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Who is the strongest chuuba?

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Sasaki Saku is a sumo wrestler irl.

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I don't know the strongest, but I know the weakest

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Nene beating the shit out of you...

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Nenechi fucking your brains out saying it was just a warm up!

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You already posted her op

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>this thread

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God, I want to get beat up by Nene.

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I don't think there is a chuuba that could defeat Ultra Instinct Ultra Ego Super Hyper Ultramax Nenechi God in combat.

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Haachama survived Australia.
While living in some insect infested basement, with a collection of creepy antique dolls.

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I want to smash my bones on nenechi's iron pecs!

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I want to trace my finger along her abs and kiss them

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this porn?

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Who would win in a fight? Mr. Koro or Supernenechi?

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Nenechi has the power of youth and crack Mr Koro is a hag and is smaller in size but she has experience it would be a close fight but Mr Koro's old bones won't survive the heavy hits and the power of the retard so Nenechi come out on top but she'd also be covered in bruises from the Korodog

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you posted her op

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Final ranking
Nenechi>Young Korone>Kiryu Coco>Suzuhara Lulu> Inugami Korone>Haachama

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who knows, how would you figure it out?

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In-universe or real?

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Nene wins against any chuuba in universe, Korone would probably kick the shit out of nene irl. Nene has more power and stamina most likely, but korone has the grit and technique

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no subaru?

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Subaru is like Gon, weak but has strong willpower. Would job for the most part unless she was fighting for her friends or her dream

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That's not Luna.

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I dunno how Subaru ranks overall, but she did beat Towa in an armwrestling match: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OMG0tFNZUM

She's also pretty competitive, see her Sausage Legend streams or her outings with Nijisanji years ago.

I'm not saying she'd beat Nenechi, since Nenechi's stamina is just ludicrous, but she's got to be pretty high up there.

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Okayu's husband.

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Korone has declared multiple times in collabs that she'd win in a fight against every holo and nobody dared to question her.

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If there's no weapons allowed, the doog

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Nene is probably in the top 10

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Maybe so but Calli is fucking huge compared to the others. I think that counts for something.

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