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Hanabi Edition

Tsunderia Gen 3 auditions closed August 7th. Good luck to everyone who auditioned!

>Teamup schedule
>Jetri schedules
>Hoshino Char
Gunpla extraordinaire
>Inukai Purin
Mesugaki dog
>Yazaki Kallin
Certified chuuni bat
>Matsuro Meru
Sweetest person alive, high energy
>Nini Yuuna
The embodiment of chaos, bread crumb sized braincell
>Miori Celesta
Freaky Deaky beertuber, Isekai edition
>Umiushi Urara
Garbage bin waifu, savior of Tsunderia
>Orla Gan Ceann
Half toxic, half wholesome dullahan shut-in
>Amemachi Hanabi
The golden-voiced mayor of Rainy Town
>Clip Twitter:

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C'mon Tsunbros, step up your game. This is the second day on a row of me waking up half delirious with a fever and getting on this hellish site to see what Meru did while I was sleeping for 16 hours just to find no Tsunderia thread and having to make it myself, stop being lazy.

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It's just one of those weeks, you know?

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Meru was being really cute and wholesome and bratty and sweet and I just want to marry her so bad!
And seeing her in handcuffs stirs up a ravenous lust within me.

>> No.7943725

Okay dumb fugz.

>> No.7944386

Purin is the cutest girl in the world! Her smiles and laughs are cute, her whines and cries are cute, her teasing and smug laugh are cute, and her lewdness is cute too! Everything about Purin just makes you want to love, support, and protect her. Purin is so incredibly adorable that I fell in love with her at first sight! I want to stay by Purin's side all my life so that I can bask in her cuteness forever! Purin is cute enough that hearing her voice for just a moment instantly brightens my day and lifts my spirits. Purin is never not cute, Purin is thoroughly cute, adorable, precious, lovable, delightful, and wonderful! I love Purin so, so much!

>> No.7944632

Yuuna doing drunk surgery on Twitch

>> No.7945568

Psychotic murder Meru is so cute! I want to pump her full of my cum as she laughs maniacally and stares into my soul!

>> No.7947284

holy shit Yuuna is drunk

>> No.7947824

holy shit Yuuna is super cute

>> No.7948115

I want to abduct Yuuna and sell her off to a human trafficking ring!

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Please remember to clip your oshi.
Don't understimate what a good clip can do for her.

>> No.7949686

Give us merchandise stinky slug bitch

>> No.7949931

Do we know when they'll start contacting applicants?

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>> No.7950446

long bread between big buns

>> No.7950461

Tell me why should I hire you.

>> No.7950665

They already started, even before applications closed officially. If you're one of the ones that sent it close to the deadline, I think they just stopped caring about the applications sent near the end of it because they already had the people they wanted.

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/VT/ I... I have committed a severe mistake I was watching Inukai Purin's dead space part 1 for the 9th time this week and I had a genius idea(which is pretty common for me because of my above average intelligence).. What if I dressed my dog as Purin and attached a voice record of her moans to his collar. I decided to get a cheap cosplay(only $799.99 for the whole set) online. After 3 days it arrived and I decided to put it on first just to see if it fits me well (it didn't) and I just couldn't stop myself from masturbating when I started listening to her recordings, it was just so incredible. I looked just like her with a beard and 250 more pounds I just couldn't stop myself from jerking off to this beautiful albeit flawed sight I saw. I decided to keep it for me and buy another one for my dog. Luckily, the next one came only 2 days later. I decided to put it on my dog while I was still wearing this beautiful cosplay, it fits my dog just well enough to not fall off but that will do I guess, I put on the recording on his collar and I started it. The "fuck me~" and heavy moans started flowing towards me like my shame after jerking off in the bus last week. My dog was panting heavily and I decided to "try him out", BIG MISTAKE. He bit me, my whole wiener was in his mouth, no longer attached to me. I picked him and ran to the hospital, still wearing my beautiful cosplay and bleeding from my crotch, I ran there so quickly that the recording was still running. You could hear Purin's delightful voice echoing the entire hospital, the "DUH DUH you virgin losers !" made the headnurse look at me weird but it's okay because I was in too much pain to masturbate anyway. When the doctor examinated me, he knew right away what had happened. I asked him how did he guess that I put my sausage in my dog's mouth while we both were wearing Inukai Purin inherently sexy cosplays, and he answered "You see.." and lowered his pants, I saw what looks like an oversized clitoris that was mutilated hundreds if not thousands of times. Let's cut this short, I no longer can eat sausages, my parents look at me weird, my dog looks disappointed in me and I can't masturbate to Purin sweet sweet sounds anymore because of my lack of meatstick down there. Should I change gender and become a true Purin cosplayer or should I accept that I will never be able to masturbate to her beautiful sexy voice like I could before ? What could I do to fix my relationship with my dog, will he ever love me like before ? I should have used a dog gag to keep his mouth open.. Don't do the same mistake as me.

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They reused Gen 1 apps for Gen 2, even if they already chose doesn't mean they aren't still considering people for the future

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Releasing Meru from her cell.

>> No.7953218

Meru is so lovely! Everything she does makes me happy!
And she's neglecting her sleep again to upload a short video in the dead of night. I want to teach this naughty girl to take care of herself by making her cum repeatedly every night so she falls asleep and gets a proper rest!

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>> No.7958192

Recommend me some Hanabi streams. She's the only one out of this group I've not gotten to watch.

>> No.7959411

I'm very good at sex (I've had one girlfriend who really liked it) and i am willing to have sex with all of the staff, PPP included

>> No.7960011

This was probably her best gameplay stream so far. She stuck with Saikoro Saiko, so you can watch more of that series if you like it

But where she shines is in her singing. She's already incredible, and she's only going to get better with more experience

>> No.7960414

Our little Meru is finally getting confident enough to collab more often. I'm so fugging proud of her

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>> No.7961980

Mio's The Vampire cover in 12 hours

>> No.7963526

Ngl to you bros Meru has the ugliest model in Tsun by a long shot she looks like a chinese doll and her eyes are way too small it’s like they went for p edo bait or something it’s filtering me.

>> No.7965613

Out of curiosity, what did you think of her original model?

>> No.7965795

>that space in "p edo"
Excellent bait, friend.

>> No.7965945

I submitted on the deadline day and my application got views, I doubt they'd bother watching it if they already had made up their mind

>> No.7966466

>edo bait

>> No.7968990

Better way better the rigging probably isn’t good but the face is definitely better.

>> No.7969041

It was intentional but I guess explaining it won’t do anything.

>> No.7971125

Orla is LIVE

>> No.7972071

Orla is LOVE

>> No.7972773


I love her so fucking much

>> No.7973236

Orla is already gonna collab with Charzu from Kawaii

>> No.7973352

Based, I love Charzu

>> No.7973455

The difference in the pitch of their voices is going to give me vertigo, but it should make for some interesting content at the very least

>> No.7973627

Orla eating some kind of balkan pie, add it to her lore.

>> No.7973647

Does Orla stand with Albania?

>> No.7973753

I want to swap Orla and Yura's heads

>> No.7973842

Ti Shqipëri, më jep nder, më jep emrin Shqipëtar!

>> No.7974823

What are you all hoping to see out of the new gen?

>> No.7975012

tomboy cute one not like char she's to powerful

>> No.7975023

More hags

>> No.7975136

I want a harpy!

>> No.7975411

if someone from tsunderia see this do a harpy vtuber similar to papi i'm begging you

>> No.7975801

CUTE hags with nice voices

>> No.7975881

giv spider girl

>> No.7976169

Sea slug tendrils wrote this post

>> No.7976263

More lolis. It's all I ask for.

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>> No.7977884

Something odd but cute for the girls to collectively bully but also fawn over, like a Debi Debiru type.

>> No.7978708

nightblooms, explain yourselves

>> No.7978747

We've been trying for eight months and it finally happened!

>> No.7978769

I can't believe Yuuna panini pressed her and got her preganant.

>> No.7978999

All me, baby

>> No.7980146

>> No.7980178

>> No.7980295

I love these girls.

>> No.7980308

>not on the official twitter yet

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>> No.7980811


>> No.7980876

Kallin is weirder than usual today

>> No.7980944

Kallin's baby clock has gone off... I must help her.

>> No.7980945

Where the fuck is the Kallin pregnancy art guys....

>> No.7981142

There's not even any world-shatteringly enormous Kallin ass art yet, get in line

>> No.7981482

Those lips on that clam...

>> No.7981530

is kallin being lewd again..

>> No.7981631

She's being something

>> No.7981967

What is Kallin doing

>> No.7982015

is the pregnancy a fakeout for a zatsudan while playing a mindless mobage?

>> No.7982239

They should just let Urara design an entire Tsunderia gen

>> No.7982332

Wasn't she the one that came up with Ria? Because if that's the case I couldn't agree harder.

>> No.7982891

which one of you assholes knocked up Kalin? You better take responsibility

>> No.7983019

Don't worry i will

>> No.7983222

>kallin asks this same question on stream
>even mentions harpy girls and names papi in particular
>Urara is sending winky faces with bo context in chat

>> No.7983420

Somebody in chat mentioned harpies and Urara was probably sending winky faces because everyone saw her preggo chuuba comment

>> No.7983600


>> No.7983674

Next gen is going to be noire, right? It'd be nice to see more monster girls, like a ghost girl, a cerberus, a frankenstein/mad scientist, a mummy, a mothman girl, or any urban legend inspired creature, really.
What I'd really like though, is a gloomy girl with eyebags and messy hair. Think Tomoko or Hex maniac, those are really lovely and well-liked, but rare in vtubing for some reason.

>> No.7983885

time to find a gf (not gluten free) for meru

>> No.7983911

>or any urban legend inspired creature, really.
I'd forever kneel if we got a Jersey Devil vtuber

>> No.7984323

I can't wait to see all of you executed on a livestream :)

>> No.7985127

If you wanted a (You) you could have just asked

>> No.7985659

Shimada tiger in kallin's chat

>> No.7985929

Mio The Vampire cover premiering now!

Afterparty and 20K Celebration!

>> No.7986071

What a bop. Holopapa must be seething right now

>> No.7986157

Slugma could be sliming her RIGHT NOW

>> No.7986331

i wish i could see that

>> No.7986410

Miori is a star

>> No.7986480

Mio's 20K party is live!

>> No.7986536

realy what is with youtube i have seen on mio live 80 people and after one second 30 wtf

>> No.7986839

youtube is so bad with accurate viewer count, it often fails to update if people don't refresh too

>> No.7987342

I have a problem, I love Inukai Purin so goddamn much and I can't stop listening to her sweet voice, it's like pure concentrated sugar. I just can't stop listening and it almost ruined my life! The other day I was baking a cake while listening to Purin's fear stream but when I started adding sugar, my phone fell into the bowl I was using, I didn't think much of it at the time until later when the cake was fully baked and I decided to take a piece of it to test it. And it was AWFUL too fecking sweet for my taste, absolutely uneatable, all of this because my cake had integrated Purin's sweet sweet voice. It's awful, everything about it was awful. But I didn't have enough time before my guests came so I just had to roll with it. My guest absolutely loved it but it tasted a bit too salty according to them, I guess it's because of the SEA haha.. Do you guys have any idea how I could remove the salt from Purin ? Should I pick a different stream where she isn't salty ? Do you have any recipes that could combine Purin's sweet voice and saltiness into a single dish ?

>> No.7988650

Uh oh, she's drinking.
Aw yeah, she's drinking.

>> No.7988718


>> No.7988905

Hanabi Karaoke

>> No.7989191


>> No.7989404

Gloomy girl with eyebags and messy hair is exactly what I auditioned with. Auditions already closed so I'll just post it for the hell of it. This is half of a redesign from an older design, and I was excited because I really want to see more weird girls too, but I only got a couple of views on my tape. There will always be auditions for Gen 4, I hope..

>> No.7989627

what's this girl's menhera level?

>> No.7989750

Someone tell me where I can buy the koran rice cake cheese donut things in north americaaaaaaa

>> No.7989777


>> No.7989996

Are you sure you should be posting that if you auditioned?

>> No.7990107

If someone posts here chances are they're NGMI to begin with.

>> No.7990260

Purin is talking about a male friend she has. I think this mean's they're having sex

>> No.7990324

My audition only got a couple of views so I don't really think they will go for me.
This too.

>> No.7990333

Purin? Talking to men? I don't buy it.

>> No.7990343

thank you, buta

>> No.7990465

Guildmates, Mio's sloppy chewing and slurping sounds are too much for me! I need to stir up Mio's womanhood like a hot bowl if bibimbap! I have to slam into her womb until it sounds like I'm punching a bowl of spicy tteokbokki! I'm going to make it my mission to stuff her drunk rectum until she pees pure soju!

>> No.7990495


>> No.7990513

She too young be menhera.

>> No.7990566


>> No.7990573

Anon... young girls tend to be the most menhera...

>> No.7990600

Purin loves BBC!

>> No.7990756

Hanabi is indog?

>> No.7990961

How new?

>> No.7991022

The nearest h-mart probably, there's at least one or two in any major city with a decent Korean neighborhood

>> No.7991247

What is it called?

>> No.7991327


>> No.7991647

not the store, the dish

>> No.7991844

I love Meru! There's not enough time in the world for me to show her how much I love her! She's got the biggest, most beautiful heart of any girl on earth. I'm continually amazed that I was born at just the right time that I can get to know Meru! Even more that I'm at a perfect age to marry her! I'm not going to let this opportunity go to waste. I'm making myself into the best person I can be so that I can give Meru the happiness she deserves. She's always working so hard and treating us so nicely. I can't stop thinking of her every morning and night. I go to sleep imagining I'm holding her in my arms. I hear her soft breathing on my chest and feel her silky hair between my fingers as I stroke her head. When I wake up I imagine Meru lying next to me, still sleeping, her face in an expression of contentment, tempting me to kiss her soft lips. Meru makes me so happy! I want to take away all her pain, all her anxieties. She's not nearly as happy every day as she deserves to be. I'll devote my life into making her so. Meru love!

>> No.7991992

>mio will never drunkenly kiss you and tell you she loves you

>> No.7991999

>Miori is currently drunk and falling asleep on-stream

I wanna get Mio drunk until she passes out, then take advantage of her vulnerable body and pump her full of cum

>> No.7992028

You're an inspiration to me, Meruposter. I'm always trying to make my Purinposts as high quality as yours.

>> No.7992118

>we could've had sleeping miori asmr but there's bgm

>> No.7992230

Don't worry the BGM helps hide the sound of me fucking her
Sorry bro, already got to her first. She made a cute gasp as she came

>> No.7992282


>> No.7992936

she's so drunk..

>> No.7993968

Based Miori cucking her fans on streaming with some indog vtuber

>> No.7994417

Is anyone /here/ interested in making /tsun/ join divegrass? Less popular threads have their teams and this place has enough memes of its own.
Plus it is an interesting project that would give some life to the thread

>> No.7994428

Chapter is such a fantastic song. I'm really glad Mio plays it at the end of every stream.

>> No.7994762

I hope. Who does the models though? It's certainly good for exposure.

>> No.7994788

The hell is divegrass?

>> No.7994816

4chan cup for /vt/ threads
So far;
/hlgg/ (obviously)
become lamy (all the players are lamy)

>> No.7994829

No idea but I could figure it out.
Best place to start is with a poll to figure out the rooster. Be sure to have at least 24 memes first.
Which one should be included?

>> No.7994852

Here's the participating threads so far, and the /vt/ league

>> No.7995084

Woah MIori sure gave a lot of kisses out

>> No.7995112

damn this needs actual effort im too lazy to do anything

>> No.7997712

Spitballing some ideas
>Panini press
>Kallin's ass
>Meruposting/I love Meru!
>Thirsty flower Mio
>Purin is doing X on Discord!
>Char's feet
>Hanabi is a boy (female)
>Orla's chair
>Asians only
>SLIMED/Your oshi belongs to me
>Kana was part of a company?

>> No.7997861

/ringo/ tourist here
does any of the girls create good juice ?
which one taste the best ?
any girls create chocontent ?

>> No.8000345

Ask Tsunderia's resident piss expert

>> No.8000870

>Mauser C96
>Yandere Meru
>Calmon >>7997712 (how did you miss this one?)
>Yuuna's slender fingers in my asshole
>A Hag Slumber Party
>The Pizza Delivery Boy Who Saved The World
>Retired Ojiisan
>Menhera Episode
>The Coof

>> No.8001214

>Matsuro Hankruru
>Panini Yuunahower
>Yazaki Kadale
>Celesta Billiori

>> No.8001306

All those ideas, and no Hiatus, I expected better from you

>> No.8001417

Oh, good catch. Hiatus-chan should be the gold medal player

>> No.8001442

I think medal players are usually decided by which ideas get the most votes in the poll

>> No.8002043

I refuse to have anyone but Slugma as the gold player.

>> No.8005156

There's slots for 2 golds and 2 silvers

>> No.8010960


>> No.8011358

How smelly do you think meru's fart are ?

>> No.8011729

I want to be with Meru forever! Everything she does is so enchanting. I could stare for hours at her adorable smile. I could listen nonstop to her irresistible voice that's like a fruity sweet wine for the ears. Everything about Meru is divine; even when she speaks of her faults and insecurities, it just makes me want to love her even more. I want Meru to know that I will accept every part of her, that I will love her no matter what. Spending time with her gives me a pleasure that nothing else can. For the moment she's on the screen, I feel like everything is alright, and I can't think about anything but the present, and how fortunate I am that my angel Meru is blessing us with her company. If I can just hold and kiss her hand. I'll be fulfilled for the rest of my life. In order to show her even a fraction of how much I love her, I'd have to hold her tightly and kiss her a million times over. There's no brighter future than one with Meru by my side! I won't rest until I've put a ring on that finger of hers and we've sworn to be bonded together for eternity. But even if I can never have her as my lover, at least let me hear her voice as long as I can. No matter where she goes in life, I will support her. If she ever leaves us, she will take my heart with her, for my love for her will never die. I will dream of Meru for as long as I live, because there's no creature on Earth that's as sublime as her. I love you, Meru!

>> No.8012167

Where are my voice packs, woman?

>> No.8012242

Her diet seems to be mostly ubereats and other processed foods so it must be high in sodium. High sodium intake has been linked to bloating:
While this will cause discomfort, it does not necessarily mean an increase in volatile odor compounds.
The primary source of foul smell in flatulence are various sulfur-containing like some types of vegetables.
Given her diet though, she probably doesn't eat many of those. However, the lack of vegetation means a lack of fiber, which raises the potential of constipation. When constipation happens, the stool has more time to sit and ferment in the intestine, and more fermentation means more smell when it finally does come out.

tldr; Probbaly not very stinky unless she gets frequent constipation.

>> No.8012262

*sulfur-containing foods

>> No.8012989

Brapfags need to die

>> No.8013772

Orla's live

>> No.8013916

>Orla treating collabs as though she's literally having a guest over and telling chat to be on their best behaviour

>> No.8013941


>> No.8014179

I want to lick the sweat off slugma's unshaved armpit

>> No.8015052

Hey, me too!

>> No.8015483

Me three, anons! She's so slutty, having her armpits out while they're not even shaved....

>> No.8015516

I want slugma to dominate me and piss on my face in public

>> No.8015517

Orla's one of those

>> No.8015965

>Urara is a MILF: Manager I'd Like to Fund

>> No.8017161


>> No.8018670


>> No.8018849


>> No.8018929

Slugma exhibitionism play for money.... I'm gonna cum thinking about it bros

>> No.8020089

Would you manage the team or would we need to find somebody to do it?

>> No.8022210


>> No.8022469

purin gorilla

>> No.8022472


>> No.8022777

Even sooner than I meant!

>> No.8023491

I want to have lots of sex with Purin!

>> No.8023537

You could cut through steel with Purin's chin. I can't stop staring at it. I want watch my cum dribble down her chin after I overload her mouth!

>> No.8023791

Purin makes me breathless

>> No.8023930

The prups are back

>> No.8024147

I want to purin Purin's purin, if you catch my drift.

>> No.8024213

I don't get it

>> No.8024411

What do you think are the odds that Orla actually has kids of her own but they're actually grown up enough to be teenagers or older and she misses how cute they were when little and that's why she dotes so much on the younger members like Hanabi and Purin?

>> No.8024856

She dotes on them because she has no kids

>> No.8024913

I don't think it's that likely that she has teenagers but I could see very young kids I guess. Based on the things she's talked about she seems 2-3 years older than me at most I'm 24 so not really old enough for kids, especially because of all that travel she mentions.

>> No.8025054

its just her baby clock ticking

>> No.8025123

I missed her so much bros

>> No.8025499

She has to stream when she does because the kids are out of the house then.

>> No.8025576

>Orla streams at 10AM because that's after she drops her kids off at school and ends in the early afternoon so she can get ready to pick them up

>> No.8027459

I'm Orla's child, AMA

>> No.8027631

What does mommy's milk taste like?

>> No.8028202

No milk, only coke

>> No.8028422

>this music
Was Purin the real hag all along?

>> No.8028781

Delivery to secure location (GONE WRONG)

>> No.8029453

I have never played the game but I believe you can set it to automatic anyway.
What would most likely be needed is to make the assets, which I have no problem making if I learn how to.

>> No.8030376

You should probably read up on it and then contact the organisers if you're interested in managing the team, then we can get started on everything else after that

>> No.8031026

I'll start doing my reps and see what I can do.

>> No.8032114

Meru managed to die in the tutorial...

>> No.8032304

Ganbatte, AssMan

>> No.8035858

My dog ate a slug today
do you think i should commission an artist to draw purin eating slugma ?

>> No.8036223

eating no
eating out yes

>> No.8036244

I think you should talk to your vet to make sure your dog doesn't get lungworm first

>> No.8037194

I agree with this anon

>> No.8037517

Don't worry i put him down

>> No.8037828

Meru HATES this game

>> No.8038419

>83 watching now
>Poll 269 votes

>> No.8038635


>> No.8039809

Wow, she really didn't like this game at all...

>> No.8040169

bread comfy monday minecraft

>> No.8040616

Cute bread, I want to kiss it.

>> No.8040937

Shadowbanned? Didn't get a notification and doesn't show up on my YT sidebar.

>> No.8041036

meru was pretty cringe tonight desu

>> No.8041234

i want her to step on me desu

>> No.8041242

Yandere Meru is so cute! I want to kiss her face all over as I pin her down on the bed and choke-fuck her!

>> No.8041305

fugg you

>> No.8041692

Did Meru unlisted the stream?

>> No.8041904

No, it's still right here for me.

>> No.8043124

Yandere Meru is wildly sexy and I'm falling so hard for her

>> No.8043149

can you tell me what the evidence is that every girl in tsunderia is asian except the obvious ones

>> No.8043173

fan-anon please send me kallin merch photos


>> No.8043433

I'm not going looking for specific streams but
>Char said her family moved to the USA from Taiwan
>Purin is Filipino
>Kallin's family speaks mostly Vietnamese
>Yuuna is talking about moving from Vietnam when younger on stream right now
>Meru is Chinese-Canadian, family came from Hong Kong IIRC. Also used to be an IRL streamer.
>Miori's is obviously Korean.
>Urara has called herself Asian

>> No.8043497

>Hanabi is an Indog

>> No.8044364

Chinese. Just trust me.

>> No.8044583


>> No.8044724

Phase-Connect, Prism Project, Tsunderia, all CCP money used to worm their way into nerd culture to build a based to spread propaganda from.

>> No.8045024

Why would the CCP need propaganda? Xi is dominating the global marketplace, soon Taiwanese dogs will be returned to China and all Americans will be able to do is seethe

>> No.8045132

At the risk of receiving another ban for "All posts should be related to virtual youtubers":
If you can not win the hearts of the people, any other victories will be meaningless.

>> No.8045739

I want Purin to commit war crimes against me!

>> No.8046197

>browses /vt/
>watches vtubers

I'll leave you with a quote from our mail sensei
>If it is not cringe it is not fun and we are all cringe and that's OK

>> No.8047491

Taiwan population is nothing compare to the Chinese, we could erase them all and replace them with Mainlanders and no one would even notice

>> No.8048321

these look nice

>> No.8048669


>> No.8050783

I want to plump Purin up with McDonald's to ease her transition to US life after I marry her and she gets her green card. Also ass

>> No.8050950

here's your american dog, bro

>> No.8053171

I like the indog shes cute

>> No.8053210

Abusing Meru on stream!

>> No.8054882

would you rather
Abuse meru
Be abused by purin

>> No.8055086

Every night before bed, I think about Meru. I want to train myself to dream about Meru. My goal is to be able to dream about holding her in my arms and kissing her lips, her radiant tenderness and beauty perfectly captured by my imagination. Then one day, I will bring this dream into reality. I love you, Meru!

>> No.8055140

Keep dreaming you dum fug!

>> No.8056485

Orla is a mystery, but she has mentioned that English isn't her first language

>> No.8058247


>> No.8058275

Seemed to be putting on an act while mildly venting her frustrations.

>> No.8059565

Were people seriously bringing up hololive gen 2 and other vtubers in her chat? If that was it then she was completely justified to vent at the retards. This is why chuubas have the "don't mention others until I do first" rule.

>> No.8060388

I'd have to check the live chat logs since I'm catching the archived video. Might not even be the chat and the general pressure to perform while another HoloEN generation spawns.

>> No.8062127

I saw a guy get warned for breaking that rule, but they're the only one I noticed. It just happened when a guy complimented another for their Luto profile pic.
She seemed pretty pissed off at the game itself.

>> No.8062175

Those photos have been around for a while, and the Tsunquest one is up on the website. Not sure where the clean version of the Tsunverse one is from though.

>> No.8063891

Send Miori questionable things to read out in her ASMR stream

>> No.8067988

Meru is amazing! I wake up every day thinking of how much I love her, how much better life would be if I could open my eyes and see her in bed next to be. God, I have to go 2 days without her. I'll be waiting patiently, and when she returns I'll tell her how much I missed her. I love you, Meru!

>> No.8068568

The actual game was scuffed and buggy as fuck, but both the struggle and watching her still get scared in spite of it was fun. Her yandere turn was icing on the cake

>> No.8068803

Abuse meru

>> No.8070623

Be abused by Purin!

>> No.8070899

Abused by Meru!

>> No.8070983

I could never abuse my sweet goddess Meru. I'll abuse Purin instead!

>> No.8071909

Orla DBD

>> No.8071958

Orla DBD

>> No.8072801

god i love her voice

>> No.8073810

I missed the beginning of the stream, what are the specifics of the challenge she's doing?

>> No.8076389

When did Orla start doing the "narrr" thing?

>> No.8077416

Someone asked her about HoloEN2 at the beginning and another said they were only watching her because Yuuna had yet to start her stream. Someone else @ another user saying they liked their profile picture from a superchat who was another vtuber which made her spin into Yandere Meru.

Her ability to come up with banter off the cuff is an under rated talent. The lore she built was surprisingly accurate. Not only did it follow her canon but it played off of events/behaviors from previous streams.

11/10 Meru streams are a riot literally.

>> No.8077814

Someone asked her about HoloEN2 at the start and another said they were only watching her because Yuuna had yet to start her stream. Someone else replied to a user saying they liked their profile photo from a superchat which was another vtuber which made her spin into Yandere Meru.

Chat initiated it but her ability to come up with banter off the cuff is masterful. The lore she built was surprisingly accurate. Not only did it follow her canon but it played off of events/behaviors from previous streams. 11/10 Meru streams are a riot literally.

>> No.8077971

Vtubers really need to remind chat of the rules more often. I suppose it's good that Meru could at least make a performance out of it but I feel like some will take it as a reward for their bad behavior

>> No.8078650

New meruposter account!

>> No.8079471

>only followed by meru

>> No.8081666

I need to discipline this naughty mail girl. How am I supposed to grow old with her if she dies of heart failure before she turns 60? If she doesn't get her daily 8 hours, I'll pound her womb so hard she won't be able to get out of bed if she tried. I'll do it for her because I care about her and I want her to be healthy.

>> No.8081926

I feel you, anon. Purin's been up all night playing kusoge and she'll either end up sleeping past the stream or she'll be dead tired for it. If I were there to choke her out until she falls unconscious, she could get good sleep every night. Of course, I'll make sure to leave a little present inside her cunny while she's out

>> No.8082267

They sometimes apologize for not being professional, but it's not like any of us really demand disciplined pro performance, we're cool with a little scuff here and there because we enjoy their company, but when they clearly both have health issues and they need their proper rest, meru doubly so, it veers a bit into accidentally on purpose self-sabotage...

>> No.8085479

>another said they were only watching her because Yuuna had yet to start her stream
I fucking hate viewers who tell the streamer shit like this

>> No.8086800


>> No.8087530

She cute I like how she sounds like she is almost dying

>> No.8087853

best schedule is schedule

>> No.8088050

>stream at 6PM today
>it's 7PM and no stream

>> No.8088335


>> No.8088879

Oh wait, she warned us that she would oversleep.

>> No.8089248

mfw Meru ended the SCP stream by BECOMING the SCP....

My reality is fracturing, postmates

>> No.8094696


>> No.8094959


>> No.8095408


>> No.8097028

Get the tissues ready ;_;

>> No.8097039

How long will it be until God tries to kill Purin again?

>> No.8097296

Two months, if the usual cycle holds.

>> No.8097850

>Everyone (non-management) is healthy-ish and streaming regularly now with Purin's return
Who does the company's curse hit next? I know Yuuna and Miori will be streaming less with college starting back up.

>> No.8098080


>> No.8099879

I want purin to shit in my mouth!

>> No.8100159

Miori has to move back to the US and Yuuna is just taking a week off to settle in the semester but I think they'd stream the same amount? The latter is taking classes right now and still streams a large amount so I wouldn't be too worried unless Kallin's cat runs away again or Meru goes menhera over Holoen Gen 2,

>> No.8100336

I wonder how cursed Tsunverse is gonna be. Hanabi seems fine for now, but I don't know about Orla. On one hand, she said she's very sickly and has a lot to take care of, but on the other, she takes lots of meds to keep it under control, so maybe her problems won't get in the way of streaming too much. But knowing Tsunderia, even if their life RNG was good before, it's definitely fucked now.

>> No.8101475

okay how many of you was on char debut i want to see if it's because of me is this curse cuz i was was there

>> No.8101523

bread kingdom hearts

>> No.8101826

You think the cause of the curse is you? Just because you were at Char's debut?
What did you do?

>> No.8103090

I should make a chart for Yuuna. "Average time between stream start and actually starting the game"

>> No.8103517

I love Purin so much, I'm so glad she's back to doing what she loves. Her return stream was an emotional rollercoaster, everything Purin felt, I felt too. After the stream ended, I was immediately filled with emptiness, just like my monitor was empty of Purin. Whenever Purin isn't streaming I feel lost, confused, and aimless, like my world has gone dark. But when she's finally live again, my world is filled with a most divine and radiant light, and I know that I can once again stand before the one I love and praise. Purin is the brightest star in my sky, my goddess, my queen, my general, the one I will devote my life to. I love everything about Purin and my sole wish is that I could do so much more for her sake. Until my wish comes true, I'll use what little power I have to improve her life, even if it's only a tiny bit. I love Purin!

>> No.8104236

>New #miolust

>> No.8106286

Screw cow tits, I want some cunny. Did Meru ever say whether she was fine with commissioning lewds of her? I asked her in a maro and didn't see her address it.

>> No.8106510

Meru has said lewds of her character make her "feel weird"

>> No.8106573

IIRC she said it was fine as long as you don't tag her with it.

>> No.8106585

That clearly means they turn her on, she just doesn't know how to say it. Commission away, anon.

>> No.8109925


>> No.8111387

Meru should be awake right now. She's basically screwed herself into being nocturnal. Probably gonna work until sunrise and then take a nap.
I wonder what thoughts are going through her head as she works alone. Is she a night owl like me? What music does she listen to, and what snacks does she enjoy? Does she enjoy the peace in solitude, or does she get lonely and afraid of her own thoughts? I wish I could keep her company and cuddle her through the long night. I'd pull up a chair next to her and we'd have little chats as time passes by. I'd make some hot drinks for us and as I place it on her desk, she'd make me smile with a kiss and a stroke of the cheek. We'd listen to the morning birds chirp outside the window as we lean against each other with our eyes closed, taking in the beautiful sounds, the sweet scent of each other's bodies, the warm touch of each other's skin. When morning has almost arrived, I would hold Meru's hand and bring her on a walk outdoors. We'd smell the morning dew on the blooming flowers as we head to a hilltop where there's no building nearby. Here is where we'd have a perfect view of the sunrise, a spectacle we'd enjoy while deeply embraced. Emotion would overtake me ans I'd tell Meru right there that I love her, that she means the world to me and I never want to let her go. We could do this same routine every day, but spending time with Meru would never get old, and I would never run out of sweet nothings to say to her.

I want Meru to take care of herself. I want to be there to take care of her. And I want Meru to be healthy because I want her around for as long as possible. She is a blessing that makes the world a brighter place. I want to live a long fulfilling life together with her and grow old with her. Please, Meru, be kind to yourself so you can have that future. I love you!

>> No.8112106

>Purin learned a new appreciation for life after living through her personal tragedies
>Plans to stream almost every day but still reserves sundays for church (TV for now, in person when she gets vax)
>Hosts bingo night for her grandpas and grandmas and loves it because of how toxic the old folks get while playing
How does this doggo keep getting more and more based?

>> No.8114398

PPP struck down by a freak illness that can only be treated with a double hand amputation

>> No.8117135

I love her so much! I love Purin!


>> No.8119021

Purin is a blessing we don't deserve

>> No.8122059

Tsunderia bingo night when?

>> No.8122973

>Anon, those pictures make me feel weird and tingly down there

>> No.8123946

More cowboy Miori

>> No.8124434

What do we think the next gen of tsun girls will be? Gen size, speciality, theme? I think they'll either have two again or maybe four/five for a bigger group.

>> No.8124641

Alright, own up anons, what copypastas did you send to Mio that were too fucked up for her to read out? I have to know.

>> No.8124722


>> No.8125182

That would explain it

>> No.8125498

Purin forgot to actually ask for questions for her marshmallow stream later.


>> No.8125681

Is she usually this drunk when playing RDR2?

>> No.8125841

>Is she usually this drunk

>> No.8125905

Pretty sure it'll be more than two, probably four, five at most
A bit of everything, probably, although I guess they're looking for people with skills that can benefit the group as a whole (like how Mio now works on basically all of the music-related content)
It's gotta be monster girls, everybody love monster girls

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