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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

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>> No.7861705

I've been in the gym every day since Brosemi debuted. I hope my bro is proud of me.

>> No.7861754

I love this sweet horny mermaid!


>> No.7861971

O, Rosemi! My Rosemi!

>> No.7861993

I'm angy
Angy about elves

>> No.7862026

It's time to do your VOD reps, killer hangover edition.





>> No.7862038

Me in the back.

>> No.7862073

>> No.7862259

>> No.7862376

Run Petra! She's gonna give you a forced footjob

>> No.7862393

I wish I had more time to watch stuff live, but being able to choose between Starcraft, Night Way Home, Yomawari and more on a whim, it's real nice.

>> No.7862401

Where Pomu?

>> No.7862404

Pomu is returning to us

>> No.7862423

On Elira's minecraft stream

>> No.7862438

I'm sure she would find it encouraging as well that she could be an inspiration.

>> No.7862457

I like the vtuber Pomu Rainpuff very much, and I will be watching her comeback stream.

>> No.7862465

Pomura... Petru...?

>> No.7862506

How can I survive 3 whole days without Pomu.

>> No.7862514

I'm really enjoying her Doom stream and finally seeing where the new games find their roots. It's duration is part of the reason I've left it until now.

>> No.7862527

By taking your meds, Itiso mama, please don't hang yourself

>> No.7862535

You made it this far, didn't you?

>> No.7862548

That is already taken

>> No.7862570

Make a simple welcome back card for Pomu! A line of Pomus similar to the ones used in her loading screen, holding up (signs with) letters that combine to say welcome back?

>> No.7862595

Why does she keep getting the most art?it’s not fair bros

>> No.7862652

>> No.7862654

Marry autistic women

>> No.7862655

Sorry, young man. Gramps isn't very in-the-know.

>> No.7862682

Rosemi is in controll.

>> No.7862749

I love this dork!

>> No.7862753

Actual reason is that she's very engaging with her fans and the artists love that she retweets, likes and comments everything

>> No.7862768

Pomu is hitting a home run. I can feel it

>> No.7862844

Finana and Elira sitting on the bench! That's who these two are, right?

>> No.7862968

>watch rosemi's rfa
>spam starts
>everyone in her chat becomes a minimod faggot or begs her to make them moderators instead of just blocking & ignoring

>> No.7862997

could be kazaki

>> No.7863036

Artist engagement especially with NSFW artist.

>> No.7863045

Yeah, that's Kaza-chan. Finana has longer hair.

>> No.7863049

why did rosemi retweet this?

>> No.7863069

Welcome to the internet. You may be new here so please try not to take minor annoyance so seriously.

>> No.7863074

Why wouldn't she? I mean, it's not an artistic masterpiece but she retweeted worse.

>> No.7863081

Why not?

>> No.7863101

Question, if I go into ffxiv looking for a girl like Finana to ERP with, do I have better chances playing as a male or female?

>> No.7863110

I know some of the others have rules against engaging with spam but even if Rosemi had that I wouldn't expect chat to read it.

>> No.7863117

>Elira's Omori streams
>favorite channel starts an Omori LP
>finally notice Omori is installed on my computer
I guess it's a sign. Maybe I can watch it all before Dork Souls tomorrow

>> No.7863147

Don't do it. Save yourself.

>> No.7863157


>> No.7863161

Use your IRL gender. In actual though, shit can get hazy because there's a lot of discord trannies mixed in the ERP community. But, if you can see through the veil you should be fine.

>> No.7863187

yup, it's always annoying when a streamer is obviously ignoring it but has to address it to alleviate the idiots in chat

>> No.7863197

I'll continue to keep an eye out for Finana on the bench then, and check who it was at the start of that Ange vs Deron match when the stream ends.

>> No.7863401


>> No.7863405


>> No.7863450


>> No.7863486


>> No.7863532

pomu pomu pomu pomu pomu pomu pomu pomu pomu pomu pomu pomu pomu pomu pomu pomu pomu pomu pomu pomu pomu pomu pomu pomu

>> No.7863548

You heard her, watch Kirame

>> No.7863558

Shouting out Kirame again!

>> No.7863646

I can't. I can't discover more fun people. I'll just leave it running muted.

>> No.7863656

This is hilarious considering the dynamic these two have in Twitter.

>> No.7863668


>> No.7863671

Rosemi and Petra have a such a cute dynamic.

>> No.7863672


>> No.7863678

My autismo needs to know if there is a reason for the scouter colors.

>> No.7863715

Third years = red, second years = blue, first years = green.

>> No.7863716

Vtubers like horror kusoges, wouldn't Faith: The Unholy Trinity be a great streaming game?

>> No.7863717

What a coincidence! I also love Pomu!

>> No.7863764

Perhaps but how many of them know it? I certainly didn't until your post. It's easier to learn than ever, but there's so much to learn about.

>> No.7863770

That's a surprisingly satisfying answer. Thanks.

>> No.7863788

Send a marshmallow recommending it

>> No.7863840


>> No.7863889

Is this... True Seiso?

>> No.7863908


>> No.7863913

Kirame she is trying to groom you. Don't agree to a off collab if she comes to nippon

>> No.7863917

Imagine when we have our pure boys in wave 3.

>> No.7863923

>> No.7863926

Wholesome old man

>> No.7863927

That joke wasn't very funny...

>> No.7863950

Why is she sweating? Is she sick?

>> No.7863953

Is he joking there as well I don't even know?

>> No.7863954

The great Alpha Sigma Rrrrrrosemi-chama!

>> No.7863974

Why do so so many of the Finana lewds give her big honkers?

>> No.7863975

>wave 3
Wave 4 is the male wave

>> No.7863979

Stern Librarian Rosemi is something I desperately need.

>> No.7863981

He’s so pure, jesus christ

Huh, didn’t know she loved Calling. I’ve heard less people talk about that compared to Juon or Silent Hill on Wii.

>> No.7863983

I love this feeesh

>> No.7863997

Wave 3 will be babiniku and you will enjoy it.

>> No.7864013

I don't remember it being Kusoge for its time, but I suddenly want fish to play Eternal Darkness. But that's probably a hell to get permissions for and even obtain legally.

>> No.7864036

I did but i sent it to Pomu, maybe no the best of options now that i think about it, also superchatted it to Finana when she was asking for game recommendations but i think her fish brain just said thanks to the superchat and that was it

>> No.7864068

She’d also probably love anything by Puppet Combo, hope they can get permissions eventually.

>> No.7864070

Bros hes so cute..

>> No.7864089

I can't help but imagine Pomu's cute pink nipples covered by that thin cloth.

>> No.7864093

Finana usually considers games, must have been bad timing. Tonight is a no go since she will most likely discuss another hentai tag if she reaches 150k by today

>> No.7864096

Looking at the exchange I assume Pomu is referencing Mito project winter famous scene and then Olivers quote retweet seems like it can be read either like he has taken it literally, he likes that moment too or both?

>> No.7864103

>I wonder if being Pomu is worth all the being Pomu

>> No.7864158

Bobon is about to become a trend setter. Using ults in Apex like it's an anime.

>> No.7864225

Actually Finana on the bench this time! Kaza should be the one behind censored Elira.

>> No.7864247

>> No.7864268

I've tuned in for the first time and I'm already sold.

>> No.7864277

On top of his voice acting, it was so awesome.

>> No.7864310

Bonjour Roseamis

>> No.7864385

JP really struck gold with Edengumi huh. Also do you think Leos will finally buy some furniture or stock up on cigs for a year because of increase of prices on em.

>> No.7864409

Pomu is Pomu

>> No.7864432

leos streaming in his tiny apartment surrounded by boxes upon boxes of cigarettes would be poetic.

>> No.7864467

I would Pomu Pomu if you know what I Pomu

>> No.7864476


>> No.7864515

Marrying oliver...

>> No.7864520

Je t'aime Rosemi

>> No.7864556

I'd puff the Pomus

>> No.7864641

So, what's your prediction for APEX APEX APEX today? Is Selen gonna break her record? Or we will get that horror game stream (hopefully more moans)?

>> No.7864691

This is my Pomu, there are many like it but this one is mine.

My Pomu is my best friend. It is my life.

>> No.7864700

come on Elira teach your KR fairy wife #2 some english you lazy bum. Not like you're doing anything productive anyway playing bloons

>> No.7864721

I actually seen someone did this on chat when i was playing War Thunder, dude was using pe 8 understandable but it was cringe for both teams

>> No.7864759


Rosemi, ma belle
These are words that go together well
My Rosemi

Rosemi, ma belle
Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble
Très bien ensemble

I love you, I love you, I love you
That's all I want to say
Until I find a way
I will say the only words I know that you'll understand

Rosemi, ma belle
Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble
Très bien ensemble

I need to, I need to, I need to
I need to make you see
Oh, what you mean to me
Until I do, I'm hoping you will know what I mean
I love you

I want you, I want you, I want you
I think you know by now
I'll get to you somehow
Until I do I'm telling you so you'll understand

Rosemi, ma belle
Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble
Très bien ensemble

And I will say the only words I know that you'll understand
My Rosemi

>> No.7864808


>> No.7864862

Long days and nights until Pom returns

>> No.7864917

Hang in there anon! We've made it this far, just a few more days!

>> No.7864943

I wish my wrists were as thick as my curled up hand. I know you can have sturdy bones regardless, but it just looks nice, you know? Guess I'll save up for sub-dermal plating in the future so they can be tougher than any bone while filling out better.

>> No.7864955

How come generic penguin has more subs than best girl?

>> No.7864983

You gotta learn a little guitar and sing this in a simple but pleasant fashion. Send it to her on twitter with an account just for that post if need be. Reading it made me think of some nice old songs.

>> No.7865152

Puffing the Pomus...
Please wait...

>> No.7865153

Maybe they're afraid of messing with Christianity?

>> No.7865287

it's not about the numbers, it's about the community behind the chuba

>> No.7865303

This is the prettiest girl but she is not the best.

>> No.7865315

If they're afraid about a horror game about religion, they probably weren't alive or cool enough to watch movies like The Exorcist 3. Or cared much for horror movies at all for that matter, which makes it weirder that they're into vtubers.

>> No.7865363

What about the community behind Rosemi?

>> No.7865417

Where have you seen any single EN tuber mention religion? It is one of the easiest way to lose traction and popularity regardless of what stance you take. I don't even remember anyone japanese mentioning it and they would are probably more apathetic about religion.

>> No.7865421

>Rosemi does the same but with Hamster cages.

>> No.7865459

That looks like a male body and the arms suck.
You need more practice drawing bodies.

>> No.7865472

I mean, a lot of people seem to shitpost about you guys so maybe it's not the best comparison to make? Petra's chat seems chill (hehe haha).

>> No.7865496

>Petra's chat seems chill (hehe haha).

>> No.7865504


>> No.7865540

I'd say people appreciate her more wholesome approach. There's always the difference between the over all community and the vocal part of it, the latter sometimes making the community seem larger than it is. Petra is someone that can be recommended more easily without the recommender thinking the recomendee will find something shocking or not for them.

>> No.7865541

Outlast has a crazy father and even feesh read the line where Miles says that "he one upped Jesus Christ in shitty ways to die"

>> No.7865660

Have you done your reps today?

>> No.7865691

it's chill only because people in the chat are asleep out of boredom

>> No.7865718

It took me a moment to realize the reference was done because they're both TD games

>> No.7865768

I'm glad her mic can capture her voice so nicely

>> No.7865796

Dragons really have the best laughter.

>> No.7865855

No, but I am debating a commission. It's less about whether to do it and more about whether it's overkill or not.

>> No.7865959

Could Anycolor do damage to the guy that harassed Rosemi?

>> No.7865974

For what purpose?

>> No.7865989

Let's just leave those talks to them and memory-hole it for ourselves.

>> No.7865995

Yes Tazumi has already put a hit on him

>> No.7865998

That SEAnigger is not worth the effort.

>> No.7866007

he's just a annoying spammer, nothing serious, just like any spammer
But they do need mods tho

>> No.7866090


>> No.7866102

One line that the people who might go overboard with causing chaos for the sake of it may not even see, is quite different from what they could do with a game whose name (and likely content) is all about that stuff.
It's a little like people who cry about representation when they not only didn't care about an intellectual property before that moment, but wouldn't buy the next installment even if it did do what they wanted.
Much easier to spread false information and impressions in one scenario compared to another. Kind of like people going off of an article title but then the article itself doesn't really line up with the title.

>> No.7866116

What happened?

>> No.7866135


>> No.7866158

Her comeback stream is Minecraft..

>> No.7866171


>> No.7866212

No Pomu do a zatsudan first stream pls, I have already seen you in micra, I need you just you

>> No.7866213

Some monkey trowing bananas

>> No.7866224

seadog roblox streamer told his chat to raid her

>> No.7866244

No collab first week back, that is surprising

>> No.7866261

It could be a joke, you know.

>> No.7866273

otakuthon is probably a collab

>> No.7866284

>It could be a joke

>> No.7866306

Maybe, but it is Pomu, she played Minecraft on her birthday stream lol

>> No.7866334

Animated MV, Nanahira and Camellia. She really went all out with that one.

>> No.7866354


>> No.7866364

>Fix-It Pomu
Fuck yes, my finances have been in ruins the past month from the lack of it

>> No.7866405


>> No.7866412

Rosemi-sama forgot to stretch after all...

>> No.7866434

I hope so, but I don't think so

>> No.7866439

You can't get rid of soreness completely if you exercise after a long break.

>> No.7866458

Pomu is back Pomu is back Pomu is back Pomu is back Pomu is back soon

>> No.7866461

>Minecraft return stream
Does Pomu hate money?

>> No.7866479

Bobon fucks.

>> No.7866493

Refer to >>7866306

>> No.7866516

no pls pom just talk with chat no maikura pls pom pls

>> No.7866520

Ouch. At least when I started working out again by doing squats, I could feel a sense of power along with the soreness. Wouldn't have described it as outright muscle pain.

>> No.7866536

Oh kek, no wonder Elira made that Bassbook(?) reference during the recent minecraft, she's been listening to nanahira/camellia. I don't think anyone else caught it

>> No.7866539

Why are they so good.

>> No.7866547

I will massage all of her aching musscles and then lick them

>> No.7866567


>> No.7866570

Pain is just weakness leaving the Rosemi

>> No.7866571

What the fuck does that even mean? I have a huge backlog of VODs to watch and they only keep increasing. I can't keep up with the news anymore...

>> No.7866587


>> No.7866607

A 200viewers monkey raiding rosemi's RFA stream. Not a big deal.

>> No.7866614

Why is her return stream so late why why why

>> No.7866624

It's nothing major really, if your the type to read chat, wait until she turns on subscription only>>7866224

>> No.7866631

Fine! I'll play Minecraft. If you don't want to watch it, just don't. What's the problem? I'm not forcing you guys to watch Minecraft. I wanna play it for my fuckin self. So what's the problem okay?!

>> No.7866654

God I want to smell Rosemi getting progressively sweatier after a long day of work as we play Guilty Gear together

>> No.7866676

But I will watch your Minecraft, but it is the one thing se have gotten our Pomufix on these last few. I just want a cozy pomuback freetalk

>> No.7866682

Pomu please calm down.

>> No.7866692

POMU. It's been years

>> No.7866695

Oh, I see. Thank you for you patience, anons.

>> No.7866718

I actually, really like Minecraft streams. When the EN girls aren't streaming it I'll be watching Belmond, Ars and Ritsukin's.

>> No.7866730

luv pomu
watch strem
simple as

>> No.7866745

Somebody please post the popcorn clip

>> No.7866774


>> No.7866802

was that the bit where she said something about nanpa?

>> No.7866810


Is niji going to sell bags of pomus titmeat

>> No.7866829

Sometime when Pomu was on or before i think. She said the nanpa janai yo nanpa ja nai!

>> No.7866847

I don't know anon, how much are you willing to pay for it?

>> No.7866873

>No lazulight or obsydia collab this weekend
Already looking a little dull. Only think worth looking forward to is baseball..

>> No.7866890


>> No.7866891

The bright side is that if even someone like that can get 200 viewers, I'm sure anyone here who wants to audition can make it at some point if they put in the effort.

>> No.7866892

Nothing like some good old solo content, amirite? Finally.

>> No.7866926


>> No.7866952

I will never forgive Minecraft for what it did to Pomu.

>> No.7866956

a healthy dragon is a happy dragon so she ought to rest up

>> No.7866970

elira your lack of sleep was always gonna catch up to you

>> No.7866996

Mama is gonna make it

>> No.7867014


>> No.7867043

Is that a Pomu hint

>> No.7867051

The next Palette with Pomu maybe?

>> No.7867059

Why doesn't Obsydia collab as often as Lazulight, anyway?

>> No.7867075

oh boy can't wait for the 50k yen akasupa in her comeback stream

>> No.7867082

Why would them? They clearly have different interests between them.

>> No.7867083

Why do you guys call selen a tomboy when she's into a ton of super girly stuff

>> No.7867092

i guess different timezones? + rosemi is working whenever petra is available

>> No.7867100

No PomuxElira dynamic to pull the gen together

>> No.7867105

Tomboys are still girls, you know?

>> No.7867109

Animated by Harumaki Gohan btw

>> No.7867111

They don't want to, plus they are not all in the same timezone so a bit harder to schedule

>> No.7867136

Let's see, 1 has work, other 2 might be college compared to lazulight compose of 2 neets and a wagie

>> No.7867140

Do the palette things have a schedule?

>> No.7867172

They made me want to give the game a try but then I saw it's going to require an MS account by the end of the year and my motivation vanished.

I guess I could always pirate? But I'm not sure how that would keep up with updates.

>> No.7867250

I'm so glad mama is fine, I was worried he'd actually do something stupid.

>> No.7867259

>Fix it Pomu
>Little Misfortune
pretty good tho I wish she played Fran Bow first

>> No.7867267

I don't use the term but people can be fairly multi-faceted. My best friend was personally big on medical stuff and alongside that had to take violin and flute classes, but still enjoyed wrapping her head around the stories and settings I'd invent and elaborate on.

>> No.7867294

Because Pomu is the driving force behind LazuLight collabs and Obsydia doesn't have someone like that. Pom has been gone for two and a half weeks and Elira and Finana hardly interacted with each other during that time. In Obsydia Petra and Rosemi seem to want to collab with each other but they are obviously not as outgoing as the fairy.

>> No.7867299

How badly do you think he creeps Pomu out? he's obsessive.

>> No.7867334

Their chemistry isn't as good as Lazulight's. Not that I blame them of course since Anycolor struck gold with Lazulight's chemistry. I doubt any future EN wave will be able to top it.

>> No.7867364

She's probably referring to this tweet from 30min prior: https://twitter.com/cametek/status/1426202403204866053
Could still be a Palette, but looks less like Pomu dropping a hint now

>> No.7867371

I mean if I drew a anime girl and comes to life, I'd sure be invested in my own creation.

>> No.7867387

mostly scheduling. rosemi's mentioned a couple times trying to set stuff up with selen but they had to push things back

>> No.7867388

Depends on how she sees it. Some people will be fine with enthusiasm from people who helped and supported their work, others will keep it business-only until they actually hang out in some kinda way. We just don't know.

>> No.7867390

>Fix it Pomu
Hope people send some lighter questions. Can sorta see that become two hours of "I have a serious surgery next week, I am scared, how do I cope?"

>> No.7867391

It's cute to see mamas and papas dote over their creations. I don't think Pomu minds at all.

>> No.7867428

>but they had to push things back
They almost had that one Obsydia collab but Selen had to take her pet dragon to the vet. Stupid fucking dragon.

>> No.7867455

Both of the previous Fix it Pomu have been pretty serious, the lighter parts have been Pomu's skits

>> No.7867458

Ember is trying his best

>> No.7867468

Rosemi also mentioned inviting Selen to the collab with her and Petra this weekend but I think Selen had already scheduled it as a rest day. Either next week or the week after Rose and Selen are supposed to do 1v1 Starcraft tho

>> No.7867486

Oh shit. That's a great idea. Sending a question about a coming mastectomy surgery.

>> No.7867488

I felt like the balance in the first one was much more towards silly stuff, the second one was a lot more serious and I wasn't a fan.

>> No.7867498

As long as he doesn't try to meet her irl, I think she'll be fine with it. She's probably happy to have such a dedicated and communicative parent this time... her previous mama dragged her feet on M*nt's 2.0 model for 5+ months...

>> No.7867500

Personally I am very happy they are all cat-ladies. Makes it easier to fool yourself in to thinking they aren't fucking a new guy from Tinder everyday and they are just as lonely as their viewers. Very relatable.

>> No.7867504

I need to see that.

>> No.7867512

I know you can't use bits like that too many times before people lose interest, but I really hope she brings back /biz/ Pomu

>> No.7867536

Purple dragon live in 10 https://youtu.be/woVr8PfQBRs

>> No.7867620

Pomu’s back baby can’t wait for Sunday. Wonder if she’ll open her membership on Sunday too?

>> No.7867639

Sunday? Bud..

>> No.7867671

Maybe. Maybe I can put aside catching up on Starcraft. But it's really cool and it's my first time.

>> No.7867700

But also there are no other announcements on the schedule so if we don't get memberships Monday I'm just giving up on ever getting them.

>> No.7867701

Oh shit I’m retarded I misread her schedule lmao

>> No.7867741

>her previous mama dragged her feet on M*nt's 2.0 model for 5+ months...
Oh so that's why she had the 2nd model debut right before graduation? Always find it odd and waste of money. It was a beautiful model tho.

>> No.7867768


>> No.7867798

Where are the pregnant Selen pics faggots?

>> No.7867821

He is asleep right now

>> No.7867844

six hours of giggle dragon

>> No.7867849

>Bon kino Apex stream ends
>Selen starts
This is perfect.

>> No.7867854

Guerilla superchat reading tonight or tomorrow

>> No.7867868

Can you imagine being a Selen gosling? Damn.

>> No.7867869

>real breakfast
she's powered up bros

>> No.7867870

>Selen uses the ytc filter

>> No.7867881

>Can you imagine being a gosling? Damn.

>> No.7867902


>> No.7867910

So that's why there aren't so many British vtubers...

>> No.7867921

What does it do?

>> No.7867934

Having finally seen the movie, I gotta say he was great for the role.

>> No.7867935

Selen, you do have a checkmark...

>> No.7867937

What did she say?

>> No.7867947

cute elira thumbnail hnggg

>> No.7867963

tea dries up your vocal cords

>> No.7867969

Creates a second chat window that only displays messages from users you want. So you can see chats from only other Nijis that show up in chat.

>> No.7867973


>> No.7867975

>Jump King Endurance
What did she mean by this?

>> No.7867990


>> No.7867994

She wants to rub it in Elira's face when she gets farther than her in one stream

>> No.7868003


>> No.7868004

which one

>> No.7868010

Jump King endurance. She started playing along when Rosemi streamed it.

>> No.7868012


>> No.7868025

jump king

>> No.7868027

I wonder how she will do, her platforming didn't look too hot when she played Shantae

>> No.7868028

That's interesting. I wonder how much they filter out.

>> No.7868051


>> No.7868068

I can't actually bring myself to watch more apex. As good as Selen might be the thought of watching more of it is just mind numbing.

>> No.7868071

hope she has a manager to filter out the schizo stuff

>> No.7868089

Selen is not taking prisoners tonight

>> No.7868102

Yeah, the magic’s wearing off

>> No.7868117

Oh she played that? I'll check it out once I'm caught up on SC.

>> No.7868119

Seeing that she answered the marshmallow an anon sent and had to delete the tweet later, I'd guess she doesn't.

>> No.7868122

Selen knows this too that's why she's been diversifying with all those other games

>> No.7868141

she was on hiatus so probably unsupervised

>> No.7868148

I remember the thread getting quite triggered over it.

>> No.7868158

>keeps on shitting on console shitters
>unfathomably based

>> No.7868175

Pomu your return stream isn't Doom 2 Endurance. I cri.

>> No.7868206

Elira don't die...

>> No.7868219

You could pretty much filter the entire chat and only certain users will pop up if you wanted. It's good for TLs

>> No.7868225

it's better that she plays it once she's thoroughly back in the groove

>> No.7868251

It was fun to see her pubstomp but now that she's in real lobbies I just keep remembering how much of a kusoge it is.

>> No.7868258

I still wonder what Pomu had originaly planned for her birthday stream

>> No.7868273

Rosemi is the only EN that isn't verified...

>> No.7868296

She still has work, so Doom 2 endurance would have to be on a weekend. This weekend is cockblocked by Otakuthon, so we'll have to hope for next weekend.

>> No.7868325

There is still Sunday.

>> No.7868345

Is Little Misfortune a good stream game?

>> No.7868365

Which NijiEN should do I next?

>> No.7868376

You rang?

>> No.7868389

Selen obviously

>> No.7868401

Rosemi, please.

>> No.7868419

Rosemi-sama but she needs to be SWOLE

>> No.7868463

Man is there like a booru or something for there or NijiEN in general?

>> No.7868477

That's because she's the best.

>> No.7868484

Just opened Selen's stream, what did I miss?

>> No.7868489

>all that pressure on the tail
kinda spooky

>> No.7868502

The first 8 kills

>> No.7868515

She punched out a dude called Selen Simp

>> No.7868553

Damn I wish that were me

>> No.7868566

Just got done watching Finana's Hitman stream.
She doesn't quite get the point of opportunities hand-holding you through completion but still she's cute as always.
Also confirmed she's into eggheads so all you premature balding whities are IN.

>> No.7868587

Warming Selen's hands by holding hands!

>> No.7868591

Why wouldn't she be into them? She's got an egg for a brain.

>> No.7868647

This looks like she won't beat the record.

>> No.7868712

She had a great first game but now it's just bad match after bad match

>> No.7868755

>drops away from her team
>"Why are you guys fighting another team?"
>gets downed

>> No.7868765

Honestly, I hope she fails since I want horror stream, but after yesterday's stream I know this tryhard dragon is 100% bound to win

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