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>insults fanbase
>wins /vt/ back simply by talking like an ESL retard and being Japanese

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She cute

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ririka. member of regloss. nice boobies. talks in broken English. called her fans losers or monkeys or something once within a couple months of debut

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>insults fanbase
Fanbases need to be insulted. You guys are all a bunch of assholes. You can't even deny it.

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hololive doesn’t really have the chat bullying streamer streamer bullying chat dynamic/culture that is extremely common on twitch with chuuba’s like filian

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Ririka went hard GFE at the beginning, no sign or mention of male interactions, worked hard and charmed everyone and her SC numbers were huge, then, out of nowhere, joined a bunch of male eceleb faggots for some event and insulted her fans for getting annoyed by it.

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>Management convinces her it's ok to do male collabs.
>Does an English only stream
>Falls in love
>Stops male collabing
>Does more English only streams

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Pekora exists, retarded zoomer. Buy an ad for your irrelevant whore and hang yourself.

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Ririka is more liked by Global anons.
Only numberniggers like Pekora

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this bitch feels like Choco but zoomer

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>bitch, japan

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>insulted her fans for getting annoyed by it.
She sounds based, she is neither your girlfriend nor friend

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>Hard GFE
It's okay to admit you never watched regloss, anon

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>Ririka is more liked by Global anons.
That's why the JPs and ENs around /here/ were thinking of trading Fuwamoco to JP and Ririka to EN.

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>wins /vt/ back simply by talking like an ESL retard and being Japanese
You mean one or two retards spamming global on cooldown when she streams? What a win.

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The only Regloss member I am ever gonna watch is Kanade.
She looks upto cheebs and IRyS and tries to act weak around her so that IRyS protects her

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it's ok, it was just little mistake, she fixed it
unlike a certain blue woman that I almost went back to

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So true, sisters! Thankfully, we have Milord Groombullet to affirm our genders!

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Great sex model but arguably the most boring ReGLOSS member.

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But she went back to pandering the GFE afterwards tho. Is it still based?

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i will never forgive ririka

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Hajime and Kanade are the only Regloss members who are worth checking out. Rest of them are hot garbage

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Surely this means you're going to watch and support her right?

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>Rest of them are hot garbage
Why does Raden have the most subs and she is basically JP shiori

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I am a member, yes.

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Prove it and I'll concede

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I don't hate Raden. I just don't watch her because of her voice.
If she is anything like Shiori, I think she deserves the praise.
Still sticking to my initial reaction that rest of the Regloss members are got garbage as voice for a Vtuber is really fucking important

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The only untainted by Nijikeks and Homos are my retarded daughter wives

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Hajime deserved to be in JP 7th gen. Fuck cover for this dumbass regloss bullshit

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so true sis! so you will pay to watch her yea? it's not virtue signal this time?

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Ao's voice is fine, she's just too loud sometimes.

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what she said is only an insult if you actually identify as a unicorn.

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I am a unicorn and was offended. She owes me ESL paizuri if she desires forgiveness.

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Hajime is so fucking precious

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“I’ll just do ASMR and they’ll forgive me”

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I like Lyrica.

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They're some of her most popular streams

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>sisters bait thread

Ririka is a honorary HoloEN. She's playing a gyaru character so "annoying virgins" is on-brand with her. But ger REAL charm is her English. Yes she's still wesk, but she's willing to learn and engage. She's basically the true successor to Kiryu Coco.

>b-b-but she's not Coco@

Quiet, virgin.

Kiryu Coco was not into gfe. She was a JP with passable english who improved over time. If Ririka works at it she'll be super fluent, and she's ahead of Chloe, Haachama and Subaru, who are the most fluent. Maybe Lui might be closer, but Lui does not practice as much as her.

Ririka will make it.

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はじぃめぁ!has been growing on me.

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you had me at "being japanese"

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Even if you're just an EOP clip watcher that's patently false.

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and by that, I mean that Ririka's almost done as many English streams as Coco did and Ririka's are longer.

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>Kiryu Coco was not into gfe. She was a JP with passable english who improved over time
I can't tell if you're making a joke about her speaking English poorly because she's American or if you're just retarded.

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Every JP member has passable English, and Haachama's English is better than Lui's.

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The fact you even have to ask shows how retarded you are

Nah mate.
Raden, Ayame and Mio can't speak English. Hajime, Miko and Sakura have the baby kayfabe. They may have been taught romanji in school but thats not the same as actual passable eigo.

The real test is when they do an EN only stream. Korone has done it, but her vocabulary is too limited. In contrast Ririka is working on her vocab.

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only cucks like her

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I think if any JP member did an English only stream, then people would watch it, enjoy it, and understand most of what they were trying to say.

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she is sex

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>>insults fanbase

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all the highest viewed ones before she went on that drunk rant...dumb bitch

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>unitranny projects once again

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multiple JP Holos have this.

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she pulled a laplus and got away with it. though i guess laplus got away with it too. japs are into ntr anyways so it should be no surprise though.
also if you thought some shit like that wouldnt happen after their weird twitterflirting with the homos pre-debut you must be incredibly naiive. her freaking out about you virgin cucks is their true colors. its what every chuuba truly thinks of you. everything else is a facade. you are hated and ignored. you are an ATM. the only exception to this rule is my oshi who is not like the other girls.

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only if you identify as a cuck.

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imagine being mad a stripper for giving other men lapdances

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But have they? Has Ayame done one? Has Raden done one? Look at those who have. Think, anon, THINK!

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neither of them got away with it. they took big hits and now ririka's most popular streams are the eigo ones because the japs moved on. I didn't even think of her that way and was still put off

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same situation with mori in japan, eops only see ririka as a cute esl retard, jsls only see mori as mori kakkoi

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She pulled a La+. It's annoying seeing more of these e-thot types joining Hololive.

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Of course most of the JP members haven't done English only streams. They think they have to learn English first, I don't know what would have given them that idea.
I used to be worried that if the JP members English got better, then it wouldn't be as cute, but then Ririka and Achan showed that it get's even cuter.

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People don't seem to comprehend that westerners are very forgiving even though that's what half the bible's about.

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She's doing another English stream? She is desperate.
The nip bros must be pretty upset considering she gets like twice the viewership pandering to eops and she's been getting a shit ton of subs too.


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the guys in my band wonder why our official page is subscribed to these random japanese cartoon girls
>were you drunk and using the wrong account?
no, i'm already subscribed on my account
>then what the fu--
Well they need to get to 500k subscribers to get their 3D live and...

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at least they're killing their holo career almost as soon as they join

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She really is the true successor of Coco, she just brought out a meme she saw on reddit.

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the pedo?

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she just told her fans not to be weird because she was collabing with men, and did straight up said she was doing it because she thought it would help her get more popular (it didn't), said something among the likes of "if a girl that's really popular with guys still chooses you wouldn't that be better" which I think was supposed to comfort her fans but it sure didn't, also later added "I'll just win them back by doing ASMR" which was pretty rude.
either way, she joined for a season of a VCR server and the homo new year Collab, completely stopped afterwards and hasn't talked to them since, so pretty sure she heavily regrets doing so

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I thought Goldbullet hated lolis?

>> No.77942433

That sounds very plausible.

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Most pedos do.

>> No.77942632

I think that's one of the other Armis homos

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>NTRing japs for superior western cock
Honestly I cant even hate her after that, I love it.
Also she is a sexy gyaru speaking in english. If HoloEN had decent gyarus I wouldnt need Ririka.

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if hajime is retarded then why does she look cool in your pic?????

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be quiet, virgin

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This is why you only hire known-lesbian or hag, the zoomers will mess up eventually because they are naturally attracted to males and they couldn't help themself.

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zoomers can be fine, the ones like laplus and ririka who can fake it long enough to get in are the problem

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>15k new subs in 2 hours
Eops are so easy.

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Of course they are. Most Hololive fans aren't Japanese.

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She won me back by not doing any more cancerous shit with vcr for months now
She messed up once and learned her lesson, it's important to be able to forgive

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And that's a bad thing why?

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She's just pulling a Towa, EOPs will get discarded in an year or so after she stabilizes and people that were pissed by the VCR thing move on.

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Towa was different though. I think she was being harassed for homocollabing or something and then Reddit came in to the rescue.

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I don't understand why some you guys are so upset now

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Towa slipped, was in VC with her male friends, tried to lie and say that it was management and got bonked for it.
She was basically in a self imposed suspension, then when she came back the only people that did watch her were EOPs. The only thing that saved her were her collabs with Nose and Sio where she got some nips viewers and then she worked her way from there. She did try to pander to EOPs (but she doesn't know english) and in reality once she gained enough japanese viewership back (also because of more frequent singing streams, Holo's explosion and a lot of 3Ds) she stopped trying to pander.

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Where do you think the "male on stream" originated from

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He was in her room my dude. He was farther away from the mic she forgot to mute and was quieter.

>> No.77958282

It was multiple male voices in a voice chat dude.

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There's no correlation between being annoyed by it and "thinking she's your girlfriend"

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I would love to see the IP counter of this thread. lol

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>cooking (You) shitty meals
>affectionate and intimate ASMR
>giving (You) erections
Yes, Ririka is GFE

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what a bitch

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No, she didn't win me back.

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She is the one who reached out to unicorns.

>> No.77965248

So she was in a gang bang ?

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Many of them did back in 2020/2021. They dropped it fast since it didn't really pay off at all.

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Surely nothing to do with EN branch

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Need source on this, i want to cum while listening to ririka called me monkey and losers

>> No.77965766

you sound like a tranny or a feminist.

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LOL get a fucking girlfriend loser and stop taking things out of proportion

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Gura? Kobo? Pekora? Miko?? Hakos? Kronii?? Subaru? Marine? Laplus??? Iroha??

It’s all the same shit lmao chat bully streamer is funny

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Holosimps will forgive anything they do or say.

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Kinda based

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Plus she's cute

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Its not just that. Its the fact they just weren't good at it. Or, they gave up too easily. But that'swhy Ririka is so interesting. Her eigo is passable, but she knows she can improve, which is why she's putting in the effort.

>s-s-she's just doing it because Regloss doesn't get subs

Raden is not doing it. Ao is not doing it, Hajime is not doing it. Honestly, Kanade should do it more since her english is okay but is still comparatively weak. Ririka, to me, is the real star of Regloss, and she'll go far if she makes full advantage of her passion and interest for eigo.

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This is what we have came to? Ironic gfe enjoyers?

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You forgot the other part where fans also got annoyed when she said all she needs to do is some gfe video and all her fans come back in droves forgiving her.

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>Sheds GFE obsessed unicorn losers
>Is still doing really well
Ya love to see it. Shows you don't need those degenerates to be successful.

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But my ex did none of those things.

>> No.77972654

How about people who DON'T watch gfe? I don't give a shit about gfe, I want to enjoy CGDCT. Ririka is cute, and she's doing cute things. Thats enough for me.

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Most holofags pretend that some events, or things their oshi said, didn't happen.

Like Aqua, Shion, Subaru and Ayame leeching from Nijisanji males for some clout, or Ame calling her fans disgusting virigins, Mumei collabing with males or Lui calling holofans ATMs.

The average holofag pretend that holos can't do any bad and that they are pure virgins.

>> No.77972859

>Like Aqua, Shion, Subaru and Ayame leeching from Nijisanji males for some clout
Nobody ever denied it. You forgot to mention Miko btw.

>Mumei collabing with males
Extremely dishonest way of putting it. She appeared in a collab with a male once which was a surprise to her and she didn't interact with him at all.

>> No.77973245

>Extremely dishonest way of putting it. She appeared in a collab with a male once which was a surprise to her and she didn't interact with him at all.

That was I meant when I said that holofags pretend that it didn't happen or just cope about it. Sad individuals that create fake scenarios in their minds to somewhat protect their fake relationship with their oshis.

I still remember Mumei fags being on damage control when she liked and reply a NijiEN male, but with her PL account.

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go back

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cope virgin

>> No.77973898

Your standards are really low even when it comes to fictional women, anon.

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because YWNBAW

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>Ririka, to me, is the real star of Regloss
You do know she ranks bottom in terms of music views?

>> No.77975657

>leeching males
lmao they got nothing to leech off from those males, because collabing with males is basically a poison for a female vtuber. Besides, all of those hologirls are already more popular than the the male nijiorgans

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Japanese people think that being good at English makes you a genius and being bad at English means your dumb. This is why the JP members don't speak English, because they've convinced themselves that people will think there dumb if they can't speak English the same as a native speaker.
Ririka and Nene don't hesitate to speak English, because they're to clueless to be smart enough to be dumb enough to think that way.

>> No.77976940

Retard. Hololive was inclining hard by relying on Nijisanji collabs in 2018 and 2019, including male collabs. However they stopped doing that when they were no longer 3views and low 4views. Now they are much bigger than Nijisanji organs could ever hope to be.

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I did say "to me". And she'll rank up. I trust the process.

>> No.77977374

>everything must be a standard

This is your mind on Nijisanji, sister.

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every time i step into a catalog thread i am reminded that the people in them are a pack of disgusting subhuman scum

>> No.77978178

>into a catalog thread
I think you meant
>into any thread
And don't think that it stops there. Remember, most threads are reporting on things that happen elsewhere. It's more accurate to say
>the people who watch vtubers are disgusting subhuman scum
Or even more accurately
>people are disgusting subhuman scum

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chest sex with ririka