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Lying bitch.

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Who cares? She's gone. Good riddance.

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How she lied? Hololive killed all of her passion projects and wanted her to be an artist when she made it clear that she did not wanted to do art streams because she can't focus and art is her her Job not a hobby. She wanted hololive to be a place where she can unwind and be more than just a fucking artist but hololive failed to give her that. Can't blame her.

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She can stand on the same stage with me and lick my balls, nobody care.

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>source: i made it the fuck up

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I don't see the issue. She was able to get a once in a lifetime opportunity to draw cute anime girls for a living.
Had I the same aspirations and given that opportunity I would have done the same. People can have multiple goals in life at different scales of want. If a higher scale opportunity is attainable then letting go of the lesser ones is the correct choice. I.e. OP is either retarded or a troll, a faggot either way.

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I didn't watch her much but didn't she only do like one or two art streams in her entire time there? What the fuck are you talking about?

It seems like she wanted to nerd out over chink gacha and draw, which the former was not allowed and the latter NOT encouraged

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for once it isn't niji

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>seething about a Holo who graduated with full honor
>who, to this day, still hasn't reincarnated as a new chuuba
Nijisis can't stop living in 2022 huh?

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Cover wouldn't renew her contract so there was nothing Sana could do about that. Summer has been a cursed season for the EN branch and none of their graduations were optional.

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>Some dumb ugly bitch who threw away a once in a lifetime opportunity that she didn't even deserve
>Still has simps years after she ceases to exist

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not really because now that hololive is pro china again she can join them onstage now as her irl account

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Least obvious Q4 deflection thread.

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Thanks for making me feel vindicated on finding Kson a disgusting individual