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Coco Kaichou thread.
Kiryu-Kai is forever!

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I love this bitch.
This movie is actually a lot better than I remember it being.

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fun movie

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I have so much fun in this movie bros

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Dead bitches belongs to trash

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Kson hates men
Thanks for supporting this flag and the rainbow flag Kson!

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Your wife is being adorable again

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This isn’t really relevant to the thread but there’s a cool new vTuber named kson you might want to check out. She’s really into trans rights and sometimes shows her boobs, I really like her.

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Cringe waste of air

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Her older mildom streams are pretty spicy. Comfy too. I'm Currently leveling up to lv999999999999999999999893. I'll be a mildom god by August end.

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Weird morning in Hololive today. First was Haachama's Reddit Review with a guest Coco never had, and now Ame's Asacoco is about to premiere.

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The autist is really angry today
Have a sexy Kaichou drawn by Senchou, fap and have your anger go away, Zhang

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>Not at all similar to something else that I may have felt pressured to do.
Well shit Ame, Now I don't know how to feel about this.

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>Being cute
Were there any doubts.

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what's that???

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That was a fun watchalong.
Too bad pacific rim 2 is shit, though I'd still watch it with her anyway.

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>Shin Godzilla
Please make it happen.

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Holy based she's flexible as fuck. She almost did a full 180 split. I'm kinda starting to believe those cheerleader Rrats.

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>hates dicks and men
>last outfit was literally a dick
Based Cover

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didn't she said that she used to do gymnastics in school?

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Very fitting for a figurative dick and a literal cock-eating whore like Coco

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Cope. She doesn't even know you exist fag.

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Kanata stop flexing on us

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>he brought a friend or is using phone

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give new daikou

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Did the phoneposter really come back to shit up this thread only to get banned again. Dumb retarded ass nigger.

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>Irys and Haachama meme review
>Ame news morning segment
>Pacific rim watchalong with my oshi
>Kitty-chan gundam build being planned
Today was a good day

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I hope Coco was watching Ame's show. I think she'll be proud.

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She wasn't

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She can always check the archive, which she usually does.

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In the middle of the 4th gen continent, as she should be.

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The middle part is a barren wasteland.

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Sorry, I am not interested in counterfeit drugs, I only take the real thing.

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CocoTowa love!

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Counterfeit? Do you not remember Ame being handed the recipe personally?

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>Towacock entering coco

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Let me rephrase it then, I don't give a fuck about a rip-off Asacoco.

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Based, same feelings

>> No.7970265

>Falseflagging and samefagging
You should unironically seek medical help, the sad part is that you think nobody notices.

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Replying to someone with the same feelings is not samefagging, like anon above, i don't give a fuck about hololive anymore, yet some asacoco rip-off

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Get ready.

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Very unbased I'm sorry to say.

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Ame has the gall to imply Towa is a separate country and not an inherent domain of the Peoples Republic of Coco?!?

>> No.7971554

This gonna be a short stream? Doesn't look that complicated.

>> No.7971555

Take your meds anon. I don't give a f too

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So if no-one cares about Hololive Coco-related stuff anymore, are we ready to move this thread to a Kson general then?

>> No.7972106

lol, you're not even subtle anymore

>> No.7972177

it's SD, so it will be pretty short. There's always honhe though.

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That was a legitimate question, I'm not the anon you think I am. I'm the one who posted the 4gen map and the Asacoco reference.

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Anonchama... They're bypassing the jannies here. Kson doesn't belong to this board or only a few times.

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English, motherfucker, do you speak it?!

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Wrong, she's not the only vtuber who does cam streams, Tamaki exists.

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Nope. Now cope.

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It's a Coco thread, of course Coco-related things are welcome.

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Its perfectly fine. Ignore the idiots who are butthurt about this. Its literally what Coco wanted, and Ame did a passable job. Same with Haachama's meme reviews. Neither is as great is the original, but they were personally handed off so the legacy can live on.

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Do we still want to rape Coco?

>> No.7972819

>Its literally what Coco wanted
>doesn’t want anyone to copy her content because people would just compare the two
so which one is it?

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Who are you quoting, ESL?

>> No.7972870

Coco wants the first one, dramafags do the second one

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>Who are you quoting
Is this supposed to be an insult?

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You’re the most stupid person in this board, literally.

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Don't miss her one bit. It's like she was never there at all.

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He's also extremely angry, it's like watching a kid throw a temper tantrum.
I'm just here eating popcorn and enjoying the show.

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Coco warms the heart and soul. So the thought of "rape" never really crossed my mind. I enjoyed watching her ringu fitto adobenchya stream but it didn't really make me hard. It was more like a feast for the eyes in my opinion. If any anon here jacked off to that shit then I'll personally come and invade your home, unload the week's worth of Cum, that I've been saving up, right inside your mouth. Bottoms up anonchama.

>> No.7973142

And yet here you are, in a Coco thread.

>> No.7973158

Maybe start watching streams, or even clips, before making an argument.

>> No.7973255

you are >>7972938 right?

seriously, your english is awkward.

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Sorry thought this twas the Aloe thread.

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Just watched her most recent mildom stream and the pony tail really suits her. She's so damn cute holy shit.

>> No.7973320

Then get back to your NGA

>> No.7973329

That's my line.

>> No.7973358

>Pic unrelated of course.

>> No.7973398

What makes you think Ame is going to do this more than once?

>> No.7973443

Based, only zhangs want to violate and defile the Kaichou.

>> No.7973447

Great, fuck off

>> No.7973499

Coco isn't the type to crack easily, so I wouldn't get much satisfaction out of that. I would rather violate Kanata and force Coco to watch for maximum suffering.

>> No.7973539

sure, I can fix her with my cock.

>> No.7973836

MEGA BASED. What an upstanding anon you are. I would rather defile the other anons here on this board than do something terrible to my oshi.

>> No.7974098

Or, hear me out, you pay a hooker to release your week load. Then you will be supporting your oshi with SCs and your hooker with paper money, making a big contribution to the world. No need to rape anyone.

>> No.7974134

Just jerk off you weirdos

>> No.7974343

Have I been found out. How far does this anons power stretch to completely blow my cover in such a way. Anon-様お前はベースードですよ。

>> No.7974564

I wouldn't mind you railing me if it meant protecting our Oshi's purity.

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She's hinted multiple times she doesn't like or at least doesn't understand trannies. Pretty based.

>> No.7975060

Sorry /pol/friend but that clip was completely out of context.

>> No.7975197

I'm sure you'll be happy to provide the context and also post proof that Coco supports dick cutting off rights.

>> No.7975250

This goes against what transfolk stand for. https://streamable.com/1ihdvi Do your gender studies reps anonchama. because right now your ignorance is very much apparent. I hope you get cancelled. I also hope your gay nazi friends delete you from life.

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Just don't reply

>> No.7975320

Sorry /pol/anon, I'm not into her for GFE, I don't care whatever she wants in bed, nor should you. Fuck off.

>> No.7975423

But muh context

If anyone actually did their reps they'd realise how based Coco is. Show me videos proving otherwise. Show me the vids or twitter posts where Coco said she supports people who genitally mutilate themselves.

>> No.7975549

>I'm not into her for GFE
Your time will inevitably come. Soon you'll join the GFE brotherhood and you'll finally realize the true beauty behind GFE. GFE is not just a "feeling" NO, it's a way of life. we'll be waiting for your eventually conversion. Anonchama.

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>> No.7975678

That's my bait your replying to. Also a joke. Also the link pretty supports your "Coco is based trans-erasure queen" narrative. Which I say is based.

>> No.7975751

I love Coco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.7975771

What a coincidence, me too.

>> No.7975849

can anyone tell me why OP has to include "coco" in the subject or make this a "coco" thread?

why not just call her kson now? is it because you guys like coco's design? because I saw a kson thread a while ago and it seems redundant for a coco thread to exist when kson threads exist..

>> No.7975882

Let me rephrase. I love Coco!!!!!!!! but Kson/Daikou/Kumichou are better.

>> No.7975978

Oh that blue haired girl? yes, she's quite fun too.

>> No.7976022

It's more entertaining for me to plant a seed of doubt and then move on. Watching you guys jerk each other off over this is like watching some Chinese dudes get really into Snoop Dogg and tell all their friends that he is against drug use, because "The Chronic" wasn't translated into Mandarin yet. It's really funny.

>> No.7976251

>plant a seed of doubt

>"Coco hates men, you losers have no chance. She loves women and I'm the one she'll be scissoring"
>"Coco supports the letter T and wears colorful shirts. She supports people like me. I won"

>> No.7976475

Lemme add this to da list
>hates men
>hates dicks
>ksonfags have to cut their dicks off to please their oshi.
kusa kusa kusa

>> No.7976627

Astonishingly based as fuck. Though my post was more on the jokier side if anything. Still based though. Have a choco milk.

>> No.7976650

>hates dicks
She said she wants to play a dick-game today.

>> No.7976693

There isn't a machine translated clip of her saying it, so it hasn't happened in their reality.

>> No.7976710

wow she's just like me

>> No.7976847

>kusa kusa kusa
EN TL: Rumao Rumao Rumao

>> No.7978314

Orange Dragon Bad
Blue Lesbian Bad

>> No.7978385

Legendary Dragon Lady. I FUCKING KNEEL.

>> No.7978570

Legendary Dragon Lady!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.7978655

I want to rape Coco. I want to tie her up in a position where all her holes are easily available and go balls deep into each one of them. With her breast, arms, legs and feet tightly bound in shibari, the idol is now an onahole inviting everyone to use and violate. I want to see her struggling with all her strength though she can't even move an inch. I want her to feel ashamed for feeling pleasure as she is used by MEN. I want to see her finally losing control and squirting everywhere. When she is screaming and crying, about to be broken, I will again deepthroat her, this time gently. The struggle stops and her teary face becomes calmer. She'll slowly begin to accept being a sex toy cumdumpster for men and the fact she will never go home again. I'll then hike her up into a suspension bondage as cum is dripping out of all her holes. I won't forget to put a dildo-shaped gag into her mouth to humiliate and bully her even more. She knows she's going to be used again soon and she hates how much she's looking forward to it. Now, she needs dicks. She craves them. It's all she can think about when the tight ropes are on her body. She's never going back to Kanata again.

I want to rape Coco.

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>> No.7978811

And i want to rape anon, what are we gonna do with that?

>> No.7978824

So next stream when? Also, Hitman 3 WHEN?

>> No.7978881

>I want to rape Coco. I want to tie her up in a position where all her holes are easily available and go balls deep into each one of them. With her breast, arms, legs and feet tightly bound in shibari, the idol is now an onahole inviting everyone to use and violate. I want to see her struggling with all her strength though she can't even move an inch. I want her to feel ashamed for feeling pleasure as she is used by MEN. I want to see her finally losing control and squirting everywhere. When she is screaming and crying, about to be broken, I will again deepthroat her, this time gently. The struggle stops and her teary face becomes calmer. She'll slowly begin to accept being a sex toy cumdumpster for men and the fact she will never go home again. I'll then hike her up into a suspension bondage as cum is dripping out of all her holes. I won't forget to put a dildo-shaped gag into her mouth to humiliate and bully her even more. She knows she's going to be used again soon and she hates how much she's looking forward to it. Now, she needs dicks. She craves them. It's all she can think about when the tight ropes are on her body. She's never going back to Kanata again.
>I want to rape Coco.

>> No.7978911

Tomorrow, Hello Kitty Gundam.
Otherwise, just next week Members Watchalong is scheduled. Movie is 'Chef'.

>> No.7979018

>Hitman 3 WHEN?
Baio haazaado buireju mechya hoshikatta na~ hittoman surii mochiron suki desukeredomo. Yappari baio 8 no houga saikou!!!!!!

>> No.7979228

Why are /qa/niggers so obsessed with this thread? you have an entire board for you to shit up, fuck off already.

>> No.7979293

Better luck next time

>> No.7980049

Just filter every single Yakuza/gigachad image you see, disable stubs and this thread becomes good again without having to see that mentally ill freak's posts, you can thank me later.

>> No.7980387

I can't believe I'm going to say this but... I miss the times when feetanon was the most degenerate thing in this thread.

>> No.7980421

It's the same schizo

>> No.7980468

I like this schizo, he cute

>> No.7980492

Sure thing, now fuck off back to /qa/

>> No.7980498

So my post really needed a /s at the end...

>> No.7981323

As feet anon I can confirm that that is in fact me. I like derailing bait threads with exaggerated nonsense. In fact baiting other bait posters is actually the quickest way for a thread to die. But I do not reply to bait in Coco threads. It's you fucks. Stop replying to obvious shit bait.

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>> No.7981443

>11 months later and the chinks are still in these threads

China has a glass heart. I love hurting the feelings of the Chinese people LMAO

>> No.7981537

Did you notice how Holo CN was completely absent? Seems NGA did considering the festering butthurt going on.

>> No.7981661

HoloCN=Nuked from existence

>> No.7981989

Lmao, didn't Artia go missing as soon as she moved back to the mainland? The Chinese secret police would never do anything terrible to a westernized whore, would they?

>> No.7982088

Why can't /pol/ just leave these threads alone.

>> No.7982171

Speaking of China, Youtube recommended me a clip channel that appears to not be complete garbage. If any of you speak this language maybe you'll appreciate it.


>> No.7982299

>I like derailing bait threads with exaggerated nonsense
B-but coco REALLY has the best feet in vtubing anonchama...

>> No.7982423

Because some people like hating things more than enjoying things.

>> No.7982432

I mention bait posters and immediately after more start flooding in. The absolute state of these threads.

>> No.7982551

it's dead hours anyway until she streams

>> No.7982663

>B-but coco REALLY has the best feet in vtubing anonchama...
I like derailing threads with *partially* exaggerated posts

>> No.7982809

I'd rather see the freaks posts than the countless number of falseflagging I've seen in this single thread.

>> No.7985909

The contrast between that other 800k subs celebration stream and this one is... one filled with sadness, this one with hope and happiness.

>> No.7986781

Why'd you have to remind me of that stream...

>> No.7986868

She is now happy and I'm confident on her surpassing Kiryu Coco's channel before the end of this year.

>> No.7987015


>> No.7987339

>> No.7987539


>> No.7987623

She's not gonna get 800k+ subs in 4 months

>> No.7987672

Meant 600k but my point still stands

>> No.7987861

We will see

>> No.7987928

Has it ads?

>> No.7988079

Mang who gives a fuck about subs? I just wanna build Gundam and relax with my Hikkimori Otaku onee-san

>> No.7988117

Get youtube premium and start downloading her streams over and over if you want her channel to go viral, that’s apparently broken and the algorithm loves it, i know i’m doing it

>> No.7989969

I hope she sings some Studio Ghibli songs again. I was really surprised at how well she nailed the one from Lapita and I think Monoke, though it’s been a while since I’ve seen them.

>> No.7990068


>> No.7990442

How much should I donate to make her play apex?

>> No.7990478


>> No.7990539

Pretty sure MGS is leading the game donation charts with 100000 yen, so more than that at least.

>> No.7990715

Please don't , remember that 50 kills endurance stream?

>> No.7990828

2 parts.
And she actually ended up going for 55 because she reached 550k subs

>> No.7991031

Was that really just after 500k subs? I remember that APEX stream being later on, for some reason, and that would place it around August? I guess it makes sense that I am wrong... my memory of July+August 2020 is fucked due to moving and changing jobs.

>> No.7991218


>> No.7992285

Her upper register has a nice ethereal quality that sounds weirdly really nice. A shame she never got a chance to make a original song as Coco that takes advantage of it. Though I suppose there’s still a chance since she’s doing karaoke and what the dumb anon that leaked membership content said.

>> No.7992473

sorr yto dissapoint ya but Kumischou alreay shot past 800k recently.
I WAS THERE WHEN IT HAPPENED. Bit after she finished singing karaoke marathon and literally had superchats fill up the funeral portrait to the brim to hide her face in it.

>> No.7992661

I think you had too much to drink anon

>> No.7992708

>> No.7992867

accurate chest

>> No.7993816

Does kson have a scooter? That's pretty cool.

>> No.7993857

she had a bike

>> No.7994166

and she got hit by a car

>> No.7994286

suspect last seen near pond

>> No.7994547



>> No.7994624

No, it's not.

>> No.7995938

Are you retarded?

>> No.7996648

Nice try but no.

>> No.7997203

Let's fucking go!

>> No.7997927

My heart...

>> No.7998063

Her knees are always bruised

>> No.7998222

Adidas Sports Bra... good times

>> No.7998307

sorry if this is off topic
but have any of you tried a similar setup to her? (low desk+sitting on the floor)
it looks really comfy

>> No.7998353

"I love her so much bros. I need tips on how to grind to lv893 on mildom. YouTube really needs to gamify their app. I havnt watched random content creators on YouTube in a long while. But on mildom it's quite easy to tune in because I know I'm gaining EXP in the process". - Kaigai mildom intern

>> No.7998511

Her smile is contagious

>> No.7998638

She has more gundams than before in the background there right?

>> No.7998648

>those thighs
i cum

>> No.7998656

She went and brought bear guy

>> No.7998659

it depends, if you are used to sit on the floor, or with crossed legs, and it's not uncomfortable for you, go for it, try, personally my back would be dead after an hour.

>> No.7998785

I would also get a zaisu (some sort of chair without legs), so you can lean back at times.

>> No.7999020

Are there any kiryu-kai who aren't into kson especially when she's stream without the avatar?

>> No.7999145

I don't know about other kiryu-kai but how can you not resist this?

>> No.7999344

I'm sure there are a few but i doubt anyone who posts here has a problem with it, otherwise they wouldn't be here.

>> No.7999503

kitty gundam confirmed anti draw

>> No.7999709

It felt weird at first but I'm cool with it now. Ultra 3D tech is impressive.

>> No.7999748

After Kitty Gundam this is the natural progression for her next build.

>> No.7999768

>her face in the 3rd pic
i am in love

>> No.7999814

Some, but after an initial outburst of posts they seem to have chill out or move on, which I respect if they are not comfortable with it. There were also baiters, but they've move to other topics to annoy us.

Chill stream after karaoke hype, good balance. Lovely t-shirt also.

>> No.7999840

The gundam buff is still strong
Watching a hikki in her pajamas build gunpla is peak entertainment

>> No.7999976

I'm a sucker for introverts doing crafting, she ticks all my boxes.

I'm waiting for her chillaxing gameplay of that summer vacation Shin-chan game too.

>> No.7999978

Building my own Gundam kit with her is relaxing and fun too

>> No.8000129

I really love those streams.
The only problem: Each time she does a Gunpla building stream I'm really close to buying new ones. Luckily the ones I currently want are not available over here.

>> No.8000196

I brought mine online and it arrived yesterday so I am building it right now

>> No.8000311

Around 33.48%.

>> No.8000433

I don't care much.
Obviously the 2D Kiryu Coco model is a lot more attractive (I even love the old dorky model), but it's not like I watch her for how hot she looks.
Hell, even when she isn't even on stream and there is no voice and it's just her chatting in minecraft or other talking about her - that's pretty fucking enjoyable by itself. https://youtu.be/MekNrqPd7i4

>> No.8000468

I can't believe she retired to become Sgt. Frog.

>> No.8000754


>> No.8000893

Fun stream other than it's still only 720p aaaa

>> No.8001259

I haven't watched the stream yet. Still leveling up my mildom level. Mildom gacha >>>>> Today's stream. I'm sorry bros but I have found my true calling. I will beat the system. I will become a mildom God.

>> No.8001301

Comfy streams = Best streams

>> No.8001399

Conveniently for you there's another Mildom stream coming up in 30 minutes.

>> No.8001633

She's soooooo cute. Someone kill me now.

>> No.8001778

I hope she doesn’t get banned like when she played that knockoff doom.

>> No.8001815

But I can't hate it because lovely Kanata sounds at the end.

>> No.8001915

The dickpics saga continues... sadly.

>> No.8001928


>> No.8001991


>> No.8002189

Why must the gay anons here keep rubbing it in. It's pretty obvious that after having witnessed all those pathetic jp dicks. They absolutely soured her taste in 3D man. No. This is not cope. This is just me assessing the situation at hand. I can fix her.

>> No.8002317

There's no way you're going to win against Kanata's foot-long throbbing futa cock, anon.

>> No.8002353

Do you think she still plays games with some of the holomembers off stream? I can imagine her playing with Kanata in case they both have a day off at the same time, but I wonder if the other members are also down.

>> No.8002370

that's a penis

>> No.8002428

No matter how big your 3DPD dick is there's a bigger 2D one.

>> No.8002441

>foot-long throbbing futa cock, anon.
Kanata I kneel.

>> No.8002478


>> No.8002507


>> No.8002526

Hope she is playing Ark with Aki and MonHun with Luna. We'll never know tho =_=

>> No.8002625

This game she's playing is...

>> No.8002740


>> No.8003067

Every time the MC of this game hits the ground I feel physical pain.

>> No.8003110

I kneel to this dyke

>> No.8003152

Imagine getting mugged by a gun-wielding bipedal walking dick that has balls for legs.

>> No.8003294

Someone here who can chat, please tell her the gun can be aimed.

>> No.8003313

There's no way Kson will be able to assemble an entire mega autistic PG in one stream. Let alone as a beginner.

>> No.8003350

I doubt anyone would complain about a 6 hour stream

>> No.8003375

Everyone can chat.

>> No.8003548

>he thinks it will only take six hours to assemble a perfect grade

Try two or three days. I'm not exagerating. That would be without breaks.

>> No.8003573


>> No.8003599


>> No.8003641


>> No.8003703

Well, now we know why she bought that Hello Kitty Gunpla then. Thank you Gunpla-oji for the information.

>> No.8003709

The skeleton of that thing is considerably more complex than the entire models she's done so far

>> No.8004778

Fuck, now I want to replay Cuphead.

>> No.8004943

Chinks and japs can do it in one day

>> No.8004967

This game she's playing is a Cuphead rip-off. Zack Snyder's Cockhead: The video game.

>> No.8005365

>> No.8005432

All she needs is rape

>> No.8005515

Calm down Kanata

>> No.8005713

Those she's pretty tight with probably play with her on their off-days like Rushia and Aki, especially since they said they're OK continuing to play with her after graduation.

>ywn be Kanata and making Coco moan that you're going to get her pregnant as she tricks you into railing her like in that Kanacoco futa doujin.

>> No.8006589

I though games were not allowed to use the Red Cross symbol.

>> No.8006868

>Play as a dick with a gun dick that shots sperm bullets

>> No.8006884

They're not, but many do it anyway. It just depends on whether the Red Cross notice and try to take action.

>> No.8008083

Kumichou too busy playing with dicks to eat homie's food.

>> No.8009921

>Eating scottish shortbread
God now i'm hungry
She has good taste in everything except clothes

>> No.8009986

>this entire game

>> No.8010043

A true kamige

>> No.8012441

I wanna fuck the sh*t out of her a*sh*le. Gonna make this bitch my M-sow and personal c*mdump

>> No.8012486

Calm down Kanata

>> No.8014773

After a year of "Cocock" memes, I was so glad we got this moment.

>> No.8015106

All the takes on USDA in the Hologlobe thread... :/
(that being said, only worth thread beside generals in this board, so much nerd fun)

>> No.8015681

It's complicated. Coco invokes a lot of feelings that aren't present when you see her roommate or other avatar but it helps tremendously that she's pretty much the same character or person that makes Coco appear cranked to 11 in comparison. It was striking when first tuning in that I could immediately hear Coco and even noticed that it wasn't just the voice, and eventually realized it was all genuine and we were getting the real deal the whole time it made it much easier to tune in. Seeing her happy makes it easier to forget about hearing the hurt you could hear when she announced her graduation, and mulling over what she wanted to accomplish but couldn't.

I'm really glad she's still in touch with everyone else. They all love her and it really shows. Nowadays I try to think of Coco like some sort of Kaioken transformation that Kson has hung up for a bit but ready for use in the future instead of packed away.

>> No.8015730

The bruises on her knees look so delicious. Holy Shit do I wanna lick those bruises.

>> No.8015848

>Chat shows Okayu a tweet that shows how you see superchats with the bug
>Tweet was made by kson

>> No.8015899


>> No.8015969

Sneaky Tatsunoko.

>> No.8016035

Her cuteness is massively unbounded. All her subtle movements. The way she tugs her hair behind her ears. Her dashing smile. It all seems so effortless. How does she do it. It's almost like a white crow masquerading as the very graceful and majestic dove. Feigned perfection or is that just my very baseless perception on things. I just saw her most recent selfie. Those cracks looked delicious. Kitty-chan I KNEEL.

>> No.8016083

anon, irl isn't a hentai. Take your meds.

>> No.8016133

Incomprehensibly MEGA BASED.

>> No.8016177

I was wondering whether Kson's short fingernail length may have been related to the change in her living arrangements in August 2020. Looking through her Twitter photos, though, it seems she's kept her natural nails short consistently since at least 2016.
There are some long gaps between hand photos that I'd need to look through Kson's videos to fill in, but her setup's middling recording quality makes it very difficult to see whether she'd grown out her nails during any of those periods. In the few videos I managed to acquire decent fingernail shots from before losing patience, the nails shown were either short or artificial.
The disappointing conclusion I have to draw here is that Kson primarily keeps her fingernails short for personal reasons, not in order to finger her housemate or other female partner.

>> No.8016190

Kson Okayu collab. I believe.

>> No.8016338

Not sure if you're an anti or just a weirdo but this is gross. Could you stop please?

>> No.8016472

>hand photos
My name is Yoshikage Kira. I'm 33 years old. My house is in the northeast section of /vt/, where all the Coco posters are. I take care not to trouble myself with any foot fetish posters, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. That is how I deal with society, and I know that is what brings me happiness. Although, if I were to fight Feet anon I wouldn't lose.

>> No.8016496


I see the /qa/ nigger is here again.
Why don't you kill yourself already? i'm serious.

>> No.8016543


>> No.8016621

Calm the fuck down. It's dead hours anyways. This thread will die soon. Might as well shitpost along with that creepy hand guy.

>> No.8016740

You can always go to /qa/, /b/, /v/ or whatever shithole you crawled out from if you want to shit a place up, there's no need to do it here.
>This thread will die soon.
We're still 50 posts before bump limit, probably 100 if a mod removed all the garbage you posted, what's the point of a fast general if it's filled with trash and random nonsense? all your posts remind me of chink spam, lots of words, no meaning and the same images over and over.

>> No.8016829

Why are you like this?

>> No.8016847

A little bit, yeah. I still think her Coco avatar is the best, and her KSon avatar honestly looks so fucking generic it's been quite a filter for me lately, with only her personality still saving it. I hope whatever new avatar is in the works better blow that shit out of the water.

I don't really mind the non vtuber look since she's at least a looker, but once again, I sometimes feel like printing a picture of Coco and just tape it over the Kson avatar or facecam on my screen when she streams.

I just want my orange, big titty dragon back.

>> No.8016985

I'm honestly going to miss her current daikou, her nose looks adorable and although limited, she still gets good stuff out of it, check this timestamp
If she keeps a cute nose and has the blue inner hair i'll be so happy.

>> No.8017113

Who died and made this nigger the arbiter of what can or cannot be posted here. Stop policing other people's posts. If niggers want to talk about hands then let them talk about hands. Your acting as if they were talking about chinese politics or some Coco related drama.

>> No.8017208

Go to any individual thread in this board, start spamming wojaks/goslings/gigachads while making creepy/disgusting posts and eventually someone will tell you to fuck off.

>> No.8017288

Invalid, someone will tell you to fuck off no matter what you post.

>> No.8017487

Wojaks are strictly forbidden from being posted on /vt/. And I see zero wojaks in these threads. Goslings/gigachads are /vt/s imported "wojak" substitute. Meaning their very much allowed here.

>> No.8017515

Is avatarfagging also allowed?
And what about posts like this >>8016177

>> No.8017922

>Is avatarfagging also allowed?
It's a bannable offense but it's not a consistently enforced rule. But this >>8016177 will obviously be removed. Not because of his weirdo text but because he used an irl image of Kson's hands.

>> No.8018439

Didn't really need to do any research to figure out that our hikki neesan who complains about having to do her hair, makeup, shave, or take baths also doesn't frequent nail salons.

>> No.8018517

Not like you need a nail saloon to cut your fingernails and she's never been one to use fake nails anyway, she's always been "non-girly" about her hands.

>> No.8018966


>> No.8018973

She probably doesn't like it when food or dirt gets stuck under her nails.
>Astonishingly relatable and based as fuck

>> No.8020172

Kanatan can lick it clean for her

>> No.8021626

At least some posts are being deleted.

>> No.8022707

Genuine question.
How do you guys feel about other talents picking up coco's segments?
I personally don't like how quick we're looking for it since their coco's but if the talents do it anyways I see no issue.

>> No.8022894

No problem especially since it's low-key encouraged by Coco herself since she's still close with the girls. That said, I still hold little love with the meme review segment in general. It's good in small doses like what other 3DPD streamers do but as a show, it's more miss than hit.

>> No.8023024

I'm ok with it, specially those who pick them up. Yes, Haachama is still trying to get the hang on it (it's quite mediocre now) and Ame just started doing the Asacoco-like program so can't ask for hitting it out of the park first try, but I think both are the right choice. Coco is not there anymore to make them, so it's fine.

Also, Kumichou seems fine and happy doing what she is doing know, so no reason to feel unhappy about.

>> No.8023232

At the lunch with Haachama and Kanata, Coco told Chammers to do reddit review. So of course I'm fine with it. I think they were trying to come up with something for her to do since she was burnt out on things.
Ame doing Asacoco is a bit more esoteric. Sure Coco gave her the recipe, but that's not necessarily the keys to the show, but I got the impression Coco was really impressed with her and genuinely wished they had more time together. So I'm fine with it.

>> No.8023314

Appreciate the honest answers.

>> No.8023746

I'm happy to see more examples of Coco being such a big influence in hololive and anyone who actually knows her would never be opposed to other holomem referencing her or trying to come up with a "sequel" to something she did.

>> No.8024035

As a follow up comment I can say that I feel OK with it because Coco graduated without being banished. If it was a "never existed" case, it would not feel alright.

>> No.8024517

Look at it from different perspective, in few months memory of Coco will fade, things that she made won't be her anymore, chama reddit review and amenews will be completely theirs, new fans won't even know who Coco was.

>> No.8024734

To who? EOPs? who cares about them? their opinions have always been irrelevant for the main branch of hololive and it's not like the vast majority of this board even watched a single asacoco in the first place anyway, there's not much difference between someone who watched 4 asacoco clips and whoever discovers hololive in 6 months.

>> No.8025138

why all the recent kson clips full of clickbait shit

>> No.8025141

Such is life, isn't it? All things must pass. I'm not a teenager anymore thinking that time is static. I'm talking about memory and closure, both things that were secured and that makes me happy.

>> No.8025275

Those clippers are scum and leeches

>> No.8025467

It consistently is getting a lot of views, therefore ad revenue.

>> No.8025501

Kumichou should do what Ame is planning to do: hire her own clipper to post them to her channel.

>> No.8025629

No. I just want her back, it's hard to deal with.

>> No.8025665


>> No.8025826


Time to download and play the meat beating game Anon, like Kanata did when her oshi married. Time to accept it. You have kumichou now, that's something other people didn't have to fall to, otherwise, time to move on.

>> No.8025851

Your welcome Haachama

>> No.8026012

After a couple of comfy gundam streams, I want her to get into mechanical keyboard building.

>> No.8026105

Thanks anon, I knew about this channel but i swear she wasn't a v-tuber on it in the distant past
I have accepted it, but there will always be a hole shaped like her in my heart. I just wish she was more open about why she really left the company. The interview with Yagoo only made me question it more

>> No.8026281

Where's the ss of her boobas? Didn't she stream yet?

>> No.8026325

There were some feets too I can't find them

>> No.8026858

Reine stop, you have an addiction to those keyboards.

>> No.8026937

Deleted. Can't post 3d here.

>> No.8027559

oi, lamuko~

>> No.8028348

I love her in every form. For months I watched her as a faceless voice laughing at shitty games on mildom.

>> No.8030080

I really regret ignoring most of her non-facecam mildom streams, with those numbers the chat was probably great, nowadays it's much harder to interact directly with her.
But i had so many Coco streams at the time... and she wasn't even using daikou, it was just audio.

>> No.8031664

Sad thing to see most of those suckers fail to realize or care about that channel's motives behind posting ONLY horny clips instead of something interesting or funny. You would think her "fans" who watched that channel would realize how it could potentially give her a bad look to outsiders or clipfags who couldn't even be arsed to know the context or when those streams took place when they keep spewing shit like how she ought to open OnlyFans or if she "quit Hololive for this".

But I guess we're gonna get a repeat like how HH mooched off of her clips for views and followers that only cared about those clips until they do something that finally wake the raging dragon inside her.

>> No.8033141

In the end it's all up to Ks if she wants to fight back or let the tourists visit. Though it's becoming common practice that streamers have their own dedicated clip channel, she's gonna need another person to handle a part of the responsibilities.

>> No.8034189

>> No.8034871

I saw the spate of channels that just show Kson "wardrobe malfunction" moments (which they barely qualify as, if at all, unless you just never see females irl) and was just sad at the transparent sleaziness. Kson grew such a huge fanbase while streaming with a cartoon avatar, people love her for her personality, but some people have to drag everything down.

>> No.8034990

Are the views/comments/likedislike ratio notable?

>> No.8035805

It's sad to think there will be people who just see those clips and assume that's her thing now, even if there's actually nothing in the clip themselves, just a thumbnail and a clip title is enough for some.
Sadly nothing can be done about it, i doubt kson wants to go on a copyright strike rampage.
My guess is those leeches will eventually move on, or maybe another vtuber will be involved in a big yab and the attention will go elsewhere.

I really just want them to fuck off and leave her in peace but i guess a healthy clip community is too much to ask for these days.

>> No.8037252

The biggest one pulling this stunt has a whole lot of comments joking how bold she is or simping/thirsting for her with the minority voicing their concerns, calling out the channel for resorting to clickbait, or making extremely ignorant takes. And lo and behold, the extremely spicy clickbait gets more views in comparison to the "tamer" videos.

Can attest to it. I've seen a moron complain in one those clips that her graduation amounted to doing "boring content." Said clip was from her a Mildom TALK STREAM THREE MONTHS AGO in the damn description, so he never even bothered going to her channel in the first place. These kinds of people need more faith in the girls, especially when you get stories of how Coco's been a massive consistent support for the others. That's not gonna wither away even after graduation.

>> No.8039275


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