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>be dime a dozen twitch thot
>try to stream normally on twitch
>drown in competition due to complete over-saturation of market
>pay a couple hundred bucks for a decent rig
>do everything you did before, but now as a cute anime girl
>hundreds of thirsty weebs now flock to you

How long until this over-saturation of female streamers also starts impacting vtubers?
Another thing: how do you think it feels, knowing people only give two shits about you because you put on a cute anime girl skin? Must be a hollow feeling

>> No.7954615

it must feel hollow, indeed. because pretty much everyone flocks to you for your avatar in the first place. but on the other side, you can consider it as a form of extra security. at least you don't have to show your face, worry about your address, lower chance to get stalked, etc. also if you do something fatally cringe you still have a second chance in life.

>> No.7954981

Why is that gif the only thing I ever see of that chuuba? I don't even know who she is.

>> No.7955008

>pay a couple hundred bucks for a decent rig
This is what's rare

>> No.7955118

The more, the merrier. I only follow PURE and VIRGIN chuubas because I'm not a cuck and more competition means higher chance of finding chuubas like this, all the others will automatically become worthless and at the end only the most deserving ones will be left.

>> No.7955195

>Must be a hollow feeling
thots have no soul or dignity, they do not care

>> No.7955256

She's gone now. Although it was only just recently they died. A group.
I can't even remember their name, I never watched them.

>> No.7958067

Then it will swing back to regular thots.

>> No.7958100

Valid point about the whole “second chance” thing, considering how ruthless people can be to streamers nowadays

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