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*drops mic*

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I can't believe Kobo did this to Yagoo. Doesn't she know he cried?

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Kobo is hardly a Holo talent at this point. Spends more time collabing with ID ecelebs

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is this reddit

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He has never watched a single stream in his entire fucking life has he lmao

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i will never forget funuki

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If I see someone smashing their head against a brick wall, I don't get angry at them for being disrespectful to previous victims of bricks. I feel sorry for them for being so stupid.

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Personally I just don't like Kobo so uh yeah what was she thinking grrrrr...

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everything was coco's fault
innocent people got fired because of her stupidity and for what? she lost everything and became irrelevant

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holy fuck this is epic....

we won't forget and we won't forgive...

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Poor Funuki..

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Do holofags think bilibili is one evil group that harassed the girls and not an entire company/platform with millions of different users

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Containment breakers the thread.

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Investors really want that China cash.

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Please keep your reddit faggotry in the reddit thread >>77897966

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Reminder that Vox's entire career got nuked over a "yo momma" joke.

Anyone who thinks the "chink problem" is just limited to Taiwan mentions is delusional. They sperg out over EVERYTHING. ALL of them have genetic sociopathy and are ontologically evil, not just some loud minority.

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How dare they do that to Funuki

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Reddit being more based than /vt/. It's a sad state of affairs...

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Who the fuck is Funuki?

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China won. Cocucks lost.

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Of course they're an Aloefag.

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Fubuki was second only to Coco in the level of harassment that chinks threw out.

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not our problem anymore you fuckers are on your own now

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>ESL rant
>*drops mic* [tl note: it's mic drop]
Sir, you dropped something. Please pick it up and put it in the trash.

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>No mention of gore spamming on Pekora's tags for weeks which happened months before the Coco yab
That faggot tourist has only started watching in late 2020, most certainly in mid 2021 with clips.