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Which chuubas have the best fanbases? Which have the worst?

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The duality of anon.

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best: my oshi
worst: your oshi

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this but the opposite

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But what if my oshi is your oshi

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As far as Miko is concerned, 35p are the best.

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Chumbuds are pretty terrible. KFP just want someone to pay attention to their oshi. Takodachis are even worse than chumbuds but I seem to be the only one
thinks that. Haven’t had much exposure to deadbeats since HoloEN debuted which I guess is a good sign. Anya has no real fans but a growing number of shitposters. Sukonbu stay in their general. Miofa are extremely horny for no reason. [My oshi]’s eop fanbase is mostly underage ironic memers from Twitter. The best way to approach fanbases in this community is to pop into a general, skim for useful information and leave.
>Pic related is the only non vtuber related image I have on my computer

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Out of Hololive, the best are probably one of the relatively smaller ones like the Elfriends or Rosetai.
The worst are the chumbuds followed by the nousagis, and that's out of every vtuber fanbase;

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Best: Nenefag
Worst: KFP, Marinefag, Tatsunocock, Chumbcucks, Moricuck, Zomcuck, Matsuricuck, 35brown, Pomugoslings, Selenfag, Eliracuck, Rosemifag

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If we are talking about /vt/ fanbases, Towa thread goes menhera when she is gone for a day or two. Mio thread has anons with mommy issues. Shion thread is a pedo hive.

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nene would never approve such negativity
your oshi would hate you
think about that

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>lurking instead of asking questions that people asked yesterday
I dont know who you are but please stay

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i don't have an oshi, nenefags just seems pretty cute & docile to me

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>Miofa are extremely horny for no reason

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It's hard to expect much hostility from people that follow pic related

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Move fandeads down to KFP tier

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I think Lamyanons are okay, theyre just a bit weird