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Coco Kaichou thread.
Kiryu-Kai is forever!

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I love this bitch

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Well, she may not like dick, but she certainly likes (tako) balls.

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Tako is octopus. Not balls.

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She'll never be your wife anon. Take your meds

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If kiryu kai is forever, show me your active membership.

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I joined to support her last days, before that i only spent my money on kson, i already watched her before hololive.

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I speak Japanese faggot, takoyaki IS octopus balls.

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there you go

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a few moment later~~

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do we still want to rape coco?

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Kson lurks these threads confirmed by me. Eating all those takoyaki to fullfil an architects dream. I kneel.

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Her member/mildom streams on that PC prior to her break were all 1080p60 with like 4x the bitrate though. I'm guessing she reinstalled OBS and wiped the old settings or something. I hope someone brings it up to her somehow, maybe a superchat.

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Now say that her and Kanata will both travel to méxico, join my harem, and have a taste of my very thicc spic schlong.

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>I'm guessing she reinstalled OBS and wiped the old settings or something
She didn't, the sound of her games has been mono for nearly a year lol

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What the hell, is this intentional? Maybe someone should let her know?

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(You) will tragically die from some disease within this week. As for Kanata and Coco. They both move to **** and they have my babies. Happy End. I win. Also Biohazard 8, I BELIEVE DAMNIT.

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Weird how her audio has been mono for so long. You’d think she would have noticed by now. Maybe she wants her audio to be mono for some reason we will never figure out.

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This is the last time her game audio was in stereo, not sure why no one noticed or told her yet.

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Is that on both PCs or just one?

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I guess this confirms that she has seen my feetposts. Holy mother of based.

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No Biohazard 8, you'll have kusoges and you'll like them. Also, no pregnancies, just casual sex, take it or leave it.

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Weird. Someone should bring it up but I dunno how other than a very awkward superchat.

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She also has weird discord settings where her mic would sound quieter and worse on other streams during collabs, but on her own stream it would be fine.

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>Also, no pregnancies, just casual sex, take it or leave it.
I mean, I see zero downsides so why the hell not. But yeah, jokes aside. I wish Kson great happiness. 今寝らなきゃ。

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>translated clip recommended by Youtube
>caption says "radish" instead of "Daikou"

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But that's Daikon

>doesn't have the part of her tat that's visible
>one forgets the blue highlights
Not even trying

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>Among Us in 30 minutes
On one hand I wanna have faith in the fanbase but on the other hand I think there’s definitely gonna be people with cringe names and chatting about her now past life.

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I just hope for no antis. Youtube chat filters them, but in the game...

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Just do rooms with randoms
But then you have to worry about all the cheaters and mic spammers

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I'm gonna be playing for my first time... if I can get in fast enough

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I hope her new Daikou is busty as shit.

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Filthy casuals

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I'm in!

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>Felix made it in
Good for him

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Best clipper deserves it.

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I thought I saw that. I wonder if he happens to be recording and can do a mashup clip.

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How would amogus even work with a stream? Literally everyone watching knows if you're the imposter or not

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Other vtubers have played with fans. You just don't be an asshole close the stream.

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Can't even break 5k look like all the hype is gone.

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I suppose the honor system is all you can rely on

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Now Felix can clip his own death.

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So much for independence

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It seems really obvious to me in this game that somebody is stream sniping

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friendly reminder to watch her roommate especially since she streamed Ring Fit Adventure

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You haven't been reading the thread, have you?

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I don't think kanata streamed any ring fit recently.

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I was worried too, but even her like/dislike ratio's been the lowest it's ever been for a LONG time, and that's usually the indicator that they're resorting to dislike bombing since they can't spam. I guess after the fallout with NGA they're pretty much scattered in what they want to accomplish between throwing themselves uselessly at Fubuki or whatevers left clinging to Kson.

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fucking ksus played her like a damn fiddle

>> No.7890849

She killed me...

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Goddamn she always streams during peak hours.
It's hard to decide between her, Gurame, Subaru, Korone, Irys, and Noel.

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With that I'd prioritize based on content, like if I like the game or if one of them's about to do an interesting zatsudan

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I used to like vtuber Ring Fit streams but they've been made obsolete now.

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She has embraced the kusonihongo.

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if no one calls her a sussy baka I will flip

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>Kiryu-Kai is forever!
Is time to move on

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So why did she quit?

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Ah..what a blessed scream.

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Wait, is she becoming a vtuber again? I am a bit out of loop, since I haven't been here ever since her graduation.

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Bless this stream

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Anon...she predates Coco in the Vutber scene. She was popular with Japanese before her Holodebut.

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Management got schizo and restrictive to the point that she wasn't having fun working there.

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I was not aware of that. Anyway, so she went back to her old avatar for now? Does she plan to continue with it, or is this just some goofing around?

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The brainwashed chinese antis ruined her life.

>> No.7893463

She'll be doing both avatar and IRL. She's updating the avatar but it's not ready yet.

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kson's panting noise is great

>> No.7894603

So the people who said that she will never touch a vtuber avatar again, were full of shit? Very nice.

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>Japanese chat
no one speaks Japanese

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Coco repeatedly listed taiwan as a country in her stream despite both chinese and japanese viewers warning her about this (there is an agreement between China and japan about one-China policy, that japanese companies doing business in China, need to follow). So Chinese viewers got angry the second time Hololive official didn't apologize or correct themselves, and then Chinese viewers started to boycott the Vtuber to display their attitude. It's a mess, and in western mezia you're not really going to get a full picture of this issue /cause people like portraying Chinese to be "brainwashed" and "rude/mean".

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Taiwan has their own money you retard lol

>> No.7895207

>there is an agreement between China and japan about one-China policy, that japanese companies doing business in China, need to follow
Maybe not for long.

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Don't engage with the hater, it'll derail the thread.

>> No.7895598

Finally a japanese chat.

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I hope she builds another gunpla today.

>> No.7895899

Wait, she builds gunpla? This I got to see. What has she built already.

>> No.7895934

Who the hell would possibly jump to that conclusion? She talked about how she loved the concept of Vtubing and made it real clear that she wasn't going to give up on it in the streams after her announcement.

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Do you wanna build a gunpla. It doesn't have to be a gunpla.

>> No.7895997

I still waiting for my gunpla to arrive

>> No.7896170

I am a snapshitter, and during the pandemic, I built anywhere from 1-7 gunpla a month.

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This was a lot more fun without any schizos sabotaging.

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Karaoke tonight

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Quick question. What is the rule about mentioning Kson out loud? I knew that when Coco was active, it was a big no-no to say that name. But now that she is literally streaming under her own name and face, is it really that bad to mention it in public?

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Kson is a Vtuber and this is a board for Vtubers so it's completely fine.

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In this board, it's a mixed bag. Some anons got banned, others got warned. It's basically due to the fact that she hardly used her avatar when she was in Holo (her last streams were makeup sessions) and it took a few more weeks until she went back to regularly using her avatar. This is also partly the reason why we're still using a Coco general.

>But why the complication?[/spoiler]
Slippery slope on roommate threads in general. Many of the holos are active in their alt accounts (without vtubing) and the catalog's a breeding ground for antis. Doxxniggers either make troll threads here or try to create an anti following at >>>/qa/.

>What about outside
Not sure about the vtuber subreddits but she's pretty much an open secret in Youtube. People are just weary of clipfags trying to milk her or create narratives based off bad translations or cutting out the "just kidding" parts.

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>Coco repeatedly listed taiwan as a country in her stream
>oy vey, i can't believe coco showed her statistics 1 time, how could she show taiwan 10 times, if she had respect for china she wouldn't have said taiwan 100 times, did she even care about her audience when she showed taiwan 1000 times, the intentional disrespect by showing taiwan 10,000 times can't be stood for, cover corp should have fired her immediately for all 100,000 instances of naming taiwan, all 1.6 billion chinese were devastated when she showed 6 million taiwans

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artia rape dungeon when

>> No.7900484

>I wonder if she can sing weather hacker
>song request: Weather hacker

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>> No.7901493

Who wants to bet she hits 800k before this "endurance" stream? lol

>> No.7902854

Kson is lvl142 on mildom which makes her a gold rank. How do I cheeze my way to those numbers?. I'm still at level 15 btw.

>> No.7902883

Watch other streams like Diago's or donate to kson.

>> No.7903021

Watch multiple streams using 10 different devices all the same time.

>> No.7903118

why is the chink still here? Is it because you can't ruin the stream? Kill yourself chink

>> No.7903261

This faggot falsflagger really came back and replied to his own bait post as if we wouldn't notice. Abhorrently pathetic if you asked me.

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Hoping for ultra-3d for the karaoke because I want to see the high energy

>> No.7904379

Would be neat but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

>> No.7904552

Let's go! ...but why am I nervous, she is the one who's going to sing

>> No.7904605

let's fucking gooooo!

>> No.7904607

I want to watch all of her archives but I think it'll be way too painful. I didn't appreciate her while she was here but now it just feels like shit and kson is nice and all but I was more into the character

>> No.7904645

that is only (you) problem, thanks for sharing but i don't really give a fuck

>> No.7904684

Oh shit here we go

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>> No.7904707

oh my god even with the identical background...

>> No.7904727

The duet of this that she did with Noel was fantastic.

>> No.7904729

Jurenka hopefully, because I'm a masochist

>> No.7904747

:_dosu1: :_HEART: :_dosu2:

>> No.7904792

Will she EVER actually sing the bridge part?

>> No.7904884

Nice, hope it's archived.

>> No.7904928

It's so cute when she slips between her more serious singing and more fun singing on songs like this, like she can't decide which is better

>> No.7904931

I am tearing up... guys I miss this so much

>> No.7904935

Wait so why exactly did she leave cover again? She's doing the exact same stuff she used to do as Coco

>> No.7904946

Because Management hated her.

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>> No.7904962

same, i'm grinning like an idiot

>> No.7904980

can't live without this bitch

>> No.7904990

I've missed her singing so much lads

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>> No.7905006

>I always hated that song. Now I kind like it.

>> No.7905018

>15 mins

>> No.7905059

>SC baiting again.

>> No.7905072

She wanted permission to stream with Joe

>> No.7905079

I want the gems to fall between her breasts.

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>> No.7905102

What's ligma?

>> No.7905115

>20 mins later
>800k already
holy shit

>> No.7905117

This cuteness is not good for my heart...

>> No.7905119

nanananDADADADADA siiii bibipopoppo

>> No.7905121

Here comes the kusopanish.

>> No.7905129

This bitch will never get the lyrics right based.

>> No.7905151

I missed this so fucking much

>> No.7905168

>> No.7905182

Lyrics are shit so who cares. She is having fun!

>> No.7905205

this scene plays everytime a vtuber sings a shitty pop song i hated and now i love their version

>> No.7905230

I was gonna ask why she has SC enabled while singing english songs but then I remembered she's an indie now...

>> No.7905237

Welcome to my life when I watch Kanata and Mio karaokes.

>> No.7905246

Gotta be honest, as someone who's seen countless karaoke streams from her ever since that big monetization stream last February I'd really prefer if she stopped going on and on about not being good several times every stream.

>> No.7905251

At least it means they don't have to be no archive anymore

>> No.7905276

I know, it's great, isn't it?
This isn't even that bad, she was much much more self deprecative 1 year ago

>> No.7905287

I like low-pitch kson

>> No.7905376

C'mon chat, stop asking for Weather Hackers...

>> No.7905394

So my prediction was right, 3D model with full body tracking.

>> No.7905528

And she made it herself? that would be based, but I don't understand why she didn't commission it.

>> No.7905535

>part of your world

oh no

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>> No.7905552

Bros this song...

>> No.7905556

Bro... I remembering her debut stream

>> No.7905562

bitch doing this on purpose

>> No.7905566

She could get hollywood tier/code miko model if she wanted but I doubt she knows the connections for that.

>> No.7905567

Here comes the ugly crying.

>> No.7905569

Her voice is cracking...

>> No.7905573

Is she crying?

>> No.7905586

my god please not this song. aaaaaaa. I just got over her leaving!!

>> No.7905631

Right in the ココ...ロ

>> No.7905644

Fansa next

>> No.7905665

I'm not sad. she's doing all right. You sholdn't either.

>> No.7905668

those gems look like french fries

>> No.7905690

>These lyrics

>> No.7905698

I'm expect getting Rickroll'd anytime now. Shit, I need the emotional song train to stop for a little.

>> No.7905727

They're hearts now

>> No.7905738

Nah, I think she did confirm that she had it commissioned. Thing was that it's apparently pretty expensive, but I guess 3D + full body tracking would take a pretty long time.

>> No.7905817

>Kson: Well, here goes the next song. There's a message in it that I really want to convey to you guys.

>> No.7905896


>> No.7905897

>Bakunyuu Yankee

>> No.7906034


>> No.7906049

chat stop being retarded please

>> No.7906085

Do you really expect better from those tourists? i don't
The shadow will slowly go away as time goes on.

>> No.7906117

It better be gone by the time she hits 1.4million again because my god just when i thought they knew better they fuck up

>> No.7906162

Oh I love this from her

>> No.7906177

This one is pretty much her signature song now.

>> No.7906190

>Trash said yesterday on twitter he has no more money after spending $20.000 in june
>He keeps sending "small" superchats anyway
Someone save him please, this bitch is too cute for him.

>> No.7906205

My inner Gundam oji is sperging!!!!!!!!

>> No.7906211

Trash please, not your food money...

>> No.7906329

>he has no more money
He donated more than $1k in her free chat this month.

>> No.7906359

That's actually good pitch/volume control considering she was nervous.

>> No.7906424

I fucking love how she sings this song

>> No.7906493


>> No.7906533

that light-speed chat
Our hearts...

>> No.7906554

anons.... Trash-san is a woman

>> No.7906566


>> No.7906581

I can save her....

>> No.7906586

That's just a meme, check his twitter

>> No.7906590

anonchama, that was a joke

>> No.7906604


>> No.7906646

>last last last song

>> No.7906701

>my chrome tab crash

>> No.7906721

>> No.7906798

She isn't crying right? she just forgot the song right? right?

>> No.7906843


>> No.7906871

Actually yes.

>> No.7906884


>> No.7906909

more precisely, she said that she still learns it so she is still not good at it.

>> No.7906910

It's honestly impressive the subscriber retention she got.
It's really strange too, because she's still pulling the same modest numbers she always does, but everyone still transferred over.

>> No.7906990

>Last last last last song

>> No.7907121

Subscribers is more for exposition, memberships and SCs is what matters, and she is doing fine, you can recognize a lot of names in there supporting her.

>> No.7907534

If it's not die hard fans and clout chasers sperging on about who she was and claiming to be "friends", the zhangs unironically helped by linking the 2 via their sad attempts at doxxing.

Even stranger is their presence is gone from streams AND her twitter tags, I can use the "top" on her art tag and I never see zhang shit now, thought they would have continued even after leaving, were they really that butthurt over a fictional dragon?

Whatever the case her fanbase is full of solid dedicated mother fuckers

>> No.7907763

The circumstances that led to her graduation and what everyone saw her endure for 9 months is another reason why so many transitioned to her roommate, if her graduation was "normal" many of her more casual fans wouldn't feel so emotionally attached to her.
Not that i'm saying it's the only reason, tatsunoko have always been one of the most dedicated fanbases in hololive even before the chink drama.

>> No.7908035

From my understanding some of the longtime Tatsunoko’s followed her into Hololive from her roommate account. If they weren’t ride or die before they definitely are now.

>> No.7908122

Spot on considering the HK bros going out of their way to pay for advertisement for her to be plastered all over the place and the Taiwan fans response as equally strong

I'm glad to say I found her before all of this

>> No.7908187

I stopped watching Coco archives immediately after her graduation. it's too painful indeed. but after having watched like 90% of Kson archives, I can safely say that I have finally moved on. Kson is how I cope knowing Coco will never return desu.

>> No.7908230

Pochi ;_;

>> No.7908246


>> No.7908267

happy you found new oshi

>> No.7908713

Is our boy, the jp bro who cosplayed. Chungus, still with us?

>> No.7908878

No, unless he's following her in secret.

>> No.7909503

She'll always support her oshi. Love you Pochi.

>> No.7909635

lol she's talking about Suisei's PC

>> No.7909834

Ligmas balls fag

>> No.7909885

Oh yeah I forgot there was a pacific rim watchalong tomorrow.

>> No.7909890


>> No.7910035

membership only?

>> No.7910106

Yeah, just like the iron man watchalong.

>> No.7910275

Metal gear oji-san is rising

>> No.7910306

>Please play MGS, here's ¥50,000

>2 days later
>Please play MGS, here's ¥50,000


>> No.7910388

I think this is the same guy that been begging Kanata to play MGS with red SC for a while too

>> No.7910422

Is it the same person who was begging her to play metal gear during her last year amongus playthroughs?

>> No.7910551

Well, she did play Evil Within 2 after that "You Mad Yet" guy kept throwing supacha about it at her for months and those weren't reds.

>> No.7910556

That thumbnaul looks like what a chink would spam on a hashtag...

>> No.7910845

been following this channel for awhile, wonder what's their story, japanese esl trying to catch the train, a cringy fan, or something more sinister?

>> No.7910875

Better than meki at least

>> No.7911173

Maybe he wants a Quiet cosplay.

>> No.7911313


>> No.7911340


>> No.7911486


>> No.7911504


>> No.7911580

>Initial D Eurobeat
We're getting closer to slav hardbass. C'mon Adidas girl.

>> No.7911777

I miss this.

>> No.7911793

>20 ARS

>> No.7912842


>> No.7913135

>> No.7913296

Thanks Anon-sama.

>> No.7913330

>> No.7918658

I just had an epiphany. Kumichou's Zettai Ryouiki.[ 絶対領域]I BELIEVE. This is heavens door. If I see it, It might kill me. Holy shit.

>> No.7918759

It's in her Tifa streams, sorta.

>> No.7918898


>> No.7919141


>> No.7919448

I watched the tifa stream and zattai ryōiki is barely there. I am so disappointed. But I am certain that one day we will see it in its full glory. I believe.

>> No.7919739

The bakunyuu yankee song was perfectly placed to change the mood, sasuga Kson.

>> No.7920041


>> No.7920190


>> No.7920404

His plan is expensive but I admire the enthusiasm.

>> No.7920890

There's also

>> No.7923256


>> No.7924430


thanks, friend C

>> No.7924455

Ah yes, Computer-Chan

>> No.7924617

I think I have a tummy fetish now...

>> No.7925334

Remember that idiot saying Kson moved? LOL

>> No.7925437

Apparently someone asked her on stream something about if she lives with someone and she said she lives alone.
Either the anon was gullible enough to believe her, or they're just another troll and used that as enough "evidence".

>> No.7926302

People spam her about it every stream even though she has never made any mention of having a roommate as Kson and she finally kindly told them to shut up in a member stream.

>> No.7926363

Shame she didn't help Suisei with data back up. That whole story was so painful to listen too. She lost practically everything.

>> No.7926754

New rrat: Coco still works in Hololive as tech support

>> No.7926774

Where is her mouth?

>> No.7926853

tatsunokos how do you manage to have two threads

>> No.7926914

>post the wardrobe malfunctions and there will be a end to the horny posting

>> No.7926966

Coco is actually Kanatan's new assistant now.

>> No.7926980

By ignoring the bait one.

>> No.7926996

This is the thread for discussing her streams, any other thread you see in the board should be ignored.

>> No.7927058

>Coco leeching Kanata
I knew it

>> No.7927333

Yes, and she made a weird face right after she said it, like it hurt her a little bit telling people kanatan doesn't live there.

>> No.7927447

Prolly just a little annoyed that she'll have to deal with such fan questions for a while now.

>> No.7927523

>already at 800k subs

What are the chances of her reaching the sub count of Coco's account in the near future?

>> No.7929268

Define near future. 1.4m in this year? It's hard, growth won't be as fast as the last two month, it'll slow down because her core audience is already in. But subscribers numbers are not everything, memberships, SCs and day-by-day viewers number are more important IMO. If she is doing fine with those and some clip of her doing something funny becomes viral by algorithm magic then someday it may happen.

That being said, I'm not really a numberfag, I'm happy with her doing good enough and having fun, but she's ambitious and will try to grow bigger than her other life.

>> No.7930167

I doubt even the most optimistic of us expected such a great return to youtube.

>> No.7930495

Yeah, she is doing fantastic and I'm happy, but I'm pessimistic by nature, all my predictions are always very measured. No meant to offend other Tatsunokos.

>> No.7930662

Oh i'm the same, i was a mess all of july.
It's just kinda surreal to think you could cut all her metrics in half and she would still be doing incredibly well.

>> No.7931489

>It's just kinda surreal to think you could cut all her metrics in half and she would still be doing incredibly well.
An extra bonus here is that since she's no longer dealing with Cover, all further earnings are effectively multiplied by the amount she would have lost otherwise.

>> No.7937207

Look at that chat, her aishiterus really hit hard.

>> No.7938569

Want the chat to go BRRRR? Make her sing Robbie Williams' Angels.

>> No.7939396

The Kson one is bait for drama

>> No.7940033

I expected it. Why wouldn't she just keep racking it in? Everyone has known Coco's identity since day 1 and that fanbase was going to follow anywhere so long as she was still streaming.

>> No.7940261

we bribe janitor-sama

>> No.7941516

I fully expected her gachis to follow and continue throwing money at her, but quadrupling her subs in a month was a surprise.

>> No.7942576

Dammit how hard is it for people to understand that now that she is indie she can't just casually mention Kanata like that without putting her on a spot with her management?

>> No.7942577

Wouldn't doubt it given her influential status, not to mention that it low-key gives some people this feeling of "sticking it to corpos" or "sticking it to those chinese antis" by following a pretty streamer. It sounds pragmatic but it also helps that she's kind to her peers and continues to be of great help to them even when she's not working for their corporation anymore.

>> No.7944006

I feel loved

>> No.7944703

If she suddenly starting singing Never Gonna Give You Up I'd lose my shit laughing, but that aint gonna happen

>> No.7945007

Not the song that keeps making the sound of the A-10's chaingun?

>> No.7946975

she's not that old

>> No.7947229


>> No.7947371

You forgot to compute in Marine years

>> No.7948931


>> No.7948980

unfathomably based if it happens
>trying to move the cursor with the ring con
I love this cute dork

>> No.7949004

22 10th season.

>> No.7949516


>> No.7949944

>doing VoD reps
>RFA stream
>wonder where she’ll land on the JAV to “Holy Fuck are you alright?” spectrum
>it’s just a normal workout so far
She’s doing far better than I would have expected for a supposed NEET but perhaps her figure had to be maintained somehow even if she seems not completely satisfied with it.

>> No.7950055

Not too good on Ringfit culture. Are there streamers who Ringfit like they're on Chaturbate?

>> No.7950136

Subaru and Rushia are notable examples of Holomems who sound like they’re auditioning for JAV with their distressed exercise noises. Then there’s others like Luna where you really get the impression the exercise is doing more harm than good.

>> No.7950161

>Then there’s others like Luna where you really get the impression the exercise is doing more harm than good.
kek, I'd expect something like that from Marine

>> No.7950221


>> No.7950479

No that's BRRRRT, the t at the end is important

>> No.7951738

Ring fit was peak streamingu desu. While it wasn't inherently a coomer bait stream. It was pretty normal actually. But what ruins it is clipper vermin with their zoomed in clips and coomer bait thumbnails. Still a great stream btw. On par with her comfy mildom streams, gunpla and sushit. Also lococycle was a god stream.

>> No.7953441

I wonder why her movie watchalongs are now membership only. They always used to be public.
Maybe because she may accidently say something while she is paying attention to the movie...?

>> No.7953468


>> No.7953605


>> No.7953780

I think it's just that she wants to add worth to being a member like she's said a few times before and only the big fans really care about watchalongs in the first place. In Hololive having them as members only content was the norm and she was an exception.

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