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You will sub to IRyS, and you will like it.

Membership was brought up at the end of Subnautica #2, will come "within this week". She mentioned Tier names, so there will likely be more than one unless she misspoke, but rewards were said to be the same across all tiers.

>Unarchived Karaoke Archive



>Hololive Originals Cover Series
【IRyS】Shiny Smily Story / hololive IDOL PROJECT 【COVER】
【IRyS】GHOST / 星街すいせい【COVER】
【IRyS】Palette / 常闇トワ【COVER】

>Original Music
【Caesura of Despair】 AMV
【Caesura of Despair】 full ver.
【Caesura of Despair】 attaca ver.

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The day has finally come. The day on which this adorable nephilim will bless my ears not just with her beautiful music or her relaxing and sweet bedroom voice, but also with cries of exertion and strain. And thus the trifecta of IRyS is complete.

>> No.7867293

Uwaaaaa Irys' exposed pit finally!!!

>> No.7867392

Damn, that hairstyle actually looks really good on her

>> No.7867433

This is probably the best rendition of Irys I've ever seen, this should be her Live2D and I'm not even a hater of her current model.

>> No.7867446

I want to sniff and lick her sweaty armpits after long workout

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>> No.7867640

On a normal day, I'm not a wakimanko enthusiast but I'd be lying if I said that I'm not tempted.

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>> No.7868038

Almost always with RFA streams I have to tap out because it's just too weird. I wonder how long it'll take with Irys.

>> No.7868059

Regardless of how long you manage to watch, it'll be a pic related!

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Thank you OP for the RFA themed post. I kneel.

>> No.7868543

My pleasure!

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Her face is the cutest, isn't it, Anon? Her features are proportioned and positioned with perfection! Her big glistening eyes, a single glance and my heart begins to flutter. The eyeshadow and eyeliner are just right, with long and beautiful eyelashes to top it off.

And her nose is the most adorable little thing! Her nose and ears... Oh my god, did you take a closer look at her ears? What I wouldn't give to gently caress the tip of her nose with mine and run my index finger over her lovely pointed ears while gazing into her eyes all day long.

Her cheeks fit my palms perfectly and are incredibly soft to the touch, her light tan adding just the right amount of exotic allure. Not to mention her best feature, her mouth! It's so expressive, with moist, sparkly lips that catch the light. They are so incredibly soft, there’s no words to describe the ecstasy I feel when she places hers on mine.

When she smiles, her lips reveal her lovable white fangs that seek to rip into the next cute thing she sees, and when she laughs, all her features soften even more and I feel a sense of relaxation wash over me instantly.

It's her face that I want to fall asleep to every night.

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why are you mad about it? she’s cute. if you dont think so, then find someone else to watch. nobody’s forcing you to watch irys. i don’t like ina or mori but i don’t get mad about it

>> No.7869290

Preparations complete

>> No.7869600

And there go my 6h of sleep

>> No.7869702

you are getting tier 3 right? don't want to miss the daily wakeup whispers

>> No.7869839

Waiting for the tier names and pricing, but ye, very likely.

>> No.7869872

>Why yes, I only member for as high as I need to access every stream and no more, how could you tell?

>> No.7870067

IRyS is not a greedy bitch, she won't use tier 3 i think

>> No.7870173

pretty sure 1/2/3 is a company decision, mori's been talking about ditching tiers as soon as she can

>> No.7870227

ARS too

>> No.7870683

She had 5+ patreon tiers on prev character, T3 seems likely.

>> No.7870728

2-3 tiers is likely but she pretty much said all content would be available to the first tier yesterday.

>> No.7870760

Not only that, OP also typed it out for us!

>> No.7871023

>goes to sleep
>has a stream in 5 hours

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>> No.7872108

Do y'all think when IRyS interviewed to be the English VSinger that she was expecting to be more like JP VSinger AZKi who only streams once a week or so or to be like she is right now as HoloEN 1.5?

>> No.7872150

Anons, I will graduate from being a graynigger tonight.

>> No.7872958

Things like number of hours she is expected to stream would be stated before she commits to anything. Expectation was probably more traditional vsinger performance with 1 cover per week and stuff. She likes playing games though, probably doesn't mind.

>> No.7873404

Has anyone else noticed that IRyS's art style kind of clashes with the rest of EN?

>> No.7873846

what do you mean?

>> No.7873951

Gosh i wish i knew her earlier

>> No.7873973

nope, had no clue her model was a disaster, not enough threads talking about it

>> No.7874153

there's still hope, maybe in a few months she'll start double dipping like mori and kiara

>> No.7876708

Everyone starts double dipping eventually. The entire point of going to a company like hololive is to get the big fanbase and then one day when you graduate you take your more loyal fans with you to the indies or smaller company who will happily pick up a former holo. 7 of the 9 holos who have graduated have done exactly this with varying degrees of success. Even long time holos have started reactivation roommate accounts so people have a place to go if something happened.

>> No.7878774

membership soon fellow ARiStocrats, I can't wait to see IRyS emotes

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>> No.7879305

>But please keep it rated G
I love this dork.

>> No.7879649

>keep it rated G!

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>> No.7882095 [SPOILER] 

bros i got exclusive early acess , here's one of the emotes

>> No.7882217

>look ma, I posted it again!

>> No.7882264

holy shit, it's (You)

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>> No.7882721

It feels so nostalgic seeing smooooch・∀・animation again, reminiscing my early 2010's days

>> No.7882895

>card rejected
i devolved into a monkey

>> No.7883157

IRyS thighs give me hope.

>> No.7883247

I love this cute dork

>> No.7883330

Her ||: is backward.

>> No.7883458

I hate being poor.

>> No.7883728

go out and find a part time job

>> No.7884026

>got home late and didn't get to be one of the first members

>> No.7884304

i'm glad she doesn't acknowledge that joke

>> No.7884318

>Unarchived Karaoke will be only for members
Don't know if it is based to filter poorfags or is just like Mori's debut era all over again.

>> No.7884416

What's with Mori's debut era?

>> No.7884423

Taxpayer bros....

>> No.7884432

My rrat is that she's doing it to piss off the ">en vsinger >doesn't sing in english" fags

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>> No.7884554

I have a full time job!
I just live in shitfuckistan.

>> No.7884571

based then

>> No.7884606

better than the alternative which is privating the stream where no one can't rewatch it

>> No.7884648

They still have to be unarchived at the end.

>> No.7884673

I'm really trying to think of an actual Biblical reference for a member's name but I can't think of something related to Nephilim with a deeper meaning than "Nephamily"

>> No.7884769

Filtering poorfags is always good but anyone with >IQ80 can easily find the existing workarounds to avoid paying full price.

>> No.7884780

nephamily won, that's cool

>> No.7884788

membership name poll is on, not sure if I would have preferred the coin flip

>> No.7884810

Nephamily is good and will definitely win but I think Gembers fits Irys dorkiness better

>> No.7884831

I would have preferred the coin flip where she decides what she wants anyway.

>> No.7884866

yeah but imagine having to call yourself something so dorky and lame
It's not a name for her, it's a name for us.

>> No.7884930

inexorably based if true

>> No.7884953

Yeah true, Nephamily is more neutral and will last longer, it wins for a reason

>> No.7884980

>thank everyone, even Santa
uhhh... IRyStocrats, what did she mean by this?

>> No.7884987

You just use a free VPN to display an Argentinian IP and member with ARS.
I do this for memberships where I get virtually no value but want to collect the badge because I'm a monkey.
IRyS is USD since her membership seems super promising.

>> No.7885041

Nephamily it is then, if we are all family, what is IRyS to us? MY WIFE!

>> No.7885185

>radioactive kryptonite
i love this dork

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>> No.7885243

JPbros are bullying her and saying they want a PON stamp... how do we stop them?

>> No.7885290

What do you mean? I want a pon stamp, too.

>> No.7885299

Be a Japanese

>> No.7885335


>> No.7885339

Honestly she should embrace it. Look at how much Sakura Miko inclined once she embraced the PON.

>> No.7885434

but she's embracing it anon

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>> No.7885493


>> No.7885498

Final Destination really messed her up...

>> No.7885599

How do we convince her to do a watchalong. I want to see her reaction

>> No.7885723

Her reaction would be 2h of this

>> No.7885751

Wait till October or near the end when you can use Halloween as an excuse for a theme'd member watch along

>> No.7885994

I wouldn't mind if IRyS was my sister honestly.

>> No.7886028

this is the only thing i want

>> No.7886120

Welp it's time for this but with IRyS, also ironic that two demon (half) girls are the most family oriented

>> No.7886169

JWU, do all tiers have the same rewards?

>> No.7886201


>> No.7886262

tokoyami kenzoku

>> No.7886301

>mfw no Aunt Hag like IRyS
why even live?

>> No.7886329

>No light sticks and different IRyS faces
Ina you had one job ;-;

>> No.7886374

She said they'll be added very soon, it's in the works.

>> No.7886410

Ina's not doing the emotes. Chroneco is.

>> No.7886483

The artist literally speedrun the emotes be patient

>> No.7886559

L -M - A - O

>> No.7886859

>join membership and get a free aka supa
I wonder if we'll get the free membership milestone superchats.

>> No.7886902


>> No.7887035

Didn't really like that secret ending

>> No.7887165

Ringfit in another half an hour.

>> No.7887471

I miss IRyS...

>> No.7887524

I hope she's fit as heck and the stream will be more than an hour.

>> No.7887614

You're supposed to like it

>> No.7887621

She's pretty slim. I think she will be exhausted after like 30 minutes

>> No.7887982

i love this song https://youtu.be/9GMtBsMSUw4?t=3293

>> No.7888060

>> No.7888332

I really like her Balalaika, well I like her songs in general really

>> No.7888490

porno graffitti songs are awesome

>> No.7888777

This one has been my favorite lately https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WJCjPlw5P4&t=5039s

>> No.7888788

Wasn't her membership stream and RFA both supposed to be 2 hours later?
I swear to god the membership debut was supposed to be at 6am my time and RFA 2 hours after that, missed the membership debut completely

>> No.7888819

>saving up
>broke gang
why do people celebrate being too poor to afford a $5 membership?

>> No.7888827

The times haven't changed

>> No.7888894

Well it's 6am over here and I made it just in te to the RFA stream

>> No.7888951

Do seaniggers really
t. fellow seanig with a decent salary

>> No.7889040

yeah they're spamming breadsticks, the gem emote and "BROKE GANG" like it's something to be proud of. I've never understood celebrating being a poor leech.

>> No.7889044


>> No.7889070

I wish I was that left joycon...

>> No.7889082

I guess things are harder for some people, but yeah my usual daily lunch cost way more than that

>> No.7889135

seaniggers are also the ones that want ASMR to be "cursed" and RFA to be free of sex noises. seanigger HATE.
I hope you're one of the OK ones >>7888819

>> No.7889302

I want to neck all seaniggers
including myself

>> No.7889349

I'm too jew to spend a membership on anyone unfortunately.

>> No.7889506

Hasn't even started and I'm already finished.

>> No.7889599

> IrySwitch
can she stop, it's fuckin annoying

>> No.7889620


>> No.7889623


>> No.7889627

If you're already seething, you might wanna watch someone else.

>> No.7889628


>> No.7889643


>> No.7889654

>pre-filled out her age/weight info
the rest of EN is already warning her about fanservice, gay

>> No.7889676

Doxxfags btfo'd by this one simple technique.

>> No.7889691


>> No.7889705

jesus christ, she's gonna die.

>> No.7889713

Well, she's a hag

>> No.7889721

Cope harder

>> No.7889756

Breathing hard and sweating after the stretches. She's Luna level.

>> No.7889827


>> No.7889875

Hag gonna die.

>> No.7889888

She’s such a dork (I love it)

>> No.7889932

Water break already?

>> No.7889934

Isn't this Level 3?

>> No.7889937

IRyS isn't very fit . . . .

>> No.7889938

She's always questioning or complaining about game logic. It's hilarious

>> No.7889943

She already need water before the very first level is over...

>> No.7889946

Oh god she's playing on 3 and having this much trouble?

>> No.7889948

Not even two minutes in and she's already dead.

>> No.7889963

Oh jesas, she’s struggling...

>> No.7889985

Luna beat Miko and now it looks like she'll beat another hag.

>> No.7890014


>> No.7890025

What is it about being a PON and having low stamina?

>> No.7890056

>IRyS learning that diet happens in the kitchen, not in the gym

>> No.7890058

They don't remember to exercise

>> No.7890059

Let's be fair, a true hag like Korone can probably beat any hologirl

>> No.7890062


>> No.7890065

Low oxygen affects the brain as well as your muscles.

>> No.7890089

She's a cake, rather.

>> No.7890108

she's squatting instead of jogging to not make noise so that's gonna kill her

>> No.7890122

Gura got 20k on this game.

>> No.7890126

Roboco has good stamina!

>> No.7890145

I'm done telling anons she isn't one, it's become a good way to tell who's a regular here and who's a tourist.

>> No.7890149

This can be a regular thing just as long as she doesn't watch any clips about her RFA and cringe to death from the comments

>> No.7890154

Damn, guess the world is doomed then

>> No.7890203

regular for member pls

>> No.7890222

> waooo muscular... so muscular!
skinny bros...

>> No.7890247

Nah. This should be an open stream. Member only games should only be party games that can be played behind a paywall

>> No.7890262

Glad i've already been building thanks to Sora, Aki and Noel

Strong is beautiful

>> No.7890264


>> No.7890265

Even Sora said she likes muscles on a dude

>> No.7890352

yeah, she's nervous

>> No.7890353

Just do your reps, brehs.

>> No.7890355

Don't reply to bait.

>> No.7890419

She is not a hag!

>> No.7890513

>attracted to gruff aliens
>attracted to buff dragons
How can I compete?

>> No.7890599


>> No.7890600

>no floor exercises
well shit

>> No.7890645


>> No.7890667

She said she couldn't jog because she doesn't want to bother people. Seems to be in an apartment with people underneath and thin floors and walls.

>> No.7890682


>> No.7890716

No shit. I was talking about knee to chest. Jogging is not a floor exercise.

>> No.7890737

Do not worry, anon. You just gotta start slow. Some reps would work out to your benefit. Eventually you will have a body desired by the majority.

>> No.7890763

Yeah, but I still won't be an alien.

>> No.7890820

She's hopeless.

>> No.7890833

no pain no gain

>> No.7890895

That's Ina's resting heart rate.

>> No.7890982 [SPOILER] 

Irys perfect man

>> No.7891032

oh that one's easy. Just cross some country's border illegally and boom, alien status get.

>> No.7891059

She probably picked a lower difficulty with less reps to avoid actually breaking a sweat and making strained noises.


>> No.7891073

I like her JP voice more than here EN voice.

>> No.7891153

> Look at those biceps...

>> No.7891179

I want to feel the chest of hope

>> No.7891316

>I can't do an exercise well so I won't do it
What do you think is the purpose of exercise, IRySchama...

>> No.7891363

Here's some inspiration for you, Brah.

>> No.7891369

she wants to win, her gamer motivation always wins out

>> No.7891403

>are we going to measure my thing again

>> No.7891440


>> No.7891453


>> No.7891464

IRyS is a Switch...

>> No.7891483

>an hour already


>> No.7891615

>already talking about food
Sausage IRySchama

>> No.7891722

I love her and she is my EN oshi!

>> No.7891729


>> No.7891774

Imagine her tummy

>> No.7891834

me too

>> No.7891945

>Behold, my open chest!
What did she mean by this?

>> No.7892014

>Where are my abs?

>> No.7892036

Does she not know where abs are?

>> No.7892057

FatRyS confirmed

>> No.7892098

She's DUMB not FAT

>> No.7892221

>12 minutes of actual exercise
Imagine if she actually did jogging

>> No.7892226

I can't watch the stream. Did she make sex noises that I can jack off to?

>> No.7892267

>what does bounce mean

>> No.7892269

Not really, just a bit of panting and that's it

>> No.7892288

>30 calories after 12 mins of exercise
This game seems widely inefficient to me. Just 30 minutes on the treadmill burns nearly 200 calories with high elevation.

>> No.7892336

>Better sex noises during stretching than during exercise
Good thing I was edging until now, I knew this would pay off

>> No.7892337

There's no way she could run on a treadmill with high elevation.

>> No.7892350

surprisingly no. Some pants here and there for sure but no moans. Right now she's doing an after-exercise stretch which is probably to your liking.

>> No.7892354

>i've never heard that word before

>> No.7892372

She dumb
She cute tho

>> No.7892387

>just a bit of panting
Don't underestimate hornyanons

>> No.7892395

She needs to do some challenges instead of Adventure for the good noises.

>> No.7892398

Sprints aren't fun though.

>> No.7892430

Rate today's stream irystocrats

>> No.7892465

Nah anon, that's just walking. 30 mins walking on a treadmill with the height set up to around 6 or 7 is 200 calories. Even 15 mins on an exercise bike is like 80 calories. This seems super ineffiencent for the time you spend.

>> No.7892485

cuter than usual

>> No.7892540

I think it'd be higher if she had done some jogging

okay out of 10. I bet it'd be a lot better if her environment allows her to do the full exercise regimen without needing to worry about making some ruckus around her neighbours.

>> No.7892550


>> No.7892599

Treadmills have shitty gameplay though.

>> No.7892602

Fun and not too lewd that she never does something like this again/10

>> No.7892672

IRyS is skinnyfat confirmed

>> No.7892681

I came / 10
Hope she steps it up

>> No.7892696

So when are they going to release a new version of her avatar that isn't hideous?

>> No.7892708

You heard her, anons. EXERCISE MORE.

>> No.7892719

Do you know enough about her personality to say with absolute certainty that she doesn't get off to people getting off to her like Marine and Choco do?

>> No.7892776

Yes ma'am.

She unfortunately does not, and if she does, she's incredibly good at hiding it over years of live streaming.

>> No.7892818

She seems too pure/dumb for something that devious

>> No.7892833

Who was the holo whose RFA stream was so lewd she deleted it?

>> No.7892844

No. I just don't want the chat or comments to get too cringe.

>> No.7892850

I WILL do my reps

>> No.7892854

>He didn't read the thread

>> No.7892875

Babby but Based workout/10

>> No.7892877


>> No.7892894

based coomer

>> No.7892897

Whoops! It looks like you forgot to reply to anon. Don't worry, I fixed that for you!

>> No.7892903

It was Rushia

>> No.7892904

Based. I will, too.

>> No.7892915

my power went out/10
i love her

>> No.7892952

Rushias, and its one of the most clipped RFA streams for a reason. I can't blame her for deleting it honestly. It was pretty much just porn.

>> No.7892958


>> No.7892989

IrySkinnyfat... IRYSKINNYFATTT!!

>> No.7893019

But those fags can literally just go to nyaa and download the "private" streams

>> No.7893028

protein drinks can be cracked if you get the right brand. Isopure has some fire ass flavors.

>> No.7893071

it was cute, I like it, hopefully she will do more of these

>> No.7893113

If you motherfuckers really want to know what her body looks like, all you need to do is read the archives, but you won't do that and I won't spoonfeed you, so get fucked.

>> No.7893125

actually a good filtering system if true

>> No.7893130

If she watches Gura's RFA streams she might get traumatized by the noises.

>> No.7893132

I don't give a shit about what type of hog she is.

>> No.7893133

Imagine the smell of those tights when she's done

>> No.7893154

why are you so mad?

>> No.7893160

shes a skinny asian girl. Whoa, shocking. It's not really worth looking up.

>> No.7893175

I'd wash her with my tongue

>> No.7893227

lmao gura caught a stray bullet

>> No.7893260

i don't care though

>> No.7893261

That's my point exactly.

>> No.7893300

NTA but I can't remember much from her membership announcement at the time. I think initially she went like $5 at tier 1 for the emotes and membership stream access. And then immediately jumped to about $20 or higher for exclusive first-view access to her song releases. I could be wrong about this and if there are any deadbeats out there that can correct me that'd be nice.

>> No.7893332

For all the idiots who cry about wanting to know what they look like, here's an easy answer. Nearly all of the holoJPs are attractive asian women. None of them are ugly. Even Botan is just average. There, your welcome.

>> No.7893416

>spend 100 dollars to make a "gura pettan" joke

>> No.7893423 [SPOILER] 

>None of them are ugly

>> No.7893514

Polka really isn't that bad looking. She's not the hottest gir lor anything. She just looks like a lesbian asian woman. Which fits considering she is a lesbian. She'd look better with longer hair.

>> No.7893564

Did someone just reference that fucking egg greentext? Did I mishear something?

>> No.7893703

At what time is tomorrow's stream? I think I missed that info.

>> No.7893708

??? Don't think I notice that many anons here who asked how she or other girls look like IRL. Probably the usual 1 or 2 tourists.


>> No.7893723

She didn't say and hasn't put out a schedule yet.

>> No.7893774


>> No.7893776

I love this dork so much it's unreal

>> No.7893778

Imagine that empty plastic bottle as your cock as she grips it hard.

>> No.7893783

crush me like a PET bottle IRyS-sama.

>> No.7893787

*my head crushing between IRyS' thighs*

>> No.7893790

Her post stream whispering always makes me gosling hard

>> No.7893813

God I wish I was that bottle...

>> No.7893828

You shut the fuck up I would take Polka out on a date.

>> No.7893939

I'm starting to suspect that her ASMR will actually be cursed and not like early secret endings that actually made me Gosling. Whoever the fags and subhumans in chat are that keep talking about it, I hope you die a painful death for putting that idea into her head.

>> No.7893965


>> No.7894033

I think it'll be a mix of both. She's half demon half angel after all. I'm kinda starting to like her gremlin voice too. She might need some time to get comfortable with members too.

>> No.7894036

I’d just blame Mori and move on if that happened.

>> No.7894042

Can't wait for those RFA fan arts

>> No.7894164

I'm hoping for Patra/Noel tier tryhard ASMR.

>> No.7894193

Just send a red SC and tell her to learn ASMR from Noel or Lamy

>> No.7894226

i wanna marry her

>> No.7894320

too late, already told her to do haachama reps

>> No.7894549

If used sparingly, I'm ok with it. Certainly fits her dorky character, it's endearing enough.

Would hate to get filtered but yeah, pretty much the same.

Ideal outcome.

I don't akasupa and people that do are mentally ill. 20 bucks for a really good stream is where I draw the line. If people want to paypig for getting shit in their ear for an hour, so be it.

>> No.7894754

>I don't akasupa
I don't think you belong here, friend.

>> No.7894771

If she does a member karaoke per month I'll be happy with my membership. The rest is just a bonus but I understand why people want to hear her do ASMR.

I akasupa once in a while instead of sending smaller SCs every stream. I don't really have anything interesting to say anyway, it's just for support.

>> No.7895183

seethe, dilate, etc.

>It's just for support.
That's why I spend a reasonable amount on streams I enjoy regularly. Saving up for akasupas is vanity, not that there's anything wrong with it, it just inconsistent the quote.

>> No.7895252

Good point. I should rethink my stance on it.

>> No.7895265


>> No.7895333


>> No.7895379


>> No.7895381


>> No.7895396

god i love this airheaded cake

>> No.7895473


>> No.7895555

>rewatching part I had to skip for a phonecall
>she sees a deer and instantly goes predator mode
nothing can stop this woman's hunger

>> No.7895637


>> No.7895650


>> No.7895680


>> No.7895683

That scene was like watching a lion cub's first attempt at hunting, cute shit

>> No.7895720


>> No.7895848

I'm glad you enjoy my soundposts, anon. Her cover of simple and clean will always make me pause and spend 5 minutes yearning for this nephilim while I listen to the song.

>> No.7896186

Unless I did something wrong while analyzing the data, it looks like about 1500 unique users with a membership chatted in her membership opening stream.

>> No.7896201

She's doing this on purpose

>> No.7896287

2772 voted in the poll

>> No.7896362

The poll wasn't members only and about 2800 unique users typed a message in chat.

>> No.7896421

>wasn't members only
I guess that explains why gembers didn't win.

>> No.7896446


I love this dork.

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