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File: 37 KB, 597x346, FireShot Webpage Screenshot #045 - '(1) Tsukumo Sana🪐holoEN on Twitter_ _(BIG VOICE) I LOVE HOLOCOUNCIL!!! Each member is the most aw_' - twitter.com.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]
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I have only known Sana for a few days now but her positive attitude gives me the impression that nothing serious occurred and one of the talents were experiencing technical difficulties. I trust this woman with my life.

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Get professional help.

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chicken nugget scoon

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cute. hope you have a nice day anon.

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yeah, i dont think it was anything major, natures vid card or power supply died, something lame like that and they had no back ups prepared since it's covers first gen release

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It’s no surprise /vt/ blows things out of absolute proportion hoping some kind of drama happens

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What? Why isn't Kroni Saturn, the planet literally associated to Kronos, the father of time?
Or is Sana's Saturn association that of Saturnius, aka Yaldabaoth, aka the Demiurge?

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Sana accidentally ejaculated in one of the other EN2 girls with her huge BBC and they needed to get her a plan B pill and wait a few days before debut.

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Dude calm down, she didn't even debuted yet and you already have that psychotic trust in her.

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i fucking hate americans

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So, when can we expect them to debut? Very end of August; beginning of September? Since the other hololive members made room for them and it didn't happen, but still scheduled around it, they can't just change it now at this point can they.

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Tomorrow or the 23rd.

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The joking about the En curse made me think that. But that tweet with its over the top "I love everyone, Hololive is great etc." smacks of damage control and putting on a brave face for something more serious.

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>nothing serious occurred
>cancels debut killing all hype they generated with all their shitty lore videos.

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>Sana brings in the bbc posters

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*big brown cock

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Yes you fucking retard. Every time you fags expect something yab. Nigger no, it's technical difficulties. This is already confirmed. Seek help and stop anticipating Aloe 2.0.

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Hello tourist.
You mean Aloe 3.0

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>implying Kronos isn't the Demiurge
>Implying they all aren't the "god" of this world, Satan (Saturn)

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I hate positive people. Where are the doom chuubas?

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Nobody remembers or liked Chris. Her contract was terminated because she was scamming a male associate of hers.

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Youtube alreaady killed it all of them are down by more than 50K due to sub purge it might be the worst one up to date.

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It's time to stop coping!

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Blame Susan not Cover.

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They're cancelling every debut, and each of the ex-talents has to pay all the costs for their own useless designs as well as all the video shit. 3 of them have gone into debt to pay for it all and one committed suicide two hours ago. Hololive is never going to try another EN gen and all the talents despise management now.

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Yeah no this person sure as fuck uses Twitter way too much to be anything other than a complete shitter.

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based japanese company

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Only on /vt/ will you see the most retarded and schizo-tier projected narratives and theories that rival Alex Jones.

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Yeah, that gay frogs things totally turned out to be a lie...

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I do wonder how she's doing now considering how much Hololive exploded since it was a no-name indie company when she tried to fuck her way in, imagine what would she do for YAGOO and the staff now.

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big cock!

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I do.

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>Big voice
it's probably because she black

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From now on I'm just gonna call shitposters who futapost about Sana "trannyfuckers in denial" while posting Artemis.

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>likes cunny
I'm thinking she's based

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>"From now on I'm just gonna call shitposters who futapost about Sana "trannyfuckers in denial" while posting Artemis."

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>he doesn't like futa

Don't forget the feet.

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that emoji is permanently ruined because of pikafags
I'm bisexual and think Mashiro is cute as fuck. But I think futa is downright disgusting.

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smarr indie compani prease understand

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>I'm bisexual
>I think futa is disgusting
You're not mentally ill, you're batshit insane!

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Maybe I am. Or maybe I prefer cute boys over gross dickgirls.

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Un-nig my kaichou this second

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One of the talents died in an accident. Right now Cover is rushing through the contacts of everyone who applied for EN2 to find a replacement.

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I'd trust sana with my life

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cute boys getting dicked down by futanari is the best though

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it's disappointing there's no art of Coco with a bronzed tan cocock

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>Hakos hasn't said anything yet
I'm assuming her internet went out or her computer was being fucky so they had to reschedule

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Wtf she became 10x hotter with tanned skin

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Sana just stole the streaming equipment, please understand

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Tan Holos are sexy holos.

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I want to cum inside this big brown doofus

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Needs tanlines.

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>le EN curse
Kill yourself

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Seres and the others have been doing the same lighthearted joke.

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They should kill themselves too

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What's your problem?

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The emoji Sana uses is literally just called "planet". It's not supposed to be literally Saturn, it's just a generic emoji that feels 'space'y and wouldn't be mistaken with Kanata's star or Suisei's comet.
You're overthinking this.

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I hate everyone. No one but me should be allowed to live.

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*black gyaru

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Black African Gyaru!

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you are the blackest gorilla nigger I have ever seen

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Your Oshi is still black!

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>Your Oshi is still black!
Yes, how could you tell?

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Because you act like a nigger!

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based. I hope your wish comes true.

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>ex-talents has to pay all the costs for their own useless designs
"My clients sometimes ask me, 'Sana, how'd you end up in this position? You seem like a sweet girl, how'd you end up in a back alley, track marks littering your arms, the crust of disgusting old man cum drying on your lips, sucking cock for money?' Well let me tell you, it all started with a dream. A dream and an organization known...as Hololive."

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She's cute!

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Fuck you.

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Okayu masturbated to this.

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Hence why artists need to draw more Ogyayu

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Is it just me or does Sana write like a zoomer black girl?

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23rd or later. HoloJP has an event on the 22rd

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She's alright, not sure why people hate her.

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She'll probably bring in bleached posters too so her threads are even more of a clusterfuck.

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no, that would be a million times more unintelligible

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she definitely types like a zoomer, except while gura was busy watching MLG memes she was busy writing fanfics on tumblr

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I only like mentally ill depressed girls with low self esteem, so clearly Sana isn't for me.

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She could have BPD Anon, don't give up hope.

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You should see the owl thread.

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