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Can you imagine what someone in Nijisanji feels like when five chuubas that haven't even debuted yet get more art, love, and community attention in two days then they have in six months? I don't know about you but I'd be pretty demoralized.

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The concerntrolling from Holofags is getting pretty obnoxious lately.

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Hey, I want what's best for these 2sub nobodies.

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imagine what kind of holofag would be making shit low quality threads instead of actually watching 10+ of the girls' streams every day. couldn't be me.

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At least it confirms Niji still lives rent free in their heads even among all the Holospam threads they make.

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EN2 just lost half of their bots. You are not fooling anyone.

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Of course they're going to feel a degree of jealousy over something like that, what's important is that they don't let those negative feelings get to them, they have their audience and fans that love them dearly and that's all that matters.

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Relief? Imagine having to entertain millions of ironic weebs and suck upper-management's dick. The Gen 1 girls are miserable and it shows

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Do you think Petra lets those feelings get to her, being the lowest sub in an already low sub group?

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honestly, having the lowest numbers of your group is a hidden blessing, less tards to deal with and you still have the loyal fans that shower you with love

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But she isn't. That's Rosemi.

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Maybe those talentless whores shouldn't have gotten rejected, lol.

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Thats what they get for being hololive rejects

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lol isn't there a girl in tsundaria that said she was rejected from nijisanji? can you imagine what kind of boring shitter wouldn't get the micky d's of vtubing sign of approval?

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Lmao. Just think about what Nijis like Aki, Miyako, and Hajime think when they see NijiEN trashing them in views and sub growth.

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Don't like it? Try to be actually competitve cuck.

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Well, at least we know who le evil Pomudachi spamming /hlgg/ really are now.

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HoloEN2 auditions came after the first round of NijiEN auditions. So it's entirely possible that one of the members of HoloEN2 is a Nijisanji reject.

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Petra deserves the lowest bloody subs, her whole personality so far has been being shy and jap pandering.Rosemi-sama deserves the support of the masses.

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i'd be more demoralized if I was designed by a blind and disabled artist. here is "redjuice" on the left...

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And here is Pomu's mama. See what a decent artist can do?

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Reminder that /vt/'s dislike of IRyS is limited to /vt/. Everyone loves her and, honestly, the art hate for her is becoming pretty pathetic. I know you hate that Nijisanji was once again left in the dust but at this point you should be used to it.

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Nice cherrypick, nijishitter
Your Gura copy #890392443290342 is nothing impressive

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Pomu, as cute and well-drawn as she is, is still just a generic fairy. Almost every design in both NijiEN and HoloEN is more creative than her's.

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>everyone loves her
so much that even the most rabid holofanboys shit on them (and rightly so)

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I would tell you to go back to r*ddit, but even they still don't like her design.

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Cover caught red handed today with youtube subscriber bots to prop up the EN2 shitsquad which if Irys was anything to go by is going to be dead on arrival.

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Numbers don't lie, Nijinig. IRyS at her worst is better than your best chuuba on her best day.

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Chumbuds are mentally ill. They see their meme shark wherever they go. If she actually bothers to learn Japanese to actually collab with her senpai for once, maybe Petra can be a copy.

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Same thing happened to NijiEN, you're embarrassing yourself

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Yeah, and Nyanners is more talented than Luna. Kek. Numbers don't lie.

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This is true though

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I don't think there's a single vtuber agency in the world that would reject a girl of Pomu's level, really. Niji is really lucky to have her.
t. holofag

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So by your logic, Irys looks better than Sumire, cause of a sub count.

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creativity leads to humongous faggotry, more like it.

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Every single holoEN2 girl will mop the floor with every single NijiEN1 AND 2 girl within minutes after their debuts. I bet the rrat will smoke all six of them combined.

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irys could have 100 million subs but always be ugly

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Numbers won't save her from being ugly af

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Okay Vshitter.

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Nothing about her is special. You can say the art is better all you like but to me she looks like a generic anime love interest. And that's really the problem with Nijisanji; outside of the EN girls, none of them are interesting.

Except maybe the dog. He's cool.

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That's not really true all the posts criticizing her art on the Hololive subreddit got locked/deleted when she debuted.
Hololive are definitely aware of her fucked up design but they seemingly don't care that their artists and riggers deliver lazy work since they gave Shin_Umiushi another chance to ruin Anya after Rhombus Gura scandal. Even t-chan criticized the company for how dirty they did Anya.
IRyS's bad model also has no real bearing on her personality. I love her streams and personality but she's worse than every NijiEN visually and if I were in their position I'd be happier than IRyS. Imagine signing a 1+ year contract with Cover thinking your dreams of being a top tier vtuber are finally coming true after working her ass off in the vsinger scene for over 10 years and they give her this crap model that scares people away and is 10x worse than her indie model. Meanwhile Rosemi and Petra and Selen all got great models that fit their personalities and will only grow bigger over time while IRyS will fall behind EN2 and struggle to remain relevant. Even when they give her a new outfit they won't bother redoing her face so she's stuck with this piece of crap until she graduates.

IRyS Love
NijiEN Love
Redjuice Hate
Cover HATE

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anon, irys is fucking ugly, they look like an eldritch horror charater.

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>The ogre has more subs than both of them
Why is Niji such a shit gig? They can't even offer more exposure than vshoujo thots.

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I like her. She looks like a Final Fantasy Tactics character.

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>Except maybe the dog. He's cool.
The dog's a girl, anon.

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yet she got close to 600k subs people do love horror character

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It's a dog. Does it really matter?

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At least most of NijiEN actually stream during EN hours. Holo EN is nothing but dead hours which gives retards like OP nothing better to do than post threads like this

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NijiEN is a new branch that didn't have the benefit of being "first" or a huge fanbase of clipfags before they debuted an EN gen.
They've been growing at a decent pace and sometimes mog HoloEN's viewer numbers despite having 1/10th the subs.

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If NijiEN is so irrelevant and lacking exposure feel free to act like it and stop making threads obsessing over how Hololive will "mog" them. Treat them like you would 774 or .live - as in, don't treat them any way at all, because their irrelevancy deems it so.

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>p-please holochads stop dabbing on us

>> No.8149761 [DELETED] 

>and sometimes mog HoloEN's viewer numbers despite having 1/10th the subs.
No they don't what is this cope lmao. Kiara being so annoying and shit she goes down to 3k often doesn't mean nijien ever competes with Gura/Mori/etc

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Anon, Cover fans would sub to a box, that doesn't mean the design is good.

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>Selen gets 5k people with 100k subs
>Shark gets 10k people to watch DMC with 3.5 mil subs
but it's nijiEN that declined, right?

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Have you even watched Mori since her debut month? She's reclined hard anon, she's often lucky to break 6k viewers these days for anything that isn't a song release.
The only HoloEN talents that regularly break 10k viewers every stream are Ina and Gura, everyone else gets mogged by Selen playing Apex with VShojo lmao.

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It might be. They’re not failures but they are underdogs. So they just need to keep putting their noses to the grindstone

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NijiEN is a failure
Nijisanji is a failure
Hololive is number 1

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There's always an excuse with you shitters. It's never MY oshi, it's YOUR oshi's company!

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number that nijiEN wouldn't even close to get post debut stream and this is with ID tag debuff

>> No.8149899

Oh hey Anya who literally streams to 300 people regularly. With the Hololive buff. Great example!

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I like how the only thing Hololive has over Nijisanji is numbers. It's like you can't even watch the streams to tell us why Hololive is better.

>> No.8149939

I can't tell if holoposts are actually real or just bait
>It's better because big number

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Lmao if we bring the content Nijisanji will be btfo'd so fucking easily
Its unfair to them lets just stick to numbers

>> No.8149953

Imagine being jealous of this pitiful shit

>> No.8149957 [DELETED] 

>Viewers are lower than the holos
Are you guys legit retarded or just dead inside? Is NijiEN such a disasterous cope you brag about Selen having HALF of Gura's views on her best days?

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and yet none of nijiEN get past 10k view with EN tag

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Why hold back? Go ahead, say how Hololive's content mogs Nijisanji's.

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Probably better than anyone stuck here.

>> No.8150056

Every single Gura stream for example

>> No.8150065

These kind of threads are just popping up left and right man it's hard to keep up with all of them

>> No.8150086

imagine watching shark shit over Pomu

>> No.8150098

Oh, you mean "touch grass" "sussy baka" "bussy" meme spouting?

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I wish.
I've got too many girls to watch, I've had to cut back on my EN girls because they took away too much time from the JP branches.
Honestly I don't watch holoEN anymore, legitimately none of them are worth watching comparatively. They're horribly boring and uncharismatic, I have no idea how they got hired. On the EN side I'd rather watch shiki or Nia from prism over any of the HoloENs. NijiEN managed to get Selen which is carrying them in my eyes. Elira is okay too and Pomu is above average I'd say. But overall they're not particularly stand out either.

At least the powerhouses in holojp are still good. But God damn holoen is a snoozefest.

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To say that Hololive "only" has numbers in their favor and don't offer anything that Nijisanji doesn't have is ludicrous. Nijisanji doesn't have a talent as good at art as Ina. They don't have anyone who makes rap music as good as Mori. They don't have anyone as good at GFE as Rushia. They don't have anyone who can sing for 24 hours like Astel. But I still prefer Nijisanji because they have things I personally like that Hololive doesn't offer.

>> No.8150129

Ok now name specific streams and why they're good

>> No.8150142

Pony’s mama falling head over heels for her and watching every single one of her streams has got to be the absolute cutest thing ever.

>> No.8150155

>They don't have anyone who can sing for 24 hours like Astel

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I don't know what you're even arguing at this point since Anya is better than all of HoloEN and I'm glad she's being recognized for her efforts finally.
Some people can't afford to just stream 2 times a week like the lazy shark and have to actually come up with interesting ideas to draw in viewers. This is what separates NijiEN's constant growth from the stagnant and rapidly reclining HoloEN. No amount of Holobrony cope will save them, hopefully HoloEN2 have more work ethic than EN1 and actually make an effort to interact with the JP's and fit into the company culture the way NijiEN have.

>> No.8150200

Holofag here but both fan bases are obnoxious as fuck
Is it SEA time already?
Number/console war thread is that way >>8124203

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not the most subs, don't care, still watching Pomu.

>> No.8150219

>good at rap
I'll give you Ina, which is debatable. And maybe Rushia (niji has plenty of gfes too)

But mori? Come on son.

>> No.8150244

Not saying they have no talent but whenever the two companies are compared it's just MUH NOOMBERS
No one talks about individual talents. You did so I appreciate it although I wouldn't call anything Rushia is doing talented.

>> No.8150274

NijiEN is only 3 months old and is still in rapid growth from Obsydia's recent debuts while HoloEN1 debuted 11 fucking months ago. A reduction in growth and views after 11 months is completely natural and expected for them. Stop doomposting about Hololive or Nijisanji, it's so fucking stupid. Both EN branches are doing great on their own terms.

>> No.8150303

Calli isn't the greatest singer but she is a ridiculously talented lyricist, and I think that's why most people enjoy her music.

>> No.8150316 [DELETED] 

>which is debatable
No it isn't you're just pathetic and hate to concede. Explain how it's debateable that an artist so talented she's been trusted with gatcha art, the lifeline of these million dollar making apps.

>> No.8150358

I want to see an MC Touya vs MC Calliope rap battle but the language barrier...
Maybe it would be cool if it was a JP vs EN rap

>> No.8150418

She's really not, her songs are barely a step above SPARKS
If I want vtuber rap I'd watch harusaruhi or kmnz.

>> No.8150442

I'm going to laugh my ass off when EN2 debuts and at least 4 of them have irys level personality and streaming charisma. No wonder holo fans are so defensive right now

>> No.8150467

Your personal bias isn't gospel truth, anon. Actual rappers have complimented her lyrics, including, believe it or not, RZA.

>> No.8150481

>so talented she made gacha
Literallt every pixiv artist does bro.
She's a good artist, but she's at the level of any good artist you'd find on pixiv.

>> No.8150563

Nigga, actual artists have complimented my art as well and i draw like a paralyzed dodo bird.

Lip service is cheap. You only pretend she's good because she's in hololive. Just like you pretend her streams aren't God awfully boring to the extent I wish I was still religious and spending that time in catholic sermons.

>> No.8150575

What fucking board am I on when people unironically compliment Mori? Go. The fuck. Back. You fucking. TOURISTS.

>> No.8150588

She's the most talented artist in Hololive and Nijisanji is the debate anons are having. Show a Holo or Niji who's better.

>> No.8150607

Once again, personal bias = reality. Calli has success. Neither you nor your preferred chuuba do. That's a textbook example of "haters gonna hate".

>> No.8150639

>She's better
>no she's not
>w-well that's just your opinion so I'm right and you're wrong
Fucking brain damaged holobronies.

>> No.8150669

Yeah big fucking deal she's the bob ross of vtubing. If that's your talent flagship it's not saying much

>> No.8150686

>show proof of success
>th-that doesn't count because lol memespeak

Not a good look Nijinig.

>> No.8150692

HoloEN never really "grew" though. Their numbers never really matched what they were getting on debuts, despite their sub count going up their viewer count just drops a bit at a time every month.
NijiEN have yet to match their debut numbers either but their numbers improve over time at least. They have much fewer limitations from management and use this to their advantage to target fans that HoloEN alienated by being overly restrictive like Finana being a degenerate pervert, or Selen being free to talk candidly about how garbage the Apex community and developers are, or interacting and collabing with VShojo to bring in new viewers from Twitch, as much as I dislike those whores myself. Comparing the two is valid and criticizing vtubers on what they can do better or learn from the competition is better feedback than just blindly supporting anything they do as they slowly decline.
You can already see this in action as HoloEN were inspired by NijiEN's unity and constant guerilla collabs into having guerilla collabs of their own in recent weeks. Hell their management even let Mori collab with more indie vtubers like MilkyQueen now when previously she was lamenting how paralyzed she felt over management denying all her collab requests. Clearly it's working and we should do more to point out the superior management style of NijiEN and superior company accountability regarding supporting talents. Nobody in Nijisanji has ever had to spend 8 months hiding their model because an incompetent rigger messed up their chest size. Their in-house riggers would have something like that sorted out within days if the talent was unhappy with their model.

>> No.8150703

I like this flower a whole lot!

>> No.8150719

What does it really provide though? Drawing streamers are a dime a dozen in the indie realm. Her being a good artist is just a trait she can wave in the air in terms of actual content what does it give hololive?
She's not drawing them a manga or anything to bring attention. She's not doing art tutorial streams to teach people draws. She periodically draws a generic drawing on stream but the end result is just her silently drawing for 3 hours and then posting fanart which hololive already has thousands of.

Ina being a good artist is cool, but as a streamer it's irrelevant because she sucks at streaming still.

>> No.8150761

>she's good because numbers
Yeah. Brain damaged holobronies.

>> No.8150775


>> No.8150789

>she's bad because... uh...

I can do this all day nijinig.

>> No.8150791

>durr Irys better than Pomu cause bigger sub count
the utter state of this shit board

>> No.8150814

It honestly seems disingenuous to me. Cover cares more about having free artists and producers rather than having good streamers.

>> No.8150832

Ina is a good streamer though.

>> No.8150848

I do not even watch Ina or Hololive I'm just pointing out that's what the topic was about, god damn. I prefer shitty artists doing art streams anyway rather than talented artists, or else I'd watch a speedpaint not a live drawing stream.

>> No.8150859

She actually does make an effort to teach people techniques when doing drawing streams, it's just the average viewer is so far removed from art that it goes right over their heads.
I don't disagree that Cover is wasting her talents by not letting her work on HoloAlt comics or using her art for promotional content but maybe it's her own choice to have more free time since she already has commitments.

>> No.8150867

Considering every nijiEN memeber was a former indie,I'm sure they already know that comparing yourself to those more popular is the quickest way to drain the fun out of anything

>> No.8150874

Brand name is good! Support brand name! Consume, brand name loves you! Other brand bad! Consume good brand instead!

>> No.8150875

Numbers are the only tangible indicator of improvement and success. Holy shit touch grass and get a job.

>> No.8150887

Sure, she's not the worst, but they rejected someone who was better suited for the job just so they can flex.

>> No.8150905

>HoloCHADs mogging Nijitrannies
How can they sleep at night? If I were them I'd dilate then kill myself

>> No.8150907

Why do people do this?

>> No.8150919

All I ever really think with this bait is that all 6 of them are former 2views that now have a wider viewerbase and more support than they could have dreamed of beforehand. I'd personally be pretty satisfied with that.

>> No.8150930

Yes, the 100k Hakos got before she even debuted was surely a sign of improvement at... sorry, what did she improve at again?

>> No.8150934

They ran out of dicks to suck.

>> No.8150954

>Nijichads mogging holotrannies
How can they sleep at night? If I were them I'd dilate then kill myself

>> No.8150959

kek imagine being so btfo all you can do is make schizo threads mocking the other person for being right.

>> No.8150971

tribalfaggotry is so funny, entertain me more monkeys.

>> No.8151007

Not that CHAD but how did Nijitrannies mog the HoloCHADs?

>> No.8151010

Hilarious Holo still hiding behind their precious numbers in the wake on the EN2 subscriber bot scandal from earlier today

>> No.8151011

>she gives tips
Maybe but beyond going over people's head she's not good at streaming it so nobody sticks around for the points she does it. I turn her on for a few minutes periodically and it's always the same Ina just sitting there silently doing minecraft/drawing/whatever.

They should have hired her as a promotional illustrator and not a streamer.
And honestly that's the story of basically all the holoENs. They got hired for [reasons] but their streams are a chore to watch.

>> No.8151045

Seethe nijiniggers
Hololive board btw
don't like it? go back to r3ddit

>> No.8151060

i dont know and i dont care. i just post that to get some (you)s

>> No.8151088

I honestly like the design as it is, the issue is Redjuice fucked up and didn't design it with L2D in mind, it looks so gross when it moves in L2D.

>> No.8151092

>I-I dont know sir
Have another upvote Nijicunt

>> No.8151102

I love you Pamu!!!

>> No.8151108

>becoming pretty pathetic
>makes the same Niji post every whining about What’s going on with Nijisanji
Holos are something man. Imagine making posts like these then whining when someone talked about your ugly Vtuber.

>> No.8151123

We all know everyone shitposting using Gura is not a chumbud but a falseflagger. If you wanna see nice chumbuds you can find them easily.

>> No.8151131

Maybe of success but not skill or talent.
Success is just about how many people you con into thinking you're good. Unless you unironically think that Friday is a better song than all of hololive songs too because it has bigger numbers

>> No.8151139

One of these days I'll finally stop being a retard and start filtering stupid tribalfagging posts
This is just pathetic to watch. Both Holos and Nijis

>> No.8151141

So Kazuha is more talented than Irys? I guess that’s common knowledge tho. Definitely a better singer.

>> No.8151154

Niji’s lost a few thousand subs but not almost half of their subs like EN2. Enjoy your bots and dead subs holobrony aka faggot.

>> No.8151162

Nijitrannies status: seething

>> No.8151167
File: 91 KB, 339x231, apexogey.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thanks for the (you)s, and seethe more btw

>> No.8151184

I actually like Ina as a streamer but she hard nerfs herself. Her past self is too deeply connected with her interests that she avoids talking about them.

>> No.8151192

>None of them are interesting
Is that why HoloEN has so many awkward and stale interactions after almost a year because they’re interesting?

>> No.8151194

weird, the only black vtuber is in holoEN 2. not nijiEN.
>she's brown!
no, Flare is brown.

>> No.8151195

Why are you fags so obsessed with numbers?

>> No.8151200

You seem desperate for (you)s?
Have another one but dont kill yourself ok? its tough fighting us HoloCHADs

>> No.8151238

of course they only lose few thousand subs because they only get few subs in the first place not even beating ankimo ch

>> No.8151248

Different friend groups.
Hololive is the only thing that keeps them together.

>> No.8151256

>pathetic to watch
this is like a zoo with retarded people i kinda like to check some threads

>> No.8151290

I like how everything you named has nothing to do with talent except art. And apparently rap is the only genre of music that exists.

>> No.8151300

I just find it funny how PRISM is more talented than HoloEN is.

>> No.8151315


>> No.8151316

You being that colossally wrong is pretty funny, I agree.

>> No.8151339

I just find it funny how NijiEN is more talented than HoloEN is.

>> No.8151379

Being more entertaining than HoloEN isn’t hard you just actually have to have a personally and not be boring as shit.

>> No.8151504

HoloEN has good talent but they're nerfed by the way they're managed. If it's not their handlers constantly hovering over them it's upper management trying to stranglehold their projects because japanese people are fucking retards that hate the western market even when they're trying to be successful there.

>> No.8151526

Keep up the cope and remember to let nijisanji continue living rent free in your head. Faggot.

>> No.8151553

If they are successful and people like it why don't you just let them be? I don't know why you keep parroting that your brand of degeneracy is better than the other brand of degeneracy. If you're beaten just go cry in the corner of your room okay?

>> No.8151600

HoloJP is fantastic. I agree with you that HoloEN is lackluster thus for English I watch NijiEN and the smaller companies. Ina is good when she does art but otherwise I don't keep up with her.

>> No.8151610
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>43 Posters

>> No.8151663

I feel the same, I kinda enjoy laughing at the monkeys flinging shit at each other, while I watch from my superior position outside the cage

>> No.8151896

We already have a numbers thread, we don't need another.

>> No.8151915

>SEA third worlders shitting on other people for being in a certain company
just remember it's some poor faggot named jose making all these posts.

>> No.8152020

tribalfags really are the most pathetic posters on this board

>> No.8152252
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I don't hate anyone, except Zentreya. I like vtubers from Niji, Holo, Vshoujo, VOM, and indies. I want them all to be successful and happy

>> No.8153381

except Zentreya.

>> No.8153398


>> No.8154158

but nijiEN has no niggers, holoEN 2 has one.

>> No.8154286

I love Pomu!

>> No.8156254

Yo, don't insult my man Jose like that, he likes both Niji and Holo

>> No.8156511

Pomu was more popular as an indie and that is sad.

>> No.8156573

But that's a lie. Go ahead and compare their subscriber counts.

>> No.8156673

I'm not a numbersfag. Fanart is the real metric and Pomu is losing harder than you lost the game.

>> No.8156860

>bragging that you have more dead subs from normies and BRANDNAME
Meanwhile ill continue to enjoy pure kino

>> No.8156875


>> No.8157269

they're all just larping any way, trying to recreate the 'epic' moments they read on /jp/ last year

>> No.8160270

based unityfag, me too, except I'm more like "i only watch 1 stream a day from both and none of you can stop me"

>> No.8160361

No, she was not. If anything she was gatekept

>> No.8160681

It's as demoralizing as you let it be, especially considering how recent of an upgrade it is for their lives to be able to make a partial or whole living off of playing games. There's plenty of positive stuff to focus on is what I mean.

>> No.8160854


>> No.8161570

Not him but yes, FUCK that TTS tranny. Seriously feel like I’ve stepped into the Twilight Zone when he shows up in a collab and other chuubas act like putting up with his tts bullshit is normal.

>> No.8161720

He's right though, turbo nigger. You're not gonna lose as many followers if you didn't have that many to begin with. Cope harder

>> No.8161768


It's been proven that Zentreya is female IRL

>> No.8161902


i honestly don't care what zen is irl, that tts is obnoxious as fuck

>> No.8162024

I'm an unironic saviorfag so I don't care. I'll still support indies and smaller tubers.

>> No.8162096

Joke on you. If you dig enough you'll know one of niji roommates work as painter, another one have 8 active vtuber children, there also someone who can make 3D model+unity programer at the same time, have film making skills esp in food & culinary area, etc.
Don't make me list their music skills, there will be instrument player, music composer, audio mixer, or song writer almost in every branch.
Rather than just writing lyrics like Mori, I prefer behind the scene skills like noel mixing skills, old ASMR vtuber usually great at audio engineering (heck Patra even can remix & rearrange song)

>> No.8162620

Eh, Nijifags always say that number isn't everything but they never say how Niji is better than Hololive, they're just a bunch of hipsters that hate popular things and they 'like' Nijisanji just to have reason to spite Hololive by being tribalfag.

>> No.8162685

Rosemi is the lowest with subs retards.

>> No.8162715

Sumire isn't part of Nijisanji you fucking retard. She's from vspo.

>> No.8162743

> He
> none of them are interesting
So clear how you don't know anyhthing

>> No.8162793

Hate to break it to you, Nijisanji don't invest on their low tier Vtubers

>> No.8162824

Shibuya Hajime is invited to a 3D live. That alone should tell you they care about underperformers. Petra gets 10x his viewers.

>> No.8162885

Eh, if you're just generalizing fanbase based on retarded remarks then even Holofags can be generalized into bandwagoner who like things who are popular and when told why Hololive is better than anything on the market they fall back into big numbers.

>> No.8163102


nijisanji streamer did a collab with someone hololives can't even fucking mention lmao. nobody working for cover has any real freedom.

>> No.8163201

Who? Hikakin?
Kizuna Ai?
Popular Smash plaher Abadango?
A random Japanese man living in India streaming for a retarded cat?

>> No.8163252
File: 293 KB, 428x360, chewing anzu.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Explain to me why you guys are shilling for a corporation without receiving any monetary compensation

>> No.8163262

>Patra even can remix & rearrange song
Patra was a famous indie music artist, unlike the hololive "rapper" that only popular after joined hololive, learn the difference

>> No.8163358

Is that why many of them got 3D and costumes?

>> No.8163381

Melody you fucking imbecile

>> No.8163400
File: 1.23 MB, 242x234, 1628617004891.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Better at getting games faster with either locking down permissions or having the stream demonitized just to play a game they'd enjoy. Sure certain developers are still a bitch, but it allows them more freedom in game selection. Selen has really been showing this with having a few streams with tips off.

Though in the end we don't know what their managers are like for either company so at best we can speculate. All we've heard are stories from Holos is how management is more like Dr. No with stream or skit ideas they'd want to do to the point that it demotivates them.

>> No.8163438

Oh I don't watch Vshoujo.

>> No.8163630
File: 153 KB, 900x675, here i brought a ladder.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How's the view up there, nijifags?

>> No.8163720
File: 423 KB, 830x1000, pomu 2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

rent freet

>> No.8163867

I'm sure that Finana is literally clawing her skin right now, the others are real Nijis, so it's ok

>> No.8164286

Number of Koshien won by Pomu: 1
Number of Koshien won by the entire Hololive: 0

>> No.8166226

No one said hololive only has numbers but that's the only argument you guys always make.

>> No.8166475

Lmao Pomu completely stole your Walfie's heart.

>> No.8166996

Stop comparing HoloEN to 2views, at the rate Rosemi and Petra are reclining they're going to be sub 1k viewers in less than a month. Selen's going to take the apex pill because her genmates are deadweight and nijien's numbers are something she's actively worried about.

>> No.8167187

Remember when IRyS was supposed to kill NijiEN

>> No.8171402

They're going to make non-Niji all star teams and I'm sure as hell Hololive will be in those teams and they'll shit all over Nijisanji in Nijisanji event.
They fucked up her face pretty badly so...

>> No.8172186

because in other places nobody is obsessed enough to constantly talk about a shit design, they see its shit and then stop watching.

>> No.8172274

>Rosemi returns to small viewership so I can get noticed more by my one true love
>Selen streams more Apex and other shooters
>Petra becomes de facto NijiJP so we get more cunny art and don't have to worry about her streams
I fail to see the issue here, if anything this is the ideal scenario.

>> No.8173321
File: 108 KB, 1080x1080, 1628884836385.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The comparison is always stupid because:
1) Nijisanji isn't popular in the West
2) They released NijiEN too late, didn't catch any of the 2020 clipfag audience
3) They still have room to grow and incline their viewership, unlike holoEN who plateaued around last year and is now reclining

Also, I wouldn't use holocouncil to brag, since it already seems like they won't be anywhere near as popular as holomyth or even IRyS.

>> No.8173482

Nah Maimoto is making his team and there's no Holos. Maybe Subaru shouldn't have ghosted him.

>> No.8173591
File: 157 KB, 634x781, obsessed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this entire thread

>> No.8173665

>1) Nijisanji isn't popular in the West
Niji isn't popular anywhere
>2) They released NijiEN too late, didn't catch any of the 2020 clipfag audience
>3) They still have room to grow and incline their viewership, unlike holoEN who plateaued around last year and is now reclining
Doubt. Niji might lose all their fans to HoloEN or maybe they'll sabotage themselves with male vtubers. Anything can happen.
Also, HoloEN is doing fine, and all of the new additions might become as big as Gura.

>> No.8173714

If you change it to seconds, the counter might actually move from 0.

>> No.8173863

>Maybe Subaru shouldn't have ghosted him.
she didn't. maimoto is just busy

>> No.8174239

why are you replying to yourself

>> No.8174290
File: 965 KB, 3001x2970, 480a74dc729615b6d5d08f583389ec14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck off divisioncuck
Unity love!

>> No.8174684
File: 89 KB, 653x289, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

While holobronies are shitposting and falseflagging as concernfags, a holoEN with over 1m subs and a holoJP with 791k is getting less viewers than NijiEN. Seems like all hololive has are dead subs.

>> No.8174935
File: 111 KB, 761x302, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not to mention this Indog with 462k and the reddit saviorfag bait with 557k. Go worry about your own vtubers with dead subs. NijiEN is absolutely fine.

>> No.8175099

10k view for EN is your standard when Gura barely scrapes past that point with 3 million subs?

>> No.8175195

>what is superchat reading
No one's gonna take your bait bro.

>> No.8175211

It's all they have since they realized they sunk so much time into five girls who were turned soulless, miserable husks after a year of Hololive's classic Japanese management

>> No.8175218
File: 182 KB, 400x400, fubuki copium.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I checked all of those streams and none of them are doing sc reading lmao. Cope.

>> No.8175281

guess you missed choco streaming apex to 600 viewers an hour ago despite having 700k subs

>> No.8175572
File: 330 KB, 650x650, yeathatshololive.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

can someone explain to me why Nijisanji streaming to 1-2k people with 100k subs is worse than Kiara or Mori and Ame getting 5k despite over 1mln subs? If anything, that shows their "fanbase" doesn't give a shit and just clicked that button following the hype. Also reminder that since the Council announcement "Holonigger" is an acceptable term.

>> No.8175664

Why do you retards descend into tribalism so easily?
You should descend into tribadism like your chuubas.

>> No.8175868

It's the same baiting retards that do TIKTOK posts on the global thread, and the same that kept trying to push tribalism from ID vs EN, that all got close but failed to even touch the EN chicken, that still seems to be some sort of goal for the sake of shitposting.

Putting your best against their worst and still barely getting anywhere close to them doesn't really make your corporate brand look better than the other. It's not Hololive or Nijisanji fans here, just a bunch of retards baiting each other because they're bored. If it was the case they would be comparing the vtubers that are the top, not the ones that are the least popular of their gen in particular.

>> No.8176143

You could say the exact same thing about many livers in the very same company. Being tribalistic cunts, whilst ignoring the popularity disparity in the company you for some reason feel the need to suck off, is retarded.

>> No.8176217

It's criminal since Reine has better design and overall more pleasant to watch than all HoloEN not to mention she has content variety

>> No.8176323

A sensible comment? In this thread?

>> No.8176378

Oh because she wanted to be part of hololive but these girls got the job instead. Funny.

>> No.8176424

"indonesian" debuff is a real shame. They're EN in all but name at this point (except anya who has successfully become Japanese)

>> No.8176591

pretty sure they already know that whatever gen debuts rn in holo (en, jp, possibly id) would have an easier time gaining subs than them. i guess a better way to look at this for niji en is that at least, they're getting subs from those who actually likes their content (more loyalty) than those who sub a vtuber that hasn't even debuted yet

>> No.8176664

Why? They were more successful than HoloEN2 in their previous lives. HoloEN2 are 2 2views, one no expirience, one meme, and one artist. NijiEN are all heavy hitters with solid performances, HoloEN2 are fucking randoms.

>> No.8176718

>thousands of people complaining they got forcibly unsubbed from Irys' channel when she was announced
Youtube's deletion algorithm is wack, just like twitter's, which also restricted their accounts because it thought they were getting subbotted

>> No.8176720
File: 146 KB, 645x937, gobots-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Can you imagine what someone in Nijisanji feels like
Probably something similar to how gobots felt in 1985.

>> No.8176882

Okay, but they don't have a billions subs for doing absolutely nothing before even debuting, therefore they're a failure. Isn't that how it works?

>> No.8176924
File: 36 KB, 333x274, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Matsuri with 1.1 MILLION subs getting the same amount of viewers as Elira does for her Karaokes. Where are your viewers, hobronies? Why don't they show up for streams? They just click "sub" and never bother with the streamer again?

>> No.8176948

I like sucking corporate dick.
Yagoo please give me your cock

>> No.8177018

A majority of those subs are EOPs who saw a funny clip and subbed to her, but won’t actually watch her.

>> No.8177189

Do why is a channel 1.1M subs with 3.8k viewers better than a channel with 150k subs with 3.8k viewers?
Stop inhaling copium and face the reality, it sucks that Elira's fanbase is so small but Matsuri is in a way better position than her by being in Hololive and having more subs.

>> No.8177194

It's more like she's been bleeding viewers for a long while due to how she has alienated so many people. I'm not sure why you're standoffish.

>> No.8177262

Matsuri gets 4-5 times the VOD views as Elira. I'm not sure holding the best NijiEN can do against the burning tire fire that is Matsuri proves other than how bad Matsuri has fallen.

>> No.8177356

This example is as pathethic as trying to brag about Koshien numbers, please do better

>> No.8177531

NijiEN has had good growth. The first set had debut numbers of 12k-14k, the second got 18k. I'm not sure how HoloEN2 will do but considering their past lives I don't think it will be proportional to their sub lead. If they get 300k subs before debut they would need 150k live views to match up.

>> No.8177537

That's literally the majority of the global subs to the JP girls.

Anyway, one thing I've got to give to NijiEN; it doesn't feel like they were shoved into this pocket dimension away from the other branches, so it's not incredibly awkward when they collab with other branches. Although, at least Ina seems to have basic social skills with the other branches. I also feel like HoloEN are so large that the JP girls place them on a pedestal that makes it even harder for them to not act like socially awkward messes. Copium or whatever, I'd say that's an advantage of not literally exploding in popularity from the get go.

>> No.8177763
File: 209 KB, 1744x1150, behold retard, I am armed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not going to pretend Niji is objectively better in some way, because in the end the deciding factor is mostly the girls themselves. You can have the best management on earth, and it still won't make a boring girl interesting.

However the idea that Nijisanji is inherently worse than Holo is retarded and unfounded. I'm not a hipster or an anti holo-tribal fag. It just happens that Selen and Pomu, two girls who I like very much, happen to be Nijis.

>> No.8178023

>If they get 300k subs before debut they would need 150k live views to match up
Sounds like cope to make Niji looks better because of their low subs. Maimoto has 300k subs and 30k average viewers, is he better than any top Hologirls? The answer is no.

>> No.8178047

>is he better than any top Hologirls?
The answer is yes

>> No.8178124

All the seething replies roflmao

>> No.8178159

Uh, sorry, I meant better as in more famous and successful, not vague concept like more entertaining.

>> No.8178178
File: 162 KB, 1024x1024, 1598903531081.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kiara trash, Mori trash
Gura good singer but trash streamer.
Ame good, Ina good.

Petra trash
Rosemi, Finana ogey
Pomu good, Elira good, Selen good

Yura, Nia, Iku, Meno are trash.
Aoi and Rita are good singers but okay streamers at best.
Luto ogey, Shiki good, Pina good.

Lia trash
Uruka good singer but trash streamer.
Pippa good, Tenma good

Orla trash, Meru trash, Kallin trash, Gen0 trash
Hanabi ogey
Miori good singer, ogey streamer.
Yuuna good

I will shit on people I hate and praise people I like regardless of the shitty company they are in.

>> No.8178286

>Maimoto has 300k subs and 30k average viewers,
>30k average viewers
In what universe? He gets a median of about 4k. Don't outright lie.

>> No.8178338


>> No.8178699

That's pretty fucked up. You can only belong in one tribe and you're betraying your tribe if you watch and enjoy vtubers from other tribe.

>> No.8178718

Niji has a pretty wide selection of english speaking talents outside the English branch. I don't think anyone in HoloJP can speak english at more than a very basic level which just leaves the ID branch, and Cover treats ID like a fucking island.

>> No.8178762

>mori trash
>ame good

>> No.8179022

>TheY aRE DoiNg FIne bY niJI STandArds

>> No.8179132

I haven't really watched any Prism or Phase but your tastes in the other groups seem good so maybe I'll check out the ones you like.

>> No.8179509

They literally are. If y'all wanna know what an actual flop is, look at the JP branch and the second most recent group, Selejo and then compare it to the recent group Eden Gumi.

>> No.8179664
File: 406 KB, 802x600, 1628446152288.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pomu is the ultimate numberfag: superchat earnings. She's actually a very good manipulator and knows how to exploit her gachikoi. She is literally EN Rushia.

>> No.8180399

>didn't have the benefit of being "first"
So you mean they had the benefit of finding an audience that was aware of vtubers and was willing to watch them since Hololive did the job for them?
>or a huge fanbase of clipfags before they debuted an EN gen.
Whose fault is that? Maybe if Nijichubas tried to appeal their non-JP audience, or if you nijifags supported them better by making clips then they would be doing better

>> No.8180524

Nah, the fans just need to spam unfunny memes every waking hour, and then Niji will shoot to the top.

>> No.8181952

>petra trash
not based, but true

>> No.8184372

again, missing the point. hololive has more members and puts out more content than niji. you're supposed to be watching a stream/VOD at all times if you love hololive enough to be making threads shitting on niji.

>> No.8184473

Why enter a conversation if you're only going to spout a bunch of bullshit in bad faith? You're not interested in an actual discussion.

>> No.8185023

>Rhombus Gura
what r u talking about? Pomu will overcome Takoshit in superchats

>> No.8185383
File: 12 KB, 240x240, 1625644878886.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Time zones matter. ID time is most comfortable for Australians, no one in North America. Can't say about Europe since I'm not going to look at the time difference in that perspective.

>> No.8185429

Take that back you dum fug.

>> No.8185750

Two words: Seven months.
In exactly 7 months, HoloEN will be completely overshadowed by NijiEN and nobody will care anymore about Holo in general.
Mark my words, and screen this post. Then, when 20 of March will come upon us, post this screenshot, so everyone would witness The True Prophecy.

>> No.8186066

but it will save her from being irrelevant as fuck

>> No.8186088

Except she is also a hard worker.
Compare her song endurance stream with Rushia's.

>> No.8186624

Who fucking cares about EN anyway.

>> No.8186715

That won't happen, but NijiEN did have surprising growth considering all the other companies that aren't Holo are struggling to get to 50k, or even 10k subs.

>> No.8187549
File: 140 KB, 1189x826, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's PRISM Shiki with almost 70k, but her viewership is very underwhelming in comparison. Subs aren't everything considering NijiEN is above some holos with a lot more subs in viewership and superchats.

>> No.8187944
File: 324 KB, 927x1158, 1538985544875.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone knows what happened to Selen's recent guerilla stream? Did she unlist it or something?

>> No.8188206

>what is bait
Thanks for the (you) btw

>J RAT 0

>> No.8188231
File: 507 KB, 520x516, 1627517876267.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Was it the just chatting stream? That was going to be unarchived. Unless there is another one I don't know of.

>> No.8188258

>Even t-chan criticized the company for how dirty they did Anya

>> No.8188398

Fuck, did anyone download it by any chance????

>> No.8188435

Ask in the NijiEN thread, they went ahead and archived it.

>> No.8188632

You should watch her drawing streams. Even i who watches her drawing streams rarely knows that she talks about her techniques but not all the time since its not a tutorial

>> No.8188874

>Finana getting filtered by Raiden
I expected this and I'm still amused.

>> No.8189902

Yeah and there's someone in Nijisanji who can make a 3D piano from scratch and have it fully animated while she plays on the piano. My point isn't that Nijisanji doesn't have unique talent or that stupid "quantity over quality" meme that Holofags keep pushing, it's that Hololive has some talents with skills that can't be found in Nijisanji and they're not just a beeg numbers company.

>> No.8189935

They're probably thinking "streaming as a nijisanji liver is really fun!"

>> No.8191099

I wouldn't be so sure.
Sure, Finana's the prime Holoreject of the group, but she's also so lewd so that she makes Marine look tame. Would she really enjoy being in Seisolive and having to sanitize herself as hard as they do?

>> No.8191402

based and good taste

tribalfags need to fuck off

>> No.8191500

Jesus... Japan sure does love baseball

>> No.8191660

>ID time is most comfortable for Australians, no one in North America
It's just kinda shitty for them. they're basically opposite of the U.S. so morning streams can work, but that bumps up against US primetime, and if they do their evenings they are against JP primetime.

>> No.8191697

Vshojo lite

>> No.8191732


>> No.8191859

I really enjoyed pippa and tenma, dunno about other phases

>> No.8192034

One is generic the other is soul

>> No.8192098

Should also add VOMS. Pikamee might as well be half-EN

>> No.8192204

Irys proved that Holobronies are nothing but mindless brand NPC. The model look exactly like La creatura meme and Holobronies still like it.

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