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It's become routine at this point.

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I liked her more when she didn't stream, now I don't have enough time to do other things

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Most streamers routinely stream, yes

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Now Ame is officially the least active member in Hololive. Fucking amazing lmao.

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So what gura overlapping today. In her defense I watched the Mario party collab with ame and it was kino. Seeing them get fucked by the rng and the ai made my night.

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Once she keeps up the routine for at least a year, I'll consider watching her again.
>anon that hurdle is too h-
My oshi has been streaming daily for 5 years.

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>long break>return with fotm game>horror>single membership stream>game>ame collab>rhythm game>VR game>shill stream>anxiety hort break lol lmao
And just repeat ad nauseam.

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Two... more... weeks...

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who the fuck cares if you watch her or not, lmao.
Go back

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guess she's finally back for good.

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Nobody cares if you don't watch her lol

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>who the fuck cares
Clearly you cared enough to reply, chumpedochama

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Yeah, few more weeks and I may actually resubscribe

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Finally watching HoloEN is worth my time again

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I hate her laziness but she's still the best natural entertainer in EN.

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>doesnt watch gura
>still exerted an effort to reply on gura bait threads
ahahahahaha, just go back man.. :D
i d

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Damn, 5 years? Who is your oshi?

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Gura got intimidated by Hime Hajime streaming more than her and decided to get her shit together

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Up until her birthday, that day.

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but the dodgers collab...

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>God almost everyday now
Oh My God!!!!

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Cool. Now let's see her stream this much when an event or sponsorship isn't coming up. Her birthday is on the 20th btw.

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My name is rng and the ai

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birthday soon

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worry not anon, I'll get her preggo in no time and she will stop streaming again

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So is Ame now the myth member who only does collabs and not solo streams?

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yeah, you losing your mind. Might want to get that fixed.

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Gura is streaming because Cover anticipated that Kobo streaming on B2 will produce a shitstorm
She's literally a PR smokescreen

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Gura is streaming becsuse she fears the Biboo. She knows that many of her chumbuds are now pebbles. Its why she is in a rivalry with her

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desu, that a good rrat besides shs stream because baseball collab thing or stream until bdays

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The Lo-Fi beats to study to girl

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