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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

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holy fuck why is rosemi so based

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>I love chinese music

>> No.8147942

>watch Pomu's stream
>have fun

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Elira LOVE

>> No.8147968

Pomu returned from hiatus and now she screams like a car...
Pomu Love!

>> No.8147969

I LOVE POMU!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.8147972

O, Rosemi! My Rosemi!

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It's an emotional game, so it's just not for everyone. And I'm not saying it's sad or anything it's just that it's one of those games that tries to be about about emotions and whatnot. Pure trash if you ask me but hey, there are those who like it.

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You mean something like Undertale or Spec Ops?

>> No.8148034

A singing voice so beautiful it shocks listeners like lightning, beauty so bewitching, even my nihilistic heart finds itself enraptured!
I feel an extreme exhilaration to her cute giggles and radiant smile!
I am in total disbelief that someone like Elira exists, an individual that could only be described as a "pure light".
That’s an honor to be able to witness such a divine being as Elira.
Every time she finishes her streams, I have this lingering excitement inside of my soul...
Ah, what a lovely Dragon who so gracefully entices me to adore her. I have no words to describe the perfection that is Elira.

Eliraaaa!!! I love yoooou! I saaaay, I love yoooou!

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elira love. time to re-watch one of her karaokes

>> No.8148040

Elira no...

>> No.8148042

No fish sex today then

>> No.8148060

Keep posting pictures of my wife.

>> No.8148065

I would say that it's more like Undertale I guess. I get the emotional part on Spec Ops, though I think it doesn't fit what I'm trying to convey. Sorry I can't be more specific.

>> No.8148067

You're close dayo

>> No.8148069

Jesus Pomu...

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>> No.8148075

i can feel the rrats coming...

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For the love of god stop shitposting & do your VOD reps.






[Now Playing]

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This game is really South Park-esque

>> No.8148098


>> No.8148111

My new wallpaper

>> No.8148124

Why are people saying this is a buff game? I'm pretty sure she gets above 2k on average.

>> No.8148127

Fairy is pettan...

>> No.8148140

Stream SPARKS!


>> No.8148142

closer to her heart

>> No.8148144

I think numberfagging should be a bannable offence

>> No.8148146

Because people need to take meds. She's not inclining at all. She has her usual amount of viewers.

>> No.8148147

I love this cute sweaty dragon!

>> No.8148159

It is a debuff. Apex is a buff game

>> No.8148162

It's a debuff game anon

>> No.8148165

She only gets 2k+ on special streams and sometimes minecraft.

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>> No.8148185

because +2k has been a lot for nijien unless you're Selen/Elira. Pomu just legitimately grew, 2000 might be her new normal.

>> No.8148188

Me too anon, me too.

>> No.8148190

She is inclining anon

>> No.8148192

Hooohhh mama the thighs on this one. Dayum son.

>> No.8148200

RIP Pomu's boobs

>> No.8148204

I wanna shove my head between those legs...

>> No.8148216

>Filtering a couple of posts and their replies hides half the thread

>> No.8148217

ok i will

>> No.8148228

This is part of why I find vtubers and fans needlessly and arbitrarily adopting Japanese terms as the norm when they don't need to bizarre and dumb.

>> No.8148231

JESAS I want those thighs wrapped around my head

>> No.8148241

what are you doing, brapfish

>> No.8148244

Birds are such little shits

>> No.8148252

Did the break make more people appreciate Pomu? Maybe that is why she is inclining.

>> No.8148273

we wanna be Japanese tho

>> No.8148276

I think I'm that bird guys...

>> No.8148280

Love Pomu
Simple as

>> No.8148283

Actually, after reading about Spec Ops on Wikipedia to remind me of the plot, yeah it's a bit like it and Undertale. Denying a hurtful past through coping mechanisms and whatnot as well as unhealthy relationships. I'd say it relies heavily on the depression part of the emotional games spectrum. But that's just my perception. You might like it.

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>> No.8148291

Kiara told all her fans to go watch Pomu when she returned

>> No.8148296

The song is almost good. I feel like it could become good with some changes. It's really a shame.

>> No.8148308

Pikamee nostalgia

>> No.8148313

I think Pomu is a really good kisser and enjoys it more than actual intercourse.

>> No.8148318

It also helps a lot that these are absolute dead hours for HoloEN.

>> No.8148329

Minecraft VR was just over 2k and that is traditionally Pomu's strongest game so maybe this game is higher so maybe it really is a buff game?

>> No.8148333

Really? Kiara is based as expected.

>> No.8148339

So that's why the thread went to shit

>> No.8148353

wtf i thought she said she wasn't canadian???

>> No.8148354

Really? That's cute

>> No.8148363

this game that pomu is playing is hilarious

>> No.8148374

Holy shit, I love Kiara now. Unironically beat girl in HoloEN gen 1

>> No.8148375

I already loved pomu but I'm not watching. I don't like this game.

>> No.8148382

did Pomu ever play Bastion or Transistor

>> No.8148384

Yeah man, and she totally has "roomates" and doesn't live with her parents.

>> No.8148389

Elira the Lie Dragon

>> No.8148401

>Watching chuubas for games

>> No.8148404

my chicken loves the Fairy

>> No.8148407

Elira LIED people DIED

>> No.8148415

>be in leafland
>watch 2+ streams at once while torrenting games
>zero connection issues
is Elira just on a potato service plan or what?

>> No.8148417

kek its funny how hard she tries to push that narrative.

>> No.8148426


Nice. I wonder if she knows.

>> No.8148435

Fuck off with your holoshit from here you piece of shit.grjan

>> No.8148442

I've been laughing the whole stream. People filtered by the cover are missing out.

>> No.8148444

It's not about bandwidth. The big service providers in toronto just have constant technical issues because the infrastructure is old and overloaded and they can't be fucked to fix anything.

>> No.8148449

True corporate unity is happening before our very eyes

>> No.8148456

fuck you, your ugly vtuber, and her terrible music.

>> No.8148459

Never watched the chicken but if Pomu likes her I like her

>> No.8148466

I just dislike this game that much. I watched several hours of her sing God Knows and even forced it on my brother.

>> No.8148496

We need an Elira lie list
>i've never used Twitch!
>Pekora who?
>I'm not Canadian (despite SC in CA currency)

>> No.8148518

I do this as well and I don't even stream. It's fun to mix the truth with lies and see if people can figure shit out.

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>> No.8148536

>> No.8148537


>> No.8148552

Pomu says you're posting too many numbers.

>> No.8148554

Elira more like E-LIE-RAH lmao.

>> No.8148556

I hope they get to collab, for both of them sake's since they don't have anyone else in their respective companies to sperg about idols.

>> No.8148570

She has outright said she is Candian on multiple occasions and doesn't even try hide it though. The only time she said the opposite is when she attempted to wedge it into her lore and say she just lives there but she obviously can't actually be Candian because she is a Dragon from the sky.

>> No.8148576

I love this sweet horny mermaid!

Elira Feet: https://mega.nz/folder/FB10mIyL#6zFjd_qpGiaQJQ7q1VRMpQ

>> No.8148585

I think she's doing it as a vague attempt at opsec, but if I was in her position I would absolutely lie about things for no reason. Just blatantly contradict myself within minutes and refuse to acknowledge it.

>> No.8148586

Damn I thought I could catch some of feesh after aew but she's just ending...

>> No.8148588

Remember when Pomu played Doom?

>> No.8148598

Wrong poster, but I agree. Kiara x Pomu will be a great collab.

>> No.8148606

Absolutely. I'd love to just see people go full schizo over meaningless shit that I've said.

>> No.8148608

She's kinda bad at lying.
her internet problems are an excuse to not stream

>> No.8148618

Two kisses...

>> No.8148628

Elira has shared so much personal information you could find her specific neighbourhood, which makes the "I-i'm not canadian teehee" posturing kinda funny.

>> No.8148636

Finana kissed me! Later virgins

>> No.8148638

>around 1600 viewers
>no SCs
I couldn't watch the whole stream, did something happen?

>> No.8148639

Heh, my fish daughterwife just kissed me... Twice.
Later, losers.

>> No.8148645


>> No.8148653

I think that was the first NijiEN stream I ever watched... Pomu did a good job winning me over as a former strictly holofag though.

>> No.8148657

fuck off

>> No.8148664

Send elira more superchats so she can upgrade from her 56k modem...

>> No.8148666


HItman streams don't allow SC or streamlabs

>> No.8148680

yeah after she kissed me on the mouth.
hope you like my spit on your cheek loser

>> No.8148686

Oh shit. That sucks. Thanks.

>> No.8148690

Elira pretended to have internet issues today so that she could watch Pomu. She truly is the perfect wife.

>> No.8148696

Last time she had internet problems it was on her ISP's outage map. I've suffered the internet in this city long enough not to question when someone's getting shafted by it.

>> No.8148701

TL Note: "Fairy" is a common slang term for a homosexual

>> No.8148707


>> No.8148709

>> No.8148712

Ok I just tuned into Pomu and heard the protag of this game speak and I think I'll be doing my VOD reps instead.

>> No.8148716

God I fucking love NijiEN. I LOVE NIJIEN

>> No.8148722

>ISP issues
>still not free of the Omori menace
for fuck's sakes, just move on to a diff game. it's cursed.

>> No.8148724

xD rofl

>> No.8148728

Man bi women are the best.

>> No.8148733

She's a shut-in who lives with her parents, so there's no chance of her moving either. I don't think she could take care of herself if she were on her own. It would have to be an apartment or something small, not a house like she's in now.

>> No.8148736


>> No.8148742

sooo... are you STILL having problems anon?

>> No.8148753

KEK I love this

>> No.8148755

what the fuck is this game even about

>> No.8148772

based and lovepilled

>> No.8148790

Would you be sad if Pomu died?

>> No.8148792

An abused kid dying or something

>> No.8148795


>> No.8148796

A furry loli wanting to fuck a fox.

>> No.8148798

It's just leddit approved dark humor about a girl in a broken home going out on an adventure.

>> No.8148802

So I got finally got off my lazy ass and got 4chanx since I needed to start filtering some of these faggot images, what do I need to do to get these things to finally play volume?

>> No.8148808


>> No.8148811

Gonna send Benjamin a fucking pizza

>> No.8148817


>> No.8148822

>I don't think she could take care of herself if she were on her own
you can be a shut-in with a "roommate" who's not a family member.

>> No.8148823

It's another script called ligma

>> No.8148824

I work from home and I unironically pay two separate ISPs for different internet plans just so I can swap from one to the other when I have issues while I'm connected to the office.
I go through an outage on one service at least once a day and wouldn't be able to actually work remotely without having a backup like this. Internet in Canada is just a crapshoot.

>> No.8148825

Doubt it, internet problems impacting her streams isn't something new for her.

>> No.8148828

I don't see how someone's internet can be so unreliable.

>> No.8148833

Pomu has seen someone die? What the fuck?

>> No.8148834

>silent yes

>> No.8148835

Why is she like this?

>> No.8148836


>> No.8148837

>completely silent on the seeing someone die question

>> No.8148838

Pomu is almost 3k. How the fuck?

>> No.8148845

google soundpost

>> No.8148849


>> No.8148860

No one else streaming rn

>> No.8148862


>> No.8148870

>i-it was just minecraft guys haha

>> No.8148872

Confirmed Pomu killed someone

>> No.8148873

Toronto voted for Trudeau, kinda finding it hard to express empathy.

>> No.8148876

Pomu sure knows how to play with your heart.

>> No.8148879

Elira is so fucking horny tonight, holy shit. She's going to have steamy discord sex with Pomu straight after this.

>> No.8148881

Is Pomu a sex haver?

>> No.8148888

It's a very entertaining stream. She thrives on things that give her choice and allow her to tell stories. Same happened with The Henry Stickman Collection.

>> No.8148894

Thanks for stating the obvious anon

>> No.8148895

Only hand holding at maid cafe's

>> No.8148906

Hey does it count if you heard someone's last words over the phone but you didn't really watch them die?
Asking for a friend.

>> No.8148911

Depends. Do you think scissoring counts as sex?

>> No.8148913

Pomu only played stickmin to copy Gura like a leech

>> No.8148934


>> No.8148946

>Implying she isn't a strap-on kind of girl

>> No.8148956

She has history of lying, I bet only Petra is Nijifan, all of the other just pretend to watch niji when in reality Pomu doesn't even know who is Kuzuha and his weather deck

>> No.8148958

Does anyone know how close Pomu is to completing this game, I want to go to bed

>> No.8148962

and the lucky fucking feesh gets to mute and listen

>> No.8148972

Unironically yes

>> No.8148976

I've seen two relatives die in hospital. I doubt those count.

>> No.8148978

A singing voice so beautiful it ensnares listeners like ivy, thighs so bewitching, even my nihilistic heart finds itself enraptured!
I feel an extreme exhilaration to her cute windshield wipers and smug smile!
I am in total disbelief that someone like Pomu exists, an individual that could only be described as a "pure light".
That’s an honor to be able to witness such a divine being as Pomu.
Every time she finishes her streams, I have this lingering excitement inside of my soul...
Ah, what a lovely Faerie who so gracefully entices me to adore her. I have no words to describe the perfection that is Pomu.

Pomuuuu!!! I'll save yoooou! I saaaay, I'll save yoooou!

>> No.8148979


>> No.8148987

She has a history of being my cute wife

>> No.8148990

Only with women

>> No.8148993

Omori is a shit game and boring, this is a shit game but watchable cause of Pomu, note the difference.

>> No.8149002

based pomumama

>> No.8149006

Kuzuha's weather deck is a very old meme that only eop clip watchers would care about these days.

>> No.8149010


Are you looking forward to starcraft?

>> No.8149014

Please, would a kind individual drop the Pomu milk jar soundpost?

>> No.8149016

Rent free

>> No.8149018

is this about her father?

>> No.8149022

Pomu...your dad is dead

Just like your viewer base when holoEN2 hits

>> No.8149024

So is the game just actually about Pomu?

>> No.8149028

take your med itiso

>> No.8149029

Why is her face so wide? I don't mean in the pic I mean her model.

>> No.8149030

Rosebuds, I just recently started watching Rosemi I'm still not sure if I wanna get invested in her content yeah that super mario maker stream was pretty fun not gonna lie but looks like an ASMR stream is next... Is this the stream that is going to win me bros?

>> No.8149032

I would watch Pomu play anything...

Except Phasmophobia, that game is so fucking boring. I can't see the appeal at all.

>> No.8149036

I too have whatever opinions /v/ tells me to

>> No.8149053

pomu wants to go into the whore house

>> No.8149057


>> No.8149065

Are you guys sure the game isn't about pomu's childhood?

>> No.8149069

if you into GFE, yeah

>> No.8149070

I mean do you like ASMR?

>> No.8149075

Pomu wants to go in the whore house!

>> No.8149077

I like Phasmo because they usually do it in a group and they are great together.

>> No.8149078

I like Elira a lot but Omori is shit.

>> No.8149083

rosemi is a variety stream, I'm sure she'll win you over one of these days.

>> No.8149089

Duh who doesn't

>> No.8149098

am i the only one who actually dislikes the bald thing?
like its cute when you call her bald without the thorns and rose
but actually bald shiny head isnt that funny

>> No.8149100

every copy of little misfortune is personalized

>> No.8149106

Me :)

>> No.8149117

>implying pomumama would ever neglect her

>> No.8149119

ah yes just like ugly irys did that, right? go back to your thread and talk about your new black vtuber.

>> No.8149125

Yes, especially since she will be playing zerg.

>> No.8149133

If it doesn't then you just gay my nigga

>> No.8149137

She motivated me to play through the campaign without cheats for the first time and I'm fucking stuck on the last Zerg mission. I'm curious to see how she goes beating it all in one go.

>> No.8149146

same here. it's not unique to rosemi though, all vtubers suffer from this meme

>> No.8149159

How do we save Selen?

>> No.8149170


Perhaps people who don't want to see vtubers playing old and busted boomer games

>> No.8149174

>beating it all in one go
Is she counting Brood War there?

>> No.8149187

It's ok to watch the vod

>> No.8149192

Fortuna is a bitch

>> No.8149197


>> No.8149198

How long is this game btw, is it beatable in one stream

>> No.8149202

by let you and ehr care for my dick, now bend over

>> No.8149206

She could have repressed the memories as a way to cope

>> No.8149209

She's a serial rapist.

>> No.8149216

>old and busted
It's remastered, bitch.

>> No.8149217

Was today her first apex stream that didn't break 3k?

>> No.8149222

Nah just the original afaik.

>> No.8149236

Zerg campaign is even easier than the Terran one imo. Mass air with guardians and mutas and you’ll crush the computer.

>> No.8149251

Pomu is sex fairy

>> No.8149274

I tried using mass lings, hydras and mutas and they get fucked. Are guardians that much better?

>> No.8149284

Wackin it with Pomu!

>> No.8149290

Pomu is pettan fairy

>> No.8149298

What happened?

>> No.8149312

I remember being able to win with just mutalisks at supply cap. Pretty sure it would start to lag my Pentium 3.

>> No.8149319

Nothing, some numberfag troll probably.

>> No.8149322

Pomu: "I'm a maid with a gun"


>> No.8149324

She broke down crying on stream and I felt bad for her

>> No.8149328

So pettan = sex

>> No.8149331

saviorfags this time actually

>> No.8149335

Why did Pomu just say "I'm a maid with a gun"?

>> No.8149351


>> No.8149355

Past life reference

>> No.8149358

One of her first few streams she said she'd like a "maid outfit, but with a gun".

>> No.8149369

Guerilla where she talked about some of her insecurities. This is what her member streams are going to be like btw.

>> No.8149374

Who is coping with HoloEN gen 2 losing half of their subs.

>> No.8149390

>This is what her member streams are going to be like btw
good, i love hearing about a girls problems, they make me feel better about my life

>> No.8149397

Member streams are gonna be a lot of crying and developing an unhealthy codependent relationship with her chat, I can't wait

>> No.8149411


What the is this....

>> No.8149427

Don't forget the Winx Club movie watchalong
also watching paint dry together
and maybe Boss Baby, the series.

>> No.8149440

>playing a sWEED game
not even once

>> No.8149442

Same, it's like crack to me

>> No.8149452

I remember, some guy superchatted at least Elira and Pomu with some long messages about how he was "going into the army" and "not to forget about him." This must be that guy.

>> No.8149457

your average vtuber viewer

>> No.8149462

>> No.8149463

Can I get it directly anon?

>> No.8149464

>Winx Club movie watchalong
real shit?

>> No.8149470

Past life aside, Maid with a gun is objectively one of the highest tier forms of character design

>> No.8149476

Finana is sweet.

>> No.8149489

Kill yourself

>> No.8149490

Didn't she say watching a yuri anime brought back "strange memories"? I interpreted that as having sex with her gf.

>> No.8149511

Yeah, fuck saviorfags. Especially when they gaslight people about what was really nothing at all.

>> No.8149524

Yeah she mentioned in one of her streams but no timestamp, sorry kek

>> No.8149545

Oh is the army guy. Sadly Finana enabled him a lot, not even a month in boot camp and he is already back like come on man.

>> No.8149561

I wonder which of the Royal Maids Pomu likes the most.

>> No.8149573

I'm pretty sure it's more that memories of your ex are going to be complicated since you know. "Ex". Even if it was amicable there's probably some sadness.
Maybe they scissored hard while watching the show, but I think it's more likely she meant emotionally strange.
(And obviously they fucked anyway. She's an adult.)

>> No.8149576


>> No.8149578

She still is. She replied to his tweet 10 minutes ago. https://twitter.com/FinanaRyugu/status/1428180633734590474

>> No.8149582

It felt more like a slip up than an intentional reference to me not like it matters either way though.

>> No.8149599


>> No.8149606

sirius or dido prob, pomu's futa cock loves paizuris

>> No.8149619

Unless you are elira then the chance is really really really slim

>> No.8149623

Hey anon check this out:

>> No.8149630

For any Famelira, maybe this will tide you over

>> No.8149633

Do you think the rrat is true that Kiara is Pomu's ex?

>> No.8149650


>> No.8149659

is the MC in this game meant to sound retarded?

>> No.8149664


>> No.8149673


>> No.8149676

It's a kid.

>> No.8149682

No, but I'll pretend like I believe it because it's funny.

>> No.8149689

she's like french or something so yeah

>> No.8149693

can we start a gofundme to get Elira a broadband internet connection?

>> No.8149704

Why do I find Pomu's huge head arousing?

>> No.8149706

When did she said this? I have watched all her streams so far and I don't remember it...

>> No.8149711

This is really sad. I don't think he has any friends

>> No.8149712

I'd rather start a gofundme to get Elira enough money to move next door to Pomu.

>> No.8149713

20 minutes.

>> No.8149718

Pomu is my wife

>> No.8149719

I'm going to kill everyone in this thread if that rrats turns out to be true

>> No.8149724


>> No.8149731

Why did you have to share this man....

>> No.8149742

Long, long ago...

>> No.8149750

Honestly funnier if Pomu was her stalker since Kiara is an ex-idol.

>> No.8149752

People are really lonely these days....

>> No.8149763

that rrat is too juicy to pass on, I will believe it

>> No.8149774

is this a voice pack leak?

>> No.8149784

Elira, you may not be my oshi, but I love you and everything you do

>> No.8149786

Now that's a rrat.

>> No.8149787

Previous life

>> No.8149828

How can you not love this girl?

>> No.8149833

Is MC a schizo?

>> No.8149836

oh wow she didnt change her voice at all

>> No.8149845

false they WILL have discord sex though just you fucking wait

>> No.8149848

Maybe not but I think they've know eachother for a long time

>> No.8149867

it appears pomu's doc prescribed the meds to the wrong person.

>> No.8149870

Neither did Pomu, Rosemi and Selen

>> No.8149876

Caressing one hand over Pomu's washboard chest while about strokes Rosemi's stick thighs

>> No.8149883


>> No.8149890

I fucking love this one.I'm a loser as you can see.

>> No.8149892

Did she try and fuck her like she did the maids in Akihabara

>> No.8149907

When the FUCK is lazulight getting 3D debuts?

>> No.8149911

A rrat king…

>> No.8149922

She is pomu

>> No.8149928

I don't get this game at all.

>> No.8149933

I guess Derem is going to be on the Minecraft world server at the same time as Petra.

>> No.8149963

>I've told lies before
We know Pomu. Like being interested in men.

>> No.8149966

sure, why not

>> No.8149969

has any niji ever played AI the Somnium Files on stream?

>> No.8149980

Yeah, me.

>> No.8150002

Wow thread went to shit after the Finana stream. The y/u/rischizos are in full force.

>> No.8150005

Rosemi please go to sleep

>> No.8150006

Reine played it

>> No.8150012

What even is this game? I don't think I like where the story is going lads...

>> No.8150035

Now kiss.

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