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Nyanners is suicidal again, what did you guys do this time?

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Lol nice

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Ok. And?

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she got rejected for En2 and it's finally sinking in

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Good. Here's hoping she goes through with it.

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Like hell I have time to care about the pink cat when this board is going to shit after HoloEN 2 debut. Anyway what’s happening to her?

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Do a flip yulia

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I nutted to that one animation of her today, I doubt that has anything to do with it though.

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Nothing? I guess you could argue we ignored her to death.

I mean the last big thread I recall seeing about her was that she was actually too good for vsh*jo but I didn't bother to read it so probably it was 90% "lol no she's right where she belongs."

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She wanted to fuck but I told her I was saving myself for my oshi.

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>makes thread
>refuses to elaborate

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Where did she say she was suicidal? I don't see it on twitter.

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good, i hope that albanian nigger dies

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Kronii only exists to give paizuri

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I dislike her hypocrisy, her stupid viewpoints/beliefs, and I find her to be a pretty unlikable person. But even so... I hope she finds the help she needs.

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Such a bait thread. If you're not going to post a screencap, I don't care.

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> suicidal
If she was suicidal, she would have necked herself a long time ago, back when the harassment and stalking were at their highest.
She's here to stay and there is nothing you can do about it.

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And anons take OP's word for granted.

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>Source: I made it up

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Nyanners I'm a big fan of how you made that POMF song back in the day when you and other chantards like foreverpandering hadn't yet sold out. But I get it. bein a chantard don't pay the bills unless you're smart about it. I hope you get better. Life can throw some stuff at you.. I recommend goin to church, that can help if you get the right one for you.

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That's just her ovaries telling her brain that all the eggs are dying and it's high time to procreate. Bitch has to be nearing the big 30.

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Has she ever stated her views on procreation?

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She's threatened by HoloEN gen 2. Girls live off attention so she's feeling starved

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>Nyanners is suicidal again
>suicidal again
is there even one instance where they are not feeling suicidal?

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After seeing how EN 2 turned out, shouldn't that be cause for celebration?

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She sees Gura as what she could have been if she wasn't dumb and is already depressed about that.

Then holoCouncil came out and is rising pretty fast.

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>they are
Go back

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She should call up jerma

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You really make me happy with these news anon

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I hope she livestreams it
I need a good laugh

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dang nyanners is so successful y'all need to make up fan fiction about her huh

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Sorry anon i knew i shouldn't have forced her to listen to me reading mein kampf and spraying swastikas on that synagogue on our first date.

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Why would she want too? She'd give up her entire persona just to be a corporate shill. Don't be dumb.

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she's good at throwing away things she doesn't need anymore, I'd be more surprised if she didn't drown "nyanners" in a bathtub the second she had a chance of getting into hololive or some big anime company

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The whole reason of joining HL is to get big numbers and money, Nyanners already has a massive following so there's no need to. She's publicly stated as such.

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Sauce please I need to enjoy her misery.

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that's just sour grapes, I bet she's applied for both gens and vsinger and got shot down because the recruiter knows what she is. From a career standpoint she'd be stupid not to try to combine her audience with hololive's captive subs

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Is this the most rapeable EN? I can't think of anyone more rapeable than her.

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> Career standpoint
Aha yes let me just throw away my self-built persona that pulls in larger viewer numbers than half of Holostreamers so that I can join a corp that will pillage 30% of my paycheck, and move to YT so they can pillage an additional 30% of my paycheck
Very good take, you should become a financial counselor

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Does vhsojo take any money?

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They get their cut from merch, sponsorships, etc.

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Must be the 5th time this week

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Just from merch, not from subs or donations.

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She was sobbing about how she's a shit singer and how her history drags her company down and how everyone would be better off without her on her last secret YT stream. She disabled playback on the stream so I wasn't able to go back and clip it, sorry

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>Nyanners kills herself
>Vs*ojo disbands
>Vtubing becomes a more niche hobby to western audiences thus improving the quality
This could only lead to good things.

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Thats what she gets trying to make everyone like her. Give up nyanners, there is always gonna be people who will hate you no matter what stance you take. You can't be popular on the internet without having a wave of people dislike your guts even for the most stupidest reasons.

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Well seeing as she is nearing 30, is bisexual but mainly into women and a jermasexual she will probably never have kids.

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>secret YT stream
No reuploads either?

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She shouldn't have drank the SJW kool aid then.

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her one-night stand pestered her to do the loli voice and she did it while orgasming again.
She's just self loathing that she can't accept that she's prime lolibait. She'd be happy if she embraced cunny.

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all her yt streams are still up
she never said any of this

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>source: dude trust me DUDE

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Thats what you get for turning your back on the people who made you in the first place

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Nah br0 it's the supah secret one
Also clipping was disabled
Also she hacked my phone so when I whipped it out to record my screen it magically turned off
Trust me, I'm right and this totally isn't bait br0

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She does it to to herself.

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You don't turn your back on family, Nyanners.

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Source or its fake and gay

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Majority of Nyanner related posts here have at least some grain of truth, otherwise no one cares.

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that was from 3 months ago

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>Thinks shes the only problem child of vshojo
oh lawd, she needs extra help

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She was fine on her Saturday night youtube stream, other then being sick. She definitely lets the hate get to her but this thread is dumb. Most of the time her "im sad" bs is just so she can be showered with compliments

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If Nyanners had applied for holoEN she would probably be playing one of the 5 gen 1 girls right now. Her "baggage" means nothing to a company like cover.
Thinking she applied for gen 2 is just delusional. She already gets better numbers than 3/5 of the holomyth girls. Cover can not guarantee her better numbers than she has right now and she'd have to sign away her character rights. Cover has nothing to offer her.

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What would the child of Jerma and Nyanners be like?

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Imagine coming here, posting an out of context screenshot from several months months ago, and creating a narrative to try and get anonymous internet strangers 'on your side' for 30 seconds
Incel NEETs lmao, touch grass losers

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Ultimate internet clown.

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Jerma would be too busy practicing his comedy walk to have sex

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>why would she want to drop her heavy baggage to join one of the two biggest vtuber companies? I don't get it!!!!

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Because we've all seen how baggage magically disappears when you join a corp

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>drop her heavy baggage
Yes I'm sure everyone who hates her will suddenly stop if she got a different avatar.

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you fags would still find out shes nyanners if the rosemi or coco situation is anything to go by.
she wouldnt be dropping anything other then her freedom and most of her money going to corporate and youtube

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I mean she's speaking the truth. Usually when people shit on vshojo they bring up either nyanners or froot, but mostly the former.

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why are you so pathetic, nyanners

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Honestly I wasn't sure about nyanners because of some of the pre vtuber streams I've watched but I'm really starting to come around to her

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Ok but what does that have to do with twitch funny man Jerma985

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She's vaxxed, they're already dead.

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4 month old screenshot

>> No.8477427

Another image from months ago, what do you think you're proving here?

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If anything, I would personally hate her more

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I don't care enough to OBS each stream or anything. I caught the end of the freakout, went to rewind to get it all and it didn't work. I do appreciate how you have to exaggerate what I'm saying to try and cover for her though, one day she'll reward you for it

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Right, she was back on here immediately after getting her Fauci ouchie

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I don't believe you, since you seem to be the only one who's seen this 'super secret stream'.
Simple as that

>> No.8478442

Nyanners-fags have been in lockdown mode over leaks for months, are you really surprised they deny it?

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the one with dementia is far more rapeable

>> No.8478726

Nyanners applied for Gen1 and got rejected, don't ask me how I know this.

>> No.8478733

anon how am I supposed to know who you are talking about

>> No.8478871

>the one with dementia
don't they all?

>> No.8478904

>she'd have to sign away her character rights
she can still stream on her roomate channel like most chuubas do
>Her "baggage" means nothing to a company It seems you have never worked in your life

>> No.8479028

>Vtubing becomes a more niche hobby
That can only happen if Hololive EN gets disbanned.

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nyanners kinda sucks so whatever

>> No.8479354

I mean, I don’t know if suicidal but I lurk the VShojo+ thread and they mentioned how Nyanners said in one of her secret streams she is distressed by how some people despise her
About this >>8472507, she has her streams as unlisted but I think I know where to get the link, but I can’t do it right now because I’m phoneposting

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Honestly I've only watched Nyanners like twice and both times I've tuned in she would whine about how badly she needed to pee but wouldn't take a break, is holding it in that like a running thing with her?

>> No.8479477

Yeah she always holds it until she absolutely has to go for some reason.

>> No.8479548

Damn, that's really a regular thing for her? She is probably going to get a uti someday

>> No.8479572

>It seems you have never worked in your life
I have and "she made autists on 4chan mad with a social media post 6 years ago" is not something a company would care about, no. Her proven history as a successful content creator is a far bigger deal than a few mad autists.

>> No.8479668

> how badly she needed to pee but wouldn't take a break, is holding it in that like a running thing with her?
Kind of, but she doesn't talk about it that often. People in the Vshojo thread were jokingly hoping that she'd finally have an "accident" on stream when she played horror games recently. I think she doesn't want to take too many breaks during a stream and drinks a lot so she holds it in.

>> No.8479774

its more so that part where she feeds into the antis that would stop her from getting in, niji is known to forewarn their livers that they need to prepare themselves for hate so if they feel someone cant handle it theyd probably deny them even at cover.
aloe was a special case of irl things mixed with online hate making her unable to handle it

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Nyanners will always be a fucking embarrassment
She's cursed, you can't stab your friends and fans in the back and then live a normal life

>> No.8479848

Tell her to do a flip.

>> No.8479942

>its more so that part where she feeds into the antis that would stop her from getting in
Maybe. Nyan does let her antis live in her head rent free. The same is also true for the other side though judging by the amount of shitposting threads people still make about her here even if she does nothing.

>> No.8479943

I really don't understand how somebody who talks about toilets that much on a daily basis is too shy to get up and piss

>> No.8479962

oh please anon normal people fuck there relationships up all the time and can live a normal life, the bigger problem is nyanners feeds into the antis which just validates the antis

>> No.8480069

>3 years of wrongthink clips in the edgiest period of 4chan is not something a company would care about
>2 years of blogs talking about dicks and making mental gymnastics is not something a company would care about
Her proven history of failed VA and sex jokes is not a bigger deal than her moonman covers and she vshojo is the only placce she can work. All companies do background searchs, she can consider herself lucky if she can get a real job when her vtuber career eventually ends

>> No.8480149

she may not be shy but more so lazy and doesnt want to go, like that one video about the guy shitting himself while playing a game and his mom yelling at him to go the bathroom

>> No.8480188

The worst is that shes throwing her current fanbase under the bus again and changing her streams again, denouncing all her content till a week ago, and people are somehow OK with that.

>> No.8480327

>More viewers than most HL streamers
>"Her career is in the dumpster"
Top kek

>> No.8480343

Someone already did

>> No.8480363

who are you quoting

>> No.8480396

You're making a bigger deal out of it than it is. She did have a normal job before blowing up as a vtuber. Her small 100 viewer twitch streams she did before becoming the pink cat did not pay the bills. People sometimes wrote that she worked as a secretary and on a recent stream she mentioned that she can type very fast due to her "secretary skills", so I assume that's what she did before becoming a full time streamer.

Imagine having fucking Nyanners as your secretary. Dream come true.

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So why exactly does Nyanners get all this hate? I see a lot of talk about her backstabbing her friends and fans, but like come on nigga what’d she do.

>> No.8480463

Are you talking about her changing to an older looking model? It's been over a month already and it hasn't hurt her numbers.

>> No.8480503

Imagine having the pink cat live rent free in your head to such a degree that there is a nyanners thread at all times for pedos to pile into and seethe about "muh under the bus".
You might actually be more of a waste of oxygen than /trash/ vtuber posters.

>> No.8480506

>make content for a group
>become popular
>move on from group
>badmouth group
>claim making the content was a mistake

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>> No.8480582

Yoooo bitch be frontin to the homies and shit my nigga

>> No.8480590

People fuck up their life but then go silent for awhile and move on
Nyanners has a legacy of baggage and fan antagonism that is inescapable, you have to just abandon the name

>> No.8480597

i love my virgin wife! she will have a lot of children for me and we will raise them together!

>> No.8480619

She was /our girl/, as in she was very active on 4chan and made meme videos and voice acting for 4chan. She did a lot of lolibait stuff with her high pitched voice and got a sizable lolicon following. 6 years ago she had a mental meltdown and denounced lolicon stuff and deleted one of her most popular videos (a song about a hardcore loli doujin). Some people here are still mad that /their girl/ betrayed them, others are joining in the hate to fit in.

>> No.8480664

Muh persecution
Nyanners said something I didn't like 6+ years ago and now I writhe, toss and turn while lying in my power rangers bed at night thinking about it. I think I'll get up, and go mald on /vt/ about the pink cat calling me a pedo
Maybe mom will make M&M pancakes on the morning

>> No.8480680

well for one, it's just obvious.
she debuted after the first gen was already picked. just a couple months before myth debuted.

>> No.8480706

>She was /our girl/
Most people didn't like her back then and would call her an attention whore, she never had many actual fans here.

>> No.8480735

Senzawa and Shachi both had better numbers than Nyanners did and that didnt stop them

>> No.8480771

It's funny how you conveniently leave out the part were said group harassed, doxxed and stalked her.

>> No.8480776

at this point its more so shes not proud of her older work and denounces her old work because of it, that doesnt nessarily mean shes denouncing people who enjoy it like she did with the lolicons.
she only bad mouthed the lolicons because they're retards who get offended by people not being comfortable with lewd lolis.
add on to the fact they sorta groomed her, she wants to distence herself from those abusers, but most people who hate her these days hate her just because people hated her before.
basically most of her haters are not the people she intented to denounce probably.

>> No.8480792

So jealous of Holo Council kek

>> No.8480835

debuted as a vtuber*
i know she's been around for a long time

>> No.8480879
File: 1.29 MB, 229x302, 5476E88D-861A-4423-BD9E-BF409E2C1818.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So a bunch of manbabies are averse to the fact that people can change. Whether the change comes from personal growth or the decision to disavow past actions in order to further your career. Gotcha. Boo hoo faggots, she was never going to fuck you.

>> No.8480888

yep, but that baggage would stay regardless because autists on this site will just find her new persona and bug her about it

>> No.8480931

What really bothered me more is the moral grandstanding. It's one thing to be growing an audience and decide "What I did is controversial, I don't want it to keep staining me."
It's something else to take it down and pretend you actually loathe all of that stuff now, and you totally think its evil while going off to keep playing Nekopara and continuing to appeal to this kind of scene with a high pitch and a childish avatar. Some of her write ups from that time even sound like she's timidly suggesting the evil 4channelers forced her to record this viral video and she has only now broken their magical hex.

>> No.8480936

With voice like that she could rape me

>> No.8480939

>edgy teen raised by 4chan
>hosted /v/ awards at some point
>gets older, wants to be a VA
>fucks off from 4chan to be more professional, goes to tumblr
>tumblr hates her who would have thought
>come back to 4chan 2 years later 10x more edgy
>no one outside of /pol/ likes her now, who would have thought
>leave 4chan again
>streams as a 2view
>go on a crusade against loli artists on twitter with her double digit fans
She then spent the next 5 years as one of the few western vtubers, gaining traction last year. All imageboards, tumblr, unironic pedos oand sjws on twitter ahte her

>> No.8480945

She said that she never applied for a hololive position. You can of course choose to not believe her, but Nyanners was very small as a streamer back then and she is NOT a confident person. Even now she posts stupid shit like "Vshojo would probably be more popular if I wasn't in it". Bitch, you're Vshojo's top talent next to Ironmouse and one of the most popular english vtubers in general, on a level with most of the HoloEN girls. People get exposed to Vshojo because you are in it, you are not hurting that company.

>> No.8480964

I guess if you view stepping on people in order to further your own career as a positive, then yes, shes great.

>> No.8481077

>shes not proud of her older work and denounces her old work because of it
Not quite true. She loves some of her old stuff and has rewatched it on stream with chat. She called her KissXSis review the best video she has ever done.

>> No.8481085

i love myau and her secret streams on YOUTUBE DOT COM SLASH MYAU
this is TOTALLY SECRET please dont go there!

>> No.8481092

People called literally everyone who posted their stuff attention whores, most of the initial fanbase for her YT was obviously from here. Are Nyanners shills so desperate they need to contradict her own words to try and make her look better?

>> No.8481205

That’s how it works you retard. It’s a ladder that everyone is trying to climb. The person below you would gladly sink a knife into your fucking heel if it meant they could go up one more rung. I don’t expect a grocery baggage clerk to understand that though.

>> No.8481270

>go on a crusade against loli artists on twitter
I don't think this part happened. She wrote a few mean things about lolicons on tumblr, but she never attacked artists on twitter or something like that. Feel free to correct me by posting proof if I'm wrong.

>> No.8481328

now i understand. what im getting from this is that her fans are people with no ethics or morals,

>> No.8481331

everyones a stepping stone in entertainment, especially the fans, thats just how building a fan base is, the only difference is she killed off the part that felt entitled to making her successful, true or not, the entitlement is so high that they still complain about how THEY made her and they deserve respect.

>> No.8481345

She seems to be doing great, you should probably off yourself though
People would miss her, but you? No chance.

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Ffs, how can there be so many Nyanners haters in here? Yeah, she uses 4chan, so what? Does she have to be enslaved forever to do what random people in the internet want to?

>inb4 yes

Also, I can see that by the ratio between images and responses, that most people in this thread are normals fags unable to create any original content. Actually I'm pretty sure most of you are common CONSOOOOOMMERRRS of youtube channels 24/7, unable to express your creativity and that your only meaning in life is being a fucking number on someone's channel.

>inb4 Vshojo is shit

Sure, you can have your own opinion, I don't watch them either, but people seething and dilating on a girl doing what she wants is beyond retarded.

PS: Sorry edgy nerds, but inflating your ego by making fun of someone's mental health on an anonymous board is lower than being a normal fag. Maybe it's time for you to go get some /adv/ or go /out/side

>> No.8481381

Her fans harassed random artists in her name because ??

>> No.8481437

Why would she want to sell her character's rights when she has better numbers than most of the Hololives? I don't think cover could guarantee her better numbers than what she already has in Vshojo.

>> No.8481461

Can confirm, 100% thought she was gonna wet herself during the most recent horror game stream

>> No.8481524

back to redit with you

>> No.8481541
File: 257 KB, 799x813, 1629724000912.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Ffs, how can there be so many Nyanners haters in here? Yeah, she uses 4chan, so what? Does she have to be enslaved forever to do what random people in the internet want to?

>inb4 yes

Also, I can see that by the ratio between images and responses, that most people in this thread are normals fags unable to create any original content. Actually I'm pretty sure most of you are common CONSOOOOOMMERRRS of youtube channels 24/7, unable to express your creativity and that your only meaning in life is being a fucking number on someone's channel.

>inb4 Vshojo is shit

Sure, you can have your own opinion, I don't watch them either, but people seething and dilating on a girl doing what she wants is beyond retarded.

PS: Sorry edgy nerds, but inflating your ego by making fun of someone's mental health on an anonymous board is lower than being a normal fag. Maybe it's time for you to go get some /adv/ or go /out/side

>> No.8481577

I choose not to believe a damn thing she says.
I'm pretty sure this was just her trying to get pity.

>> No.8481584

Shut up fag, why are you seething and dilating about us doing what we want?

>> No.8481629

Oh, I'm sure some crazy SJWs felt emboldened by her posts back then and harassed some loli artists, but I think it's important to note that she herself never did shit like that and never publicly supported doing shit like that. She's been the target of lots of hate on the internet and knows how shitty it can be, she's not the kind of person who'd do that to others.

>> No.8481644

>Muh ethics
>Muh morals
>They say wallowing in inequity and self doubt, unable to actualize their dreams and wants despite the means to do so being in their very hands.

>> No.8481677

>reddit spacing
opinion discarded

>> No.8481678

Quite a thread...
Can we get back to how shit HoloEn2 is looking now?

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Because they felt empowered doing so when someone popular like Nyanners is endorsing their behaviour.

>> No.8481696

i mean the same argument could be made for people seething about nyanners after all these years

>> No.8481831

I’m a newfag but I’ll try to explain everything I have collected without bias

Nyanners is an oldfag posting here since she was 11 and she would interact with other 4chan users in boards like /a/ and /b/

She had a YouTube channel where she would upload shitposts and blew up in 2012 when she uploaded the song Pomf which was based in a lolicon doujin

At some point during that time she would move on to Tumblr and apparently there was an incident involving other anons and some weird things (I’ll leave you to think what you want)

When GamerGate was a thing, in 2015 she would take down Pomf and release a rant denouncing lolicon as pedophilia and CSA. She would also distance herself from her 4chan fanbase

From this point onwards she became a Tumblr user and would try to pursue a VA career, and some would describe her attitude as being a SJW

Her VA career wouldn’t took off and a year ago she would start being a vtuber, but some people accused her of hypocrisy for having an alleged loli avatar and being NSFW on stream

To be exact to your question, “why is she hated?”, some people have issues with her for the following reasons they’ll probably mention: backstabbing her old fanbase, being a SJW tumblrina, calling lolicons pedos and then catering to the same audience without addressing anything

>> No.8481832

They are average, not shit. Hololive's past scoutings were better

>> No.8481877

The Discord Groomers slept in this morning. Up too late with your "sex kittens"?

>> No.8481917
File: 1.72 MB, 220x220, 1594014776543.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>her history drags vshojo down
How? No one but 4chins cares about the pomf shit. Is she just overthinking it? Froot is the only real disgusting one if the rrats are to be believed.

>> No.8481932

Seemed fairly shit to me
They should've asked Nyanners

>> No.8481941

i work my ass off for months making animations that manage to get up to a million views in less than a year and it pays off. the fact retards like her get away with the least talent possible is just plain out repulsive.

>> No.8481943

I mean there's obviously going to be some crazies in her fanbase, she has a huge following. I can't fault her for that. She doesn't retweet people like that and doesn't give them likes or support. She seems to just want to stay away from internet drama.

>> No.8481953

Kill yourself Holobrony

>> No.8481985

Even holoen 2 are better than this hipocrite.

>> No.8481989

Women hold grudges for less time than some of you re:nyanners denouncing lolicons. any literal sane person would also make the same statement publicly.

Besides the last thing this site ever needed was another eceleb implicitly or explicitly encouraging people to visit

>> No.8481995

I watched the streams, they're still up and she didn't say any of that

>> No.8482019

Nyanners go away nobody wants you here.

>> No.8482026

Do you know how fucking old this is?

>> No.8482038

Nobody ever called Nyan intelligent

>> No.8482047
File: 320 KB, 2013x1058, 1629150890577.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey I don't even care about pomf. I just don't like how Nyanners is dragging others to become antis like her. I remember Melody would talk about lolis and even joke about Boku no Pico all the time, but that stopped after Nyanners happened. Same deal with Ironmouse. It's like they're trying to accommodate for Nyanner's SJWfaggotry.

>> No.8482077

ill be honest the smoltuber event where people were harassing loli and shota looking vtubers was retarded, lolis and shotas are cute, smoltubers wanted to be cute but these fuckers are emboldened to attack anyone who they dont like regardless of being encouraged to do so, they're already on a moral high thinking theyre better so nyanners only gave them a explanation for their shittiness

>> No.8482098

The Nyanners quote is made up
The Froot shit is made up
Don't come to /vt/ looking for actual information

>> No.8482133
File: 1.36 MB, 329x280, depression.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's cause she didn't take part in the Jerma Dollhouse Stream and missed her chance of being featured in front of 100k people.

>> No.8482187

>but that stopped after Nyanners happened
But Melody literally showed up to Silvervale's birthday VRchat party in a loli model last week. And Nyanners was there too.

>> No.8482211

Nyanners always dreamed about being a voiceactor and such and Hololive might help with that more than Vshojo or whatever other Western company not everything is about the spacha, especially for a streamer of vertain size that probably get's more money through sponsors.

>> No.8482217

I hope she kills herself on stream that would be really nice.

>> No.8482265

There was a thread a few weeks ago here on /vt/ that dove deeper into the Froot thing. Apparently Froot didn't actually have sex with anyone, it was just discord ERP. Still a shitty thing to do when you're married to someone else, but it's not even in the same league as fucking someone.

>> No.8482291

>Her "baggage" means nothing to a company like cover.
Nigga you literally retarded

>> No.8482311
File: 142 KB, 740x960, 1621974518418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What next? Nyanners gonna make up excuses "her model was actually just flat yoo!"?? I'm willing to bet the word 'loli' was not even said not even once in that stream. Complete opposite of what Melody used to be.

>> No.8482332

She'll be the smart house AI in dollhouse 2. I believe.

>> No.8482347
File: 1.77 MB, 1516x1236, 1D6A465E-A934-47AB-9413-68FB76F9F2AF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>No one but 4chins cares about the pomf shit
I’m a lolicon and I don’t hate Nyanners (nor watch her for that matter) but that’s false anon
The thing is that most of her antis outside of here aren’t as autistic as the ones in /vt/

>> No.8482352

If she's suicidal, she's hiding it really well. She's debuting a new outfit today.

That or OP is a retard (I'll go with the latter).

>> No.8482386

Right how long ago was the Holocaust and people still bitch about that literally Non-Stop.

>> No.8482477

But was she actually married?
Would've been 19 at the time so possible but, as with everything around here, I'm not just gonna blindly believe it with no proof

>> No.8482512

She has some haters on twitter and reddit too, but if you inspect those accounts you can always see that a significant portion of them are from here.

>> No.8482597

I don't know. I have seen no proof that she was married, but I haven't seen anything that suggests otherwise either.

>> No.8482641

>not even once in that stream.
I'm willing to bet she hasn't said loli at all in 2021. It's the Nyanners effect.

>> No.8482644

Are you really comparing fake anime girl streamer drama to one of the worst genocides in human history
Holy shit, off yourself already lmfao, I promise your mother regrets not getting an abortion after the Dr told her you'd ride the short bus

>> No.8482689

Been away from 4chan for a long time and entered today to see the threads about the HoloEn's debut but holy shit you reminded why I left most you anons are fucking retarded.

>> No.8482691

Fuck off Nyanners

>> No.8482747


>> No.8482756

Are you really so brain dead that 3 months is an eternity to you?
You literally know what my point is but you have no argument so you just complain about it shut the fuck up Nyanners

>> No.8482762

Just stick to the generals and forget about anti threads.

>> No.8482825

The debuts were so bad everyone's trying to forget about it by bitching about Nyanners for the 10000th time

>> No.8482831

He's literally lying....

>> No.8482852

Same. It's incredible how many schizos you find here.

>> No.8482855

This is actually based.

>> No.8482876

anon... their refering to the HOLOcaust, the time when most of the vods for holos were killed

>> No.8482903

a significant portion of them are facebook niggers and anituber fags you massive retard

>> No.8482923

Listen, I know your parents don't let you use a butter knife at dinner because they're concerned about you hurting yourself, but if you just climb onto the roof and hurl yourself off head first it'll achieve the same result
Nobody will even notice that you're gone

>> No.8482956


>> No.8483009

Remember, you're here forever

>> No.8483068

Go back.

>> No.8483105
File: 2.23 MB, 1052x1754, 1629735005582.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Has there been anything substantive in this thread yet?

>> No.8483139

All right but take your meds first

>> No.8483186

Back to your discord, the 14 year olds aren't going to groom themselves

>> No.8483193

White women are a mistake.

>> No.8483231

Peak Nyanners insult bro that was pretty POGGERS how about we both talk about how depressed we are and how terrible our lives were even though we've literally never worked a job a single day in our lives and then complain about how a place that hates us hates us but yet we still keep coming here. FUCKIN PEDOS AM I RIGHT I BET THEY DON'T THINK THAT VIDEO GAMES CAUSE VIOLENCE kek lulw.
Brb my wife's boyfriend's condom broke I need to go put a new one on for him.

>> No.8483246

Do you really believe that this place wasn't already invaded by facebook and anitubers? I'm not saying that all of them are from here, but many Nyanners antis on twitter literally post screenshots from this place and write shit like >implying.

>> No.8483270

She fucking spread nudes from 2 of the guys in the /a/ sings she erp'd with
Fucking destroyed the whole group

>> No.8483311

There are never anything substantive in these threads, anon. Legitimately 90+% of the posts here are by newfags playing an eternal game of telephone, the rrats twisting in real time. The reality is that most people here are 2016- tourists and have no idea about any of this and are really just trying their hardest to fit in.

>> No.8483370

the most based take in the entire thread

>> No.8483394

Sorry, but that's fucking hilarious and a fair price to pay for ERP with Nyanners.

>> No.8483551

>hated by 4chan
>hated by tumblr
>hated by reddit
>hated by anitubers
>hated by twitter peods
>hated by twitter sjws
>hated by facebook groups
>hated by e-thots
>hated by twitch
>hated by her coworkers
now I'm sure all of her viewers are people gathering information to hate her more

>> No.8483561

Why do anons like to whine about the most stupid things? It's like you're a bunch 10 yr olds.

>> No.8483640

yikes dude

>> No.8483643

>Why do anons
Go back

>> No.8483707

I gave her a chance until she did the model change
That was when I stopped watching, her mental illness is too much

>> No.8483840

Most of her viewers are spics and seanigs

Yeah I agree with this.
I hated it when nyanners changed her model. It's like she wants people to hate her more.

>> No.8483929

>he doesn't watch chuubas for the menhera kino

>> No.8483966

>It's like you're a bunch 10 yr olds.
ding ding ding, youve figured it out
to be fair id put the median closer to 12 than 10

>> No.8484167

Her new 2d model is pure sex though.

>> No.8484275

Reminder Vshitshow is terrible because of Nyanners, but also because of the group in general and people like Veibae (just as bad as a hypocrite) being part of it.

Just wait, these auditions are a sham, everyone knows Snuffy is coming in. as expected.

>> No.8484374
File: 111 KB, 400x500, 1616000361324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't care about the arguments here but I just wanted to say I am extremely grateful that the face of Vtubing is the biggest and bestest lolicon loli out of all of them and not the sjw menhera

>> No.8484485

For dogs maybe
She's lost her only appeal

>> No.8484636
File: 121 KB, 573x568, 7D019BAD-FA46-4A4F-B6C2-EA11AF3AF2F3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Our best.

>> No.8484668

Anon, look around you. Look at /vt/. If you're gonna hold a creator accountable for their fans actions, all of hololive are scum of the lowest order.

>> No.8484725

thanks Suisei for all the ringo threads, I love you

>> No.8484760

She just shrunk her head and extended her neck. Straight up downgrade.

>> No.8484767

The difference here is that Nyanners endorses/encourages that type of behaviour especially in her discord. For the same reason Gura is responsible for all the lewd feet art her fans have been making of her.

>> No.8484997

Correct if I’m wrong, but didn’t her fans harass the Skullgirls devs after she made that post about fanservice in videogames and she later had to apologize for their behavior?

>> No.8485449

the only thing vai did wrong was make up shit about how she talked to a former hololiver and talked out her ass without properly thinking through her thoughts.
but some of her points were more or less valid enough criticisms of corporate vtubing.
of course you can counter argue those criticisms but she was only somewhat talking out her ass.
also why would they open auditions if they're just going to add snuffy, snuffy could join at anytime without the need of an excuse like auditions, shes already an horary member

>> No.8486008
File: 53 KB, 250x208, images (5).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Blregh pipi poo ?

>> No.8486534

Another Nyanners meta thread that got 300 replies

>> No.8486678

It could have been worse, do you remember Greekchama?

>> No.8486761

anon save yourself sometime, even if they weren't referencing that. it would be a joke and someone is crying over a joke on 4chan like self righteous faggot

>> No.8486764

I'm curious, why is she so weird about what actually bothers her? via the discord images, we see she's very conflicted on her stance on things. She doesn't care about the stuff we say yet scrolls through here very frequently. She isn't bothered by the hate yet goes through episodes thinking of how everyone would be better if she wasnt around. why exactly cant she make up her mind? Does the 4chan/tumblr hate about your past really sting that much that you have mood swings about it or why cant you just move on with your life without the creepy critter that is us putting you down in the back of your brain?

>> No.8486787

Based as FUCK.

>> No.8486899

Would joining Hololive even be a good thing for her? She's already big and Vshojo probably doesn't take anywhere near as big of a cut as Cover.

>> No.8486991

because she's a faggot who can't be honest with those around her and doesn't accept help from those willing to help. also women can't make up their minds most of the time

>> No.8487205


>> No.8487442
File: 35 KB, 463x453, 1620112021785.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She knows that unlike Gura or any other popular vtuber, she has genuine dedicated antis who would love to rip her limb from limb even if it kills them. That's just how much they hate her.

>> No.8487656

Mass repliers get the rope.

>> No.8487908

Have fun

>> No.8487925
File: 261 KB, 487x522, 159-1599503_thumbs-up-stiftung-warentest-ebook-facebook.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i will keep jacking off to veibae

>> No.8487996

I find it pretty hard to understand what that person is saying most of the time.

>> No.8488074

Shes makes a shit ton of money and subs from her current fanbase, yet still cares about the hate she gets from here. She is definitely still attached to this place and hides her edgy side, because most of her current fans are fags

>> No.8488306

>because most of her current fans are fags
Unfortunate. She could've been Gura who can just say she wants to lewd lolis all the time, and everyone would love her if she's just honest with herself
Instead of gatekeeping SJWs, she invites them.

>> No.8488361

nobody loves pedophiles

>> No.8488470

Yeah I too have a hunch Nyanners might actually be an actual pedo because of how much projection she's been doing.

>> No.8488527

>nooo i'm not actually a pedo even though i explicitly seek out content depicting children having sex, everyone who accuses me of being a pedo is actually the pedo

>> No.8488547

She has definitely seen pizza since she is oldfag

>> No.8488602
File: 1.22 MB, 2048x1426, 46A449D6-6ECE-4E64-89A1-4622B56B0B54.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8488631

Lol ok Nyanners

This is true. I remember there was a pic of her inviting pedos to join her. Someone post it

>> No.8488678

Sen was definitely getting Gura, but I could easily see Nyanners playing Ame or Ina.

>> No.8488757
File: 471 KB, 623x467, 1603779636894.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ah this one? yeah i remember

>> No.8488832

>Someone post it
not your personal army

>> No.8488873

Yup probably that one lol
There was more though

>> No.8489312

Nypa is for raids not requests tryingtofitinchama

>> No.8489544
File: 269 KB, 990x676, 1613335282040.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So Nyanners is a kid diddler? I can now see why she can't let go of her loli-esque model and yet says bad things about lolicons. We've seen this happen way too many times.
I would be depressed too if I was her. She basically built her whole identity from lying as a means to cope.

>> No.8489553

She jumped on the bandwagon just like Pokimane did. She isn't a vtuber, her account is directly tied to camstreaming, she never bothered hiding her identity.

>> No.8489871
File: 322 KB, 1128x1453, F54F5DB5-B01C-4BC7-A20F-087C27079364.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lol, no wonder why her distaste for lolicon, she was hanging out with actual pedos
I’m not an anti but I consider her a massive retard and pic related to be true

>> No.8489999

Does she still have a bf or did she dump him already?

>> No.8490090
File: 856 KB, 671x1192, 1629211545443.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nyanners probably saw pizza and liked it and that could've been the trigger to become an SJW and ditch 4chan out of guilt. Feels bad man.

>> No.8490185

I'm not an anti but I consider you to be a massive retard

>> No.8490258

I don't think she would want to share all the cash with anybody

>> No.8490386

So is this the new narrative? The guilt ridden sjw transformation?

>> No.8490500
File: 39 KB, 740x510, 1614611359938.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, Nyanners. Don't think you can get away making pedo memes while hating on lolicon.

>> No.8490547

This, she was an average cosplay camwhore on Twitch then when she saw Holos start getting popular she couldn't resist the new grift. She even started with some random stolen model before she finally found some artist she hadn't shit on yet to draw the pink cat for her

>> No.8490633

that's my headcanon too. Wouldn't be the first time that a big name that's vocal about hating lolis has participated in pizza circles

>> No.8490672

Sorry I don’t like CP

>> No.8490699

What's the problem with Nyanners?

>> No.8490722

Expressed horror at what pregnancy does to a woman's body and has stated she could never go through with it. Her bloodline ends with her.

>> No.8490869

Read the thread

>> No.8490877

she made ironmouse immigrate to the US, gave stingraids to her via RAPE and then burnt her passport so she cant go back to Colombia or wherever

>> No.8491118

>She even started with some random stolen model
Like Senz then?

>> No.8491917

traitorous whore

>> No.8492315

>So totally eclipsed by Gura even her origins as a V-tuber are the same
No wonder she wants to kill herself

>> No.8492587

the only ones with that mentality of yours ARE baggage clerks lol
Backstab or step on someone once in a company and see how far that gets you.

>> No.8492603
File: 3.28 MB, 5321x2065, 1629441735336.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Every day.

>> No.8492866

Senz wasn't a streamer before, and she definitely didn't whore herself out in cosplay for subs

>> No.8495256
File: 53 KB, 250x208, images (5) (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She is a fucking degenerate coomer who disgusts so much scratching and picking her pussy and squeezing her fat tits with all that loli-shit

>> No.8495589

>She is a fucking degenerate coomer
Even her fans agree with this. She admits it too.

>> No.8495654

probably for the best, what a failure
imagine not continuing your line as a woman on easy mode lmao

>> No.8496163
File: 394 KB, 1844x1653, nyann.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love you nyan, your voice is very soothing to me

>> No.8496219

yep, we now know that bad rep or current boyfriends mean nothing to cover lol

>> No.8497036

Very recently actually, yes. She said she's horrified by pregnancy and could never do it, she would adopt a child instead if she truly wanted a kid in her life. In true Nyanners fashion she then rambled on and compared adopting a kid to buying a prebuilt PC. It was quite funny.

>> No.8497069
File: 422 KB, 656x589, 04.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Has she realized yet that by constantly ostracizing possible fans, she has created an accelerated growth in the number of antis? The "everyone that criticizes me is a nazi" copium will dry up eventually from her fanbase. You can't sustain on twitter cancer forever when every other popular vtuber is openly non-confrontational about political drama and tribalism.

>> No.8497335

Y'know all this is just happening in your head, right?

>> No.8497366

>every other popular vtuber is openly non-confrontational about political drama and tribalism.
So is she to be fair. Have you never noticed that all her controversial posts people share are from years ago?

>> No.8498525

why are lolicons like this

>> No.8498769
File: 72 KB, 779x769, mZH9vuV87p.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>creates more drama
>lets her mods run wild with purges and doesn't disavow the cancel culture that she has created
>takes no accountability, doesn't even address it
>she's a changed person, trust me bro

>> No.8498964

I beleb

>> No.8499041

That's what I figure. She probably got over her SJW phase a long time ago, but she can't openly say she's over it because then she'll get attacked from that side. So she's kind of stuck in a prison of her design.

>> No.8499728

She should at least become like Vei where she told off all the SJW retards to piss off with their being perpetually offended shit.

>> No.8499839

>like vei
>the one that immediately apologized when chinamen complained about her saying Taiwan and then claimed she doesn't want to offend anyone in her streams shes just uneducated

>> No.8499909

Why the fuck are you faggots so sure about anitubers hating her?

>> No.8499932

>hey I just harrassed another loli artist/chuuba :)
>wtf why are you guys angry?

>> No.8500199
File: 43 KB, 586x272, 1623882089711.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A long time ago like in 2019?

>> No.8500285

You don't even need to pull twitter.
Just look at her CURRENT chat's banlist (loli, trap, triggered, etc.)

>> No.8500535

For being a group of firends doesnt sound like they support each other a lot behind scenes

>> No.8500934

It's not an opinion I agree with, but I don't think that's a big deal at all and I'm not offended by that post. I hate isekai and wish that trend would end.

>> No.8501026

Anon... This is a rrat thread. Nyanners is not suicidal.

>> No.8501065

Based on what they've said they all support each other, talk regularly about whatever's on their minds and have weekly hangouts
So either they're all lying or the guy who made the bait thread is full of shit
Make your own mind up

>> No.8501760

I don't care about the show, it's the same stupid Tumblr SJW mindset she's always had. She obviously hasn't changed

>> No.8501920

imagine if they heard of Umamaid from the same studio in the same year, good thing they only care about pedo anime they like and feel like the need to justify it to prove their supperioty

>> No.8501944

Tweeted her opinion on a shitty anime 2 and a half years ago = SJW

>> No.8502321

She also forced her coworker to end their Nekopara streams because her SJW friends said they didn't like it. Did she need to say something literally yesterday or else it doesn't count?

>> No.8502564

When you tweet SJW opinions it tend to make you look like an SJW

>> No.8502635

No her antis said they didn't like it
Every tweet against her making it was from enraged lolicons and it even got added to the schizoboard right here
She did go wrong by not ignoring them and just keeping on doing it though

>> No.8502655

Yes, that's how it works.

>> No.8502832

Hahahahaha, are you trying our for the Cope Olympics? Holy shit

>> No.8502889

Find me one quote from a non lolicon criticizing her for making it

>> No.8503354

Even if you agree with that ridiculous premise it makes her a loli-hating SJW. She was being mocked by people for being an anti-loli SJW and playing that game, by killing the collab she was literally admitting that they were right. She could have come out and said "I don't have strong feelings on this topic anymore" but she didn't

>> No.8503496

Non lolicon don't even know she exist and don't care, anon...

>> No.8503915
File: 453 KB, 423x480, NyanNekopara.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The 'loli' she played

>> No.8504165

Pink cat is live!


>> No.8504198

Pray for results

>> No.8504586

>9Month old

>> No.8507675

She was never your friend, stan.

>> No.8507705

>she's a loli i swear! her character sheet says she's 9 months old!
Usually this goes the other way around

>> No.8507730

She just realize seeing holo EN2 that she could have openly talked about her BF with no drawback but now it's too late.

>> No.8508817

The cheering mascots controlled by chat are really cool, but they keep breaking lmao

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