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>YT Channel

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I was just about to create a thread with the same image. Excellent taste, friend!

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Damn, that was one hell of a movie, huh.
I'm still half confused, so I'll probably read or watch some explanations later, but I really enjoyed this watchalong.
How about you guys? Did you like it?

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someone please make picrel but with fubuki 2.0

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Loved it! Had mixed feelings about the old Eva, I hated latter part when they ran out of budget so much that I didn't even bother watching End of Eva. I guess I'll watch that soon to complete the set. Really enjoyed the way the movie version wrapped up though, satisfying ending for sure. Of course, the best part was watching it with Fubuki, her reactions and the way she gets into it always make me appreciate the movies we watch even more. I have a terrible attention span and almost never watch 2 hour+ movies, but with Fubuki it's always worth it. Otsukon!

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Surprisingly. I wasn't a big fan of the series and didn't expect much, but this was a great end for this journey. The end part with his father was quite touching, too. Very relatable.

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Yeah, same. When I saw the old Eva years ago I never would have thought Gendo would be the one I find most relatable in the end..

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Wich one of you fuckers made 5 APEX clubs called Fubuki is cat?

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That was me.

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Me on the right

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Are we still horny?

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Are you asking for them to come back?

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We never left because friend has us here forever

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Me on the left

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Stupid sexy friend, stop being so cute.

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My god, I love this cute fox so much, it's unbearable.

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24/7. This fox has no clue what a sexual being she is.

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She knows.

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This is both the best and the worst part about being a Sukon.
Fubuki is not acting lewd, has stated that she doesn't like looking at NSFW material of herself and isn't in any way trying to entice her viewers, and yet despite ALL of that, I still want to grab her, push her onto a soft bed and have hours upon hours of gentle, babymaking sex with her.

I don't know how does she do it, but I literally can't stop thinking about it.

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>she doesn't like looking at NSFW material of herself
But she retweets Sco_ttie art and that lewd image of her that Mito-sensei made.

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Pretty sure when she was talkig about more hardcore stuff than these, she retweets just slightly lewd stuff all the time

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They're both great artists, so I assume they're the exceptions?
Besides, Mito is her "mama" so it makes sense.

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Precisely this.

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I wonder how far that dislike goes, though. Is it a clean professional attitude or a genuine dislike? She's a healthy young woman, so she'll have an equally healthy libido. I don't doubt she masturbates.

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I don't doubt she doesn't. My friend is pure and even if her imagination runs wild sometimes, she remains untouched and unsullied.

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Getting my stamp!

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You'd have to be deliberately ignorant to think anybody with a healthy, young body doesn't masturbate at all.

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it's not even 6AM and I woke up just to catch her Shin-chan reps stream
i don't know what to feel but i am happy to see fox

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That guy does really good work. Love the Watame Sukonbu, nice touch.

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Realistically, what would Fubuki-chan masturbate to?

>> No.7877558

loli okayu

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Loli Gamers

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She's a loli/shotacon. We also know she's got the hots for Mads Mikkelson, and that she's into ryona, so...
She probably gets off to a schoolboy with Mads' chiseled face beating the shit out of her.

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>She's among us
That explains the horny poster with an armpit fetish

>> No.7878488

Sleepy fox was extra cute today! Night, Friends.

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This cute fox has no idea about the effect she has on me...

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3rd movie was okay, the 4th was very solid and made me emotional at a few points even as someone who was never a huge eva fan. I liked them overall

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her fetishes are unending but the one i saw the most in her secret pixiv is ikeman and bl

>> No.7881321

>secret pixiv
Care to share, Anon?

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It's been a long night already. Good night, friends!

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Remember to rub out an offering for your best friend!

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i cant
but i can give you a sample of her ikeman drawings

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That's... not bad at all, actually.
Did she draw this?

>> No.7884358

Oh fuck, I know what time of Fujo she is

>> No.7884691

checking out her pixiv now. how do you know this is hers, anyway? some of the sketches do match her on-stream drawing style

>> No.7886644

Doing a bit of research, that's not Fubuki. That's BNKRG姉貴, who was a Touhou fan voice actor for Reimu. It's not her since Fubuki was already plenty active at the time. If you dig deep enough you'll find some old drawings though.

>> No.7886808 [SPOILER] 

Doing a bit of research, that's not Fubuki. That's BNKRG姉貴, who was a Touhou fan voice actor for Reimu. It's not her since Fubuki was already plenty active at the time. If you dig deep enough you'll find some old drawings though.

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probably to the sensation of my tongue lazily circling her fox bunghole

>> No.7887866

and before anyone asks, yes, her arse tastes like shit

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It's Bubuki now.

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you're the same guy that claimed she had a secret roommate a few threads back, right? stop with the delusional bullshit, fbk is fbk and has no back accounts, whatever you are looking at is not hers. that drawing doesn't even look like her art style

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the best case scenario to is be delusional and keep seeing her as a cartoon fox and not dig into her private life

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The most fucked up oneeshota shit.

>> No.7897007

i love this apex predator

>> No.7899569

god i wish i was him

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>MMD video about how Fubuki hates being called a cat
>comments filled with dumb EOPs calling her a cat
it was a good choice to take the nihongo pill

>> No.7900233

shotacon fox attracts 12 year old viewers
i've seen so many "waifu", "i don't understand her lol", and "sorry i'm late what game is she playing??" messages

>> No.7900371

yea, that and the redditors, typical of them. too bad they make up a majority

>> No.7900395

It's so stupid, when that clip premiered I checked out the comments five minutes later and literally 80% of them were "I don't understand anything but LOLOL FBK is a cat though". Way to miss the point entirely.

I wonder how and why these braindead EOPs still find and stick around with FBK these days. Most of her super popular meme clips like scatman were privated a while ago and FBK isn't the most popular Holo anymore. Is it all reddit faggots? Probably is, actually..

>> No.7900538

oh my goodness i'm jerking it

>> No.7900607

the top comment is matsuri calling her a cat.

>> No.7900824

to be fair she is at least in on the joke, these eops are making the jokes while being oblivious that they are being made fun of in the video

>> No.7901086

Good morning, friends!

>> No.7901126

Yeah, being an EOP isn't even an excuse anymore : Fubuki talked about it multiple times on stream, Des translated that in her chat everytime
and there are even multiple translated clips with thousands of views where Fubuki says that she hates that "LOL SHE'S A CAT" when it's out of context.
It's fucking infuriating.
The worst part is that they're even doing that to the HoloEN girls, Ina is absolutely sick of the "HAHA FOREHEAD TICTACTOE" and Kiara is sick of "BOTTON LEFT", both of them asked their viewers to stop doing that.

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annoyed FBK is a miracle of the universe
kuro 2d model when

>> No.7901330

This shit is old news. Why bring it up?

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fubuki belly does magical things to me

>> No.7901720

I still can't believe that even after all this time, there's no Kuro live2d...

>> No.7901809

If it existed people would probably bother her to use Kuro more often than she does now and for more than like 20 minutes at a time. She seems to want to keep her appearances scare because it's taxing to her throat and she doesn't want it to get old. People make it rain whenever she appears because it's so rare. I don't think she'll ever get that model.

>> No.7901839

Gosh, I sure hate people who speak English! Don't you!?

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pretty reddit reaction image desu

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>> No.7902531

gotta stoop down to their level whenever you communicate for them to not have a chimpout

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>> No.7902830

I really want this sexy fox to ride my face after a trying day of dance practice so I can desperately lap at it as if it was the only water source for miles

>> No.7903203

I want her to fall asleep on my chest after a long arduous day. Fluffy fox blanket is good.

>> No.7903242

Ready for Week 3!

>> No.7903290

Sukonbu is cute!

>> No.7904476

This is a weird looking plugsuit

>> No.7904555

fox belly erotic

>> No.7904650

Holy shit you'd best believe I'd take her out for a test drive.

>> No.7904885

look at that form-fitting crotch... uohhhh... i want to lick it...

>> No.7905108

I don't think she has an issue with the sexy artworks of her, she's always liking and retweeting those after all, even though they aren't R18.
She probably just dislikes the "distasteful" artworks of her, and by "distasteful", I mean the more extreme kind of R18.
Like, with a quick search on the Internet, I've seen her getting fucked by all kind of farm animals, insects and dogs, giving birth to some alien creature, extreme ryona, violent rape and scatophilia...

>> No.7905241

>giving birth to some alien creature
whoa, that's hot

i can believe that. she strikes me as being a completely vanilla girl whose most deviant tastes go as far as gay porn and maybe crossdressing

>> No.7905515

I just think she's extremely reserved about showing her sexuality. She's an otaku, and she's mentioned being into ryona, so she's clearly got a well-developed perverted side.

If I had to take a punt, I'd say that this job is equal parts hobby to her and she doesn't want to mix erotica into something she relies on to relax.
I kind of wish I knew her real feelings on what the sukonbu were to her.

>> No.7906054

i have seen people claim she mentioned being into ryona but i have never found any source to back that, it doesn't seem like something she'd just off hand mention like that because she is ususally extremely reserved about that stuff. where does that idea come from?

>> No.7906087

Oh, I think you know, anon! It came from another anon, who got it from another anon, who heard it from a friend's friend...

>> No.7906285

>i have seen people claim she mentioned being into ryona
Fubuck breaking

>> No.7906339

>holding Fubuki's struggling form down and showing her the numerous pleasures of the flesh until her resistance stops and the heart eyes appear

>> No.7906507

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's just the same anon claiming it repeatedly to spread thar rumour because he gets off to the idea of her liking it. It doesn't track with the kind of information she reveals about herself.

>> No.7906587

I recall this being mentioned a couple months back. Wasn't it from a deleted mengen in which the discussion steered towards her R18 preferences?

>> No.7908454 [SPOILER] 

bruh japanese cartoon people are perverts and is ok since they created this style of fiction since a long long ago

pic related fubuki korone and rushia

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>> No.7911722

>t. Ina

>> No.7911920

Who the fuck invited Reddit?

>> No.7911969

See >>7901959

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>> No.7916981

fox slep

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>> No.7919686

Big Fox

>> No.7922290

I love my Waifriend so much!

>> No.7923368

>> No.7925332

I originally saw it in reference to her reaction of Mads Mikkelsen blowing smoke in Death Stranding.

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>> No.7925738

stamp get.

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>> No.7925791

This week's stamp is cute!

>> No.7925887

>I can read that now
I-I'm gonna make it!
The reps! They're working!

>> No.7925997

She's cute...

>> No.7926097

Happy for you, Anon! Sorry to say I can't read that yet, looks like I have to do more reps.
Just curious, what are you using for your Nihongo reps?

>> No.7926493

Good work, keep pushing, even these little baby steps keep accumulating over time. I'm not a master by any means either, I have only started doing my reps a little over a year ago, mostly inspired by FBK and in order to understand her better. I obviously can't understand every little thing at this point, but the average game stream that doesn't stray into a lot anecdotes like these Shin-chan streams is no problem at all. You'll get there if you keep at it, too!

Feel free to ask if you need any advice.

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>> No.7926883

janken god... i kneel

>> No.7927225

I've been following this guide :
And I also downloaded a Japanese Learning Megapack from /t/.
Right now, I'm currently using Anki to learn as much vocabulary and Kanji as possible but I'm only a few hundred cards in.
I still have some issues with grammar too, I'm fine with short sentences, but I always have trouble with longer ones so I need to work on that...
Thank you anon, FBK is the one of the main reason why I started doing my reps more seriously for me as well.
Des is always doing an amazing job with translations, but I can't always rely on him since he's not always available, especially on stuff like her Radio Show with Marine.
I want to be able to understand her, her random tangents and the other girls on my own...

>> No.7927525

Ah, I see we're using the same thing. I've been using this alongside Duolingo, but due to interferences, have been unable to do my reps seriously for a while now. I should really pick them up again seriously.
I haven't used Anki, but I've heard a lot of good things about it, so I'll give it a shot for sure.

>a Japanese Learning Megapack from /t/
Do you happen to have the link for it, Anon?

>> No.7927847

I want to ride with fubuki!

>> No.7927869

Define as much as possible. This is very important, you might be making a horrible mistake that will make you burn out really quick if you are just starting out. Anki, reps snowball quickly, for every new card you do a day you can expect about 10 reviews to come back in a month or two as a rule of thumb. That means if you do 30 new cards a day, you will have about 300 reviews coming up every day. This is about the limit of manageable long term in my experience. If you are doing like 50 or 100 new cards a day now, you will be in hell soon.
What decks are you using right now? I'm assuming premades, but which ones exactly?

I'm not a big fan of relying on Des to be honest, he is diligent and does good work and I read most of his translations after the stream is done to see if I missed something, so I respect him, but I don't really like the way he translates things sometimes, if you only read what he says you will get the funimation dub vesion of FBK instead of knowing what she is really like, I feel.
Stop doing Duolingo, it's a waste of time unless you are still learning Kana, that is the only thing it is good for. I did Duolingo for like a year for the heck of it before I started doing my proper reps and literally nothing I learned stuck at all. Start doing Anki today and do it every single, even if it's daunting.

>> No.7927921

Here you go
There's 37GiB of audio courses, guides, dictionaries, and all kind of good stuff.

>> No.7928020

Fubuki: Mari! :D
Des P: yeah, that's right, Mari was present at this time lol

>> No.7928307

Thank you very much, Anon! I'm downloading it right now, I hope to get enough free time so that I can do my reps seriously again.

Truth be told, yeah, I'm still having a sort of a hard time with Kana, so I keep on using it.
A lot of Anons on here seem to really hate Duolingo, but honestly, I find it... okay-ish?
Perhaps it's because I haven't tabbled into anything more useful...

>> No.7928474

i used duolingo about a day and stopped
it kept bitching at my english grammar more than anything
fuck you owl why not just put "o' clock" together instead of separating them

>> No.7928508

I don't find duolingo to be a bad practice option at all. The problem is thinking that it is the best and only resource you need. It's just one of the many that you should use at the same time with others, imo.
Keep practicing. For her!

>> No.7928545

Well, "as much as possible" was probably not the best choice of words, I meant that I wanted to focus on vocabulary before focusing on the rest, like grammar.
I'm currently using the Core 2k/6k deck at the moment, and I'm trying to reach at least 2k cards (the "Core" part of that deck) before chilling out a little on Anki.
Since I have to go to work during the week and university projects on my free time, I can't dedicated as many hours as I'd like on my reps, so I have my deck set on 10 new cards everyday + my daily review (which is around 130 cards/day).
I used to have the default 20 cards/day a few months ago but it reached a point where couldn't keep up anymore...

No problem, hopefully it'll help you!
I haven't checked them out yet, but Genki I and II are apparently pretty good to learn basics.

>> No.7928837

Yeah, I don't like that it does that either. But if you're willing to look past it, it's not too bad.

Ah, no, not even once did I think it's enough. I bought three books and a dictionary, but I hadn't had the time to open them and study from them properly.
Of course, for her!

Thank you, I hope it will!
Thank you for the heads up, I'll be sure to check them out.

>> No.7928874

Des does fine for an amateur translating live, but he's no replacement for actually understanding the language. Fubuki has been slowly moving away from formal speech too and that's not something you can properly translate on the fly.

>> No.7928999

Good night, friends!

>> No.7929168

Think about it this way, if all you ever ate is stale bread, would you be in any position to judge whether pizza or steak or anything else tastes better? Some people may prefer pizza over steak, but everyone will be able to tell you stale bread tastes like shit. Everyone that ever used anything better than Duolingo will tell you how useless it is. Especially if it's the only thing you do.

If you have no idea at all where to start, read or at least skim a couple of these guides while doing your kana reps, they are all different approaches that have a lot in common. You honestly don't need to learn Kana for months to master it before diving into learning words, you'll get better at kana by reading them every day, anyway. Doing your Anki reps and getting a lot of immersion is the most important part of getting good at Japanese. You will already get plenty of "passive" immersion through watching Holos, so other than Anki the only other thing you really need to do is getting active immersion, i.e. watching subtitled Japanese content (and pausing a lot) in order to encounter already known words in the wild to fortify your knowledge as well as mining unknown words and sentences and add them to Anki in order to learn them later. Install Yomichan immediately if you didn't already by the way, this is even more important than Ani. All of these guides will explain what it does and how you use it.


You are doing pretty much the same thing I started out doing as well. That amount seems sustainable, too, so that's good as well. At this pace, reaching 2000 cards will take you over half a year though, so I definitely don't recommend doing nothing other than Anki. I got my last "new" card out of these 6000 about a month ago, and honestly, a lot of really common vocabulary that you see every day doesn't come up till the very end (or not at all). So you should definitely start mining your own cards through immersion as soon as possible. I only started watching subtitled content after about 6 months and I regret not doing it earlier. Once I started doing this, my understanding and vocabulary really started to skyrocket. See the guides above for pointers on how to do it, or just ask here if you have any questions.

Also, you should be doing these two decks (N5 first and then N4 afterwards) in parallel to your main reps as well, if possible. They are simple sentences that (usually) only introduce one word or grammatical concept at a time, so they are an easy way to build a foundation. If you need to reduce the amount of cards for the core decks in order to learn these as well, then do it, they are more valuable and are much shorter, anyway.


Helpful links for those first getting into immersion:


>> No.7929331

Goddammit Youtube.

>> No.7929395

she's too powerful

>> No.7929480

Also I forgot to mention this, but grammar is not that important, assuming your primary goal is understanding and not production. You should be skimming a grammar guide like Tae Kim to get the basic idea, but not everything will stick. Your brain will figure out most things on it's own and if you are curious about something you keep seeing, you can just look it up instead of front loading the whole grammar and forgetting everything later. I never read any text books and didn't even finish reading Tae Kim's guide and am only now catching up on it after a year (and most of the things that come up so far I figured out on my own anyway).

>> No.7929821

Yeah, you will never get any nuances at all by relying on his translations. It's already nearly impossible to get across nuances and formalities in meticulously translated Japanese, so you can't expect someone to do it on the fly, it's not his fault, it's just not something that is possible. The guy seems great at Japanese, but I dislike his excessive localizing choices, it's so dumb. Whenever anyone mentions Gaming Sheep or anything like that, he translates it as RBG instead. And when names or properly established terms like Fubura or Sukonbu become Fubuzilla and Sucorns for no apparent reason it really annoys me too. Feels like an insult to the reader's intelligence, like an anime dub.

>> No.7929934

he also translated "You thought it was Shirakami, but it was I Dio!" out of nothing when fubuki was talking about how a stegosaurus sounding like dio yesterday

>> No.7930058

I forgot this link

>> No.7930231

whose hands are those

>> No.7930261


>> No.7930279

I'll never forget that he once translated "Kurokami won't come out if you don't throw more red super chats" in an ASMR stream out of nowhere once. She said "黒ちゃんは最近お肉を食べたいて言ったですけど" or something like that. I get that she calls super chats 茶 and sometimes calls red super chats 肉 (though mostly 紅茶) but I thought that was a huge swing and miss in terms of tone and subtlety. That's not something FBK would ever dream of saying like that.

>> No.7930339

Needed Google Translate because I have not done my katakana reps yet, but enough immersion made me understand the romanisation without looking at the translation.
I shall do my katakana reps today - I have been delaying them for too long.

>> No.7930396

at least she can buy some meat now

>> No.7930563

If she wanted meat, all she had to do was ask.
I've got some pork sausage right here for her.

>> No.7930786

https://twitter.com/shirakamifubuki/status/1426699370724872198 it's cute how much fun she's having

>> No.7930952

Her smiling face makes me fall in love every time

>> No.7931783

Best part of today's stream, she was so cute.

>> No.7932601

Holy shit, I thought I was the only one that felt this way. I'm glad he's around often for TLs but honestly he's also a bit of a jerk (he quit the Fubuki Discord after he was called out for being an asshole to a lot of people) so I really don't want to rely on him anymore.

>> No.7933540

Getting to know a new version of my Friend!

>> No.7933634 [SPOILER] 

I just meet this girl, her name is Inari and she wants me to call her Inari-chan. I bet she wants to become my wife in the future.

>> No.7934410

>fox in school uniform
i become sukomelette

>> No.7934425

>you can rotate the fucking video
holy shit

>> No.7934486

Oooh, spicy intra-fandom drama!? Give me the juicy deets, fellow sukonbu.

>> No.7934843

Friend tits are BIG

>> No.7934989

Friends. You have to quantify your love for Fubuki.


>> No.7935021

Mastercard ad

>> No.7935058

i'm not a new ip

>> No.7935394

I will never trade her for anyone or anything else. Ever. Zero exceptions. Not even an eternity's worth of forest flames and volcanic eruptions can compare to the burning, raging love and passion of mine, for no one but her.

also fluffy tail!

>> No.7936311

I was in a pretty bad place when I found friend. She helped me forget and kept me grounded. I'm still not okay, but I'm still here. I owe her my life.

There is nothing in this world that will come close to replacing her.

>> No.7936631

It's pretty long since it happened for a while with a lot of people but basically someone finally calls out how often he berates people (once discouraged the Sukondawa TL to stop for a while) and the mods decide to remove his mod role. He gets into a menhera outrage and leaves the server.

>> No.7937664

I can relate to this, I was (and still am) in a similar situation. Things still aren't great, but ever since I found Fubuki and started seriously learning Japanese to understand her better I feel like I've been getting a bit better mentally. She has inspired me to try to improve again and start to take more pride in myself and my (meager) achievements. It's a powerful thing, no matter how shitty things are, I still have something to look forward to almost every day. This month has been especially good with the daily fixed time morning streams in that regard.

>> No.7937841

I cant. I admire her though.

>> No.7939545

Waifriend in a high school outit...
I'm starting to like this ERROR thing more and more...

>> No.7943300

Matsuri seems to be fully aware of that.

>> No.7943476

I don't really care about her much, but she is really fucking cute and really fucking sexy.

>> No.7945556

>> No.7945791

Wait, this is from when I proposed to Fubuki. How did you get this picture of my wife? And from such a perspective, no less?

>> No.7945869

that's from when she first received her stand 「White Out Blizzard」

>> No.7948384

Sounds like a classic Rock song.

>> No.7950313

Love her.

>> No.7950493

oh goddamn, so cute


>> No.7950968

Good morning, friends! Please do not touch Fubuki's boobs. They are perfect.

>> No.7951147

You're encouraging me to do so, and yes, they're perfect.

>> No.7951203

>fox-girl is inari
>festival becomes fireworks

Aki --->Ume
Lamy ---> Yuki
Nene ---->?

>> No.7951668

>> No.7951939

Sitting next to her by the beach when you two grow old together...
fuck i need fox so bad

>> No.7952003

Fox love!

>> No.7952029

I love this!

>> No.7952038


>> No.7952059

Good morning everyone
I love Fubuki

>> No.7952080

I wish it was me

>> No.7952161

Just getting to look deep into her eyes would be so nice

>> No.7952312

I know, right? Absolutely love that picture, she is gorgeous and it invokes a lot of feelings like that…

>> No.7952347

>going to class with Fubuki
>possible yandere scenario since it's horror
Gonna go with a blue pill, Morpheus. Plug me in.

>> No.7954745

>> No.7955204

I'm having lewd thoughts about my fox friend
wat do

>> No.7955537

cut if off.

>> No.7956587

jerk it to her

>> No.7957001

I don't think I've seen this expression before

>> No.7957544

Does that count as the scary game matsuri promised to play?

>> No.7957811

what is it trying to convey?

>> No.7958868

her exposed midriff is incredibly cute

>> No.7958992

a pronounced melancholy over the lack of penis in her life

>> No.7960289

Can't be, I make sure she gets plenty of that. I think it's depression over being one of the sole pillars holding up a crumbling empire of overmanagement and yabs

>> No.7960831


>> No.7960880

Ever imagined how it would feel to marry Fubuki?


>> No.7961382

Fuck you

>> No.7962178

>Ever imagined how it would feel to marry Fubuki?
Why yes I have

>> No.7962400


>> No.7962588

This better be happening.

>> No.7963710

heck yeah.

>> No.7964537

there's no way she'll lean into the fanservice. it'll be like risu or suisei fo sho

>> No.7964790

It'd probably be similar to the fitness boxing stream she did once. It wasn't particularly filled with fanservice but as long as it's Fubuki I'm fine with a tiny bit of panting or anything.

>> No.7964877

Let's just hope it's not with Oga

>> No.7964982

You sure do love Oga enough to insert him into any conversation about Fubuki.

>> No.7965374

I'd enjoy it regardless. I love Friend.

>> No.7968471

I love when friend acts shy

>> No.7968764

I love how she acts all flushed when you bombard her with love.

>> No.7971091

>> No.7972717

>> No.7972840

Very helpful, thank you.

>> No.7974923

Many thanks for the links, the Anki decks and the fantastic posts anon.
I haven't started doing card mining yet, so I will do that asap.

>> No.7975333

Also I didn't specifically mention it, but don't be afraid to adjust your Anki settings a bit. The default settings are kinda wonky, it only shows you a new card once and then again 10 minutes later and then assumes you will know it forever, and if you fail it a single time it gets reset back to 0. That is very unforgiving if you have a lapse of memory or a bad day in general. I have added a 60 minutes step in order to see if I still remember the card after taking an extended break (I usually let more than 60 minutes elapse), some people even add another 24h step so they don't get immediately penalized for not remembering something after the first day. I have set my Lapse Interval to 40%, that means If i fail a card that I last saw 100 days ago, I will see it again in 40 days and the interval can build back up from there. With the default settings, the card would basically go back to 0 entirely, but just because you got a card wrong doesn't mean there aren't some remnants of it left in your memory. The exact numbers here are a matter of trial and error but I recommend reading up on it at least. I'm sure the guides mention this, but it's very important so I thought it'd mention it.

For mining with Yomichan, be sure to always include a sentence and (if possible/available) the audio and a screenshot on the back side of the card to boost your retention. If you associate specific words with specific images, I find they stick better. I've learned a couple of thousand words this way and I could almost immediately tell you where I mined them from and in what context just because I remember the screenshots. It's important to "forge a bond" with the words you mine like that, it makes remembering much easier. I've mined anime, books, games, manga, FBK tweets, anything really. You should get into the habit of doing that asap.

>> No.7975702

That's what I always think about, Anon...

>> No.7975764


>> No.7975772

i self-insert as oga

>> No.7977663

>> No.7977808

>> No.7979182

My God, I love this cute fox so damn much...

>> No.7979183


>> No.7979369

Friend makes me happy but I realized that the end is near and there will be no more stamps...

>> No.7980471

Is there nothing to do anymore at all in this game now? She still has two weeks to go..!

>> No.7981533


>> No.7982054

I feel weirdly down that this is about to be over, it was a great having this to look forward to every day. Maybe she will come up with something else for the rest of the month? It would be weird to stop the stamp card in the middle.

>> No.7982170

ring fit morning exercises

>> No.7982352


>> No.7982482

My dick wouldn't survive

>> No.7982955

Apparently morning ejaculations are healthy.
You wouldn't let Fubuki down and neglect your health now, would you Anon?

>> No.7984489

Good night, friends

>> No.7988773

>> No.7989637

Of course not. I make sure to rub at least two out to pictures of her in varying states of undress.

>> No.7992440

She definitely will. Streaming the entire month is the goal, the game was just a convenient medium. She has tons of unfinished games to use next.

>> No.7994185

Why is this outfit so great at making her look very melancholic?

>> No.7995791

Ante RTA at 9 later!

>> No.7996151

Good morning friends!
I love this artstyle!

>> No.7996208

Also apparently a mystery video premier in 20 minutes, Summer work background music.


>> No.7996672


>> No.7996701

Is Fubuki a genius?

>> No.7996738


>> No.7996739


>> No.7996751

I guess I know what I'm going to be playing on loop all day!

Without a doubt.

>> No.7996799

blessed mushigitsune

>> No.7996864

Oga posted the images on twitter if you wanna use them.

>> No.7997099

>what does the fox say

>> No.7997565

Fubuki is a cicada

>> No.7997705

Might make this my phone's ringtone.

>> No.7999625

In 40 minutes, friends! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQjRPCZGzgI

>> No.8000024

I love this Fox!

>> No.8000334

She is the cutest.

>> No.8000960

Let's go, starting!

>> No.8001104

That particular shading style triggers something inside me that I can't describe yet love so much, and now seeing it on Foob's thighs is just deadly.

>> No.8001319

Yeah, I love it, too. This guy has dozens of Holo artworks, including alot of FBK.

>> No.8001402

no, they're not detailed enough to get off to

>> No.8001538

Charming fox.

>> No.8001879

FBK is usually asleep at this time and plays shin chan in 10 hours.

>> No.8001947

Speaking of Shin-chan, at what time do you guys wake up to catch her Shin-chan streams? 5AM for me, I go back to sleep after she's done.

>> No.8001955

FBK is almost never asleep at 22

>> No.8002086

Now that's a good (and very dedicated) Sukon.

>> No.8002501

Food is generally still tweeting away at 2am in the morning.

It's midnight for me and I start working at 6am. I switched my sleep cycle from 23 to 5 to 18 to 24.

>> No.8004666

Decent run, but no new Personal Best this time...

>> No.8005315

I believe in my Friend, she will do it this time. This last one was just a warmup.

>> No.8006922

Never mind, just one run today, I guess she has to be up early and shouldn't be playing until 2 in the morning. I wonder what she will end up doing after OraNatsu is over, she didn't really sound all that convinced on the daily Ante RTA idea to me.

>> No.8007120

Well, she just talked about it.
She wants to keep the whole card thing going until the end of the month, so she'll probably do a Undertale speedrun instead in the morning. (or just play another game)

>> No.8007543

Yeah, I was typing it as she was talking actually. She just didn't sound all that convinced on doing the daily Undertale RTA to me, I think she might pick something else, but who knows, we'll see soon.

>> No.8009002


>> No.8010902

Midnight, too. FBK seems popular in Europe.

>> No.8010958

It's 5pm for me. Unless I'm taking a nap, which I often do to catch the nighttime streams since they start in the morning here, I can watch them.

>> No.8011180

Midnight as well, because Europe.
I usually watch her before going to bed, or if I'm really tired, in the morning after waking up before going to work.

>> No.8011183

I don't catch any of her streams. Streaming in general is boring. She's just mega cute.

>> No.8011265

I would actually consider going outside to do exercises with Fubuki if ever given the chance. She radiates energy and cuteness.

>> No.8011336

I'd do it in a heartbeat, but I doubt she'd be in to weightlifting... Maybe bodyweight exercises.

>> No.8011573

Same, I'd join immediately, I stopped going to the gym and lifting during the pandemic and never got the motivation to get back into it. Maybe she'll expand the exercise section once Shin-chan is over, these pathetically short stretches are pretty useless. She should make us do a couple of sets of body weight squats at the very least.

>> No.8011669

>I stopped going to the gym and lifting during the pandemic
Me too!

they still haven't FUCKING opened 14 months later

>> No.8012269

6pm, her smile fills me with energy after work.

>> No.8012295

>She should make us do
She pretty much does, since her tastes in men are rather apparent. If you want to please her, you should either be a shota or a well-crafted man like John Wick, Loki or that soldier from Death Stranding played by Mikkelsen.

>> No.8013044

I doubt her shota fetish extends to real life romantic relationships as well, which leaves pretty much the chiseled stoic as the only option.

>> No.8014346

00:00 - 01:00

>> No.8015860

>> No.8016000

the ghost of the condom i wore on my wedding night with fubuki

>> No.8018076

Has anybody used her ASMR as fap support? It's fucking great

>> No.8018107

i'm not a coomer no

>> No.8018332



>> No.8018375

But her adorably bubbly voice in a low register sounds amazing, especially when paired with porn that has her dirty-talking. I recommend the June ASMR vid from 36 mins onwards and the July track up until around 20-ish mins. Keep it going if you like the louder yandere voice.

>> No.8018407

her voice gives me a boner so ye

>> No.8018690


>> No.8020457

I love my wife!

>> No.8021671


>> No.8021716

I swear, this guy's pictures get cuter every day.

>> No.8021743

Me hiding behind Fubuki's dress

>> No.8021776


>> No.8021787


>> No.8023201

To any shotas that may or may not be here - you can't escape.
Embrace your fates.

>> No.8024693

Night, Friends! I totally didn't fall asleep halfway through or anything...

>> No.8024732

Good night friend, see you tomorrow

>> No.8026081

Good night, friends!

>> No.8027661

This cute, adorable fox is unaware of the effect she has on me!

>> No.8030361

>fbk was streaming but youtube did not tell me

What's the point of youtube stalking my preferences without my permission if it's not alerting me to things like this?

>> No.8030596

she's been streaming at the same time for 3 weeks now

>> No.8030886

And usually youtube tells me.

>> No.8035646

>> No.8036776

fubuki best senpai

>> No.8037418

>The white wale loves the FGO generation

>> No.8038979

Live thread, live!

>> No.8039380

Sometimes my privates feel funny when I look at my friend

>> No.8042508

Does she look funny to you?

>> No.8042851

My friend can always make me laugh, but sometimes seeing her wear certain outfits makes me feel something weird

>> No.8042906

Cute and funny

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