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Holoserver EN Portal Relay

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That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for Hololive.

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Where are holo en then?

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Why is it a relay?

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>nobody from 2nd and 3rd gen
What did they mean?

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EN will make their side soon as agroup (might recruit the IDs too)

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>translated with deepl
Wtf kson

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>Kanata: Look at this please. Kamishiro Taishi Mchad TL
>Kanata: I am using a powerpoint. Kamishiro Taishi Mchad TL
>Kanata: They suggested to connect the JP and EN servers.
>Kanata: Ah, I'm now explaining for the JP bros. K
>Kanata: So, we're going to make a portal.
>Kanata: Just making the portal itself would only take 5 mins
>Kanata: So this relay is to build stuff around the portal.
>Kanata: After we're done, the EN side will also touch up their portal.
>Kanata: So, once they're done, mgmt will do their magic and connect everything.
>Kanata: It'll be similar like us going to our resource server.
>Kanata: This will be with everyone all together, checking out what was made and taking group pics.
>Kanata: So, while everyone else is streaming, I'll try to stay in front of my computer. K
>Kanata: Okay, this is the important part. Stay with me, guys.

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Is anyone really surprised by that?

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My wife kanata looking cute as always.

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stupid tenshi

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Kind of weird choice to give us the hand before the finger

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Why is it overlapping with Niji karaoke relay? Talk about dirty tactics of marketing.

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Lmao still subs only mode eh?

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i didnt know until now that the ID2s already have minecraft skins for their new costumes

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can someone explain wtf goin on

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The girls are gonna decorate shit for a portal. Turns out en gets their own special day to decorate though so until those hoes decide to do something this is all fruitless.

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basically bunch of holo doing back to back short streaming and build portal connecting the two servers

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So what's this stream about? I just tuned into Matsuri's stream but she's in the JP server, not EN and I don't speak Jap.

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Ina will build the entire thing, while Ame is autistically planning what she wants to build weeks after the portal on the EN side is build. Kiara will place 5 blocks for Ina and claim the portal is hers and Ina's. Irys won't know what the fuck is going on. Calli and Gura won't show up because they don't give a fuck.

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I can legit see this happening but maybe gura "pranks" ina once and tnts a few things.

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I remember a week or two where they mentioned about connecting the 2 servers and I thought it was cool.
I didn't know they were gonna make a tiny event for it, that's cute.

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Gura's been doing more minecraft so I can see her pitching in now, but everything else is on point, Kiara will claim she was the first one to use the relay blah blah or the first one to put a fucking block down or some shit mememe.

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Good thing Pekora isnt here or she would probably just dig a hole so the EN girls fall into it when they use the portal.

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so they're joining two fishes together somehow? is that even possible in minecraft?

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Also it takes up all the time slots for basically the day so nothing else interesting can happen.

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Yeah man. Mackerls become super mackerals when fused.

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Do the EN girls even know about this whole relay being done to greet them?

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Niji stole the karaoke relay idea from Holos though

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I mean that's a question of if you think cover is a competent company

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Ollie, Suisei, Marine, Okayu, and Watame all have streams planned out while the relay is going on though and Subaru is still playing FF7.

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Japanese prime time on a Saturday night.

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It's fine. It's not like it wilk hog all viewers like the Usaken relay. This one only has a few heavy hitters like Miko, Botan and Haachama. So max would probably be 30k max. So it will probably be like streaming alongside Pekora.

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Which Holo song relay are yo referring to?
Because I am pretty sure, Niji did these a few times already.
And just searching vtuber song relays, the first mention was about Nijisanji.

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mogged by suisei mini concert

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Pekora is off screen trying to build a portable TNT cannon to invade the EN server with so that she can colonize it for the glory of Usada Kensetsu.

>> No.8258250

NTA, but I think the 1st gen did some relay karaoke before their concert

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Ollie, for fucks sake, just tap out, you're ruining the building because "needs more pizzazz". Who the fuck even uses the word "pizzazz" in 2021?

>> No.8258365

What you want her to say it needs more swag or some shit?

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It overlaps with Suisei's relay even!

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its a perfectly cromulent word

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Just looked back over and Ollie made a nice looking gate.

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Absolutely, and there's nothing wrong with that. I know I'm switching over to her stream as soon as it starts.

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What can be expected after the servers are connected? Will EN ditch their server and play/interact with JP senpais in their server? Will JP senpais loot EN of it's resources? Will absolutely nothing change?

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Imagine raping Ollie's muslim pussy while she screams and shrieks.
I don't have to imagine. I'm actually fucking her while she's streaming right now

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They can freely go back and forth without logging out. Probably more opportunities to do projects together. I assume it will mostly be the same.

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>he doesn't know about george

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>every wooden corner bit Ollie added is different
Maybe ask someone capable of paying attention for more than 3 seconds to build things? Anyways, here's hoping Reine will fix it.

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The same feeling you get when you travel I guess. EN would stay in EN and build their buildings while JP and IDs would visit vice versa.

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>Quake POV
>Can't deal with a creeper
? Huh

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The JPs will have a brief period of roaming around the EN server to look at their two finished builds before completely abandoning it. The EN's will continue not playing minecraft and even when they do they'll mostly just be leeching materials off the various farms on the JP server so they can continue not finishing anything on the EN server.

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Lmao you don't see them bothering to do this shit with the indogs last year. They're really putting the white people in their company on a pedestal and giving them the special treatment (as they should). Art imitates.

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Man is Reine gonna survive this build?

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Ina is WHITE!

>> No.8258828

I don't think she has food, so no

>> No.8258835

But Mori is black anon

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Because it’s more relayble!

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More stuff can get done in a short period since people can still do prep work in the background while waiting for their turn.

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What do you mean? they were only 3 members last year until december but I think by then the EN server was already created, I think because they didnt want to wait for the collab ban to actually play minecraft. The Indos already had their shit built on the JP server and now we have 6 more EN members, so it makes sense to me why they are doing it this way.

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inb4 none of gen2 play minecraft

>> No.8259196

irys doesnt either but she still streamed it a few times despite being so bad at it.

>> No.8259231

She is at least improving..

>> No.8259288

the nature and civilization girl gonna play minecraft.. uooohhhh

>> No.8259370

EVERYONE will play Minecraft.

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No marine no watch

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You already know manager san will make them stream minecraft.

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hopefully at least on of them is a MC autist that will bring up the server to the JPs level, and maybe even use some of the stuff the stars use.

>> No.8259477

Why does it sound like Reine has Pumped Up Kicks playing in the background very softly?

>> No.8259479

Don't worry they'll all actually play it at least once near their debut as managment will insist on a cohesive on boarding with all their employees.

>> No.8259529

There are minecraft stars?

>> No.8259562

Sure do wish EN was this willing to collab together without holidays or parents visiting to incentivize

>Gura and Mori abandoned the Ferris Wheel
>Ame gave up on yet another project

>> No.8259578

Getting ready to kill some kids

>> No.8259597

Do you think Mio is excited to get this many viewers?

>> No.8259600

Calli: Discovers the portal 2 months after the server merge and acts super excited while not giving a shit "Woooo that's so cool. I think the first thing I'll do is.." <insert huge plans that will never be executed>.

Kiara: Forces herself on Pekora on a daily basis until Pekora decides to quit Minecraft. Kiara continues to terrorize the JP server by placing "stream sparks" signs everywhere.

Gura: Feels forced to talk with her JP senpais, to satisfy the constant spam of her viewers. After some embarrassing interactions she will continue to hate Minecraft and ghost her senpais again while her manager continues to post for her on twitter how exciting it was.

Ame: Is actually excited about the merge, but burns out after discussing with her chat for 3 hours about what to do and if it's possible in the java version.

Ina: Only EN member with quality Minecraft streams - has sex with Nene after the merge and enjoys it (so do the viewers).

IRyS:I actually forgot EN has a 6th member now.

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>> No.8259614

the homos, they have an MC server and in some instances it's a lot smoother than the hololive servers since they actually build stuff that is practical from time to time.

>> No.8259616

I was waiting for Moona's OCD to kick in and make her fix Reine's water and it happened.

>> No.8259634

>implying cover has the same kind of control over EN that they do over JP

>> No.8259663

You mean to tell me there are people who watch both Niji and Hololive?
Why the fuck

>> No.8259700

You forgot the part where Miko tries to molest Ame when she's afk

>> No.8259706

Seeing ollie walking around in the background of Reine and now Mio's streams is kinda funny, but more endearing on how much she wants her gateway to shine

>> No.8259712

Based. You can always count on Pekora to carry Hololive.

>> No.8259753

>Ina: Only EN member with quality Minecraft streams
She's so unbelievably boring i've been recommending her MC Streams as a sleeping aid

>> No.8259793

She appreciates the views anon, ty

>> No.8259794

Moona's OCD is for the best

>> No.8259837

Isn't the welcome sign at the gate on the wrong side?

>> No.8259841

There was he Christmas karaoke relay before that too.

>> No.8259921

So how long before Pekora starts building traps in the EN server?

>> No.8259930

Correct, unless they intend for those exiting the portal to travel down this pathway towards this empty flat lot instead of the entire Holo city in the opposite direction.

>> No.8259984

>mikoti ni

>> No.8259986

Didn't she do so previously but got warned to stop?

>> No.8260016

When did miko steal back the dragon head?

>> No.8260022

I don't know why but this whole event makes a bit me sad. Probably is because I think this won't be much appreciated by the EN girls, I even see the portal barely being used by the JP or EN girls unless they collab (because shyness), which already barely happens anyways.

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>> No.8260064

>Your type of streamer probably

>> No.8260182

Mio was planning to connect the railway on Haachama vomit, but she can't place blocks because it's the respawn area.

>> No.8260211

The JP girls haven't realized that the EN girls aren't that interested in minecraft.

>> No.8260262

Blame EN, the JP/ID girls are having fun setting up, it's up to Gura and her gang of perpetually disconcerted friends to actually at least PRETEND to be appreciative. But who are we kidding, here's the loadout

>Mori was about to let villagers leave Phoenixton because she never bothers to understand anything, so she will probably break something on JP side or encroach on someones area. Also will talk about how badly she wants to finish the Ferris Wheel but do nothing to propel this forward
>Kiara will probably do more Usaken collabs
>Ina will still be a duplicitous girl and try to fill her "harem" while reminding everyone that she made the iron farm one more time
>Ame will pretend she's working on sky temple, but just remember her McLighthouse and Tennis racket were met with laughter and her PPP almost made Moona tear it down and rebuild it right then and there
>Gura will do her exploratory collab, then never sign back on because that means collabing

>> No.8260290

>Le ebin dunk "keep saying it"
And here i was thinking Hololive fans had better standards

>> No.8260317

>bridge right after the portal
>station right after the bridge
You know, it would be a lot nice if they actually made an area instead of an assembly line. Have a Menya Botan to the side, maybe some booths, some area with basic gear in case you get creeper'd etc. The fact that they have more space in the opposite direction shows they don't have a basic idea about cooperative building.
Yeah this whole thing is basically just for Ina unless some gen2 will also be interested in Minecraft.

>> No.8260329

in the end only Ina and IRyS will be playing mc and maybe some from en 2

>> No.8260337

I like how some of the girl are sticking around to polish or help around even after their turn has already passed. Reminds me of the Akukin HQ relay.

>> No.8260344

>30 minute build
Mio: R A I L W A Y

>> No.8260381

I think she was planning on it, but said on stream that she wasn't allowed to visit the EN server, or something along those lines. Forget the exact wording, but it lead to a ton of rrats.

>> No.8260384

If I understood what Kanata said correctly, building a fancy gate to connect the servers was management's idea. You can expect the EN girls to be "oriented" to play more Minecraft.

>> No.8260387

The wigger won't care at all and will do a piss poor job of faking enthusiasm throughout the gate opening. Amesame will be off jerking each other off in a corner somewhere because they still have done no reps. Chicken will be loudly talking about her plans for leeching off Pekora the whole time. And Ina will be trying to keep the peace in her harem.

>> No.8260390

It's FOV you retard

>> No.8260404

is there even a rule that they have to stop building once their turn is up? mio can just keep building off-stream.

>> No.8260406

Moona probably had to fight off an aneurism when she saw Reine's pond and is making her stay behind to fix it

>> No.8260460

nobody cares

>> No.8260492

I love hearing Mio's screams they're very cute

>> No.8260500

Choke on my dictionary, you cunt. SWALLOW IT.

>> No.8260592

What happened to the welcome sign? Did they realize it was facing the wrong way?

>> No.8260615

Yup. Moona might have told Ollie to fix it the other way

>> No.8260616

I think Ina, Gura and Ame cares about the server, the other 2 don't do much and Irys is just still figuring out how to play it. So half of the people actually add a bit to it.
JP in the other hand, they have like 30 members and the server is older, so it has all of this cool stuff even if 4 or 6 members dont do anything for it.

I hope Gen 2 offers a bit more to the EN server since is progressing very slow.

>> No.8260620

Who do you think is most likely to fill that role? Mumei?

>> No.8260729

>realize this will be the first time I'll be watching Lamy
>voice filters me
>doesn't even know her own greeting, trying a couple different ones
Yea, II pass. I need to go to the store to grab snacks for the debuts later anyway, I'll do that now.

>> No.8260805

Reine still working on her bridge, how nice.

>> No.8260812

can you get me a coke

>> No.8260822

What is Lamy building?

>> No.8260829

Get her some booze while you're out.

>> No.8260871

How is her voice filtering you? I'm genuinely curious since she probably has the most inoffensive voice out of all of them.

>> No.8260876

I'll take a stick of pepeloni and some smokes

>> No.8260910

Are you going to eat a link of peperoni on its own?

>> No.8260920

I'm assuming it's a well with a roof.

>> No.8260946

B-but you want to BECOME Lamy, right?

>> No.8260958

probably a well

>> No.8260959

From EN gen 2, who you think is very likely to play minecraft the most and actually do stuff on the server? I think rrat and space are very likely to play it more. Time caring the least and the other 2 being in between.

>> No.8260967

Are you that guy from Trailer Park Boys?

>> No.8260972

Same as my ex's
If you send me money first then sure.

>> No.8260987

From translations in chat a pond for axolotls.

>> No.8260998

Just wait for the fucking debut at least.

>> No.8261008

>the other 2 don't do much
Since you don't watch holomyth streams, I'm curious why you even care.

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File: 40 KB, 640x480, dPWynoT_TJ7exUdYMTuxC45KF0PKNkwE53p6pqU9hIY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, so what

>> No.8261028

I've never watched Lamy before since she's lame but her tits are massive. Why didn't you tell me?

>> No.8261041

I fuckn knew it!

>> No.8261042

so we got 2 ponds, the reine pond, and the lamy pond

>> No.8261088

Looks more like an oversized well

>> No.8261170

From EN gen 8 who do you think will play Minecraft the most?

>> No.8261173

Go on without me anons, I'm not gonna make i-zzzz

>> No.8261180

Kiara rescued a whole village to get gear for the dragon, was the second to go hunt for Elytras and just the other day put in the trouble to level up a cartographer just to get a Woodland Mansion map which she immediately went to. She definitely likes the game.
Calli is in a weird spot, she definitely doesn't feel like properly learning the game yet she returns to it here and there. And she was bummed out about being useless in the dragon fight.

>> No.8261193

You didn't know?
Her 3D stuff has some solid BOING too
Marine's not cashed in the fact she'll be able to freely play with those big fat tits after letting Lamy give Marine a rather through spanking

>> No.8261223

Do you think Lamy lactates ice cream

>> No.8261237

Without a doubt.

>> No.8261295

Mori should pull an Anya and just not play Minecraft. All she ever does in the server is complain how bad your boy is at video games.

>> No.8261296

What flavor?

>> No.8261321 [DELETED] 

Idk man, but I think the amputate girl from gen 49 will play minecraft the most.

>> No.8261326


>> No.8261350

I think I most don't watch Kiara streams so usually I barely know what she is up to.
Fair enough. Again I don't really keep up with Kiara stuff so I kinda assumed that.
I feel kinda bad for Calli though, she is often lost as to what to do due to how little she knows and you can tell how sad she gets about it, even before the fight she got lost and apologized a lot for it,

>> No.8261383


>> No.8261390

Doesn't she do that for every game?

>> No.8261416

Calli gets too worked up and nervous about making mistakes. Doesn't help that Minecraft brings out the worst autists.

>> No.8261530

It's fixed now

>> No.8261539

Miko came prepared.

>> No.8261553

Migoe is making a map for the EN's entering the server.

>> No.8261558

Also doesn't help how she constantly says she sucks at a game but won't even try to play/practice unless a collab. During the ender dragon video she kept saying it to the point the others just didn't even respond after a point. Makes the 5% percent comment than puts on the water works when she sucks at it

>> No.8261564

It's just a silly question based on nothing and for fun since they aren't even out yet like you said, It's fun to theorize with only seeing their models and how they interact on twitter. It's like how people think Space will be like Kiara despite not even talking or do much of anything besides tweets.
The cute one.
Kinda crazy that her own minecraft avatar shows that too, bold decision by cover.

>> No.8261615

Time will no fucks about Minecraft, but will pop in every couple months and make something dope that the rest of the non-Ina ENs couldn’t dream of making if they put all 3 of their combined brain cells together.

>> No.8261646

Elite planning in action.

>> No.8261680

who cares
new girls in a few hours who might use it

>> No.8261681

Leave it to her to actually make something useful for visitors.

>> No.8261786

Hasn't cartography been one of the things she's been passionate about for the JP server for a while? It's not only a megamap but also an ELITE flex on the others.

The big reason Pekora wasn't invited is she's make the entire project to be ME ME ME ME ME ME ME as while people bitch about Kiara being self centered Pekora's a full blown narcissist

>> No.8261838

I forgot about how apologetic she was about getting lost despite it being no big deal at that point, they weren't even ready to leave yet. She does legit hate feeling like a burden in the game.

>> No.8261839

It's really hard to watch minecraft streams with calli on it since it gives me this mix of cringe and sadness at the same time. She is clearly always busy with projects and real life to be better at the game and it sucks for her because is a game that the girls always come back to play it to add to the server, that's why she gets so impressed and always comments in the good job they have done and at the same time apologizing for not doing much, this happened at the ender dragon stream too when they gave her the weapons and armor, apologizing further when she lost it all.

>> No.8261841

Gotta love the fact we'll be halfway through and pretty much just have a map and an exit, and nothing but a huge flattened space for the portal and its surroundings

>> No.8261869

Pretty based

>> No.8261953

Mikochi definitely showing how Elite she is

>> No.8261957

Haachama's tower is FOUR maps large!?

>> No.8262019

The map actually looks really good and with over 10 minutes to spare too

>> No.8262020

The map needs updating because it still isn't showing the current progress of the Babel, and the land behind the 4th gen statues were supposed to be flattened now.

>> No.8262048

She even got beds in each of their colors. Miko is so cute.

>> No.8262052

Did matsuri just make some flags then fuck off?
It's like the guy who's
>i'll make the logo
for a group project lmao

>> No.8262083

The game is easy to understand, its the script and higher crafting that takes some effort or a simple google search. I don't expect her to be a master but my god at least try. Cover is more than likely her main income, she can at least do some work to not drag her co-workers down

>> No.8262092

Miko’s MC autism is pretty underrated. She might not be at pekora’s level of huge projects or flare’s flamboyant designs but she’s very creative and excels at improvisations

>> No.8262155

So how do the maps work again?
Does one map updating update them all or do you need to do every single map one by one?
Also Miko has a plan, is executing the plan and it shows.
I bet she planned this all out in Single player offline and and is working off plans.

>> No.8262186

>Miko forgot Irys
hope is lost

>> No.8262198

Miko, you should just put Ina’s bed in the gen 5 house where it belongs.

>> No.8262229

I forget about her a lot too

>> No.8262234

Hope is now Cope..

>> No.8262237

All that torches scattered about is triggering my OCD. How can moona stand such messy randomness. No structure at all

>> No.8262238

I think most people do

>> No.8262246

irys got the boss bed so it worked out.

>> No.8262272

>Irys neither in the gen 1 nor gen 2 line.
Hope is lost.

>> No.8262273


I know its just filling the space Aloe left but still I want them to be happy

>> No.8262334

Miko even prepared an English guide book. I'm impressed.

>> No.8262376
File: 27 KB, 517x800, Moon_Man.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8262384

That was sweet of her

>> No.8262391

Mikochi, how are you always so damn cute??

As always, she waltzed in and showed everyone up with her Elite skills.

>> No.8262406
File: 134 KB, 1045x740, 1629350307195.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How does it feel seeing the Elite of the vtuber world at work?

>> No.8262442
File: 1.07 MB, 1394x1356, ThumbsupMiko.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Feels great

>> No.8262445

Easily the best contribution so far.

>> No.8262453

Pretty fucking incredible. Never really a Miko watcher but that was pretty comfy and productive!

Also does Moona always sound so angry?

>> No.8262461

she got me into hololive because of that infamous clip but I still adore her, she is still one of my favorites after all of this time.

>> No.8262465

i feel indifferent

>> No.8262491

Seems like an ID thing. Can't stand Anya for that exact reason.

>> No.8262624
File: 1.51 MB, 1460x644, The pump.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So this whole thing is a viewer sponge waiting to dump all over the en2 debut hey, well played Hololive.

>> No.8262648

I didn't pay much attention to it but I guess is a bit like german where it sounds angry by default

>> No.8262666

Jokes on them after holotalk I'm going to sleep.

>> No.8262711

Amazing as always.

>> No.8262716

Its this youtube or another site? it seems handy to have, especially when it tells you how many hours is left on the preview.

>> No.8262720

Cant wait till all the EN girls build on the other side of this portal is just a sign that says "welcome" but somehow it wont even be spelled right.

>> No.8262768

Calli's sign will just say "your boy ain't good at Minecraft".

>> No.8262775

I hope Gura and the gang builds JP a nice little mudhut to welcome them

>> No.8262801

"Ur boy ain't Gud at spell gomnsry"

>> No.8262804

Holodex, very useful for watching multiple streams too

>> No.8262810

Why Moona's so bad?

>> No.8262814

Don't they already have that greeting road from spawn set up? Can't they just build off that?

>> No.8262817

Moona's OCD is kicking in...

>> No.8262832

I'll keep it in mind, thank you anon.

>> No.8262863

This is really on point

>> No.8262885

Why Moona loves sleeping in other people's beds so much?

>> No.8262901

"Welcome to the jungle"

>> No.8262949

Practically ready for Christopher Usada to come sailing in.

>> No.8262963

What's the worst that could happen if Calli tours the JP server unsupervised?

>> No.8263035

A most she will let out some animals, i highly doubt she would be able to destroy anything of value, much less be capable of finding it.

>> No.8263045

Pekora uses her as a patsy for blowing up everything Miko made. After all IS JORK!!

>> No.8263048

She spins her camera around aimlessly, somehow having forgotten how to walk

>> No.8263113

Sora Mountain pt 3

>> No.8263125

Imagine if Pekora pulls a prank on Mori like the one she pulled on Towa where she made her think she destroyed Sora's stuff? I can't imagine how much Calli would freak out

>> No.8263140

Numerous farms and builds destroyed, Moona declares a Jihad on HoloEN, Pekora does a Pearl Harbor in retribution on the EN server.

>> No.8263175

They WILL play minecraft and do manhunt with Council Vs Ame

>> No.8263206

Very little actual damage, as she's still traumatized from cutting down a tree. She will be given some free stuff by her JP senpais and feel bad about it, but also be unable to refuse the gifts. She will then promptly get lost and, after refusing to take anyones resources that she happens upon, will starve to death and lose everything she was given.

>> No.8263211

Moona just realized she built the whole thing at the wrong direction kek

>> No.8263230

>I need some water. Oh here's some.
>Breaks blue axolotl aquarium and takes the water

>> No.8263277


Based Peko

>> No.8263286

I fully think that would happen and Pekora being the sociopath she is would just be laughing her ass off at the suffering of others again.

>> No.8263290


>> No.8263325

I’d watch it

>> No.8263340

Will save the entire server and built a new civilization on that EN's backwater server

>> No.8263378

Make Calli think she destroyed a Coco monument.

>> No.8263447

Please Pekora is looking for ANY excuse to bomb Coco's Giant Yagoo.

So have Calli step on a pressure plate to blow it up. Gets rid of Coco's legacy (after all that thing overlooks PEKORA LAND which is ALL ABOUT PEKORA not anyone else) and makes someone else cry which brings sexual pleasure to Pekora.

>> No.8263460


>> No.8263630

Does anyone know what Botan is building?

>> No.8263641

Shameful display of such caliber would require graduation and sudoku immediately after.

>> No.8263702

The actual portal between EN and JP

>> No.8264103

So Haachama's channel doesn't link to Nene's stream.
Really makes you think

>> No.8264142

Why would you link to your own channel?

>> No.8264170

Everyone's stream has linked to the next stream. Haachama breaks the chain.

>> No.8264204

It does though?

>> No.8264236

She built a nice lookin Stargate

>> No.8264239

Nene's video wasn't up yet when the relay started

>> No.8264243

Outside of big events and the obvious 1st gen collab I would suck YAGOO's cock if none of the girls played it, I almost subbed to Anya when I found out but Botan convinced her to try it.

>> No.8264245

And Haachama changes the description as I had hers up ages ago for this.

Gotta remember Haacahama does that

>> No.8264256

it's really nice how botan's portal looks like a halo for moona's statue when viewed from the right spot

>> No.8264261

To absolute no ones surprise Haachama is incapable of putting the slightest effort in anything involving other members.

>> No.8264287

Your rrats already been btfo just a few posts above and yet you doubled down. Amazing.

>> No.8264331

That explains it. I opened them all up before the relay started and never refreshed. I refresh and the link's there.

>> No.8264392

My point still stands, she doesn't care for anyone but herself.

>> No.8264450

>Mel's BGM

>> No.8264459

Why is Mel so cute bros?

>> No.8264484

This is the first time I've watched Mel stream.
Lone Ranger, eh?

>> No.8264487

And Mel breaks out the William Tell Overture

>> No.8264494

Mel is such a cute dork, timing her build to start with her song.

>> No.8264510
File: 40 KB, 1280x720, tealc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy fuck, what did I come back to, did they build a fucking Stargate for it? kek

>> No.8264527
File: 104 KB, 800x600, moving goal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8264534

What's Mel building?

>> No.8264552

Ye good choice.

>> No.8264556

Someone please give this vampire some scaffolding

>> No.8264587

Not fully sure what Botan's goal was but possibly it being a derelict gate.

>> No.8264601

Would you rather they all play Apex instead?

>> No.8264617

do collabs count?

>> No.8264628

>derelict gate
>The CN portal

>> No.8264634

NPC Kanata will probably do so soon.

>> No.8264679

I've started learning Japanese and was looking for chuubas to listen to to help learning. I just finished Botan's stream.
>cute giggles
>chill atmosphere
>pleasant voice
I never gave her a try because I assumed she's an FPS sweat, but now that I've actually seen her, I'm going to watch her.

>> No.8264696

there was a CN server?

>> No.8264705
File: 87 KB, 231x241, 1568627654412.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just woke up wtf is happening

>> No.8264708

Botan is pretty much always super chill, even when she's slaying in an FPS

>> No.8264720


>> No.8264747

Mel has few but very cute streams. There is almost always a translator there too. Also her Vampire Cover is great.

>> No.8264790

She can be but most of the time she's playing with the other Holos so plays rather casually although with her COD vs stuff she really seemed to love causing Subaru to scream in terror.
Lately they seem to be doing Zombied so she get Subaru almost pissing herself for free!

>> No.8264814

I'm pretty sure Haachama legit hasn't had a manager since she came back. I think they just gave up and are hoping the other girls will help her out when necessary and prevent her from doing too much damage.

>> No.8264850

The plan was that after defeating the Ender Dragon, the JP and EN minecraft servers will be linked together. The holos on the JP server are doing a building relay of 30 minute streams where they put together various things on their end of the connection. The EN server will then have to build a gate on their end, and then management will connect the two together (in the same way that JP is currently connected to their resource server).

>> No.8264855

>nooooo minecraft is children game i don't like it because I am already adult i will not watch you if you play it! nooooooooo!

>> No.8264860

Dude, she hung that hat up when she joined Hololive, nowadays she's just chillin', like that dude you used to know who could solo your entire squad but now he's just content screwing around in 4fun lobbies.
It's great.
Also, Suisei 33k, looks like the relay is hitting he a bit on top of her choice to mix it up at the start.

>> No.8264884

Turns out Botan is based and Jaffapilled

>> No.8264945

What is Mel even making?

>> No.8264967

A prison of course.

>> No.8264984

I don't know what Mel is building but she is a lot cuter than usual today!

>> No.8265006

I wasn't counting them. I'm sure I've seen her in passing during a collab, but this is the first solo stream from Mel that I've seen.

>> No.8265016
File: 13 KB, 264x105, rrat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cum donation clinic

>> No.8265101

Reject scaffolding, return to dirt tower.

>> No.8265106

Mel finishing the floor syncing at the end of the song.

>> No.8265118

music change now that time is running low kek

>> No.8265124

no really what is mel building

>> No.8265147

Abortion clinic

>> No.8265161

fucking lmao
only mel flees into a building with no roof from a flying enemy
i love my dumb blonde bimbo oshi

>> No.8265176

It's the room her manager used to take her to before raping her.

>> No.8265179

A house

>> No.8265192


>> No.8265198

It's Csiko's Post for those wondering what song.

>> No.8265204

To be fair, Mel is a Genius Vampire, so I don't think we could ever figure it out.

>> No.8265219

>relay streams will overlap with debut streams
What were they thinking?

>> No.8265228

Mel is such an adorable ditz. I'm surprised she hasn't died yet.

>> No.8265250

That no one gives a fuck about en2

>> No.8265266

She's precious.

>> No.8265268

Retardchama, I...

>> No.8265288

The relay ends like 3 hours before the first debut

>> No.8265301

1. no
2. who cares about enthots

>> No.8265306

Do you understand how time works?

>> No.8265331

Anon-chama..... time zone reps onegai

>> No.8265334

Meru... your roof...

>> No.8265350

The treasure chests are for condom storage.

>> No.8265393

Mel is actually quite smart, she built a storage so that when the JP members raid the natives on the other server they can stash their gains i her storehouse in exchange for a fee.

>> No.8265408

Apparently it's a storage/locker room for EN's to use to.

>> No.8265428

tensai vampire
pls understan

>> No.8265453

Love that the Upa aquarium is more important than the roof.

>> No.8265462

The only thing EN server has to offer is Elytra from their end

>> No.8265471

anon... wtf

>> No.8265489

She got scolded the other day by management for her R-18 streams, but I also think she doesn't have an invididual manager anymore, desu she doesn't give a fuck about managers since they only knows how to restrict people

>> No.8265492

artistic sense yo...

>> No.8265494

Who's got their dragon egg?

>> No.8265532


>> No.8265536


>> No.8265545

Ina retrieved it, it's on top of the cake now.

>> No.8265594

shouldn't there be another sign in english too, 3 out of 5 en members can't into moonrunes

>> No.8265602

You're not wrong but Pekora is less obnoxious about it.
>She is clearly always busy with projects and real life
She's not alone in that. Suisei, Marine, and FBK are super busy too but they still put effort into streaming and giving a fuck.

>> No.8265616

see >>8265428

>> No.8265622

that was a fun half hour

>> No.8265629

don't worry, Mel's design is self explanatory

>> No.8265630

>mel's ending battle theme

>> No.8265669


>> No.8265678
File: 8 KB, 210x240, kneel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mel fucking rules so much. I kneel Kapumin

>> No.8265688

For some reason, I just nutted in my pants.

>> No.8265709


>> No.8265726

Treerat will make a treehouse... for the rat.

>> No.8265727

Mel isn't outright retarded, but she sure isn't smart lol
I still love her anyway.

>> No.8265736

Tree rat making tree house

>> No.8265739

based threadwatcher minecraft autist

>> No.8265746

describe taste

>> No.8265750

That's the treerat stealing your nuts directly from the source.

>> No.8265754
File: 31 KB, 400x400, 1612098970163.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now is the Treerats time to shine

>> No.8265777

Not for long fufufufu...

>> No.8265809

Typical indo, already substituting the building material for cheap dirt.

>> No.8265813


>> No.8265823

It's been a while since we had a Risucraft stream.

>> No.8265892

What about the JP one? I wasn't around back then.

>> No.8265921

I was surprised she wasn't building a giant nut but then I realized she would've just ended up stealing it anyway

>> No.8265938


>> No.8265944

poor mel lol

>> No.8265952

Mel...how you gonna die to a bush

>> No.8265961 [DELETED] 


>> No.8265965

>dies to berry bush
you were saying ?

>> No.8265966

Mel's getting pricked, caught in 4K on treerat camera.

>> No.8266052

Just make sure to view actual streams on youtube or else your dont give them a view, chuubas like numbers too.

>> No.8266121


>> No.8266134
File: 494 KB, 789x593, Bishium.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8266135

show her your dick so she can laugh for real

>> No.8266188

do they get the view when I view them via my ps4 or TV?

>> No.8266204

Not gonna lie, the chat and Mel is more entertaining than Risu right now.

>> No.8266219 [DELETED] 

I have to ask... which roommate do you think has the fattest ass?

>> No.8266239

as long as its in the app, yes. Youtube is really fucking weird with its numbers despite not having anymore competitor.

>> No.8266253


>> No.8266267

This dead air is suffocating.

>> No.8266272


>> No.8266325

Looks like Mel actually put up a roof

>> No.8266343

Was she the one who fell and died?

>> No.8266344


>> No.8266363

KR Blackpilled

>> No.8266381


>> No.8266406

I dont mind risu, and I know shes focused but you have a huge audience here and only for so long. Randomly giggling isnt gonna cut it. I mean shit I'm sure mel even got many curious from her time.

>> No.8266423

what are those small things floating in the sky

>> No.8266471

The tree rat is choking and it's not on nuts for once.

>> No.8266536

I don't think she's focused. It's more likely she's having a panic attack.

>> No.8266554

i cannot resist letting my numberfag come out, but Mel really leveraged the time she had to gain an audience, Risu i fear will decrease the number for the rest of the really.

>> No.8266578
File: 640 KB, 2990x2412, 1615987326978.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Her streams usually get about 400-900 viewers
These big numbers are freaking her out

>> No.8266580

Yeah you can tell she's hella nervous

>> No.8266584

I think Suisei and Marine got good time management skills and Fubuki is Fubuki. What isn't she at least competent at?

definitely sounds like it

>> No.8266591

JP one is in Mikos demon tower I believe.

>> No.8266599

ten minutes left Risu.... make 'em count

>> No.8266651

Haachama and Nene are coming soon, so that should bring the numbers back up

>> No.8266707

>the last one
Nene will make these forgeters rue the day they forgot Super Hyper Ultra Ultimate Deluxe Perfect Amazing Shining God 東方不敗 Master Ginga Victory Strong Cute Beautiful Galaxy Baby 無限 無敵 無双 NENECHI

>> No.8266726

>kinetic energy
>is that lightning?

>> No.8266751

She is an ESL

>> No.8266796
File: 184 KB, 1080x849, Screenshot_20210821-072547.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you containment breakers think that you're funny?

>> No.8266827

i think ogey and rrat have gone beyond our control anon, way too many for too long to be just containment breakers

>> No.8266844


>> No.8266858

Many are containment breakers, but I've already met people using /vt/ lingo that've never even been here.

>> No.8266916

Man chammers is on time for once. Are we in for a blessing or curse?

>> No.8266949

She's yet to get on the server.

>> No.8266969

ogey hasn't been /vt/ exclusive for a long time.

>> No.8266970

You act like anything is "contained" in 4chan anymore. Like there isn't numerous subreddits and twitter accounts dedicated to farming this place for memes to run into the ground. Like it's not one of the most well known websites on the net at this point.

>> No.8267035

Haachama is building a Death Tower. She even prepared a blueprint for it!

>> No.8267045

time for the big guns to come in

>> No.8267052

you have to go back

>> No.8267078

Half the people posting here are probably also redditors

>> No.8267105

>Blueprint without a single straight line in a game all about cubes
SSG Haachama

>> No.8267107

I don't know how to break it to you, but that containment was broken a while ago anon. Have you been in a coma?

>> No.8267131

WTF is Haachaama doing? Is this a planned Moona/Botan/Haachama collection or is Haachama being a leech?

>> No.8267154

Haachama is a really fast builder, I guess all the work on the Tower of Babel really paid off

>> No.8267159

It's kinda funny how much more experienced of a builder she is than the previous two

>> No.8267160

shes doing her best anon

>> No.8267185

Don't even try you utter faggot, nothing here is "sacred", it will always leak out at some point, and the fact that you don't even know that says a lot more about you.

>> No.8267187

I can hope, and seethe.

>> No.8267188

read >>8267035

>> No.8267243
File: 203 KB, 390x292, 1609327829309.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Haachama just finished the Tower of Babble that took her over a year
>Immediately starts another one in what is supposed to be a 30 minute long relay stream

>> No.8267267

What, so you can look down on others as someone on the secret cool kid's website?

>> No.8267286

Yeah, she improved a haaton. Even if she wasn't right after Risu, she'd still look good

>> No.8267318

>WTF is Haachaama doing?
I never know

>> No.8267351

She said she asked Botan for permission. I doubt it is anything planned and more just "Hey can I build here?" "lol sure".

>> No.8267355

Well once you've done one, it's piss easy to whack up a few of those babys in an hour or so.

>> No.8267401

She makes it look effortless in comparison to the others.

>> No.8267408

>chammer will never whack your "tower" with her experienced hands

>> No.8267417

>she only now realized there's no good way to enter it

>> No.8267428

Calm down nerd
>getting triggered by faggot comments
Mogging everyone else by building the tallest thing.

>> No.8267435

Look how much she's built in 10 minutes she's too good at this

>> No.8267477

first time seeing godchama at work?

>> No.8267529

Kinda, i watched her build her tower of babel during the schizo arc, but i got tired of her after a while, for obvious reason at the time.

>> No.8267583

It wouldn't be chammers without unfortunate circumstances

>> No.8267606

I think it's pretty cool that she's placing it above Botan and Moona's build. It should add to the already nice look that the exisiting structure already has as it covers up some of the empty sapce behind it.

>> No.8267611

Which one of them is fucking up and not sleeping?
Place your bets

>> No.8267612

I was hoping the least she could do was to narrate the things she's doing, like placing the block here and there or looking for something in the chest. Not to mention that low energy bgm she was playing, it just put everyone off.

>> No.8267658

Looks like it was nene

>> No.8267667

Mel or Nenechi

>> No.8267703

Haven't played MC in a long time. Wtf was that flying thing that almost killed Haachama?

>> No.8267733

seems like it was mel because nene typed in chat meaning she wasnt afk

>> No.8267745

Some shit that shows up if you don't sleep in a while

>> No.8267749

batman, he got introduced in the marvel patch

>> No.8267758

That has such a good look.

>> No.8267769

Phantoms. They spawn in whenever someone hasn't slept for 3 days

>> No.8267834

Kanata being the mvp here guarding haachama while she works

>> No.8267843

And isn't under at least 1.5 blocks.
t. someone who had to fix all of the AFK farms on nephew's server

>> No.8267901
File: 19 KB, 448x442, 1627264909810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Decides to build the tallest structure despite not having an Elytra
>Starts being mauled by cliff racers because someone wasn't sleeping
>Guardian PPTenshi arrives to fell the beasts
>Instead of going to sleep she goes back to building
>Checks the height and decides it's not enough so she climbs back up, still in the middle of the night, to raise it even more
Nothing will ever make me not love this adorable retard.

>> No.8267905

Has she figured out a way for people to get up there yet?

>> No.8267963

build first think later is her philosophy

>> No.8267979

Oh god it's realy a mini Babel!

>> No.8267980

She builds it that high so she can spit in God's face.

>> No.8267981

It's all about being a hazard to passing planes now.

>> No.8267984

I imagine just either leave the scaffolding or a long ladder

>> No.8267992

>not having an Elytra
This is incorrect, she has her elytra equiped

>> No.8268023

Did Mel add another floor to the storage jail she built?

>> No.8268039

and it sounds like it's intended to be a suicide/prank tower if the ENs feel like fucking around

>> No.8268051

She has an elytra, it's just using it without dying which is what she still needs to figure out.

>> No.8268053


>> No.8268056


>> No.8268057

KEK, fucking Haachama.

>> No.8268060

And Haachama forgot she can't fly

>> No.8268061

so about that...

>> No.8268063


>> No.8268070

She still died anyway kek

>> No.8268121

did chamma almost double the viewers??

>> No.8268143

Shes very strong

>> No.8268160

>3 minutes left
>Decides to end stream
>Possibly elaborates but it was in japanese so I can't tell

>> No.8268174
File: 7 KB, 320x180, fullyerectchama.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she's the world wide strongest idol what do you expect?

>> No.8268182

Nene up next. Reminder that her contribution to the Akukin HQ relay was planting a bundle of trees in the shape of a cock and balls at the top of the building and a slogan that was spelled wrong.

>> No.8268188

>Joins server
>Builds giant building facade
>is unable to explain further

>> No.8268203

I've been watching all day. Mikochi is still top of the pops with 40k+

>> No.8268204

Sorry, I forgot my oshi is actually retarded...

>> No.8268213

Yes, but thats because they kinda tanked during Risus bit, pretty sure it was over 30k earlier in the relay

>> No.8268276

majority moved to suisei 3d at the time which also had around 30k when i checked

>> No.8268297
File: 254 KB, 510x508, 1625495478987.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's Nene's turn

>> No.8268314

Part of me really wants to see Haachama and Nene have some prolonged 1 on 1 interaction but another part is afraid of the outcome.

>> No.8268335

applying her Mesa Road knowledge Nene's build is a sky road so EN can explore the server from above.

>> No.8268364

they collabed on clubhouse 51 before and haachama was clearly the dominant force

>> No.8268372

Imagine dumb and dumber but way more giggling

>> No.8268376

Fuck that, put ALL the verified retards in the same call and see what happens.

>> No.8268434

Haachama usually dominates most 1 on 1 collabs

>> No.8268438

Based Kanata

>> No.8268470

So what is Nene actually building?

>> No.8268483

SkyRoad to look at the server from above.

>> No.8268505

Why is Haachama so strong?
Isn't she a degraded version of Ollie and Risu, both in terms of ability and as an entertainer?

>> No.8268529

Looks like it's going to be an aqueduct, but i doubt Nene knows what that is.

>> No.8268536

So did Kanata plan the rally?

>> No.8268574

Yes, that's why she's been playing support the whole time rather than having her own build slot

>> No.8268580

>its so fucking tall you can see it across the map

>> No.8268654

>Mel's building still has no roof.
Absolutely amazing. I love that airhead vampire

>> No.8268677

This is what was built during the relay so far:
>Matsuri - banners and flags
>Ollie - hallway castle
>Reine - pond/ bridge
>Mio - railway to the town proper
>Lamy - axolotl well
>Miko - Holoserver map and lounge
>Moona - stairway with Squidward statue
>Botan - portal gate
>Mel - prison/ storage room
>Risu - Treehouse
>Haachama - Death Tower/ mini Babel
>Nene - sky road above the Holoserver.

>> No.8268699

She said management was pushing for it, so it looks like she took point and did the arrangements.

>> No.8268745

So how long before an EN Holo lags and somehow falls off of Neneroad and dies?

>> No.8268746


>> No.8268749

is this the first time mio has even acknowledged holoEN?

>> No.8268760

>She said management was pushing for it

>> No.8268768

Rate them

>> No.8268804


>> No.8268827

No, she has talked about them before, but she isn't confident enough in her english to actually be involved.

>> No.8268833
File: 19 KB, 290x290, 1625507566745.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sky roat
I bet you didn't expect this, it's a log flume ride! As expected from our tensai Nene.

>> No.8268842

The first time its ever used. But thats assuming anyone ever uses it in the first place and doesn't just take the railway.

>> No.8268874

She read their fortunes around New Years

>> No.8268875

One of them probably won't find the boat chest and will try to run on the railing until she turns to look at something without stopping and falls to her death.

>> No.8268883

Is Youtube having technical problems or something? My stream keeps pausing and I don't know if it's Youtube or the ghost in my headset

>> No.8268907

I think Haachama's sky railway is the best way to explore the server, but she really needs to fix that damn gap near 5th gen house!

>> No.8268926

lmao is the water fucking freezing

>> No.8268933

Very nice of Kanata to help out Nene fill the sky road with water

>> No.8268939


>> No.8268958


>> No.8268972

Try watching it embedded, the chat can lag the stream a lot sometimes

>> No.8268981

Even when Nene isn't building mesa road, Nene is building mesa road.

>> No.8269000


>> No.8269014

Festival I...

>> No.8269035

Can't wait for gura to walk with ice boots on the road.

>> No.8269039

I can't stop seeing that Hololive symbol in the sky as anything other than a big, fat, sarcastic

>> No.8269051

Why does it keep freezing?

>> No.8269073

It's probably the biome.

>> No.8269130

It'll be funny if the whole sy road freezes at some point and just becomes Mesa Road 2.0

>> No.8269137

In some biomes water in direct sunlight freezes above level 75(I think?)

>> No.8269145

It must run through a cold biome, if I remember right torches should stop it freezing so they should just need to add more to stop the problem

>> No.8269163

Temperature decreases as you climb higher. This is true for all biomes, though the biome's type determines the starting temperature at ground level

>> No.8269165

The torches are preventing it from a total freeze.

>> No.8269193

I can already see the the death logs of everyone who slides off and dies from fall damage, Nene demonstrated earlier how it is at the perfect height to be deadly also.

>> No.8269204


>> No.8269284

Then they must've changed it, I remember having a pool at build limit in a Jungle biome, but the last version I played was 1.10

>> No.8269340


>> No.8269371

Yeah changed to more height based.
It's going to change again in 1.18 now that 3D biomes are possible. The current snapshots are making good use of them just now. Equally biomes and landscape generation are getting separated, and temperature as well is being fiddled around with to make it more sensible.
I'll be surprised if they even remotely manage to get it out this year. No fucking chance.

>> No.8269380

How many times has SuperNenechi died this stream?

>> No.8269387

Jungle is a hot biome, the starting temperature at ground level is too high ofr it to reach water-freezing level even at build height limit, but the rule still applies

>> No.8269406


>> No.8269461

>Matsuri - 6/10
>Ollie - 9/10
>Reine - 7/10
>Mio - 8/10
>Lamy - 9/10
>Miko -10/10
>Moona - 9/10
>Botan - 9/10
>Mel - try/10
>Risu - 7/10
>Haachama - 9/10
>Nene - 8/10

>> No.8269462

>ERROR: This live event will begin in a few moments

>> No.8269473

Nene wa perfect English!

>> No.8269549

Very generous to festival here..

>> No.8269660

Risu Goatee

>> No.8269734

>Takes 30 minutes to make some banners
>Leaves to go stream over the rest of the relay with Apex
>Refuses to elaborate on the hand that opened her door

>> No.8269854

>only 5 beds

>> No.8269913

It's on the end of the row latefag-chama. The new 5 have beds on the other side of the wall too.

>> No.8269926

She had beds for the other gen and Irys

>> No.8269986

Miko adding names above the corresponding EN beds is precious.

>> No.8270179

reine's walkway looks great with lamy's well

>> No.8270253

Oh Mel.
I love you anyway, even if are borderline retarded.

>> No.8270254

>it's a shower

>> No.8270265

I appreciate gorilla tenshi organizing this collab and tard wrangling all these airheads. I expected the invisible hand of management to just slap down another bedrock torii gate and call it a day. This was much more enjoyable.

>> No.8270358
File: 77 KB, 410x482, almostretarded.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8270389

Arent maps in mc like technically 3d?

>> No.8270462


>> No.8270525

>Miko made a free chest room that actually has a roof right next to the beds

>> No.8270660

moona's squidward joke flew through everyone's heads because squidward's jp name is ikarudo

>> No.8270736

Actually, yes. But only because of a hacky way of adding pointers on to them. If you stack banners on a map in the same location, you can make pointers literally jump off the map.
This was used to instantly kick people from servers as well as crash servers. (still is, technically, if you haven't got it patched)

>> No.8270857
File: 115 KB, 1000x1000, 1586058823177.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8270913

wait why did a bunch of people fall at once

>> No.8270923

Nice to see the death tower really fulfils its intended purpose

>> No.8270940

haachama's tower already working as intended

>> No.8270973
File: 295 KB, 535x700, 1613275002650.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All according to pepeloni

>> No.8270976

Haachama successfully kills half the girls without even being there.
Truly the Strongest idol

>> No.8271020

they all tried to stand on a single square of scaffolding and a bunch of people got pushed off

>> No.8271162

Why doesn't Miko join the call?

>> No.8271235

Doesn't speak the language

>> No.8271473

I'm surprised it took that long for the skyroad to claim a life that wasn't Nene's

>> No.8271497

it's actually smart of nene making the sky road have a drop-off point right above the shared dorm even though it's redundant to the rest area that miko made

>> No.8271509
File: 528 KB, 244x452, nene headbob.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nene Production strong

>> No.8271717

It's there because that's where the entrance to the new resource server is.
The road is to provide a link between the cross-server portals so people are less likely to get lost in the ever-evolving maze of the holo village.

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