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Things didn't have to be like this, so... why?

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Don't do drugs

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If she didn't want to be fired she shouldn't have betrayed humanity to the tentacle monsters.

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What do you mean? Tentacles are your friends.

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drug abuse obvs

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I would have expected pikamee to be fired first...for some reason

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I'm out of the loop, what happened?

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VOMS magnet got deleted. There's all kinds of rrats. Their manager, Gyari, just said severe breach of contract and fired her. Pikamee and TMSK cried during their announcement and are going to continue as a duo.

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My sexy drug dependent magnet

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What could possibly constitute a 'severe breach of contract' ?

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I miss you, Monoe.

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The 2chan rrat is that the "severe breach of contract" was leaking VOMS corporate secrets; the 5ch rrats are that the either that she lied about her age and was underage, violated a non-compete clause by working for another agency, or her day job was in the public section (in Japan, public employees are allowed to have roles in the private section for anti-corruption reasons). The 4cha rrats are that she did drugs and had sex.

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The most popular theories on 5ch are that she was underage, a public servant, or signed up with a vtuber company.

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It's intentionally vague. Either she tried moonlighting for a different agency, had a public sector job and was illegal working a second job, tried to jump ship, or did something worse.

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working theory is trying to jump ship to hololive and getting caught, or streaming on another platform as her roommate when she's contracted to not stream at all elsewhere.

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Someone wake me up when the rrat infestation is gone and we actually have solid info to go off instead of these autists grasping at whatever straws they can get a hold of.

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It had to be really bad, considering that they were a week from the 1 year anniversary of VOMS and they didn't even bother with a graduation stream.

They might downplay it, but something serious must have really happened to warrant this kind of response.

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It could also be that she still had a public sector job, despite having a year to find a side hustle and quit the public sector job. It IS tax season after all.

>Gyari tells magnet she needs to quit her public sector job
>magnet says she can't for financial reasons (lets be real who wants to work mcdonalds and stream?)
>everyone decides it's better she stay with her day job and lose a beloved coworker

For all we know, maybe she tried tax evasion, which scared Gyari.

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>>794319 went to sleep and never woke up.

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We are eternal anon. Well be here before you, well be here after you.

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We will never have solid info unless it leaks and there's just 4 people involved in here, so it most likely won't leak.

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Her roomate was using VMOS as a way to gain clients, because it turns out she was moonlighting as an escort, GYARI found out out. You think that would be the reason for the firing but no, after he found out he wanted a session with her, she said because that would be weird for her, so she straight up refused, this pissed off GYARI so he fired her.

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Sleep forever, then.

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If she was streaming under a roommate, it wouldn't be hard to find her. That voice is very distinct

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Somebody on 5ch already found her

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That voice is 50 times more cheerful than Monoe's. Voice modulator?

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Oh shit this has got to be her. She's just using a more upbeat voice.

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I never watcher her beyond the Ringfit clip but nobody deserves to lose their oshi like this. Sorry for your loss Magnetbros.

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thanks fren

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Is the insinuation that Monoe is Flare? that would....be interesting

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Slapped the other 2 VOMS girls in front of GYARI

>> No.799601

Magnets being Flare would be inconceivably huge, since not only is Flare clearly the bigger up on this, Monoe being both chars for this long would be worthy of an award on its own

>> No.799843

you can listen to Flare's karaoke stream and realize they sound nothing alike

>> No.799932

that's bullshit, but I believe it
did any of their live streams ever overlap?

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Does anyone have stream times and lengths from Monoe's channel?

>> No.800382

we have magnet's almost full day getting over it stream and flare's minecraft stream at the same time, probably

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Youtube metadata (at least what youtube-dl grabs) only has the upload date, no actual timestamp, so there's no way to do a quick check.

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it's the same voice wtf

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That was a very elaborate troll, I mean Flare would have a huge channel to lose if Cover knew she was a VOMS too since they are """indie""" but not that much.

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She breached her contract and was fired.
That all we know, everything else is a rrat.

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She would have interviewed for the position maybe a couple months after starting at Hololive, so it wasn't as big of a risk then as it's turned into. Not that I believe it.

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they cannot fire Pikamee, she is the company

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I think she'd be allowed a graduation stream in that case.

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Every time Pikamee accidentally kills one of the loli she drugs to rape, she just calls GYARI and it is covered uop.

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If you're going to do drugs don't get caught kids

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I don't know where this rrat came from but it's stupid and I hate it

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I just watched another video of this Flare and her cadence and speaking style is almost the same as Monoe. I have no idea who this Flare is, but holy shit, they sound a lot alike.

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That's not my magnet's laugh, the inflection and tone is similar but laughs are hard to fake and flare's voice doesn't sound close to Monoe's.

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WTF, it matches.


Where we Holofags the entire time???

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I'm pretty sure Cover and autists would have found out that Flare was moonlighting at VOMs by now.

>> No.806035

Compare their laughs, completely different.

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it doesn't sound alike at all you fucking faggot

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Anon was mortally wounded in a tragic dick sucking accident and as a result, magnet was charged with manslaughter, please tell everyone.

>> No.807358

This is true, can confirm, I was the guy who got sucked.

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So you become a tranny now?

>> No.809917

Probably just an eunuch instead.

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Shion sold magnet cocaine and she raped pikamee while high

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