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Why is vtubing declining in popularity in the West?

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No data, no talk OP.

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It isn't

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It isn't.
HoloEn is declining because it now has competitors, and none of the girls have stepped up their game.
Gen2 might be revitalize them. Or it might only give a boost for a week or so.

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lack of unicorn culture and not simp enough

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Who’s the competition? Indies?

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Only an out going girl that can more easily collab with people in EN will save it. If it is more of the same then they'll continue to lose wind in their sails.

EN1 doesn't interest me, so I'll check out what games EN2 picks and their personalities to see if I stick with them.

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It's not

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post THE image

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Over saturation and statistical decline of quality.
There's literal thousands of vtubers, some of them are into it just for the tag and put little to no effort into making quality content. This create illusion of vtubing not being the same as few months ago and turns away plenty of viewers.
Not all small indies are bad, tho. Personally i adore the 30-100 viewers range more than Hololive and stuff. It's more about mentality - there are people like Kiara and Nyanners that are shit vtubers but have thousands of viewers because of brand.

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Nyanners is a great streamer though

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Their technology is obsolete look at codemiko for what the west actually wants

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>fart noises
>fart noises
>joke about dicks
>tweet/discord message about lolis bad despite her avatar being literally a loli.

Lol, no.

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Codemiko sucks.
No one wants hyperrealistical 3D women. People want cute anime girls.

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I don't think it's a model problem, Codemiko is just so dull as a streamer.

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>it now has competitors
I mean, vshojo has always been around and that is really the only one that is relevant enough for HoloEN to compete with. Don't get me wrong, I love Tsunderia and PRISM but they aren't big enough to really compete.

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VShoujo formed in November or December or so, not always, and the top two regularly are comparable in liveviews to everyone but Gura now, they've been growing since forming. There's also NijiEn who maybe get half the liveviews but that's still a not insignificant chunk.

HoloID should probably also be mentioned, Moona and now Ollie/Reine have really exploded from only breaching 4 digits on special occasions to getting actual numbers since En's debut.

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Tsunderia and PRISM are more relevant than them. There was a reason I didn't bring them up.

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There are savior-fag threads up for the penguin because she "only" gets ~600 liveviews (compared to Salen's 2-3k), These are numbers Tsunderia gets as total views on vods.

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literally who?

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I'm guessing you're using google trends as data, which like the other threads, you're probably reading it wrong. Look at the interest before EN and after and it's night and day. Of course interest fluctuated like normal from then to now but it's still higher than most of what came before EN1. Even when compared to Nijisanji, based on August 15-21, 2021. Hololive is 91 vs. Nijisanji's 9 and that's only using the US. This isn't like fidget spinners where it topped off in 2017 and cratered where nobody really talks about it now.

I also forget how big fidget spinners were back then and compared data. You wouldn't believe this but at August 15-21, 2021: Hololive 82, Fidget Spinner 23, Nijisanji 10 for worldwide. Hololive 67, Fidget Spinner 28 , Nijisanji 5 in united states. Yes, there is more interest in a dead trend like fidget spinners than there is in Nijisanji.

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>most subs were already dead
>honeymoon phase ends
>viewer drop
>vaccine gets rolled out & people return to their lives and don't have time for vtubers every day.
>viewer drop
>NijiEN happens
>viewer drop
>lockdown-boom EOPs start discovering non-holo vtuber groups like PRISM ect.
>viewer drop

competition isn't only from other vtubers anon, all types of entertainment are in competition for your attention, including other streamers in the same group.
I almost entirely stopped watching EN after Ollie and Reine arrived, I still watch ame sometimes but that's about it outside of rare streams.

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I think "maybe half" is reasonable description of 1.6k compared to Ina's current 4.5k.

Feel free to post cope or whatever though.

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this made my sleep deprived ass kek
that brrlemp came out of nowhere

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HoloEN needs to stop streaming in the middle of the buttfuck night for few hours

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5.3k viewers on part 6 of Wonderful 101.

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School started.

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people realized women still are vapid and annoying, even behind an avatar.

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vshojo, nijisanji, indies

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Its gonna shoot way back up once all these onlyfans whores realize this is the new best way to get money from losers

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>Tsunderia and PRISM are more relevant than them.
Holy fuck I want what you're smoking.

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It isn't, it's just that HoloEN doesn't have an effective monopoly.

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Lack of talent who have enough self-control not to act like whores while streaming

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Codemiko's design is definitely filtering to me. I'd watch her if she was entertaining but the fact that she's not and also looks disgusting means there's nothing there for me.

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>Over saturation
Not within Hololive EN, at least not yet. As for the smaller VTubers, no one watches them yet because they aren’t seen.

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What proof do you have this demonstrates this, idiot?

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>doesn't have an effective monopoly
>Gura has 24k viewers today, which is at 2-10x what non-Holo ENs get and 42k for a karaoke a few day ago
>Ina gets 6k playing the 6th ep of a bad stream game, which is still 2-3x NijiEN's numbers
uh sure I guess...

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EN2 will save the company and break us into mainstream. Cover will go public on the TSE/TYO on the back of their successes with EN2.

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>Why is vtubing declining in popularity in the West?
Because the Pandemic is over, same reason Animal Crossing has been on a decline.

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How many dozens of thousands of dollars can Gura raise for charity in a few hours? Oh, wait...

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How many times has Gura gotten an infection from cum in her eye? Oh wait...

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What a shitty cause, at least VShojo's charities improve human lives.

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It's hard to get cum in your eye when your voice kills boners.

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