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I know this is not the place but we have the same hobby and maybe the same problem,
have you guys found a way to stop donating? my numbers are in red and i'm having a lot of trouble making ends meet, don't laugh at me, i have an addiction i'm trying to get better it's hard, it's so hard anon... everytime she says my name i want to keep going another day and when she doesn't stream everything sucks... living through her stream is not healthy and donating my life savings to her either... so i just want to know how you guys managed to get over your addiction or at least normalize it, any tip is good.

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If all you want is to hear your name, then donate less shithead.

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Yeah, I've found it works best by never starting.

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Who are you to judge me, you don't understand my feelings, if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything

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I protect my bank account by thinking... if I super chat and/or member one, then I'd have to for all of them.

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Post on /vt/ all day and start believing every rrat you see. Tou'll be so busy arguing with schizophrenics you won't have time to donate. And even if you did, you wouldn't want to because now you believe your oshi is secretly putting pro-China subliminal propaganda into their streams or whatever the fuck it is the schizos believe at the moment.

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I have never donated money to anyone or anything. I don't really understand donating money, nor what you get out of it.

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Big brains wins games

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Living in a shithole where superchats and memberships are unavailable helps.

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Just earn more money lmao, I can keep the memberships for all the JP holos and 6 or 7 nijis easily, drop random red supers for my oshi or her collab partners and I never had an issue paying the bills or even saving money
Not living in a shithole country kinda helps

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She'll definitely be well off with or without your money. With small streamers I worry, and donations are more impactful, but anyone in Hololive is quite well off. If it's about her reading your name, you don't have to break the bank for most of them to acknowledge you. It might feel wrong to taper off your donations but she likely won't notice, and if she knew that you were in the negatives from donating to her she'd feel bad anyway.

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Just record it and replay.

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Work more, you lazy fuck.

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I count google column at the end of the month and if it's over $200 - I stop for the next month.

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I have low compulsion control but that never turned into an addiction, but a struggle is a struggle.
My advice would be: You need something that competes with the benefit of your addiction without competing with its cost. I.e. something that makes you "want to keep going" (and ask yourself seriously what that means) so you don't need to fuel your addiction. The "without competing with its cost" part is important because it has to be something you can do no matter how bad your addiction has gets. Find some people to talk to about your life, be it the good or bad parts. Or try some stuff like art or writing. It takes almost no money to get a few pencils and paper, and you can make it about anything you want. Write a letter to your chuubas. Draw your chuubas. Write about what you would like to do with your chuuba. Make some greens. Or simply write about what you want to do with your life. Treat it as your reps. Do your reps.
And don't beat yourself up over your spending so far or how long you have been struggling with this. What's done is done. If you manage to deal with your addiction a bit better one year down the line, you're winning son.

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I'm currently smoking which I started again after like 10 years of hiatus, and now I'm trying to quit it again. What I can tell you according to my experience is it's just a matter of your will. Now you want to stop it and you may eventually achieve it. The impulse is something undulant, so if you put up with for 10 minuets it'll go away, and come back again though. You may have some hard time, but don't blame yourself too hard. Everybody has his problems.
>And why don't you simply ask the V that you really want to quit it so not to call your name again, with a big fat aka-spa? I(we) wanna hear what Vs may say when they have that kind of comment.

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