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Which group has the better character designs?

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The nijis and it's not close. Why can't holoEN get good designs past holomyth?

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Who is the first one?

>> No.8031184

Niji looks too samey
EN2 looks too diverse in art style, shame that they couldn't replicate EN1 with unique designs that also mesh well together.

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You could throw everyone else except wadarco's into a group and wadarco would still win.

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So which one is the orc schizo who said she made it into EN2?

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NijiEN is better on average, but the best holoENs (rat and time) are better than any NijiEN.

>> No.8031313

Personality is all that matters. Remember that Lulu was being mocked for her design before she debuted...

>> No.8031422

but... its the worst one of the bunch?

>> No.8031428

Diverse tits size
Cow tits everywhere
You tell me

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Not gonna lie, NijiEN has the better designs except for maybe Civilization

>> No.8031499

Holy fuck, they managed to pull worse and blander designs than fucking Nijisanji...

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Holo keep getting all those high profile artist while nijis got literal who's rumao

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Holos by far. Nijis just look cheap in comparison

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Nijis 100%.

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We are in the era of overdesigned shit

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nijiEN is astronomically better than this trash

>> No.8031818

Niji wins, I kneel.

>> No.8031822

Lazulight looks like a bunch of SRs from a gacha game so HoloEN2 has them beat. If they were each as creatively designed as the Obsydia girls, it would be NijiEN.

>> No.8031857

BOOBA > no booba

>> No.8031883

correct tier list, except brown should be first, as she has the best design

>> No.8031899

Nijisanji. I didn’t like their designs at first but Jesus Gen 2 looks trash. The trailer made them out to be so cool but then

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EN2 is a mess. Over designed and too many colors. They look like low rarity characters from a phone game.

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they look more diverse (not in a woke way, even counting the brown one)
nijis are almost all exactly the same size/body shape

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Everyone looks good except the nigger, what the fuck where they thinking.

>> No.8032044

If you remove the niggy from the holo group it's about even. With her included the nijis are the clear winner.

>> No.8032049

Time would look 20x better with a symmetrical skirt

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Gonna give this one to NijiEN. The HoloEN2 designs are too conceptual and all over the place. Nature and Ratgirl are pretty good though.

>> No.8032099

Niji designs are more simple and to the point but puritan as fuck while HoloEN2 designs are more sexy yet more overdetailed.

Its a tie

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>Diverse tits size
They're all flat or very nearly flat.

>> No.8032127

And the literal whos are doing a better job at designing rumao

>> No.8032133

fuck Im so sad
this time niji wins again

>> No.8032197

>Personality is all that matters.
Why are you watching vtubers instead of listening to a radio, then?

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gonna say they're both looks niji tier at best

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Ceres and Mumei are better than anything in Nijisanji, however Ouro Kronii and the Rrat are worse than anything in Nijisanji

>> No.8032274

EN2 has higher highs and lower lows than Niji. Niji is far more consistent design wise

>> No.8032297

Will wave three be better?

>> No.8032303

it doesn't get better than this

>> No.8032322

Niji and it's not even close
t. holofag

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>HoloEN2 designs are more sexy
I dunno anon, but maybe you're the puritan here.

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these new girls better have banger personalities because 3 of the 5 are somehow boring and overdesigned at the same time, and the other 2 are only decent

desu i'm starting to get into niji EN recently, after being hororive onry for a year and a half now. they're pretty cool, except petra gurin, she's a boring bitch

>> No.8032444

Petra and Rosemi for best nijiENs
Green and Quail are best HoloEN2's.

>> No.8032449

>Overdesigned eyesore
>Belongs in a generic gashashit
>Belongs in a generic gashashit
They have no color harmony, terribly bland color palettes, I barely see a theme in them.
Now I just realize these hacks got incredibly lucky with gen 1 designs.

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God I love Elira

>> No.8032503 [SPOILER] 

You sure? Wait until Elira and/or Selen take off their shirts and you'll see this.

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These look like they're going to be great designs and the best in NijiEN honestly

>> No.8032548

Only Mumei has an incredibly appealing design here.
NijiEN has better designs.

>> No.8032562

Top and I don't watch nijis or holoENs.

>> No.8032572

Yeah those designs are disappointing. Most came from very good artists too so it's not their fault. It's Cover's instructions. They obviously wanted overdesigned crap.

>> No.8032577

Retard. This is canon

>> No.8032593

You see the witch cunny? She's the real Gura killer.

>> No.8032616

HoloEN management has definitely done more research, so far there's:

brown girl

Those were highly requested design traits.

>> No.8032633

Their mama is good but I would honestly give it to any VTuber that was this original (obviously not as lewd but at least 5 breast or multiple breast)

>> No.8032638

As someone who doesn’t know any of the Nijinsky, I like the four on the left but not the two on the right.
For Holo, I like Nature and Rat. Civ would be ok if not for the two antenna/feather on the head.

>> No.8032679

everyone in this thread
>NijiEN 100% is better
>*take a look at NijiEN numbers*
yeah.. /vt/ useless and insignificant even in internet space. what an embarrassment

>> No.8032683

niji gen 3. the design to kill all loli designs:

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>> No.8032744

Well you certainly can't tell it from their live2d models.

>> No.8032802

Wow, Im genuinely impressed by holoen 2. They managed to make me dislike every single design.

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yeah and then you only see their head 95% of the time, who cares

>> No.8032952

Selen is flat, or at least has small tits, though

>> No.8033036

Both NijiEN and HoloEN are scared to do cunny designs. Socials media really got fucked them

>> No.8033094

The Nijis overall feel kind of generic and samey while the Holos are all over the place. Can't say I prefer either group.

>> No.8033110

>he doesn’t know

>> No.8033111


>> No.8033127

Bottom right is discount pomu

>> No.8033133

That design reminds me of Azusa from Slime 300

>> No.8033206

IRyS is still the worse ENs design as well as Hololives worst design by far

>> No.8033231

Anon I...

>> No.8033281

Feathers on civ look awkward from the front but perfectly fine here. Even Space looks fine in this art style in fact.

>> No.8033283

Get ready for them. Their designs will mog holoEN and current nijiEN’s designs

>> No.8033334

I wish the brown girl was drawn by who ever did that pic. That artist has way better facial aesthetics

>> No.8033441

If they drop the angel and get something else that fits with a halloween theme, then yes they will mog everyone

>> No.8033457

Top, and here's why.
Top - No niggers
Bottom - Niggress

>> No.8033473

HoloEN2 unironically looks worse than generic gacha game designs.

>> No.8033532

>Rat and feathers are the only good Holo designs
>Rosemi and Pomu are the only good Niji designs
2/5 beats out 2/6. Also fuck footfags.

>> No.8033534

I'm really dissapointed in Holo designs. Way too busy and the designs don't match with each other.

>> No.8033542

This thread reeks of nijinigs copium

>> No.8033554

By far. We know what cat looks like and she's a cutie, bird is drawn by Touzai so she's guaranteed to be a cutie, ghost looks top tier so far so they just have to not fuck up her face, and fox looks like she'll be perfect for the ara ara type.

>> No.8033628

i like both except the Brown Girl from HoloEN2, fuck off, don't start a tribal thread for no reason

t. unityfag

wait atleast until they debut stream and then you can talk your rrats and argue about everything else

>> No.8033708

I'm a Holonigger but Ninji blows this group out the water design wise. We'll see how the personality pans out.

>> No.8033745

I think you need to take bath bro

>> No.8033768

I mean I’m gonna be a neutral party and say the top is simple and straightforward while the bottom has too much going on almost over designed but they aren’t Irys ugly so it’s a plus.

>> No.8033851

I refuse to believe Finana is that small.

>> No.8033864

Top for sure, if I didn't know about Ninjisanji and you told me they were the new Holoen gen I'd believe it.

>> No.8033866

I can't fucking believe this. Did hololive run out of budget for en2?

>> No.8033936

They look so much better in this pic, which is a shame... The downgrade to live2d was really awful, which leads me to >>8030967, Holo designs are better on paper but Niji did a much better job at transferring them to ld2, so I'd say niji is slightly better mostly because of Finana, Rosemi and Petra.

>> No.8033977

NijiEN is way better than HoloEN2. Now if we compare them to HoloEN1 it's a bit harder.

>> No.8033984

NijiEN wins again

>> No.8034010

Rosemi = Rrat > Selen > Pomu = Clock> Owl > Finana = Pendora > Nature > Penguin > Space

>> No.8034047

They didnt even show their l2d yet

>> No.8034093

>except petra gurin, she's a boring bitch
ok but did you have to be rude?

>> No.8034095

Reminder that there's no guarantee that all of these or even any of them will be used. They're stock models people audition for, if they find nobody to play them then the model will go unused. Oliver Evans, the new JP 2434 member, has a model that was first shown on an audition promotions like 2.5 years ago.

>> No.8034118

yeah, check out this fucking has-been noname artist KEK https://twitter.com/momoco_haru

nijiniggers BTFO

>> No.8034164

Would switch the middle up a little but can agree with most of it.

>> No.8034177

Holo because FEET

>> No.8034220

it's a fair 5v5 too since Petra is too boring to take part in comparisons

>> No.8034233

I don't care, I'm just going to wait for FishRat's collaboration to get a lethal dose of smugness.

>> No.8034255

The OP image is their live2d just like how this was Myth's. Theoretically the rigging can improve the impressions of the designs though.

>> No.8034305

See how big of a difference it makes when you have a cohesive aesthetic. Cover should've looked past the novelty and contracted one artist to design all five.

>> No.8034388

Top is generic
Bottom is overdesigned

None of them are iconic. Closest is ratbitch.

>> No.8034392


Get rid of the overdesigned angel and trade her with a mummy, spider harpy or something else.

>> No.8034421

Or make more rhombuses

>> No.8034467

How do you go from this

>> No.8034469

What's so hard about making a design like this?
Something simple like this looks 100000000000000000x better than whatever garbage they just came up with

>> No.8034471

>Holo because FEET
this anon gets it

>> No.8034477

It's unreal how much better holomyth look here compared to this new gen. I wonder why, both have some very professional designers(huke/kuroboshi ,pako/wada). Maybe the new girls were just more excited and made themselves overdesigned from input?

>> No.8034513

Touzai's girls are great, pleb.

>> No.8034521

It's a fan art. Top quality fan art is always better than thier 2D counter part.

>> No.8034529

Space has a image of her live2d in action and I think it looks better than the static one

>> No.8034530

Since Cover loves nepotism, we might see at least one rhombus

>> No.8034539

Take it back

>> No.8034557

to whatever the fuck this is

>> No.8034566

You're going to get casual outfits when they do their alternate outfits

>> No.8034582

You have people ITT saying the nijiEN designs are generic/boring, people just like loud.

>> No.8034613

So she's Tomari Mari?

>> No.8034654

what do you think about EN1? are they all iconic?
I think they're all quite iconic (including Niji designs and HoloEN2), but maybe I'm just a retarded unityfag. enlighten me. What do you think makes a good design?

>> No.8034655

This makes me appreciate Holoen myth design way more now. They all look so unique and clean, fitting their theme perfectly.

>> No.8034667

That's because Hololive just grabs high profile artists that can deliver hype like Huke and Redjuice and just tell them to make a character to the specifications of the talent who have no eye for visual design and just turn it into an overdesigned clusterfuck. If you don't like your artist's final result you're fucked since it'd take too long to revise things or change the artist.

Nijisanji hires artists and lets them make whatever they want and then picks the best ones to give to their talents. They have a huge catalog of existing designs talents can choose from that they already bought the rights to.
They also have in-house riggers so while their 1.0 rigging isn't as good as Keffiy or Jujube it's at least consistent and doesn't leave anyone feeling shafted. Over time everyone gets rigging upgrades to bring them more in line with the good Holo rigs since the artists are on salary instead of freelancers with strict schedules.

>> No.8034670


>> No.8034671

>Nijiniggers already coping
Why are you faggots so predictable?
Its ok to be the b-movies of chubas, in fact it has its own charm.

>> No.8034709

That third design is fucking trash and takes away from the ghost kitsune and witch.

>> No.8034740

I hate those fucking sword & shield toys so much it's actually unreal.

>> No.8034789

Stop projecting Lol

>> No.8034791

>Hiring FGO artist
Cover mistake that artist numbers=better, didn't they already learnt from Irys mistake already?

>> No.8034795

damn, interesting info. thanks Pomu.

>> No.8034797

Why nijinigger are like this?

>> No.8034821

If a whole thread of people is saying that designs are shit and all you can say in return is "that's a cope" you may in fact be the one coping

>> No.8034827

they're both stupidly overdesigned
but i'll have to go with hololive on this one, the niji designs are incredibly forgettable

>> No.8034886

Did cover fuck up and list another artist by mistake? Its hard to believe that this artist drew her

>> No.8034891

La dualidad...

>> No.8034975

rat and time are literally the worst design-wise

>> No.8034992

Yeah the artists did a great job creating some cohesive designs for gen 1. They all look really great next to each other too. So far for chaos the only one I really like is the girl on the far right.

>> No.8035116

I keep forgetting how fucking tiny Finana actually is

>> No.8035135

I love both this man and Vincent

>> No.8035139

HoloEN 2 has the better designs. They are much more varied and interesting to me. Also, I couldn't help but notice that the black Holo kind of looks 3D? Am I just crazy? A 3D only EN like Miko and Sora?

Not saying NijiEN is bad or anything, I'm not a tribalist and I think the NijiEN girls look awesome. I just like the variety of the HoloEN girls a little bit more.

>> No.8035153

The girl probably gave really vague instructions for how she wanted to look and was too awestruck over getting into HoloEN to critique the artist's work.
It's like the difference between Nene's first design which was just "peach-themed china girl parodying Gintama" and her new one where she actually got to voice her opinion to the artist.

>> No.8035201

cope? you haven't even seen their final form.

>> No.8035225


>> No.8035232

People will be biased towards the NijiEN designs because they're used to seeing them and have had 1-3 months to learn to appreciate them. The new HoloEN gen doesn't have that advantage yet. Just saying this as a Niji fan. I much prefer NijiEN's designs right now but I can see the new Holos growing on me a lot, and at least none of them are as nearly bad as IRyS which is a step in the right direction.

>> No.8035237

EN2 simply because of chaos.

>> No.8035242

How the hell do they look more diverse? Three of them are some bland magitech shit you see everywhere in gacha now. The other two are two more kemonomimi and one of them looks like Kiara's OC while the other one could be Ollie's little sister.

>> No.8035276

Fuckin' this is exactly what I was going to say. Holy hell

>> No.8035282

holoEN2 looks like fucking TBC gear

>> No.8035338

Niji EN by far holy shit how has Hololive dropped the ball so hard after achieving perfection with EN1.

>> No.8035421

You may be right but I was automatically drawn to both dragons. I think I just like that artist.

>> No.8035443

Good point. You really have to see them in action to really appreciate the designs. You brought up IRyS and I want to say that I thought the design was awful. However, ever since watching IRyS since her debut I actually like the design. IRyS is clumsy and dumb as fuck and is adorable as fuck because of it. The derpy looking design she has clicked hard with me after seeing her in action. Its absolutely perfect for her personality and I learned to appreciate it.

>> No.8035557

Anon that artist can draw perfectly fine
This looks like a rigger sabotage or something

>> No.8035567

>selen close to last

>> No.8035665

Nah, I automatically liked the dragons and Rosemi.
Visual design is all about first impression, anyways, that is a poor excuse.

>> No.8035690

What are you smoking? Selen has a 10/10 design and the best part is that it fits her personality 100%, which is extremely rare for a corporate chuuba.

>> No.8035740

I'm not blaming the artist I'm blaming her for not being able to communicate or having bad aesthetic sense.
I remember Kiara said for her design she gave Huke a hand-drawn concept art of what she wanted. She probably did something similar and all he did was adapt it into his style.

>> No.8035788

wait finnana is cunny?!!!

>> No.8035860

rosemi design shits on everyone else
and i haven't watched even a second of her
finana and pomu get 2nd place
holo design is terrible except for the fucking generic atelier ryza and reine copies
t. holofag

>> No.8035868

Selen and Elira have amazing designs though.

>> No.8035886

NijiEN mogs HoloEN any day.
But holofags will defend all their shit regardless.

>> No.8035911

I fucking love selen but her design is a nightmare lol

>> No.8035920

This Lol

>> No.8035933

She's 141cm, same height as Gura.
The artist just didn't give her cunny proportions but she jokes about being flat and being a loli sometimes.

>> No.8035969

So which one is Coco and which one is Lulu?

>> No.8036016

Ninisani because flat is justice!

>> No.8036041

Rosemi has the best design on that image, but she's boring as shit.

meanwhile selen's design is shit and she's the most fun EN vtuber in general.

>> No.8036058

holoen1 > nijien1 > nijien2 > holoen2

>> No.8036082

I feel the same way. Elira and Selen having the same designer felt lazy to me. I like the variety in the designs on EN2. We will have to see the 2D rig though to see if they will look good

>> No.8036150

NijiEN no contest, the designs are way more memorable.

>> No.8036155

Wait for Niji gen 3 for Coco

>> No.8036156

>Which group has the better character designs?
NijiEN has no bad design whereas HoloEN got rrat as the stand-out and the rest is kind of confusing and all over the place.

>> No.8036180

Really? I love her design, the whole racing theme really goes with her personality

>> No.8036187

Rosemi's design alone pulls NijiEN above HoloEN2

>> No.8036240

knowledge is your friend, i know

>> No.8036278

Her neck and mouth are disproportionately massive

and her shirt is so weirdly shaped

>> No.8036283

The artist is a very famous loli artist but didn't design Finana as a loli because they heard that loli's get artists flamed in other countries. Finana is a loli in all but age and some key proportions. I hope her 2nd outfit has more loli aesthetics in it.

>> No.8036334

She's actually shorter, she's 140 cm.

>> No.8036369

Is that really what happened? Did the artist mention that somewhere or is it just speculation?

>> No.8036439

>I hope her 2nd outfit has more loli aesthetics in it.
Finna said that she wants massive tits for her new outfit

>> No.8036532

I don't believe that for a second, she's always going on about how "flat is justice" and shiet

>> No.8036577

NijiEN has better designs but most importantly MUCH BETTER RIGGERS LMAO

>> No.8036579

She said she wants some kinda OL or "older" version so she can do Finance streams but they could just give her both like Emma.

>> No.8036601

Hololive has the better loli while nijisanji has the better dragons

>> No.8036656

Just take your fucking pills anon. You're overdosing on copium.

>> No.8036685

She said a bunch of times how she asked for a more ''mature'' design, which actually fits her personality better imo, she loves doing the Finance voice.

>> No.8036835

>Selen that low

>> No.8036895

The time bitch and the rat drag down EN2.
The rest are ok or fine.

>> No.8036971

>hire god pako
>make him do a two tones clean shading
Fucking kek, they wasted his skills so badly with their prompts

>> No.8037039

Finana is lucky she doesn't have to show the whole model. She looks like a damn midget.

>> No.8037203

Finana's fish pussy will never be topped.

>> No.8037224

Nijis. But I don't like Selen's design yet she's the best. While penguin has a great design yet she's meh.

So we'll see.

>> No.8037244

It will be topped. By me.

>> No.8037253

I may be wrong, but HoloEN 2 sees to have artists from FGO with having Wadarco and Pako, and middle girl looks a lot like Sei Shouganon.
That said, I like the rightmost girls the most, followed by leftmost, then middle and Pako girl last.

>> No.8037452

She prefers the term 'living onahole'

>> No.8037473

i don’t really watch niji (except kirame and alice) but i’d have to say niji takes this. niji just got better designs (and delish flat chests everywhere) while holo here has like b-c cups as the smallest

>> No.8037553


>> No.8037699

where’s the better loli? niji’s has more lolis, holo there doesn’t

>> No.8037775

Let me guess another Gura Killer?

>> No.8037827

the artstyle of the gyaru doesn't have very good synergy
theyd be on par otherwiser

>> No.8037840


>> No.8037982

that’s such a loss for the artist. just look at gura. sure, outrage might happen for like the first month or so, but ppl gonna stop caring soon anyway

>> No.8037996

This is MILES better.

>> No.8037999

>deviantart indie/genshin ripoff
>FGOEN + AtelierEN
FGOAtelierEn aka the bottom. It's not even close.

>> No.8038341

I think the issue is the thickness of the lines. EN1 and NijiEN both have roughly the same thickness in the lines of their characters, but Compare Rrat and Nature. One really pops out and the other is half faded away.

>> No.8038582

Penguin, Leglock, Selen - great, expressive and cute, especially penguin and dragon - they look comfy as fuck
Pomu and the rest - good, harmonious
First: great detail, overall harmonious design, well-rounded body, me like
Second: a bit of uncanny face and simple design, still better than IRyS' fucking nose and mishmash of features. Would take away the candy-coloured hair accessory and make the galaxy above her not connected directly to her noggin. Would add some leg accessories, like bracelets, and add some detail to the arm gloves.
The chaos rrat: would be on par with the first if not for the sleeves/socks and the accessory on belt that REALLY look out of place
Fourth: I wonder if her clock accessory really ticks. Kind of uncomfortable to look at because huge tits and wide hips contrast weirdly thin arms, legs and waist - she needs to eat a bit more. Would be better with a bit of a longer, fully closed pencil skirt.
Last one: looks like scrapped MC from an Atelier series, but not in a bad way. Good, well-rounded design.

>> No.8038664

I like the rat more than fish and penguin whays so hard to understand

>> No.8038831

I have to wonder if pako couldn't be assed to draw an interesting girl, the girl that requested that design just has that bland of a taste or if he just did whatever because Cover/something pestered him.

>> No.8038909

she’s aight. better if she was flat

>> No.8038943

NijiEN is generally better, but Ceres' design easily shits on everyone else's by a mile

>> No.8039135

Cover, it's always Cover

>> No.8039158

niji overall, but the new green holo is the best one out of all of them

>> No.8039240

How? That and space are easily the weakest ones.

>> No.8039350

Everyone involved is to blame including the rigge

>> No.8039356

>we now have a red, green and a brown pomu

>> No.8039645

Pomufication proceeding as planned.

>> No.8039649

The 4th holo girl has weird proportions. The legs look too long and the torso is too short. Just compare her body to the 1st and 2nd holo who are similar in height to her.

>> No.8039650


>> No.8039932

That's wadarco for you, but I still like it a lot. Green-haired girl also cute. The rat's artisthas to be the one for Sei Shouganon.

>> No.8040234

>Delicious Brown
>Halterneck top for exposed shoulder and sideboob
Sana makes me FUCKING DIAMONDS and so EN2 wins. Sorry Finana and Elira.

>> No.8040536

I take this back, Sana's the drawfag of the group so I don't know what the fuck happened.

>> No.8040740

not only that but each titty is about as wide as her waist

>> No.8040854


>> No.8041013

niji and I’m not normally a niji guy

>> No.8041558

Hololive already has the vastly superior witch

>> No.8041622

>she's the drawfag of the group
She likely has bad aesthetic sense AND poor communication skills for what she wanted from pako.
Imagine having an FGO artist at your disposal to request "generic anime girl from 2000's"

>> No.8041743

This is like comparing vomit to shit.

>> No.8041775

Both look like designs from a second tier chink gacha game. Sometimes simple designs are just a lot better compared to this overly designed shit

>> No.8041894

Niji's designs are already simple, unless you want just a human wearing a t-shirt and jeans I don't know what your issue is.

>> No.8042101

That's a lot of cunny. Yeah.

>> No.8042206

Nothing is beating Shion

>> No.8042236

I can't unsee it now

>> No.8042239

Still waiting on Gen 5 to get casual alts after a YEAR

>> No.8042275

Hired another artists based on numbers and not on style

>> No.8042280

oh I am beating Shion alright

>> No.8042319

Will NijiEN just fizzle out because of HoloEN2? Do you think they'll survive until these girls >>8033283 debut?

>> No.8042459

>Rat is Ironmouse
How mad?

>> No.8042463

I just fucking realized Cover made a Fate reference with the Owl
>Mumei, same name as EMIYA
>She is the collective unification of Humanity, AKA Alaya, which EMIYA works for
And three of the other girls are designed by other fgo’s artists.

>> No.8042473

>Three fertile flat plains
>One bountiful mountains
See, this is the domain you're supposed to take for a prosperous civilization.

>> No.8042524

Nijisanji by a fucking mile. Like you showed me the 5 of the new Hololive EN gen 2, and if I didn't know what their lore was. I'd say they look like a cute band of misfits. NOT the councils of each respected aspect of mythology. The 2 on the right looks like they came out of Genshin as adventurers, the other 2 on the far left. 1 looks like a girl who spends way too much time in the forest smoking that fairy dust and the other one looks like one of those girls that are addicted to tarot cards and star reading. Rather than the aspect of space it self
And the middle one is the most out of place
She looks like a harajuku crazy fashion girl. it is not horrible if they had a different lore
Not this
This does not make me think that they're aspect of space, time and chaos etc
This make me think they just mix and mash other subjects that have no corolation to anywhere near the lore that they have

>> No.8042616

it would be too expensive for Cover to make a full 3D model of her hospital bed

>> No.8042691

Elira has the best design out of both Holos and Nijis.

But all the Holos have better designs than the rest of the Nijis.

>> No.8042719

This will never be funny
I dont know why you bother

>> No.8042870

>another niji cope thread

>> No.8042875

it's not my fault that you don't have sense of humor the same way she doesn't have a sense of an immune system

>> No.8042889

The only good design in HoloEn2 is far right. The rest is trash.
For me its: Rosemi > Petra > that Moth(?) girl > Pomu >rest.

>> No.8043036

>Everyone on EN has huge tits besides rat.
Looks like Ina will remain my queen for EN although I might give nature and rat a chance

>> No.8043125

Damn they're already hiring for their 3rd group? Guess vtubing really is the future.

>> No.8043170

Y-yeah bro, we'll totally mog in them in the numbers department at least! Haha...

>> No.8043315

>mfw hololive fell for the footfag meme

>> No.8043344

First time seeing how nijisanji operates? They basically flood the market and hope 1 of them hits consequences are trivial and you can always retire an entire branch and repeat the process dont look at nijisanji kr by the way and how many people that has

>> No.8043553

>Everyone already forgot about ID's costumes
Cover HATE

>> No.8043752

>he doesn't know about Nijisanjification.
"Everyone can be a vtuber" is Nijisanji motto.

>> No.8043865

only time and space are huge, the rest are Bs. nature's color contrast makes them look big.

>> No.8043928


>> No.8044158

Sounds like you only want gamer girls as your oshis

>> No.8044166

I changed my mind, she's the best out of all Holos.

>> No.8044184

>Rosemi-sama in 1st place
Based list

>> No.8044212

Now that you say that yeah, you're right. Still though in my book medium-small or flat/near flat are the best

>> No.8044216

both are overlly generic by being over designed kind of weeb cringe. Niji may have been able to gain an edge design wise really blew it with no males in the first two waves. One of the biggest things that differentiates them from hololive and they decided to be holo en light instead.

>> No.8044378

Unless you applied for ghost in the female audition, then they won't even look at your application lol

>> No.8044441

what's wrong with it?

>> No.8044448

Niji's look unique, hololives look like copy and pasted genshin impact r2ejects.

>> No.8044508

see >>8044166
Nothing, she's the best.

>> No.8044598

I just noticed all en nijis have fucked up legs

>> No.8045025

CLAMP proportions

>> No.8045055

Wait are those EN ones real? Fuck I wish the barefoot with bangles girl was the one with pale skin and blue accents. Leftmost girl is fucking godlike though

>> No.8045744

Now take off everything else.

>> No.8045863

Everything about this tier list is shit. Imagine thinking Selen AND Brown are the worst. Brown is fucking adorable and the best EN2 design we got.

>> No.8045900

anatomyFAG can't get any rest

>> No.8045905

Oh shit, my bad, I take that back. I thought Brown meant Owl, never mind.

>> No.8046569

Goddess really is a terrible concept for a whole generation. I can already tell from the silhouette that their designs are way too complicated and will be confusing when EN grows to 5 gens like JP. The owl and the rat are the only decent one although it's hard to admit even them don't appeal to the eye as much as NijiEN. It's all about the people that's playing them at the end though.
there's still hope

>> No.8046764

Worst redesign in history.

>> No.8047264


>> No.8047492


>> No.8047586


>> No.8047591

Not to mention how much of an inherently risky idea it is to make the entire gen thematically related; what of one of them graduates?
Imagine if Botan/Lamy/Polka/Nene/Aloe had all of their marketing about being a hand of five fingers and then the ring finger fucking disappeared.

>> No.8047609


>> No.8047783

That's gotta be done by Ina, those mouths and faces just scream priestess

>> No.8047863

Here's your gura killer bro.

>> No.8048170

Imagine niji en went with normal nijisanji route and have highschool girls.

>> No.8048272

I just realized this when seeing the designs for the new HoloENs but Nijisanji EN really has a lack of girls wearing skirts while also exposing their thighs. Only Pomu and Petra fall under that category. For the rest, Finana wears spats, Elira wears overalls, Rosemi wears tights, and Selen wears pants. In wave 3, we have 3 out of 4 of the girls wearing skirts/dresses with full tights, and the only girl without tights is wearing a full kimono and is hardly showing any skin. Meanwhile Hololive's new ENs are all skirts and exposed thighs. Not trying to shit on either company, just found this interesting.

>> No.8048450

That's very interesting indeed.

>> No.8048514

I'm pretty sure it's Namie. The eyes are similar.

>> No.8048560

who took Time's organs?

>> No.8048567

They really want the FGO audience, huh.

>> No.8048604

niji EN has better designs than holo EN gen 2 but holo EN gen 1 has better designs than both of them. Seems like hololive is really dropping the ball when it comes to new designs.

>> No.8048626

NijiEN seems to be going with a theme where every member is a "non-human" in one way or another. Will probably extend to the male wave too, expect to see something like a werewolf or a golem.

>> No.8048672

They got the EN market under their thumb so they don't have to try anymore, they'll be rewarded no matter what designs they release.

>> No.8048688


>> No.8048877

>Pray for tall, booba, chocolate chuuba for years
>Finally get her
Fuck yeah I'm overjoyed. Nature and rrat are great too. The two others will serve even though I'm not in love. The NijiEN girls are good too though, especially Elira.

>> No.8048928

Nijisanji EN.

Im not watching HoloEN2, instead I will be optimistic for the Niji loli

>> No.8049154

>tall, booba, chocolate chuuba

>> No.8049209

He is obviously an EOP tourist like most of holofans.

>> No.8049393

Flare is great, but I need more.

>> No.8049415


>> No.8049517

>Will NijiEN just fizzle out because of HoloEN2?

>> No.8049609

>ghost blowjob woo woo
>CUNNY 2.0
>nine (9) fluffy tails
NijiEN3 is gonna be amazing I can't wait

>> No.8049817


>> No.8049866

Nigga are you stupid

>> No.8050037

NijiEN. I think Pomu and Rosemi have good designs nit the rest are pretty boring. I don't like any of the Holo ones besides the girl on the right though and the brown girl just looks terrible.

>> No.8050875

Tomoshika's is even worse, imagine how bad Monoe's would've been

>> No.8050992

>Delicious brown
>Bright red
>Tall girls
>booba variety


>generic pastel color Genshin design
>less height variety
>less booba variety

>> No.8051032


>> No.8051040

Fuck you guys angel is the best. I hope only the angel model gets used and you cope.

>> No.8051204

Why do they need so many accessories when they could be nearly naked?

>> No.8051308

Niji clearly, and my oshi is the rrat. The legs on the crony are outright nightmare fuel.

>> No.8051510


>> No.8051577


>> No.8051588

Holos have tall girls and short girls.

Taller than me > shorter than me

>> No.8051614

Souless vs soul

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