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Sayu joined a corpo and all your guesses were wrong, it's not VShojo, Phase, or Idol, it's a literally who Chinese corpo
Looks like today is the day China won

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They didn't even spell Raven right

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Why not if she is happy

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well looks like shes an instant anchor and star of the group lol

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Good, Phase Connect was spared from both her and Rita the pronoun tranny

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Matara laughing her ass off right now.

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Han bros we cannot stop winning

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Wtf i love bing chilling now

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the fuck is this shit lol

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You absolutely cannot make it up.

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>Chinese corpo
So how long will this one last?

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The hell, I have never heard of this corpo before.
They even had an EN branch

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>makes up with Mint and Matara
>right after joins some chink scam that will inevitably just bring more drama
What a fucking waste

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Bri's mom...

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Christ that's sad, she's just too gullible and retarded
>omg I like gacha, therefore chink bugman corpos must be good
Literally her thought process

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well that was unexpected

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well thats one good news today at least holyshit

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I’m just here to laugh at phasekeks

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Chinabros, why can't we stop winning?

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not gonna lie this screams scam agency to me

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We never wanted her

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ok I kinda feel bad for sayu now this seems really sus

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>Never heard of the other girl
What a weird line up

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The general consensus was that we didn't want her in Phase at all. I'm glad Fishman felt the same way and told her to fuck off.

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I actively anti'd her in pcg and did not want her anon, good riddance.

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>joined a literal chinese scam agency called kuro
I'm starting to get why people don't really have much sympathy for sayu...

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i thought she was making lots of money as an indie? why would she join this who company?

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why not just stay indie?

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>hoyoverse partner
i knew it, this girl...

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this is all part of her plan. she's gonna get burned by another company so she can keep playing the victim

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For her it doesnt seem to be about the money, its the company.

It all adds up.

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Why would she do this though? What's the benefit?

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Is this a roundabout way to play off more sympathy and drama when she inevitably exits from another black corpo?

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Why the hell would Bri and Rita join something like this? Bri in particular got burned really bad by her last corpo experience, and I thought she was doing good as an indie?

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>A literally who corpo
>A CHINESE corpo
Jesus Christ what is she thinking, she's gonna give a percentage of her earnings for nothing. I guess she's still mind broken about getting into a group

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Is she the Mikeneko of EN vtubers?

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God damn, the changs are really ching chonging it up today. Congrats to them.

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Why yikes? All three look fuckable to me.

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My rrat is that she chose this corpo because its the only one who would agree to her terms. Think about it, Sayu being burned by a corpo, could have negotiated herself(along with her lawyer) a contract that provides her with all the freedoms and security she needs. Any other of the bigger companies mentioned would have not given special conditions.

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this does seem really similar to mike's voice-ore thing

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>Joined a company called NO TALENT
you can't make this shit up

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Damn so this wasn't the win sayuknights thought it was

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Doubt these girls were stupid enough to do something too stupid like sign over ownership of the models or IP. So I doubt it's much of a scam. maybe this company offers some benefits for some sort of revenue share. Bri and sayu alone have enough sad girl tears based off their former employers that they should be pretty suspicious of joining any company.

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I don't know, they have Kirby on their talent roster

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Do we know if they take away your IP and treat you as a worker, or if they treat you hands off like a client in exchange for a cut of profit?
There needs to be a greater distinction between these corpo types.

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She's in NOA discord so it's legit. You can verify for yourself. https://discord.com/invite/uWmarA9g8n

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Oh it's so fucking over for sayukeks

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>Project Kuro

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>doubt these girls were stupid

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>not ph*se
we already won
screencap pls

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I never heard of this corp before lol this has to be a scam no way this is legit

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Can't wait for Sayu's retarded meltdowns when this company burns her worse than Niji.

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>joins a chink corpo
yea sayu grats you just further killed your career

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sayu what the fuck

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>look them up
>90 subtuber
buy an ad

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She did a lot of research prior to this. She probably chose this company cuz they agreed to her conditions. Plus she could have a blank slate with the other members and grow with them.

I think we should work on curbing our sinophobia.

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>11 Total Talent

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>woman repeating the same mistake twice
Sounds about right

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she's probably the biggest mihoyofag on the planet

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If it works like Mythic she can leave whenever

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how long until she gets fired? imagine all of the crazy you see on streams in a coworker.

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Idk how to feel rn

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I don't even feel bad for this woman anymore she joined a WHO chink corp. And her fans are all celebrating this. This is not a win at all.

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It's probably one of that scam companies who will make her bleed money and will demand her to pay them in order to leave.

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following the companies LinkedIn, she was involved with AuroraLiveVR...
at least two members from there have joined NOA
almost all of them are Bilibili with a few of the EN ones on Twitch

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>Doubt these girls were stupid enough
From the same gender that brought you "let's apply to WACTOR after the CEO doxxed his own talents" and "let's apply to Nijisanji after the final yab happened"

99% of these subhumans deserve all the suffering their black corps cause them.

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I'm sad. I'll take every opportunity I can get to mock /pcg/, but I wanted her in.

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>we should work on curbing our sinophobia
i will try, thank you mr. Bao Qing Tian

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Literally who corpo

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Khyo,Nousagi and False are already drooling because they know she can't keep her mouth shut about stuff that she shouldn't talk about. Every fucking time that rabbit starts talking about her and how she deserves more i type in his chat that the best way she can get more viewers is to stop giving drama to him and he continues to ignore the message.

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>Rita kamishiro
Umm Prismbros? Wya?

>> No.77900598

>I think we should work on curbing our sinophobia.
I think everyone should work on amping it up. Chinese companies will say literally anything to get your money, and they always, always lie. Always.

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>hate the doxxrabbit
>hatewatch him anyway
>type in his chat
>come to /vt/ to brag about it

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holy shit

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I'm failing to cope and I'm praying that this isn't real. No good can come from this.

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did sayu join a pyramid scheme

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It's all irrelevant tho, chinks don't give a shit about contracts. They believe it's their right and DUTY to scam other people, especially foreigners.

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Sayu is 100% going to get burned again

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How do you spell scam in Chinese?

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I didn't say that i hate him though. I don't think that there is anybody in this industry that i actually hate. I do disagree with some stuff but thats my opinion about it, in the end it doesn't really matter

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Okay, I hate to say this, but...
>NOA Talent
...the joke writes itself.

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Pick one

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To be fair, those are all run by bugmen. This agency seems to be entirely run by bugwomen. So it's a question of whether the penalties stack additively or multiplicatively. If it's the latter, they cancel out and become positive.

>> No.77900900

no talent agency :)

>> No.77900906

I guess they’re bonded together over being in shitty companies, I’m not that familiar with Ria, but Rita was in Prism(collapsed) and Bri was in VReverie(1st and 2nd gen all left). While their background is similar Sayu seems a lot larger than anyone else in this corpo, they must’ve given her a good deal since it doesn’t make much sense otherwise.

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I love sayu, but this is hilarious.

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How progressive, they made a 16 year old kid CEO

>> No.77900957

NijiEN is run by bugwomen, so uhhhh

>> No.77900978

>And her fans are all celebrating this.
Are you retarded? Nobody is celebrating it.

>> No.77901012

can anyone give qrd to the other 3?

>> No.77901058

Goddamn it sayu, this isnt worth it

>> No.77901078

NijiEN is run by Harry you fuckhead. Just because he outsources all his work to sluts because he's a lazy useless piece of shit doesn't mean he isn't in charge.

>> No.77901132

I don’t think any of her fans outside of here even know about this.

>> No.77901156

I mean if the company burns, she probably has taken steps to come out unscathed. Plus it's not like they are asking her to invest money in it. Or taking her IP away. Just like kurosanji, chinks also don't have any power to enforce shitty contracts in America.

>> No.77901180

Can confirm, they are still talking about Phase and Vshoujo.

>> No.77901186

A figurehead is by definition not in charge.

>> No.77901205

>EN Branch of Metishon MCN
These still exist?

>> No.77901208

Can you bring it up to them? I assume you're in some discord server?

>> No.77901227

>He Xiao Tong
Sayu... even I can tell this guy is a scam artist.

>> No.77901236

>implying chinks give a fuck about any kind of legal bindings
You're funny

>> No.77901247

Figureheads don't choose who has power and who doesn't.

>> No.77901274

>what is vshojo

>> No.77901282

So when does Bri's mom join this corpo?

>> No.77901284

I like using chinkhelds for emulating games, but this just screams "red flag". Nobody knew about this corp before and Sayu still wanted to take the risk? It just seems like disaster waiting to happen.

>> No.77901286

I have no idea who Ria is but Bri and Rita? What the fuck? What's going on?

>> No.77901312

You can just add anyone to your link list if I remember correct. This sounds like a scam.

>> No.77901320

Doesn't matter. It's about Sayu having secured her ass against black corpo shit now, so even if they'd try to pull a V&U and charge her half a million for graduating, she now has the knowhow and especially confidence to know what to do.

>> No.77901323

her discord is public, feel free to join us and try mentioning /here/stuff

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That's weird.
Well, as long as she's happy, I guess. She wasn't kidding about us being weirded out.
What kind of retards actually put her up so early, though? They ruined the whole potential reveal

>> No.77901340

What the

>> No.77901359

rita is cool, on the fence about bri/whatever her pl was at vreverie. hope they’re all able to keep each others’ brainworms under control.

>> No.77901389

Rita was a girl from PRISM before the company dissolved. I know nothing about her besides the fact that she has a nice singing voice and the fact that she seems to like Xenoblade.

>> No.77901395

A talent agency

>> No.77901443

Sayubros we're getting some Bilibili streams after debut. I hope you're excited

>> No.77901447

I don't watch her but I was put off from watching her when she brought up transgender women on a collab she did.

>> No.77901471

Good luck to her. Everyone hates the Chinese but there gachas hit big. It's all up to luck if this Corp has their shit together. I see where Bilibili hss relocated their Niji stock into.

>> No.77901485

No, I feel bad for them.

>> No.77901499

In a good way or a bad way?

>> No.77901588

CanisNix, you aren't subtle, buddy.

>> No.77901601

>Project: Kuro
are you fucking kidding me

>> No.77901640

this idiot love genshin impact and star rail so much...

why the hell you join sub human corpo...
we all know what happening if you join sub human corpo...

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You better take care of them you dorkus corpo

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She's gonna get scammed out of a bunch of money isn't she?

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Sayu was kicked from Phase Invaders because she failed to sexually please Runie Ruse at Offkai. They were both confirmed to be at Offkai, Runie is a confirmed dyke, and Sayu has stated that if vtubing doesn't work out she'd become a whore so she is willing to sell her body. Unfortunately for Sayu her tongue skills are not up to par and Runie was so unsatisfied that she's been blacklisted from Phase.

>> No.77901665

Told you Phase Connect wasn't gonna touch Sayu with a 10 foot pole. When your enitre persona is being a drama victim and your entire corpo experience is crashing out of one in 2 months, no bueno.

>> No.77901691

all of them are black corpo refugees

>> No.77901723

Can't believe /hlgg/ and subsequently /vt/ spent the last four years screaming bloody murder about chinks, only to completely embrace them over the course of a few months.

>> No.77901732

Well, I'm happy that she may have found a home, but if our fears are confirmed in the future...
Well, all I can say is that the other retirees tried their best.

>> No.77901738

PRISM was not a black corpo tho.
Sony just didn't support them. That doesn't make it black. Nobody got done dirty and nothing unethical happened.

>> No.77901754

She has secured her ass against this. At least she said so. And I doubt they will ask her for money. Any shitty contracts won't be enforceable in the land of free.

>> No.77901767

And people with responsibilities typically don't just sit by and let their subordinates run shit into the ground, or else they get the rope from higher ups.

I'm almost willing to bet Riku gave orders to delegate power to the talents because it's cheaper and worked fine for quite a while.

>> No.77901769

It was awhile ago so I don't remember the specific context but she mentioned female presenting people in a positive light.

>> No.77901805

That's good in my eyes then.

>> No.77901823

holo and sayu going full zhang the same day

>> No.77901829

Autism isn't known for being subtle.

>> No.77901832

>Sayu and Bri got scammed by a Chinese bilibili corp
Kinda disappointing, I hope the contract isn't as black as the name of their gen and they don't end up getting Yuri'd.

>> No.77901833


>> No.77901839

Imagine joining a corpo and then you hear they're adding Sayu.

>> No.77901860

soÿny is a black corpo, so it counts

>> No.77901905

Is Phase now the only non-chink'd corpo remaining?

>> No.77901913

>Runie is a confirmed dyke
Holy fuck I love Runie now

>> No.77901929

>Nobody got done dirty
They got done dirty by Sony man.

>> No.77901933

She must really be desperate to get a voice role in Genshin. She'll take any chance to get closer to the company. lol

>> No.77901940

Pic related?

>> No.77901947

phase's head fish is a chinaman

>> No.77901976

Isn't Sakana Chinese-Canadian?

>> No.77902012

So is Doki and she was bullied by Niji CN.
I am willing to extend benefit of doubt.

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It's over

>> No.77902074

He always was. Only question is he's from Taiwan/Hong Kong or if he was a mainlander that left because he fucking HATED it there.

>> No.77902083

>They believe it's their right and DUTY to lie/cheat and generally fuck over other people to gain an advantage
I never believed this but it keeps coming up all the time
>"We want fairness. There is no fairness if you do not let us cheat."
is a quote from Chinese students rioting over heavy crack downs on cheating during college entrance exams
>Usage of 能骗就骗 (if you can cheat, then cheat)
a vlogger made this phrase so well known that the CCP had to crack down and put out statements like "There's no encouragement of swindling" "It is a negative remark on someone's behavior"

>> No.77902109

She really is too much of a gachafag, huh...

>> No.77902111

>Canadian corpo
>Not full of bugmen
Lmao even

>> No.77902112

No amount of securing her ass will shield her from the chinks

>> No.77902119

yeah, they also got the IP w/ their fanbase

>> No.77902118

Then it's over. And don't be a spineless retard like 77902012 giving any chink an inch.

>> No.77902143

Only holofags are embracing them because they have to come up with every excuse to protect cover from the same insults they gave niji over their partnership with China. They're trying hard bury it under the rug as fast as possible because people in sea are just waking up. And once they find out what cover is up to this catalog is going to be yet another unusable shithole for days.

>> No.77902145

VShojo is an enemy of the state via Kson

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Yeah. There are countless examples.

>> No.77902191

>joined a literal Black Gen

>> No.77902216

I might watch phase now. I hate chinks and my hatred for chinks will override the passion I have for hololive. I will never forget how they treated coco and haachama.

>> No.77902217

A literal who company picking up medium to large indies and having virtually no info about them online is a bit worrying.

>> No.77902255

not with that chink gacha collab

>> No.77902262

Sure he is a mainlander but he hired Uruka who is from Taiwan and Rie is from Hong Kong. In other words, he has no time for the CCP.

>> No.77902265

>we all were worried about sisters' chimpout on the day of Q4 report
>Cover's Kobo and Sayu's NOA TALENT sucker punched /vt/ with a chinkout

>> No.77902275

Not a corpo I guess, but vshojo is the only vtuber agency left with no deep ties to chinks.

>> No.77902289

Why am I not surprised to see her there at all.

>> No.77902312

can't tell if that's a femboy or snazzy pettan lady

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>> No.77902322

Sayu is notoriously retarded, so I can see her fucking up.

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>> No.77902363

Turns out /vt/ were the chinks all along

>> No.77902390

>down syndrome riku

>> No.77902433

Vshojo is a corpo. Just one that's into severe nepotism.

>> No.77902457

They must have made some big promises to the girls.

>> No.77902486

so wait did she join the company that is acting as the liasion to get hololive back in zhangland?

>> No.77902498

Vshojo. rrats say It's backed by the CIA.

>> No.77902515

Sayu said we'd think it was a scam so I assume she knows something we don't. She wouldn't just jump blindly into another corpo after everything niji did to her.

>> No.77902518

how are sayufags coping that phase connect didn't want her?

>> No.77902524

I have heard that the parent company is responsible for Hololive in China. This means they are not a scam. Plus bilibili just sold their niji stocks. Bros..I think the chinks are the good guys.

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File: 153 KB, 270x270, 1609045835414.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These guys are worse at naming talents than niji

>> No.77902561

They still don't know yet. Give it until later tonight.

>> No.77902562

technically indirect.

>> No.77902566

you guys don’t even watch sayu, her generals unironically die at like 4 posts sometimes, why do we need to all chimp out about her getting zhanged

>> No.77902582

>Rita, the saviorfag who always gave fundraiser for mental illness programs and mental illness awareness
>Share a gen with 2 turbo menhera Bri and Sayu
>Maybe the other one is menhera as well
Ah, this will be kino

>> No.77902585

im just here to laugh at phasekeks and sayufags

>> No.77902604

>She wouldn't just jump blindly into another corpo after everything niji did to her.
She is a woman.

>> No.77902614

She already said that Phase turned her down, not sure why people went with that rrat. It was clear it would be something like this from the beginning because she had to pre-assure her audience it wasn't a scam.

>> No.77902615

Most of them are still asleep, Sayu often streams until 5h ago.

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>rrats say It's backed by the CIA.
KEK that's funny

>> No.77902647


>> No.77902690

Isn't Bri the one who had the story about plapping someone in the parking lot after buying sex toys and then having to walk up the stairs with jizz dripping out of her cunt?

>> No.77902720

>rejected by vshojo
>rejected by phase
>rejected by idol

are you really surprised no reputable corpo would take her?

>> No.77902741
File: 852 KB, 1080x1300, noanews.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Info from /news/ about the company. >>77902360

>> No.77902753

Why do you have to be so nasty with your words....

>> No.77902758

Gundam writers wish they could write a name that bad

>> No.77902760

Oh god... please let this be fake. Else I won't interact with her again. I don't want anything to do with China more than I have too.

>> No.77902771

Matara approached her and took her to dinner, Sayu said they made up and are friends again.
What wasn't reported is at the dinner Matara told Sayu that she wasn't getting into Vshojo but it wasn't her call. As an alternative she set her up with a Chinese scam corpo. Say was so grateful and Matara walked away dusting off her hands.

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File: 385 KB, 1342x675, fdggdv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.77902807

Hi Bri

>> No.77902810

I think that was Ophelia Midnight, another former VReverie member

>> No.77902812


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File: 163 KB, 800x800, quinn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Quinn is my wife, I claimed her first

>> No.77902859

Why would Cover need to do this?

>> No.77902871

So this chink saw this mentally ill woman cry about how no one loved her and hired her on the spot. It's that easy for women?

>> No.77902898
File: 11 KB, 108x151, 1684034658223964.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is like watching a girl finally get her life back on track after finally getting over her abusive ex and then she turns around and hooks up with the most shady fuck you ever saw. I swear, some girls just can't fucking help themselves.

>> No.77902908

Fishman only wants Tsunderia dropouts. And Jelly because she knew how to produce music.

>> No.77902914

Sayu was never all that close with with Mint or Matara.
they made amends, but they aren't friend friends, you know? They are now back to being acquaintances.

>> No.77902923

wow I guess that explains why Sayu was willing to join.

>> No.77902934

Why are indonesians so confident in their stupidity?

>> No.77902943

Fuckin kek
I knew what this was for before I clicked it

>> No.77902957

Yeah? This is some pick up artist 101 shit.

>> No.77902973

And what if they miss the stream what they going to do about it zhang

>> No.77902976

Every non-chink corpo needs a native chink representative. I assume whoever the fuck they signed before the chinkapocalypse doesn't wants to work with them anymore so they found this.

>> No.77902982

Threesome with Miko and Quinn while He watches from the cuck closet.

>> No.77902993


>> No.77903003

To be fair >>77902810 is right it was Ophelia not Bri but it's still a funny story.

>> No.77903016

>Bilibili abandons Nijisanji
>Kobo debuts in Bilibili with the help of NOA
>Sayu joins NOA
What the fuck is going on

>> No.77903024

I'm actually so fucking weirded out.
But Sayu loves chinese games so... I'm conflicted. I'm not gonna drop her or anything, but I'm preparing for the worst. I can't imagine her getting scammed twice and with all of her research and worries over the past few months, I'm sure she knows what she's doing and got lawyers to make sure she'll be okay, but at the same time I absolutely can see her getting scammed again because she's a complete idiot.
All I can do is support her and hope for the best. She's so far above anyone else on this roster it's absurd. Even that 100k guy's highest livestream is... 77 viewers. What the fuck.

>> No.77903036

Business in China is a little weird. You have to work with a chink company or it's illegal. That's way WoW China is run by NetEase.

>> No.77903057

Look up UmiLewd it was a bunch of tweets. She may have deleted them now though.

>> No.77903065

not true at all.
>has hired 3 Cyberlive
>has hired 4 Tsunderia
>has hired 1 Kawaii
Prism is next. Maybe Pochi from Idol she might be the only redeemable former Idol girl.

>> No.77903070

What's Hoyoverse?

>> No.77903079

Q4 might be more of a bombshell than expected.

>> No.77903093

I will drop her to show her that I don't want anything to do with China.

>> No.77903104

Sayu won if you think about it. Now she can be the clique the elira and the gawr gura of Noa

>> No.77903127

>Phase dodges another bullet
Haha, suckers!

>> No.77903136

I KNEW IT. vshojo fucking glows

>> No.77903140

I mean if hololive is involves with them then they can't be all that bad right? I'm sure people have similar reservations with vshojo or phase connect.

>> No.77903151
File: 48 KB, 1280x720, autobalance.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.77903162

The issue is that instead of building on those connections and slowly working towards her actual goal (joining Vshojo) she decided to go full retard and join some chink scamcorp that is clearly up to no good while reassuring her audience that she "did a lot of research".

>> No.77903163

Think Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail basically

>> No.77903165

Can't see them going after Pochi. And certainly not Yuko...as much as people got mad about Fishman not bagging Rye he dodged a bullet when all the stuff about the /k/ groomers came out.

>> No.77903179

not hard to do when everyone else are literal 2views

>> No.77903186
File: 25 KB, 1383x254, ohPzVSitbV.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Auroralive sounds familiar

>> No.77903192

this is a win for Phase. Sayu is poison and likely would have disrupt the harmony in Phase Connect.

>> No.77903198

They run Genshin Inpact, Honkai Star Rail, and related gacha games.

>> No.77903199

Now bugmen aren't bad lol the state of holobronies.

>> No.77903203

>zhang you pasted the title godamnit

>> No.77903230

Anyone from Prism worth it though? If only Nova would leave V4mirai so our breastie can be poached...

>> No.77903263

That's why she won

>> No.77903266

What the actual FUCK are you talking about kek.

>> No.77903276

this got a good laugh out of me thanks sayu i can't wait for your eventual meltdown and second graduation, you truly never disappoint

>> No.77903301

Auroralive is a legit black company, there are always Google Docs and twitlongers about them.

>> No.77903305

Anon you took the wrong meds.

>> No.77903316

seriouslt tho if there was ever a fed in vtubing it'd be geega.

>> No.77903320

You can literally never trust mainland chinks

>> No.77903330

>Scum that tried to quit after getting donothon money

>> No.77903336

and a lose for me i really wanted to see her out menhera the rabbit

>> No.77903355

>chink down syndrom yagoo
there is hope yet

>> No.77903362

I doubt Metishon has any affiliation with AuroraLiveVR, seeing how 2 of their ex talents is also in this company.

>> No.77903389

Well that's not a great sign.

>> No.77903393

>the rabbit
Pippa isn't even top 3 menhera in Phase jesus christ who are you people

>> No.77903417

imagine picking miko over this hottie

>> No.77903445

That's what every retard that falls for a scam says lol.

>> No.77903450
File: 322 KB, 364x380, tfbZXy5Gq.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You probably didn't watch her to begin with. She's always been big on chinese games and had a lot of chinese sponsors.
This is just... worrisome. I trust her on a lot of things, but her judge of character is usually garbage since she's so naive and gullible. Hopefully she really has spent months researching with lawyers on this, and at bare minimum has a short contract.

>> No.77903471
File: 65 KB, 655x721, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.77903495

So it's the subaccount of her indie persona? IDK anything about bri

>> No.77903504

>Anyone from Prism worth it though
god yes. shiki, meno, bluefrog, pina, non, sara, yura, nia take your pick there are diamonds there that just need support and a platform

>> No.77903530

She's a woman I'm going guarantee you she only did basic research then made her decision based on what she saw.

>> No.77903563

She's already gone up against the chinks dozens of times already
Did you already forget the Nijizhangs?

>> No.77903566

OK that's hot as fuck.

>> No.77903576
File: 186 KB, 463x454, 1716427699013632.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not only chinkoids but also commiefornians

>> No.77903654

I mean Sayu's from Calli so you know way closer than Canada if they need to record group songs or whatever

>> No.77903678

There are a lot of good talent from Prism. Prism died out because it was a shitty company. Kind of like Tsunderia.

>> No.77903686
File: 169 KB, 735x737, 19023892782.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How the fuck is this real?
How are the two biggest happenings of the day somehow connected?

>> No.77903711

If there were diamonds then your thread wouldn't be so dead then.

>> No.77903725

>we never wanted her
>Meanwhile a couple hours ago

>> No.77903743
File: 1.20 MB, 900x784, 1709200269846217.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And it's not even limited to chinese vs. foreigners, but literally applies to their own countrymen and neighbors as well. Chinese people making shortcuts and assorting themselves with cheating as long they're not being seen is just an all too common occurence. There's tons of videos out there of foreigners having lived in China and chinese people alike who share bits, news and stories showing their corrupted morality. Things like issues with their food (fake, poisioned through quality negligence or deliberate deception), infrastructure that is falling apart due to bad building materials and practices, issues with corruption, scamming etc. are much more common than anywhere else, to a shocking degree that lacks comparsion honestly considering the power this country has, all for a little bit more of personal gain. And the worst part is this very behavior is being supported and masked off by their concept of "face", means as long you can keep up the facade, make a good appearance outwards and can show off something in a good light, it's considered legit and fair game. It serves as a basis for many of their practices, rules and policies that seem legit and great at face value, but turn out to be duds with not much substance later on. The screen cap of anon trading with chinese within the steel industry is probably an infamous example by now for this ideology.

>> No.77903762

We don't claim those retards.

>> No.77903771

>Shiina and Airi
they have no pull in the company whatsoever lmao

>> No.77903827

Found the the CEO of Metishon on bilibili https://space.bilibili.com/271887040, to me it looks like they are poaching AuroraLiveVR staff and talents rather than them being another brand under them.

>> No.77903835

Life is actually a simulation and the ones controlling it have become lazy in recent years.

>> No.77903866

We are actually Chinese

>> No.77903883

>as much as people got mad about Fishman not bagging Rye he dodged a bullet when all the stuff about the /k/ groomers came out
Also they got current Panko, I'd say Fishman won in the end.

>> No.77903884

reminder Sayu did a collab with Lia and Punkalopi and thought Lopi was Lia's genmate Pippa.

>> No.77903937
File: 968 KB, 394x304, 1687294101846578.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are Bri and Rita now gone from the page?

>> No.77903960

Please tell me this is a VShojo kinda deal where she keeps her IP

>> No.77903983

yeah what the heck
maybe bri was only intended to be a partner for her rigging work?

>> No.77904049

YOO what the fuck. i assume who ever added all of them fucked up because it wasnt ment to be public yet?

>> No.77904100

>She wanted a stable to work with Because being Indie was to lonely for her.
>She as a Lawyer and a manager looking over her contract and interests, that is why she didn't reach an agreement with Phase or Idol (you can watch her streams if you are so interested in her, I'm not going to link shit)
>She seems to have signed with a company that manages holo affairs in china and is a subsidiary of hoyoverse (her favorite games)
For now I would say this is a big win for her, or at the least a great step forward to her goals.

>> No.77904113
File: 2.07 MB, 720x1280, HSR SW ass.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know but this is fucking hilarious. Can't wait for Hoyo perms.

>> No.77904112


>> No.77904143

Probably realized they fucked up by revealing it way before actual debuts are supposed to happen

>> No.77904152

>already botched announcing who was in it
big vote of confidence

>> No.77904189

Metishon was the parent company for AuroraLiveVR.
Is it still poaching if you snag it from yourself?

>> No.77904208

As expected from a chink company. They are terminally here.

>> No.77904210
File: 293 KB, 1271x438, 1706063572498727.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She has made her move.

>> No.77904216

>>77904100 (me)
>Stable group to work with
I don't know how I missed a fucking word there

>> No.77904260
File: 2.15 MB, 2400x2400, ogey_large.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Bilibili pulls out of Anycolor
>Kobo starts streaming on Bilibili with help from NOA
>Sayu joins NOA
>all in one day

>> No.77904298

This. Too much fear mongering just because "muh chinks".

>> No.77904321

Chink,Holo, Sayu all of this connected together today. What a day lol

>> No.77904322

To be fair, Bilibili pulled the fuck out a while ago, anons just noticed now

>> No.77904340

>We always loved China
>We always loved Bilibili
>Genshin is the best!

>> No.77904342


>> No.77904394

Nintendo of America is just too strong.

>> No.77904407

Because Sony wouldn't invest properly and then they accelerated and debuted males which didn't work well.
Pretty much, plus it helped them get EU viewers too.

>> No.77904419

Hololive somehow got the 2 things that the fans hate in the same day

>> No.77904436
File: 259 KB, 465x409, 178238928721.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>fear mongering
Good point anon, Chinese businessmen would never scam you.

>> No.77904450

It's all gone

>> No.77904472

It's so funny how fast holofags did a 180 on china

>> No.77904476

>they must have seen the vote...

>> No.77904519
File: 1.56 MB, 346x241, 1708728051521541.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.77904532

Eilene deserved it after the way she treated some of her talent. Remember how salty she got over Natsumi Moe after she made it big elsewhere?

>> No.77904545

or they wanted to gauge the reaction.

>> No.77904546

Not subsidiary. Partner of Hoyoverse.
This is a very very important distinction.
Partners, especially in China, are ephemeral and aren't a solid judge of a company's character. Subsidiaries are much more likely to cowtow to the parent company's desires.
This is why the AuroraLiveVR connection is very dangerous, as both NOA Talent and AuroraLiveVR are both subsidiaries of Metishon.

>> No.77904565

I unironically enjoy playing Genshin, I just have absolutely no interest in watching someone else play it.

>> No.77904573

Graduated already

>> No.77904582

Curious where you are basing the idea that this is a stable group from

>> No.77904632
File: 17 KB, 176x176, komm süßer tod[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2F9xelfm.mp3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.77904719

Put me on the video, Colombian bird.

>> No.77904729

>AuroraLiveVR, (or "ALVR" for short) first known by their Chinese name 极光社 (Jiguangshe), is a Chinese VTuber company that ranks in the Top 3 BiliBili Virtual Anchor companies.
>AuroraLiveVR has approximately 200 active VTubers and over 10 million followers across their company Chinese and English social medias. They specialize in VTubers designs with Chinoiserie style clothing. AuroraLiveVR has their own private artist team in Asia and prides themselves on their innovative Live2D model art and rigging. IchigoUsagiVR is their most notable model artist, and 弘幸Hiroyuki and 狐茶shiroi are their most notable riggers. AuroraLiveVR not only produces all assets for their talents, but accepts commissions for models, rigging, overlays, emotes, assets, music production, original songs, video editing, character designs, and showcase videos. AuroraLiveVR has done commissions for over 1000+ VTubers, including the well-known VTubers 凉风Kaze and 兰音Reine.

>AuroraLiveVR has approximately 200 active VTubers

>> No.77904731

Dramasisters has anyone told the drama channels yet?

>> No.77904778 [SPOILER] 
File: 2.98 MB, 1280x720, sayu censored.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A perfect Fansly career, wasted for some chinks.

>> No.77904787
File: 113 KB, 301x301, lia from phase connect.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>they fucked up already

>> No.77904788

But isn't metishon handling hololive's integration into China. They probably did the necessary checks.

>> No.77904834


>> No.77904845

China owns most of the US big companies, US external debt, most of the electronic manufacturing and they are the second biggest economy in the world. They must be doing something well anon. Fuck the CCP, but if they were all scammers, they wouldn't be taking over the fucking world.

>> No.77904873

Imagine dick riding gachaslop this hard.

>> No.77904890

I'm gonna shoot some ropes to this cutie

>> No.77904933
File: 993 KB, 1440x1906, horror_mococo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So Sayu is now honorary HoloCN. Interesting.

>> No.77904961

Hololive has been burned at least once on public record by a Chinese MCN. Even with good checks it would not be overly difficult for them to get burned a second time. Some Chinese MCNs even operate with that as their primary goal. Chinese government won't have your back as a foreigner, and word of mouth encouraging fellow foreigners to work with somebody else can only go so far, even with a company that has the reach of Hololive.
So yeah, the odds are BETTER that Metishon is fine, but they're never anywhere near zero. Anybody who's played Fire Emblem or XCOM knows that gambling on even a 90% is still playing with fire.

>> No.77905024

phasecucks gonna phasecuck.

>> No.77905032

Except for the last and maybe second to last, those are all untrue. Particularly bad is the "China owns the US's debt", they own 2% of the debt which is actually less than Japan owns.

>> No.77905057

was it the company? as far as i know it was just 2 or 3 talents being über cunts behind the scenes.

>> No.77905070

it's airi and shiina. they have very little sway in phase

>> No.77905110

the tiny hats have really swarmed this board

>> No.77905131

This has been a VERY interesting day

>> No.77905139

The lore master smiles upon us.

>> No.77905172

It helps that the entire Western world is massively retarded and suicidal these days.

>> No.77905200

>2 girls of 27 endorse you, one of which is a background talent
the cofee contract was in the mail surely

>> No.77905202

xcom reference

maybe god is real

>> No.77905228

There is a huge difference taking their money instead of making money with them.
I hope atleast she got paid well.

>> No.77905352
File: 228 KB, 519x402, 1700231073401481.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Sayu "I trust literally everyone. Why I shouldn't?" Sincronisity

>> No.77905369

Miko looks like she's the kind of girl who'd break your dick in bed, just a total cock hungry slut

>> No.77905385

not the girls, the "fans" begging endlessly then pretending it never happened.

>> No.77905458

It's a bit foggy because the Chinese tend to cover-up their self-reports, and it's been what, 3 years now since HoloCN got canned? However, the most plausible story that matches up with what we DO have confirmed from that time is that HoloCN's Chinese management (which would've been a Chinese MCN) told the talents that Cover promised them the models, which the talent then told the public. Cover would've said "nah that's not real; why'd you tell them that", and the MCN would've said "hand it over or we'll run you out of China". To which Yagoo famously just cut them off entirely and axed the whole branch on the spot, clear cut. No concessions, no mercy. Just gone.

>> No.77905464


Corpo has removed the entire gen from their YT page.

>> No.77905472

Sayu was never gonna be in Phase Connect unless she gave her IP. She is not big enough to where they would make an exception and let her use it and keep it.
It would not make any sense whatsoever for her to restart with a new IP, either.
She was never a fit unless she made major concessions.

>> No.77905512

Quinn looks like a buttslut

>> No.77905525

kek the retards not only signaled that they fucked up but also that they're /here/

>> No.77905544


>> No.77905570

To be fair to phase, she is friends with a lot of the talent, and she is friends with fishman. But she as a very clear idea of what the contract as to look like, she said on stream that she is not willing to part with any of her IP, pasts, present or future models, she didn't speak about specific numbers of the cut of her revenue, but did said that she wasn't going to accept too big of a cut.
So yeah, Idol was no go from the beginning, didn't reach a deal with phase, so this company must have gave her what she wanted.

>> No.77905574

off to a good start, can only go uphill from here.
also possibilty that it was a inside job. 2 hours ago noone ever heard of noa.

>> No.77905588

Phase could do what Idol did: you can use your IP and keep it, but you must sign a longer term contract (probably 3-years). If you want out of your contract early, then either pay a buyout -or- you cannot use the IP until the contract expires

>> No.77905641

> a lot of the talent
2 people of 27 is not "a lot"
>friends with fishman
i'm sure she is

>> No.77905668

They're here because how the fuck OP manage to get this info so fast from this "who" corpo?

>> No.77905745

1) Phase allows keeping IP now
2) Sayu is much bigger than all Phase talents except Pippa

>> No.77905775

yeah 890 billion dollars is just cheap change. They even own fucking Disney.

>> No.77905804

I'm guessing this was found because people were looking into the Kobo China thing

>> No.77905839

It's more likely to be one of the insiders who are /here/

>> No.77905851

Yeah it was absolutely deliberate. Suddenly someone posts the screenshot OP has used in the other (now dead) thread, an anon suddenly has info that Sayu is in NOA's discord. They deliberately leaked it.

>> No.77905854


>> No.77905874

>looks at playboard
>sayu at 500 ccv
quit sniffing your own farts, sayufag.

your twitch monoploy money viewership is irrelevant.

>> No.77905895

That does sound more likely

>> No.77905908

Hey, you make up whatever you want, this a freedom of speech board, but you are wrong.

>> No.77905912


>> No.77905917

This is probably the deal all invaders got, Jelly for a fact managed to keep her model through at least one other corpo before phase, and it's hard to imagine she'd give it up that easily.

Speaking of that, any anons know which corpo(s) she used to be with?

>> No.77905919

>an anon suddenly has info that Sayu is in NOA's discord
Joining a discord server takes literal seconds, anon... and It was joined specifically for the purpose of checking if Sayu is there.
Discord link is on their twitter page which is directly linked on YouTube page too.

>> No.77905922

Not to you. To the US government, it's 2%.
Disney is mostly owned by mutual funds and other Wall Street shylocks but I can forgive you thinking they're owned by chinks given their obsequious behavior towards China.

>> No.77905960

Sayu would probably be the 10th biggest Phase talent. Is that worth the headache?

>> No.77905964

Retard. YouTube is her simulcast, not main platform. Her real ccv is 1-3.5k depending on day.

>> No.77905982

>not twitch
Holy fucking retard

>> No.77905993

It's possible. But the very first post that mentions it notes the connection with Holo's reentry into China.

>> No.77906068

Lumi has 800 YT on avg
Sayu has 500
cope and seethe.
She can't even cary Lumi's laundry. She's not on Pippa, Tenma, Shiina, Lia, Lumi, Panko, Clara, Dizzy's level. They are out here building a corpo and Syau is busy sucking chinese cock for twitch bots.

>> No.77906069

Sayu would be clear #2 of Phase if she joined. Whole reason why she wasn't joining beforehand was because they are too small for her. She wanted to join a corpo for the sense of belonging in a group but it would have been a significant financial downgrade which was hard to justify for her. Custom contract would have fixed that.

>> No.77906071

Yeah, 500ccv on yt and 1.5k on twitch is really bad, we all know is better to have 300ccv like nijien, that is were the money is.

>> No.77906132

Phasenigger cope is something special to watch.

>> No.77906140

You got bored of falseflagging as holofag so now you're falseflagging as phasefags? Kill yourself nijinigger.

>> No.77906154

>Sayu gets rejected by Phase
so big that you have to ask shiina airi and lia to get a job.

>> No.77906159

Scarle groomed her paypiggies well.

>> No.77906194

Sister, you're too obvious.

>> No.77906225

>Phase loses Lisa to the Jews
>Phase loses Sayu to the chinks

>> No.77906227

I don't see how it would benefit either party honestly. Sayu isn't going to get a big incline from joining Phase, maybe a couple hundred CCV. And Sayu herself isn't big enough to pull enough money for the corp to forgo their usual cut. It was a nice idea but the economics of it don't work out.

>> No.77906239

pippa, tenma, lia, uruka, lumi, shiina didn't build a strong home just for trash like sayu to be invited into it.
they build corpos. sayu destroys them.

>> No.77906294

The old holocn was never managed by chinese mcn actually, they only have like 3 staffs with one holocn director who got fired because he make a joke about kyoani fire.

>> No.77906301

>Acting like Phase aren't Jewish or Chink

>> No.77906361

what about fubuki?

>> No.77906383


>> No.77906458

Manaka from MyHoloTV, she didn't keep the model though. Miori who graduated at the same time bought her IP out when she left which is who you might be getting confused with.

>> No.77906459

>Sayu is easily #2 in Phase and more important than all the people who built the company except Pippa
Not the best way to endear yourself to the Phase Connect fanbase.

>> No.77906473

oh god, i cant take it.

>> No.77906505

They already ruined the talent reveals. I don't trust this corpo and hope Sayu is okay after this shitshow is over

>> No.77906507

Please, god no, Rita is the nicest person ever she dosen't deserve to suffer

>> No.77906521

It wouldn't be for inclining. She just wants to be in a group and stop being an indie.

>> No.77906546

It could be miss communication, or it could be that she wouldn't announce or confirm something like that to anyone on discord and denied it.

>> No.77906563
File: 19 KB, 1286x94, 18461346.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.77906629
File: 206 KB, 360x358, ui5ioyoyp4y3ip.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.77906636
File: 124 KB, 301x299, incredulous.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.77906640
File: 3.16 MB, 350x316, 1713129021976623.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone bake a new thread, this shit is more interesting than waiting for kurosanji's q4 report

>> No.77906648


>> No.77906653

This gets more and more interesting...

>> No.77906662


>> No.77906664

Maybe it's all a lie and sayu is actually joining phase connect. Hihihi

>> No.77906685


>> No.77906700

>endear yourself to the /pol/ Connect fanbase
all you have to do to do that is make incoherent rants about jews, blacks, gays, or "VShitshow"

>> No.77906719

You can use mine.

>> No.77906720

>ye olde switcheroo

>> No.77906728

>the company put it up themselves

>> No.77906730

sayufags coping be like

>> No.77906778

How exactly does one endear themselves to the pissconnect fanbase? Lie and pretend their vtubers are bigger than they actually are?

>> No.77906783

KEK why would management out themselves as being /here/ this hard?

>> No.77906827


Save it just in case they try to wipe more

>> No.77906833
File: 161 KB, 449x388, 1718004309727049.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.77906845

>yet another thing sayu touches turns to shit
I am sure sakana is giddy at the idea. shiina airi lia and hime are in his dm's right now begging him saying "you know what we need to put phase over the top? sayu!"

>> No.77906871

buy an ad

>> No.77906885

/here/ isn't just /here/
/vt/ is the least sekrit club of any board
there were probably annoying SEAmonkeys running around Twitter and Discord

>> No.77906901

I hate that channel like you wouldn't believe.

>> No.77906906

Sayufags, stop sabotaging your new company

>> No.77906929
File: 130 KB, 1024x948, Mihoyo 23 billion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.77906931

So... are we ready for Sayu Menhera Arc: Electric Boogaloo

>> No.77906982

okay but how san Sayu leverage this into being the victim and blame NIJISANJI?

>> No.77907001
File: 104 KB, 320x183, BV3rdM3[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe she tried to warn us 3 days ago?

>> No.77907093

It's copyright dodging 101. Also curious, none of them are on the actual page of the corpo, what is this.

>> No.77907109

Old news already BAKA.

>> No.77907112

Definitely get info from this drama thread that mainly discussed only those 2 companies lmaooooo

>> No.77907201

But it also means that their contracts amount to jack shit outside of China as well. If anything, these girls are gonna lose a bit of money in a scam but still walk away with their IPs.

>> No.77907227

I hate both you and sky, please murder each other in ritual combat.
>Verification not required.

>> No.77907232
File: 68 KB, 176x176, 1461859851776.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this 34d chess or someone in the management pushed a button a month too early???

>> No.77907234

it wasn't formally announced yet so that makes sense,though thats the only thing that makes sense

>> No.77907299

I don't even know who you are.

>> No.77907323

>someone in the management pushed a button a month too early
100% this

>> No.77907326


>> No.77907331

>be Rita
>literal orphan who doesn't have a bad bone in her body
>be the most wholesome dramafree vtuber ever
>be associated with Sayu for 5 minutes

>> No.77907437

I'm fairly certain it's an existing talent or internal staff at NOA who's leaking this. As for why they're doing this, I don't know, but if they're trying to get more eyes on their existing talent, that plan may have just backfired by jeopardizing this alleged new project

>> No.77907447
File: 33 KB, 1237x254, 1718136558050.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Phasefags belike this 1 hour ago, and now they are coping super hard

>> No.77907505

They're just like Nijisanji holy fuck.

>> No.77907510

that's a sayufan tho.
most phase connect fans have no idea who sayu is.

>> No.77907606

Let's see if Sayu can tank this corpo too.

>> No.77907765

To be fair, China is a perfect example of what happens when you apply American conservatism, but have nothing to stop it from fully asserting itself, to a country.

>> No.77908249

No it's what happens when country goes from medieval underwear factory for rest of the world to second economy on the planet in less than 30y.

You have people who were born in mud huts to parents with 40y average lifespan now living in modern cities with smartphones and electric cars. Norms and mindsets are slow to change.

>> No.77908305
File: 203 KB, 463x453, 1704476032699620.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>already caught lying and Sayu hasn't even debuted with them yet

>> No.77908422

It's still the American conservative midset of fucking over everyone else to get ahead and celebrating criminality.

>> No.77908556

No it's communist mindset. I grew up in Eastern Europe communism fucks your country and you need at least two generations to get over it after it's gone.