago, they'd have gotten her a nip coach, she wouldn't look like a rhombus, and she wouldn't be getting bullied by management for having the audacity to ask for game perms.

>> No.8634025

Actually a natural thing. Marrying someone between your 2nd and 10th cousin is genetically optimal for you, only that the christcucks got mad about it back in the middle ages.

>> No.8634041

KSon showed that isn't the case.

>> No.8634067

Maybe do some self reflection. I took latin to the college level and know my english. You can learn from this or stick your head in the sand.
Now answer this:

>> No.8634081

That you think Mori is even half of what Coco was is very funny.

>> No.8634084

I don't complain about the things I love doing because I love doing them. I'm not a bitter and petty bitch like Kiara.

>> No.8634088

Problem is Kiara is a failed idol. She should have friends that already suffered as much as her. She should know that she really isn't the only one suffering and should know being in a big company is better than a small company.

>> No.8634089

And what makes her circumstances be considered as "challenge"? She spoke as if people who signed up for holos are blind of their main audience and idol-esque style like her genmates... wait.. now i know where she came from.. it does make sense

>> No.8634092

Didn't work with Coco even though she singlehandedly earned more than the entire holoEN and ID put together

>> No.8634104

Did anyone even care about the whole boyfriend thing outside of this shithole?

>> No.8634105

>double negative

>> No.8634131

Kson is back to pregraduation numbers. Just keep in mind that she herself was pretty popular before but most people are only in this because it's an anime girl

>> No.8634142

Dont complain about that shit in front of ur audience unleas it's involved them. It's between you and your coworker, discuss it among urself. There's not need to go out of your way to rant about it when no one even asking you

>> No.8634146

I'm pretty sure this shithole were the only people who knew as far as I'm aware.

>> No.8634149

I have to present shit to corporate all the time and have to be professional and tactful. I would love to be able to talk casually about dumb shit and video games instead to a group of people who are not my superiors at work.

The only reason Kiara thinks it’s hard is because she’s never had an actually difficult job before.

>> No.8634150

Imma call bullshit, because you're being a bitter and petty bitch right now.

>> No.8634155

Kson is a camwhore who shows her tits through transparent shirts and panty less ass upskirts

>> No.8634157

>She made it out like no one
No she didn't, tranny. All of this is speculation from your schizoid mind. We don't even know to whom or in what context she said it. All she said was that with this job comes with difficulties and its not all moneys and fame, not that its more or less harsh than any other occupations, just a reality check. Jesas you trannies are something.

>> No.8634162

>What are the cons: Dealing with a japanese company and strangers who become your friends
Here's another huge con: all of us. Imagine having to appease that nightmare.

>> No.8634166

Does anyone care about any of the girls’ rrats outside of here?

>> No.8634172 [DELETED] 

she was a prostitute in japan because she went there to marry a "business man", but it was just a neet larping on the internet
she was broke and sold every hole she had on the streets of japan to afford a ticket on a cargoplane back home
returned with every STD known to man and permanently infertile because of huge horse cock dildo fetishist with a permanently busted and prolapsed vagina

without hololive she only has her busted holes and diseases left, so i think its sad that everyone roots for her graduation

>> No.8634181

Kiara voluntarily left her idol agency because she was constantly getting harassed by dudes in Japan, not because her career was failing.

>> No.8634217

It is cushy when compared to most jobs, but then again most jobs don't have situations where deranged fans start stalking you with the intent to rape and kill you

>> No.8634226

mad chud
whores can't play games. difference between low class whores and high class intelectual women who show you erotic stills is massive

>> No.8634227

I don't watch Kiara, it just sound so off you going off on like you know her personally when you don't.
>So does everyone else in this damn board.
That doesn't excuse shit and you know it, everyone spew bullshit so its okay for me? Get some fucking standards.

>> No.8634228


>> No.8634243

>implying she wasnt enjoying it

>> No.8634244

Kek people still believe that?

>> No.8634249

See I understand where ypu're coming from with this, but she's venting. Should she do it? Maybe not. Would we rather force a content creator to not speak their mind? I would say no. Your answer might be different.

>> No.8634257

And that's a good thing.

>> No.8634259

imagine being a cola miner when you could just learn to code

>> No.8634269

I think it's just being truthful more than anything.
You can call it that though if it makes you feel better for praising a literal bitch all the time on this board.

>> No.8634270

She had to suck dick for money. I was on /jp/ when I saw the pic so I know it's true. So, I don't think she quit for such a stupid reason.

>> No.8634299

nice try kiara, i can smell your busted pussy from here

>> No.8634304

What is different after coco graduates?
What kind of creative freedom did she do?
show her butt and tit on stream?
that's it?

>> No.8634308
File: 130 KB, 626x980, 1629887370105.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8634314

She shouldn't do it in public at the very least. Does she not have friends she can do it with in private? Family? Anyone?

>> No.8634320

You'd think that Kiara of all people would have some sense. But nope. As if her previous experience grinding in Japan didn't teach her any lessons before. Just simply be grateful for it, that job isn't hard. I earn less in 4 years of my job than she is in less 1 year of Hololive. This girl is also moving to do roommate stuff, fantastic.

>> No.8634331

Literally happened once in hololive, for reasons completely unrelated to the job and never happened to kiara despite the fact that's she's the most recognizable person on japan while she was there. You guys severely overestimate the amount of schizos that would bother stalking them

>> No.8634336

This lying faggot

>> No.8634339

I feel like there will be civil war or tension between EN1 and EN2, and Kiara will be the catalyst.

I don't want it to happen, because there will be pain, there will be heartbreak, and there will be tears. I just want everyone to be a happy family.

>> No.8634375

I dont mind she venting but there this stream called free talk where it's due. It was a mariokart stream godammit! And she was fucking using the walfie model. How can i take that shit as some wholesome caregiving towards her kouhai's situations

>> No.8634387

And yet as always, the proof is next thread, right? It was all 'oooh we can't post it here we'll get banned' in the past year but the recent rrats for holoEN2 show no one gives a fuck. It's seriously getting tiresome by now.

>> No.8634388

It will just end with us only having IRyS and I'm fine with that.

>> No.8634391

Show me where the coding jobs are in West Virginia.

>> No.8634392

Lol. English motherfucker, do you speak it?

>> No.8634393

God bless the chinese for saving japan's youth.

>> No.8634394

She literally gave the reason on-stream on her independent channel, during which she also called herself Kiara minutes later. I don’t see her leaving prostitution out if she admits she was in a Japanese playboy magazine as a child.

>> No.8634395

Not lying. Her antis from /cgl/ was it? Was pretty thorough.

>> No.8634431

I think this is the fourth thread on this topic after three already hit bump limit.
Gotta say damn, Kiara's good at this, guess nobody dethrones the queen.

>> No.8634432


>> No.8634434

I genuinely can't discern what you're trying to say here or what your intent is. Consider proofreading your posts in the future.

>> No.8634440

>pluperfect subjunctive passive 2nd person plural of take
that makes no sense, what "if you had taken" but then subjunct what? taken again? "if you had taken, you would have took"?

>> No.8634441

>do the cons of being a vtuber for Hololive outweigh the pros
Depends. I personally couldn't accept the possibility of my star fading over time, which did happen to some vtubers.
When you think about it, vtubing is probably the worst job in the entertainment industry. Actors, singers, comedians, even the real idols do not have to entertain their fans 5 to 6 times a week.

>> No.8634442

Oh, so you're saying she had enough sucking dicks in Japan. I get it now.

>> No.8634443

I cant tell if you are the saddest simp or the ultimate GoldenGod Chad

>> No.8634464

>everyone to be a happy family.
That will never happen, they’re coworkers

>> No.8634476

Please tell me more about how your opinion of her is the one real truth all-knowing one. Give me a break. I'm not even KFP, I'm just not buying into the bullshit narratives this board loves to spew while blatantly ignoring context. Calli and Gura have expressed similar frustrations, as have people in the JP branch such as Matsuri, Haachama, Pekora, etc. Why make Kiara specifically out to be the one in the wrong here? It makes no sense.

>> No.8634489

lmao new idiots appearing

>> No.8634496

>she admits she was in a Japanese playboy magazine as a child.
It was a small screenshot of her stream because she was popular on niconico..

>> No.8634503
File: 118 KB, 377x267, 4767435ey596870.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> i'm indie im suck
>I'm in a company this sucks

What do these bitches want? What is the perfect middle ground?

>> No.8634525

did you just miss the fact that they've stopped accepting physical gifts to prevent people from sending hidden tracking devices? or the doorbell campaign to find subaru's house? or the shit shion went through?

>> No.8634529

That's fair, but it wouldn't change the outcome much.

>> No.8634530

That's true, but they do get to do it from their own home. Also they dont have to spend as much time practicing their craft, but they have behind the scenes work no doubt. I still imagine it's extremely exhausting.

>> No.8634545

And also happened in Nijisanji. And happened several times to rl idols. I bet coal miners don't have to worry about being stalked and raped.

>> No.8634557

i cant post your blown up pussy on a blueboard kiara, at least lurk a little bit before posting

>> No.8634563

Oh right, let me guess. You saw a screenshot of MS Word with her photo and some text next to it. Truly ironclad "proof".
This is why you niggers never post shit despite spewing doxx everywhere for others, you know you'll be laughed out of the thread even with the stunningly low standards of 'evidence' on the board for rrats.

>> No.8634566

There is none, welcome to life.

>> No.8634568

right, passive...
"if you were taken, you would have been taken"

>> No.8634578

pyuu pyuu~
pyuu pyuu pyuu pyuuuuu~
pyuu pyuu pyuuuuu~

>> No.8634580

>thinking locally when you can think globally
internet exists

>> No.8634582

It's also the easiest to get into without much talent, not a single vtuber is as talented as high level actors or singers as much as one would like to believe, holos are more or less on the same level as idols but you don't know shit if you think being an idol is less taxing than vtubing

>> No.8634593

Idk myself anon. Imdrunk and j suddenly have a hate boner for this chicken

>> No.8634605

You obviously weren't, that shit got debunked the same day newfriend

>> No.8634610

more pretty:
"had you been taken, you would have been taken"

>> No.8634615

Oh yeah, blue board, that totally stopped the CP and goreposting. It might have flown if this wasn't just after EN2 debut.

>> No.8634622

I don't post shit because I'll be banned retard. If you want it go search the /jp/ archives if it's still there. It's the /hlgg/ thread.

>> No.8634624
File: 53 KB, 768x1024, Incest poster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>t. pic related

>> No.8634628

All of then got shat on when they did it though, even pekora got made fun of for a few weeks for her child tantrum

>> No.8634633

>What is the perfect middle ground?
Something like VOMS

>> No.8634650

Coal mining is one of the most dangerous with an industrial accident fatality rate far exceeding the tuber rape rate
Probably a non zero amount of rape as well.

>> No.8634653

I understand her frustration. But normal people making 40k a year and working 10 hours a day get tired of their celebrity idols lecturing them on how hard it is to be rich and work entertainment because they occasionally get insulted by strangers.

>> No.8634671

No, I’m saying if she was prostituting herself, she would’ve admitted it on the stream in question. Even as Kiara, she’s obviously severely lacking self-esteem, so I could see her selling herself to other guys as a symbol of her low self-worth. She just conveniently leaves it out, so I doubt the entire thing.

>> No.8634697

Maybe because she's hot? That doesn't mean you will do anything about it, it's not a big deal. Ok she's hot, just move on with your life, it's not a big deal

>> No.8634711
File: 136 KB, 441x673, J467567567567567.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8634716

Pekora got off basically scot-free (not that it's a bad thing), Idk what you're on about. Haachama and Matsuri definitely did get shit on though, I'll agree with that.

>> No.8634725

Unironically I think Vshojo. They all have dedicated fanbases that aren't idol purity fag schizos and I think they have the creative freedom to do and say whatever they want.

>> No.8634732

Her fault for become a civil servant

>> No.8634741

This is like comparing starting your own company to working in sales for a high profile tech corp.
Same job, except you have about 100x the network and prestige working at the big company from the start, compared to starting from near 0 on your own.

>> No.8634748

>If you're a coal miner in West Virginia and want to become a coder, just move to silicon valley.
With what money?

>> No.8634751

>would’ve admitted it on the stream in question
Do you honestly really think she would do this? Really? Would anyone admit this shit on stream?

>> No.8634763

Here we have the /vt/ anons and their schizo variants in their natural habitat, completely fucking up the thread with roommate posting, for the second fucking time in the last fucking 12 hours.

>> No.8634776

I aint gonna watch some chuuba fucking reacting to shit

>> No.8634784



>> No.8634814

That's a fair point. Again, I think it was addressing the fantasy of VTubers being able to just play all day with no work involved, rather than complaining that her life is too hard.

>> No.8634821

Obviously not or they would quit.

>> No.8634830

>Haachama finally got a pretty cool manager
>EN Civil War shitshow immediately starts

Sasuga Cover.

>> No.8634853

Yeah but it's full of nepotism so they can't get hired. Did you know obsidian was a duo until Petra was forced in due to family connections?

>> No.8634855

He doesn't to me.
Seems like a perfectly reasonable take.

>> No.8634861

Oh people know. Like those on my discord. They just don't have to speak about it explicitly because of rules against doxxing.

>> No.8634864

You don't have to move, use internet to find work

>> No.8634879

Look, it's ok. You got caught being a lying newfag. Stop larping already

>> No.8634881

i love schizo threads

>> No.8634895

>Thinking internet service in West Virginia is good.

>> No.8634907

Well yeah, Haachama's old manager was promoted to the director of the EN branch.

>> No.8634908

No joke you sound insane, that guy was being 100% reasonable

>> No.8634915

Ina has zero aggression and Gura/Amelia just want to play games and eat chicken nuggets.
Calli seems a little resentful of how Council’s been handled, but probably wouldn’t act on it.
IRyS is too much of an airhead to get mad. She thinks it’s cute when her chat calls her fat.

>> No.8634968

latin has it and i will demonstrate it.
vocatus essetis
>pluperfect subjunctive passive 2nd person plural of take

pluperfect: demonstrates time of action, we had taken the gates before
subjunctive: desire or possibility. we could have taken the gates before
passive: we are the thing being taken. we could have been taken before
2nd person plural: by then/before/yesterday, you all could have been taken
what this demonstrates: "before, have" = take was done before now and completed with specificity, no vaguity

>> No.8634970

What the fuck I love nepotism now

>> No.8634987

not being a dragon

>> No.8634990

I was on a stage of 10k granted it was only a few seconds but it was fine

>> No.8635032

She was smart. Pika has been doing alot of stupid shit and has been pissing me the fuck off. (Tomoshika is still going strong). So monoe was actually smart in just going to the cushy government job and leaving this shit before the americans make it full cancer

>> No.8635050

You might be on the spectrum.

>> No.8635060

> and leaving this shit
he doesn't know lol

>> No.8635086

okay very cool, but incelibate is still a word distinct from and of opposite meaning to incel.

>> No.8635105
File: 136 KB, 463x453, 1624158752032.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Kiara, could you please spot where are those "haters" you talk about?

>> No.8635116

Why are people comparing streaming or even worse vtubing to public speaking? You know most holos are autists that would break down crying on a stand if it was actually public speaking but they're completely fine in front of a camera, the pressure from public speaking comes from the fact that you can see people looking at you, not JUST from the fact of people looking at you

>> No.8635138

Hello it's me from the future.

>Kiara will graduate.
>There will be jokes about how Mori is keeping Phoenix from resurrecting
>Mori leaves within a week
>there will be fan art of Mori and Cali walking into the sunset

>> No.8635194

She's not wrong in that a bunch of uninitiated casuals are trying to join hololive who no idea what they're getting themselves into. Kiara herself is honestly a good pick since she has Japanese experience. Same with Calli.

>> No.8635244

Oh look, the vague "I made it up" argument. Either say something or leave

>> No.8635331

she didn't leave, she's streaming again

>> No.8635353

This seem more like a women moment, this bitch hasn't worked in anything hard in her whole life, she is basically a white girl from a rich euro country, that traveled to japan without a care about money and end up being a ero cosplayer, then got a job as a vtuber that is just streaming games.

>> No.8635402

Watch... Streams.. She comes from a poor family and has worked regular jobs you mongoloid faggot.

>> No.8635407

doesn't matter.
i'm not incelibate is a limiter/specifier.
if i say i'm not a fast horse that doesn't mean i'm a horse. it actually doesn't even mean i'm not a horse. all i've done is specified what i'm not, and that not is a very specific thing, a fast horse. i can still be fast, or a horse, but not a fast horse.

if you're dumb or using incredibly simple easy to understand english for communication, then you'd assume what i meant by not an incel. if you're normal or understand english then you don't assume what i mean you know what i mean, which is that i'm not an incel. not that i'm celibate, or whatever else, but simply what i'm not.

>> No.8635447
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I think her rant was probably related to one of the girls (let's be honest, it's Mumei) who recently got in and had no idea what would actually happen when she did.

>Hello welcome to Hololive, here is your model, here is your debut, by the way; you can't play 99% of games ever made, you'll be dealing mostly with ancient Japanese middle managers who can't work their own smart phones, and we'll be expecting special events every other month that will be arranged entirely by you
>Ok, bye

That has been what it has seemed like for HoloEN and HoloID from an outsiders perspective and it appears to be the same way on the inside, too.


>> No.8635454

>Yesterday, after the debut, I wanted to be there for the girls... It's the reason why I stayed up till like 7 a.m
>Cause... they, someone voiced some cocerns and I just could... I was very relating to those concerns so I just wanted to be there for them as her senpai, and tell them they're not alone
So the EN2 got a bunch of retards newbies that don't know any better?

>> No.8635497

I think you'd have a heart attack if you understood what japanese talents talk about regularly

>> No.8635513

>poor family in fucking europe
>in fucking Austria

Tell that to a fucking Indian or someone from middle east, this bitch was born with a silver spoon, and hasn't work hard in her whole life.

>Ohhh nooo, she worked regular jobs and they don't let her be a complete menhera on stream, what a cruel life

Fuck off

>> No.8635539

>So the EN2 got a bunch of retards newbies that don't know any better?
It's probably just one or two who probably had no idea what it would be like actually working for an agency. Especially a Japanese one who is almost radio silent when it comes to supporting foreign branches outside of some middle managers who seem to hinder more than help.

>> No.8635594

Also let's be honest, it's Mumei having an emotional breakdown having to stream to more than five people.

>> No.8635599

Japanese companies tend to have a lot of bullshit rules and policies, I'd know I used to be one of the wageslave for JP company

>> No.8635673

This, and a lot of them are unwritten too. You can get punished in a Japanese company for violating rules and etiquette that was never once spoken by any person or put into any written form.

>> No.8635762

I don't believe that to be true. I've searched and searched. If you want to prove you a tellilng the truth then post it and take the 2 day ban on the chin like a man. I'll respect you

>> No.8635778

They're grabbing a bunch of indie western vtubers. At the same time, like others, I'd expect EN2 to have been vetted way more given the amount of applicants and how big EN1 became. Then again maybe the quality is just poor all around.

>> No.8635892

I thought she was going to go into some discussion about how overinflated the profits must seem from the audience perspective. Sure those superchats look cool, but factoring in the actual cut given to the individual and the time spent earning that...I dunno. It seems to be a viable living for everyone, so that's good?

>> No.8635898

>Whether it’s Coco wanting creative freedom she was never promised
Call me a Zhang, but I'm still mad about this. Her leaving had just about the whole company beside themselves in tears, and she promised she was gonna do all this amazing shit, and all she's been doing since is whoring herself out.

>> No.8635942

Even taking the cuts into account she's making 100x times than what she would make in any other job. You think she would be a CEO or something? Get real

>> No.8636024

It's just logical. Coco pays double taxes, + normal cuts. This vtubing thing isn't going to last forever, she was bleeding alot of money, she made a smart adult decision. We need to be reasonable

>> No.8636062

You don't buy the "Creative freedom" excuse, right? She left because they wanted her gone. They were giving her the silent treatment. It's common in Japan to put workers you want to leave in a tiny bubble where they can't do what they want and have nothing but contempt for work every day. They were doing that to Coco by withholding her ability to do collabs or attend events.

The "Creative Freedom" excuse is a way for her to say "I got locked in a cabinet by my boss and the only way out was to quit so I did."

>> No.8636221

It is easy if you are mentally strong. The problem is that most of these girls aren't. Especially not Kiara

>> No.8636314

Speak for yourself pussy bitch, I am mentally untouchable

>> No.8636344

>wow it's fucking nothing
I'm certain that anyone itt actually bashing this bitch, who in every other instance I have avoided because I can't stand, is a pathetic seagull whose seethe makes a salt pillar that reaches the fucking moon.
I went on to that lolcows site and all I found were trannies and envious, fugly hambeasts bitching about the girls more clever than they are reaping the ill-gotten rewards of exploiting dumb guys for time and money whilst they rage, obese in the dark wishing they could do the same.

>> No.8636415

Not that anon but she stream again as a vtuber so no ban here. I don't remember the name but her avatar is a jellyfish girl I think

>> No.8636435

That 'hardness' also probably simultaneously makes you not empathic and genuine enough to understand and entertain an audience. It's a blade that cuts both ways.

>> No.8636453

mentally strong is a nebulous term. especially because being too mentally strong comes with massive downsides.
after all how fun would it be to watch someone with no emotional attachment to her fans?

their weakness is part of why they're good for the job. but human weakness takes many forms, and each one has something different going on in their heads. i think some like kiara are too mentally messed up.

also as an example of what too mentally strong does, look at the sociopaths on twitch. most titty streamers are literal sociopaths.
i think the best form is something like watame, very attached to her fans and art but able to cry and get back up. it's fine to cry and be sad, even very sad, if you can get back up.

>> No.8637313

Oh my god you are right, thank you archives. And she's some goofy stuff XD. Alright I'm gonna watch her. Thank you!

>> No.8639419

It’s not, it’s clear that each girl had input in their design. Why would Kiara say she didn’t? Maybe the one most comfortable communicating in Japanese gave her artist a mismatch of ideas like kfc employee who is also an idol and is a warrior with a super sentai sword and shield (don’t forget the two hats) and the end result was a design that she was embarrassed of.

>> No.8639581

Bro get real, popular males don't give a shit, this is a woman problem

>> No.8639625

Cover probably has some beta models made beforehand and during the auditions they choose the girl that would fit better every character...

>> No.8639689

>after all how fun would it be to watch someone with no emotional attachment to her fans?
Mentally strong doesn't mean sociopath you fucking retard

>> No.8639816

Same but youtube is all about watchtime now. That and also streams give you extra revenue in form of SC and memberships...

>> No.8639931

>Did announcements at High School
>Same as having millions of fans/stalkers/coomers/threats/doxxing/etc


>> No.8639977

But the fastest growing and most promoted channels are the channels that spam shorts. The algo is promoting tiktok duration of content

>> No.8640019

¿Did anyone even knew about it outside this shithole?

That being said, I still believe most of EN girls came here at least once after their debut announcement out of morbid curiosity (less filter here than r*ddit) or to egosearch...

>> No.8640133


lol white people

>> No.8640336

You mean muslim people. Because if we're going to talk about numbers, then muslims countries are the ones with a big incest problem

>> No.8640351

Moving the goalpost from the original argument, at least read the chain retard

>> No.8641725

Sure, a mix of both short vids and streams would be the better option. Having only short vids like early Kizuna won't work anymore tho

>> No.8643626

Based, they really need to shut down those retarded vtweeters clogging up the applications

>> No.8644209

Nepotism based?

>> No.8648033

you're all so retarded

>> No.8648207

Welcome to 4chan

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