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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

Previous thread: >>8084801

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I LOVE POMU!!!!!!!!!!

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>> No.8092742

Hot. Wish I could watch.

>> No.8092748

Good morning i love Finana

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>> No.8092772

>I should have just left you guys to die
based Selen telling it like it is

>> No.8092775

*blocks your path*

>> No.8092818

I'm sorry anon... Rosemi cancelled her stream...

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>> No.8092871

It's not just asians it the ls now but it's dark in my room and beat up another guys, so all better and I gotta drive at little portola, okie dokie b-buddy?

>> No.8092895

Why'd you post your own comment?

>> No.8092912

O, Rosemi! My Rosemi!

>> No.8092915

Gawr Gura is my favorite member of Nijisanji EN

>> No.8092928

bros how do i get myself an ojou/fish slut

>> No.8093024

Please anon, It's too early in the thread to get banned...

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>> No.8093069

Thanks for the update Ryan

>> No.8093075

If I knew the answer to that I'd have my own...

>> No.8093076

Do you think Finana ended her stream early so she could catch Gura's karaoke?

>> No.8093117

I hate going off topic too much, but when the capcha changed a few weeks ago, boards like /pol/ and /v/ had their traffic cut by well over 50%. The overwhelming majority of posts and threads on those boards are from bots.
Which makes /vt/ all the more impressive considering that it's just as fast as those boards by just talking about chuubas.

>> No.8093127

>thread archived before the slutpost got deleted
good shit jannies

>> No.8093133

I give you red hag to distract from this train wreck collab

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>> No.8093177

I read that as PlaySelen because I watched the video again just the other day

>> No.8093181

It's amazing how vtubers bring a smile to my face

>> No.8093214

we full of schizos, nothing new

>> No.8093221

For the love of god stop shitposting & do your VOD reps.





[Now Playing!]

>> No.8093228

Unironcally play XIV. There's tons of Finanas on there

>> No.8093229

>Finana likes redheads
ANGE HATE! I'm still pissed she never put Finana in the game.

>> No.8093239

Finana is still streaming, fuck taking your meds, go to an asylum now

>> No.8093244

I love this sweet horny mermaid and her feet!

Elira Feet: https://mega.nz/folder/FB10mIyL#6zFjd_qpGiaQJQ7q1VRMpQ

>> No.8093248

built for CEO cock

>> No.8093253

get real fucking good at mmo raids anon

>> No.8093258

I don't want hag. I want cute and funny

>> No.8093272

>> No.8093274

>are from bots.
Or new captcha is horrible and it takes time to adjust to it and other people just gave up.

>> No.8093281

Sorry Anon she’s still boring.

>> No.8093298

Is it that bad? Not watching cuz of the TTS dragon

>> No.8093315

Wouldn't know, I'm watching Gura lol

>> No.8093332

how do people even hear what Zen is saying? the TTS gets lost in actual conversation and game noises

>> No.8093354

>Rosemi resetting the clock again
This cute dumbass.

>> No.8093366

Google sus

>> No.8093396

it's fine

>> No.8093400

It's fine. That fag's just being overly dramatic.

>> No.8093417

I simply don't.

>> No.8093422

Ange love I love the fact she never gave Finana a chance.

>> No.8093426

It's fine.

>> No.8093462

It's fine.

>> No.8093473

>TTS dragon gets ignored at least half the time
>Vwhores keep dropping like flies
>Selen shines in 1v3 as much as she can.

Not that bad once you tune out everyone other than the protagonist.

>> No.8093477

Pomu screams like this...

>> No.8093505

TTS dragon is set at like 5% volume. You can't even hear it

>> No.8093516

What clock?

>> No.8093517

She has somewhere to be at 8PM she said. She had a similar timed commitment a few weeks ago when she ended her Genshin stream saying she had somewhere to be. It's not what shitposters think because why the hell would she even bother announcing something like that?

>> No.8093524

It has been the same for me every collab I dont even notice them.

>> No.8093540

she monke'd

>> No.8093557

Hmm, I'm getting mixed signals here

>> No.8093582

I hate how the characters in GTA V control while they're on foot...

>> No.8093588

people is just having fun shitposting so dont believe what anyone says in this thread

>> No.8093591

Based, made me laugh anon.

>> No.8093596

How is that a problem?

>> No.8093612

sex, with froot

>> No.8093617

bros how do I get a selen gf

>> No.8093638

Selen... Reload your guns...

>> No.8093647

Hello Ryan

>> No.8093648

>froot running into a 1v1 with no bullets

>> No.8093650


>> No.8093654

TTS is a little awkward and it's painfully obvious Zen's subs are there for the model('s tits) but Froot & Selen are having fun together

>> No.8093663

Dragoon cucks aren’t overhyping it and screaming “based” like retards that’s how bad it is.

>> No.8093665


>> No.8093669

Some moments from Pomu VR

>> No.8093692

Imagine the smell...

>> No.8093703

She had set the stream to start in 8 minutes from now and added 60 more. She'll probably have to do it again.

>> No.8093720

Ange love.

>> No.8093745

probably recording for the custom vps, have they sent those out yet?

>> No.8093751

Finana's pained giggles are so fucking cute.

>> No.8093760

You need to find a fat girl with self esteem issues that became energetic and tryhard to cope with that.

>> No.8093775

Ryan your opsec reps...

>> No.8093816

You go out

>> No.8093819

Froot is great and cute. I'm going to watch just for her.

>> No.8093828

It was fine, was not her best stream in terms of content and numbers.

>> No.8093838

It's Selen playing apex, but she's got some buddies to talk smack to, with and get smack-talked by. Simple.

>> No.8093864


>> No.8093866

Didn’t ask.

>> No.8093867

commission a hot dragon model and only communicate through tts

>> No.8093870

She's not fat bro okay

>> No.8093874

Are you from the army?

>> No.8093898


>> No.8093905

All 4 of those posts made by vwhores fans.

>> No.8093926

OK fine. I can't stay mad at Ange forever but she needs to pay for her mistakes.

>> No.8093933

How do I get Selen to play Ultrakill?

>> No.8093936

Nah, she does those off stream. She wouldn't have announced specifically that she had to go somewhere. Some anon guessed it was family dinner.

>> No.8093947

I dream of the day we get more slutty art of fish and start slutposting with her

>> No.8093964

She sure knows how to build hype right before EN2.

>> No.8094016

We should sing diamond city lights one day

>> No.8094052

If your brain's so small you get filtered by captcha then are you really any better than a bot?

>> No.8094055

Can you clip the Hare Hare Yukai dance too?

>> No.8094065

She is fat, tf are u talking about, we have known this since the debut

>> No.8094074

Would you pay $150/minute to play with Selen?

>> No.8094084

She is. Body fat builds personality.

>> No.8094103

Overexaggerated of course, but sporty tomboy she ain't anymore. I've seen tomboys go sedentary and the personality might be there but the body certainly isn't.

>> No.8094112

Yeah, I was gonna say this would be great if it was just Selen and Froot.

>> No.8094125

>> No.8094129

We need more Ange posting

>> No.8094133

Super-chat the game cost to her, maybe.

>> No.8094157

Do your Apex reps to impress her.
I want to know too.

>> No.8094182

Let's settle this once and for all.


>> No.8094217

Playing to cum inside her? Sure

>> No.8094247

I'm hesitant on seeing that because she'll very likely not figure out any of the gun/movement mechanics and plow through the game with just headshots and dodging. Curse her monke brain.

>> No.8094276


>> No.8094282

$150 for apex and $200 if it's something else.
per minute

>> No.8094293

I don't enjoy Apex to that extent

>> No.8094295

Based. Thanks, anon.

>> No.8094325

>we have known this since the debut

>> No.8094342

I need to take care of Ange. Also, I don't want Finana to end her stream...

>> No.8094372


>> No.8094426

>they don't know about the frog bag

>> No.8094427

>im dead
>no jk im better
built different

>> No.8094440

Am I the only one that can't get hard looking at this slut of HSKW? My dick doesn't even react or twitch at all man.
To me she's like a character made by Mizuryu Kei they look nice at all but I wouldn't touch them with a 10 ft long pole because they are disease ridden whores, every single STD known to man lives in them.

>> No.8094529

You shared this to THAT general, didn't you?

>> No.8094563

Finana and Laura from Precure leave me starving for slimy fish pussy.

>> No.8094575

anon uh, I'm sorry to break it to you, but you might be gay

>> No.8094591

Me everytime someone posts Selen

>> No.8094601

Blondes are hot and Sluts are hot HSKW is both so she's doubly hot

>> No.8094604

All I even know about this bitch is she's Haachama's friend and Matsuri wants to fuck her.... Also apparently she is a slut.

>> No.8094611

I'm sorry about your homosexuality

>> No.8094703

Just say you're into degrading pure girls next time and spare the story.

>> No.8094724

Uh oh Finana is going to be late for EECK EY VEE

>> No.8094748

Why wouldn't she just saying she's having dinner with her family?

>> No.8094773

>gooruh in the lead

>> No.8094777

One more hour delay. I hope Rosemi is doing alright.

>> No.8094784

i get the same with marine

>> No.8094786

but she is such a cutie cutiepie slut

>> No.8094799

>that bush

>> No.8094801

Based shark!

>> No.8094810

Zentreya makes it worse. TTS is just too bad.

>> No.8094822

Find a jovial fat girl thats good at games and groom her into losing weight by playing Apex with a VR kit like we did back in the day with Wii Sports.

>> No.8094844

>now i know
Well she is now since angy quarantine mood is more recent. Still... That is puzzling.

>> No.8094851

>pubic hair

>> No.8094885

Oh, it's delayed? Guess I'll stay up. Listen to it in bed and sleep right after.

>> No.8094893

wosemi is having more issues? stream got pushed another hour...

>> No.8094898

Why can't I leave a like on Pheesh's stream?

>> No.8094916

He does it on purpose, stop giving him attention.

>> No.8094936

get filtered.

>> No.8094947


>> No.8094956

Why the fuck did Pomu have a literal full on meltdown when she jumped in the chicken pen

>> No.8095003

>They are reviewing memes for the convention
ok but why

>> No.8095024

Just be warned that she might one day wake up and be freaked out by how dependent on you she feels and try to burn bridges. As long as you stay aware, you'll have fun.

>> No.8095040

Reminded her of Kiara and she was overcome with emotion

>> No.8095049


>> No.8095079

Some things can be overwhelming in VR even if they're completely normal in regular games.

>> No.8095085


>> No.8095088

Funny haha yes. You like?

>> No.8095110

you cant even beat pomu faggot.

>> No.8095120

>Check Sister's porn
>Not a single pic or work of her has her lose her virginity, like not a single one in existence
Immersion completely destroyed

>> No.8095151

Why would she say she had to go somewhere period if it was something yabai?

>> No.8095167

It's fun seeing them bully and taunt each other

>> No.8095168

because it was VR and accidently jumped in it. Other objects moving through you in VR is really disorientating.

>> No.8095172

Or leave you for a better option once she loses weight. Either way it is best to just watch the perfect dragon girl.

>> No.8095197

pumo :)

>> No.8095198

god damn the first 40 min or so when she was getting used to it was so funny

>> No.8095234

>no Finana streams
what to do now

>> No.8095238

You ever go to a convention? No reason to put effort into it. Presenters can say literally anything and people in the crowd will shit themselves laughing.

>> No.8095239

Fish is gone, I'm gonna bit the boolet and watch Selen, what can I expect from the TTS dragon and >her whore friend?

>> No.8095246

I guess that makes sense but she went from "aww look at how cute they are" to actually fucking crying in seconds

>> No.8095248

She's claustrophobic.

>> No.8095260

>Thanks for Cumming
No Finana. Thank you!

>> No.8095262

yea :)

>> No.8095275

It makes me very happy that she has the dance memorized

>> No.8095278

I'll tell you this, I've had the opportunity to fuck a slut a couple times, and she fucking ruined me for life. Now I can only get hard to sluts, and since I can't possibly be lucky enough to do it with a slut again I'm here, getting as hard as a rock every fucking time some coomer decides to slutpost, I swear to God, I've lost count of how many times I got off to these >>8092822 >>8093751 and many others that are regularly posted here.

>> No.8095300

Finana ended time to sleep.

>> No.8095309

>Selen just ups and forgets to pick up TTS dragon
>Doesn't even realise it until she revives froot
>Laughs "oh well hahaha "

>> No.8095311

Did you do ALL of your VOD rips, anon? If not, now's the time...

>> No.8095315

im going to wrap up my nip reps and go fap.

>> No.8095337

Her stream has subtitles at the top.

>> No.8095344

Oh I mean that can happen in any situation given how subjective better option can be. I was just talking about something specifically related to the journey from low esteem to some place higher.

>> No.8095354

Zen's basically just third wheeling froot and Selen. It's fine

>> No.8095383

>Finana has somewhere she has to go with a strict time frame
>had to cut the stream short to make sure she made it
>no kiss for the last few streams

feesh bros

>> No.8095384

Beforehand she was just looking at them from above. Then she was right in the middle with the chickens hopping around closer to her height

>> No.8095387

The spin she does at 55sec MY HEART

>> No.8095393

When I did savage raids, all I got were 40 something widows from the south west. Guess I gotta keep looking

>> No.8095406

Finana hasn’t given ryuguard the usual goodbye kiss, and now leaves early for something. How do I cope?

>> No.8095412

I had goosebumps when radroaches humped me in fallout 4 vr. Then when I found any bugs in the game I kept panic shooting them to make sure they don't get close. Suffice to say nothing like this happened to me on normal monitor.

>> No.8095446

imagine pumo nijisanji marketable plushie

>> No.8095451


>> No.8095457


>> No.8095459

It's Selen playing Apex, but there are moments of voice-comm teamwork and teasing each other over various matters. Simple fun.

>> No.8095461

You cope by listening to this

>> No.8095483

frog bag???

>> No.8095486

Watch clips, check socials, down my drink, jack it to the fish, go to sleep. In that order.

>> No.8095494

Is froot esl? She speaks weird.

>> No.8095504

It's fun to see Selen making calls in the game. I know she feels pressured to perform, but I hope she can find two people to play rank with regularly or a group to play tournaments with.

>> No.8095510

She's saving them for obvious reasons.
Tip: it's not going to be free.

>> No.8095531

I-I can't I'm sorry lads, I failed Selen, I couldn't handle it, I'm gonna watch my favorite fat indian instead, may wosemi bless us soon.

>> No.8095532

Go to the Asian neighborhoods of Canada and hang around the boba shops

>> No.8095535

That isn't very likely, you never really hear stories of girls losing weight and dumping their boyfriend for someone more attractive just because their SMV suddenly improved. Unless you're a fat slob yourself I guess, in which case you'd never get a Selen gf to begin with.

>> No.8095547

norf brit

>> No.8095557

>Finana. We're going to have that talk now about the shirt.

>> No.8095564

She's br*tish

>> No.8095617


>> No.8095638

It may mean that one ryuguard has actually made it. I mean if there was ever a streamer which could actually go for someone from her audience it is her.

>> No.8095647

Watch Selen, fap to her lewds, or play Ecks Eye Vee yourself.

>> No.8095653

Oh sheet

>> No.8095657

This is a woman likely already in her 30s btw

I love her

>> No.8095665

British, but puts on a bit of a voice.

>> No.8095668

The editing makes this less funny. Fuck clipfags.

>> No.8095675

I thought Selen would hold back in collab but she's roasting them to the ground.

>> No.8095685


>> No.8095691

>more TTS ruining the tempo of the conversation
Christ in Heaven, block her from collabs until ((((She)))) mans up and gets on the mic

>> No.8095693


>> No.8095699

Oh no, I hope she gets better soon

>> No.8095716

>Thought I'd be safe from a parasocial relationship with Selen
>That unarchived Guerilla from last night
Didn't think I'd fall into these feels...

>> No.8095726

instead of kissing, finana will have to to make her member streams super special by ending it with a fart

>> No.8095737

She had to cut her Genshin stream a few weeks ago because she had "somewhere to go". And it wasn't long before she was back at home on Twitter. It's just something family related.

I've never understood this mentality where anons think a streamer who is supposedly single or wants people to believe she's single would go out of her way to drop little hints that she had a boyfriend.

>> No.8095755

Pomu could do a VR minecraft dancing stream

>> No.8095789

the car was pretty good but yeah the rest was dog shit

>> No.8095818

>Selen falling for the prerecorded narrative too

What are they trying to hide?

>> No.8095822

this is why hags are the best

>> No.8095825

I'm sorry. I tried to go for the old school ytp feel.

>> No.8095849

Selen's member streams are just gonna be her crying 80% of the time I'm calling it now

>> No.8095858

Never heard her before. Sounds like an Indian who grew up in britbong, but she's posted her own face before yeah?

>> No.8095890

stop it

>> No.8095910

Yeah she's unironically hot as fuck

>> No.8095932

I've noticed but isn't selen kinda to talkative? or the vshojo girls are just too quiet?

>> No.8095947

This type of mogging is inhumane. NijiEN will literally never reach this height.

>> No.8095960

Don't be sorry anon just don't do it again...

>> No.8095973

fuck off clownfag

>> No.8095976


>> No.8095978

make me

>> No.8096018

We call that being British. It’s unfortunate, I know

>> No.8096046

Pretty fair reaction since she was doing VR. I'd probably freak the fuck out too if a bunch of chickens jumped on me

>> No.8096072

It's Sex Pasta

>> No.8096076

God what a cutie

>> No.8096089

Kek Selen on suicide watch!

>> No.8096108

Can't wait for gen 2 to destroy this faggot shark

>> No.8096116

>> No.8096117


>> No.8096121

Don't reply to the spammer

>> No.8096141

>See Selen playing Apex
>Click on video
>Hear fucking tect-to-speech
>Immediately close
Is this seriously a fucking thing?
How long till they kill themselves. Lease be soon.

>> No.8096142

person who knows what's going on vs two people who are just following what the experienced person is saying. Not much for them to say outside of reactions.

>> No.8096148


>> No.8096155

I think it might be termnal

>> No.8096160

I don't think so, it'll be more just venting about how she's feeling and I'm all for it.

>> No.8096169

>> No.8096183

I hate them but they did get it to rain superchats for selen with the joke set up about chat being paid to watch. So I'll take that as compensation

>> No.8096185


>> No.8096218

Alright. I'll say it. This board needs IPs shown because people just can't stop falling for samefags.

>> No.8096226

post the real image

>> No.8096235

please tell me there's actually more to this text to speech dragon.
is she disabled in some way? so she has to use the tts to communicate?

>> No.8096241

I'm starting to feel bad for Rosemi. I think she should just reschedule and call it a day but I worry that she'd feel guilty...

>> No.8096258


>> No.8096263

That makes it actual perfection

>> No.8096265


>> No.8096275

She's fine. She's drowning out Zen which makes it almost perfect.

>> No.8096298

What happened exactly in it? What'd she say?

>> No.8096300

I liked it.

>> No.8096314

I can't believe she does Lindybeige watchalongs!

>> No.8096315

The way she talks about it makes it sound like an obligation. If it was a boyfriend, she just wouldn't mention it or would lie about it.

>> No.8096323


>> No.8096348

Either its some dude trying to hide it or multiple people using the same avatar, depending on who you ask.

>> No.8096355

but Pomu got the record on Sunday?

see that? that's 6 digits.

>> No.8096358

Wait she does!

>> No.8096367

No it's a m*le

>> No.8096370

Now post the high quality version.

>> No.8096378

What a good moment. I can't wait until Pomu can do more VR/3D stuff. So cute.
Being in your 30s isn't even that old. If anything I imagine Pomu being older is why she embraces the things she enjoys as much as she does.

>> No.8096379

>because people just can't stop falling for samefags.
Eh hlgg went through the same thing in their first few months. Eventually people will wisen up though there will always be retards and newfags around.

>> No.8096400

It's more than likely a guy because I dont know why anyone would go through this speech to text to speech dance for so long even if they hated their own voice.

>> No.8096402

I'm a Gurafag and missed the first part of Selens stream. How's the collab going?

>> No.8096411

It's a dude
How do you guys still not realize it's her X I V raids

>> No.8096412

>please tell me there's actually more to this text to speech dragon.
There's nothing to it.
It's just a ha ha funny shtick.
Yes it's a thing.
So fucking unhappy that Ironmouse shares a company with that critter.

>> No.8096416

I am MTLing some eroge

>> No.8096424

The vshojo thread seems to love Selen and are enjoying the collab. Are you enjoying the collab /NijiEN/?

>> No.8096434

Selen needs to stop starting her streams at the same time as Gura kino if she's so worried about numbers. She's setting herself up to get the everliving shit kicked out of her.

>> No.8096439

fucking disgusting

>> No.8096458

Nah it's a dude who started as a silent VR chat streamer with a female avatar and never corrected people.
At some point he became a vtuber and picked up TTS and now he's too far in to just go "I'm male btw"

>> No.8096479

She always tells everyone when it's XIV Raids

She specifically said she had to go somewhere

>> No.8096497

>This board needs IPs shown because people just can't stop falling for samefags.
Did you mean IDs, anon?

>> No.8096504

Froot is cute, but I will never enjoy the TTS. Selen is Selen. Enjoyable overall

>> No.8096508

you never talked with your friends about other people in school and who they're fucking with?

>> No.8096526

An intelligent mole? Oh no, humanity's fucked

>> No.8096531

He's laughing at you, retard. Stop replying to him.

>> No.8096534

Gura did those numbers alone when she revealed her new outfit. That was a big Nijisanji collab. It's actually sad when you think about it.

>> No.8096538

OK you made me laugh here's your (you).

>> No.8096546

I heard it a dude and his gf that switch out at random.

>> No.8096555

Yeah, but most here will reee over Zen. Not that I can say much on their behalf because ironmouse and company got me into vtubers

>> No.8096557

Good to hear, yeah the TTS dragon is the only thing throwing me the fuck off so far.

>> No.8096561


>> No.8096565

yes, it'd be more enjoyable without the holotourists, but otherwise fine.

>> No.8096571

She was feeling really shit that day so she wanted to talk with chat to vent a little. She feels insecure as a Niji member and feels like she's not pulling her weight when it comes to her social media presence. She's been busy and it's stressing her out. She hates comments that try to call her shit at Apex compared to pros because she isn't aiming to go pro, she just wants to have fun. She also wants to keep playing older stuff even if it can hamper channel growth because at the end of the day she just wants to have fun with people. That's all I can remember off the top of my head.

>> No.8096576

Never watched either of them before, Froot seems nice and has a cute voice. Zentreya is awkward since neither of the other two can seem to hear her TTS when there's a fight going on.

>> No.8096581

Wait so Pomu can't collab with Selen because she has a meeting with manager san? Wtf is wrong with them...

>> No.8096582

How dare you! It's privacy and gender doesn't matter, or whatever spiel it was he spouted off to justify this horrible streaming method.

>> No.8096583

clap clap

>> No.8096601

idk if I wanna stay up for IRyS's ASMR or not fug I'm tired :(

>> No.8096606

Yes! Especially when my loud music don't let me hear the robot voice

>> No.8096611


>> No.8096619

Does anyone think it's actually a female at this point lol

>> No.8096620

>The vshojo thread seems to love Selen and are enjoying the collab. Are you enjoying the collab /NijiEN/?
Nah I unsubscribed when the announcement went up.
>you won't be--
Yes, yes, I won't be. I know. Thank you for your helpful contribution.

>> No.8096643

>She always tells everyone when it's XIV Raids
And how do you know it's not XIV when she doesn't mention it? She used the excuse that her dad limits her streaming for a specific amount of time before, which was obviously a joke/lie but some retards can't pick up on that.

>> No.8096650


>> No.8096651

Did they ever get to 200k? Nope. Sorry your streamer is irrelevant now.

oh, and go back.

>> No.8096652

No IPs.
Punishment for numberfagging should be doxxing

>> No.8096658

Don’t care didn’t ask.

>> No.8096666

You sound like a holobrony

>> No.8096678

Bro you're so tired that you posted in the wrong thread...

>> No.8096701


>> No.8096711

Hag love! I wish Finana could have streamed longer...

>> No.8096714

She always mentions her XIV raids. She ended stream in a hurry and she hasn't even posted on Twitter yet. Gotta be some family obligation.

>> No.8096732

There's no such thing as holobronies, sameturd.

>> No.8096738


>> No.8096741

wose stream postponed to


>> No.8096747

Eh, Froot's nice I guess. I'm mostly watching this for Selen though
that TTS is really ruining the flow though

>> No.8096778

Damn that sucks. Hopefully she can feel more comfortable with her game choices/twitter presence once she grows a little more

>> No.8096779

It's usually two people, a dude and his gf/wife, whatever. But for some reason the dude insists on using the TTS bullshit as a gimmick instead of just letting the girl voice the character. She DID voice it a couple of times when he was trying to backpedal about being a guy, but at some point I guess he just stopped giving a shit.

>> No.8096808

Sweet mother of meds.

>> No.8096809

Thank you sir, it was based on this old clip:

>> No.8096856

Is Gura's stream that boring that Holobronies would rather focus their attention on this thread?? Sad.

>> No.8096866

>maybe ill give selens stream a chance

>tune in and hear the TTS voice and the cheater-grifters voice

>close stream and sigh

maybe if it was just one of them i could watch it..

>> No.8096883

AWOO BARK BARK GRRR I'm made Rosemi isn't streaming today...

>> No.8096890

Can someone post the selen pic the vshoujos are using as her avatar?

>> No.8096891

I still believe

>> No.8096902

She is gonna be fine. Unless you mean her low self esteem. That is there to stay I am pretty sure.

>> No.8096904

If Rosemi postpones it for tomorrow that's fine honestly, I think it's better if she gets everything sorted out instead of poorly planned rushed garbage

>> No.8096914

Pomu is likely 25 to 28, not over 30 based on her talking about the Zune. I know because i was around when that was the coolest thing

>> No.8096919

They both suck so it's like selen is solo Qing anyway.

>> No.8096923

>> No.8096929

of course Nux is there trying to grift shit

>> No.8096938

Sorry, the threads were too fast for shitposters to do anything, so they all came here.

>> No.8096942

>that TTS is really ruining the flow though

>> No.8096948

Why even bring it up? Fuck off retard

>> No.8096952


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