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Hololive ES confirmed por la creatura azul!!!

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I'd watch her in any language

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Is gura a boy?

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Dios mío, la creatura

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Google translations in a nutshell.

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What would be HoloES even be like? 5 loud menheras streaming in broken english?

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5 trashy ghetto Chicanas yelling in Spanglish

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All these years of people shitposting about the mythical "Gura-killer" we might end up getting an Ironlung-killer before then.

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It would be loud as fuck.

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5 homocollabers bitches, just check IdolES, is awful

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not anytime soon

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she will be plapped by HolostarsES

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Latinas? Hot and most would like seeing them. Latinos? Literally nobody would want to ever see a male spic as a vtuber.

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Yesn't HoloEN started getting the best available ENs and boost them further.
Most ES big-number makers are already on other corpos, which allows them to keep their IPs, or happily indie and unlikely to drop their current IP to get into a JP-style corpo system. Holo got late into that party. They can't senzawa their way into a big hit this time.

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HoloEN dodged a bullet by not hiring Nyanners

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Better if don’t, best ES vtubers aren’t the ones being shilled here neither the bigger numbers, Hololive is powerful enough to make them low 4view (let’s be realistic) overnight

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Enjoy losing money.