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I should not have come here. I used to think that my favorite Vtubers were all happy carefree girls, but now I learned the harsh reality.
>Gura is a cute and cheerful shark girl!
Turns out Gura is a nihilistic alcoholic who is frustrated that she has to play a clown for an audience that stultifies her.
>Kiara is an energetic phoenix who is full of zest for life
Turns out Kiara is frustrated and depressed because she got doxxed, harassed and had to give up her life-long dream.
>Amelia is a witty goofball detective who loves to play video games
Turns out Amelia lost a family member she took care of for many years, feels that her life has lost its purpose and only plays games for the sake of escapism
>Haachama is a sweet and silly prankster who loves what she does
Turns out she was sexually harassed and is disgusted out by her audience.
>Ina is a calm and talented artist who is a little bit shy
Turns out she is a calm and talented artist who is a little bit shy.
>Calli is a cool and diligent girl whose hard work paid of for her
Turns out that she feels unfullfilled because despite reaching the goals she worked towards, she lost something important along the way.

Why are all the Vtubers so sad?

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Why are all of us so sad?

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Fuck off with your shitty narratives

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Because we are loners who were born into the wrong world.

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You'd have to see the indie space if you think those are remarkably tragic

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Ame was homeless too, don't forget that, also what else did you expect from Father Yagoo's house for broken girls?

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>Haachama is a sweet and silly prankster who loves what she does
>Turns out she was sexually harassed and is disgusted out by her audience.
I need to hear this rrat on detail.

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HoloEN isn't representative of vtubers or even holos in general

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That's called you being a pessimistic narrativefag, there's more than enough of you here.

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*My* narratives? That's what YOU guys told me here and backed it up with clips:



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So Ina is the only well-adjusted person in Holo En?

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Hololive is Yagoo's home for broken girls. It's time you realize this already.

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In reality Hololive isn't an Idol agency, more a home for broken souls. Yagoo's real goal is to heal as many dispossessed girls as he can and to give them a better future.

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No one is dumb enough to fall for these rrats. Try again

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Takobros what can we even do to save her from "extreme talent" and the deadly "shy behavior"?

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I too am sad soul. I may be watching my oshi and enjiying my time but in reality i have homework due tomorrow and its midnight. This truly says alot about our society

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You smell like an emo fag. Cringe

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Itt: concernfags

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society and jews

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If you call living with your parents, being afraid to go outside, having no friends, and having the stamina of an 80 year old woman well-adjusted, maybe.

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Someone brought up a good point about how bowling league membership took a massive decline. We just don't have the same social institutions our parents had.

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as someone who is disgusted with this content/board, im inclined to believe that it takes a real dumb fucker to watch this shit

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Personally I'm convinced that Gura and Amelia's trauma is firmly in their past.
When someone asked Gura if she would do a drinking stream, she refused a dozen times over a couple minutes.
Amelia, for better or worse, plays therapist with her fans. But I think she gets a sense of purpose from streaming.

They all have demons that they are dealing with just like anyone.

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the sad clown

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Yeah, I do have the same traits but without talent, achievements or even profitable job

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Except for the last thing, that all sounds exactly like me so it makes me like her even more.

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That may be true for most of you guys, but I had plenty of opportunity to live a more social life and actively decided against it. I simply do not like real people, myself included.

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50 billion years is an extreme lowball. The last atom free of a black hole will degenerate into radiation 10^(10^76) years from now. The trillions upon trillions of years where any life as we know it will be even remotely possible is just 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of the time between the beginning of the universe and the last black hole evaporating. Next to us the universe may as well be infinite and eternal.

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>disgusted out by her audience.
To be fair, she was the one that campaigned for feet pics of said audience. She doesn't get to call me disgusting after that.

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is anyone in this god forsaken board having any fun or this just a circlejerk of people calling each other trannies, niggers, rrats and saying the girls behind the characters were raped?

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Reminder that Mori also chased her crush across the world and failed, too.

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are also depressed and looking for an easy exit.

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i guess, i mean, this is 4chan.

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I knew about the Ame clip and it made my heart reach out for her, but
just is a clip of Gura having an everyday concern and attitude. I wouldn't read that as depressed. More as "well then just make it about something you can enjoy like baking a fucking cake, don't attach too much weight to what your life has amounted to". I had threads with clips or articles like this at least often enough to realise:
My life matters to me. Do my work, talk to friends, love me some chuubas, call it a day. It's not eternal paradise, and often it feels like an entirely pathetic attempt to amount to anything meaningful, but it's life. Simple as.

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Because the job requires a girl who stays all day on the computer. Turns out that profile overlaps with depressed girls.

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>normalcy is a meme and nobody's without skeletons in their closet
Imagine my shock: humans being human. Wow!
>he thinks meaning is objective
I gotta stop you right there buddy.
This. Many have serious health issues. Kudos to Yagoo for giving opportunity to earn. Shuba story is the most fucking glaring
>Sickly child
>House burnt down
>Had to do part-times to help family survive
>Constantly staring down the 177013 route with people approaching vulnerable girl with shady offers
>Decided she can't survive if she's weak
>Become strong
>Joined hololive
>Knew fuck-all about technology or videogames because have no time for them as a kid

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>yfw Yagoo was a dev

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I've yet to see a stream of Lamy without jiggle of an iced booze drink in it. Not even ringfit ones.

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There recently was a meeting with fans. Haatons being Haatons asked her about color of panties aside, some showed her their socks and one came wearing a cardboard box over his body and declared he was electrocuting himself while talking to Haachama.

That said, she deliberately answered differently to each question about color of her panties which caused no small amount of arguments and brawling in the localized afterparties of Haatons.

OP is narrativefag, Haachama pushed crazy content, she got crazy fans, she wasn't disgusted or anything she just thought it was MAJI YABAI.

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>>My life matters _subjectively_ to me
>>he thinks meaning is objective
I'm not following. Meaning is absolutely subjective. You can observe what is meaningful to people for your own orientation, but not more than that.
I have fun here but not nearly as much around here as I would like to have. But every once in a while, some anon posts something that makes me admire some chuuba a bit more.
Be it because of how much fun they seem to have playing something, be it alone or while messing around together.
Or because of how great the stuff is they do at times, be it a song or a minecraft house.
Be it because of what they or their roommates accomplished, as a result of or in spite of what they did before.
I'll never be good enough to make proper music or art and I don't enjoy or like myself that often. But I can stop being pathetic about what I am not and try to be better, and do things that matter to me even if they involve shitposting on a taiwanese pottery board. If I'm having fun by doing that, which I do, then there is still a point.

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One ruins the other, really.

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Nice post.

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the best thing you can do is leave her alone and enjoy her streams, she's an adult person, can take care of her own shit without anons trying to "save" her

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do normies really?

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Atleast I can relate

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>Why is everyone so sad?
fixed that for you.
The world is broken and its filled with equally broken people who are all just trying to survive till the next day here at the tail edge of western civilization.
The abyss grows every closer and deep down everyone knows that and no one wants to face the horrible truth so we all just put our heads in the sand and try to forget about the pain and the problems and just make it one day more.

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Hey, if your having fun, great.
I went here just recently becasue Magnet was fired and wanted to know if semething happenened, as i don't know Japanese and only followed Pika.

I think people here are caught up in a lot of shit and don't have a lot of fun, but this is 4chan, so i don't know what i expected, stopped coming here 2 years after Gamergate

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What kind of people do you think would be drawn to using a virtual avatar instead of just a facecam? Probably insecure people right

>> No.797541

I wonder if they prefer broken girls for the sake of loyalty and easy management. Wouldn't surprise me knowing how shot the idol industry is.

>> No.797640

>That said, she deliberately answered differently to each question about color of her panties which caused no small amount of arguments and brawling in the localized afterparties of Haatons.
She's so fucking great.

>> No.797872

>women can't handle life
>even more EN dregs who couldn't even camwhore like the rest of ethots
In other news water is wet, they deserved everything

>> No.797904

because vtuber fans are fucking degenerates and the concept itself is dystopian

>> No.797924

I swear i seen you lots everywhere in /vg/ and /a/

>> No.797934

This. Also note how vtubing got so big because it got a huge buff from everyone stuck alone for months and months. I'd rate it 80% chance I only got into chuubas because of the covid bullshit. How could I not? I haven't seen friends in almost a year now, and that's not even getting into the borked state of romance for me and everyone else stuck indoors.

But yeah, the people who enjoy vtubers and become vtubers are in general very lonely I think. Heck I can think of two indies who got into vtubing partly because of the social aspect.

>> No.797935

Nice job not watching her latest collab with her wife

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Put a baby in her.

>> No.798067

>interacting with chat as a woman is some dora the explorer shit

>> No.798085

if your life turned out perfectly why would you ever larp as an anime girl online

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In comparison sure, but Yagoo has a track record of taking in broken girls. Ina has her own demons, they're just not as sad as the other girls.

>> No.798643

all me

>> No.798687

People here didn't hit the proper romantic developmental marks, leaving them frustrated, confuse and without the skills to face reality.

Tldr tfwngf

>> No.798689

Most of those are things they've confessed to

>> No.798709

>only posted about holoEN and honorary holoEN
EOP hands typed this post.

>> No.799718

Because they're women

>> No.799832

I would be very happy if I was a woman. Even if I was ugly, the body can always be trained to look proper and the face can be hidden under tons of makeup. And when a guy is horny enough, he only looks at your ass anyway.

>> No.800698

prob just reference that one meme where haachama pretends to forget to turn off mic and says "todays comments were gross as usual"

>> No.800887

Or maybe Yagoo is a saviourfag. I know I would be one.

>> No.801476

10 bucks to that driving her to suicide.

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Okay I laughed, good job OP.

>> No.803311

She should really slow down on the parasocial thing, and stop going to 5ch if she can't take it.

>> No.803346

>>Ina is a calm and talented artist who is a little bit shy
>Turns out she is a calm and talented artist who is a little bit shy.

>> No.803992

There has to be a way out tho

>> No.804268

This entire post was made just to make that joke about Ina yet a bunch of nihilistic retards came out to cry about being nihilistic retards, nihilism is garbage Anons

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>abloobloo my poor princesses

>> No.804540

Because things like that come with people who are settled in their life, and are in comfortable (or strained, in some cases) enough relationships to give each other space. Most millennials are permanently unsettled, have little to no job security and are doing the job that would have taken 3 of their parents generation did for less pay.

That and what would we do, anime club or something?

>> No.804597

Not if you had the brain of a woman.

>> No.804607

Nice title drop

>> No.804618

I know one vtuber who isn't sad...

>> No.804704

Sounds like Ina is the only one normal here

>> No.804879

Fuck you and your truth take that shit outta here
I just wanna jerk off to lewd rrats and pics

>> No.805409

I mean it's not just HoloEN, have you seen the "Yagoo's house for broken girls" meme on this board? A bizarrely large amount of the girls that work for Hololive have incredibly sad and sometimes fucked up backstories.

>> No.805440

Why the fuck would a stable person close to vtube

>> No.805739

Where do you think you are retard? Stop complaining and go back to redddit

>> No.806274

ok OP, i have to ask for some sad stories and general tragedy sauce about the girls plox

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Sometimes Japan is truly about giving opportunities to the unfortunate. They're unitary ethnostate after all, it's not surprising that they care. https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-46466531
They've "local specialty" "tax" too that I think is very smart way to support small businesses and farmers out in the country.
Well those kinda don't count but I heard her drinking in collabs too.
See >>796823 Subaru told story across several streams in the past 2-3 months herself. Literally anime protagonist tier of shit. She said she has heart surgery before so no heartbeat ASMR because it sounds weird too. Imagine having your house burned down as a kid, having part-time so hard you're oblivious to technology as a zoomer, literally being approached with enkou offers and having a heart surgery before 20's.

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>Sometimes Japan is truly about giving opportunities to the unfortunate.
Forgot link https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-46466531
Japs have pretty advanced healthcare with good coverage.

>> No.806507

Fucked up people are more likely to be social recluses, a great trait for becoming a full time vTuber; less chance of being doxxed and more free time to allocate towards streaming.

>> No.806543

>approached with enkou offers before 20's.
That's so fucking hot!

>> No.806635

That's actually a really good point.

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I want to fuck that robot.

>> No.806720

That only explains the early generations though. Now that it has become a big business where you can earn lots of cash quickly, people with good social skills should thrive the most since they know best how to twist people around their fingers. So it's a little weird that we keep seeing kind-hearted autists and depressed girls being the main attractions.

>> No.806728

>all vtubers
>only mentions HoloEN
kill yourself

>> No.806740

I mentioned the one I know. Relax. I'll die soon enough. Let me enjoy a few more years, ok?

>> No.806767

I have fun but I find that good discussions are extremely short lived. You need to actually have something to talk about. "My oshi is cute" is positive but doesn't really go very far. So you need someone you like to be streaming, have something worthwhile to talk about that you wouldn't just post in Youtube chat, and then keep that up for more than a handful of posts. Most positive posting I see is basically Youtube chat, but here.
Meanwhile posting rumors or hating creates infinite content so it can go on forever. So it slowly drowns out everything else.

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Why are globalniggers like this

>> No.806833

I feel like you made this thread just to make that joke about Ina

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>people with good social skills should thrive the most since they know best how to twist people around their fingers.
Imagine believing that this shit is going to fly with autistic japs
normalfag is bound to dox herself and her boyfriend Aloe-way and earh eternal ire of purityfags
>the thread

>> No.806874

Yeah this. I often find myself playing devil's advocate just for the sake of having an interesting discussion about something. It's also fun to eventually see somebody seethe and rage at me despite both of us agreeing without him knowing.

>> No.806888

irl anime club sounds cool ngl

>> No.806899

Ok how about this?
One Holo of your choice kisses you, while another sucks your dick and another eats out your ass. Who do you pick for which position and why?

>> No.806905


>> No.806934

>normalfag is bound to dox herself
Err why? There are tons of normalfag streamers who even show their face on cam but have not doxxed themselves.
>er boyfriend Aloe-way and earh eternal ire of purityfags
So weird. Does anybody seriously believe that any of these girls are still single? They are charming enough to have thousands of dedicated fans yet they cannot find a mate IRL? Wake up, people. The only one I can see actually being single is Gura because of her autism.

>> No.806963
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>> No.807019

>show their face on cam
>have not doxxed themselves
You're a retard. It's 2021, flash your face once and your every MSM account WILL be found.
>So weird.
No it's not, you're just a weeb oblivious to jap idol culture and practices. Modern Japs also don't fuck at all regardless of gender, VTubers or not.

>> No.807098

>and your every MSM account
That's not the same as being doxxed. Doxxed means that your real personal info (real name, real address, real family members etc.) is revealed, not some MSM accounts that all have your alias.
>No it's not, you're just a weeb oblivious to jap idol culture and practices. Modern Japs also don't fuck at all regardless of gender, VTubers or not.
And you can bet that most idols have secret BFs as well. Not to mention that a lot of the relevant Vtubers aren't even from Japan.

>> No.807140

>That's not the same as being doxxed.
For a normalfag, it is. Normalfaggotry isn't about personal information security on the internet.
>And you can bet that most idols have secret BFs as well.
Nah you're just a rrat that doesn't understand neither Japanese nor idol industry.
>Not to mention that a lot of the relevant Vtubers aren't even from Japan.
>a lot
Relevant according to your shit rrat opinion maybe.

>> No.807334

>Relevant according to your shit rrat opinion maybe.
This is a thread about HoloEn members, bud.

>> No.807378

HoloEN members work under Cover. Cover is Japanese idol company with Japanese idol standards. Cope.

>> No.807673

incredible post op

>> No.807828

And you think Cover can somehow prevent Ame from fucking a boy in the US?

>> No.807921

my company can't stop me from selling source code to competitors
nobody can stop you from murdering another person provided they don't have unreasonable level of protection

society, laws and contracts are about consequences you fucking idiot

imagine thinking asocial autist girls that spend from third to half their day streaming videogames somehow cannot hold their coochie under control for the sake of cushy job opportunity

>> No.807923


Yeah i think that's plebbit slang

>> No.807968

Ame could literally fuck a boy and nobody would know but her, you delusional maniac

And there’s nothing wrong with that

>> No.808025

But her job opportunity is not threatened at all if she had a BF. There is no legal way for her company to keep checks on her.

>> No.808044

>nobody would know but her
You never had sex or was in any kind of intimate relationship you fuckwit, you can stop making that obvious now. It takes TWO (2) people to fuck and that's one person too much to keep a secret.

You would know that if you stopped cooming for a moment so you can stop hating cute girls telling a therapeutic fairy tail for lonely adults from behind anime avatars.

>> No.808109

I fucked a random internet friend and never learned her last name and never told anyone irl that it happened. There’s literally no reason it’s difficult to keep a secret unless the boy somehow realizes she is Amelia Watson which is like 1% of guys in the US. You are such a delusional purity loser it’s hilarious.

>> No.808125

why are you here when you have a dozen other yagoo best girl memes to upvote. go back

>> No.808133

>It takes TWO (2) people to fuck and that's one person too much to keep a secret.
yeah it's totally realistic to expect her lover to rat her out for no good reason.
next you'll tell me that people also never do drugs with friends because those friends might go to the police.
>you can stop hating cute girls telling a therapeutic fairy tail for lonely adults from behind anime avatars.
huh? I don't hate them. I love them.

>> No.808168

>oh hi, my name is John. Yesterday I had a threesome with Ame and Gura!
>ok John...where is your proof?

>> No.808192

I'm sure disgruntled ex/boyfriend (or just retarded ones) ruining prospective female idol career didn't happen in the past so much that companies employing them started to put clauses with huge fees in japanese idol contracts nowadays.

Surely that cannot be true.
Like I said, you were never in relationship and that shows.

>> No.808193

Hi cover I fucked Amelia Watson. It’s a shame but you must fire her now.

>> No.808231

You’re just growing more and more replies thinking you’re stupid as shit. I think it’s about time you give up.

>> No.808281


>> No.808284

You just know when someone has had sex.
trust me bro

>> No.808291

>anonymous imageboard
>ad populum

Japanese idol industry have contract clauses against being in relationship. Of course nobody can stop one, you will just be slapped with contract fees that would bankrupt you twice over if they find out. And people are retarded and petty especially when intimate relationships are involved.

You would know that if you weren't a retarded virgin rrat griefer with only
arguments that you cannot even begin to prove for shit.

>> No.808311

Why do you care so much if Amelia Watson fucks some random dude? Show this thread to your therapist.

>> No.808327
File: 101 KB, 600x450, 1599813604747.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I accept your concession.

>> No.808375

You are indeed a loser who has never touch a woman in his life

>> No.808412

ESL begone

>> No.808451

>if they find out
Yeah that's the loophole right there.

>> No.808457

>yeah it's totally realistic to expect her lover to rat her out for no good reason.
Not rat her out deliberately, but it would be easy for it to slip in a momentary lapse of judgement, for either Ame on stream or the guy on social media or whatever. Whether you give a shit or not, HoloEN doesn't exist in a bubble and such a thing would probably be very unpopular in Japan and would only negatively impact the bottom line of the company. It's not crazy for the company to frown on them being in an active relationship although although I have no doubt that most, if not all of them have been in a relationship at some point in their lives.

>> No.808486

>my company can't stop me from selling source code to competitors
>nobody can stop you from murdering another person provided they don't have unreasonable level of protection

>society, laws and contracts are about consequences you fucking idiot

Do you know what they call idiots that cannot weight risks to long-term benefits over momentary pleasure?
Children or infantiles, also criminals with poor impulse control.

>> No.808496

I wanna touch woman

>> No.808508

STFU incel

>> No.808531


>> No.808564

The long-term benefit is for them to boost their popularity which they already achieved. Even if having a BF in a different country where nobody can keep an eye on you was a risk (it's not), all of them could easily afford that risk given that they could simply continue being celeberties with different models either independently or with a different company.

>> No.808588

In english mutt

>> No.808589

>long-term benefits
>working as vtuber that will stay relevant for a while 5 years

>> No.808610
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>all vTubers in the thread title
>focuses on HoloEN

Face it. You're just some retarded shitposter like the rest of us here. Except, you're more retarded for making this thread.

Now do your part and send all of them some akasupas.

>> No.808637

so cringe

>> No.808647

>>Ina is a calm and talented artist who is a little bit shy
Ina is constantly ostracized almost to the point of being a pariah because she is half Japanese half Korean. She feels like she cannot fit in anywhere. Many of the JP girls outright refuse to collab with her because of the cultural racism towards the Koreans. Mel even canceled a collab with her when it came up in casual conversation. That's why she's been collabing with ID so much, they see her as a person and not a race.

>> No.808656

>it's not
>continue being celeberties
yeah I'm sure dirt won't follow, retard
>5 years
You do know that only their voice really matters, right? That it doesn't age as fast as appearances?

>> No.808688

non jp chubas had 3 years to develop
they can suck my dick

>> No.808704

>all of them could easily afford that risk
Post proof of contract breach fees. You don't know shit what kind of sums are there.

>> No.808747

why the fuck did you post that holy mother of god I was content having forgotten that it existed.

>> No.808748

>yeah I'm sure dirt won't follow, retard
It's not "dirt" for the vast majority of their audience. Maybe for the Japs it would be a bigger deal, but most the EN's fanbase consists of English speakers who do not give a fuck.

>> No.808763

Contract breech fees are $50,000, termination of contract, being receiving a black mark from the industry, and the forfeiture of mineral rights on any land they own.

>> No.808769

haven't you guys watched inside out? sadness is healthy and happens to everyone

>> No.808800

I'm not ten years old. I'm also CIS and heterosexual. No, I no longer watch Disney/Pixar films.

>> No.808807

>It's not "dirt" for the vast majority of their audience.
>HoloEN doesn't exist in a bubble
>contract fees that would bankrupt you twice over
>Post proof of contract breach fees.
>society, laws and contracts are about consequences you fucking idiot
proof or gtfo

>most the EN's fanbase consists of English speakers who do not give a fuck.
>ad populum

>> No.808880

lol retard

>> No.808970


>> No.808972

>Ina JP collabs: 3 (1 Haachama)
>Ame JP collabs: 6 (3 Haachama)
>Gura JP collabs: 2
I accept your concession.

>> No.809261

not everyone is a failure anon

>> No.809303

happy people are a minority
msm is an illusion

>> No.809325

Ironically hang yourself with your bloated ego you waste of life.

>> No.809334
File: 993 KB, 851x807, 1607858591157.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The abyss grows every closer and deep down everyone knows that and no one wants to face the horrible truth
chill it with the anti-antisemitism anon

>> No.809366
File: 1.27 MB, 800x1200, 1613696940130.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Ironically hang yourself
I used to wear a tie for 2 years on my first job, that's enough in my book.

>> No.809396

You're doing a service to the world, anon.

>> No.809448

alright that was a good response. you're still annoying though.

>> No.809467

>rrat is annoyed
My pleasure.

>> No.809629

You can be broken and not be a failure

>> No.809677

>description of the character
>description of the person portraying the character

>> No.809836

I bet you’re fun at parties anon

>> No.810022
File: 88 KB, 640x640, 1612106760748.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.810490


>> No.810564

Imagine that. They are people. because this job is not for normies. It would be strange if they weren't. There is more problems with Ina than just being shy. She experienced the artistic burnout and joined Hololive because of that. Also, check this out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWly9d3Y2wc

If you don't want them to be sad, stop behaving like a faggots and don't rrat or touch their past aside from this place. Not all people want to remember.

>> No.810678

suffering gives depth to character
you grow up vapid and shallow when sheltered and you WILL still end up facing reality sometime, probably with no survivors because you weren't immunized properly

>> No.810753

1) you really missed the mark on most of these
2) Streamers in general begin to hate their audience because it crystalizes the things about themselves they would rather not see magnified

>> No.810925

no you don't

>> No.811160

imagine a dude shooting an e-mail with this as text and with video proof attached

how would they react?

>> No.811555

terminate her immediately
possibly offer dude hush money slapped with NDA to damage control company reputation

>> No.811608

I think you're the sad one here

>> No.811725
File: 121 KB, 828x996, 1612463634692.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does OP understand women? Clearly not.

>> No.811880

Said it in another thread but idol work tends to attract the disaffected -- girls who were bullied, were shut ins, had shitty childhoods, no self-esteem, etc. -- because playing that character in an environment where you're going to have fans who admire and love you allows them to experience and develop the things that they've been missing in their real lives.

VTubing is no different. It's why all the best chuubas tend to be the ones like Watame or Polka. They have a deeper personal stake in what they do that lets them appreciate it more sincerely than someone who trend hops because they see there's money there.

>> No.813717

Thanks OP, I was short on rrats, really appreciate your contribution to my rrat folder.

>> No.813882

Care to elaborate on Kiara and Cali?

>> No.813956
File: 1.05 MB, 984x1507, 1613311771404.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, nyanners posters have all the fun. Come watch her.

>> No.813996

He can't stop winning.

>> No.814025

No shit.
If vtubers weren't wretched creatures they would just be a normal streamer instead of creating an animu avatar and fake character to stream as.

>> No.814088

Post it.

>> No.814244

The Kiara one will get you banned from here, the Calli one gets progressively more detailed to be understood, and once you get to the truths, it is basically full-on doxxing.

>> No.814579

What? Just give me a greentext quick rundown. Or sauce pl0x

>> No.814591

Yes, don’t listen to the nihilistic narrative fags.

>> No.815205 [DELETED] 
File: 239 KB, 1242x1781, kiara cry dox aftermath.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

will heavily simplify some things, but here you go:

goes to japan at age 15 (alone) is a huge weeb and naive girl who wants to become idol
producer sees huwhite blue eyed underage girl who speaks japanese - YOURE HIRED
gets her into an idol group
constantly sexually harasses her, slaps on butt, strange photoshoots for "marketing"
finally demands sexual favors if she wants to keep her job
she refuses. gets treated like shit
gets even more harassed and the other girls start to dislike her as well because shes the only one who doesnt play along
goes to police and reports - nothing happens.
gets fired
goes back to austria to calm down
goes back to japan half a year later
rtries to get fame by becoming a cosplayer
is instantly hated because of her past and an unfair advantage because she has some connections and can speak the lnaguage and is actually living in japan, which many cosplayers are jelly off

is able to survive by doing lots of side jobs and being a cosplayer. poor but doable.
eventually interest in her fades, runs out of money. not enough patreon supporters
decides to stay in japan till visa runs out
apply for hololive and get accepted

immedeately get doxxed and constantly harassed
someone finds out where she lives and harasses her. stalks her when she leaves her house.

had to move a couple times, then was living with her manager for a while.
work visa runs out
cant reapply work visa because as a streamer you can work from anywhere in the world

have a mental breakdown on twitter (pic related)

get laughed at and even more harassed
decides do befriend calli IRL from there on her life improves drastically
now has to leave country and leave her friend behind.

>> No.815290

>posting crying face on twatter
my God, I hate her even more now

>> No.815448

>living with your parents
That's certainly better than being a rentcuck.

>> No.815687

Damn, now I feel a bad for her, on the other hand she's through the worst, isn't she?
Idolfags are real subhumans

>> No.815702

>Turns out she is a calm and talented artist who is a little bit shy.

Wasn't Ina the one who said that before Hololive she was a shut-in with no friends and the only thing she had to live for was FFXIV raids?

>> No.815730

if this is really why people hate her then you're all faggots. I'm a kfp now

>> No.815803

Most people hate her because of her voice. Then they get to know her and hate her because of her personality.

The only people who still cling to those old grudges are legit mentally ill and probably don't even post here.

>> No.815833

yet despite all of that she has a fantastic artist gig, a fantastic streaming gig, and is the least autistic member of EN.

>> No.815866

no it's because she's socially unadjusted arrogant overachiever that cannot read the mood for shit

keep her out of collabs and she'll be fine niche standalone product
> least autistic member of EN.
Even you don't believe it: she literally cannot read the mood.

>> No.815869

>Turns out she was sexually harassed and is disgusted out by her audience
Newfags don’t realise that before becoming “Haachama” Haato’s entire character was a tsundere who thought of her fans as pigs. Where do you think “Haaton” comes from?

>> No.815934

there are people who dont really "hate" her. shes the easiest target because she is the most doxxed person. its more of a troll thing of autistic fucks.

then there are people who really hate her from back then in her cosplayer days. mostly jelly women who are fuming because shes big youtuber now

then there are some srs psychopaths who dedicate their lifes to destroy hers. i still dont know the reason. maybe the stalker from back then? no idea. but seems to be only 1-2 people who are constantly samefagging and shitting up this board.

>> No.815966

Whats the point of writing all this if the jannies are going to put you 6 feet under for roommate posting?

>> No.815983

>you can't hate autistic self-important bitch that makes every collab about herself and suffocating everyone else
>without being any of those threee
How about fuck you retard?

>> No.816064

delete browser cache + switch to different VPN server. unbanned in less than 30 sec.

but im not here to shit up this board. just felt like helping out the dude who asked

>> No.816136

this guy for example. same IP same comments. every day. hes one of the autists for an yet still unknown reason who srsly hate her.

>> No.816181

Also what the fuck is Kiara's roommate/roommate posting? It's her in 3rd person or what? Could you explain it to a newfriend?

>> No.816199

>unknown reason
Are you blind? I just said that I hate that hen bitch because she's suffocating egomaniac in every collab, making hyena clitorpenis contest with other girls at every opportunity she gets.
roommate = person behind avatar, newfren

>> No.816245

I'm pretty sure those are 3 different people.

Why can't you accept that Kiara rubs some people the wrong way? She certainly doesn't try to be liked.

>> No.816270 [DELETED] 

roommate means real life.
here is a video of her roommate ( her real life ) https://youtu.be/npPLjgrFo2s

shes the girl with orange hair

>> No.816284

Yes! Thanks, friendo, it was very insightful. You know something about Cali's story? I know she was a rapper/singer or something before, found some of her old stuff on YouTube.

>> No.816336

disliking/hating someone isnt the same as dedicating your whole life shitposting about her. if you dont like someone who ignore them and move on. surely there are more than 1 people who you hate. yet all you do is creating kiara threads. so its something personal. this is beyond " lol i dislike her voice"

>> No.816466

i only have pics and videos of her but no real stories that would be helpful.

>> No.816485

>dedicating your whole life
> yet all you do is creating kiara threads
>anonymous board
Nice strawman, retard. I'm sure someone would believe there's only 1 anon that hates Kiara.
>if you dont like someone who ignore them and move on.
Oh do I not get your permission to chip in on a topic that's being discuss in a thread with holoEN pic in the OP?
You are a child.
>Ignore it
When she stops ruining collabs with members that I actually like - I will consider it.
>this is beyond " lol i dislike her voice"
I'm not really bothered by her voice either. It's her shitty personality that "shines" during collabs.

>> No.816492

You could've just typed this out without the pic and told the guy to do his reps, poor meidos man.

>> No.816526

>Age Restricted
lmao why

>> No.816540

>They're unitary ethnostate after all, it's not surprising that they care

Being 97% the same ethnicity isn't why they have a strong welfare system you fucking /pol/tard

Americans are just selfish in general; they wouldn't buy their own mothers a new heart

>> No.816572

>reddit spacing
Americans are run by jews.

>> No.816608

this will only get her more fans. believe it or not, most people here like kiara because of her roommate.

same copy pasta comments as every single day. you are samefagging atleast 40 people here. its getting old.

still would like to know the reason why you harass her everyday. im just curious at this point to be honest.

>> No.816635

would you actually let children watch that horror fest?

>> No.816676

>pity fan
This is not good for her.

>> No.816690

>you are samefagging atleast 40 people here.

Anon...you might be the crazy one.

I guess that's why you like Kiara.

>> No.816778

>still would like to know the reason why you harass her everyday
>she's suffocating egomaniac in every collab

I don't give a shit how many anons are on your radar, being bothered by the same thing that bothers me. Kiara ruins collabs with HoloJP, she even degrades HoloEN collabs.
>Cali tries to bridge language barrier during Among Us collab
>Kiara hijacks it to shut up shy HoloJP girls trying their best at english because she's fluent to get an upper hand and a spotlight

>Given an inch in HoloID collab
>Goes for a full fucking mile even when everyone's audibly uncomfortable

>Gura resolves long silence pause in HoloEN collab with cute random thought she has

Your strawmanning will not stop anons noticing that shit and posting it on /vt/.

Try your best to strawman it into samefagging, I do not give a shit because it will not work.

>> No.816816

Melancholy is the human's default state. At least for the non-NPCs.

>> No.816854

>It's her shitty personality that "shines" during collabs.
It's her personality that prevents most collabs from being snorefests.

>> No.816881

No they're run by the wealthy elite

Irish and Jewish surnames alike will rape your poor ass

>> No.816955

you dont get it. im not asking why some people hate her. its normal to have both fans and haters lol. im asking why some of them literally follow her through all her life just to harass her. it makes no sense. this isnt normal hating. this is beyond that. this is personal. and THATS what i want to know. im curious

>> No.817020
File: 41 KB, 640x747, 1583893588917.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm sure insecure stacy bitch putting others down to get a spotlight is your shitty definition of fun collabs.
You fell for their tricks retard. Illuminati, Bildberg Club, Comittee 300, NWO - you're allowed to call out any of those in public.
But not Jews, it's straight out illegal in most 1st world countries.
You gotta be retarded not to understand that main perp is the one you're banned from criticizing by law.
>im asking why some of them literally follow her through all her life
Then ask someone else, are you retarded? This thread is the first I heard her roommate backstory or saw her photo. I hate her purely because she ruins collabs and I don't give a shit what she does otherwise, as long as she stops that shit. Thankfully there has only been like 3 of those. Hopefully they never happen again.

>> No.817042

Shitposting on an image board is not personal.

She won't even know what we say here unless she goes looking for it.

>> No.817081

lolcow already locked and banned your threads. hopefully the mods here perma you too.

>> No.817090

That heart surgery is pretty common

(Just taking a shot in the dark, there are other things you'd need heart surgery for as a kid that are way, way more serious)

>> No.817133

Wtf ame was homeless? Poor thing.

>> No.817166

>your threads
are you still strawmanning?
Hey, it's still a heart surgery.

>> No.817206

She also developed a habit of not showering for weeks at a time from when she used to be a hobo.

>> No.817224

but there is a guy who follows her on all social media platforms, constantly spam things at her, is here everyday opens dozens of thread. goes into every thread and makes it about kiara. hes obssessed. this isnt normal lol

which was a mistake btw. because they are all here now.
same when stormfront wasp urged and flooded /pol/

or when tumblr was purged and flooded twitter

>> No.817371

You still haven't made any persuasive arguments about why you think that's all one guy.

That's the part where you start to sound crazy.

>> No.817372

dude i find a whole host of them to not be to my taste: watame, ina, fubuki, polka, pekora and aqua are probably the biggest names that i'd literally have to be paid to watch for a variety of reasons from hating their style, content, avatar, voice, whatever.
literally not one time have i felt the need to post in a thread about them that i don't like them. that's what makes you a psycho bitch

>> No.817391
File: 607 KB, 678x623, 1591050162526.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>but there is a guy who follows her on all social media platforms
>hes obssessed. this isnt normal lol
keep me posted I guess? I don't even use MSM, my twitter has 1 tweet on it. Like I was saying, my only gripe is bitch ruining collabs. She stops - I've no problem with her.
It's not unheard of for people with home etiher.

>> No.817458

>literally not one time have i felt the need to post in a thread about them that i don't like them
Perhaps if this bitch-ass anon didn't try to box my displeasure with Kiara into his dumb little boxes, I would have stayed silent >>815934 >>815730

>> No.817511

anon you aren't going to convince me that her white knight forced you
or that you haven't done this many times b4. im not checking ip's i dont' care how much of a stalker-kun u are but come the fuck on. who are you kidding?

>> No.817569

are you new here? did you not notice that there are constantly 5+ kiara threads? and in every thread kiara is mentioned and hated on? and its always the same comments copy pasted. every day sicne months.

so yes its the same guy.
i repeat hating someone =/= spending all of your free time shitting up a board and constantly talk about her. this is personal hate stuff.

no one in the right mind would do thast because he dislikes her voice or her collabs. he would fucking ignore her and block her channel abd be done with it.

>> No.817634

Oh she just has certain aspects of her personality that many people don't like.

Just because you heard it before doesn't mean it's the same person saying it. It just might be true, Anon.

>> No.817646

>people don't shit on things they don't like on 4chan
>are you new here?
>anon you aren't going to convince me that her white knight forced you
So fuck you kek. Imagine throwing bait and getting offended it was bitten.

>> No.817780

if its the same pattern and lliterally the same copy pasted comments then yes. its the same guy. probably this shizo



>> No.817872

The duality of /vt/.

>> No.817913

>same opinion can't be held by more than one person
this is your brain on whiteknight

>> No.818032

yea exactly the same copy pasted comments. its just a (((coincedence))) bro

your literally a samefag. 110 IPs in this thread and 243 posts. use your brain retard

>> No.818037

>Why are all Vtubers
>talks about only EN related chuubas

>> No.818217
File: 90 KB, 983x639, 1596823026886.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>anonymous imageboard
if they look copypasted, perhaps Kiara personality flaws are widely recognized
did that thought not cross your mind, retard?
>your literally a samefag.
Are you going to prove that in any way? This is where I engaged in Kiara discussion first. After you piece of shit whiteknight tried to discount any of her criticism with your little shitty strawman boxes.

>> No.818358

>that screenshot
lol nigger youre braindead
im not just talking about this thread.
im saying over many months the SAME threads get posted with the SAME comments day after day.

ALWAYS the same pattern. im not just talking about you faggots in this thread.

so indeed, IT IS mostly one guy/tranny doing this every day. why is this so ahrd to understand?

>> No.818467

>Amelia lost a family member she took care of for many years
That is a feeling I am all too familiar with. I didnt know that happened to her.

>> No.818508

>one guy/tranny doing this every day
>trust me dude
You've tired to discount any criticism of your shitty bitch of a bird before >>815934 >>815730
and you're still strawmanning it.

If I see you pulling your
>lel it's just one dude
shit - I WILL post my opinion on why I hate Kiara for every anon in the thread to see.

I don't care if you honestly consider me a samefag or dishonestly trying to shoehorn it for optics.

>> No.818602

holyfuck you indogs are really retarded

>same commenrt copy pasted every single day
>lol.llolol its not the same guy its pure coincedence that they all type the SAME exact thing every single day in every thread

kill yourself retard
and yes atleast 40 IPs here bleong to you.

>> No.818802

>same commenrt copy pasted every single day

Are you having a stroke yet?

>> No.818860

This is the most based thread I have ever seen holy shit.

>> No.818933

what do you mean indog? link?
go to catalog and search for kiara thread. make a screenshot.

wait till tomorrow and you will see the exact same threads again. same title, same comments.

surely its always different people who happen to type the exact same thing very day for months

>indog brain

>> No.818942

Absolutely Haram

>> No.818963

Why would I collect proofs for your argument?
>same commenrt copy pasted every single day
Prove it.

>> No.818980


its a special kind of feeling reading this while listening to subaru go MIOSHA!? and screaming over ghosts in fatal frame.

>> No.819000

i literally told you samefag. i already proved it. go to catalog

>> No.819014

>Amelia is a witty
I just can't get over this statement. She is the biggest airhead in hololive.

>> No.819043

You're telling me to find proof for your argument? No, I'm not going to do that. I will just assume you're bullshitting me.

>> No.819092

But she's quick with a quip.

>> No.819108

>hey man please tell me where can i see what you are talking about? gib proofs

go to catalog and you will see the same threads every day

>hey man i dont get it. why do i need to click there????? im new

>> No.819208

I have been looking at the catalog for the last few days and I have not seen the same threads made every day.

Your move.

>> No.819233

then you have no problem providing link to prove your argument
Gura is dumber, probably organic brain damage from alcohol, but both are endearing

>> No.819369

>then you have no problem providing link to prove your argument

ok here is link >>>/vt/catalog

>> No.819402

Okay, that disproves your argument.

What now?

>> No.819430

This thread just makes me want to member subaru...

>> No.819448

what do you mean?

>> No.819466

It's always a good time to 'member Subaru.

>> No.819531

I looked top to bottom of the catalog and there are no Kiara hate threads on /vt/.

It's almost like you're full of shit.

>> No.819651

>Gura is nihilistic

WTF, I feel nothing specifically anymore as the thought of feeling anything will be just as futile and void as existance itself.

>> No.819657
File: 1.48 MB, 1056x1497, 1612909393980.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where is Kiara hate thread you promised you little shit?
>inb4 he goes to create it

>> No.819710

How are you not dead?!?!?!

>> No.819748

mods sleep

>> No.819802

i see exactly 3 , rest are old generals

but this wasnt even the point. now next step: screenshot the catalog. thats all.

look again in 24h. you will see the same threads with the same comments and most likely even the same pic.

it has been like this for many months.

kiara hates threads ( with same comments) is constantly spammed here. it pisses everyone off including the ones who dislike her. because every thread is about kiara

if you srsly have never noticed that youre either new, or, just like i said, your the samefag. which im 100% sure you are, indog.

>> No.819858

>trust me dude
>check back in a day!
So you have no proof.

>> No.819865


>> No.819874

>you will see the same threads with the same comments and most likely even the same pic.

A lot of those threads are generals or threads dedicated to specific girls. Of course they recur.

But I looked at the catalog when you linked it and there were currently no Kiara hate threads at the time. I'm sorry that you're seeing imaginary threads on the catalog but that doesn't make all the rest of us the same person.

>> No.819918

>gib proof
gives proof
>so you have no proof i dont accept it

ok samefag

>> No.819954

youre literally in one wtf dude
did you not notice how this thread is 90% about kiara, what the fuck?

>> No.819986

This thread was not started for Kiara. It's literally just a vehicle for the guy's joke about Ina.

You're the one who made it about Kiara.

>> No.819995

>gives proof
No it's one white knights and at most 3 anons telling him that he's a schizo strawmanning retard and Kiara has commonly recognized personality flaws.

>> No.820147

>You're the one who made it about Kiara.
lmao sure

see you tomorrow in your next thread about kiara because you have nothing better to do. cant wait to see what youre gonna post next time. oh wait, its the same as yesterday and the day before that

>> No.820449

I literally just came to this thread to tell everyone that Ina was a mess before Hololive like the rest of the members of EN.
>>815702 This was my first post in the thread.

You're the one who made this all about Kiara and can't shut up about 'one guy" shitposting about her. Nobody likes Kiara. Accept that into your world view before you lose your grip on reality.

>> No.820700

Link or massive rrat

>> No.820827

? why are you telling ME that. YOU replied to my post telling me autistic kiara shizos do not exist outside of my dreams. all im saying is that there is one guy who is making hate threads about her every single day. why is this so hard to understand?

>> No.820849

schizo kfpfags thinks we're samefagging

I hate kiara

>> No.820862

You tried to claim that everyone in this thread that had a bad thing to say about Kiara was all the same person.

>> No.820982

i wasnt even talking about your thread. i was saying there is always a guy who makes the same threads with the same exact copy pasted comments every single day since months.

then you reply to me and say its (((coincedence))) and there is no psycho hater out there. its just millions of antis who happen to type the same exact thing

>> No.821074

Same, but it's broken me in a way I still ain't healed from. Streaming games for a small group of friends is nice but it's not the same as what Ame's lucky enough to have. Mori's my Oshi but now I know why I'm also really into Ame.

>> No.821564

Holy fucking shit.
That's so sad

>> No.821636

>Ina is a calm and talented artist who is a little bit shy
>Turns out she is a calm and talented artist who is a little bit shy.
Fucking bullshit narrative there pal.

>> No.821802

She's had a rough life as a failure. It's due to her own choices but it still sucks and it is easy to see how she ended up with the personality and behavior she has now when she is finally succeeding at something. For those that don't like her because of hololive, the backstory tends to cause them to pity her rather than hate her from what I've seen. She's got some damage and although she is getting better it still seeps through at times.

>> No.821832

Alright new rule. Any time THAT guy appears in a thread, just write "seethe" and call it a day. I've seen him across enough threads to know that he's not worth reasoning with, and you guys interacting with him in any meaningful way encourages him to post more. If you don't reply to him he'll either not post anything, or go off on his own like a schizo, which might just be funny enough to be considered a positive contribution to the thread.

>> No.821895

just because someone made poor life choices in the past doesn't mean i'm automatically forced to like them in the present
you're not a kiara fan if you find her doxx empathetic, you're a saviourfag. just embrace it and move on

>> No.821950

What guy?

>> No.821958

>the backstory tends to cause them to pity her rather than hate her from what I've seen.
How exactly being arrogant bitch to your seniors can be excused by a sobby backstory?
See this >>821895 I couldn't care less about her roomate experience or life story, she ruined every collab she participated in as HoloEN.

>> No.821971

Read again. I didn't say it makes people like her, but it often makes them dislike and pity her rather than hate and feel antipathy toward her. Not everyone, but many people. People that actually like her usually do so for the same reasons many dislike her, her actual personality as the Kiara character.

>> No.821995

Oh lol nevermind.
I got it now.


>> No.822031

I don't think you do because I'm only one of the guys you just replied to.

>> No.822040

>but many people
>dislike and pity her rather than hate and feel antipathy toward her
Nigger you're knee deep in damage-controlling. This thread is first time I heard about her backstory but it doesn't mean shit to me: I just want her to not ruin collabs and learn her place.

>> No.822043
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>> No.822051


>> No.822053

Who are you quoting?

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