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tummy tuesday

If you aren't aware, Fallenshadow is the most hard-working schizo loli on the internet and enjoys the company of her husbands very much! Please treat her well.

ASMR Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/@fallenshadow
Ribbon Cage:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWMyb4vKRU0
VOD Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/@fallenshadowtwitch
Clips Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/@fallenshadowclips
Nise Menhera Twitter:https://twitter.com/goodgirlshadow
Otis Twitter:https://twitter.com/managerotis
Menhera Twitter (dead):https://twitter.com/shadowchama
Backup Menhera Twitter (also dead):https://twitter.com/syadouchama

Schedule: soon™

Please refresh yourselves on global and board rules before posting, you might be surprised.

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fuck she exposed me

>> No.77902331

blowing raspberrys on the shummy

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Shondo I love you so much and nothing will ever change this! The more I experience and find out about you the more my love increases! You deserve the best and more! I can't wait until you fully return! I don't always interact or message because I don't want to bother you but I am watching and appreciate everything you do!

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Based and lovepilled

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Obviously this is free reign to email her anytime

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>only person she replies to is a 1view male vtuber who does fansly content
Shes doing this on purpose now there's no way

>> No.77902893

I didnt know paperwing was a mal vtuber

>> No.77902906

yeah i dont get why she shows this just a few months after 2 email schizos went too far

>> No.77902919

>likes my post
happi :D
>it's just a pitylike, even antis got them
angery, sad D:

>> No.77902986

She didn't respond to her yet when I started

>> No.77903076

>liking husband tweets again
yeah, i’m thinking we’re back

>> No.77903086

newfags all got likes as well as t3s
gold digging in full force

>> No.77903124

Yes she did, you posted that 8 minutes after she responded to paperwing

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this is what you guys wanted last week, YOU GUYS ASKED FOR LIKES ON EVERY COMMENT

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You should already know there are some people here who don't actually give a shit and just want to be negative assholes

>> No.77903350

>sent 44 minutes ago
She checks regularly enough to actually see everything. Why the fuck havent I been emailing her?

>> No.77903365

she liked my tweet so i’m very happy. her liking my tweet makes some shoggers seethe so i’m ecstatic even.
she loves me (maybe)

>> No.77903396

Or she just checked right now and happened to see the most recent one?

>> No.77903529

this is probably the most pathetic thing anyone here has ever said because i know its sincere

>> No.77903546

she didn't like my tweet :(

>> No.77903649

timing gacha

>> No.77903709

i want her to myself not to share her with people that dox her publicly, people that anti her and people that have barely been around since the start of the year. 30 months for what? a pity like? gold digger

>> No.77903746

speed reply reps

>> No.77903813

she sent it to herself to post about it
she would never share an email from a real person

>> No.77903840 [DELETED] 

Stop pretending you give a fuck about her. You are a lying anti through and through

>> No.77903885

that's nice chatbot but we all know what you are

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luv me wife, simple as

>> No.77903951

i was too slow to get a like but im just happy she seems to be doing better now

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the feeling of her liking my tweet is indescribable
we are so fucking back
i am so fucking in
i love you shondo

>> No.77904060

I was on time but got missed anyways. But I'm glad the literal anti's that dox her got one. This was a worth while 2 months so solve these pesky marriage problems wasn't it?

>> No.77904091

I didn't get a like either, stop being a baby

>> No.77904111

Very sad larp. I assume you have been here since the beginning of the month?

>> No.77904146

shoggers not gamifying every interaction vector with shondo challenge

>> No.77904176

Who are you even talking about?

>> No.77904242

derek reps

>> No.77904245

but did she read *my* email? yeah didnt think so. back to being the #1 shondo-hater!!


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I'm so confused now

>> No.77904618

If you got a like know that I am watching you. Dereking in the night.

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>> No.77904657

tickling shondo until she pees her pants

>> No.77904662

i didnt realize how new you were. do any reps at all

>> No.77904723

not gay btw
husbands on suicide watch
'guy withdrawls' LMAOOOOO AINTNOWAY

>> No.77904812

When did Kitanya turn into an anglerfish?
Did I shift? Scared

>> No.77904853

“boy withdrawals” or whatever the fuck lie this bisexual dyke said in discord
also kisses are icky and not romantic and dont do them in public (unless you are a cute girl with shondo)

>> No.77904866

why are you typing like me? weird desu

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i love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE fallenshadow!!!!! we're so fucking back!!!!! im so happy right now!!!! i love you shondo!!!!! youre the cutest in the world! be with me forever!!! sending you 1000 kisses!!! mwah mwah mwah!!! love you!

>> No.77905074

if you are male (troons included) she does not want to ever kiss you
remember this next time you respond to me

>> No.77905180

she wants to get perpetually gregnante how can she do that without kissing dummy? shit yourself

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not gay btw

>> No.77905277

Checked the art she was talking about thinking it was going to be cute lolis kissing each other but it was just 5’5 and up looking hags. Even I’m convinced this butch is a dyke now

>> No.77905325

>>77905277 (me)
Was gonna say I will now proceed to kill myself over the spelling error but its kinda funny

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>> No.77905354

shoggas be nise

>> No.77905444

these aren't shoggas they're shiggers

>> No.77905453

No. She liked newfags and troops and groomers and antis and oilers and NOT me.

>> No.77905526

yeah i value fallenshadow thats why i will kiss her lots and lots and lots and give her the life she always wanted

>> No.77905585

>bee nise
fuck no. the whore is constantly two-faced with relationships and is a complete lesbian who just wants a sugardaddy to be her father figure. she lies out her ass and doesn’t give a shit about husbands outside of platonic affection in exchange for money.
i’d break her nose with my fist everytime she acted like a dyke if i was living with the cunt

>> No.77905648

twitter doesn't matter anymore, her alt account has too much traffic now, you only matter if you responded to her messages she sent on discord 5 minutes ago before she stopped

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why do i get AI art vibes from this?

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she remembers and loves me

>> No.77905785

sigh, she is still BI and not gay. We already went through this and nothing that happened is surprising to anybody...

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File: 384 KB, 609x613, 1715929682597659.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice its not loli shit either
Great taste wifey

>> No.77905858

Okay, we get it you are a deranged retard who should not be left alone. I hope you are in some sort of assisted living situation? please call your caretaker

>> No.77906026

It's been like 2 months shogga, it was even talked about in the thread

>> No.77906059

bi is just gay with extra steps

>> No.77906097

I fucking love my yurichad wife her taste is so insanely good omg I'm gonna party time to the thought of Shondo party timing to those

>> No.77906124

she is damn STRAIGHT

>> No.77906163

I'm straight and I like to see cute girls kissing. There's nothing wrong with that.

>> No.77906179

from your chair

>> No.77906181

cute girls being gay unironically makes me mad as fuck
i want to physically beat and rape the lesbian out of them :)

>> No.77906212

Why are straights so insecure about women being straight / gay / bi
Whenever the topic comes up we get such schizo takes. Like can't y'all just enjoy the idea of this cute lady moistening?

>> No.77906274


>> No.77906371

>cucks love sitting in the chair while their ”””wife””” lusts after someone else
it’s starting to make sense. just keep happyNodding, fellas. you don’t need those balls either!

>> No.77906428

she liked those because she wanted to oogle cute girls together, I love how affectionate she's been lately

>> No.77906444

Weird post somnium

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File: 332 KB, 1535x2048, 1717814723862900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you don’t need those balls either!

>> No.77906465

i dont care if other women are gay, i only care about shondo and if she is attracted to men ot not
if she officially said she was gay i would leave

>> No.77906497

I have no idea how I missed that

>> No.77906514


>> No.77906560

because youre a schizo

>> No.77906584

She is NOT one of them darn homosexuals(texan accent)

>> No.77906589

>not oogling (you)
yeah, i love being the third wheel in my marriage

>> No.77906615

She changes themes annually i think
I much prefer the hero version but the angler version is cute still
I like the angler wiggly and how the angler light flashes back and forth its neat

>> No.77906628

The amount of people that have forgotten she sometimes gets into the mood to ogle at cute girls together with us is too damn high

>> No.77906633

she can ogle me all the time, the cute girls are transient

>> No.77906646

I'm okay with random dweebs here thinking I'm a loser because I'd happily watch Lolina make a woman out of my wife
She said she was asexual she likely meant demisexual so you should leave I guess

>> No.77906686

Frick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed her discord messages its so fucking over for me syadouDed

>> No.77906727

Lesbians aren't real you insecure retards.

>> No.77906751

What'd she say on the discord this time?

>> No.77906766

good luck chat

>> No.77906781


>> No.77906785

shondo covering her face during sex but sneaking looks at you through her fingers
taking a hold of one of her arms and pulling it away so she has to use just one hand
kissing her deeply while pulling the other hand away
calling her the most beautiful woman in the world
looking at her usually pale skin flushing with a deep red hue

>> No.77906801

she’s hit her manic cycle
who knows how long it’ll last or how hard

>> No.77906844

She started the husband trials, if you didnt get a like then you're already out.

>> No.77906857

Hopefully not too hard and hopefully for all of eternity

>> No.77906891

youre a loser for not doing it yourself and shondo would agree

>> No.77906921

>she climaxes
>calls out nina’s name instead of (you)rs

>> No.77906956

I don't post or like anything on twitter, where does that place me?

>> No.77907013


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File: 374 KB, 645x791, 1715152807325789.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

shondo go read the previous thread i left some important posts there for you
i look forward to doing it all woth you one day

>> No.77907083

She is not asexual.

>> No.77907095

Shondo go read my posts two threads ago about religion and more

>> No.77907104

if she likes cute girls kissing then ill just become a cute girl :)

>> No.77907133

simultaneously last place and first place

>> No.77907192

I'm okay with Shondo teasing me about settling for Nina's sloppy seconds while I make love to her

>> No.77907196

Why are you acting like her looking at drawings of girls kissing is like her cheating?

>> No.77907197

unironically ngmi
she wants men to be men and women to be women. unless you were one of the 0.0001% who can really pass it would be shover

>> No.77907216

>check likes on main
just wondering if there will be a way to keep them public after the change

>> No.77907238

We're not though? At least the posts that I read haven't been saying that?

>> No.77907257

shut up fallen nobody cares about your twilight fan fiction

>> No.77907310

Once she starts noticing you in streams then you're fast tracked to super regular status. Then just don't be unfunny and you'll be ahead of nearly everyone who posts here. Good luck fellow lurker shogga

>> No.77907375


>> No.77907402

I lurk only on twitter, I'm already active in streams and she's laughed at a lot of my jokes and stolen quite a few as well

>> No.77907442

That's just fleece

>> No.77907451

sorry but u made a typo so youre out

>> No.77907518

so fucking sick of all this fucking fag shit i have to see
all lgbt should be hanged and burned
i dont give a shit about any of your “struggles” and you are not worth being called human

>> No.77907526


>> No.77907595

See a therapist fleece

>> No.77907605


>> No.77907619

Sorry for asking this I've been out of touch recently Has she announced a date yet?

>> No.77907627

WeirdCat that's not very nise

>> No.77907684

I just noticed she was chatting on discord
it's so fuckkng over for me

>> No.77907724

Yuri has nothing to do with the faggot agenda. It it for cute girls and straight White men only!

>> No.77907749

is there a bot for discord that will just mirror everything someone says into another server where it can just ping you?

>> No.77907770

I warned you guys that she was going to start using the server more than twitter weeks ago. Why didn't you listen? Stoopid.

>> No.77907838

So what'd she say on the discord?

>> No.77907842

No, only if you self bot and it can get your account banned.

>> No.77907858

trannies love yuri though?
>durr i already said “cute girls” retard
kill your shondo

>> No.77907865

faggot cope, put your neck to rope

>> No.77907911
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is she gonna change? people have told her every time she's obviously taking on too much (like with merch or the subathon wheel) etc but it just makes her angry when people point it out and then she proceeds to do it anyway. hearing her say this when we all know how chaotic the fumo drop will be is scary lol

>> No.77907913

I stopped coming here and forgor she sometimes chats on the server

>> No.77907949

Shondo you need to make it clear to these mentally ill losers that you aren't in love with them and you aren't looking for 'the one' to settle down with. If you don't spell it out for them, they will continue to multiply and get worse and worse.
End the LARP before something terrible happens and you blame yourself.

>> No.77907956

>those likes
>dick sword
This is just her way of celebrating pride month.

>> No.77907957

Cute girls loving cute girls is one of most beautiful phrnomenon in the universe. It appeals to every type of human except for the truly broken and depraved

>> No.77907959
File: 160 KB, 323x469, IMG_5920.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.77907981

You are talking with someone who has a caveman's brain

>> No.77908026

>but it just makes her angry when people point it out and then she proceeds to do it anyway
yes shes is female, you are correct, please adapt accordingly

>> No.77908041

discord is the new public club, deal with it groomers

>> No.77908091

I like using unconventional short forms
What did -> what'd
Not denying that I'm esl though

>> No.77908141

The groomers are on discord though. Only ones bitching are twitter tourists.

>> No.77908187

sorry fags but i’d rather kiss a cute girl than watch two cute girls kiss
but i guess you have to be a cuck to be a husband nowadays

>> No.77908301

Hey retard getting in an irl relationship with her isn't the point and would mean she is cheating. But she does actually love us and takes it seriously. In fact, she would rather die than get into an irl relationship and cheat on us. I trust her and for some reason, it makes you very mad.

>> No.77908382

>getting in an irl relationship with her isn't the point
lol irl

>> No.77908434

I think you are confused? I wouldn't want shondo to kiss another girl but I don't have any problem with her looking at other girls kissing.

>> No.77908476

How would divorcing her mentally ill internet 'husbands' and then getting with a rich old man be cheating?

>> No.77908515

>getting in an irl relationship with her isn't the point
>would mean she is cheating
only matters if she’s chesting on me
>But she does actually love us
>takes it seriously
>she would rather die than get into an irl relationship
rrk proved this false
>cheat on us
dont care if she cheats on you
>I trust her
>it makes you very mad

>> No.77908566

Because it is? Very simple

>> No.77908575

I'm on discord and I don't want to have to stare at it on my second screen all day incase she says something in one specific channel. Yes I have FOMO no I won't take my meds.

>> No.77908582
File: 949 KB, 1242x1577, IMG_6541.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.77908583

>chesting on me
naizuri uoooooooh

>> No.77908620

>I don't have any problem with her looking at other girls kissing.
that's called emotional cheating

>> No.77908643

gary bros...

>> No.77908659

>is she gonna change?
After 500 total times yes
Is that all that she's said on the discord?

>> No.77908726

>Ends one relationship
>Starts another
Literally not cheating under any definition. This is why you need to end this LARP Shondo, these mentally challenged 'men' are deranged.

>> No.77908750

i really have no idea why discord doesn't let you make a notification for a user in a server

>> No.77908833

i hope shondo tells the degenerates who are only here because they think they have a chance with her irl off. maybe the worst kind of fake husband

>> No.77908852

Because thats a feature only a stalker would use anon
Most people aren't like this.

>> No.77908940

You’ve asked this 20 times lol irl

>> No.77908975

i haven't asked it a single time irl actually but ok

>> No.77908994


>> No.77909084
File: 263 KB, 1557x2508, 1713141651316931.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tummy tuesday innit

>> No.77909162

Does she even see the @ if she's not on? What's the point of @ing her

>> No.77909178

She looks a bit chonky here
For fucks sake shondo, lose some weight already

>> No.77909190

10/10 tummy
Would blow raspberries and tickle

>> No.77909197

attention whoring

>> No.77909222

yeah i can't believe there are people here who fell in love with her and want to be with her, fucking degenerates
they should just go away!!! i totally don't want to be with her btw

>> No.77909273

i will ask it 20 more

>> No.77909276

maybe read my post before seething, that's not what i said

>> No.77909313 [DELETED] 

Please watch streams. She would rather kill herself with a butter knife than break up with us.

>> No.77909334

How can you say you love her if you don't want to be there for her and with her? You're the faker here.

>> No.77909335

she barely does any work and yet she gets stressed about procrastinating

>> No.77909364


>> No.77909403
File: 32 KB, 768x960, IMG_5157.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

shit yourself

>> No.77909404

The husband wife thing is just a big inside joke, right?
None of you here actually wish you could date her, or believe you're in some kind of relationship already? You're grounded in reality, right?

>> No.77909405
File: 138 KB, 1058x789, IMG_20240522_011449.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Explode immediately

>> No.77909461

I'm married to her for forever, this world and counting

>> No.77909470

She looks so much better now. I'm glad she got on the treadmill

>> No.77909481

he's being pathetic on purpose

>> No.77909521

you got so triggered about it you couldn't even comprehend the post, unless you're that kind of shogger and are trying to defend yourself LOL

>> No.77909530

Sorry FT but I actually for real want to irl marry and bang your onee-chan and make her giga-preggers
you will have dozens of nieces and nephews thanks to me, lil bro

>> No.77909546

It started out that way but then people started having feeling for her and she didnt want to hurt them because shes a doormat so she gave in

>> No.77909549

why do you think she stopped streaming and keeps baiting her community?

>> No.77909554
File: 3.04 MB, 600x489, 1697694747897071.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no. yes. yes. no.

>> No.77909562

Giru draw sho in female swimsuits please, and fidgeting + blushing

>> No.77909573

Not if I get in her first

>> No.77909606

yeah that artist draws her pretty fat for whatever reason

>> No.77909634

This is the correct response, well done

>> No.77909667

Is she back to streaming yet or still on hiatus?

>> No.77909688

there was a guy that bought rings and told his mom about her and stuff. people do believe in it. he's dead now though

>> No.77909693

I refuse to believe you are a real person. You sound so unlovable it's insane.

It's some bullshit some random newfags came up with. I don't remember seeing this nonsense even half a year ago.

>> No.77909761

>You sound so unlovable
It's okay I love him(platonically)

>> No.77909796

ty shondo G(love)

>> No.77909841

They imagine themselves as the person kissing shondo but then feel uncomfortable with being a girl so they lash out outwardly.

The merch and the subathon wheels were just miscalculations, not overly ambitious projects.

shondo is the most hard-working schizo loli on the Internet.

that's not fat, that's healthy.

she's not on hiatus but she is yet to announce when the return stream will be. she's getting things done before she goes back to streaming.

>> No.77909878

>he's dead now though
Also his own doing or?

>> No.77909887
File: 311 KB, 1536x2048, 1692911304032860.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So the Shumos are coming right?

>> No.77909896


>> No.77909936

>thats healthy
Americans are so easy to spot

>> No.77909950

I asked a few threads ago because I too really want to be looking at discord at the same time as Shondo
You're the weird one for not wanting to

>> No.77909960

>she's not on hiatus but she is yet to announce when the return stream will be. she's getting things done before she goes back to streaming.
Ah that's good. Was kind of worried she was heading to a dark place mentally and might do something drastic.

>> No.77909982

>or believe you're in some kind of relationship already?
It's not a belief it's a fact. Ask shondo.

>> No.77909992

Stop trying and rope yourself ai fag

>> No.77909994

>The merch and the subathon wheels were just miscalculations, not overly ambitious projects.
completely pointless distinction lol

>> No.77910006

I would if she fucking streamed

>> No.77910025

effort =/= results
she should work smarter, not harder

>> No.77910034

Funny mouz, given that you used to @ shondos twitter almost daily

>> No.77910099

Yeah by how much more Shondo pays attention to us

>> No.77910175

Inis has entered the thread.

>> No.77910330

I think shondo should tickle the underside of my nutsack with her tongue

>> No.77910332
File: 98 KB, 1080x1104, GPoP57dWIAAsVnQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where are my nuggies Inis?

>> No.77910484

inis is more honest with wanting to find true love while also genuinely loving me, so it’s a obvious why slutdo is the sidehoe

>> No.77910510

easy choice, bird wife can buy many 20 piece mcnuggets.

>> No.77910595

You spent all your time seething in the shondos thread

>> No.77910661

She would never break up with us and she has said many times it's not a larp for her. Please just piss off.

>lol lmao
I don't care what you think.

>> No.77910705

Sir, this is a Shondy's

>> No.77910718

>I don't care what you think
then why are you replying every single time lol

>> No.77910722

i love her lots

>> No.77910751

I'm not the same guy

>> No.77910753

The only reason she doesn't leave us is because she doesn't have any life outside her computer.

>> No.77910759

i like her a little, its going to take a lot for me to say i love her again

>> No.77910785

i outsource my shitposts
Good morning, Sirs!

>> No.77910788

Best solution. Grind Pinis up into many McNuggies.

>> No.77910814

Still mad at Otis for censoring that photo
Slimy little dickhead

>> No.77910880
File: 997 KB, 3000x4000, 20240611_185723.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The white van is coming for you.

>> No.77910982

stfu chatgpt go police some other chat

>> No.77911090

Can i get a uhhh
Medium Shonburger Combo but can i change the Shoke for an Otis Shake?

>> No.77911099

little girl sex

>> No.77911112

It's crazy how her discord gets swarmed with 140k husbands each sending one unique reply to respond to her when she posts.
We're such a big community!

>> No.77911237
File: 1.93 MB, 1125x1500, 1687828009800940.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Powerful wife

>> No.77911299


>> No.77911335

Not everyone can match Hiro's unironic Autism(nonderagatory) to make paragraphs out of every update

>> No.77911352

we need to clone her somehow before she dies

>> No.77911364

I want to meet her and spend time together to find out if I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I don't know if we are compatible just from Internet streams and hangouts and twitter. She is very nice and wonderful in so many ways but I still need to hang out a bunch of times irl to make sure. I think she would agree this is the healthy attitude to have.

>> No.77911421

I already have FT and Shadowmamas DNA, I will get it right now matter how many embryos it takes.

>> No.77911431

I respect the fact he actually sits and puts some effort into it at least rather than forcing out a pointless one liner or question hoping for a reply

>> No.77911487

Why is his art so bad

>> No.77911506

>creating multiple FT and SM clones and forcing them to breed until you get shondo from them

>> No.77911524


>> No.77911536

Hirosaijo is one of the best members of the community and the only H- husband that isn't a fag

>> No.77911555

He's the best kind of shiggie im glad we have him

>> No.77911571

stop posting about yourself

>> No.77911575
File: 366 KB, 489x629, 0icfo1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

because you have no taste

>> No.77911620

im only staying with her until ai gets good enough that i can generate my own personal shondo

>> No.77911623


>> No.77911644

How is this relationship nonsense

>> No.77911672

gay thread

>> No.77911695

Hiro would not survive being /here/

>> No.77911709

not gay enough

>> No.77911749

I'm not mouz, i got a bit spooked when he said something about it like 5 seconds after my post

>> No.77911750

True and checked
Everyone isn't like you

>> No.77911755

he's probably the biggest wormfarmer here, I'll not be deceived by him

>> No.77911827

hiroto pisses himself in bed

>> No.77911848

That's Inis

>> No.77911858

stop post about yourself

>> No.77911911


>> No.77911936

Hiroto is the one who voted for watersports wednesday

>> No.77911982


>> No.77911995

Most people voted for it so yeah probably

>> No.77911997

sorry i missed a comma
>stop, post about yourself

>> No.77912022

almost everyone voted for wifey wednesday

>> No.77912062

you and him were the only ones that voted for it.

>> No.77912106
File: 4 KB, 550x54, 1688947279141448.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not him but I voted for it

>> No.77912138

Why are you so insecure about this?You're the only one who cares enough to snipe the first Wednesday thread, just consider that a win

>> No.77912152

>most voted for it
>3 shoggas

>> No.77912169

wifey day is everyday, it doesn't make sense to make it a day on the week

>> No.77912182


>> No.77912188

Pissfags are really desperate

>> No.77912224

we also voted to not bake until shes back but here we are

>> No.77912239

I didn't vote

>> No.77912242

Not everyone in the community has good autism like Hirosaijo, don't expect them to see this logic

>> No.77912245

Going with the most voted choice only is tyranny of the majority. A good compromise is posting only wife pictures of shondo where she is powdering her nose.

>> No.77912253

lol lmao

>> No.77912285

true. can we go back to threads only when the stream is live when she gets back?

>> No.77912297

stop posting about yourself please, I'm starting to dislike you

>> No.77912312

is everyone with us in the room right now?

>> No.77912321

She will break up with you guys to be with me.

>> No.77912331

Its probably the more wholesome day out of the week's lineup. Or its supposed to be at least.

>> No.77912335

yeah probably

>> No.77912364

she should clarify that it is only an internet thing vs a irl thing

>> No.77912365

But i like talking to you guys outside stream time, please don't leave me

>> No.77912372

when was this poll? I was in the original thread where we named each day and there wasn't one. I'm not surprised we couldn't get through one week before some fag tried to shit things up.
I wanted megane Monday though so at least things are still going my way :>

>> No.77912378

Wifey wednesday just makes sense. Wednesday is the day she comes back from shadow weekend and is returning to her wifely duties

>> No.77912393

what would I do to have a stream where shondo is baking cute pastries IRL and then eating them.

>> No.77912426

I will give her that life.

>> No.77912438

That's not this relationship. She doesn't want to be in a physical relationship. Stop pretending you love her.

>> No.77912450

that logic doesn't make sense for the same reason we switched imouto monday to megane monday

>> No.77912476
File: 149 KB, 500x500, 1713532941611490.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It was powdered sugar, not flour, you fucking retard

>> No.77912510


>> No.77912540

You aren't my wife I don't care

>> No.77912559

it was on the first wednesday after the days were decided
the baker made wifey wednesday instead of watersports wednesday and people starting crying about it

>> No.77912574

you don't know that

>> No.77912580

Trannies can't feel love. They are creatures born from hatred. They just pretend they do to subvert it, like they do with everything.

>> No.77912584

Megane monday rolls off the tongue better than imouto monday
Plus more people probably see her as a wife than an imouto

>> No.77912617


>> No.77912624

Imouto wife that I love and beat and GRAPE

>> No.77912710

This thread is about my wife please keep your tranny and/or cuck fetishes + obsessions to yourself

>> No.77912721

How are we liking the themed days? Its been a full week hasnt it?

>> No.77912768


>> No.77912770

Mondays should be yandere mondays.

Monday -> Moon -> Lunatic -> Yandere

>> No.77912797

redneck walmart frieren

>> No.77912836

They're a good direction for these threads but I think Wednesdays are doomed to be especially shitposty

>> No.77912839

shut the fuck up you retarded i just missclicked
>>77912559 meant for >>77912372

>> No.77912840

im in

>> No.77912857

This is a compliment.

>> No.77912893

You think I was talking about the misclick
Lmao irl

>> No.77912918

is she starting and finishing another project before she comes back or did i misunderstand

>> No.77912923

dm me

>> No.77912928

As much as i crave more yandere art thats a big logic leap

>> No.77912953

now I get why you guys don't see how Wifey Wednesday is redundant, you barely understand the language

>> No.77913042

i think so? but she also has to do some unnamed activity before too so its still going to be a long time before shes back

>> No.77913121

After the nuclear war

>> No.77913159

Every day is wifey day, so "Wifey wednesdays" is lame.

"Watersports day" is much more appropriate.

1) It starts with W.
2) Wednesday -> 水曜日 (literally, "day of water")

>> No.77913197

who would've thought pissfags would be so autistic

>> No.77913213

just bake then retard, you can name the thread whatever you want

>> No.77913223

Sacrificing British middle aged male Star Wars fans to the sholy flame until I've convinced my Wife Goddess to do the yandere ASMR stream on her first weekend back

>> No.77913267

shondo you will never be japanese

>> No.77913295

right but wednesday isnt originally from japan so who the fuck cares?

>> No.77913296

Change your pants, ESLchama.

>> No.77913433

Autism is based, go home normalfag.

>> No.77913437

you wish you piss drinker

>> No.77913459

this but instead vacuum packing them and putting them in merch orders

>> No.77913526

>thinks autistic is an insult
>thinks piss drinker is an insult

Based shondopilled commenter

>> No.77913528 [DELETED] 

EN Luna confirmed

>> No.77913579

lol irl

>> No.77913620

Hey bro if you want to spend all day in the pants you shit yourself in be my guest.

>> No.77913659

Do Scat Saturdays you cowards.

>> No.77913689


>> No.77913746

I would be fine with that as long as we also allow guro.

>> No.77913750

We already decided on Shonsoles and Shontoes in the original thread though.
Also, is there even enough art?

>> No.77913805

Stop recommending days that will get this general banned you fucking retards.

>> No.77913811


>> No.77913952

we must rise up against the oppression.

>> No.77913965

Let's do that

>> No.77914069

Recommendations have been closed for a while anyway.
I'm open to switching it up if any good ideas pop up tho

>> No.77914124

no you guys just botted the poll, all the greatest posts have been nose powder rrlated

>> No.77914151


>> No.77914220

You're even using that incorrectly lmao

>> No.77914251

none of you are worth talking to today, do better

>> No.77914282

Sorry, shondo.

>> No.77914317

I frankly didn't even know what watersports day was referring to, i thought it just meant swimsuits

>> No.77914324

Lets just drop it entirely. I'm tired of this shit anyways. What a terrible idea.

>> No.77914334

My wife enjoys talking to me while she uses me for nose powdering purposes. That's all that matters

>> No.77914352

I am, Shondo. Please DM me.

>> No.77914399

You know you don't have to stay in these threads if they make you shit yourself like this, right?

>> No.77914473

I wish I could leave permanently

>> No.77914477

So were those two messages all that she said on discord or...?

>> No.77914559

Just get yourself banned. The withdrawal will probably suck but you'll be better off for it.

>> No.77914682

I'm surprised you all could gossip about your shared wife for this long

>> No.77914775

Once you learn what love feels like you'll understand

>> No.77914845

>Finally got my projects done
>Should I post the schedule now? nah lets do something else that will take another two months
She's never coming back

>> No.77914867

>She doesn't want to be in a physical relationship.

>> No.77914913

>people have told her
If I was ever in a position where I would trust the advice of a collection of internet losers over myself, I'd just commit suicide.

>> No.77914915


>> No.77914932

I'm buying a dozen shumos just to make it harder for some of you to get one

>> No.77914952

kill yourself

>> No.77914957

it’s easy to get banned

>> No.77914966


>> No.77914975


>> No.77914994

Change your pants

>> No.77915007

squibby in chat NOW

>> No.77915011

you cant do that

>> No.77915048


>> No.77915056


>> No.77915076

yeah that's what i thought

>> No.77915078


>> No.77915091

syadouBiggly1 syadouBiggly2

>> No.77915098

i aint reading all that abcs

>> No.77915124

thats not what riri-tan said

>> No.77915129

syadouBiggly3 syadouBiggly4

>> No.77915165

abcs and hirosaijo are what most husbands should be like

>> No.77915170
File: 1014 KB, 960x1234, 1688267645038352.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.77915211

She only copes about irl shit because she self sabotage. She can be more than what she thinks and deserves more as well. I will give it to her.

>> No.77915222


>> No.77915231

You're right, we should be doing better at attentionwhoring and spamming walls of text of pointless waffling.

>> No.77915236

please no, imagine if every husband wrote walls of text to every little thing she said

>> No.77915254


>> No.77915287

Nah they should be like Fleece.

>> No.77915309

stop posting about yourself

>> No.77915348

How new? Do more reps and get some reading comprehension

>> No.77915355

anti thread

>> No.77915379

go piss yourself over it

>> No.77915383

anti post

>> No.77915464

they should ban for that

>> No.77915506

not everything cringe is banworthy

>> No.77915516

Him repeating "proud" like 8 times pointlessly reminded me of this scene.

>> No.77915606

Apparently it is sadly

>> No.77915646

I don't think it's banworthy but when you read him a lot of times, he does unironically repeat stuff and contains a lot of redundancy in his posts.