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Today's Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7CDCGmz-vQ

>Unarchived Karaoke Archive



>Hololive Originals Cover Series
【IRyS】Shiny Smily Story / hololive IDOL PROJECT 【COVER】
【IRyS】GHOST / 星街すいせい【COVER】
【IRyS】Palette / 常闇トワ【COVER】

>Original Music
【Caesura of Despair】 AMV
【Caesura of Despair】 full ver.
【Caesura of Despair】 attaca ver.

Previous thread

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bets for the cursed ASMR, will it be vore, "annoyed" moans or stupid chat memes?

>> No.8095264

115 minutes until IRyS ASMR test

>> No.8095352

I think we'll get a bit of everything. What should we ask for?

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>> No.8095804

Humming and low whispering voice for me, maybe she could inject me some hope

>> No.8098201

Did she say what game will be replaced in the Pokemon snap stream?

>> No.8098272

I think it was Mario Kart, she wants to practice for a collab

>> No.8098840

Thank. She's probably looking forward to play it on stream with how much she talked about pokemon on the member's stream.

>> No.8099127

she also wanted to give Pokemon unite a try, so I guess she really is fond of the franchise

>> No.8099544

Yeah normally I'd be disappointed seeing Pokemon Snap on a schedule but it would be fun hearing IRyS sperg out about all of them.

>> No.8099763

If she ever did tongue twisters or an endless stream of puns, I’d kneel. She most likely will just do chat memes, though.

>> No.8100554

>cursed asmr
i told you this would happen. her chat is cancer and will ruin a normal asmr stream by trying to make it “cursed” (ie. lame).

>> No.8100651

keeping my expectations low, but we will see soon enough

>> No.8101341

If she wants to do pokemon unite streams, she need to do it fast because permission only last until end of this month. Also probably why pokemon snap is cancelled because permission to stream it likely expired too.

>> No.8101514

>Chat pushing for cursed asmr

How the fuck did Irys get this toxic ass chat?

>> No.8101544

irys paypig already donating

>> No.8101855

I can't tell whether the reverb is intentional

>> No.8101890


>> No.8101909

>wake up
>immediately start drinking soda
really irys?

>> No.8101926

Deadbeats plus KFP

>> No.8101965

i want soda

>> No.8101978

Just woke up in time to catch her live.

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>> No.8102036

Can some hololiver please teach this girl how to play minecraft? And NOT MORI.

>> No.8102043

her voice is sex

>> No.8102081

just ask danchou for advice

>> No.8102101

It is.

>> No.8102139

>her whispering voice
Her boyfriend is so lucky

>> No.8102170

Someone get that moan from dying in Minecraft.

>> No.8102178

i can hear the saliva in her mouth... that's a turn off

>> No.8102189

Can't wait for hairstylist IRyS to go bald for me

>> No.8102201

Thanks, man

>> No.8102202

I know how lucky I am. You don't need to tell me.

>> No.8102204

I am, thank you anon

>> No.8102209

I wouldn't mind her going on an adventure with someone, but she's learning on her own pretty well I'd say.

>> No.8102212

this, but exactly the opposite

>> No.8102228

I feel like I'm betraying my oshi for listening another's chubba ASMR, but IRyS is doing great nice so far. Hope the SC are enough for a 3dio for members only or unarchived ASMRs

>> No.8102233

imagine the blowjobs

>> No.8102247

thank you, i wake up that voice everyday

>> No.8102249

No. More Calli and IRyS.

>> No.8102283

Finally asmr that makes me sleepy and not hard. Thank you IRyS.

>> No.8102287

Why is her skin a full shade lighter this stream?

>> No.8102324

it's always been this way.

>> No.8102345

>Irys licking the blood off your ear

different background

>> No.8102373

she sounds a little different

>> No.8102379

Did anyone take over creating the threads since the usual anon left? I'm not sure if he's the one that created the last one or not. I have the template for it and can do them if need be.

>> No.8102413

I made the one before this, not sure if he came back but you can do the next one and add a pastebin

>> No.8102423

Reine will

>> No.8102430

Nope, wasn't me. There's a new anon.

>> No.8102438

> crying IRyS
Man, losing those diamonds suck.

>> No.8102470

It's a public Test ASMR, and her first time, so it's understandable it's a bit on the silly side.
I really do hope that in a few months she gets comfortable with us and transitions to a much more intimate, proper experience for members. Hopefully Noel or even Haato can give her some proper encouragement. Her voice is too good to not do proper whisper ASMR.

>> No.8102475

Ear licking stream when?

>> No.8102551

>Hopefully Noel or even Haato can give her some proper encouragement.

I pray to god everyday...

>> No.8102560

holy shit, Irys is jewish

>> No.8102617

lmfao smooth

>> No.8102638

I mean, if I was praying to god I'd get Flare's friend Patra to REALLY show her the ropes. Every day I thank Patra for convincing Lulu to do it, even if it was only once.

>> No.8102653

Everything's brighter. The top of the laptop even turned pure white. I wonder if she accidentally fucked up some video setting.

>> No.8102698

I'm actually a little worried she said $250 instead of a more reasonable haircut price like "$20" and she also isn't even remotely shocked like "Haha you guys don't actually have to give me that much money"
I kinda hope she isn't going to be a "Oh, you're not a T3 member that drops Akasupas once a week? Yeah... I'm not going to acknowledge your existence."

>> No.8102701

idk if it was cute or weird

>> No.8102724

Reminder that IRyS is barefoot scampering across her floors.

>> No.8102747

How does someone get so cute?

>> No.8102760

I wish she would barefoot scamper across my face.

>> No.8102770


>> No.8102812


>> No.8102818

Uh bud that's inevitable with every EN. Hope you enjoyed the intimate first month with her. As she grows she simply won't be able to acknowledge anything other than Red SCs.

>> No.8102874

>Hey thanks poor people for the money as well. Maybe donate more next time like those other 3 dudes?
Damn Irys...

>> No.8102938

poncute irys

>> No.8102971

The madlass actually did it, holy shit

>> No.8102977

vacuum my head

>> No.8103009

What did I tell you guys... it really turned out to be housecleaning ASMR...

>> No.8103024

>irys cut my hair with a fucking chainsaw
I want to get off this wild ride

>> No.8103045

I kneel

>> No.8103047

>vacuum asmr

I fucking love this dork

>> No.8103063

why she's so transparent

>> No.8103068

Based beyond measure.

>> No.8103099


>> No.8103131

What the hell?

>> No.8103140

This dork...

>> No.8103154

>IRyS spitting on my ears with her incoherent tongue twisters


>> No.8103187

I’m kneeling to myself..?

>> No.8103195

I'm not an oil baron, I can't whale with the paypigs.

>> No.8103207

Oh no, anon's knees are graduating...

>> No.8103209

Holy kek

>> No.8103230

Looks better this way desu.

>> No.8103274


>> No.8103343

This is actually adorable

>> No.8103350


>> No.8103377


>> No.8103410

>she's blind

>> No.8103440

Would be 10/10 without BGM, still pretty damn good though.

>IRL glasses

>> No.8103512

>That like this voice

>> No.8103553

How does she manage to pronounce certain words in a somehow erotic way I can't take it

>> No.8103564

the things she will do with a 3dio

>> No.8103597

>*pop* Aaahhh~
>*pop* Ahhh~
>Squeeze that bubble with all your strength like... MMMMMMhhhhh~

>> No.8103653


>> No.8103691

>taking your multivitamins with soda

>> No.8103754

I love this sexy dork.

>> No.8103756


>> No.8103817

>I wonder how UmaiRyS is doing
Does she know what Ollie is doing right now?

>> No.8103907

>wakey wakey

>> No.8103909

Of course. Ollie is a loose cannon sure, but there's no way she'd do this with someone new without clearing it with them first. Not all of Minecraft is scripted, but some of it is.

>> No.8103910

that was so fucking hot

>> No.8103923

I'm dead now, thanks for everything.

>> No.8103934

she's touching me bros aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

>> No.8103977

I think this is a little too long for an alarm

>> No.8103992


>> No.8103996

i opened the stream for a few seconds and holy shit guys why does this look look so sexual

>> No.8104021

>irys will never find your dead body the morning after you sleep together

>> No.8104041


>> No.8104059

wtf why is Ollie doing this, IRyS is a pure angel who has never hurt anyone.

>> No.8104093

jesus fucking christ

>> No.8104126

Oh jesas

>> No.8104170

Chat recommendations is shit as usual

>> No.8104172

>irys slapping the shit out my bleeding ear
what the fuck

>> No.8104224

UmaiRyS... i'll miss you

>> No.8104265

the weaker the victim the bigger the thrill

>> No.8104270


>> No.8104310

>how does this feel?
>oh, is it a little to hard

>> No.8104318

Fisted by IRyS

>> No.8104349

Not sure if freudian slip or bilingual moment

>> No.8104353

Minecraft bros, what is Ollie even doing? I can't hear Ollie's audio. She's fucking about in Irys' house?

>> No.8104357

This "massage" actually made me feel those ASMR tingles, the actual fuck?

>> No.8104426

then search for those kinds of asmr

>> No.8104470

I'm not going to forgive Ollie for this. This is the last stream of yours I watch, Yab Zombie.

>> No.8104517

IRyS original house is no more

>> No.8104575

Someone has to be recording this. It might go unarchived.

>> No.8104604

nene collab when??????

>> No.8104614


>> No.8104629

I knew it

>> No.8104631

modifying irys' house as it was hers

>> No.8104682

are upas alright??

>> No.8104686

IRyS literally encouraging us to "imagine the smell" as it were.

>> No.8104763

When you go gosling enough, imagining it is becoming easy.

>> No.8104812

>Finally starts whispering without BGM
>Chat ruins it again

>> No.8104856

rate the haircut

>> No.8104876


>> No.8104889


>> No.8104891

>asmr without an asmr mic

probably gonna fap to the vod later anyway

>> No.8104912

I cameRyS

>> No.8104938


>> No.8104946

I think there's a good chance we convince her to get a 3DIO
MAYBE she'll do a Noel collab on the KU100 since Noel has like 4 or 5 KU100s at this point and will do an ASMR collab with basically any Hologirl who asks.

>> No.8104947


>> No.8104957


>> No.8104960


>> No.8104962

The nigger that suggested tapping the mic needs to die

>> No.8104985

Sher really thirsts for a baby...

>> No.8104994


>> No.8105003

>tapping and lullaby
I already miss my co-dependent Polka ASMR...

It's better with a proper ASMR mic, but I do understand your grievance.

>> No.8105004

shes definitely late 30s

>> No.8105012

i love my wife....

>> No.8105036

Hello, tourist.

>> No.8105050

nothing serious i guess, she replaced the dirt walls with wood and put a armor stand

>> No.8105068

No I just read dox shit

>> No.8105077

>I already miss my co-dependent Polka ASMR...
she stopped doing that?

>> No.8105079

noel said she's ok with holos using her asmr room

>> No.8105091

Yeah there is no fucking way my heart can take GFE ASMR

>> No.8105137

i'll give her that, don't worry

>> No.8105154

We didn't get a member's ASMR last month, we're supposed to get two this month (but it's already the 18th so of course I'm worried)

>> No.8105164

>already an hour

>> No.8105174

I membered polka for the ASMR and it was money well spent. Did she ever fix the noise floor on her mic though?

>> No.8105191

damn my condolences

>> No.8105210

Noel is insanely based honestly, I don't think IRyS will have the nerve to ask her.

>> No.8105320

I membered her because I like her and I want to support her creative endeavors (PolDen among other things) but I'd be lying if I said part of me doesn't want Dango Eating.
Still, she seems to be doing alright backstage so I'm not TOO worried about Mengen ASMR as nice as it is to have. I just don't want her to grow distant.

>> No.8105369

The best part of this stream was that I didn't need to have her face in my screen to enjoy it.

>> No.8105384

Pretty good number

>> No.8105413

hopefully that'll go to the asmr mic fund...

>> No.8105455


>> No.8105545

> ceiling fan
> santa
adding everything irys' hates to her house
based zombie

>> No.8105621

ngmi if she keeps talking in that low volume cute voice.

>> No.8105782

>I do not have a shaver

>> No.8105844

ollie really is a minecraft pro

>> No.8105935

well she’s hafu who lives in japan. most likely she has massive dark bush

>> No.8105977

God I hope so.

>> No.8106028

What is it with the asians obsession with hairy twats anyway?

>> No.8106332

SC'd a reasonable amount thrice, got read and replied to thrice. Not too worried.

>> No.8106457

>inb4 earrape secret ending

>> No.8106495

would be based

>> No.8106516

Well that was fun, not something i will put in my "fall asleep" playlist but it was still entertaining.

>> No.8106590

she did not, she is a cutie

>> No.8106593

>secret is a happy ending
this fucking dirty cake

>> No.8106630

>tfw actually upset it's over
wtf bros you didn't tell me it would be like this

>> No.8106636


>> No.8106708

I did not expect to enjoy this stream that much. Chat only fucked it up a little, and she figured out how to do it in SCs. Likelihood we'll get another one: Inclining.

>> No.8106723

she left plenty for next time, heartbeat ASMR once Noel lets her borrow a mic

>> No.8106758

No IRyS for tomorrow

>> No.8106839

That caps it off nicely, thanks soundpost IRyStochad.

>heartbeat ASMR
I'd die. Praying she talks to Noel.

>> No.8106857



>> No.8106886 [SPOILER] 

Noel would be more than willing to help Irys out. It was one of her goals for the year to collab with EN.

>> No.8106936


>> No.8106949


>> No.8106961


>> No.8106967

i dont care about asmr, i just want more ponkotsu hijinks and for her to get better at singing

>> No.8106992

IRyS x Noel ASMR or Karaoke would be kino.

>> No.8107025

Is this on the album? I hate to say it but I think I have a new favorite

>> No.8107026

Thanks for stopping by, would be kino!

>> No.8107097

It's from Karaoke. Check the folder here.
Title is One Last Kiss - Utada Hikaru

>> No.8107211

From global, but deserves to be shared here: https://files.catbox.moe/mfnlqy.wav

The other anon already answered but yeah she sounds so good in that one. The way she says "one last kiss" gets me every time.

>> No.8107265

thanks guess i'm an irystocrat now

>> No.8107291


>> No.8107322

Have another soundpost on the house.

>> No.8107450

>Hold me, whatever lies beyond this morning, is a little later on
Every damn time

>> No.8107502

I literally can't stop replaying that One Last Kiss cover. The second [Can you give me one last kiss?] verse is some of the most beautiful singing I've ever heard from anyone in holo. So elegant and classy.

>> No.8107682

shes so good thanks

>> No.8107704

>> No.8107716

That's the thing about Irys's voice. She can really elevate certain songs but she has to be mindful of her song selections because songs like Palatte are really meant to be sang in a messy emotional way. Her Odo is really good. She can fits a lot of genres. I just think some songs are better left untouched

>> No.8107727

Her super fast vibrato and clear voice really make it shine!

>> No.8107735

Get her fucking good IRyS

>> No.8107781

Suddenly, IRyS

>> No.8107838

There's no way IRyS can navigate without her chat.

>> No.8107839

get her IRyS! eat her raw!

>> No.8107853

Haha, actually true.

>> No.8107889

I doubt she even knows where the railroad is

>> No.8107912

she really eats anything

>> No.8107929

Palette is Towa's song and she really nailed the low emotional voice. I understand where you're coming from but when I listen to this duet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtgE7ZaCFL8 I just end up thinking that they're both equally good in their own way.

I used to think Gura's Cups was miles better than IRyS's, but after hearing them in a similar duet it completely changed my mind.

>> No.8108095

will IRyS lose her diamond armor?

>> No.8108148

Both styles have their merit and I appreciate them for what they are. Holos offer a lot of variety in that regard.

>> No.8108181

Kek IRyS led her to a steep death

>> No.8108232

Honestly surprised that it wasn't IRyS that died.

>> No.8108248

showing off her diamond armor

>> No.8108272

>IRyS voice on stream
Sigh... Guess I have to watch the zombie.

>> No.8108296

i cant tell if this is friendly or threatening lmao

>> No.8108302

please how do i use the sound posts

>> No.8108334

Not gonna lie, kind of disappointed no one in EN has given her a tour.

>> No.8108341

ollie is gonna give irys a tour!

>> No.8108356

Ho Ho Ho for me motherfucker

Why is Irys sound so sexy right now?

>> No.8108358

So the first person to give irys a tour of the EN server is ollie, nice.

>> No.8108377

>Zombie is the one who gives IRyS the tour

>> No.8108387

> ollie is first to give irys a tour on the en server

>> No.8108393

Google knows.

>> No.8108403

Thanks, Zoombie. Actually kinda based of you.

>> No.8108445

>happy family
>great chemistry

>> No.8108468

The ASMR was good.

>> No.8108489

please don't use this cutie to shitpost

>> No.8108522

>Ollie talking in this calm voice

Is she always like this outside of the clips of her screaming?

>> No.8108528

Zombie is honorary EN 1.5

>> No.8108562

My wife shiki...

>> No.8108609

I wish Shiki was at hololive, she's too good.

>> No.8108725

ollie love , en1 hate

>> No.8108802

>Nice weather today

>> No.8108841

this is getting a little outta hand

>> No.8108897

I'm sorry in advance.

>> No.8108905


>> No.8108933

susan hate

>> No.8108962

she unironically has one of the nicest voices in hololive when she isn't doing her hyperactive zombie act

>> No.8109004

How very dare Susan keep my wife from me...

>> No.8109091

I missed byerys :(

>> No.8109197

ollie and irys have great chemistry!

>> No.8109234

God dammit susan.

>> No.8109243

Fuck YouTube, really i'm sad now

>> No.8109250

It's both. She isn't outwardly rejecting Ollie too which makes it less awkward. Just hilarious. She knows how to play along.

>> No.8109665


>> No.8110357

Youtube VOD didn't have the last 3 minutes of IRyS and Ollie. Welp.

>> No.8110513

Fuck Susan

>> No.8110957


>> No.8111956

Next thread on Mario Kart frame unless someone wants to make one before that.

>> No.8111970

are you telling me... i missed my wife... WHILE I WAS EATING?!?!?!?!?!?!

>> No.8112100

I had missed the first few minutes of the stream and JESAS that soda opening noise got me.

>> No.8112142

Sure thing.

>> No.8113369

I honestly hope that the rest of EN1 manage to collab with her before they collab with EN2. I mean ame has her break and her and kiara have had full schedules, but what the fuck is Gura even doing.

The least one of them could do is give Irys a minecraft tour....

>> No.8113473

EN1 is the inkya gen, shikataganai. As things are going, it could be a lot worse. Timing doesn't help, as you said.

>> No.8114194

I think that already happened this week...

>> No.8114343

Did it? There were a few streams where the superchat collation from YT wasn't working, and early on during that issue she read reds on the spot and nothing else, until she had found a solution to it. She usually addresses reds on the spot, everything else is read and sometimes commented at the end, regardless of amount.

>> No.8115607

This past few days YouTube has a problem loading SCs so she reads red SCs on the spot then she use stream elements at the SC reading portion.

>> No.8115670

That already happened during her first month lol. Though it depends on the day.

>> No.8118641

Is Mariokart EN/ID collab time and date known already? Seems like several holos mentioned it but nothing is scheduled.

>> No.8119556

not sure how she gets along with the rest, but from the behind the scenes talk we've gotten from Ame, Ina'rys looks like the new power duo. And it really seems like she wants to learn2minecraft so it's possible she told gen 1 to let her figure it out

>> No.8120340

Just finished watching the Minecraft VOD. I want to feed her delicious bread.

>> No.8121026


>> No.8121147

>irys will never lock you and a random woman in a room and keep shoving bread through the door window while giggling

>> No.8121245

Irys on anya stream. She really seems to able to speak to anyone casually.

>> No.8121733

> yfw IRyS is closer to the ID than her EN branch
I hope en2 won't be a bunch of autistic

>> No.8121785

yeah for a relatively new kouhai, she put a lot of pressure into poor Anya, considering her interaction with Ollie, it seems IRyS has little problem interacting with new people

>> No.8121893

I think it's because she's more comfortable talking in nip? She was a bit awkward with Ollie. Just a tad because of some ESL moments but she was able to retort back Ollie's pick up lines. I mean that's the only way you can actually make it entertaining, by playing along. EN1 couldn't really gel well with Ollie because of that. When she said darling to Ollie and then Ollie got excited, I felt jealous and proud for her at the same time.

>> No.8121978

I didn't find it awkward though. It made things interesting. Anya surely got elated because of the interaction

>> No.8122576

EN1... Man at this point I really hope some EN2 members will get along with her real well.

>> No.8122798

Hoping en2 will adopt her

>> No.8123156

IRyS seems to be really easy to approach, hopefully these events help her get closer to the ID and JP girls at least

>> No.8124686

We already know that Azki is already friends with her. Mori has revealed too that they have been talking to EN2 for a long time now. So rapport is already there. Rumors about their debut being pushed down because of Coco's graduation seems plausible as well. It's not clear if this is the same for Irys since Kiara and Gura have never really talked to Irys not until Twitter jail. Ina seems to only now finding out that they like the same anime. Irys does play offline with Reine. I'm more interested wity Irys potentially playing with JP Gen5. I think her personality blends really well with them.

>> No.8125853

why is she like this?

>> No.8126374

>Mori has revealed too that they have been talking to EN2 for a long time now
Wait, when?!

>> No.8127058

I'd like to have a timestamp for that, too.

>> No.8127255

She's perfect.

>> No.8127369

Why not her locking herself in the room with me and then proceeds to stuffing me with bread while I'm on the bed pomf =3?

>> No.8127629

fuck off murrlogic

>> No.8128712

More Ollie and IRyS art

>> No.8128846

Blatantly devouring zombie meat right in front of Ollie was such a fucking power move. This nephylim knows comedy.

>> No.8129758

She really is a force of nature.

>> No.8130588

I doubt it was intentional, just her basic instinct to just devour what is laid in front of her.

>> No.8130662

I know, makes it even better.

>> No.8130748

Would IRyS buy the 3dio first, or go straight to the KU 100?

>> No.8130852

Bros...I've watched the asmr section of the stream 5 times now.

>> No.8130936

0 chance for the KU 100. She'd probably get the same model as what Mori is using.

>> No.8131080

God I hope she gives noel's studio a spin just once to experience the quality of the KU100. It's the genuine no noise floor experience. I'd die over IRyS heartbeat ASMR from noel's studio.

>> No.8132061

>Yabairis literally asserting dominance over 2 ID senpais within a single day
She can't keep getting away with it.

>> No.8132199

It's no wonder bread, but it gets the job done.

>> No.8132700

Asmr stream won me over. I like IRyS.

>> No.8133089

>She can't keep getting away with it
not sure about that, but what I do know is that it has been a good day for IRyStocrats

>> No.8133969

>people thought her to be ENG-AZKI
>instead we got Eglish Sui Sui
it all makes sense

>> No.8135322

>English Suzy
Damn now I've realized why she's kinda clicked for me...

>> No.8135403

did you mean iRystoCHads?

>> No.8135523

She bullied Ollie, but what was the 2nd one?

>> No.8135601

I was wondering since japanese isn't really my thing, why was Anya feeling pressure in her call with IRyS? was it something IRyS said? or just her general presence or something like that?

>> No.8135759

Actually overwhelming Anya with her japanese skills...

>> No.8135836

Anya Called IRyS in her "Calling Senpais" stream, it seems like Anya feel a lot of pressure in said call

>> No.8135977

I like girly women like IRyS. I hope EN2 deliver something similar

>> No.8138836

i was fucking her, Anya heard everything and felt intimidated

>> No.8140933

General presence and tone of voice. There's a concept or trope like that in Japanese.

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