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Saving for recycling

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I love Mori!

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My wife

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Be the 21st alaready aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Mori's definitely cancelling her IM steam right?

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Rrat is still awake.

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My cute nigga wife

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me to the right

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I made this post!

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I love my wife Ninomae Ina'nis

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Live in japan confirmed?

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>look at the rest of the board
>already a million new threads a second concern trolling or falseflagging about every single aspect about EN2
You wont devolve like this, right /hlgg/?

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Guys Ollie is being extremely cute right now trying to show sh is not flat

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I'm getting some intense Mii/Kaolla vibes from Sana

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Peppa pig ruined this song for me.

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Or she already slept, that's what I did

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Sora approaches

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>another halfu

yep, another IRyS

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or she just can't sleep after a massive reveal.

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Ouro Kronii is a whore
Ceres Fauna is a whore
Tsukumo Sana is a whore and a nigger
Hakos Baelz is a whore
Nanashi Mumei is a whore

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>she's not flat

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No, she just hopes she has a small break between the streams but she still intends to go until the last minute.

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>rrat girl is now real
>nigger of hololive is now real
what is this timeline

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>First it was CHAOSposting
>Now niggaposting
EN2 truly is cultural enrichment

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That's a lot of fries... good...

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I post the fat cat. It's what i do.

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>I wonder if Kari-chan's idol group is going to be made up of women in rap music. It'll be cute...
>For now, I'll just assume that she'll get pissed off at least once in the game.

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Why are takos like this?

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>the silhouettes posted by Shion in the member post
She wasn't kidding last members stream.. can't believe it but Gura will be a guest at her 3D live

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holy fucking kek

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Mumei is a good girl

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Sana roommate don't open

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My rigga

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>Moririn still streaming

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Here is the post breaking down all the debut times. If you see ANYTHING wrong PLEASE bringit up so it can be updated.
HoloEN2/HoloENCouncil debut dates & times

Sunday Aug 22nd for JST
Saturday Aug 21st for EDT
Saturday Aug 21st for PDT
Saturday Aug 21st - Sunday Aug 22nd CEST

02:00 (2am) ~ 03:00 (3am) JST
1pm ~ 2pm EDT
10am ~ 11am PDT
7pm ~ 8pm CEST (main European timezone)

03:30 ~ 04:30 JST
2:30pm ~ 3:30pm EDT
11:30am ~ 12:30am PDT
8:30pm ~ 9:30pm CEST

05:00 ~ 06:00 JST
4pm ~ 5pm EDT
1pm ~ 2pm PDT
10pm ~ 11pm CEST

06:30 ~ 07:30 JST
5:30pm ~ 6:30pm EDT
2:30pm ~ 3:30pm PDT
11:30pm ~ 12:30am (22nd) CEST

08:00 ~ 09:00 JST
7pm ~ 8pm EDT
4pm ~ 5pm PDT
1am (22nd) ~ 2am CEST (22nd)

Post-debut collab-
10:00 ~ 11:00 JST
9pm ~ 10pm EDT
6pm ~ 7pm PDT
3am (22nd) ~ 4AM (22nd) CEST
LIKELY on Baelz's channel

*according to the Hololive press release*

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yeah i don't believe it

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1st certified brown and not tanned holo

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So, will Civilization play Civilization?

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Why do you think Mori's favorite was chaos?

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I like that.

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i hope that sana gets a cat alt outfit so i can make this into a soundpost https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URd0teG31z0

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Help I can't stop masturbating to Reine's new outfit

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she was trying to argue she is not flat but failed.

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>half of the thread is about the niggerplanet
never doubt the chococoin

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Me too!

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Yes, she will play with herself

>> No.8058159

what? please provide information. I don't fucking believe it.

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what the fuck is wrong with nousagi????

>> No.8058162

She will play with my cock if you get what I'm saying

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You know Australia exists, right?

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Unlocked 6% of her power

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wdym, this place is also reeks of shitposting and antiposting retard

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feels good to be the last deadbeat

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So... high chance that end card art is made by one of the new girls? I've noticed that no one has posted any source for it and the artstyle looks very familiar.

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what is chammers planning?

>> No.8058178

What game should they play?

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Live now

>Mori Bloodstained
>Mio singing
>Marine and Warabe talking
>Ollie superchat reading
>Roberu Fuuraiki 4

Live in less than one hour

>Matsuri, Kotone and Wat Huma Apex scrims
>Roboco, Astel Choco Apex scrims
>Choco's POV
>Pekora Mario endurance?
>Kanata's stream reservation
>Towa Apex

Live in one hour

>Shion's 3D live!
>Shien Haruto

Live in two hours

>Miko Minecraft
>Aqua's nya
>Shion's ???
>Okayu The Night Way Home
>Lamy talking
>Botan superchat reading
>Nene's superchat reading
>Aruran Knockout City with outside vtubers

Live in three hours

Haachama's ???
>Noel singing
>Hololive ID cover
>Mori Idol Manager

Live in four hours

>Rushia Minecraft

Live in five hours
Live in six hours

>Matsuri Minecraft
>Kiara Tales Of demo

Live in eight hours

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Permissons are hard so she will play Humankind.

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Can >we talk about racism in the Vtuber community now? The fact that Sana has the least amount of subscribers is very telling. She's also been scrutinized far more than her genmates so far. Black 2views have also faced racism in the community as another example. How do we solve this bros?

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No I did, get your own wife.

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Who will be the new antis?

>> No.8058186

Will Shion stream today?

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Flare has a cat outfit...

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Someone said she has like 5 hours to go and she's on shit sleep, will she even beat it in time?

>> No.8058194

I rabu Towa the very honkadonkabadonkas!

>> No.8058195

Stop lying you lazy brat

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I was already going to watch it but now I'm REALLY going to watch it.

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Would 2views and vtweeters seethe if Mori's friend got in? They wouldn't like the nepotism but Mori is well liked and held in high regard in that community. I'm worried that there is a lot of nepotism at play.

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Cute Mori was just saying how excited she was for gen 2 again

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>meme appeal
>sex appeal
no competition really

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God I hope she's an Aussie bogan

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Kek. Cardboard Gura for guest would be fucking hilarious if true though.

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fellas, I think i like sana, despite knowing pretty much literally nothing so far
but delicious brown AND footfaggotry is never not a winning combination

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>Shion's ? ? ?
>Haachama's ? ? ?


>> No.8058220

just woke up

what were they THINKING

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I swear this picture is quite sensitive especially for twitter woke..

>> No.8058223

I don't think so

>> No.8058225

*is on Baelz's channel
My bad didn't edit it correctly

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Chaos doesn't stand a chance to okayu!

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>> No.8058231

the fact even none of the holomyth is acknowledging that Sana is POC is very worrying, hololive is a racist company is well known

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She's actually from SEA

>> No.8058238

So what's going to be the Cover-enforced canon ship?

>> No.8058240

I love Rushia!

>> No.8058241

it's all deadbeats

>> No.8058242

what do I have to pay for a Kronii titjob? will a kidney be enough?

>> No.8058243

whose feets are those? deer?

>> No.8058244

My dick and Sana

>> No.8058245

cute Pol, hoping for those 'GODDAMN's

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>> No.8058248

you are lying to me to watch shions 3d live arent yuou?

>> No.8058249

Why does she approach?

>> No.8058253

Invest in choco planet

>> No.8058254

Didn't Roberu also play Idol Manager? I wonder if that's why he showed up in Mori's stream to cheer her on to beat the game before the IM stream.

>> No.8058256

she's a filipino

>> No.8058258

Why is EN2 full of hags? Just one crumb of cunny please, Cover

>> No.8058265

One is singing, and who the fuck knows with Haachama

>> No.8058266

Sekushi Miosha!

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>> No.8058274

space and time.

>> No.8058276

with more brown girls

>> No.8058277

What's stopping Gura from interacting more with her JP senpais?
For example she could go into some Aqua stream and just write something like "Aqua is so cute" in the chat once

>> No.8058278

what, you don't like having a brown mesu dorei worship you?

>> No.8058280

is the racism you speak of about the fact that nobody is watching?

>> No.8058281

What the fuck I want to canceeeel!!!! REEEEEEEEEE

>> No.8058284

I claim Ame and Mumei as my polyamorous wives

>> No.8058288

A lot 9f good art for the girl already

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>> No.8058290

Sana’s outfit looks stupid and Kronii’s face and head looks odd. Other than that, I’ll reserve my judgement for when they actually stream.

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>> No.8058299

To sexually harass.

>> No.8058300

go back with your twitch culture

>> No.8058301

this but with doog

>> No.8058302

I just realized Mio's face also moves the same way as Anya's 'mask'. Fuck.

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>> No.8058304

Does Mori... enjoy video games now?

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>> No.8058309

Everyone seems a bit overdesigned except for owl. I wouldn't be surprised if people mistook them for Nijis at first glance. I'm excited for the nature hag

>> No.8058310

Sana just chilling in herself

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>> No.8058315

crippling guartism

>> No.8058316

>Nanashi Mumei and Ouro Kronii aren't following any riggers
>everyone else is

Who's getting ruined by the talentless hack? both of them?

>> No.8058317

Another flipx holo?

>> No.8058320

>11:30am ~ 12:30am PDT
What does this mean? You mean 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM?
Not really great times for west coast wageslaves...

>> No.8058321

Been busy with life reps, only was here for the first hour after Council announcement
What vile unnatural rrats have been bred in this chaotic space of creation and degeneracy in the time I've been gone?

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>> No.8058324

she has more chest than shion and gura combined

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>> No.8058331

Are you retarded, interacting with other holos is literally the point of hololive

>> No.8058333

>It's real

>> No.8058335

This shitposting is getting old, also it invites /pol/ mouthbreathers. Tone it down a notch for now please.

>> No.8058336

>does the shitty upside down meme
Has to be an aussie.

>> No.8058338

I really don't know. I really want it tough because I have no idea how it'd go.

>> No.8058339

>make the only confirmed deadbeat the protagonist of 2nd Gen

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>> No.8058342

I'm going to fuck nature

>> No.8058348

Threadly sub-gap update

>> No.8058350

So... meme review this weekend?

>> No.8058353

not cunny

>> No.8058354

Korone is a dogfucker?

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>> No.8058364

Yes my bad I'll edit it for next thread

>> No.8058367

Idk why people are saying Owl has a boring design. She's got the most solid design. Sana's hairball things look out of place, Kronii needs like 25% less leg, and the other 2 seem a little too busy.

>> No.8058368

always has been

>> No.8058369

delicious feet

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>> No.8058371


>> No.8058372

She looks either SEA or Latina.

>> No.8058374

Didn't she use "oi" when replying to Kiara about Casper?

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>> No.8058378

>Dog fucking a dog

What's wrong here exactly? Next you'll have an issue with Okayu gettin barbed?

>> No.8058379

Shoul't they have more subs? Wasn't IRyS at 100k by this time?

>> No.8058381

Mori missed the secret room AGAIN

>> No.8058382

Do >we know where the new EN girls live?
Please let there be some EU

>> No.8058383

Which JP raping Gura would have the hottest rape session?

>> No.8058384

Can someone give me an image of EN2 with their names. My autism makes it hard to connect faces with names. So far all I know is Chocolate Paizuri, Fate Paizuri Nature Paizuri Owl Paizuri and RRat

>> No.8058385

Me too!

>> No.8058386

i hope /pol/ and /qa/ raid us in the debut to the point the we have to disband this board kek

>> No.8058389

brown el sexo mucho

>> No.8058390

All of them.

>> No.8058391

She did

>> No.8058392


>> No.8058394

I hope we get another mori vs ame situation,the threads were glorious

>> No.8058397

Which Holo is the most likely member to harbour racist thoughts about Sana?

>> No.8058400

yeah lemme rub my crystal ball and check

>> No.8058401


>> No.8058402

Koikatsu cards, doko?

>> No.8058404

I just noticed that Sana wears no shoes. Nice

>> No.8058411


>> No.8058412

Same, having no idea what anyone is talking about makes the threads funnier. I'll memorize them easily when they debut and I have faces to put to their names and so will you.

>> No.8058413

Mori’s whiter than Woolie

>> No.8058414

peko, izuru, ayame, and mori

>> No.8058415

Yes. I blame the dick tease. Had they just dropped the debut trailer from the sky the hype would be high.

>> No.8058416

Is this really the kind of stream deadbeats want from Mori? I know some of you would say "as long as she's happy I'm cool too watch her do anything" but that would imply that there are only 2.8k deadbeats

>> No.8058417

>Hiroshimoot ever deleting this board
As long as we’re talking about things that’ll never happen, Towa doing her Eigo reps and quitting her smoking habit.

>> No.8058419

You will never see Pekora anywhere near her.

>> No.8058420

Cute tomboy Aussie halfu rrat imouto?

>> No.8058421

Mori's voice is dying on her.

>> No.8058422

How far is Mori from beating the game?

>> No.8058425


>> No.8058427


>> No.8058428

Smart anon

>> No.8058429

Yea I was thinking this

>> No.8058434

Imagine being Ame's BF right now
>It's finally time for your 10 days vacation with Ame
>She looked so dispirited when you meet her and she's always staring down at her phone
>You tried to cheer her up but she only answers with a short "Yeah, ogey"
>Even during sex, you could see her clearly not in the mood and tried to peek at her phone several times
>The next day, you went hiking with her, you think at least she won't be fiddling with her phone while on the mountain
>But her mood was way worse because she said she missed some important stuff online
>Back at the hotel, the first thing she did was booted up her laptop to do some "work"
>Even late at night, she was still happily chatting with workmates instead of spending her time with you
>"This isn't fun" you thought to yourself
>You tried to sleep while listening to your favorite female rapper instead
>She suddenly woke you up and said "Uh, there'll be an important work meeting on the 19th late night"
>"I think you should stay somewhere else during that time, you know, as usual"
>You slammed the hotel door and ran outside, expecting that she'll chase after you, but she didn't
>Giving up, you peeked inside your hotel room and saw her watching some dumb monkeys clips
>You might have her body, but her mind and heart belong somewhere else
>You decided to sleep on the hotel sofa and cried yourself to sleep that night
>Then you woke up the next morning and mumbled to yourself, "It's fine, at least I still have my Mori"
Teamates always win in the end

>> No.8058435

>gura said she has some hololive stuff to do in project diva stream

>> No.8058437

Learn basic grammar and spelling before you post

>> No.8058438

I'm officially somewhat hyped now.

>> No.8058439

She loves blacks tho

>> No.8058440

Why are the names so bad this time?
Sana Tsukumo? Doesn't match that visual at ll
Ceres Fauna? Wow very creative, the goddess of plants and a word for animals. I get it, nature.
Ouro Kronii? How are you supposed to make Kronii cute? And yes we get it, chronos.
Nanashi Mumei? This is kinda ok
Hakos Baelz - Probably the worst of them all, that just sounds like some demon lord and not the sexy type, people will call her "bae" which is annoying as hell

>> No.8058441

and that's the best part

>> No.8058443

and they're all me baby

>> No.8058447

Is Mori really gonna play Idol Manager after this? Did Gura over do it with the energy drink recommendations?

>> No.8058449

Fat orange cat

>> No.8058451

gura was a slave owner so she wont do that, i think pekora is a racist one

>> No.8058452

deadbeats don't give a fuck about numbers. They just want mori to be happy

>> No.8058453

>4th stream of a kusoge
>in the middle of the night for most of her fanbase
These numbers aren't surprising.

>> No.8058454

IRyS was the first new debut in like 7 months and conveniently came out a week after Coco had her emotional exit. Everyone was excited to have something new to look forward to.

>> No.8058457

aren't spics and nigs mortal enemies?

>> No.8058458

It's like the designers thought being hired by Hololive was a big deal, flexed a bit too much and went too far in a few places.
That said, I like the deer and the owl chuubas, they look lovely.

>> No.8058459

>This is kinda okay
She is literally named Anonymous.

>> No.8058460

you can never over do it on energy drinks

>> No.8058462

hopefully the mods put up a sticky to honeypot the retards again

>> No.8058463

Tako Bells

>> No.8058464

Wait, there is a EN gen 2? When was this announced?

>> No.8058469

With possibly a hot voice, as that seems to be Kiara's preference and she was already requesting a voice pack

>> No.8058470

>bullied deep south girl who idolized japan
>the splash incident

>> No.8058471

So if Sana live in Japan, does she get to take Mori's title?

>> No.8058472

el em ay oh

>> No.8058473

>Ame has interacted/liked art of all the new holos except the black one
Was the nig clip true? Is Amelia racist?

>> No.8058475

Of course there will be a sticky. The whole board will go into overdrive too.

>> No.8058476


>> No.8058480

We got leaks it's being revealed tommorow

>> No.8058481

Does this artist do chikmin porn?

>> No.8058483

>> No.8058484


>> No.8058485


>> No.8058486


>> No.8058487

I would have thought KronZone would be ahead of Mumei based on the increased chatter about the former.

>> No.8058490

That's what my expert research has led me to. Let it be known that I have already claimed rrat for cat.

>> No.8058494

But Deadbeats aren't watching. That's the point.

>> No.8058497

already proven that the aftermath of that sticky is a nasty one

>> No.8058498

>They debut
>They're all Australian bogans

How would your opinions of them change? Personally I would love them all even more.

>> No.8058499

Astel will start playing starting from the second round

>> No.8058502

Too much lasaga

>> No.8058503

in 2 weeks man, it was leaked

>> No.8058504

But she liked this

>> No.8058506

theres a sticky right now

>> No.8058508

Anon I have no idea who you're talking about, I identify them by nicknames: Brown, Nero, Deer, Owl and Rrat

>> No.8058512

The perfect girl if true, she just needs to be a fighto game addict

>> No.8058513

At what times did the EN1 stream their debuts? Anyone remember that?

>> No.8058517

Yeah but Nanashi is cute
You can call her Nanashi or Nanachan

>> No.8058518

Where is Cthullu?

>> No.8058519

>> No.8058520

A Holo’s voice that never fails to make Kiara wet is Roboco’s so EN Roboco imminent????

>> No.8058521

>Twitter won't let me see her replies anymore
Do I cave and get a Twitter account?

>> No.8058522


>> No.8058523

My heart's a stereo

>> No.8058524

here's the albums from a round of gartic phone >we did yesterday just before the reveal
I'm using imgur because I don't want to use so many images by myself

>> No.8058525


>> No.8058526

>IRyS Ch. Hololive EN

isnt she a vsinger?

>> No.8058528

nope just cute stuff

>> No.8058530

>"being a nigga isn't about skin color, its about the mentality"
-one of the hodge twins

>> No.8058532

This is an insider information thread. Nobody else even knows about this. Keep your lips sealed and remember that you didn't hear it from us.

>> No.8058533

PONpex kino in 10mins. Be there meatsacks.

>> No.8058534

Would Kiara only like her voice if it was hot though? Kiara likes cute girls too.

Personally I'd like one into strategy games.

>> No.8058536


>> No.8058537

hakma baelz

>> No.8058538

I'll change it to >Amelia has interacted/retweeted art of all the new holos except the black one

>> No.8058539

Mori Calliope

Saturday, September 12, 2020 from 8 PM (JST)

Saturday, September 12, 2020 from 11 AM (GMT)

Saturday, September 12, 2020 from 4 AM (PDT)

Takanashi Kiara

Saturday, September 12, 2020 from 10 PM (JST)

Saturday, September 12, 2020 from 1 PM (GMT)

Saturday, September 12, 2020 from 6 AM (PDT)

Ninomae Ina’nis

Sunday, September 13, 2020 from 4 AM (JST)

Saturday, September 12, 2020 from 7 PM (GMT)

Saturday, September 12, 2020 from 12 PM (PDT)

Gawr Gura

Sunday, September 13, 2020 from 6 AM (JST)

Saturday, September 12, 2020 from 9 PM (GMT)

Saturday, September 12, 2020 from 2 PM (PDT)

Watson Amelia

Sunday, September 13, 2020 from 8 AM (JST)

Saturday, September 12, 2020 from 11 PM (GMT)

Saturday, September 12, 2020 from 4 PM (PDT)
There will also be a group debut right after Watson Amelia’s debut stream over at her Youtube Channel.

Sunday, September 13, 2020 from 10 AM (JST)

Saturday, September 13, 2020 from 1 AM (GMT)

Saturday, September 12, 2020 from 6 PM (PDT)

>> No.8058540

>oh yeah he's out in the back. OI CASP-
You probably should get an account though.

>> No.8058541

I just woke up
Anything I missed in last seven or so hours?

>> No.8058544

we already have tons of newfag coming from discord. Dumb fucks out themselves by recycling old rats. Yes I'm talking to (you) I see your containment breaching ass over all discord

>> No.8058547

>Ouro Kronii
>Kronii - chrono - time
>Ouro - Ouroboros - loop
Literally time loop

>> No.8058548

1 bogan is the perfect amount, 5 bogans will result in the final yab

>> No.8058552

Is literally an anagram for Khaos anon...

>> No.8058553

I welcome it

>> No.8058554

He does Takamori porn, although rarely.

>> No.8058555

After this she needs to fight Gebel again and then go through two more areas.

>> No.8058556

didn't matter, i already watch an australian bogan

>> No.8058557

No, she's a regular variety streamer that actually gets her projects funded.

>> No.8058558

Mori is gonna get drunk on discord and call Sana "my nigga"

>> No.8058559

You don't want this.

>> No.8058561

don't think so, board seems quiet as ever

>> No.8058562

God dammit. I'm going down the Twitter hole

>> No.8058565


>> No.8058567

ogey. Still looks cute

>> No.8058569

You know not what you wish for.

>> No.8058570

Sorry, you have to stop posting Takamori.
No dead ships allowed.

>> No.8058571


>> No.8058572

Pretty sure it was at their current usual times, actually. Except Ame, she was last.

>> No.8058573

hakos baels is the archduke of terror

>> No.8058574

You can't tell me there are only 2.8k fans who will watch her no matter what.

>> No.8058575

>Pako's design isn't a super cool badass girl like Nobu

Somewhat dissappointing, but she's hot so whatever

>> No.8058578

That's nice but what kind of name is Hakos?
>hakos-chan kawaii ne!

>> No.8058583

I am sorry?

>> No.8058584

Just got out of work, I missed the reveal but owl has my favorite design even if she's a Genshin character

>> No.8058589

We found out that all the new girls have a boyriend

>> No.8058590

>I could go on forever
Mori finna die

>> No.8058593

I just want one of these new girls to be an Apex autist like Choco

>> No.8058594

That's like trying to clean up a radioactive spill by blowing up the contamination site.
Rest assured /vt/ will most certainly exist for many years to come as a containment board, so long as there are people who watch vtubers.

>> No.8058595

Are Baelz' antis going to be the I'M HERE TO KILL CHAOS guy or Saltzpyre (hates Chaos too, and rats)

>> No.8058596


>> No.8058598

I rather watch her play a game she enjoys with 2.6k viewers over some shit like Henry Stickmen where she gets like 10k but doesn't dislikes it.

>> No.8058600

and it was Mori

>> No.8058602

I think I saw one at some point but I may be misremembering the art style.

>> No.8058604

DethKlok will be the premier cross-gen ship, right?

>> No.8058605

Yes, I would watch anything. That doesn't mean she will be doing these kinds of streams all the time. Just look at her schedule ffs...

>> No.8058606


>> No.8058607

so why can't cover did that too to other talents? ah yes favoritism and cover nepotism,

>> No.8058612

Twitter is what you make of it. It's very easy to create a bubble with only content that you like on your timeline.

>> No.8058614


>> No.8058617

Luna forma de la negra

>> No.8058619

*dislikes it

>> No.8058620

Thank god for this now I can at last know their names.

>> No.8058621

It's on Ina's channels tab anon...
>wanting even more shitpex players
please stop

>> No.8058624

Horny time!

>> No.8058625

this plus social enough to invite her senpais to collabs

>> No.8058629

You legit aren't thinking clearly if think ALL of them being that way would be good. 1 sure but all of them would lose any unique appeal that they'd have in terms of voice

>> No.8058630

The manipulator is acted once more
even with the power of the gods the destined end cannot be denied and
Fate is already sealed-
You may feel weak and helpless


Where does the difference lie between 0 and 1.
The only way to save the void is to validate the existence of "space."
Intellects have long been recieving blessings from mother nature. It is also human nature to abandon appreciation
Since when have you realized the flow of time? ever since, all life forms have been trapped and tortured
Civilization is proof of humankind's footsteps, we cannot advance simply by building. Never forget who you really are.
The world is not composed with order alone
can't you apprehend?
Not being bound by anything is the greatest limitation

>> No.8058634

here you go

>> No.8058636

Cuz IRyS can actually sing

>> No.8058638

Oh you wanted more Takamori?

>> No.8058639

I bet we have many, many more lurkers than usual. If anything happens be ready for the IP count to shoot up real fucking quick.

>> No.8058640

*would rather
Also, use some fucking punctuation.

>> No.8058641

>didn't include the red line

>> No.8058644

Do keep in mind these designs are the 'full course' with every accessory turned on, they'll most likely be able to turn off a lot of that just like Kiara can turn off her sword and shield, or Ame can turn off her coat and magnifier

>> No.8058648

Why would IRyS get special treatment just because she's Mel's and AZKi's friend?

>> No.8058649

Ame gets 6K over kusoge nobody cares about like oblivion and Ina gets the same with kusoge nobody cares about like W101

>> No.8058653

I learned about what this was from Damo and Darren. I think it's hilarious and I can't get enough of it.

>> No.8058657

>Never forget who you really are

>> No.8058658

I just want to say that Mio has lovely singing. That is all.

>> No.8058660


>> No.8058661

I call dibs on this one.

>> No.8058662

goddamnit Anon

>> No.8058663

I'm gonna feed Kiara and Mori my hotdog

>> No.8058665

If you insist.

>> No.8058672

Yeah, me.

>> No.8058673

Coping isn’t healthy

>> No.8058674

The shit on clock girl's head is never seeing the light of day.

>> No.8058676

its a subjective reason, she isnt a diva or something and her voice is not a life-changing one

because its easier for cover to manage talents that are located in homeland japan?

>> No.8058683

>green lamy
>hentai game character
>fgo reskin
>clannad character
>genshin/atelier ryza character

>> No.8058685

Bro she's literally Meltlilith what the fuck

>> No.8058687

Look at my sharkwife. I won't be seeing her again until Friday at the earliest!

>> No.8058688


>> No.8058690

My current ranking
1. Nanashi
2. Ouro
3. Ceres
4. Hakos
5. Sana

>> No.8058692

You shouldn't be surprised, shall I remind you Pako also drew this CE. The man likes his fanservice

>> No.8058695

Flat Earthers

>> No.8058697

I like Metroidvanias and I love me Mori. Simple as.

>> No.8058698

i dont get it

>> No.8058700

Imagine Matsuri getting locked in a room with Fubuki and Gura. Matsuri looks at Fubuki and they both nod, proceeding to grab Gura. In an instant, Gura finds herself helpless as Fubuki holds and kisses her, and Matsuri goes straight for her undies.
Imagine Matsuri pulling them off as Gura squeals, and starting to lick her out while Fubuki’s fingers help her. The more this goes on, the weaker Gura gets, and the harder it is for her to resist. Eventually, Gura’s squeals turn into moans as Matsuri fingers her, and she completely gives up fighting back. Fully opening her legs after Fubuki lets go of her hold.
Just before Matsuri is about to finish her, Fubuki grabs her, and pulls her away, starting to rub her. Fubuki lays Matsuri on the bed and goes wild on her, while gura facesits her

>> No.8058703

>Izuru Apex scrims
>Temma's POV
I'll probably look at this team today to see how they're doing, I saw that they struggled a bit yesterday

>> No.8058705


>> No.8058709

Anon I get you want to start the timeloop, but it's not going to work.

>> No.8058711

>waaaaaaaaah i want a holo who's into [niche autistic game]
>i want a holo who's into [niche autistic hobby]
>i want a holo who's into [100% male fandom]
bros i just want a girl who grew up watching top gear (uk)

>> No.8058712

Wtf was this in reference to by the way? Did either of them came across hotdogs in the games they play or mentioned wanting to eat it or something? Or was the crunchy one just architect posting?

>> No.8058716

I love Ceres today more than I did yesterday

>> No.8058717

Thanks. I was wondering if you could tell from the times where they were from, but that didn't really work that well.

>> No.8058718

what is baelz an anagram of?

>> No.8058722

Everyone is living through history right now and i don't like it because i can't do anything but watch

>> No.8058723

Could you repeat that? I don't think I got it.

>> No.8058725

She's streaming tonight, retardchama.

>> No.8058728

Guess the fanbase names

>> No.8058729

I want to bury my face between Kronii's tits while Kanatan milks my prostate

>> No.8058731

Holy based

>> No.8058732


>> No.8058733

>ryza character
maybe that's why nanashi is the best

>> No.8058736

One day break this time! I beleeb it for reals!

>> No.8058738

they use oi in japan too, im still hoping for >>8058420 though

>> No.8058740


>> No.8058742

Post for dog.

>> No.8058746

anon stop giving me an erection

>> No.8058747

>> No.8058749

Stop being so horny geez

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