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Or would she look on you in disgrace. If you aren't working towards being an ideal man then why would your oshi ever be interested in you? Do your reps now.

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I will do my best!

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Lmao, I'm bald, already too late. At least Finana said Agent 47 looks hot and she typically doesn't find bald guys hot.

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I heard on being bald is a /fit/ thing anon

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u gay?

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I'm a medical student, 177cm, and have the build of kiryu. I believe so, problem is my jap is shit, I can barley read kanji

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Finana is also 20 years old. Women's tastes change when they get older. Find her in a few years.

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I'm willing to bet at least half of them are the type that are waiting for the perfect "Prince Charming". No man will ever be good enough and the few that check all the boxes are either married or would see them as cumrags.

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femcels man haters out

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She wouldn't look at me at all.

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Dude I'm human at best I could be like a 0.6/10 to Lamy.
I ain't worthy

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I'm tall, that's about it for me.
Otherwise I'm a deadbeat mechanic making minimum wage, she probably wouldn't give a second glance at me, then again I don't even have an oshi and I've given up on being social, I've settled on being a recluse hermit in my shop and working on my projects alone, I got nothing to lose

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manhaters don't belong here.

It's us that judge you too harshly for your deformities or whatever, we're judged on how passionate we are about things we enjoy.

There is plenty of meaningful things a unwanted woman can do with her life.


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I'm objectively good looking and fit but I'm also a loser NEET with no social skills.

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My oshi is a lesbian so she would never find a man like me worthy to begin with

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>My oshi is a lesbian so she would never find a man like me worthy to begin with

femcels out

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How much is your score, be honest.

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My oshi probably wouldn't even look my way if she saw me in the street. I have a lot of work to do.
At least you know that you have to aim for that Johnny Sins look. Time to shave your head and hit the gym anon.

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>How much is your score, be honest.

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I will unironically kill myself in shame.

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Whenever I put serious effort in.
Your post is /r9k/ tier btw and you are a fag.

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I'm bald and have an ugly face. I know from experience that no matter how hard I try I will never be good enough for her.

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5, maybe 6 on a good day.

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>he doesn't know
Just be tan and buff, dude. She's into Belmond Banderas looking dudes.
3 because I automatically fall there. If I workout, I can probably climb to a 5

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I already shave my head and I'm worked out enough that some dudes feel me up and ask me for my routine. I work out for my health though since I think a good diet and exercise is important for living a more comfortable life.

After watching people like Luna and Marine and Hinata I'm sure I made the right life decision.

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3 or 4. Being tall & mildly muscular count for jack shit when people mostly care about your face & hair.

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If my oshii ever appeared I wouldn't care what she'd think because I'd just be happy she's back.

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I'm sorry...

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thats literally me in the pic

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femcel fag

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With facial hair and/or short hair, 5. Full head of hair and no facial har, good 7-8

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Why are you looking at Ryan Gosling's penis?

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5. Even if I worked out again I'm still a 5.

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Chill out dude, they're just women. Women by default are thirsty attention whores desperate for their validations, just sweettalk her or give her some money and she'd happily open her legs for you.

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I wasn't just looking

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>She likes manlets
>I'm fucking 6'7"
How I'm supposed to fix that lol.

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cripple your legs and become a pitifuck

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Neither. I'm unremarkable in every way. Looking at it from a positive perspective, at least she wouldn't be repulsed by things I can't change.

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>I've given up on being social
>a recluse hermit in my shop
>working on my projects
fucking kek

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