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What went wrong?

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Take Pippa off, she's not mentally ill and has a good head on her shoulders.

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What's wrong with Selen and Risu?

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There is nothing wrong with them.

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Think about retarded the average person has to browse this board, then multiply it by a thousand for how retarded an actual vtuber has to be to browse this board.

>> No.7947313

Everything went right with Risu. She's BTFO'ing dicklets every day.

>> No.7947342

You're not gonna memoryhole her menhera episode after she got bonked the first time.

>> No.7947373

Pippa, Selen and Risu are based
Don't care about the other literal whos

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I am going to have sex with KOOPA

>> No.7947403

I see your game

>> No.7947404

What's wrong with Temako? I'm watching her right now, endurance stream collab to 110k subscribers!

>> No.7947416

She was just a little depressed because work was mad at her. That wasn't an episode and you know it.

>> No.7947423

>Third one
>5th one
Alex Jones
Mentally forever stuck in the 00s

>> No.7947470

Every single one browses for ego searching. You're right about the type who'd be here for any other reason though.

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>Removing vids

>> No.7947662

She was unsure about what else could happen.

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>What went wrong?
they aren't throating my dick right now

>> No.7947773

I mean the logs from her roommate discord are pretty good evidence that she's mentally ill

>> No.7947899

Risu is based, and Calliope ian't that bad. I don't know who the fuck are the rest of them.

>> No.7947963

Terumi and Temako just had a collab.

>> No.7947966

>> No.7947986

No. I enjoy it and will continue doing it.

>> No.7948118

Other /here/ chuubas, apparently.

>> No.7948366

>What went wrong?
>Mori Calliope
You're gonna have to substantiate some claims here

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>I mean the logs from her roommate discord are pretty good evidence that she's mentally ill

>> No.7948485

Too many patterns to infer, need to be more specific

>> No.7948490

How many vps must meido ban before you stop

>> No.7948788

We know, Spacer

>> No.7948790

Nothing, they're all fine. You'd have a point if you included Carl or someone else who actually went under.

>> No.7948978

I'll never understand the Risu hate on /vt/, she's been the same person since her debuts, just more opinionated nowadays.

>> No.7949103

Like most things on here it probably stems from the chuubas obnoxious fanbase, amplified by attention whoring anons that jizz their pants whenever someone outside of this place mentions it.

>> No.7949158

I don't think anyone hates tree rrat here.

>> No.7949166

Risu is based as fuck. Unless you are obsessed with "THE BIG NUMBERS" you will understand that Risu is one of the best vtubers in the entire medium.

>> No.7949217

What opinions are we talking about?

>> No.7949219

Risu, stop same fagging on /vt/ and do a karaoke stream already.

>> No.7949224

I love Risu but please stop being yesman. It damages her in the long run dumbass.

>> No.7949235

paying for song expensive just mix it later

>> No.7949352

You are the reason people hesitate to check her out.

>> No.7949395

Thanks for letting me know Pippa exists. She seems smart from the one stream I've watched so far.

>> No.7949401

What is this menhera episode you're talking about?

>> No.7949522

Like >>7949103 said, you fags are obnoxious.

>> No.7949592

Fucking a fan
>nijisanji who
fat slut
Has a bf
Is a slut
Is a wigger

>> No.7949650

literally nothing

>> No.7949708

what's wrong with egosa?

>> No.7949867

>Risu hate on /vt/
What I see is a lot of people being concerned she doesn't do as well as she could. If you think numberfagging and demanding karaoke is hate, you are retarded.

>> No.7949964

>randomly pick 8 unrelated chuubas
>slap their portraits together into one image
>add a generic vague question implying something negative ties them all together
Devilish thread OP, letting /vt/ schizos make up their own interpretations of a totally meaningless post is genius.

>> No.7949996

Thanks for defending her bro
t. her boyfriend

>> No.7950021

wosemi there's an obvious connection and you should've been in the picture too

>> No.7950455

But Risu is a size queen.

>> No.7950555

I mean.. in Mori's case she just doesn't want to be a streamer. She wants to make rap music and act kinda Chunni.

>> No.7950722

Is that so bad though? I mean it Would be better if she replaces gaming streams with something more entertaining for herself and her audience but surely that's better than just watching her flail about playing a game she's obviously not interested in

>> No.7950738

bro... don't let the apophenia take hold bro, it's just a bait thread bro

>> No.7950770

She unironically enjoys those gaming streams, shitty they might be. But yes she excels elsewhere, and there's nothing wrong with that since Hololive isn't a video game streaming company.

>> No.7951017

>watched temako every day while she was doing her 10k sub endurance debut stream
>haven't watched a second of her since

>> No.7951346

Imagine how miserable you'd have to be to dislike Selen

>> No.7954495

Just means she's normal. At least in that respect.

>> No.7954541

Kind of agree. Neverhood endurance stream was proof she doesn't hate gaming, Stikman finale was proof she hates her chat when she's gaming.

>> No.7954686

You forgot Mocca, who is currently having a menhera seetheing session over Gen 2 / HoloOmen.

>> No.7954738

she's doing another endurance stream now

>> No.7954762

Why? I thought he made peace with not being in hololive.

>> No.7954827

The only thing Koopa did wrong was responding to schizos in good faith

>> No.7954923

What do these chuubas have in common? I can't think of any, except maybe living rent free in OPs head.

>> No.7954926

Screenshot feature on my phone isnt working for some reason, but you should check his twitter. He's just made just made about 25 posts about how soulless and corporate Hololive is and how he wants everyone who likes Hololive to unfollow him. It's realy triggered him something bad. Feeds into my rrat that he's actually orcschizo.

>> No.7955013

>Mentally forever stuck in the 00
That's a good thing. All mentalities post the 10's are all dogshit.

>Alex Jones
That's based

>> No.7955034

I don't get why though. What could possibly make him mad about this if he's over not being in hololive.

>> No.7955087

What is his end goal with doing this? No sane individual in the vtuber community will want to have something to do with him after this.

>> No.7955100

He's clearly not. He's a menhera. I don't think you can trust anything the guy says at this point.

>> No.7955128

Self-sabotage? Seems to be his only goal in general. Guy needs therapy.

>> No.7955196

>No sane individual in the vtuber community will want to have something to do with him after this.
Tbf that's still a lot of people. I wonder if Pikamee will notice.

>> No.7955280

Who is he even? The very few that seems to respond to his posts are just sucking his dick.

>> No.7955339

I think the implication is that they've all posted/lurk here.

>> No.7955350

menhera femboy (tranny?) that dropped a massive twitlonger on how they're mentally ill and lonely and then moved in with some guy from 4chan as their fuckslave then got pumped and dumped. a whole list of shit.

>> No.7955404

Does he even have a model or content at all apart from being a literal seething tranny?

>> No.7955460

This Mocca? lmao

>> No.7955480

>Selen in the image
the fuck? Kill yourself retard

>> No.7955508

Same person: https://twitter.com/whatsmocca

>> No.7955561

I started paying attention to him a few months before he decided to quit because he played actually genuinely cool retro games and I liked his design, and at the time he was chill, but honestly I just think he's an attention seeker who is trying really hard to delude others and himself that he's above it all. Ironically enough he's good at that, I'm not someone who follows the indie vtubung community at all and I managed to here about him even though he was rarely breking 100 viewers.

Like I will say the guy is inreresting even if he's clearly kind of an ass.

As for the dick sucking, that's just twitter.

>> No.7955590

>What went wrong?
the aspect ratio

>> No.7955596

Yeah, they were mildly successful peaking at a couple hundred viewers if I remember right. They just had multiple menhera episodes that resulted in a twitlonger about their life and all the stupid mistakes they've made consistently that lead them here.

>> No.7955617

This fucker just doesn't know when to shut the fuck up, does he?
He's such a massive hypocrite. He's one of those types that says "I'm not responding to you again" then responds to you for another 20 posts about how he is totally not angry.

>> No.7955636

Lets see
>Degenerate retard with annoying attention fags as fans
>Sea hag
>Nothing wrong here
>Beyond scuffed
>Idk shit about Pippa
>Directionless treerat
>Doesn't give a fuck

>> No.7955665

risu just stop putting in effort and taking this vtuber thing as a free check as she said herself, she doesn't even bother to use her character voice anymore.

>> No.7955704

Holobronies hate him because he told them the truth.

>> No.7955779

Basically vtubing took her soul

>> No.7955781

>made about 25 posts about how soulless and corporate
He needs to cope harder so her falls out of existence. I don't care about hololive that much these days but to be that ass blasted to make 25 tweets about it in a chain? That's...uh...concerning.

>> No.7955797

Mocca just hates fun.

>> No.7955817

Living rent free in his head forever.
Yes, Mocca, you are mad. I know you are here. Stay mad.

>> No.7955840

What reason could he possibly have for seething at Gen 2?

>> No.7955845

I can't blame people for being excited for new talents joining, and most have faith in Cover's recruiting, ensuring that they will be more talented than the eternal pre-debuters and 2 view trannys.

>> No.7955891

reddit for bear really?
aside for shilling posts and shilling with a filter word of grooming reddit hasn’t even watched her

>> No.7955902

Yeah if they had made 2 or 3 posts like >>7955704 I would have shrugged and moved on but when you then make q huge number of posts about how you want any followers you have to unfollow you for disagreeing woth you and how actually, no, you're happier than you've ever been and not playing the victim, you're clearly triggered.

>> No.7955928

facts based mocca
hype for nothing revealed at all

>> No.7955981

Never got in again. kek
Okay Mocca.

>> No.7956046

He got interviewed for Gen 1 and didn't make it. Went on a more reasonable but still probably misinformed rant about how Niji was a better company to work for when the NijiEN applications were released.

>> No.7956093

Seething 2view, Corpos wins again!

>> No.7956178

But he was right. You can literally slap Hololive brand on literal dogshit and it still get 1m subs. It's all about brand and nothing to do with talents. And then Holobronies dares talking about how talented their oshis is.

>> No.7956196

Last time I ventured into a bear thread for curiosity's sake everyone seemed to be sperging about reddit, but it is possible I'm getting mixed up with discord. Watched Beatani only once ever and was filtered hard by the fact that her chat behaved more or less like they do in her general.

>> No.7956236

Sounds like a cope to me anon. If you actually care about numbers, then the viewer counts are more interesting than the sub counts.

>> No.7956246


>> No.7956267

But he's a dude.

>> No.7956294

Mocca was absolutely seething

>> No.7956316

This. He's a dumb numbrain.
Viewer retention is the ONLY thing that matters. Some people sub in the hype and never watch streams or videos again, or casually watch things at best.

>> No.7956360

He himself doesn't know what he is.

>> No.7956361

>Shit tech
>BS management
>Game permissions boogalo
>Almost non existent freedom
All these fucking debuffs and yet, they're sill mogging everyone anyone anyway, HOW??

>> No.7956427

With Mocca you have to realize that he was extremely successful, peaking at over 600 concurrents on YouTube and then decided he didn't enjoy being a big chuuba and went back to his small Twitch audience and eventually retire which made a lot of indies very mad because it's very rare to have an opportunity to succeed without some corporate backing and he voluntarily threw in the towel. He also doesn't have a filter and openly talks about hypocrisy and fake people in the scene. A lot of the hate he gets for everything he says is seething 2 views that will never get his opportunities and holofags that value brand loyalty over everything else. He's famously always right, but no one likes hearing it.

>> No.7956432

kek, this fucker will end up offing himself some time soon.
He is doing himself no favors.
Seriously, Mocca, get actual help. Not the internet.

>> No.7956470

>openly talks about hypocrisy
Which is funny because he is a monumental hypocrite.

>> No.7956474

Seaniggers, EOP reddit and ESL are biggest brand NPC. They are not even humans. So the whole numbers argument is pointless when all Hololives bloat numbers came from NPC subhumans.

>> No.7956490

How'd he reach 600 viewers and why exactly did he retire?

>> No.7956508

Don't you have a twitter thread to go back to?

>> No.7956535

Because he is a mentally unstable /b/tard internet junkie. Probably actual schizo, unironic, full proper schizo. if not bipolar / MPD.

>> No.7956553

OK 2view.
He was a good chuuba, simple as. He's menhera so he just gave up because he couldn't handle it. There were /wvt/ chuubas openly hating on him just for giving up his shot.

>> No.7956560

Everyone want to see the mental case in case he offs himself on stream.

>> No.7956582

Ok Mocca.

>> No.7956585

>so he just gave up because he couldn't handle it
Care to expound on this?

>> No.7956625

This dude sounds like a jealous retard and should dilate. The hype hololive creates around new generations is what makes the wait fun, not like Niji that just dumps 30 new chuubas in a day. This is why trannies should never get near Hololive, i am glad he got rejected.

>> No.7956639

Hard cope.

>> No.7956658

Check the archives for his deranged twitlonger rant yourself. The guy has about as many issues as the average anon, but he's still right.

>> No.7956688

Okay Mocca dicksucker. (Mocca)
Mocca is a walking bag of hypocrisy.
Every fucking week he does a 180 on his own views or posts.
I remember seeing him say some shit about "not posting much on Twitter any more", literal next day posts a fucking life story on Twitlonger or whatever it was, and became more active! MORE. KEK
He's nothing but hypocrisy as a person.
These types never learn because they don't realize their own hypocrisy.
I had a friend like this who would argue AGAINST her own arguments simply by reframing them. It was so much fun seeing her sperg out on social media at times over the dumbest of things. Keyword had, she went off the deep-end and tried to kill herself in a thunderstorm by channeling Thor. I shit you not. She's a fucking nutcase stoner now.

>> No.7956725

>People not familiar with mocca
He basically was the first person to make a bunch of indies and vtweeters mad before calli did with her song.

>> No.7956734

You need to learn what the word hypocrisy means before thinking you're equipped to have an argument with adults, faggot.

>> No.7956737

It's alright, Pippa will save the day in the end. You'll see.

>> No.7956738

He did a twitlonger a while back. Claimed he was once an even bigger youtube streamer than he was as a vtuber but hqs an addiction to self-sabotage. Mocca fans don't really realize they're in an abusive relationship with him, I remember him sperging out at them over kareoke and they still went back to suck his dick after.

>> No.7956743

For every time i have interacted with stoner i begin to understand more and more of the moral panic about weed back in the day, stoners are fucking useless in everything they do.

>> No.7956751

>Niji that just dumps 30 new chuubas in a day.
2019 is calling. They want their rrat back.

>> No.7956787

And they still seethe over it. Literalwhos please stop embarrassing yourself.

>> No.7956790

"he's a massive hypocrite" list some examples, because constantly failing to stay away from twitter isn't hypocrisy but addiction

>> No.7956816

Oooh he seetheing

>> No.7956831

Wow, it seems like the dicksuckers under his tweets has found their way in here.

>> No.7956843

Back at you, Tardo Griffin.
That was just an example. There's been plenty of others, like the Discord drama nonsense and his SEKRIT CLUB mentality. (which is hilarious when you think about it proper)

>> No.7956845

>claims to be over hololive and made peace with it
>25 posts seetheing about Gen 2

>> No.7956888

They always do. His Discord dicksucking brigade always come to his rescue so they can hopefully get some nudes down the line.
Nooo, stop using sense.

>> No.7956941

The impression that Hololive hires amazing talents is more important than the reality that they're very hit or miss. There are a few heavy hitters like Marine and Pekora but most of the others skate by on brand recognition alone, especially pre gen 3

>> No.7956945

Why are you faggots so upset by what someone said on Twitter? The fag is not even a vtuber

>> No.7957007

>mocca didn't let me in his club and I stayed a 2view

>> No.7957057

>especially pre gen 3
but that's wrong, half of them do very well. brand recognition alone is anpotan + choco numbers.

>> No.7957063

Obsessively post about some irrelevant rant on Twitter on 4chan on the other hand is very normal and a sign of a well adjusted person.

>> No.7957087

>Fucking a fan
hum what that's gotta be bullshit

>> No.7957104

For people who aren't familiar with the indie scene, Mocca basically made a tweet thread about how debut streams can make a lasting first impression, and that before wasting money on expensive models it might be a good idea to get streaming experience before jumping in blind, failing and then quitting. At the very least prepare for your debuts.

He basically got quote tweeted and misinterpreted by a bunch of vtubers and vweeters, some being friends of his.

>> No.7957114

We are aware that we are retarded, you on the other hand should go back and rant again until you fade into absolute irrelevancy.

>> No.7957148

You seem very self aware, anonchama.

>> No.7957203

This was what jaded him from the scene and ultimately made him give up, can't blame him.

>> No.7957217

that's tranny for you. Next thing we know he will buy a gun and put it in his mouth to end his misery because he did an irreversible damage toward himself.

>> No.7957257

true or not what's even the problem? the only problem fans serve is as a reliable source of sex and and money

>> No.7957260

Mocca occasionally says some pretty smart things and has good taste in games. He's also a drama-addicted menhera who is obsessed with policing his own fanbase.

>> No.7957275

This is just based though

>> No.7957284

A chuuba went full Alex Jones? That sounds based.

The 5th one is Temako, did a "stream until 10k subs" endurance thing as a gimmic. Hit her goal but didn't really retain her audience because, her model is bad and she didn't have anything special going for her.

>> No.7957299

Dunno. Don't recognize most of them.

>> No.7957303

You've seen the state of /vt/ right?

>> No.7957350

i just wanna know if some actually got to fuck there chuuba

>> No.7957409

I'm pretty sure its a joke with Pippa, but the are extremely commited to the bit:

>> No.7957498

What's the evidence that Selen is from /here/?

>> No.7957521

whats wrong with her ouside of having some meat on her

>> No.7957662

I wonder if he polices his friends too

>> No.7957816

Yea, and it was really sad to see it happen in real time. Mocca was one of the best en vtubers, even after all the menhara episodes I honestly still miss them streaming.

>> No.7958329

Dragoons really do shit and piss themselves at the smallest provocation

>> No.7958516

Why the fuck would I join an attention whores club? I'm just showing you for what you are, cunt.
We never said we weren't like this. You did.

>> No.7958672

Let me see if I can get all of these right.
>Koopa actually admitted to having sex with a fan
>Bea? Not sure, some of her fans think she betrayed the 4chan fanbase for some reason
>Terumi dragged company shit into the open and admitted to hating (?) other members of her group
>Selen laughs a lot
>No idea
>I know it's Pippa but not idea what she did
>Risu doesn't use her amazing voice or stream enough
>The infamous 5%

>> No.7959035


>>Selen laughs a lot
She used the phrasing "do your reps" once on stream. Since then some anons are convinced, she's /here/

>>No idea
Did some /vt/ visits on stream, showed and read out a bunch of posts, including a few yabai ones

>>I know it's Pippa but not idea what she did
Visited the yubicraft, /vt/'s most active minecraft server

In Risu's case, she said it multiple times herself that she's been on here and is watching us.

>> No.7959100

>She used the phrasing "do your reps" once on stream. Since then some anons are convinced, she's /here/
She said "do your archive reps" in reference to watching vods, which is really only a thing here. So she's absolutely here, but she hasn't even really even hinted at it since then, which means she has more sense than most of the people in the OP image.

>> No.7959826

Haven't a bunch of chuubas said "do your reps" by now? I'm pretty sure Kiara's used it at least twice and some of the other NijiENs have as well. I get the impression it's crossed over to twitter / reddit speak.

>> No.7959925

Nah. It's a bit too obscure for reddit/twitter. But LEETS GOOOOO and ogey have been. Reine herself has been using LETS GOOO excessively lately.

>> No.7960655

All of them come here as well. Literally.

>> No.7960714

Not everyone.

>> No.7960865

LETS GOOOO is a derivative if LETS FUCKING GOOOOO which was a meme before /vt/ was made, its not a /vt/ spawn

>> No.7960934

It's [unfortunate] LETS (fucking) GOOOOO. Of course holos would opt out swear words.

>> No.7964511

Mocca was right.

>> No.7964729

Mocca is absolutely seething over the new EN gen

>> No.7966133

Why are you name searching yourself again, Mocca? Happy people don't do that. :)

>> No.7966555

>surrounded herself with handpicked groomers and berates rest of her fanbase
>she is funny and good at games. Best friend experience

>> No.7966961


>> No.7968439

>I remember him sperging out at them over karaoke
Anyone got a clip of this? Sperged out in what way?

>> No.7969099

Last thing I hears about Mocca was his story of sexcapades and BPD and how much vtubing meant to him and now he's on an anti vtuber crusade laughing on /trash/ of all places? He needs meds. Seriously, some antipsychotics would do him good to get rid of the thoughts that plague him

>> No.7969164

He is right, but you always look like a spiteful cunt by saying shit like this.

>> No.7969445

>fanbase are unironic delusional groomers
>you couldn't create a more fake personality and character even if you tried
>don't know
>no idea who is that
>i guess deadbeats are faggots

>> No.7969598

>Koopa actually admitted to having sex with a fan

>> No.7969662

What 5% ?

>> No.7969721

Especially when you're alreqdy a Holoreject yourself.

>> No.7969765

Are you new or do you just avoid Hololive threads like the plague?

>> No.7969802

I stopped going to vt since several months ago.

>> No.7969839

She might not openly post but literally every small indie comes here.
This is the only place that talks about them aside from their own discords.

>> No.7969840

>dumb gachis
>discordfags (her threads have always been a discord server hosted on /vt/)
>stupid petty drama
>not even /here/
>pumped and dumped
>don't care

>> No.7969946

Kinda, i get what he says, but saying stuff like that when you are in the same industry, you will always come off as a jealous spiteful nigger.
Leave that shit to some randoms who actually don't have something to lose.

>> No.7970016

Oops I meant hlgg

>> No.7970074

This is just hilariously pathetic at this point kek. And Mocca will then come and say he is not fishing for pity when he goes out of his way to make waves at the least opportune moments.

>> No.7970338

Mocca using the "i respect the talents i just hate the company and fans" card. Who is this fag trying to fool with this?

>> No.7970394

She claimed she only spends 5% of her day thinking about streams. Her point was that she has a life outside of Hololive, which is fine, but if you do the maths she's saying she spends less time thinking about streaming than she does streaming. Of course /vt/ is still running with it to an extent.

>> No.7970567

Probably himself the most.

>> No.7970595

That supposed 5% isn't hololive either. It's her streaming vs the actual hololive stuff she does in the background.

>> No.7970775

This is the thing. There's loads of legit things to complain about regarding HL - from the management to purityfaggotry / /u/schizoness in the fanbase - but to "make peace" and stay silent about HL for months, fade into the relative obscurity you said you wanted, and then go off about a trailer for Gen 2 for doing its job succesfully - generating hype - when he himself is a reject who had an episode after being rejected suggests to me that not only is he extremely jealous, he's doing this because he misses the attention.

>> No.7970811

What industry? He's not a vtuber anymore.

>> No.7970848

He is not? So he actually really just cooped himself up in his discord and that's it?

>> No.7970849

Mocca has exhibited self sabotage and regretting it tons of times. Every time he nerfs his fanbase he begs for them to come crawling back. Typical BPD behavior.

>> No.7970905

So much cope

>> No.7971169

go back to /wvt/ faggots nobody cares about your tranny vtuber.

>> No.7971376

This the containment thread for /here/tubers current and retired, which includes Mocca. I don't use /wvt/ much but honestly feel we're doing them a favor not shitting up that thread with this drama.

>> No.7971471

muh fuckin dick

>> No.7973426

wvt doesn’t like mocca and calls him menhera.

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