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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

Previous thread: >>8298084

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I LOVE POMU!!!!!!!!!!!

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>Don't Starve coop tomorrow

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Is selen collabing with artemis?

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>50 Wingman Kills
Can't wait for another 8 hour stream.

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File: 520 KB, 2048x2048, __elira_pendora_and_pomu_rainpuff_nijisanji_and_1_more_drawn_by_lialiar1__3138ae871cdbfc7501e9be4fac24cba2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone got the mega of the Lazulite Otakuthon stream?

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I feel bad for Elira. Her Twitch stream didn't have any problems so I don't think it's necessarily her internet.

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that's it, she's my EN oshi now

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Petra potty mouth!

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Oh for the love of God stop with the kill marathons.

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what the fuck I just noticed the new bgm

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Who is that indie Selen is collabing with?

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Based as fuck

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Petra...please upgrade to a desktop before your laptop dies...

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I haven't seen such a thing in quite some time. Good news.

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Seems like Elira is going out of her way to avoid acknowledging the people in chat asking about Twitch. Starting to think something fucky is going on.

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Is Elira even in Inazuma?

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serious sam is fun as well, it's win/win

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Is your JP oshi Yashiro?

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So who's the Apex guest?

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does petra ever smile?

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She definitely doesn't seem to enjoy using it. I wonder what changed for her.

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nope, he's good but my JP favorite will always be Peko.

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She is embarrassed because she doesn't know how to fix her twitch. She had problems last stream. Give her a break. She never streamed on twitch before.

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Depends on how they're doing it.
"This bento costs $5" (Selen) is superbaiting.
"I wonder who will get the last superchat in" (Finana) is superbaiting.

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How long will this Petra stream be?
She doesn't seem completely shit at the game

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twitch chat culture is pretty faggy

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Are we really using this thread with the boring image?
Anyways Don't starve together is a good game, I hope they have some experience or else the first couple hours will just be suffering.

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>She never
>streamed on twitch before

>> No.8305680

>Why are Goombas so scary?
>They are so tiny and if you touch them...
>You're fucked
About what I expect from you Petra. Just don't choke while you eat and talk.

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Petra isn't a little bitch!

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These models are terrible

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The other thread has Damascus

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>Doom II
I love this video game boomer fairy

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remember, she said red is not a hint, all guests will be red!

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God could you imagine?

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>everyone ignored the petra thread which was the earliest

>> No.8305725

So then just say something to that effect? I mean cancelling stream after stream and blaming the ISP when WE ALL KNOW IT'S NOT THAT SINCE TWITCH WORKED FINE is just frustrating to watch.

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Finana's superchat war schtick kinda irks me everytime i hear it, good thing i don't stick around long enough to witness it

>> No.8305728

>She never streamed on twitch before.

She trained for hours tryna to get 99 lives.

>> No.8305732

Well, duh, she's part bird, not dog.

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Reminding everyone again that Rosemi is the greatest.
Also, fuck antis and whiners.

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The niji collab on friday is with Pomu and Selen. Who is that with? Isnt Pomu and Selen the only two that cant speak nihongo?

>> No.8305739

Been wondering the same too..

>> No.8305743

Selenposter, please stop making hlgg hate us...

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Bobon probably

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That schedule at the top is wrong, here is the correct schedule. I need to update those dates.

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Suffering makes streams better.

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Which of the 4 girls lies the most?

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Fishe love! Joker love!

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Petra love!

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I want Selen to play Titanfall 2 and realize it's a million times better than Apex

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Oh fuck he is back.

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I was too lazy to check the times so I figured in this case I'd go with whichever one was getting replies. Unfortunate considering she's just begun a stream. My bad.

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I dont understand why the baa baa sound from this game trigger me so much, but they do, also mario players who dont permanently run trigger me too, but regardless of this, I still love petra she is cute as fuck though.

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What happened to Resident Evil again, why did she put it on hold? Something happen?

>> No.8305856

Not on her streaming account at least. She's probably double dipping and still playing on her private account.

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Holy based

>> No.8305862

>mon and wed are collabs
>sex with anon isn't a collab
Are you getting cucked anon? Day after your wedding?

>> No.8305866

petra...interact with your JOPs please... they love you...

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Welcome to the salty dragoon
How much do you love Selen
I watched the entire vshoujo collab without any cringing

>> No.8305888

Capcuck happened

>> No.8305889

It's a world collab, so probably some ID and KR, or if we're extremely lucky Sukoya will join in.

>> No.8305890

Why the fuck this bitch keep this in secret? Just announce that shit.

>> No.8305897

>Literally sent a marshmallow yesterday asking her if she would still play Doom 2
God I love this fairy.

>> No.8305912

There you go

>> No.8305913

Yea, with me

>> No.8305920

I think the problem wasn't Petra but the nsfw image

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Do you think Pomu resents Elira for being more popular than her, given that Mint was way bigger than Nova ever was? That's gotta sting at least a little.

>> No.8305923

Haven't kept up with the times today. Is that how many times she's played it? Or is it how many times she intends to go through it on stream, like with a different goal the second time?

>> No.8305928

yeah why not just use twitch, holos use twitch when YT fucks up.

>> No.8305930

Has Petra made enough money in superchats to buy a good gaming PC (plus monitor, etc)? It feels like she gets the least amount of money in NijiEN. She has a good amount of watchers but very few gachikoi unlike Rosemi.

>> No.8305947

That's not a stream day.

>> No.8305951

Oh was it copyright/perms issue? i see.

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You mean great.

>> No.8305963

You guys need to decide what you want

>> No.8305967

>Isnt Pomu and Selen the only two that cant speak nihongo?
No Finana cant speak it either. And Pomu is atleast a bit better at it than fish and Slen

>> No.8305971

Supposedly Mane-san said Twitch streaming was okay in the event of technical issues but I guess something changed and they just aren't allowed to even mention that possibility anymore.

>> No.8305974

I found the reason for petra's existance.

it is to bully.

she is the cutest when being bullied.

>> No.8305977

I was the op. For some reason janny deleted it right away. Oh well.

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She just bought a new laptop for streaming though anon

>> No.8305982

Pomu always struck me as a secret numberfag, so maybe

>> No.8305989

Nice try for a save, but she said nonstream days don't have hours listed.

>> No.8305991


graphic design is her passion, she could have a side-job or asked her parents too.

>> No.8306004

Pomu got fucked over by Youtube, otherwise she'd have similar sub numbers to her.

>> No.8306007

Pomu will gain more power when she has to wage slave less and less.

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Sorry bro, I created one at the same time which added to the confusion. All we can do is cooperate and not split the discussion up.

>> No.8306023

I usually try to push rrats, but this one is fucking lame anon.

>> No.8306026

elira LITERALLY streamed on twitch like yesterday

>> No.8306046

No, just splitting it up between two days. She isn't marathoning it in a single stream.

>> No.8306053

I didn't think it was nsfw enough but I will pick a kid friendly image next time.

>> No.8306063

The fan noise filters me.
Is someone telling her about it?

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File: 100 KB, 1562x1246, E89_5cgVcAUbi-s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another anon has come to the light

>> No.8306084

Nova had a big debuff with her shit model. Her personality was also way different.

>> No.8306088

Anon do I need to explain how participating in a panel is different.

>> No.8306089

Selen is bullying germans again..

>> No.8306091

Getting gachikoi takes time if you don't already have a bunch from your pervious life following you to your new incarnation
Finana had the same circumstances but grew her SC earnings with time

>> No.8306106

why not today?

>> No.8306113

>elira is gonna pick up an asmr mic
god i dont think ill survive that

>> No.8306118

Her asian parents will shame her for buying a new pc, she couldn't even get an external monitor...

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I think this is the plush Selen was talking about.


>> No.8306138

Is Petra playing through what is being streamed..?

>> No.8306145


>> No.8306146

Pomu is worried she's going to stop being the biggest moneymaker.

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>read モグモグタイム on chat my random jp

why does this always make me laugh everytime.

>> No.8306154

You post this once a week. The answer is still no

>> No.8306155

I haven't heard anyone complain about it

>> No.8306168

Selen talking up Rosemi and Pomu

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>> No.8306177

she sounded like she might cry for a second there

>> No.8306179

Sounds like a good plan, thanks.

>> No.8306189

Don't starve is actually a good game for petra's crappy laptop. I can already see her dying a lot.

>> No.8306192

she doesnt wanna stream on twitch if it means some people will miss out on the stream

>> No.8306194

Yup, playing through her OBS window. She'll also have to deal with the variable lag that comes from her capture card, if its a high quality one she'll be mostly fine.

>> No.8306202

Anon, your English reps...

>> No.8306256

Pomu loves NijiEN

>> No.8306258

To me it looks more like brain reps.

>> No.8306259

She played them before stream to get 99 lives.

>> No.8306260

but why?

>> No.8306279

Is this the game that has a penguin suit?

>> No.8306284

better than everyone having a bad time because of ISP issues.

>> No.8306288

>Elira zatsudan
This is all I want. This is all I have ever wanted. This is fine.

>> No.8306292

I want selen to play the quake remaster

>> No.8306298

The duality of schizos

>> No.8306307

Wow. I hate her.

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File: 132 KB, 1280x720, E9I2rccWYAIkp-N.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Vtuber so cute and so fun
I love vtuber

>> No.8306340

Finana didnt grow that much over time, it just switched over like a week. She went from being the least supad nijiEN to the top nijiEN in weekly supas soooo quickly, pretty crazy

>> No.8306342

Elira's going outside...

>> No.8306344

She only has her laptop instead of a desktop with a dual monitor set up..

>> No.8306346

Why? I would be upset in her position. Elira does not deserve her success.

>> No.8306350

1 month today? Pomu your calendar reps...

>> No.8306360

Honestly I'm glad he got more replies than my bait.

>> No.8306363

Did anyone record the lazulight panel?

>> No.8306365

Dumbass penguin do your jump reps

>> No.8306376

Come on Petra... please set up your streaming environment...

>> No.8306378

Who is that at 2nd person, in the bottom row?

>> No.8306380


>> No.8306389

Her Jump King stream had comparable viewers to YouTube. I just don't see how that excuse can explain things.

Anyway she addressed it after a superchat asked (though notable she didn't mention Twitch by name) by saying she had to talk to the manager first.

>> No.8306404

Did the pomuschizo just wake up or something? From zero to a lot of jealous money whore posts very quick

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File: 1.48 MB, 1920x1080, omw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gramps here just saw Interstellar and boy, would I enjoy a watchalong of that from any of them. A group watchalong even. Wouldn't be too chaotic, right?

>> No.8306425

Do not fall for the bait

>> No.8306429

Why are her parents bringing their kids to a wedding anniversary dinner

>> No.8306436

> Going to a steakhouse.
Please, that is the simplest thing to cook.

>> No.8306439

Probably, isn't it morning in SEA?

>> No.8306463

Is it really that hard to just buy some cheap 24" monitor?

>> No.8306465

I will buy Selen Bento merch

>> No.8306470

Elira streamed a lot more than Pomu does, her karaokes are amazing too. Pomu might have a chance if she's able to stream more. Being born into a rich family pretty much makes Elira the winner in life.

>> No.8306479
File: 1.03 MB, 640x638, rika activated.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>slow chat stream
>you get to actually bully the streamer properly

>> No.8306483

My parents have done that. It's a celebration of the family they've made together, I figure.

>> No.8306484

I heard one of them is a lesbian. Is that true?

>> No.8306487

Jesus fuck someone in NijiEN needs to spoonfeed her how to set up her capture card to minimize lag.

>> No.8306494

Elira talking about her parent's anniversary makes me happy

>> No.8306514
File: 5 KB, 540x600, Mob_boss.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8306520

My family still does that

>> No.8306527
File: 109 KB, 862x1246, 1628225412510.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My wife is special, please understand.

>> No.8306528

Eat shit penguin.

>> No.8306533

I don't really follow that sort of stuff closely to notice
Anyways, my point is that you have a leg-up if you already had an audience that came with you

>> No.8306542

Selen bullying finana again..

>> No.8306547

she's not a lesbian she's Eliraphiliac

>> No.8306556

Because he known his shitpost will never be deleted or he will never be banned because janies only care about the global thread

>> No.8306564

Since she lives with her parents I am gonna guess that they don't really support her career as a vtuber and is limiting her freedom in purchasing pc etc.

>> No.8306565

Why the fuck not? The kids are part of your family.

>> No.8306566

free food bro

>> No.8306571

Yeah, me.

>> No.8306572

They are vtubers, they are all homosexuals.

>> No.8306577

Everyone except Petra is a lesbo

>> No.8306584

A steakhouse in Canada has to be really expensive.

>> No.8306586

Speaking of Frontline, I wonder if any of them will play Exilium. I'm sure they've gotten plenty of mentioned about X-COM, but that might be a fun game to ease them and their viewerbase into the format, or even interest some of EN who aren't terribly interested in the OG.

>> No.8306627
File: 8 KB, 403x59, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is she lying again?

>> No.8306655

idk ask her??

>> No.8306658

You got proof for the first time?

>> No.8306671

No, she just wants to gamble more.

>> No.8306672

my parents always do that. red lobster every year baby

>> No.8306697

Is there any point in a steakhouse that isn't? I mean, it's not rare that places with low prices can cook up great food, but steak itself is usually expensive, no?

>> No.8306718
File: 46 KB, 1466x182, falseflaggot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Come on man, you've been at this for months https://archive.nyafuu.org/vt/search/filename/1627013309015.png/

>> No.8306736

Does XCOM support mods? Like mods that change character models to waifu?

>> No.8306749

She lost her food money on gacha so she's trying to stop playing.

>> No.8306751

so who's autistic enough to dive into that genre

>> No.8306783

So... yes?

>> No.8306784


>> No.8306785

Why would parents expect their NEET daughter to pay for dinner at a fancy steak place.

>She's not a NEET vtubing is her job

>> No.8306786

male wave let goooo

>> No.8306795

her mom sounds supportive, i remember seeing a clip of her talking about how her mom feeds her before stream and the way she talked about her gave the impression of warmth

>> No.8306806

It's so overpriced for that it is. The raw meat is expensive, sure, but the amount they charge for cooking it is absurd.

>> No.8306820

These girls have spent a large majority of their lives looking at the peak of anime girl beauty. Can you really blame them?

>> No.8306830

Not a NEET, but a hiki.

>> No.8306833

How would you serve a Finana? What would be the best way to prepare her? I think a classic sear would be the best option, served alongside some garlic roasted potatoes. I think her ears would be the most delicious part, they'd get so crispy and flavorful.

>> No.8306856

Her mom knows her current gig is a lot more corporate than her previous endeavors. She probably knows she is making money.

>> No.8306859

what kind of shit child are you that you wont pay for your parents? shes an adult. i buy my parents anniversary dinner and birthday stuff

>> No.8306865

sounded more like a nice thing she wants to do for them than an expectation

>> No.8306866
File: 91 KB, 976x705, 1628470694432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pomu - lesbian
elira, rosemi, finana - bi
selen, petra - straight

Anything else you hear is just a rrat. Now let's never timeloop this topic again.

>> No.8306868

She's a hikki

>> No.8306871

>Can you really blame them?
Yes. My cock has cobwebs around it.

>> No.8306878

Too many details about Elira's living circumstances just don't add up. She's married.

>> No.8306881

stream issues are always at the same time each time it happens.

>> No.8306893

I've glimpsed various mods but none of them strike me as the type who'd play a modded version of a game for their first stream if they took an interest in the game at all.

I'd peg Elira as a match, I suppose. If she can give certain long-hour, real-time action games a chance, (like Dark Souls most recently) then I figure something more methodical that gives you more time to think is something she'd give a shot eventually, if there's enough demand/curiosity built.

>> No.8306902

I dream that one of them would play Enemy Within. but none of them have the patience for tactics games.

>> No.8306912

I kneel for keeping this faggot in check anon.

>> No.8306915

She already told us that

>> No.8306917

yeah, me

>> No.8306920

Honestly I don't see it happening unless the devs collab/sponsor it but the devs seem happy with being niche, otherwise they would've just made a third-person shooter instead of X-COM.

>> No.8306921

Thank you anon. But who is that petra you speak off?

>> No.8306936
File: 8 KB, 166x250, 1624571930581s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't take the bait.

>> No.8306937

>pomu - lesbian
even that is a "rrat", she might be bi

>> No.8306946

Thats a good post you screencapped though

>> No.8306952

The parent-child dichotomy of the majority of the people here is: the parent buys tendies, and the child smears shit on the wall.

>> No.8306960
File: 40 KB, 150x150, 1628219809964.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8306964

I am not saying that her parents hate her. Mom will literally try to feed you anything even if they dislike your career choice.

>> No.8306975

As God intended.

>> No.8306976

petra seems to be coming out of her shell. She's improving.

>> No.8306989


>> No.8306995

I think the new Xcom games are much more manageable for them compared to the original.

>> No.8307003
File: 2.08 MB, 1920x1080, 1616533856962.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Petra having fun! She should do more games like this

>> No.8307005
File: 237 KB, 1280x720, atyafdgv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remember anons.

>> No.8307007

Selen is denying being a footfag

>> No.8307022

I don't really know the logistics of all this stuff so I'm only asking. Living in Canada, I can at least say I was never disappointed in steakhouses when I went to them. Granted, my parents do their research and consider carefully before asking me to come along on trips. I'm not big on food, lovely as it is.

>> No.8307025

Nice bait. How would you even know that without watching her streams?

>> No.8307028
File: 690 KB, 2904x4096, E6og8mSVgAITtQe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nigga das sum bulllshit nam saying shiieeettttt double cheeked elira be twitching live as ryuusei nam sayin

>> No.8307030

>rosemi - bi

there's no evidence for this

>> No.8307032
File: 425 KB, 2963x2066, 1628802881787.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

WTF I thought Zhangs couldn't have anything erotic in their games

>> No.8307041

it's always been like that, it's the anons here that will mental gymnastics it into "living with family" in order to cope.

>> No.8307043
File: 144 KB, 945x945, E9PB43gUUAY1FmY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This penguin is a cute dork.

>> No.8307048

>Shit, I mean fuck, what a bitch

>> No.8307078
File: 40 KB, 179x161, 1626655426069.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she isn't you degenerate
she is giving advice for you to have healthy feet

>> No.8307103

Selen confirmed footfag

>> No.8307111

She's been improving each week. It's literally like Finana. In 2 months she's going to be much better, you'll see.

>> No.8307118
File: 439 KB, 1325x2048, E8wu_xbVkAUNnpF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Petra going full otomiyumi on tokyo revengers she cute and funny! also talking about nijisempais like chigusa? nijiUNITY strong!

>> No.8307119

Does Petra have the highest swear count of all of them despite speaking half japanese?

>> No.8307121

If she is married she is living with a family.

>> No.8307123

I believe her but I don't get why people start tripping over their words like that every time feet are involved

>> No.8307132

Whaling for Comfy Bento Selen right the fuck now

>> No.8307136

Pomu said hi on her chat, entire chat turned to Pomu, Petra didn't even acknowledge her. Based imo, but personally I'd kneel and at least say hello for a second.

>> No.8307144

I love how nasty "fuck" sounds when it comes from Petra. When Elira or Selen says it it just sounds natural in comparison.

>> No.8307151

Just wish she'd focus an hour on a day off to fix her audio, it's almost as bad as Finana

>> No.8307161

Young ones just tend to curse a lot.

>> No.8307166

brother = her kid?

>> No.8307168

Probably because her last APEX collab fell through at the last minute and she had to beg the whore and the TTS tranny to play with her just so she wouldn't have to cancel and disappoint her fans.

Could you imagine the drama if she'd announced who she was originally going to collab with a few days in advance?

>> No.8307170
File: 231 KB, 1430x2046, E8wBxWXUcAQh-XR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love this foul-mouthed penguin.

>> No.8307189

This sure is a Petra stream.

>> No.8307196

>stream ends at 100 deaths
isnt that going to be really fast for penguin

>> No.8307215

>Enemy Within
I was confused for a bit but after some brief data checking it turns out my first go with XCOM was with E.W. built-in but I either didn't know or just forgot that the expansion was enabled so I figured I'd just played the base game.

>> No.8307227

Well one of the h*l*EN played FE3H before, so I'm not losing hope for some of them to become autistic tacticfags.

>> No.8307243

Alright, I might have to finally give Petra a shot. I love it when naughty girls say fuck.

>> No.8307245

I love when Petra gets a little bitchy it's so cute

>> No.8307252

Selen not being able to comprehend how much people spend on gacha is kinda cute.

>> No.8307269

I can see your reasoning, yeah. Just figured there might be a chance at all due to the "anime style". We'll see what the future holds.

>> No.8307283

I want Factorio. Ellira would be great for that since she likes to suffer.

>> No.8307286

Wasn't that the chicken? Not everyone is a heavy jarpig fag.

>> No.8307291

Can't wait for her to try to bully Finana about how much she spends on gacha and Finana totally no-selling it.

>> No.8307293
File: 2.79 MB, 556x312, 1558081057299.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8307312

She has shown a lot of attraction towards girls and is into lolis, but has also shown some towards guys as well (like link). She's bi with a preference for women, like most of the other girls.

>> No.8307313
File: 74 KB, 600x600, 1608824700719.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>brother = her kid?

>> No.8307322

How much would the NijiEN girls have to grow to get a collab with a gacha game? What were the numbers for the Holomems when they got the Azur Lane collab?

>> No.8307334

Bros, why does she say the fuck word so much?

>> No.8307341

If I remember she played it on easy. I am pretty sure you can just park a unit at the center of the map and they will counter everything to oblivion.

>> No.8307355

someone said in chat that they love when petra swears and I agree, it's very cute and based.

>> No.8307359

Sure bro.

>> No.8307364
File: 53 KB, 250x250, Petra blush.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Petra the toilet-mouthed penguin.

>> No.8307384

>She reads your regular, non-SC comment
So this is how it feels to hold unlimited power.

>> No.8307385

>Selen is supposed to be the least girly one, is the most
>Petra is supposed to be innocent cute penguin, swears the most
I love the contrast.

>> No.8307395


>> No.8307405

>So...how long until Finana fully corrupts you?
She ignored this superchat message and just thanked the person lol

>> No.8307407


>> No.8307411

HoloEN is much bigger and they haven't anything like this in one year so I wouldn't expect.

>> No.8307416

Expect most vtuber girls playing on easy or normal. Which makes me wonder, will people make Pomu suffer through Plutonia? Not sure what it's like under UV, but I'd imagine it's still a bitch and a half.

>> No.8307418

based gap moe enjoyer

>> No.8307445

Selen confirmed millenial

>> No.8307449

>See Petra having lower viewers while having gameplay than Selen doing sc reading
>Opens in another tab to show support
>Petra is speaking JP
>Chat is full of JP
>Close tab

>> No.8307462

>Sex for one day

>> No.8307469

You shouldn't have come here, frog-kun.

>> No.8307476
File: 54 KB, 535x500, SCReaver.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think Selen swears more, it's just between all of that laughing.

>> No.8307486

Late 90s baby. I would know, I am one.

>> No.8307488
File: 103 KB, 755x625, tranny lovers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dare anyone here to defend this shit

>> No.8307491

>See Petra
>close tab
it sucks because I actually liked selen streaming, but i don't want that cancer contaminating my browser.

>> No.8307492

she was thanking a jp sc anon...

>> No.8307493

Not sure what else you were expecting from a Petra stream.

>> No.8307505

Anyone played the VR game Pomu is playing on saturday? Is it a good stream game?

>> No.8307509


>> No.8307513

Selen is so focused on thinking about her favorite childhood snacks that she keeps calling herself a child instead of a little dragon like usual

>> No.8307515
File: 109 KB, 1080x1281, 1627614987285.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Look at it this way: it means Elira's antics are stretched out over a longer period of time and you get moments you wouldn't get otherwise if it was smooth sailing. It's not about wishing for trouble but it's not all trouble, you know?

>> No.8307519


>> No.8307522

mid-early 90s, late 90s babies don't know about Dunkaroos

>> No.8307537
File: 157 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really love Selen. What a fun girl!

>> No.8307540

>Tunes into NijiJP stream
>Expects EOP pandering

>> No.8307542

>2 Meals a day
how does she do it?

>> No.8307544

im ok with letting them be friends as long as artemis stays indie

>> No.8307545

What's there to defend?
Or are you some /v/faggot who can't stop obsessing about trannies for 3 seconds.

>> No.8307549

what did she mean by this? Doesn't she know she's Niji EN?

>> No.8307559

petra getting a $2.00 sticker for every death like the last game...

>> No.8307561

>not potty
one job

>> No.8307579

He's at it again > >>8307488

>> No.8307581

Translate this for me, I don't use Twitter.

>> No.8307584

I am also on 2 meats a day, just it proper meat instead of junkfood

>> No.8307585

Iirc, it was their relationship with bilibili back then that granted them collab, not so much about the numbers

>> No.8307593

This and >>8307144
You just notice it more when Petra does it because it blends into Selen's talking style.

>> No.8307596

who still eats breakfast these days?

>> No.8307604

Don't believe her she's choking on my cock

>> No.8307618

Petra has been a lot better, don't be like that.

>> No.8307621

I thought the point of becoming a corporate vtuber is that you didn't have to leech off of people like artemis for clout anymore. Why would anyone continue to associate with him after making it big?

>> No.8307622

Does she have older brothers? I grew up with plenty of early-mid 90s shit because of mine.
Alternatively, consider that Canada is slightly behind on culture.

>> No.8307626

Speaking of, where's the lag coming from? She.. isn't watching the game through OBS, right?

>> No.8307635

Never going to happen but I'd love it if Finana got a Doritos sponsor.

>> No.8307638

no i mean, how do you start your day without breakfast? where the fuck do you get your caffeine from

>> No.8307640

>I'm choking on my food

>> No.8307644

>baiting saviorfags by faking asphyxiation
devilish penguin

>> No.8307654

There's no way to defend someone who stalks the follows of vtubers, I'm sorry...

>> No.8307660

How do you eat more than that?

>> No.8307665

Fucking rip then

>> No.8307668

OK, Petra the potty-mouthed penguin.

>> No.8307669

she said she is

>> No.8307670

She is.

>> No.8307673

Finana just wants to be covered in semen.

>> No.8307676

Men you guys have to much space in your head to dedicated to a nobody indie.

>> No.8307679

stop being a literal drug addict, degen

>> No.8307685


>> No.8307691

Defend what? It makes more sense for a vtuber to follow another vtuber than anyone else. They can just enjoy the streams because a game they like is being played. Any further than that and you're just hypothesizing for no good reason. Case closed.

>> No.8307701

Pomu, Finana and Rosemi are following tranny shark on twitter

>> No.8307703

>you wouldnt watch each of them fuck a cute trap

>> No.8307717

>Still replying to him

>> No.8307718

I eat one in the morning, one afterwork

>> No.8307719

I feel less hungry after waking up so I can last a few hours until I feel like eating. Also I quit caffeine, life is so much easier and simpler without having to rely on it.

>> No.8307721

Why are you people so mean? Jesus christ. This isn't even shitposting, it's just being mean.

>> No.8307724

Wow this definitely proves Selen is the same age as me and we're actually perfect for each other and going to get married and I am a huge faggot please rape my face.

>> No.8307730

I mean, you didn't miss out that much. the base game is still serviceable and if you are curious is still worth a quick run or normal or something just to see what it was like. But EW is pretty much the perfected experience because of the additional options and lots of little fixes.

>> No.8307732

Elira hates Artemis confirmed. No wonder she's a fujo.

>> No.8307753

I'd venture guessing she probably has only one screen in her room

>> No.8307757

Artemis is joining the male wave. He's going to be a trap character like Mashiro.

>> No.8307765

That's the way. Thank you.

>> No.8307775

holy shit anon i actually respect that, how do you quit caffeine

>> No.8307779

Ignore bait

>> No.8307793

Selen is 25.


>> No.8307796

Isn't she streaming from a laptop?

>> No.8307797

Wait, they discontinued them for a bit?

>> No.8307802

oh no she's pissed

>> No.8307803

Love Elira
Love Genshin
Simple as.

>> No.8307816

I am a cute trap and I'm going to fuck all of them.

>> No.8307818

HOLD THE FUCK UP they brought back dunkaroos?

>> No.8307819

>knowing about tranny vtubers
>following twitter drama
>keeping watch on who follows who

Can't imagine being one of these "people".

>> No.8307823

Pls undastan I want to call him a retard

>> No.8307833

The real reason you all hate artemis is because you're jealous that he gets more pussy than you

>> No.8307838

yeah, i actually do that too. but i need to eat at night so that i don't get up early morning and grab a snack

>> No.8307841

But I'm hungry!

>> No.8307846

Just a bit of banter, I'm watching her choke on her food and failing Bowsers castle right now.

>> No.8307865

record it please

>> No.8307870

Do Americans really?

>> No.8307884

>Love Elira
Based an-
>Love Genshin
You lost me

>> No.8307889

Selen hasn't gotten paid yet

>> No.8307900

Seems like a VR visual novel, wonder how that works out

>> No.8307905

I don't think she can get passed this

>> No.8307906

It's strayan, m8.

>> No.8307909


>> No.8307918

Alright one of you faggots has the money to buy Selen a new laptop and you're going to donate all your money to her

>> No.8307920

>Selen hasn't gotten laid yet

>> No.8307929

>girl playing games for most of her days
Even as a guy I get away with 2 meals if I'm not going out that day. I still have breakfast since I personally feel less alert if I don't have it, or if the day's activities will keep me alert I feel the lack of energy. If she had a job with significant physical activity or even lots of mental work (that's not as enjoyable as games) I'm sure she'd go for 3.

>> No.8307938

holy based elira, dropping trash like artemis and domo when she doesnt need to interact with them anymore

>> No.8307943

No, this shitty garbage shark literally has no talent and is boosted by their network. Regardless of gender identity Artemis has no talent and they actually do not give a shit about streaming.

Graduate already you piece of shit. Many other indie are more deserving of the popularity that you do not deserve.

>> No.8307950

She has enough sc money to buy 10 laptops.

>> No.8307983

>decide to see if artemis is fap worthy
>its a fucking hoodie
>even though he's a fucking trap and can wear any cute clothes he wants
>its a fucking hoodie
every fucking time.
fucking ironic kids scared of looking "cringe" and being as boring as possible.

>> No.8307990

Everybody over 20 has gotten laid, anon

>> No.8308018

Really? No wonder it's discontinued then, cucked country.

>> No.8308029

have you seen how much money she has gotten this stream anon?

>> No.8308030

Stop talking to the bait and watch my daughterwife for fucks sake

>> No.8308035

You should be saving yourself for Selen, dummy.

>> No.8308039

Yeah 3 meals sounds reasonable enough for me.

>> No.8308042

I don't know I'm starting to run out of sympathy to be honest shes getting good suggestions in chat and Twitter but keeps on going down the "idk what to do lol ima call isp" route when that clearly doesn't help.

At some point you have to stop chugging the DBJ and get proactive beyond a few token efforts here and there.

>> No.8308075


>> No.8308080

Tell your daughterwife to buy another monitor

>> No.8308091

Stream SPARKS!


>> No.8308092

Thank you, I will use this image. Also, Petra love!

>> No.8308111

Elira, come on fix your obs settings would you?

>> No.8308114


>> No.8308116

Is Elira still streaming with wifi?

>> No.8308120

>Subscribe only to Selen because she's the best
>End up watching penguin instead
I hate that I like her. I don't even have any Petra reaction pics on my pc

>> No.8308124

Would you like to see them play Katana Zero?

>> No.8308131

I ought to catch up with that manga sometime. I was enjoying it, I just tend to let build-up happen once I read the currently available chapters.

>> No.8308137

Fuck you, I avoided Petra because of the daughterwife shit only to now find out that she's the complete opposite

>> No.8308149

Do you think she will learn the ways of the Always-press-the-run-button-and-never-let-go-it's-a-Mario-game?

>> No.8308150

>only 1.3M after all this time and shilling
How has she not killed herself?

>> No.8308152

>themed bento reviews
Selen my heart can't take it

>> No.8308156

no, as she said onstream. she never did. that was finana.

>> No.8308164

I'm 26 and haven't gotten laid.
Not that I actually give much of a fuck if I'm a virgin or not, since I don't particularly care being around others for long regardless.

>> No.8308166

Based schizo

>> No.8308175

Petra is like Finana, she will go from the least liked in the thread to the most liked in the thread

>> No.8308178

>make something to impress Selen
>or make something shitty on purpose so she can trash talk you
what do

>> No.8308181

It's been so long I may go for another run for E.W. I know there are a few things I didn't explore really. Thanks for the insight.

>> No.8308182

That'd actually be a fun watch, it's sorta like side scrolling Hotline Miami in a way and the dialogue choices make for a neat addition to the story.

>> No.8308187

is she cantonese?

>> No.8308189

Stream DCL and Black Out:

>> No.8308210

Nah, you just need eating food rich in protein and vegies, don't eat junkfood

>> No.8308211

This is the good ending, give her two months

>> No.8308215

Not at this rate. I thought 100 deaths would be complete overkill for a modern Mario game. I'm now not certain.

>> No.8308217

you forgot
>blogposts like a fag
on your list

>> No.8308223

Yes this was known since day 1

>> No.8308233

Selen is fun to listen to, she has a lot of stuff to tell even during donation readings.
Petra super cute though so I watch her while the dragon is in the background.

>> No.8308234

>made a cake
>didn't stream
Dumb fucking Penguin don't hold out on us

>> No.8308238

Honestly, it's not a bad song, but I won't listen to it legally because the shilling was k-pop stan tier obnoxious

>> No.8308240

I'm sorry for being a faggot and replying to bait, but why are you not at least trying to bait people into clicking on something good by choosing a different title?

>> No.8308242

>most liked in the thread

>> No.8308248

Just imagine. Artemis thrusting his tranny cock into his cute gf and filling her to the brim with his cum. Her head throws back in ecstasy as she has the most tremendous orgasm of her life. She whispers to him "I love you". Meanwhile, you're all alone jerking your little dingdong to porn in between sessions of crying about artemis and trannies online. Post about 41% all you like, but it seems like you're the one that's going to kill themselves in a year. Artemis, on the other hand, has a woman who loves him and who he dicks down every night.

>> No.8308251

Selene is pretty cute bros.

>> No.8308267

gotcha, i want to start doing that, i need to learn how to cook first tho.

>> No.8308275

how big is his cock?

>> No.8308291

Is there anything that sets this game apart from every other Mario game

>> No.8308308


>> No.8308312

That's right, ryuguards own this place.

>> No.8308321

I really just don't like his design.
Just as the base level there's too many terrible decisions.
>long hair + ponytail
choose one or the other
>black mouth
its disgusting, never do this. normal mouths. the shark teeth can be okay if its hidden most the time but showing it off looks terrible.
literally screams body issues. its a vtuber, go wild wtf is this boring shit.

>> No.8308329

First I started taking gradually less caffeine. Used to drink like 3 of those 300mg Bangs every day, replaced them with cups of coffee with about 1/3 of the caffeine amount. After two weeks or so I stopped completely, removed every single container of coffee from my house. That part was hard, I just dealt with it and took a few days off playing video games and sleeping a lot.

>> No.8308337

30s wizard here, I stop give a fuck about sex long time ago

>> No.8308340


>> No.8308348

>or make something shitty on purpose so she can trash talk you
this is the correct answer

>> No.8308352

Sometimes you just want to play a platformer.

>> No.8308356

His design is fine it's just that he's a disgusting tranny

>> No.8308358


>> No.8308364

What spells do you know, bro?

>> No.8308367

It can only get smaller over time. And that is one of the biggest reasons why transgenderism is a tragedy for cute boy enjoyers everywhere.

>> No.8308373

There is literally no reason I shouldn't be allowed to talk about hololive in the NijiEN thread.

>> No.8308377

>complete opposite
so she's your ex-mother?

>> No.8308379

Realistically? With all the hormone therapy and operations I'd say below asian size.

>> No.8308384

>crayon shin chan
i don't fucking get why japanese people are obssessed with that shit, i fucking hated it and the godawful dub of it.

>> No.8308387

>>long hair + ponytail
>choose one or the other

>> No.8308388

Its the first one that was in ACHE DEE

>> No.8308390

Selen wouldn't want a tryhard, she'd want someone she can joke around and laugh with.

>> No.8308392

Now that Pomu is back, what is everyone's membership status?
Has anyone gone into detail beyond "soon"?

>> No.8308402

Selen really likes talking about her dad lol

>> No.8308404

Almost 40 here. At least I can cast magic missile

>> No.8308409

Selen is a dad-con isn't she?

>> No.8308412

she's learning!

>> No.8308414

I like breakfast because its where nearly all my favorite foods are.
>biscuits and gravy
>seaweed soup

>> No.8308417

Stream VIOLET! https://youtu.be/8ZdLXELdF9Q

>> No.8308433

Why does everything have to be a fetish you sick fucks

>> No.8308435

>not having Petra reaction pics

>> No.8308446

Watch Petra or Selen

>> No.8308448

Oh man, she is so flat. Can we lewd her?

>> No.8308450


>> No.8308462

as in only have 1 displayed at a time.
if you have long hair down while having a pony tail it defeats the purpose of the pony tail which is showing the feminine neck/jaw line and letting it sway with movement exposing a delicate nape.

>> No.8308463

Both. You'd have to make something that looks cool, but act like it's garbage and was no big deal to put it together.

>> No.8308464

I really love selen

>> No.8308465

Almost as dull as the streamer.

>> No.8308466

is a goddamn scam that greedy folk advertised to sell you junk in the morning

>> No.8308469

This isn't only breakfast food

>> No.8308472

Based Kei

>> No.8308473 [SPOILER] 

I had to double-take there. I can't believe that's not an edit.

>> No.8308474

Been waiting on this as well. Want to have watch alongs with Lazulight and Selen.

>> No.8308478

I have never even touched a girl. I'm 34.

>> No.8308481


>> No.8308482

Haha yeah totally.... I'm not a 25 year old virgin or anything. That would be so ridiculous haha...

>> No.8308490


>> No.8308497

How long till Pomu makes kino streams like this?


Will you participate if she does?

>> No.8308498

I refuse to believe people exist who actually think like this, so I'm going to tell you to stop shitposting and saying things that you do not mean.

>> No.8308499

they though pom would kick the bucket so they would have an additional month of grieving where they could iron out the membership details

>> No.8308502


>> No.8308507

It counts if it was with a boy.

>> No.8308508

>>long hair + ponytail
>choose one or the other
Posts like these aren't merely gay, they're straight-up retarded. How are you still breathing

>> No.8308513

I will, but not live. I have backlogs for both. So many fun games, so little time.

>> No.8308515


>> No.8308517

wait what

>> No.8308519

This is the normal version but the fanartist was kind enough to provide a SUS version for Finana!

>> No.8308524

It's a meme anon. She said she has a lot of daughterwife and ppl started calling her that.

>> No.8308527

He's not trying to get you to click it, he's trying to be annoying to get people to hate her/her fans, kinda like the dude who attaches Rosemi pics to his posts shitting on Elira

>> No.8308529

Anyone got Selens and Petras stream up at the same time? Did they just say "Orange" at the same exact time for anyone else? Kinda need someone to say they did or I'm gonna have a panic attack.

>> No.8308535

I'm a wizard with useless as fuck magic powers.

>> No.8308545

Pomu said to stream sparks on her karaoke stream before her break. Stream sparks if you love pomu!

>> No.8308550

it is if you're eating it with eggs or pancakes though.

>> No.8308553

Pomu sus! Lmao

>> No.8308555

w-what is happening?

>> No.8308565


>> No.8308566

Yeah, never ever. They said they'll be the first no-member group and EN2 have to follow because wanted to open theirs only after them.

>> No.8308575


>> No.8308589

Kiara also told all her fans to go watch Pomu when Pomu came back... People should quit using Kiara to tribalistbait :(

>> No.8308592

Petra sure like to explain western jokes to her nip audience
Maybe she should do a meme review for them

>> No.8308596

Hopefully she does the room review soon so she can escalate it from there.

>> No.8308599

I've been flushing them down the toilet and telling my therapist I've been taking them. You can't convince me to take them anon.

>> No.8308602

>Stream sparks if you love pomu!
And God Knows! https://youtu.be/dvO8R2MMnhw
Don't tell me you haven't done your God knows reps today?

>> No.8308623

It sounds like it worked, keep it going.

>> No.8308626

Did you adopt a puppy yet? Do you read books?

>> No.8308630

Bu what will I do when Petra and Selen are done streaming? Apollo 13 or Apollo 11 first?

>> No.8308641


>> No.8308644

the concept itself came from taking a break from fasting

>> No.8308646

Nice that I don't have to member to Petra for anything.

>> No.8308649

But anon! What about the fishies!?

>> No.8308660

shit like that would not last five minutes for an EN stream..

>> No.8308678

Maybe if we push the clown meme on Petra enough she'll do a watchalong of the movie Joker

>> No.8308694

Hana Macchia is a piece of fucking shit and I wish she would graduate

>> No.8308703

I watch the special versions almost every week

>> No.8308706

Hey anons, did someone upload the otakuthon panel yet?

>> No.8308707

oh fuck hes probably dead

>> No.8308712

Wait, was it in a recent stream? Do you have a timestamp? I know she's mentioned Pomu a couple of times before (karaoke and collab), but wasn't aware she mentioned Pomu in a third stream.

>> No.8308714

Need more. Got a mega folder?

>> No.8308727

I've been meaning to watch that at long last. Maybe tomorrow. Watchalongs are more fun for me if I already know the movie, I've found.

>> No.8308740


>> No.8308742

Hers too? Pomu´s dad also introduced her to her interests..

>> No.8308745

Together with Rikiichi.

>> No.8308747

genderbender spell.
i'm a sexy loli now

>> No.8308754

Rosemi took my virtual virginity.

>> No.8308760

Anon, you good?

>> No.8308770

Why doesn't she just play in a smaller window?

>> No.8308775

if she did an utawaku with him i'd kneel forever, he's a great singer.

>> No.8308780

And yet you still can't get laid. Sad.

>> No.8308800

there is no way she could do this stream, mane-san would block it in a second, and probably for good reasons lol

>> No.8308808

Please refrain from referring to the holy sacrament uniting my daughter and I as a meme

>> No.8308809

She's dumb enough to not have a workaround to looking at OBS in the first place.

>> No.8308811



>> No.8308816

>Collabing with foreigners
That's a good one.

>> No.8308818

She's judging her listeners who sent clips of themselves singing and shit.

I somehow doubt that considering there are folks who did that video thing for Pomu

>> No.8308826

Petra apologizing for killing Selen's whole family.

>> No.8308831

well, technically she's from the region...

>> No.8308840


>> No.8308844

why is she a penguin when she screams like a parrot

>> No.8308848

>6'4 Dad
>Strong Genes

>> No.8308858

she can trick him into believing she is nijiJP..

>> No.8308870

I-I am waitting to my wedding night, susy baka

>> No.8308880

What the fuck, man, we let Nijibros chill in our general for the collab while the rest of the board was getting shat up everywhere by holoen gen2 talk, why you gotta do the most seiso VShojo like that.

zen totally is a dude, though

>> No.8308885

>You can't eat fall damage
Kek. JPs are cool sometimes.

>> No.8308895


>> No.8308898

I'm liking Petra the more I watch her. She seems a lot more comfortable now.

>> No.8308908

Nom nom, bitches!

>> No.8308914

If it's clips, I don't see what the issue would be.

>> No.8308919


>> No.8308922

why does petra scream like that

>> No.8308938

Petra about to get belted after the stream.

>> No.8308951

She lives in a cave...

>> No.8308960

She was talking about him getting a PS5 recently. She also caught him watching Rosemi's Diablo 2 stream

>> No.8308964

Wow Petra is a rebel

>> No.8308969

Petra is such a yankee.

>> No.8308972

Does Petra converse with Australians?

>> No.8308974

Penguin mom gonna wash her daughter's mouth with soap

>> No.8308976


>> No.8308977

I didnt realize it was clips at first, I thought they called in. DIdnt she have viewers calling in for her nyancat-marathon?

>> No.8308979

I will protect my daughterwife from child abuse!

>> No.8308981


>> No.8308987

Her dad is super based it seems

>> No.8309000

>my mom

so much for the lore of being a lonely penguin found and raised by scientists.

>> No.8309008

Her dad sounds like a groomer.

>> No.8309017

Petra's best friend seems pretty based

>> No.8309023

Based friend has good taste.

>> No.8309024

>Thank you for the bento box NO WAIT HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Even mindless thanking people in sc reading she's fucking making Gosling, what the ever loving fuck

>> No.8309029

>Even Petra's friends don't like her...

>> No.8309036

One day we lorefags will win, but that day is not today.

>> No.8309038

Maybe her mom is the one who found her?

>> No.8309039


>> No.8309040


>> No.8309042

Is petra going full menhera?

>> No.8309050

Even Petra's best friend thinks she's boring...

>> No.8309051

her dad is a butabud huh?

>> No.8309053

It's OK Petra, I still like you

>> No.8309055

>the Petra anti poster was her best friend all along....

>> No.8309058


>> No.8309061

>Petra introduces her friend to NijiEN and she turned out to become a dragonfriend


>> No.8309066

>groom Selen's mom
>blessed with Selen as your daughter
Based as fuck

>> No.8309069

Petra is honestly so odd and I fucking love it. I can't put my finger on it but she just comes across as so weird.

>> No.8309072

Pain Pengu...

>> No.8309073

Rosemi is her mom

>> No.8309084

Scientists can be her moms.

>> No.8309085

>Grooming your own daughter

>> No.8309095

Sorry about that lad

>> No.8309104

So Petra's personality is basically the same on and off stream.

>> No.8309118

So what's the Penguin's end game?

>> No.8309121

Of course

>> No.8309126

Petra seems really young. There's no way she's a day above 20. She's the real zoomer of nijiEN, even moreso than finana.

>> No.8309129

That is pretty obvious. She doesn't seem to play up anything

>> No.8309131

I want Elira to juggle my balls.

>> No.8309137

>tune in
>petra is speaking japanese

>> No.8309152

what the fuck is Rosemi doing?
She hasn't tweeted in 2 hours, wheres the schedule?
Can she please stop fucking playing with her bf for one second and focus on her fans?

>> No.8309155

How long until she catch him masturbating to rosemi lewds?

>> No.8309158

There's an image I'm surprised hasn't been posted more often

>> No.8309160

Petra still alive... I thought the stream would end much earlier. This stream might go for hours.

>> No.8309175

Seducing this thread with no survivors

>> No.8309191

>hour and a half
>it's been 42 minutes

>> No.8309194

>tune in
>it's english

>> No.8309196

Apparently he put it up on the big TV for both him and his wife, because he likes Diablo 2

>> No.8309197

feeling so bad
can't you make the music
easy and sad?

>> No.8309208

She has to hit her daily wrist reps. I think she's gotten to 4 today.

>> No.8309212

She needs to stop fucking around.

>> No.8309213

She's 21 years old, so yeah
Yeah. She doesn't even say penmama or some shit, she play it straight. There isn't really much lore outside of the penguin imagery lol

>> No.8309225

Petra is starting to make my PP big.

>> No.8309228

she is probably asleep, she didnt sleep much yesterday..

>> No.8309233

Okay so Petra is basically an ultra-normie right?

>> No.8309234

Sorry guys, we will finish our DnD session soon

>> No.8309249

>open Petra's stream
>she's speaking english
>close tab

>> No.8309255

Too old.

>> No.8309258

I apologize for keeping her busy, she's taking a nap rn

>> No.8309260

I thought Froot was nice when she played with Selen

>> No.8309265


>> No.8309266

Let her sleep fag

>> No.8309269

>she didnt sleep much yesterday..
yeah sorry about that

>> No.8309273

She's resting, dick.

>> No.8309282

Did Petra overestimate how much she'd die? This stream might take a while...

>> No.8309285

Her friend is depriving us of good gaming content, what an absolute bitch.

>> No.8309287

I can't tell what normie thing she specializes in though,

>> No.8309295

Stop entertaining delusions, bro. Stream Selen doesn't give you enough of an idea of dating Selen. For starters she'd be calling you by name. Imagine THAT.

>> No.8309301

Imagine Petra playing Hades...

>> No.8309302

Selen's parents sound like fucking weebs.

>> No.8309307

out of all nijiEN I think petra is the most cynical (in a good way) she actually cringes and her screams of suffering when she dies are legitimate. when she curses it has a sting of reality added to it that makes it much more funny too. like this anon means >>8309104

also by being like this she is unironically the most niji of all of them, niji JPs started as being the first branch of chuubas who dropped he personas and brought much needed cynicism and creativity to the chuuba world with the likes of mito, kaede and many more.

>> No.8309309


>> No.8309314

She's a normie but she's not a gigastacy like elira

>> No.8309319

She's 21 according to her roommate's self intro

>> No.8309326

Froot was cute. Glad they got the win at the end.

>> No.8309331

ultra-normie that is massively into otome games and Nijisanji

>> No.8309335

>tune in
>my dick is inside your ass

>> No.8309343

DILDO = me btw

>> No.8309346


>> No.8309347

What a weird creature

>> No.8309360

I was 21 when I graduated college, that's not that young.

>> No.8309362

>Fucking hell

>> No.8309370

She did it to herself anon...
my eyes couldn't roll any harder

>> No.8309371

Froot seems fun, watched her league vod, and it was pretty nice

>> No.8309373

I don't remember posting this

>> No.8309374

>tfw Rosemi will never wash you

>> No.8309382

when is the Pomu-Selen VR horror stream coming?

>> No.8309388

That's still a normie if you're asian.

>> No.8309396

> all of my viewers are clowns just like me
Based petra. I want to be a clown too

>> No.8309398


>> No.8309400


>> No.8309408

Petra is ultimate normie GFE to me, she gives me GFE I never had and will never have

>> No.8309411

Good try, but 配信 is what you want m8.

>> No.8309412

I imagined it. I can hear her saying it. Oh fuck.

>> No.8309426

Pomu is a chicken

>> No.8309444

nice attempt

>> No.8309446


>> No.8309454

that'll be one akasupa plus tip

>> No.8309459

Petra's chat is all japanese.......

>> No.8309465


>> No.8309471

Good. Now you see that going gosling is pointless. A pale imitation, if that, of the real deal. Until you have it, be at ease.

>> No.8309474

Didn't ask. I'm fucking Pomu in the ass.

>> No.8309475


>> No.8309482



>> No.8309488

>not recognizing google translate

>> No.8309495

>Japs in the comments saying that it's too expensive
Based japs

>> No.8309497

Petra had a very normal childhood lacking any sort of bullying. She had friends throughout all of highschool and socialised regularly. She's now entering adulthood without having indulged in any of the niche hobbies most people on nijien are exposed to a lot earlier in life. This is a rare situation where we have a girl who is completely unaware of a majority of shit going on on the internet purely because she's lead a fairly decent life up until this point. Adulthood will be a different situation altogether.

>> No.8309501

She literally is talking to the jp viewers right now anon.

>> No.8309507

Based EOP filter

>> No.8309514

has Petra never been to nihongo?

>> No.8309525


>> No.8309527

>been to nihongo

>> No.8309528


>> No.8309529

>Speaks nothing but JP

>> No.8309541

>been to nihongo?

>> No.8309543

Nihongo is the language, the glorious land of the rising sun is just Nihon 日本

>> No.8309550

based jp friend

>> No.8309551

Why are EOPs so pathetic like this?

>> No.8309553

All this talk about living conditions, family life and streaming necessities makes me wonder: just how many of you are stocked up in case water and power go out for a week or more?

>> No.8309567

She's trying to be like pikamee.

>> No.8309578

She knows nippon.

>> No.8309580

>been to nihongo?
based retard weeb

>> No.8309584

It's not completely botched so it's hard to tell if it's a google TL or just an N3-4 tier attempt. Also imagine using google over deepl.

>> No.8309598

none at all, I will just kill myself when it happens.

>> No.8309600

Indeed I am, but thanks for the concern, anon!

>> No.8309608

take your meds

>> No.8309611

Petra definitely feels the most real out of them. lol

>> No.8309622

Anon are you perhaps in Venezuela?

>> No.8309634

I will go outside and beg on street, maybe kill myself if it doesn't work

>> No.8309636

Petra splits up her Japanese and English, she doesn't go smoothly from one into the other as much as Pikamee. Rosemi is closer in style but not quite the same.

>> No.8309639

I don't. I live in the moment.

>> No.8309642

why would that happen to me?

>> No.8309648

I have to drive tomorrow. In the rain. >>8309622
East coast USA.

>> No.8309650

Do you know Petra?

>> No.8309663

I live in a first world country, I'm good.

>> No.8309664

Learning another language is not a personality.

>> No.8309667

If you are posting on /vt/ you are statistically likely to be a poor third-worlder posting out of a shack.

>> No.8309668

>petra gets hit by something
>banshee scream

>> No.8309682

>Bento stream
What do (You) mean this image hasn't been posted in this thread yet?

>> No.8309698

rosemi’s past life is more accurately like pikamee when she spoke more japanese

>> No.8309703 [SPOILER] 

Selen straight lmao

>> No.8309705

Petra just mentioned bowsette

>> No.8309730

bye selen

>> No.8309733


>> No.8309743

Selen is too good, there are so many aspects about her to like and not just her Apex skills.

>> No.8309745

Nobody in the vTubing hobby is straight. Fight me.

>> No.8309751


>> No.8309762

She's a rich asian kid, she's ever been to private school with all the other rich kids. Probably traveled around the world too.

>> No.8309764

I miss Selen....

>> No.8309767

Rosemi technically says more in japanese than petra but it's not the ttpe of thing you notice much because it's stuff you understand. Rosemi says simple phrases in japanese that most non-speakers that have seen a lot of anime would know. Petra says stuff in japanese that only JP views will understand.

>> No.8309773

anon, Selen drawing niji chibi art can be cute and it doesn't mean they are into whatever that profile is.

>> No.8309774

>> No.8309776

I guess I have to watch Petra now...

>> No.8309778


>> No.8309782

How new?

>> No.8309783

I dont give a shit if she is bi or lesbo or whatever, but Selen.... my love... not a furry, it cant be

>> No.8309794

You're genuinely retarded.

>> No.8309798

UHhh Dragoonkeks?

>> No.8309799

Here comes that empty feeling. Please no...

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