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Now that Hololive has mend their relationship with China, what's the chance of her un-graduating?

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She left because Arknight money is more valuable than Hololive money

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She left because doing Arknight is way easier than having to deal with youtube, concerts, songs, and sponsorships

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Japanese companies are too big on the idea of compliance and regardless of what Yagoo claims their is little chance of any graduated talent returning. Hololive might not have the acceleration strategy of Nijisanji but they can spam new gens when needed.

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fag here can say all they want. imagine sana un-graduating mid promise concert will blow everyone the fuck out. same for even magni and vesper. an event like that in hololive will only have positive praise.

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She's retired from livestreaming
Leave her alone unironically you fags are annoying

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What's dead is dead anon, nothing can change that.

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Rrat: Promise was made because the 1-year-return-term for Sana expired

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that would be the only good development that this decision could have. but I'm not gonna get my hopes up.

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I'm not super familiar with her roommate's life, but I get the impression Sana would only ever return for just a concert or a stream unless her roommate's schedule/workload was really reduced.

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Oh yea, I doubt she'd return in full force, one of the main things that many skipped over during her graduation was that she was an active video game design lead throughout her time with hololive. She also had a solo exhibition in Tokyo late last year and there's probably other things we don't know about.
She's way too busy outside streaming to ever consider it her main priority, so IF she would return it'd be for special events, a collab here and there and whenever she'd get hyperfixated on a game. So basically Gura-lite.

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Non existent, the bitch is lazy and would rather sit on her scrawny ass all day plagiarizing character designs already made by cover instead of putting the effort into doing her idol reps.

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>Advent exists
>Continue to beg for more girls
holofags are insufferable

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She unironically would be a great match for shiori, imagine the autism talks

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Lying cunt.

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>has mend
Stay in class.

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I bet she regretted it

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she didnt like streaming, you really want her back?

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and the crowd goes mild!

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None. I don't think either party is interested in her coming back.

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who's her roommate?
another vtuuba?

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I thought she was Australian. What's China got to do with her?

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full time artist working on gacha and stuff.

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Sana's not coming back you fucking retard and she's also not a game designer

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>same for even magni and vesper
that would be so retarded and also nobody would care except for maybe 5 obese women. Everyone else would be confused

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She left because she hates men so much that she hated her predominantly male fanbase

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I'm a Sanallite but it's really stupid wishful thinking to think that the only holoEN graduation who didn't even last 1 year would come back in a million years

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0 because hololive killed all of her passion projects.

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Anyways Arknights is a pretty fucking kino game

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God you fucking people can't leave someone who literally doesn't want to stream alone
Why can't you get this through your retarded head

Do you want to be an entertainer?
Do you want to be a clown for a living?
A sex object? A prostitute?
A street performer? A masseuse?
Do you want to shine shoes for a livng?
Do you want to clean toilets?
Do you want to go to war Ukraine/Palestein?

Some people don't fucking like doing certain things, so fuck off already, jesus christ

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The closest you will get is Arknights somehow having a collab with Holo

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Maybe but only jp shit like EDF gets all the holo collabs. The only thing I seen outside of EDF regarding hololive was the among us pack which I bought btw but I was the onlyone using it whether I joined the na servers or Asia servers I don't think the pack was too successful.

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>What's the chance
0%. She never had a passion for live streaming and joined on a whim because Ina kept overselling the whole vtuber thing to her.

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Anyone that can’t be bothered type IRyS’ name properly is certifiably untrustworthy on principle.

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everyone graduates eventually

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Get a hold of yourself you grammar fuhrer.

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Retarded SEAnigs keep pushing the narrative that she left because of chink gacha perms when in reality she just couldn't juggle being both a full-time artist and an endurance stream-focused corpo vtuber, so she just quit vtubing and went back to being an artist

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For her to return to streaming, the first thing which absolutely must happen is that she will need to want to return to streaming.

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Based if true.

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Makes sense.
Finding out that one has stumbled into an electronic geisha house, must be disappointing. A perfectly wonderful nomrie anime lover will get away from this sort of thing every time.

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None, she wasn't cut out for the idol activities

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She left because she had permanente dark skin debuff
-25% growth vs your own gen mates

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0%, thankfully. Genuinely wasted slot.

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She left because she wanted to be a full-time artist.
it's not going to happen

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>wasted slot.
No, that retirement allowed the creation of the best generation.

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